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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  December 29, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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and now it's time for the "last word." ari melber is in for lawrence tonight. >> two things, joy. one positive about you and one positive about rachel. >> let's do it. >> i'll start with rachel. as someone who used to read a lot of court transcripts i have never seen them have more urgency even though they are just the facts than what you just described in the process and obviously a lot of people working hard on it. >> she gives them life. >> she gives them life which gives us life. point number two, i am so excited to see what you're going to do with what will be all accounts be speaker pelosi in the town hall and a lot of stuff happens. but this is if not the first time and it will be the first week that donald trump has ever had to deal with divided government, with someone else having real power, subpoena power, tax and legislative power, all of it. >> it's going to be a challenge for donald trump because nancy pelosi has been to this rodeo before.
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she was speaker before and highly effective. she knows what she's doing. so that mono e mono will be one of the most fascinating lines. it's going to be a roller coaster. >> we'll be watching it. meanwhile i wish you a restful and happy new year. now as mentioned i am ari melber in for lawrence o'donnell tonight. this is the last live show of 2018, so perhaps it is fitting that a year that brought donald trump the largest mid-term rebuke in decades is now a tight of the year that ends effectively with trump aides beginning to cave to what we just discussed, the incoming democratic congress which of course hasn't even technically taken power yet. i'm about to show you what that caving may look like. let me be clear. we're not reporting tonight the shutdown is anywhere near over. it's not. we're not reporting a break
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through. we're not suggesting these promises that may emanate from the trump administration can be taken at their word from good faith. we all remember other immigration negotiations that may have fallen apart when trump and his aides may have dropped offers they made to chuck and nancy. but here's something new, trump's active chief of staff revealing they have begun backing off president trump's demand of $5 billion for the wall. >> we were at 5 on saturday afternoon. we sat down with mr. schumer and gave him a number below 5. i'm not going to tell row what it is. >> below 5, okay. we're not going to tell you what it is. could be 4.9, could be 4, could be lower. again, when we talk about caving in realtime the leaks tonight suggest it was way lower. down to $2.5 billion or half of trump's original demand. democrats rejecting the offer because you know they've been clear about this whole thing. they're not going to fund the wall and that has trump's chief
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of staff doing some wall rebranding. >> hold up, the american people wanted a wall. what is the president -- what deal now then is president trump willing to accept that is anything short of that wall? >> we're still building it. that's why the government is closed is the president is not willing to give up on the southern barrier. keep in mind that steel slat fence that he sent a picture of, that is the ideal border barrier. >> barrier. even if this isn't going that well for the white house there are leaks as well that donald trump takes some solace in the idea that as a matter of media, as a matter of sort of public discussion and narrative and all that stuff, that this could overshadow nancy pelosi's return to power next week. here's the headline, team trump gleeful that the shutdown will hijack nancy pelosi's big moment. forcing pelosi to spend the first days if not weeks of the
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next congress engaged in an argument over border wall funding rather than her preferred agenda of ethics and election reforms and congressional oversight. those are anonymous leaks, but here is a version of basically the same strategy on the record as the white house press secretary answers a question about federal workers and the shutdown. >> what message does the white house have as these people struggle to make it through the holidays? >> the real question here is nancy pelosi is only looking to protect her speakership and not protect our borders and that's why she's unwilling to negotiate with us and unwilling to make any type of a deal. >> team trump may be excited to use all this against pelosi but they could also be making a pretty classic mistake in politics as well as life. i'm talking about of course projection, assuming that others see the world the way you do or others are bothered by exactly what bothers you. you probably see where i'm going with this because while trump's first priority may simply be attention, who's going to get
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press coverage next week, what is the news cycle day to day, nancy pelosi has proven she does have other priorities, and whether one agrees with them or not, they do involve policy. she has navigated her share of bad news cycles already as well as several other presidents. and as for the votes, consider this, when the president looked ready to cite a spending bill last week that did not include the wall, it was the republicans in the house freedom caucus that were revolting. they encouraged the president to shutdown the government, aided of course by a lot of right wing media noise and now some of them are saying they want a shutdown until hell freezes over. >> it sounded like mcconnell and ryan and mccarthy were about to convince the president you're on your own, you have no support and that's when the freedom caucus took to the house floor and gave speech after speech about how important it was that we keep our promise and protect
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america with a wall. and the president saw. >> how long should the president keep the government closed? >> well, again, it's only a part of 25%. and because we keep seeing people losing their lives without one -- >> how long? january, february, or until -- >> hell freezes over will take longer than february according to what we know. eugene robinson is pulitzer prizewinner for "the washington post," and all msnbc analysts. gene, you see the numbers there. some movements obs -- on the numbers and others saying until hell literally freezes over. >> right. so i think you're analysis is correct that nancy pelosi will
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be speaker, will come in with her own agenda and her own priorities and her own sense of what's important and it won't be the same as donald trump's. and why would she at this point take anything mick mulvaney says as holy writ or indeed any deal that gets negotiated as holy writ given donald trump's record of simply going back on deals that everybody else thinks are made deals? and so i don't quite -- to me that is the huge stumbling point to anything. there's no incentive for democrats to move knowing that trump is going to pull the rug out from under the whole thing at the last minute as soon as anne colter has indigestion.
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>> it makes it sound like he's not a good negotiator. >> i think you ought to read the art of the deal and some guy named trump got his name on it, too. >> there's something to that, the art of the pr. we're past pr. as joy reid and i were just discussing, next week is different. we in the press are fairly accused sometimes of dramatizing a narrative, but next week will be something that has never happened before in the trump era, which is the democrats holding power. here's one of them explaining it. >> he wants a fight about this because he wants to distract from the very other bad things that have happened in the last two weeks. he lost his defense secretary in a very serious rebuke of his foreign policy, the trump foundation was closed because of persistent illegalalties.
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he lost his defensive coordinator. the stock market has been very volatile. the walls are closing in with the mueller investigation. so i think the president has decided you know what a shutdown will distract from all of that. >> i think the president likes the boogeyman or a boogiewoman because nancy pelosi they said she's someone we can raise around and make her a boogeyman. chuck schumer was laughing when the president said that in the oval office and he said that because he knew that was a money quote that democrats were going to be able to tweet, that they were going to be able to quote, they were going to be able to put in commercials. so no matter what the president says we all know the president wanted the shutdown and said he was going to be proud to do this over border security. i would add to that list about the issues the president has and other things that the president has is two dead children in federal custody. these are two immigrant children
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from guatemala, an 8-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl who we should be talking a little bit more about because these two children are really symbols how america is failing at this immigration issue. the president's own commissioner of u.s. customs and border patrol told cbs news we need to do things differently. we need resources to go to mental health, facilities where we can house children. so the problems are mounting and i think the president hopes through his pr spin he can make the democrats own this, but i think there's so many issues with this white house he's overwhelmed by them. >> you mentioned those cuts and i we covered that on this program. i know several of you have looked at that story. and take a listen to the defense of one congressional republican on that issue. >> i think it's wrong to somehow blame i.c.e. they've had hundreds of thousands of people they've had custody of over the years and i think these are the only two children that have died.
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considering what's happening and in-housing projects across the country i think i.c.e. has an excellent record. i'd be reluctant to do any piling on here and try to make your political points at this. >> jonathan? >> it's not a good look for the republicans, ari. you know, it's callus. it's disregarding that there are real changes that need to be made in i.c.e., and we're going to see hearings on this. this is what people don't understand is that elections really do have consequences and the big consequence for the republicans coming up is going to be a whole series of hearings on all of these issues that you and others at msnbc and other news organizations have been raising over the last two years. they're going to be hearings on all of them. trump can try to distract attention with his games, can try to say, well, we're
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overwhelm nancy pelosi, you know, on the day she's sworn in. so she might lose that news cycle. she doesn't care about that at all. she can walk and chew gum at the same time. she can bring forward a democratic agenda and have these hearings in these committees that the democrats will now control that will unearth a whole series of abuses on the part of the trump administration. >> and when we report out these types of stories the first period of a shutdown does not have the widest consequences. a lot of what we end up doing is reporting on past shutdowns and projection. but when you get into weeks or even months, you start to remember all the different things the federal government is involved in. and yes, it is people who have less money, farmers, people in poor rural areas, you name it who are squeezed by this.
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i want to read from one such point for your analysis, usda announcing they'll be doing these payments to those hardest hit from china and then the government will shutdown. farmers were told checks will continue to go out during the first week of the shutdown, the direct payment for farmers who was certified production and farm loans and disaster assistance, all of that begins its hold in the second week and won't start-up again until the government reopens. i want to report the fact, i'm not making light of it, but you've buttoned that up i will >> there's a lot of farmers hurt. the question becomes are thaz stuck as pawns in the president's political game? >> we're calling it a partial shutdown because it's 25% of the government but it's still hundreds of thousands of people that are not going to get checks until the government reopens. you have people that could be taking on second and third jobs trying to supplement the money and be federal workers at the
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same time. add the fact the president said most federal workers are democrats and most people impacted are democrats. we know from the last two years of this presidency he isn't a president who's tried to unite people. he's tried to stick to his base, really turning out republicans at his elections and campaign rallies. in the back of the president's mind, these are all democrats who cares that much, and that's a big deal, and the president is doesn't they mother who is a democratic looking for her paycheck is going to be someone he needs to worry about. >> and that brings back to the core problem that apart from whether trump is good or bad at it, does it hold water? i don't know if you ever saw that great great film get shorty. but there's a scene where travolta is trying to negotiate with the folks and both of them are running their mouths and at
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one point he says am i talking to you or am i talking to you. and he gets the answer who he has to negotiate with. and i think he has his get shorty moment where he says, look, we don't even know who to talk to. >> we don't know who we're dealing with. who is the negotiator on the executive branch of government that we can deal with? not the vice president. it's not the chief of staff. it's not the omb director. apparently it's not even trump. he'll change his mind on the dime. >> gene? >> that's the question. they can make a deal. it makes sense for everybody. it's buttoned up. everybody can claim a win, it makes political sense. get the government started. everybody is on board. and then donald trump will just say no on a whim because he's watching fox news that morning. that's what is almost inevitably going to happen. you can see it. what really happened will happen, i think more than likely
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is that as this looks politically worse and worse for trump, as he sees that he's sort of boxed himself into a corner here and there's no way out, he'll find some way to sort of get as far away from the issue as possible. either by changing the subject or sort of tweeting that he's washing his hands of it or whatever, and then the adults will make a deal and government will open up again. and meanwhile, just one word of advice. democrats don't -- if they were asking for advice, i would tell them not to worry about nancy pelosi being made into a boogieman or boogiewoman. guess what. whoever is the democratic speaker or the democratic candidate in 2020, donald trump is going to demeanize. that's what he's going to do no matter who it is or what they do. that's just a given. democrats and i think they're
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going to do this should just get on about their business. >> get on about the business. that's a fair point to fit in a break on. gene robinson, john, and yamiche, thank you. trump reportedly believes this shutdown could interfere with congressional investigations. that's not true. we have a democratic lawmaker who may have a better view. later the remarkable story of one grieving mother's quiet resistance to what donald trump has been pushing. en pushing i'm ray and i quit smoking with chantix. smoking. it dictates your day. i didn't like something having control over me. i wanted to stop. the thing is i didn't know how. chantix, along with support, helps you quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke to the point that i could quit. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. some people had changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, or suicidal thoughts or actions with chantix.
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president trump does seem perfectlied a ease with keeping the government shut down. and now it seems this could be part of a larger strategic play according to some leaks. the daily beast spoke to a source close to the white house who says the more focus on the wall, the more pelosi focuses on this fight instead of the investigations. is that true? let's get into it with steve cohen on a committee which will be busy with a new attorney general nominee along with a lot of other things. thank you for joining me tonight. >> good to be with you, ari. >> is it true, the claim i just read? >> absolutely not. the judiciary committee will be active as will the government oversight committee and looking into the abuses of this administration which have been unlooked into for two years when the republicans were come polpl
7:21 pm
and derelict of duties. >> when you see trump advisers think maybe this will rain on pelosi's parade, what do you think and how do you think she should handle that as your leader? >> you can't rain on the parade of a person who is becoming the speaker of the united states house of representatives for the second time. that hasn't happened very often in history, and a lady who was the first female speaker becoming the first female speak tore get the speakership back. it's an historic occasion, and she should be treated as the ruth bader ginsburg of legislature. she's phenomenal and she's liable to expose trump ways that he'll be shocked. >> strong words. >> he's met his match. >> strong words. she has a lot of experience.
7:22 pm
you're a close ally. on the steaks of the shutdown, when people say maybe it wasn't that bad on the holiday week or other colleagues saying they're keep going months until hell freezes over, what do you say to people who want to know how this affects everyday people? >> well, it affects working people, people who work for the government, and who provide services for americans who need services. the courts are closed down. and the united states attorneys have told litigants their cases won't be heard and they'll be put off because they can't work voluntarily. there will be hardships on americans and american citizens. trump doesn't care. he cares about himself. he didn't care about his sub contractors when he ripped them off. he didn't care about people who had at trump university and ripped them off. he's mr. bad example as my buddy would have called him. that's what he is, and he did it in private industry and he's
7:23 pm
doing it as president. he got away with two years without any oversight and when he had nunez and others doing his bidding and embarrassing the house of representatives. that's over. we got nad ler and adam stiff and pelosi and cohen. it's not going to be the same time. he can say what he wants about him knowing how to be tough. we know how to deal with bullies. we stand up to him. >> didn't warren z wring lawyers, gun and money? >> exactly. that's exactly right. >> some of these references become more apt as time goes on. but there's great wisdom. before i let you go we talked about the investigations. you see the president is wrong to think the shutdown would get in the way. what do you see as the priority for you and your colleagues when you take over next week? >> every indication is i will be the chair of the sub committee that deals with the constitution
7:24 pm
and civil rights and civil liberties. i talked to chairman nadler. one of our first hearings will be on the immoemoluments clause. that's something that shouldn't be and the founding fathers knew it. we'll look at voting rights. that's an important issue and renewing the act and having hearings to have a record. we'll look into the pardon power and see how far that can go and if there are examples of -- and people who feel the pardon power is not unlimited, if it's used to obstruct justice or use for members of the president's family or for himself. those are some of the areas. i'm sure we'll be look into a lot more and i'm sure richy and neil will look into seeing his taxes and find out just how much he paid in taxes or if he got a refund. we very easily could have lost money with donald trump. i mean, it might be beyond a
7:25 pm
refund. it may be the only time somebody conned us out of more money than they were due back. >> fascinating stuff. thank you for spending time with us tonight. >> good to be with you and happy new year. >> happy new year nrchlt > co the trump white house has been lying so frequently. there's a bottomless pinocchio. we'll check the facts so you know them going into what could be a long shutdown. be a long shutdown i am all about living joyfully.
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this shutdown has raised the steaks of the immigration debate. that has donald trump's administration lying about a lot of important issues.
7:29 pm
let's go through a few. the biggest lie to resurface is that famous or infamous campaign promise that all of this would be funded by mexico. trump now claims that the american taxpayer would just fund the wall up front through an appropriations process, i.e., paying for the wall and then someday the u.s. would still get that money back through his new nafta deal. first of all, hoping to get reimbursed later isn't the same as paying for something. if your friend tells you he'll buy you dinner and then asks you to buy dinner and then venmos you next year, he didn't buy the dinner. if he says he won't venmo you but will reroute things to you in the coming years after he leaves office and based on the hope the presidentss would honor the same agreement. your friend didn't buy you
7:30 pm
dinner. donald trump also claiming the border is being overrun and let's be clear. there is a legitimate broader debate about border security. it's had in this country and many other countries. but the facts for the united states show over the last decade undocumented immigration into the u.s. has been declining. you see it right there, and the undocumented individuals who do come to the u.s. are mostly people who had a legal path to entry through visas and overstayed inside the country. in other words, whatever you think about that and you can try to reduce it. that's what policy is about. that type of immigration issue is not illegal border crossings from mexico. and then there's the lie the white house press secretary asserted today. >> we picked up ten known or suspected terrorists a day coming across our border. and we have to be able to stop this. >> that is also not exactly true. the military times reporting it's a misrepresentation of a dhs report that found there were
7:31 pm
about two and a half,000 on a watch list who were trying to travel to the u.s. of those people, though, you can see where this goes. most of them were trying to fly by air. they weren't picked up but rather turned away. and again, not only is that not the mexico border, but those people if you're interested in the facts are not automatically terrorists either. let's bring back in john and gene. john, take it away. >> well, you've just scratched the surface there. but you did a good job scratching it. there are so many lies you can't keep track of them. i guess the biggest one that sort of encompasses the whole story is that there's some kind of crisis in american immigration, and there isn't. yes, we need border security, but as you indicated, not only are the numbers down significantly over the last ten
7:32 pm
years but some demographers say they're down more than at any time since the 1970s. there are fewer even then. and it is as you said mostly a problem with people overstaying their visas. so the question becomes how do we restore some kind of sanity to this debate, and the answer is to reduce the level of fear, and i'm actually kind of optimistic about this, because trump has gone to the well so much. he's cried wolf so much that i think a lot of people are kind of getting tired of it and realizing and the numbers show this, that it is fear mongering. it's no longer working with them. >> and gene, as a student of american politics, there are issues that are highly charged and political where the trend lines don't matter as much. domestic terror attacks would be one example where they could be broadly decreasing but their existence has a lot of americans
7:33 pm
saying we want to know what the preventive plan is at all times. immigration has not and never would be in that category. it would seem to be something -- i'll put up some of the states -- this is interesting as you drill down to the border states. you have unauthorized immigration not rising in states like arizona, new mexico, and california. you have it effectively decreasing, and you see there it's only three states. one of which is massachusetts where it is actually increased. it would seem those facts on an issue like this when they get out there should matter. >> right. right. and look, you just put it in a nutshell. facts should matter. and that's really one of the potentially most damaging things about the trump ascension and the trump presidency. this whole thing has -- it's his attempt to cheapen truth, so blur truth.
7:34 pm
to -- there are facts. there are -- there is a number. there is a number for illegal immigrants. you can count it. and yes, visa overstays are the main problem, and guess what. most of those people who are overstaying those visas are canadians. they're not kwaguatemalans or mexicans. they're canadians. he's worried about the wrong border. but trump lives in a fact-free world. a fact-free universe. what's especially troubles is there's this whole parallel universe that a lot of americans live in, and believe his lies, believe the world he constructs and cutting through that fog is going to be one of the challenges of our times, i think in fact it really is. how can you have a democracy if you don't have a common chronical of events and a common
7:35 pm
enl encyclopedia of facts? >> i've covered the rallies and you have. one thing i did hear -- i always try to give credit to what i hear from trump supporters is hey, we get it. we know some of what he says is overstated. we're in on it. the media argues and doesn't get is they feel in on the other statement. in on the exaggeration. but i wonder how that works stacked against a binary claim that mexico will play for it which is different than i'm the best and politicians before trump and after trump will have known to dramatize their own virtues. take a look at the famous claim when he announced core to the announcement mexico would pay for it. mark my words. take a look. >>ly build a great, great wall on our southern border, and i will have mexico pay for that wall. mark my words. >> jonathan?
7:36 pm
>> so that's actually an opportunity for democrats. and the reason why goes back to something that karl rove famously said. when you go after your opposition, go after their strengths, not their weaknds. it's a little counterintuitive. normally politicians like to change the subject from their opponent's strengths and focus on their weaknesses. the wall was trump's strength. it can also be his undoing if democrats drive this message that on his number one promise he was not telling the truth and he failed. because something that not a lot of people recognized yet, the wall is dead. it is not going to be built. there will not be a wall across the southern border of the united states. not only because mexico is not paying for it but because the democrats control the house of representatives and they won't appropriate the money. even if they gave them $5 billion, that's a rounding
7:37 pm
error. that's a tiny, tiny portion of that wall. so the basic dream that trump had is dead. and once the american public realizes that and that he couldn't deliver on his biggest promise, that he was lying about it, that might hurt him politically. >> and that goes to with all due respect to all voter who is make up their own minds. if you're a trump voter and look at the priorities, a deficit spike in tax cut got done. that got done. but this wall while they had republican control, didn't get done. the idea that it's going to happen as pelosi takes charge next week seems fanciful. john and gene, thank you for being part of multiple discussions tonight. coming up, we turn to something important. a pretty remarkable story about how a mother has resisted attempts to politicize her daughter's death. shield℠ annuities from brighthouse financial
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molly tibbetts, an incredible young woman, is now permanently separated from her family. a person came in from mexico illegally and killed her. we need the wall. we need our immigration laws changed. we need our border laws changed. we need republicans to do it because the democrats aren't going to do it. >> that was president trump on the day an undocumented immigrant was indicted for a brutal murder of molly tibbetts.
7:42 pm
president trump as well as some of the republicans invoked her death as a kind of political prop arguing the administration's anti-immigration agenda would be basically validated by preventing this type of thing. now, molly tibbetts' parents opposed how trump and his allies were using the death of their daughter arguing he was effectively campaigning on it. here was an op ed in the des moines register ten days after what was quite obviously a tragic death according to the law, an indicted murder. here was ron tibbetts. quote, do not appropriate molly's soul in advancing views she believed were profoundly racist. molly was nobody's victim. the person who is accused of taking molly's life is no more a reflection of the hispanic community as white supremacists are of all white people and to suggest otherwise is a lie. molly's mother also telling the washington post this week that
7:43 pm
president trump didn't ever actually contact her family to offer even condolences. while the president was apparently using molly's murder for a wider agenda against immigrants, laura chose a different path. this is an important story given the stakes and the intensity. here to tell us more about laura's approach is washington post reporter terrence mccoy. these kind of stories are always difficult, and i've covered both sides of them where families respond to a tragedy, a crime, a murder in different ways. but what are you finding here from your reporting? >> well, what i found was a family that was trying to live every day and trying to understand the best way to go forward, and what helped laura, the mother of molly tibbetts, to find a way forward was to be able to reach out and take in the child of mexican immigrants. and what had happened after all
7:44 pm
the news cameras left from brooklyn j iowa was many of the people who worked on this farm were the accuse -- where the accused killer worked fled. this became a place that was ground zero of one of the most polarizing debates in all of america. one family left behind their 17-year-old boy because he wanted to finish high school. the family that took him in was the family of molly tibbetts? >> that's what you write about? >> yes. >> let me read a little bit from the report. this is quite something. the nation it seemed you write was directing the anger about molly's death toward the farms where her alleged killer had worked. deluging it with messages. the immigrant families who worked there for fleeing. you wrote laura thaukt of molly. she would argue the farm workers didn't deserve this. they were only trying to earn a living. laura thought his father may be undocumented and worried about
7:45 pm
attracting unwanted attention. what would molly say? laura arrived home weeks later. the decision made the boy living in the spare bedroom. >> what happened was the boy is a 17-year-old kid. and he is good friends with laura's son, scott. and one day his family decided to pick up and leave because somebody had said something racist to his mother at a gas station. there were reports of students at the high school being harassed. and what happened was his family said we need to get out of here. they left. and he wanted to stay. so the people that ended up taking him in were the family of molly tibbetts. what you found in this moment were two people who their lives were upturned by this terrible moment of violence, and plunged into the center of one of the most polarizing debates in america and thrust together under the same proof trying to figure out a way to live with one another. >> i have to ask. as a reporter you probably have
7:46 pm
an objective approach. the big question tonight, what are we all supposed to take from 24 this as americans? what inspiration do we draw from the way these individuals have responded to this brutal killing by coming together? >> i thought about that too. what do you say and how does this fit into the larger political debate. what i think this is is two people who had almost a primal need in a way. this was a mother who needed a son. a mother who needed a child. and a child who needed a parent. and it shows how these two people from two different americas, one native and one immigrant, were able to transcend the racial or cultural divides, transcend a political divide and come together under one roof in a way of a mother connecting with a child and a child connecting with a parent.
7:47 pm
>> it's something i think we could say honestly we salute them. we appreciate you reporting the story. thank you. >> thank you. and when we come back, a special word from lawrence. that's next. next. ♪ ♪ (vo) you do more than grant wishes when you share the love. you give hope. get a new subaru, like the all new forester, and charities like make-a-wish can receive two hundred and fifty dollars from subaru. (vo) get zero percent during the subaru share the love event.
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tibbetts tibs. mollie mollie tibbetts. one of the best ways to kick off your celebration is, well, you know what we might say, donating to the kind fund. kids in need of help, and desks
7:51 pm
to schools in malawi that have never had desks and scholarships for young women in high school to attend high school and where the high school is not free and the girl's graduation rate is much lower than the boys. here is more from lawrence o'donnell about how the kind fund has impacted malawi and giving opportunity to students that can sometimes only come once in a lifetime. >> the first beneficiaries of the kind fund are the workers at the factories who have jobs making the desk, jobs that allow them to provide for their families. and the second beneficiaries are the kids who receive those desks. over a million children in malawi are sitting at desks in schools now, where they never expected to have a desk. about a fourth of the money that you've contributed has gone to scholarships, for over 5,000 girls to attend high school in malawi, where like many african country, public high school is not free. it is a especially difficult for girls to stay in school in
7:52 pm
malawi. families who can't afford to pay for one child to go to high school will usually pay for one of the boys in the family, not one of the girls. the girl's graduation rate is much lower than boys so girls need much more support to stay in high school. lea stevens is a 16-year-old senior in high school, who is in school today, thanks to your generosity. last month, she told me if she didn't have a kind fund scholarship, she would be stuck at home. when i asked her what she would do, if she was stuck at home, she told me she would probably be forced to get married. >> what would you do at home? >> i would just sit, and most of the girls don't go to school, and it is forced into marriage. >> forced into marriage. there is so much at stake in
7:53 pm
being able to keep a girl in high school in malawi. you can help at rose is in her third year at high school. she wants to be a lawyer. here she is at home with her mother and her little sister. rose's mother had to drop out of high school when her father died. before rose got a k.i.n.d. fund scholarship she had to drop out of high school too, and she felt that her future would be doomed. >> it was painful. i started to feel like as if i'm being, i'm being, it's like you cannot, just because of money, we are not allowed to go, just because of money, and i was like, wow, living in this world, because there is not anything to do out here.
7:54 pm
no education, that means my future will be doomed. >> when rose graduates from high school she will be the first one in her family to do that. >> i just have to stand up and be the first one to go follow my education because i don't want to be like my mom. i don't want to be out there struggling. without it it is not good. >> when i asked rose how her mother feels about rose's education, rose had to fight back tears. and how does your mother feel now about you going to school? >> she's happy for me because she keep telling me my daughter, don't look back, just go and look what you want to be, yeah. that's it. >> your mother must be very proud that you are in school. >> yes, she's very excited.
7:55 pm
very proud of me. >> because you now get to fulfill her dream. >> yes. >> she wanted to go to school but now you can. >> yeah. i can go to school now and she is always encouraging me like don't let go of this opportunity because it comes once in a life, yeah. that's it. >> it comes once in a life. the scholarship that you provided for rose has changed her life. with your continued support we hope to continue to help provide that opportunity that comes once in a life. ♪
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8:00 pm
what is due back. >> i wonder where he got that theory. that's tonight's last word. catch remight here on msnbc. thanks for watching. i wish you a very happy new year. keep it locked right here on msnbc. good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. we are now one week into the trump shutdown with the negotiating position weakening with every passing day his strategy is getting more desperate. today he threatened to close the entire southern border, the whole thing for everyone, visitors, passenger trucks, and deliveries, if he doesn't get funding for the wall. the wall, of course, they promised mexico would pay for. it is almost certainly a meaningless threat akin to a child threatening to hold his breath if he doesn't get his way.
8:01 pm
sure, mr. pres


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