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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 9, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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general, we thank you very much. we thank the folks at home. that's our broadcast on a tuesday night. thank you so much for being here with us. good night from nbc news headquarters here in new york. . a new twist in the case against form you are trump campaign chairman paul manafort. court documents allege he lied to federal investigators about polling do you that with a russian associate. ahead we will show you the top take aways from president trump and the democratic leadership as they take their case directly to the american people. did the president move the needle on his border wall? and did means pelosi and chuck schumer show why the government is still shut down for what is now day 19?
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good morning, everyone. i'm emon mo ja deny. we are sledding light against former campaign chairman paul manafort. according to court papers filed yesterday, special counsel robert mueller accused manafort of sharing campaign polling data with constantine kilimnik, an associate tied to russian intelligence the accusations were disclosed in a poorly redacted section of papers filed by manafort's defense attorneys. they accidentally reveal manafort may have discussed the ukrainian peace plan with kilimnik on more than one occasion. manafort's lawyers argue he never misled but blamed a faulty record and lack of access to his record and claim he has been suffering from severe go out depression and anxiety. as "the washington post point
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out, the apparent inadvertent revelations indicates a pathway by which the russians could have hadding a is es to trump campaign thdata. president trump's address to the indication came between what could soon be the longest shutdown. it repeated the rhetoric he has used since the beginning of his presidential campaign, claiming a wall will stop the flow of drugs, while depicting immigrants as violent criminals and democrats as their accomplices. >> my fellow americans, tonight i am speaking to you because there is a growing humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border. this is a humanitarian crisis. a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul. democrats in congress have refusioned to -- refused to act knowledge the crisis.
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every member of congress pass a bill that end this crisis. how much more american blood must we shed before congress does its job? >> all right. the president's claim of a crisis that can only be solved by a wall comes as data from his own government shows that most drugs flow through ports of entry and the number of people apprehended or turned away at the boarder is less than half of what it was in recent decade. >> all right. the president took his message to a forum he had never used before last night. the "new york times" reports that privately mr. trump dismissed his own new strategy as pointless. in an off the record lunch with television anchors before the address, he made clear in blunt terms he was not inclined to give the speech or go to texas, believe it or not, but was actually talked into it by his advisers, according to two people briefed on the discussion, who asked not to be identified for sharing details. it is not going to change a dam
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thing, but i'm still doing it, mr. trump said, of the trip to the border, according to one of the people. >> that person was in the room we understand. the border trip was just a photo opportunity, he said. he added gestureing that his communications aids, these people behind you say it's worth it. >> spoking to reporters yesterday, conway seemed to act knowledge there was little to be learned from the president's speech the president's speech . >> do you expect the president to make any policy announcements, any changes tonight? >> he may. >> will he say anything different toon than he's already said on this issue? >> i think the president is going to bring his case directly to the american people. i know you are covering it. he needs to cut off the middleman because there is a lot of misstatement and lies told about him routinely every day. just looking around. >> even oversea itself, secretary of state mike pompeo was having a laugh about the president's address with king
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abdullah of jordan. g abdullah of jordan . >> the president, himself, has this reaction in the address in a tweet last night. thank you for so many nice comments regarding my oval office speech. a very interesting experience. >> it sound like he was doing it for the first time. >> or he was visiting maybe. >> visiting the oval office for the first time. all right. the top democrats in congress, house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader will meet with furloughed federal workers in washington. some 800,000 are going without pay. pelosi talked about these workers in a response to the president's address last night. >> president trump has chose on the hold hostage critical
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services for the health, southeast and well being of the american people and withhold the paychecks of 800,000 innocent workers across the nation. many of them veterans. he promised to keep government shut down for months or years, no matter whom it hurt. that's just plain wrong. >> most presidents have used oval office addresses for noble purposes. this president just used the backdrop of the oval office to manufacture a crisis, stoke fear, and divert attention from the turmoil in his administration. >> all right. joining us now from washington, d.c., editor-in-chief, political magazine blake, thank you for getting up so early for us. let's talk about the take aways from both the president's comments or his address to the nation and the democrats' rebuttal. what were some of the big take aways for you? >> i think the biggest take away is the president used an oval office address, which is a rare
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tool presidents tend to use sparingly not to make 18 news. the white house teased the idea he was going to say something new, potentially declare an emergency. he really repeated a lot of the same talking points he had been using for weeks now and democrats got up there and did the same. so it's not really clear why we all went through this exercise on prime time tv when we could have been watching sports or been with our families. >> blake feels he lost 20 minutes of his time he's not going to get back. >> i want to turn to the latest news that we have, blake, on paul manafort. it seems as you don't want to necessarily talk about the address from last night. how does the news that russians could have accessed the trump campaign's data, advance the mueller investigation? >> yeah. actually, i think this was the real news of the day, honestly. you know, i tweeted i had that
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collusiony feeling when i read the documents. it's certainly the first time we've gone real every day that the campaign was sort of sliding information under the transom directly to or indirectly to the russian government. what we don't know what was in that polling information. how detailed it was. what the intention was. i think manafort's lawyers were trying to make it sound like it was no big deal. maybe he forgot about it because of his -- level of a presidential campaign who had no qualms about working with a foreign government. whether it was because he wanted to repay a debt to this russian oligarch or he was trying to help the russian government with their campaign to elect trump president of the occupation.
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>> that we don't know. but it certainly doesn't look good. even if what he did is not technical lay crime. >> yeah. you couple that with the discussion of the ukrainian peace plan. it adds one more layer to the argument. >> it does connect him to high levels of the kremlin more so than ever before. >> of course, we will talk to you again in a few more minutes. >> thanks, blake. for the first time the majority of democrats identified themselves as liberal. 51% of democrats identify themselves as liberal in 2018 that is up from 50% back in 2017. gallop says it's the majority of the party followed gradual increases since 1990. in 1994, 48% of democrats described their views as moderate, while 25% described their views as more conservative or liberal. now that trend continued until
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about 2002 during president bush's second term. from 2002 through 2014, democrats identifying as liberal increased one percentage point per year, while those identifying as moderate and conservative, liberal growth grew at an even faster rate, two points per year on average after 2014. democratic congresswoman rashida tlaib apologized for caution a distraction and using an expletive. tlaib responded by defending her remarks saying she ran on impeaching trump. yesterday, the michigan congresswoman was asked if she had any regrets about her comments and had this to say. >> what i can tell you is i am a person that is authentically me. i'm very passionate about fighting for all of us. and the use of that language you know was a teachable moment for me. and i understand i am a member of congress. and i don't want anything that i do or say distract us. and that's the only thing i
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apologize for, is that it was a distraction. >> and after a lot of back and forth, former texas congresswoman beto o'rourke is leaning towards president with sources that spoke with him or his advisers. political reports that o'rourke's former chief of staff has been privately speaking with strategists since november to get a feel for a possible run. o'rourke spoke with martin o'malley before he publicly endorsed the congressman last week. after that, o'malley reportedly suggested to an ad advisor the 46-year-old looked to be leaning toward running in 2020. while the if beto will run seems to be taking shape the question is when and that's still being worked out. nbc news has confirmed that beto o'rourke won't officially make a decision until february at the very earliest. >> we have to wait like two weeks or so? >> i think we will be hearing a lot of announcements in the
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coming months or so. >> yes. still ahead, president trump makes a speech on the border but didn't declare an emergency. >> at the center of the infamous 2016 meeting will get indicted in a second case. we will have a check on your weather when we come back. have r weather when we come back. (clapping) every day, visionaries are creating the future. ( ♪ )
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exactly. >> you have a new piece out about president trump's ability to declare a state of emergency. so the big question that we have been dancing around the last week or so when there was there information he might be declaring the state of emergency is does he have the authority to do so? >> history repeats itself. in 1962, truman, president truman gave a speech in which he directed his secretary of commerce to take control of the steel industry and in record time that appeal got up to the supreme court. the supreme court struck down the president's use of power. >> that test that we get from that case helps us today flesh out whether or not when the president acts using his emergency powers against the will of congress, whether or not he wins or he loses. and the short answer is, when he's in category 3, where he acts against the express will of congress, then he usually but not always loses. but it's important to know that the constitution doesn't really flesh out a lot of emergency
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powers for the president. they almost all come from statute. and there are about 130 or so the brennan center identified about 130 different federal statutes that give him different emergency powers. so it's an incredibly complex patch. >> we don't get to get you on set every day. i have to pick your brain with the story we led the show. >> that is the story of paul manafort and the inadvertent redax they made in revealing significant information. a, how does a mistake like that happen in court filings and, b, how significant is the information that was intended to be redacted now? bob mueller has to be angriant this. >> redax is a harrowing experience. because with the modern efiling system, you can prepare a document, edit it a few times, throw up some redaxs, all electronically and file it. sometimes attorneys work too
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quickly. >> it's a mistake at the highest levels. >> totally agree, sometimes the government. i had cases where the government forgets to redact a word or two. >> that can blow open a case. so redax is a very scary process. in the old days, it used to be by hand. now with computer systems, it's easy to miss things. now there is a presumption in the courts against redax. so in a high level case like this, when you choose to redact and you forget or make a mistake, it can have huge consequences and if the mueller team was involved in directing them, do redact this. do redact that and they failed to do so. then those attorneys will lose a lot of good will with the government. when you are negotiating cases, handling cases at the federal level. a lot of the representation of your client is negotiation and open allege dialogue with the government. you don't want to lose. >> what could the consequences be here? >> given the information that we learned. >> it could be lawyers who submit those documents sign their name.
2:19 am
they make themselves responsible for them. they could be held accountable by the mueller team and ultimately the client could end up with the bad end of the stick because of this mess. >> wow. >> depending on the degree of the mess, how involved the mueller team was and whether it's a forgivable error or it's something that the mueller team is going to be very angry about. >> eamon asked this off camera. i want to ask it again, is there any possibility that manafort's attorneys could have done this on purpose? >> my belief is no way. no attorney would willingly defy the mueller team, defy the court the rules of redax in sealing in order to assist the client. with rerequired to give zealous representation. we are fought required. we are required to avoid breaking the rules and the laws. in redax. -- redaction.
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>> make sure you redact. >> i'm redaking as we speak. >> all right. >> nothing on those papers. all right. let's get a check owith your weather with meteorologist bill kierans. bill, what do you got for us? . >> we actually have thunderstorms overnight in the areas of connecticut in the middle of january. a little unusual. so that rolled through. now we're actually dealing with snow in areas of northern new england. it looks like we have slippery travel. vermont is snowing pretty good now. eventually it will move through new hampshire. we have lake enhanced areas of cleveland right now. that's blowing down here near pittsburgh and south of buffalo. we have 9 million people at risk of dealing with winter storm warnings or watches. it's mostly northern new england. a spine of the appalachians and snow off lake michigan. here's the snowfall total, heading through vermont, skiers will like this. some of the high peaks the same
2:21 am
with new hampshire. the snow belt areas coming off of lake erie and ontario will do well. south of buffalo could see up to a foot of snow. also about four-to-eight inches of snow. the rest of the forecast, here comes winter. chicago at 24. atlanta at 50. and eventually, we will talk about this storm that will move across the country. guys, we will be talking about it on and off the last couple of days. it will be a southern storm. our friends from d.c. to virginia through the ohio valley, a little snow for you this upcoming weekend. details coming up. >> thanks for that, bill. still ahead the latest trade talks with china appear to end with a high note. the news will have an impact with wall street. we will have those details next for you. l street we will have those details next for you. type 2 diabetes pill proven to both reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease... ...and lower a1c, with diet and exercise. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration.
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and i don't add nattrup the years.s. but what i do count on... is boost® delicious boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein. be up for life. welcome back now. time for sports. in the nfl teams are filling head coaching vacancies. the cardinals finalized coach and coordinator kliff kingsbury. tampa is calling in a quarterback whisper bruce aryans who will return to coach jameis winston and the buccaneers. reports there is a good chance that browns offensive coordinator freddie kitchens will be promoted to head coach there. reports out of denver saying john elway appears to be
2:25 am
deciding between vic fangio and mike munchak. let's go to the nba. golden state warriors aiming for a third straight title. dig man demarcus cousins is looking to return in next friday's game in los angeles against the clippers. cousins have been out of place since after last january, tearing his left achilles, while playing for new orleans pelicans. he signed a one-year deal with warriors last summer. finally, a scary moment. new orleans noel is knocked out cold, slamming his head on the hardwood after jumping up to contest a dump by andrew wiggins. he appeared to regain consciousness as he was taken off the court and taken to a nearby center. the okc coach gave no other details following the team's loss. but that looked like really bad
2:26 am
injury. >> yeah. >> scary, scary moment. >> a very scary moment. he lost consciousness. so. >> thanks, louis. still ahead, we will hear how candidates are responding to the 2020 speech on the border. >> retired general anthony zinni stepped down from his role at the state department.
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[ music playing ] welcome back, everybody.
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let's begin with a bit of breaking news overnight. a new report out just this morning says that deputy attorney general rod rosenstein will depart shortly after william barr, president trump's nominee for attorney general is confirmed. multiple sources tell abc news that rosenstein wants to ensure a smooth transition to his successor and would accommodate the needs of barr. rosenstein had originally been thinking of serving for two years and does not appear to be forced out. the president is heading to capitol hill to meet with republicans on what is now day 19 of the shutdown. congress am leaders will meet at the white house today for a third meeting aimed at reopening the government. >> now it comes after the president's prime time address at the oval office last night, where the only thing new was the resolute desk. we get more from halle jackson. >> reporter: hey there, good morning to you. and this morning, washington is waking up to yet another day of
2:31 am
who is now the second longest shutdown in u.s. history with the government partially closed. it comes after that set of dualing speeches we saw last night. president trump over the course of eight or nine minutes, making many of the same arguments we heard him make over the last 18 or 19 days, perhaps the newest part of his speech seemed to be the setting. the president in the oval office behind the representatisolute a largely treading territory that he already has before. he did not declare a national emergency. something he signaled he is opened to. he is considering. instead, he framed this as what he described as a humanitarian and national security crisis as expected. you heard democrats take the counter argument there saying this is a crisis that the president, himself, has made. i'm parafreezing here. saying they want to address a humanitarian challenge. once the government was opened, they want to make sure that happened first and then negotiate. again, this is a lot of what we
2:32 am
have been hearing over these last several weeks. there were no indications that there is wiggle room for either side to compromise here. i think the take asway that both republicans and democrats are dug in on their position. there is not a lot of political incentive for either side to cave. >> that said, we will see later on today, democrats will come here to have this conversation with the president. he said they were invited to come have this talk. we have already seen a couple rounds that didn't go anywhere. so will this time change? will this be productive? remember on friday you have that deadline for many federal workers to miss paychecks. so a lot of people are watching this one closely. >> thank you. some potential democratic contenders went online to respond to president trump last night, including former congressman beto o'rourke who discussed the speech with his neighbors along the border in el paso, texas in a facebook live stream. where he used express it
2:33 am
language to say he could see why people would be afraid after hearing the president. >> i think he has seized this emotional language very effecti effectively completely irresponsibly not tethered to the truth. but if i didn't live in el pass so if i didn't have the experience we have. if i live if michigan, iowa, oregon, the northern border, i do not know better. the president of the united states just said that there are rapists and criminals and murderers who will chop your head off coming to get us. we have to build a wall. >> wow. >> joining us now, editor and political editor, make, good to have with you us. let me get your thoughts in the way beto o'rourke responded. when you look at how beto responded in that setting on facebook with two of his neighbors, compared to the response you saw from chuck
2:34 am
schumer, nancy pelosi, compare and contrast those two for us with the president's messaging. >> yeah, you know, it's a really odd communications for him, forum for president, this guy has been innovative how he communicates with the public. he uses twitter with abandon at lots of odd hours. he also has been known to call up reporters personally. but this was a very traditional sometime of presidential address. i don't think it played to his strengths, such as they are. whereas a guy like beto o'rourke is young and he's kind of savvy about social media and was kind of cool in a way to see him kicking back with his neighbors on a couch and dropping f-bombs and got a little beard there. i like that. it was interesting. i think he looked a lot more comfortable in his own skin than chuck and nancy who kind of had
2:35 am
that american gothic style, i don't know what that was. >> what do you make of the median that beto uses, if we were to look ahead to 2020, right? let's say he continues this type of communication with constituents in getting swing votes and stuff. do you think that works? >> look, we're talking about it, right? he did something that was different and it got him on "morning joe." right? so that's something. i think that if younger voters are going to be crucial in 2020 and it's certainly important at primary. he would definitely capture a lot of the energy on that side of the democratic primary. >> yes. >> this is a guy that looks young, feels young. he goes on jogs, punishing jogs with reporters and against a guy who is pushing you know 70-whatever in 2020. he would come across as you know
2:36 am
pretty vigorous and exciting to a lot of others. >> you won't see either one of us on those jocks with beto o'rurk. >> speak for yourself, i'll do it. the thing is can he outrun? didn't george w. bush have an under 6 minute mile at one point. >> we'll see if beto can top that. >> all american gothic aside. >> i believe yasmin can do it. the supreme court ruled on the case of the russia investigation. it has gotten major attention mostly because how secretive it can be. last month they asked them to intervene arguing it was beyond the reach of the u.s. law. the company was then found in contempt for refusing to comply in order to pay a fine for every day it resisted. yesterday the supreme court denied the company's request to block the fines in case it is
2:37 am
assumed to be protected to the mueller probe because the lawyers observed on the calls. a russian lawyer under scrutiny for meeting with campaign officials, including donald trump jr. at trump tower in 2016 has been indicted in a second race. the russian lawyer at the center of the now infamous tower meeting has been charged with obstruction of justice height here in man that tan. she is accuse -- here in manhattan. she is accused of money laundering allegations. according to prosecutors, she sprinted findings by -- she presented findings by the russian government when she had drafted findings in secret cooperation with a federal prosecutor. this is directly related to the trump tower meeting, itself. national security adviser
2:38 am
john bolton gets embarrassed with a withdrawal plan for syria. yet the question remains. is there a plan in place? we will tackle that with nbc's cal perry next.
2:39 am
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2:41 am
welcome back. another high ranking official has left. anthony zinni resigned yesterday as special envoy to help ep resolve this persian gulf dispute. saying i felt my services were no longer needed. he was brought to the trump administration under then secretary of state rex tillerson and jim mattis in 2017 to help resolve the gulf crisis with qatar. >> that crisis remains unresolved as zinni tells nbc news, quote, the leaders were not interested in our offer after multiple visits. the decorated general's resignation comes shortly after the departure of two high
2:42 am
ranking military generals from the trump administration, jim mattis and john kelly. zinni tells "the washington post he was quote disappointed in what happened to jim mattis adding it's not a good time anyway. john bolton left turkey yesterday after not meeting with the turkish president erdogan. who then went on to asail the united states for a variety of things, including the trump administration's murky strategy for syria, in what he adds is a broken agreement with president trump. joining us live, correspondent cal perry. good to have you with us. help us break it down for a little bit. what exactly was john bolton trying to do? he was in israel. he was in turkey. he got snubbed by the turkish leadership. where does that leave our poles in syria? >> really. so let me take you back to simpler times, december 19th. we were all younger.
2:43 am
there was two weeks ago. donald trump says isis is defeated. everyone is coming home. john bolton in turkey says not so fast. it will be done in coordination with the u.s. military and withdrawal of the u.s. forces. the turkish president flipped out. he said, quote, this is something he cannot swallow. he told the media perhaps there was an invasion on its way into northern syria from turkey. of course, this is about the kurds. the kurds the major u.s. ally in the fight in syria, something that turkey would love to get involved in. interesting enough, guys irks want to reich a quote from the pro government paper. this is turkey's quote on it. they said this was a boldened soft coup against donald trump it was a bad idea for bolton to go and try to impose this on donald trump so turkey taking it out on john bolton at least for now giving president trump a pass. >> wow. >> literally taking the responsibility away from the
2:44 am
president and his decision to withdraw troops on december 19th. >> we know that president trump was influenced by his phone call with president erdogan of turkey. right. i guess that's why they're implying john bolton tried to do this under mining. >> this is exactly right. bob woodward said this and erdogan gets him on the phone, he's the last person that trump talks to trump leaves the oval office, makes these wide sweeping decisions. let's not forget, this is probably why secretary of defense mattis resigns. >> you want to be the last guy he talks to. >> thanks, cam. let's get a check on your weather with nbc meteorologist bill kierans. a slight dufth of snow for the northeast. >> it's finally starting to look like january out there. on the heels of everything we have been discussing. a lot of people have been asking
2:45 am
me, how does it affect the shutdown? most of the data is coming from the next. it is considered one of those things at a high enough level, it is a necessity. people are still working. they're getting the forecasts out there. essential operations are closed. people aren't getting paychecks. our research and development has been postponed. so we have one new computer modem that will compete and that will be postponed. that was hoping to come in, in february. >> that will be later now. also the hurricane season preparedness training is on hold, our climate data, finding out how warm it was for 2018 and the globe across our country. >> that data and reports will be unavailable until the government goes back up and the funding returns to nooaa. we have northern portions of new england. be careful driving on the freeway. lake and snow machines will be on. for our friends early on the
2:46 am
west coast. we have rain that continues to playing the region. rain from seattle all the way down almost to southern california. nothing severe. it's just a wet ride up i-5. i'm sure the mountain pass from reno heading through tahoe down to sacramento is probably not very fun heading through the mountains right now. so today's forecast, very cold. minneapolis to chicago. washington, d.c., 46 and sunny today. here's a look at the potential for snow as we go throughout friday to sunday. the best chance for significant snow right now looking to st. louis and missouri. we take you through west virginia, mountains of virginia. maybe d.c. to richmond. notice philly northward doesn't look like much out of this. again, we will watch closely and our friends in st. louis, that looks saturday into sunday. >> you can't estimate how impactful it has been. as bill was mentioning, it has consequence on so many things we
2:47 am
rely on. whether security. >> our government is the biggest employer. right? still ahead, everybody, apple is about to start looking past the iphone. allegedly marketing a fake side. china and the u.s. could actually move forward on a trade deal. we'll have those stories driving your business straight ahead. tg your business straight ahead (clapping) every day, visionaries are creating the future. ( ♪ ) so, every day, we put our latest technology and vast expertise to work. ( ♪ ) the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, affordably and on-time. (ringing) ( ♪ ) the future only happens with people who really know how to deliver it.
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2:50 am
welcome back. president trump took to twitter writing, quote, can you imagine if i had long-term zero interest rates had long term zero interest rates to play with the paadministration rathe than what we have today. and reportedly on a positive note, the talks were expected to last two days but extended to a third. one official told reporters it was a good few days, however, there was no joint statement and the results will be released soon without elaborating. >> after a disastrous december, the market seems to be back with a winning streak. it seems like the optimism is
2:51 am
helping on the potential of a u.s. china trade deal. >> that is exactly right. the optimism does seem to be underpinned by hopes we will see a resolution between washington and beijing. these talks did last for three days, one day longer than originally planned. we heard from the china foreign ministry today that the length of talks should suggest to investors how serious they are at reaching some sort of agreement. the mood turned positive friday. we had a strong payrolls report we discussed earlier this week and comments from the federal reserve chairman. this is not just about u.s.-china, the mood already turned more positive on friday, so really coming off the back of that. remember, just a short time ago the market was in a much more difficult position. last week, we had a guidance cut from apple. the tech giant warned their q1 revenues would be down due to
2:52 am
slower sales from china. and more negative headlines from china. we heard from the nikkei review that apple is cutting its production plans for the coming months by 10% for new iphone sales. a slew of negative headlines around apple. jim cramer had a chance to speak to the ceo, tim cook, who said the company will announce new services this year, part of their ambition to transition away from relying exclusively on hardware sales for new services. one thing for sure, times are changing for apple. >> live from london, thanks so much. a look at this morning's one big thing. coming up on "morning joe," president trump describes rapes, murders and hammers as he makes a gruesome case for his border wall. we will go behind the scenes of the address he reportedly didn't
2:53 am
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this is a bit of a rarity. joining us from washington, d.c. national political reporter, not friday believe it or not, jonathan swan in the middle of the week. talk to us. what is the one big thing for this morning, jonathan? >> we're looking ahead with last night. there was a lot of confusion yesterday. mike pompeo told us to expect a lot of news in the speech. there was a concern whether president trump would declare a national emergency. obviously, he didn't. i spoke to a source and they believe it's the most likely
2:57 am
alternate option because it gives him lots of latitude, declaring an emergency and getting access to extraordinary powers and potentially around $13 billion of pentagon funds. there are a number of influential conservatives, particularly in the legal community, people plugged into the white house counsel's office think this is a bad idea and abuse of presidential power and abuse of what the term "emergency" means. if you look at history, where this has been used before, things like franklin roosevelt in the second world war, 9/11, events which know one would dispute are an emergency. >> i was going to say, based on the reaction of king abdullah of jordan to mike pompeo, that chuckle from king abdullah probably suggested he didn't buy it. >> a little bit awkward, to say the least. let's talk congressional leaders heading back to the white house. what do you expect to happen
2:58 am
there? >> i expect very little. i don't see any prospect. any human being who watched those two speeches back-to-back last night saw no real opportunity for them to come together. it was two versions of the universe, two arguments. you had the democrat saying, mr. president, you must open the government before we can negotiate and you had the president saying this is a choice between right and wrong. i don't think those negotiations will yield anything. i fully expect this to grind on a little further. a source close to an official said they're exploring other options creative ways to find money so trump doesn't need to go through congress to pay for his wall. one of them they're looking at -- again, i don't fully understand the details but apparently there are other ways they can potentially tap
2:59 am
pentagon funds. as you know, there are members of congress who jealously guard every part of money and the military doesn't like having their budget raided for trump's border wall. >> i have to say as to the address last night, it was as if your parents were having a private spat in their home and decided to take it on television and uncomfortable to watch. >> i don't think it resonated with the general public. the democrats in a new gallup poll now refer to themselves as liberals, interesting in its own right. what is the take on that statistic? >> it's striking. in 1992 when bill clinton got elected, that number was 25%. in the same poll back in '92, 25% of democrats self-identified as conservative. you have a shifting mainstream within the democratic party and shifting liberalism or
3:00 am
progressivism on the left. this is why you see the space, well hard to argue chicken and egg, the space for alexandria ocasio-cortez to introduce a green new deal and very sweeping new programs, even to entertain the idea of massive taxes about 70% on the ultra rich. >> here's the big question. are democrats going to look at these polls and take that into account come 2020? are they going to support a candidate progressive versus more center. >> embraces that. >> they already are. look at the candidates. the candidates are listening. you will have a choice between a lot of candidates who are far to the left of what hillary clinton was pitching in 2016. >> jonathan swan, thank you very much. you can sign up for the newsletter at snow that does it for us this mornin


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