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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  January 11, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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here are stephanie ruhle andal ali velshi for "velshi and ruhle." >> thank you, andrea. i'm stephanie ruhle. >> and i'm ali velshi, january 11. let's get smarter. >> we have a right to declare a national emergency. this is security stuff. >> time line before you think you have to go the route and declare a national emergency? >> i think we're going to see what happens over the next few days. >> nbc news has learned one option prepared for the president would allow him to redirect some money from the army corps of engineers to build 315 miles of border wall, money intended to help, for example, people recovering from hurricane maria in puerto rico. >> i don't think he should do that. i think it's a bad precedent. >> what would your reaction be if the president declares national emergency to build this wall? >> if and when he does that i'll let you know. >> today is the first missed pay day for 800,000 federal workers and hundreds of thousands of more federal contractors.
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>> i take care of my four children. it's scary to know where my next pay is coming from. >> i'm going to be behind on my bills. can't pay my bills. >> i understand that it's bigger than just my paycheck, but it is my paycheck. >> we're trying to get this government back up and running. we need to get you what you need to do your job, secure our homeland. >> the president and our entire administration are going to continue to stand strong until we give you the resources and the reforms that you need to accomplish your mission. >> the view, shutting down government, taking government employees hostage and taking people who rely on government on a daily basis hostage to get their way. that's not democracy, that's dictatorship. >> he is choking the very people who are responsible for actually making sure that we have public safety every day as americans. >> the issue at hand is how many americans would be alive today but for our poor southern border. >> the reason that there is a
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government shutdown today -- and i feel like we're taking our focus off of this -- is because the president is afraid of fox news. >> you know who is on, mr. president? it is on the backs of all of us. >> i have never been more depressed about moving forward than right now. i just don't see a pathway forward. >> i bet it is pay day for a lot of americans, but it's not for 800,000 federal workers who the government shut down, now tied for the longest in u.s. modern history. nine crucial federal departments are still being affected by the shutdown. agriculture, commerce, homeland security, housing and urban development. the interior, justice, state, transportation, treasury and the environmental protection agency. that is nearly 420,000 -- these employees are being forced to work without pay. another 380,000 are on furlough or unpaid leave. we are talking about border
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patrol agents, secret service agents, t.s.a. agents, air traffic controllers, fbi agents, irs agents, fda food inspectors and coast guard employees. all people we rely on to keep our nation and our president safe. some workers are relying on donations from family and friends for help. even launching gofundme campaigns. others are resorting to selling their belongings on social media to make ends meet. the washington post reports a federal workers in morgan town, west virginia, took to facebook this week to sell welding tools left behind by his deceased father-in-law. and a single dad in indiana hosted a sale on ebay with five pages of things found around the house, including bibles, nintendo, bed sheets, and dr. seuss neck ties. i want to repeat this again. a single dad, he's selling stuff that's just around his house so he can get the money to pay his
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bills. just a short time ago, the house approved a bill that ensures all federal employees will be paid retroactively after the shutdown ends, and it now heads to president trump's desk. but that is probably little consolation to those who are living paycheck to paycheck. they need that money now. we said it earlier this week, ali. when you go to the grocery store, you don't get to say, i'll get you next week. >> fortunately, there are some banks and companies in america that are trying to make accommodations, but that's not enough for people. you made a comment yesterday, i think it was, some percentage of americans don't have $400 extra for expenses. >> in case of an emergency. in normal times. and remember, december, that's the month people are paying their bills from, is usually the most expensive month for people. >> and the bills are coming in now. >> the holidays, they're driving, buying christmas presents and now they get that bill. >> we're following breaking news. air traffic controllers are taking action and suing the administration. tom costello is following this
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for us in washington. tom, you know a fact well that not a lot of americans know, and that is at any given time there are probably more than 9,000 airplanes over the united states carrying more than 1.2 million people. it's not a daily figure, that's an at any given time figure. >> boy, you nailed it. not only that, 100,000 people are in the skies at any one time. 100,000 people are in the skies at any one time. today they are being protected by tsa officers on the ground, not getting paid. air traffic controllers watching you in the skies, and the atc folks not getting paid. they have just filed this lawsuit. they are asking for an injunction. specifically, they are alleging a violation of their 5th amendment right, specifically the fact they are deprived of their earned wages. here is a statement quickly from the national air traffic controllers' association. they say nafka also alleges violations of the air standards act and failure to pay at least
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minimum wage to air traffic controllers and other members who are -- pardon me -- accepted from the furloughs during the government slow down, finally, alleging that the faa failed to promptly pay over time to natca members in violation of the flsa law. they are required to pay members for the work they have performed as well as liquidated damages. we have more breaking news, now this coming from the tsa. 51,000 tsa officers working without pay, the tsa chief just sent out -- his name is david pikosky. he said, i am committed to explore ways to compensate employees for their work and determine that legally and financially we can pay for work conducted on saturday, december 22nd, that is before we actually had the shutdown go into effect. we are working hard to process every tsa employee who worked that day so they can get paid early next week.
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let me just tell you. i've had a lot of people questioning me and asking me what's the mood at the headquarters for these various -- the agencies? i'll tell you they're beside themselves. they are very upset that their employees are having to go through this and so while you may have trump appointees running these various administrations, they themselves are just beside themselves that they now have to secure the skies, secure the food supply, whatever the case may be, run the fbi, you name it, and yet their employees who put their lives on the line or ensure that your life is safe when you travel, that those people, their own employees are not getting paid. >> and in a minute we're going to talk to paul ra analyze difficult, president of the air traffic controllers association. i'm going to ask you something because he's not going to toot his own horn or people's horns. this, tom, is always ranked as one of the most stressful jobs out there. >> right. >> it's a combination of remarkably stressful and remarkably important. there are all sorts of stressful jobs out there that don't affect the rest of the world, but the
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number of planes in the air, the number of people in the air, the separation of 9,000 planes at any given time falls upon people who are professionals who work really, really hard, who get blamed every time something happens, and then you add the stress of not being able to pay bills, maybe missing a mortgage payment, ruining your credit rating, the tension that causes in your house. this is not somewhere that most americans are going to want extra stressed people doing the job. >> that's exactly right. do you want the 13,000 controllers already dealing with that kind of stress to now worry how am i going to pay my kids' piano lessons let alone the groceries, the gas, whatever? 13,000 traffic controllers. >> how am i going to pay to put gas in my car so i can drive to work and not get paid? >> can i make one last point? >> please. >> the ripple effect beyond these folks, as i mention, okay, you can't pay the piano teacher for your kid, you can't pay the karate teacher and now they are going to be left without that income. and the ripple effect keeps
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rippling. >> important point. 800,000 federal workers in this position, contract workers, and all of them live and pay other people for their services. so when the back pay comes, you've missed out on paying a bunch of people once that actually is a real hit to the economy. tom, thank you for your great reporting on this. >> it's not like they're staying home. they are going to work and doing their job and not getting paid any money to do t. >> joining us now is the man i mentioned the president of the air traffic controllers association. paul rinaldi. paul, first, you are not people who get the rest of us appreciating what you do on a daily basis because you do what you do well, and the rest of us take for granted that planes are separated from each other in the air and land safely without crashing into each other thanks to air traffic controllers. >> yeah, that's exactly right. thanks for having me on. we have to be 100%, 100% of the time, with 100% of our focus on the task at hand separating the airplanes over the kiez of the united states. >> so now you guys are suing the
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administration. what do you hope to aim, what does success look like you to in this lawsuit? >> as you said on the top of the hour, our controllers are showing up to work. they're doing their job. they're working 60 hours a week with some overtime in there. they're doing everything they're supposed to do, serving the american public, and it is the united states of america and they deserve their paycheck. >> so, you met earlier today with senators tim kaine and mark warner of virginia. did they advise you that suing was the way to go? >> we really didn't talk about the lawsuit. we were talking about the real issues and real consequence of these real people that are either coming to work and not getting paid, spending the money, the gas money, paying for child care, paying their mortgage, paying their credit card bills, you know, as you know, january is usually the largest credit card bill you would get because of the holidays that happen in december. doing all of that and not getting a paycheck and, yeah,
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some of them do have savings, but at the end of the day, the morale is really dropping quickly when you see a zero paycheck coming n. >> that's a good point you make. some of them do have savings. nobody ever says that, wow, air traffic controllers are overpaid or, you know, the upper echelon of earning. but they may have savings, but let's just talk about the degree to which this is a stressful job. you said it at the top. we have to be 100%, 100% of the time. right? there is zero room for error in the work of an air traffic controller. >> that's exactly right. you know, the thing is we have many faa safety employees staying home at this point because they're deemed nonessential or not accepted to come to work. and they play a very important role in the whole safety net of the national air space system and we want to get them back to work immediately. i mean, we've been working on some safety programs and equipment and procedures that we
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were need to get back to work immediately so we can actually implement these safety programs and enhance the safety of the united states air space. >> so, what does that mean in terms of everyone being able to get their job done? if the nonessential workers are being left home, who is actually doing their stuff? >> the work is not getting done. we have actually seen, you know -- we have a program which helps control is determined if the airplanes are lined up on the right one way or taxi way because we do have a problem of wrong surface landings in this system. and we've implemented new equipment to make sure that we have -- >> can you imagine? >> -- the best equipment to make sure they are lined up -- >> how is that nonessential? >> we know that a plane doesn't land on a taxi way as opposed to runway? we've had a few close calls. every time there is a close call, someone says, had that
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happened, that would have been one of the worst tragedies we've ever seen. a plane coming into a taxi way where there are other planes. there are people who keep this from happening. i just don't even understand why this isn't essential, but how we contribute to people who are not getting paid for this kind of work, they need their full attention on that job. so you're saying stuff like that, that program just doesn't move forward for now? >> has stopped. that has stopped. you're right. how is that not ee sectissentia? i think every role, every safety professional in the faa needs to come to work and continue to work at their job to make sure we enhance the safety of the system and continue to run the safest, most efficient system of the world. more importantly they need to get paid. they do a fantastic job, 100%, 100% of the time with a zero paycheck that hit last night and this morning. it's unacceptable. we're tired of being pawns in a political battle in the middle of a tug-of-war, whatever the issue is. whether it's gun control, whether it's planned parenthood,
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whether it's health care or now it's immigration. knock it off. we run the safety est, most efficient system in the world. let us continue to work and do that job, and also pay us for the great job we do. >> well said, paul. thank you very much. and again, thanks to all your workers, members of the air national controllers association for keeping us safe on an ongoing basis. paul rinaldi is the president. >> i appreciate the opportunity. thank you very much. >> a lot of people we talk about all the time. this is one of those things. there are so many workers, the fda, inspectors all sorts of people across america whose names you will never know whose work you don't know of, whose job is to get it right 100% of the time. right? if an air traffic controller gets it wrong, the consequences are massive. they don't get it wrong, the vast majority of the time, and we don't -- we don't get to thank them. we don't say it. so thank you. >> this extinction. >> yeah. >> next, new stories of american workers who are going without pay right now. why? washington politics.
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we're going to take you coast to coast. the president has said people will adjust. he can relate. i hope he tunes in. he can hear their stories on day 21 of the government shutdown. >> now, some companies, as we mentioned, are helping those federal workers. >> i want to say thank you. this is good business. >> these are the names of some of the businesses offering to wave late fees or service fees postpone payments altogether. if you're watching this and you deal with a company that is doing that, please tweet us at "velshi and ruhle." we want to know and give credit to those companies who are helping furloughed employees or employees who are working without pay during the government shutdown because that is patriotism. >> thank you. nocking] ♪ ♪
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welcome back to "velshi and ruhle". the partial government shutdown is just hours away from becoming the longest one on record as federal workers feel the pinch of going to work without a paycheck. >> there is no sign from the president except from his twitter feed, he claimed our country cannot be safe without a border wall. >> nbc reporters are on the ground listening to stories coast to coast. ali vitale i is in virginia. allie, let's start with you. someone's wife is fighting cancer. this is a stressful situation and everything was normal and they were getting paid as
10:20 am
normal. what's happened now? >> reporter: yeah, ali, you're right. you have to consider in darrell floyd's situation and others like him, people have a rainy day fund so when a rainy day comes they're financially prepared. in this case the floyd family is dealing with, yes, her battle against cancer, cynthia's battle against cancer. they're paying for a second apartment temporarily because her treatment is happening out of state. when i spoke with darrell last night he said he was concerned about buying groceries, what happens if this stretches on, what happens with the mortgage on their house. there's a lot of financial questions in addition to the emotional stress of these dueling and unforeseen circumstances. take a listen to what he had to say. >> this is stressful. sometimes your blood pressure -- you know, just your stress, a lot of stress. you want the best. and then i worry about my wife, making sure she's healthy, i'm trying to sacrifice. so it's just hard on me and her,
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you know. we kind of, you know, worry about the bills, if the bills are going to get paid, medicine or whatever it may be, and we'll be able to eat. so, it's kind of stressful. >> reporter: and, ali, today they were driving down to little rock, arkansas, for her to have a stem cell transplant. they live not knowing if they are going to come back to the government reopened or not getting darrell's paychecks. >> morgan, you're at burbank airport. you spoke to a former navy pilot who is a federal aviation inspector. he's not only worried about money. we've been talking about this for the last few minutes. he's worried for people's safety. >> reporter: that's right, yeah. ali, stephanie, i had a chance to talk with curtis who is a former navy pilot who wanted to continue that service as an faa inspector. consider this, of the 45,000 faa
10:22 am
employees, 18,000 are furloughed, 3,000 are the safety inspectors. they're the nameless people that when you show up at an airport to make sure your aircraft is up to par, pilots are properly certified, and facilities are safe before you go up into the air. curtis told me that despite having coworkers who have to come in to work and can't get paid, he is forced to sit at home. he would rather be here serving the country in the way that he is because he wants that peace of mind to know that whenever those planes do go up into the air people are safe. he's unable to achieve that. in fact, he's forced to sit at home now, feeling uncomfortable trying to find a potential second job because he doesn't know when the shutdown is going to end. he stressed that frustration to me. listen to this. >> personally, yeah, i'm absolutely frustrated. i wish -- i hoped that the department of transportation would be funded. i would hope that the faa would see faa inspectors as essential
10:23 am
employees because what we do is absolutely critical to the national air space. i don't think it's moral to use aviation safety and the safety of the american people as a bargaining chip. >> reporter: and curtis tells me his savings should last about another month. he is in the navy reserves. he says that he might have to go active duty to make ends meet if this government shutdown doesn't end. and as far as the money situation, he tells me that this very week he and his partner were supposed to close on a house. ali, steph, that may not be happening. >> for a lot of reasons, by the way, because of the money that needs to be paid, because there are certain things in terms of processing and gathering and closing mortgages that involve the federal government. it is really just disruptive to people's lives for an entirely unnecessary reason. morgan and allie, thanks very much. we will continue to cover the real people being affected by this thing, the dangers to your safety because of some of the people not getting paid.
10:24 am
>> all right. next, president trump, he wants more than 5 billion bucks for his wall, but he doesn't have the money or this is the issue, the real estate, the real estate to actually finish it. so what else we could get for $5 billion? we keep hearing how people in government say 5 billion is no big deal. >> yes, it is. >> we have some suggestions for the president. you're watching "velshi and ruhle." there's little rest for a single dad, and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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this just in. the president sent this tweet moments ago. quote, the fake news media keep saying we haven't built any new wall. below is a section just completed on the border anti-climbing feature included. very high, strong, and beautiful. also, many miles already renovated and in service. i love reading those tweets. >> as i said, i think in 2019 when we read a trump tweet, i'd like a wind machine. here's the issue with the president's tweet. it's not true. that is also known as a lie. joining us to fact check it is somebody who has been doing it better than anybody else all week long, justice security reporter, our friend julia
10:29 am
ainsley. m madame, how about a reality check? >> we love a good fact check. we can fact check this easily. i went through some of the fact checks dhs has given us on projects at the border. there are three projects right now they are using 2017 funding to do. none of those do a single mile of new construction. that would be in el paso, el centro and san diego. all of this is repair. there is wall there. sometimes it might not be as high, sometimes falling down. they are tearing it down and replacing it with new wall or sometimes they're building a secondary fence. one wall might be hi enough so that a car can't get through, but pedestrians can get over so they build a secondary fence. again, not one mile of new wall. i think that's pretty easy to fact check right there. >> why would he do it? >> answer that, why does this happen? is trump just depending on the fact that you don't exist and
10:30 am
people like you who can fact check these things very easily from public record, right, this isn't secret deep down investigative reporting, although julia has done a good amount of that. >> can we also add even in the tweet where he goes, and portions have already been renovated. you're darn right, and that would have happened regardless in obama administration. if the president is trying to shift the narrative to say that the renovations are in place of him building a new wall, that ain't your campaign promise. >> yeah, i'd like to look inside the president's head why he chooses what he decides to tweet. it is clear it doesn't make sense for his argument. if he's trying to say we really need a new wall because all of these people are coming across the border, we already have over 500 miles of existing barriers in place that look exactly like what he is promoting with the steel slats. so if it hasn't driven down the numbers yet, i don't know how this will. also, i think a lot of people don't realize that we do have the fencing, those barriers already at the border and it's been in place for sometime.
10:31 am
there was a big push under the bush administration to include a lot of this. so to me it's something you learn every day here, but just fact check actually didn't take a whole lot of time. >> thank you for doing it nonetheless, julia ainsley, who is keeping us honest on border stuff. up next, what can you get for $5.7 billion? i'll start by telling you 5.7 won't get you the wall, something the president is misleading about. let's say you had that kind of money to spend. we'll look at option that's could benefit this country, none of them by the way are a border wall. you're watching "velshi and ruhle" on msnbc.
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welcome back to "velshi and ruhle." there are a lot of things happening in other news. this story in wisconsin. >> this story. >> a 13-year-old girl, jayme closs, missing for nearly three months, has been found alive. she vanished in october after her parents were murdered. police say a 21-year-old suspect, jake thomas patterson, is now in custody. he's facing two counts of first degree intentional homicide and one count of kidnapping. but, boy, it's amazing they found her. >> amazing. iowa's republican congressman steve king is taking some heat for asking how the terms white nationalist, white supremacist and western civilization have become offensive in our society. leaders from both sides of the aisle denounce king's comments. >> it's hollow, he sas racist
10:36 am
bigoted stuff all the time. >> he was just reelected. >> he should be thrown out of the caucus. the united states military has begun withdrawal from syria. statement from the defense department said it would not discuss specific time lines, locations or movements due to security concerns. but you will remember donald trump said three weeks ago that in a month they're all coming out. then he said i didn't set any deadline when they're coming out. now they're coming out. make of it what you will. >> china has released this panoramic video from the dark side of the moon. it includes 80 photos taken by the lunar probe, now exploring an area believed to be rich in minerals. china's mission is the first ever on the far side of the moon. >> all right. as americans without paychex for work they are doing or face uncertainty when they will go back to work, nbc's business and technology unit analyzed the president's sticking point. $5.7 billion for the border wall. i want to tell you first of all you can't get the border wall for $5.7 billion. we're going to talk about that in a minute. let's say that's the number you
10:37 am
accepted. what else could you get if the president were focused somewhere other than on this campaign promise? well, with $5.7 billion we could afford to give all 3.2 million public school teachers in america a $1700 a year raise. and we'd have $260 million left over. remember we've been talking palomi about these public school teachers who take money out of what they earn to buy school supplies for their kids. or give the nation's 3.2 million -- 3.3 million registered nurses the $1700 a year raise with $90 million left over. and the president has talked about his dedication to helping to treat substance a bruce. that money could also nearly triple the budget of the substance abuse and mental health service administration which helps millions of americans find the very desperate support they need, and there are poor americans -- add $100 to what the president -- $100 million to what the
10:38 am
president wants to spend on the border wall, and the government could pay an extra month of supplemental nutrition assistance programs, snap benefits known as food stamps to more than 40 million americans food insecure, ri67 est country in the world and 40 million americans do not entirely know where their next day's meal is coming from. you can deal with all of that with this border wall money. these are are a few priorities the president could look into rather than schulting down the government and punishing workers for what is essentially a policy fight. >> my goodness. and that $5.7 billion, here's the issue. ali mentioned it before. it's not even enough money to pay for the wall. >> not even close. >> even d.h.s. estimates have this thing costing more than -- say it. >> $40 billion. i've seen lowest matsuyam estim. 15 to 20.
10:39 am
estimates start at 22 million. >> it doesn't include labor. >> and as you mentioned earlier, you need some land that's not actually federal land on which to make this. >> eminent domain. let's talk about it. >> we want to get into it. joining us is republican strategist evan sigfried who followed this closely. evan, we love reading your stuff on this. like us, you like the numbers. >> you wrote about it two years ago. >> you've been writing about it a long time. you wrote about one of the big costs for the border wall ambitions. let me read from there. imminent domain as stephanie said, what are the issues tied up in imminent domain? >> bottom line, the public has to own the land the wall is going to be built in. there is a problem with the border. 1954 mile u.s. border, you have 70 miles secured for the secure fence. that's publicly owned. on the texas/mexico border, only 100 miles is publicly owned. that leaves 1154 miles of the border that the united states
10:40 am
government needs to own and take away from private land owners. >> how does that work? >> well, the government will go to the private land owners and offer fair market compensation for whatever that land is. except one problem. the landowner doesn't say, oh, okay. they think it's probably worth more. you could say $2 an acre. >> as is often the case in imminent domain. >> the land owners will go to federal court. there are 120 cases dating back 13 years for the secure fence act which is why the fence is still not 100% built. >> hold on. hold on. walk us through this again because people definitely don't realize, for years they have been trying to complete this fence and haven't been able to for this reason. >> the fence isn't continuous. it's swiss cheese. you may see 100 yards of fence and then 100 yards of empty -- you could literally walk around it. the president is saying that all we need to do is this wall and build it so quickly and it will be done and the problem is solved. no, it won't be. we're talking about at least a
10:41 am
decade to two decades of actual construction and litigation against the united states government because landowners don't want to lose their land. it also impacts grazing issues. think about the wall itself. we're not going to put it directly on the border. it's going to need to go because of logistical and terrain issues, 2 to 3 miles north of the border. we're essentially giving mexico parts of the united states for creating this no man's land. >> ranchers' lands in many cases. they're used to having what they've got grazing on the land. they have to be compensated. >> with the fence going back, several ranchers said why don't we try and come to an accommodation with the government. maybe they can have a date. one rancher, texas tribune, said when i want to walk my cattle i have to ask the government for permission to walk on my own land. >> people say they will pay for the land. when we saw the keystone pipeline, we saw there were
10:42 am
ranchers who didn't want to give up their land. they're sensitive to it, grandparents were homesteaders. the one thing about america imminent domain has been used -- new york city is a perfect example of it, so much of what's built up here was brought up by imminent domain. it is never an easy legal fight. even if the president declares a national emergency, it doesn't eliminate the need to go through the same process. >> correct. it's going to cost a heck of a lot more. in july of 2018, the government accountability office issued a report because of imminent domain and construction overruns, costs including most conservative and most liberal are absolutely wrong. it is going to cost well north of them. we're talking about a border wall that would cost over $50 billion probably closer to 100 billion. >> if you owned the land, you might have an estimate of $22 billion, it might be true because you own everything. but we don't know what the cost of purchasing that land is and litigating it. the other point you make is not quick. >> it's not quick whatsoever. it takes much, much longer. we're going to see 15 years of
10:43 am
litigation at least, and i think the president is fooling himself as well as his base by saying, we can get it done so quickly. this will not solve a crisis if there is one in the first place. the government would actually be better served by having strategic barriers, because there are some t.s.a. agents and i.c.e. agents saying, yeah, we need to have some barrier at specific areas to address specific problems. but we need to have a technological wall, more of training for i.c.e. agents as well and customs and border protection. they can actually go out and fix the border themselves. but if they got the proper funding. the president is focused on the wall because it was an easy knew monday i can device for him to talk about immigration. >> thank you, sam nunberg. he's the one whoa came up with it. evan, good to be with you. he understands this wall well. >> he does. coming up next, president trump is blowing a path to citizenship for immigrants in the skilled workers categories, those who hold the h 1 visa.
10:44 am
what he's looking to promise now. >> first, more alarming news on climate change. scientists say oceans are worming more quickly than thought, 40% faster on average than was estimated 5 years ago. an article in the journal signs warns it will bring catastrophic effects, more hurricanes and floods and destroy coral fishing reefs. you're watching "velshi and ruhle." ♪ [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪
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welcome back to "velshi and ruhle." america, we need skilled workers here. skilled workers that we do not have in this country. skills that we get from people who move to this country on a visa that is called an h 1 v. i'm telling you this because america has been really bad at this for a long time. and today president trump is now pushing for a massive visa overhaul which could actually help a specific type of foreign worker gain citizenship. this is a very big change from his previous threats. the president tweeted today, quote, h 1-b holders in the united states can rest assured that changes are soon coming which will bring both simplicity and certainty to your stay, including a potential path to citizenship. we want to encourage talented and highly skilled people to
10:49 am
pursue career options in the u.s. >> what? >> so, here you go. what is an h-1 b? it is a visa under the immigration and nationality act that allow you as employers to temporarily hire foreign workers for specialty jobs, to fill needs that cannot be met by the american work force. the united states issues 65,000 h-1 b advice as every year plus an additional 20,000 advice as for foreigners with a graduate degree from an american school. more than hoof of all of the h-1 b advice as in 2013 went to employers in four states. california, new jersey, texas and new york. so, typically h-1 b applicants work in science, tech, engineering and math. now, here's why what ali just said. what? because president trump apt 's action on h-1 b was when he signed an executive order tightening rules for tech workers bringing foreign workers. across the board, which is it.
10:50 am
choose your direction. just because he tweeted this out today -- >> yeah, we don't know what he's talking about and what he's planning on doing. it is necessary to talk about the fact that for a lot of people who think the immigration system in america is broken, they're the immigration system america is broken. they think it is a security issue that can be fixed with basic measures. joining us now is the founder of managing partner, who thinks about this awfully a lot. michael, for people who don't follow this closely. why does america need either more or h-1 visas. what's the issue that the president is addressing? >> the main issue, hello stephanie and ali. we don't graduate enough in stem and science and engineering and
10:51 am
math. w we have always been reaching out to get the all-stars of the world to come work here. it is one of the great drivers of american growth that we are the all start team of the world. it is part of the proudest thing about us. democrats and republicans typically have agreed on the last several decades. america agrees that the majority americans agree that we should make it easier for highly skilled workers. we are going in the wrong direction. 2003, the gdp of the u.s. was $11.5 trillion. in that year we had $195,000 h 1-b every year. now it is 85,000 even though the gdp is twice the size. >> right. >> and you are unemployment rate is lower. >> yes, our unemployment rate is
10:52 am
lower and cost is going up. >> i think that and nobody knows it is a whole course of freud in trump's brain or twitter feed that we have teach at some universiti universities. >> or not. >> we could imagine a path of citizenship would be great for america. so many great jobs are created by the presence of highly kil d skilled immigrants. they buy and rent houses and they send their kids to school and creating great lives and making our country better. i am for any policy that makes it easier for highly skilled people to come and to stay. >> right. your experience where you are in silicon valley is that some of these people come here to work and some of them create businesses and employing other people. people like you and people in the business world and people in scientific technology world and entrepreneurs think of immigration generally speaking as a net positive to americans.
10:53 am
there may be negative aspects of certain things of people getting across borders the way they should not. immigration is something we need more of and to do better with. >> let me say it strongly, we could not be silicon valley without immigration or the power house, being the tip of the spear of the global economy without immigration. half of the huge companies in silicon valley were founded by at least one immigrants. think about that. we can certainly support a growth of h-1 b. president obama proposed last year of 85,000 to 110,000 of h-1 b. 200,000 applications are made in the first week. it is very, very over demanded and under supply resource and we should increase the capital
10:54 am
quota. it will be great for our country and keeping us competitive in china and a.i. where we deserve to be the first. we are first. >> i never finish a conversation and not feeling smarter. >> thank you, my friend. >> michael, great to see you. >> michael keeping movember around all year round. >> that's mo-annual. >> michael, we love you. >> a lot going on. we love you. >> all right, a major -- >> you are jealous. >> i am totally jealous. >> i could be that, maybe? >> he's looking at the haze of that flow. >> michael is very smart. >> he can use a wind machine. i wanted one. >> evidence is a good thing this show is taped. >> it is time for a commercial.
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hey, batter, batter, [ crowd cheers ] like everyone, i lead a busy life. but i know the importance of having time to do what you love. at comcast we know our customers' time is valuable. that's why we have 2-hour appointment windows, including nights and weekends. so you can do more of what you love. my name is tito, and i'm a tech-house manager at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. all right, lindsey graham, just came out from a meeting with the president. lindsey graham is tweeting, let me read you a series of these tweets. it is clear that the democrats don't want to make a deal and will not support border wall. they hate president trump more than they want to fix problems even problems that they
10:59 am
acknowledged to be real and serious in the past. now were talking about the next election and graham tweets mr. president, declare a national emergency now. build a wall now. >> quick fact-check where he says democrats will never support a wall or barriers. they'll not support the wall that the president wants to put in place. >> they supported funding in the past. this is a different story. >> there are barriers right now. >> the president talked about one that's renovated over the last few months. >> there are barriers. >> we didn't introduce you yet. >> ladies and gentlemen, katy tur. >> can i talk now? >> yes. >> people are not going to think we have a fight. >> never, i adore you. >> the symbolism of donald trump sold his wallet. it was less a wall to protect
11:00 am
the country and more wall they felt that was raicism and creating the idea that everybody on the other side of the border is a criminal and they're coming here to hurt you and not necessarily and coming here to look for a better life. the wall is border security and no wall is open border. they don't want that. >> you cover the election. lindsey graham was among the republican candidate. >> lindsey graham says if donald trump is elected president for the republican party, he's going to ruin the republican party. that's a paraphrase. >> things have changed katy tur. >> it is remarkable of the turn around. i am fascinated to have covered it. i am going to be fascinated talking to these lawmakers years down the road and asking them what in their mind changed and how they feel about this looking backward. >> may


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