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tv   Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  January 19, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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good evening and welcome to "politicsnation." breaking news, president trump at the white house just moments ago publicly offering congressional democrats what he casts as humanitarian deal on the border and, by extension, the shutdown. >> our plan includes the following. $800 million in urgent
2:01 pm
humanitarian assistance. $5.7 billion for a strategic deployment of physical barriers or a wall. three years of legislative relief for 700,000 daca recipients. a three-year extension of temporary protected status, or tps. that is yoour plan. >> it provides humanitarian relief, delivers real border security, and immediately reopens our federal government. >> nbc news is reporting that house democrats have already rejected the president's pitch until the government reopens. as the shutdown is now a month old and all week the president has been accused of behaving like one, escalating the feud
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with democratic house speaker nancy pelosi over her state of the union power play by blocking her state trip to afghanistan be and then gloating about it on, where else, twitter. meanwhile bills and blues continue to pile up for nearly a million federal workers and their families as the shutdown drags on to week five. joining me now, msnbc legal analyst katie fang, tiffany cross, cofounder and managing editor of the beat d.c., and omarosa manigault newman, former director of communications for the white house, public liaison office under president trump. omarosa, let me go to you. the president spoke about ten minutes, never mentioned the people suffering that are furloughed and not being paid,
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him not mentioning it at all, depicting people coming across the border as basically criminals and rapists and the like. i mean, it was probably the most unemotional way i could say, the most insulting to my intelligence speech i have heard because basically he proposed undoing some of the stuff he did and give me me wall. i mean, when you were at the white house and you subsequently said a lot about his bigotry, how do you sit as someone close to the president, how do you assess his lack of sensitivity or say any words of comfort to the federal workers and his depiction of people coming into this country like they're all wholesale just coming to just rape and ravage this country and not really offering anything but maybe i'll undo some things i
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did? >> first of all, it's a complete stunt to distract from the women's march that's taking place all over the country and in d.c. he did the same thing last year when he tweeted that he supported the march even knowing the march was against him and his policies. when i was at the white house, i lobbied to make sure that the president -- at the time john kelly would extent tps protections, particularly for haiti. he went to haiti for the inauguration of their president and tried to lobby for an extension, and they flatly denied the extension. for now, for him to try to leverage it as some type of incentive for the democrats to come back to the table is exactly what the president wants to do. he wants to distract and it's not an authentic proposal. it's not authentic. >> let me get this right. you proposed what and what happened? >> first of all, we proposed that he extend the tps
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protections. instead, he decided to end it in july of 2019. since then a judge has decided not to continue to shut that down. but john kelly and donald trump were not concerned about the countries who are under tps, and we know that particularly in haiti that the conditions are not conducive to the 60,000 haitians that are here in america. what he's proposing is a disingenuous approach to bring the democrats back to the table. we know that the supreme court is not going to take up daca. so essentially what he's proposing is a whole bunch of hot air. >> well, let me ask you, katy, you're the legal analyst. i got the air, i don't know how hot it was, but clearly do you hear anything, anything in what the president said that has any basis to say he's making a legal step toward immigration reform? >> not at all. you just heard what omarosa said.
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in october of 2018, a federal judge said, hey, trump administration, this tps cessation where you're basically saying people that are here under temporary protected status, presumption said we're just going to do away with that, and a federal judge says you can't just do that. now we know the supreme court was supposed to pick up by yesterday whether or not it was going to hear the recent challenge to daca, and it declined to do so. so at least another ten months is going to go by where people that are here that are enrolled and currently a part of the daca program are going to be able to stay in the united states. so what kind of art of a deal is this that donald trump is offering? first of all, the democrats only heard about it today. we learned negotiations in law school, and that is not a negotiation >> tiffany, let me ask you this. you are one that does a lot of collection of data at the beat d.c. when he gives this statistic
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that 90% of heroin comes across the southern border, that all this crime will go up, a kind of boogie man scare of americans that i think is a stunt but is also, i think, more of a stunt to get people away from the shutdown, which he didn't address. is anything in your research that in any way, shape, or form confirms the stuff that he portrayed in terms of the people that are seeking to come to this country? >> rev, let me first say that this deal was put together by secretary of all things, accomplish, and by the jesus whisperer, vice president mike pence, this is not a deal any democrat was consulted on. this president tried to connect the drug war with the immigration crisis and he fails. i want to remind the people that this is not a president who cares about the opioid crisis. he nominated congressman tom marino to be his drug czar.
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we remember from the "60 minutes" special that he was pretty much a pawn for big pharma and helped escalate the crisis. also, i know we have to talk about the politics of this, rev, but i just want to first mention that the 800,000 people who are suffering, which really casts a net to millions of people that our hearts are with you, the president didn't mention you today, but certainly all of us across this country are thinking about you because we all understand what it's like to go without a paycheck, what it's like for working individuals. >> he didn't address that at all. >> because he does not care. >> listen to this point made by the president moments ago. >> this is a common sense compromise both parties should embrace. the radical left can never control our boarders. i will never let it happen. walls are not immoral. in fact, they are the opposite of immoral because they will
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save many lives and stop drugs from pouring into our country. >> omarosa, you worked closely with this president and tried to deal with a lot of issues and have written about it. there's no sensitivity there about those that are seeking asylum from real abuse and brutality in their countries, and there is no sensitivity to american workers. i'm talking about people in the building that he's talking from not being able to be paid or furloughed. give us a sense as one that was in that white house, does this president have any sensitivity at all for human beings or is this all the art of the deal in one ups man ship and tit for tat? >> donald trump doesn't have the capacity to feel for the people who are suffering, particularly the 800,000 workers who are out without pay.
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but the additional 200,000 contractors but also the impact, even in his own white house, secret service agents are going to work every day. some of them don't even have the money, the b money, the bus fare to get to work. he has no way of connecting with them. he's never missed a paycheck who are had to go without. so it's going to be difficult for us to try to appeal to his sensitivities. he cares about numbers, not human beings, not the people who are affected by the shutdown. >> katy, as the legal expert here, is there anything f i'm watching at home, is there anything that he has said that would give me comfort if i was here needing asylum, needing daca, needing anything because clearly daca will not go before the supreme court on this calendar.
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so what changed other than his attempt to try and deal with his poll numbers, and even the right, ann coulter already blasted him saying we got gypped. what changed now, and will he, in your opinion, be shaken by the fact that ann coulter and other far-right people are going to attack him for these theatrics tonight that he called a speech. >> ann coulter was all over twitter just a few minutes ago saying now there's amnesty? now you have people that typically support trump, a trump surrogate like her who say you're offering amnesty, that was never part of the deal. but the hypocrisy is really what i think is the loudest thing that you see. president trump just did an immigration and naturalization ceremony in the white house an hour before this address that he did talking about what a great country we are. my father came here as an immigrant. the idea that there's any legal recourse that's being provided to people that are either here on their tps status, daca, or
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asylum, he's now decided he wants to rewrite the asylum laws. asylum is not forcing people from central america that have to stay there to apply for asylum. asylum by definition under our laws is you're here and asking the united states to giving you a place to go to protect you from persecution >> which is legal. >> there's nothing legal going on. >> can i say something? >> the idea of asking the people that you are fleeing to giving you permission to flee, i'm applying in this country to lead this country. i mean, are we supposed to be stupid? i mean, how do you say that they have to apply there when they're trying to escape because they're operating in fear there? >> right. again, this is not a president who fully understands the law as evidenced by innumeralble things. but i want to remind the people that the deal that was on the table in december had over a billion dollars in it to already
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complete building part of this wall structure that the president wants. there was a deal on the table that both sides, democrats and republicans in the house and the senate, agreed to. everyone must remember the president is solely responsible for this shutdown. he ripped up the deal. democrats have consistently passed spending deals. the republicans could put a bill to the floor and press the president's hand to get the government operating tomorrow. senate republicans are now letting this president bypass the legislative branch. it was a $5.6 billion ran some note. first, we'll ask two members of congress if this latest trump proposal on the border changes their mind. we'll be right back.
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as the government shutdown is nearly through its 29th day and both sides are standing
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give us some real-life examples of your constituents, republican or democrat. >> i have federal government employees and contractors that
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are standing in lines for hours at the local food bank there are restaurants in the district of columbia which i'm close to as well as in my own district that are providing free meals to federal government employees. i have federal government employees who are on the job that are not getting paid but are deciding not to go to work because they can't afford to send their kids to child care. i have federal government contractors who areha making choices between groceries, prescription drugs, whether they can send their parents into adult day care. this is a hardship for so many. we even have small businesses that are on the brink of closing because they rely so much on federal government contractor business, retail, and restaurants. this is rereal. this is a hardship, and they don't have a wealthy parent who's going to give them a loan to bridge them.
2:23 pm
>> congressman, when we hear congressman cleaver, when we hear the hardships and then we hear the president describing wholesale the people that are trying to come in this country, we've seen the numbers that there have been more people questioned about terrorism comingqu over the canadian bord than the mexican border. and we know that most drugs that are brought in across the border are brought in by airplanes or through the normal portals through h cars. these are not the people seeking asylum that he refers to. this depiction of human beings criminalizing all these people, how do you respond to this broad brush that the president gave tonight of people that are seeking refuge here, many of them children being brought by their parents that we're finding out the numbers are much more than we knew that have been separated from their parents?
2:24 pm
>> well, i flew into jfk a few hours ago, and a young woman came up and talked to me about a situation which i will speak to her congressman, jose certi-- l. also the humiliation she gets because people look at her and her situation, and automatically assume southeast he's a crimina. this man doesn't realize -- maybe he does, the people he's hurting. he's tearing this country apart. we will have years and years and years to fix even after he's gone because of the damage that's being done right now to race relations. >> as we look at the depiction of people, congressman brown, and how the congressman cleaver says it will take years to fix, it will take a long time to fix a lot of your constituents and
2:25 pm
others that have to deal with the fact that they can't pay their bills. they're not only going to have to catch up, there's some things you can't catch up on, like your credit rating and other things that are being impacted every day by this >> there's concern for that. you have people who are late on mortgages, payments, late on rent. it will impact their credit rating. let me make this point as well, though. this is a national security crisis in the making, this shutdown. sure, our men and women in the department of redefense, the military, they're getting paid, they're on watch, and we appreciate them. but you're talking about tsa agents we airport, the secret service that protection high-profile public officials, you're talking about custom and border agents who are at the port of baltimore and los angeles, they're at the airport in chicago and kansas city. they're human beings and they can only work so long without getting paid. it will impact their effectiveness t and i think it
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will jeopardize our national homeland security. >> all right.ti i'm going to have to leave it there. thank you both congressman cleaver and anthony brown. the one question they should ask to the 2020 census. be right back. hey. i heard you're moving into a new apartment. yeah, it's pretty stressful. this music is supposed to relax me, though. ♪ maybe you'd mellow out a bit if you got geico to help you with your renters insurance. oh, geico helps with renters insurance? good to know. yeah, and they could save you a lot of money. wow, suddenly i feel so relieved. you guys are fired. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance.
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and now for my weekly memo to president trump. it looks like your administration's devious little plan to add citizenship questions to the 2020 census one step closer to not happening. after a federal judge blocked secretary wilbur ross from adding it through the justice department, of course you appealed the ruling and the supreme court will have to make the final decision. just drop the issue and end the dozens of louis you're facing over it from new york, california, and 15 other states, especially since we already know your true motive is to suppress responses from noncitizens and hispanic americans who tend to
2:31 pm
vote democratic. see, it's a fear tactic that hasn't been played since the 1950s, use the once in a decade census to make america great again by cutting federal resources and reducing political representation of minority communities. because if folks are too scared to answer that citizenship question, then they will be under counted, ultimately undercutting the number of congressional seats and electoral college votes each state will get. but trying to use the justice department as a cover for your intentions won't work. three reasons, one, we already snow secretary ross lied to congress. the question from your advisers.
2:32 pm
don't forget that he lied to cummings who is now head of house i don't ever sight. so a subpoena could be coming at any time, but i have a question for you, mr. president, about, say, your real net worth. i'd like to submit it to but for some reason that section is shut down. we'll be right back. okay, i never thought i'd say this,
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welcome back. special counsel robert mueller is now pushing back on an explosive report about michael cohen. that report published late thursday by the website buzzfeed claimed that donald trump as president directed his former attorney to lie to congress about the trump tower moscow deal. it also said he had corroborating evidence of cohen's claim. but late friday night just 24 hours after its publication, a spokesman refuted parts of the report. let's bring back our panel. omarosa manigault, former director of communications for the white house public liaison
2:37 pm
office under president trump. omarosa manigault newman, you worked closely with president trump throughout the campaign and for the first part of his two years in office. how close is michael cohen or was michael cohen during your stay to donald trump? and how much of a danger will he be if, in fact, he does testify in front of the congress and fully cooperates with the mueller investigation? >> i knew cohen throughout my tenure working with the trump organization. cohen started, i believe, in 2006. i got to see his relationship with donald trump. it would not be out of the norm for donald trump to ask michael cohen to lie, to break the law or do something unlawful. cohen was very loyal to donald trump. so when i read this story, although people are trying to refute parts of it, it's not out of line to think donald trump
2:38 pm
would ask michael cohen to do something as egregious as lying to congress. >> so it is very possible just from your observes, you're not saying that you know anything that this report says, but from your observes, it would not be out of the norm for them to discuss things like this that included possibly legal conclusions? >> no, it would not be out of the norm. you have to remember how small the trump organization was. it was like 14, 15 people who worked for the organization. and cohen was the go-to man for trump to get the things that he wanted done that he wasn't willing to do himself that are a little unseemly. so to me this reporting, i know people are pushing back, but i know that on february 7th when michael cohen comes to testify, as shocking as this report is, you just wait 'til you hear the tales of the other things donald trump instructed michael cohen to do. >> katie, minutes ago buzzfeed news issued a statement, quote,
2:39 pm
as we are reconfirming our reporting, we see no indication that any specific aspect of our story is inaccurate. we remain confident in what we've reported and will share more as we were able. what is the legal danger, what is the legal exposure of the president if this report is true and he told michael cohen to lie to congress? >> buzzfeed is doubling down, aren't they? they are saying, thank you, special counsel mueller, but we're standing by our story. it's called suborning perjury. the president directing michael cohen to lie to congress. you know what? everybody is forget this whole for sureback you're seeing from the special counsel's office. nobody knows why. remember this, michael cohen already pled guilty and has been sentenced. he can work off his sentence so he can still continue to
2:40 pm
cooperate, but we don't know what special counsel mueller or the southern district of new york got when they did all those search warrants on michael cohen's home, hotel, and office. we do know uncontroverted, michael cohen lied to congress. but we also know the trump administration prepared michael cohen for his testimony. so what haven't we heard today other than president trump expressing sympathy and empathy towards 800,000 workers, he didn't hear him ever once say since this article came out yesterday it's not true. he just said the article was a disgrace to the national country. ironically he then said, thank you, robert mueller, for being such a standup guy and saying there's pushback on it >> you covered the hill as well as anybody. is it unusual to you that you have not heard as katie just said, a flat denial of the actual allegation that cohen and him engaged in this type of
2:41 pm
conversation and this directive? is this out of character for the president and his team? >> it's not out of character. this is what we know about donald trump. he still always been able to to manipulate the weak-minded. this is very consistent with who he was on the campaign trail, to who he is today in 2019. i know for those of us who are paid to consume all the minutiae around this story, it is a major scoop for buzzfeed. i applaud them for it. i have to remind everybody, katie can probably speak better to this but in the plea deal we knew there was already lying taking place. in the plea deal he details that donald trump had these lucrative business dealings with russia. and he wasn't just dealing with russian businessmen. he was dealing with the kremlin itself. he tried to bribe vladimir putin
2:42 pm
with a $50 million pen house. so inside the beltway this is a huge deal that we're hearing about, but i think in general for the american people it's very consistent with michael cohen lying about the payments to porn stars and playboy play mates. it's consistent with everybody in his entourage lying about things from the emoluments clause to the secret meeting in trump tower by don jr. this is very consistent with the president's actions. so it's not surprising at all. i am going to be glued to the tube watching his testimony before congress on february 7th. i think that's going to be revealing. but he's always been able to manipulate lesser minded people to carry his water in the public eye. >> omarosa, let me ask you this. you said that he always did deals for the president. the president did not want to do and clearly he was in the middle of the negotiations with russia. so whatever he says does bear some credibility because he was the guy that was in those situations.
2:43 pm
as katie reminds us, he has been convicted and he has been sentenced for lying. the only way he can help himself and get less time is not to tell another lie. he knows they're going to check it out. >> exactly. >> so why would you lie on top of a lying conviction unless you want to do more time, not less? >> right. i talked to michael cohen in the last couple weeks and have been texting with him this week, in fact. i have to tell you, this is a new michael cohen. i've known him for a decade, but there's a new passion to the things he's shared with me, particularly about his family. his daughter was hi intern at the white house. when he says my family takes precedent over my loyalty to donald trump, i believe him. and donald trump knows that michael cohen has the goods on him, which is why he's gone out of his way to attack him, to discredit him, to undermine him. you have to pay close attention to the people that he supports like more often than not and the people that he attacks, like cohen. and then these threats from donald trump, threatening a
2:44 pm
witness before he goes in front of congress is unseeming for anyone. not only is unethical, but test illegal in my opinion. so i believe that although people are wondering and questioning the credibility of michael cohen, the cohen you'll see on february 7th in front of the committee is a man who wants to unburden himself of all things that he did for donald trump, someone who does not deserve it, who he's put his life on the line, his family and future on the line. the man is facing three years in prison and millions of dollars of fines. he has nothing to lose but to tell the truth. >> well, i'm going to have to leave it there. thank you, katie, tichbl, and omarosa. thank you, rev. up next, former back home cabinet secretary who worked through a shutdown six years ago says the president's priorities are all wrong. stay with us. at something old, and saying, "really?"
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-i know, it's not much, but it's home. right, kids? -kids? -papa, papa! -[ laughs ] -you didn't tell me your friends were coming. -oh, yeah. -this one is tiny like a child. -yeah, she is. oh, but seriously, it's good to be surrounded by what matters most -- a home and auto bundle from progressive. -oh, sweetie, please, play for us. -oh, no, i couldn't. -please. -okay. [ singing in spanish ] . welcome back. a short time ago president trump addressed the nation to discuss the border crisis. in the midst of the crisis his administration seems to think that helping energy companies
2:49 pm
conduct offshore oil drilling tests in the atlantic ocean is a priority right now. the department of interior has called dozens of furloughed employees to come back and review oil and gas permits while food inspections remain halted, national parks remain closed, and airport lines remain congested. joining me is secretary of interior, sally jewels who served under the obama administration during the 2013 government shutdown. let me ask you, madam secretary, let's start with the pressures that you know which clearly the 2013 shutdown was not nearly as long as this one but the pressure you know that federal workers are going through in their 29th day as one that headed the interior document, what did you see in the period of time you had to deal with on
2:50 pm
real life and rel time that frequently workers go through during these shutdowns? >> you know, reverend, it is incredibly difficult on federal workers. people working incredibly difficult on workers, protecting resources and people that are not getting paid, scientists that have experiments in process and they can't dot work. firefighters not getting trained. people working with youth in triable communities, it is testify stating for them. if they're forced to work with no pay it is just not fair. and it was incredibly damaging back in 2013, but at least back then we had a president that cared that would talk about the importance of ending the shut down and the hardships that
2:51 pm
workers were going through. and that is just not the case right now and it is really demoralizing across the federal government. >> you were the secretary of interior and dealt with a lot of energy issues. can you explain to me why they would call fur lowed workers and they're not dealing with other workers that are doing some of the needed and meaning things that you need. is there something we don't know so necessary about this. >> there is nothing that is necessary about springing people back. if anything this is a industry dealing with a glut of energy right now. when we were getting guidance from the justice department it
2:52 pm
was abundantly clear that if it was not for public safety it was illegal for people to come in and do work. this administration is being challenged for having people continue to write oil and gas permits when so many others are going without. >> who benefits from them doing it? >> the oil companies benefit. i'll tell you one of the things that concerns me most is as you do permitting on oil and gas, you have to do environmental reviews and impact statements. those need to be done before permits can be lead. and i expect what is behind this is a dire on part of an industry to not lose ground, in some cases a full year. it places places like the north
2:53 pm
slope of alaska where whether in particular, i think they're looking out for the best interests of the oil and gas companies at the expense of the american people and the resources their entrusted to care for. >> we're saying now with tsa workers and federal employees, many taking care of services, that you outlined, that this government would call back furlough workers to make sure the industries had the documentation they need to make the reports to continue to make their money and they're not even paying the fur lowed workers, they're just bringing them back. you won't get paid but we need this documentation to keep making our money. >> that is exactly what it looks like for me. they don't like the heat their getting from the press. so for example i'm thinking of
2:54 pm
the park that honors dr. martin luther king jr., they don't want the bad publicity with that closed on his day. >> thank you, sally joule, up next, my final thoughts, stay with us. next, my final thoughts, stay with us.
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of donald trump as president. on the eve of the second anniversary in chicago a police officer caught on dash board shooting lequan mcdonald in the back. was giving lenient time. . today we saw thousands of women marching all over the country and you talk about the trov controversies and the numbers. you and i will celebrate martin luther king day on monday. remember president trump asked what do african-americans have to lose? maybe our voting rights. maybe the fact that we still have inequality economically. even in a good economy we're
2:59 pm
still doubly unemployed. different strokes for different folks. in two years, mr. president, you have not shown america being great again. you have shown going back to retrenchment on things that could maek this country great because until we have equal protection under the law, you can celebrate your inauguration, but don't think there are many looking at this saying "it's not my celebration." you may lose some things but we have not lost our minds. that does it for me. thank you for watching, i'll see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern for a first live edition of "politics nation." up next our continuous coverage of the dramatic news today. thank you, i'm chris
3:00 pm
januarysing. is it a breakthrough or more of the same stalemate in washington. the president claims he is willing to compromise, but is it really compromise. democrats are saying this is a nonstarter. i will be joined by ted leiu. and the report that says the president instructed michael cohen to lie to congress, just out tonight, buzzfeed stands by the story. but we begin the hour with the announcement from the president that represents his first tangible overture to outline the government. he outlines millions of dollars for technology programs, and a concept that was similar to what was


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