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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  January 23, 2019 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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afternoon and you see all those folks. i assume i have not been able to actually look. i assume those folks are being arrested. >> well, i mean listen -- i think the reality of this government shutdown is people are going without right now. they're going without paying their bills and buying groceries and worrying about mortgages and day-to-day life. they have no idea when this is going to end. it seems like what they are getting from congress and although lawmakers are coming out and saying they empathize and the president's coming out saying he empathizes, sort of, it is kind of a shrug of the shoulder. >> empathy does not pay the mortgage or the rent. >> it does not. it is unfair that 800,000 people are put in the middle of negotiations over a border wall. chris jansing. >> thank you, katy tur. we got breaking news to bring you this hour.
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2:00 p.m. east, michael cohen who was sentenced to testify before congress has postponed that testimony. a source close to the president says he and his wife and kids are scared. cohen's attorney, lanny davis, issued this statement. due to the ongoing threats against his family from president trump and mr. rudy giuliani as recently as this weekend, as well as mr. cohen continued cooperation with ongoing investigation. my advice of countdosel, mr. cohen's appearance will be postponed to another date. ken dilanian is joining me. >> the president has been going after cohen online and on twitter telling folks to check out his father-in-law and
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talking about his wife and michael cohen feels like his family is being put in jeopardy by the president of the united states. the president is trying to intimidate his testimony. the wife has become, michael cohen's wife had become so nervous that she's worried of physically showing up to capitol hill for this testimony. >> i heard the same thing, katie. the president's words and actions and tweets have consequences. we have seen it before. i think it is very reasonable for michael cohen to be concerned and his family to be concerned and his family in law have not been called out by the president on twitter. we should take a step back to talk about how unprecedent to be attacking people who are witnesses against him in public. he spoken to michael cohen and cohen was ready to testify.
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we should not discount the possibility that there are other factors driving this postponement, perhaps consulting with prosecutors and the mueller team, what questions he can and can't answer, particularly this hundred million dollars question. as buzzfeed reported the president instructed him to lie or not as the mueller's team seems to be suggested. >> as you know ken, he wanted to talk to the committee of the house before then to go on the record with what he could talk about obviously. it was greatly restricted considering the special counsel investigation. you mentioned that congress cummings did say that michael wanted to be there. let's listen to that. >> this is last week, i believe. >> have you been given any
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indication from mr. cohen or any representative? >> absolutely not, he's going to be there. i have talked to him. he's definitely going to be there. >> have you talked to him recently? >> he's good. >> i think he's more determined than ever. >> so ken, what is it going to look like or take for michael cohen to show up for that testimony? >> so the way i interpret that, katy, he'll show up before he enters prison to start serving that sentence. if both sides wanted to happen, it seems logical that they can make the kind of security arrangement that'll give michael cohen the comfort level. if we can't protect people who testify before congress, we have a real problem in this country. i am confident that the security people around congress can't do that. >> you are not a lawyer. witness intimidation is
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something that the president has been accused of. any idea of where this may fall. >> many legal experts have said on our network and places that this could add up to witness tampering and intimidation. >> manafort was charged with witness tampering with less than this, reaching out to a witness while manafort is under investigation. perha perhaps, this is a subject of the long awaited report by special counsel mueller whether this fits into the pattern of obstruction of justice. >> never before we had a president openly speak like this about somebody who's testifying him. nbc ken dilanian, we'll see you back at this hour. >> thank you, katy. today is day 33 of the government shutdown. the people that keep america safe say the shutdown has made
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it difficult to protect this country. the funding freeze has hand strung the fbi ability to crack down everything from drug trafficking to terrorism. >> the favor undermine operations such as drug and gain crimes and terrorism. this is not about politics or partisanship. we ask that our leaders listen to voices from the field. protect our national security by providing financial security for the men and women of the fbi. fund the fbi now. >> investigations of the ms 13 gang. one of the president's top priorities has been derailed. the fbi agent in charge says that because they are unable to pay an interpreter, also at risk
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another agent investigation into the trafficking of methamphetamine and heroine. without money to pay his sources or conduct under cover drug deals, the critical operation have grinded to a halt. the coast guard is not. more than 160,000 of its members responsible for conducting both law enforcement and search and rescue operations at sea have been working without pay for nearly five weeks. the guards comment on aed on it called it unacceptable. >> you as members of the armed forced should not be able to shoulder this. i find it unacceptable that coast guards men and women have to rely on donations and food pantries to get through day-to-day of a life of service members. tomorrow the senate will vote on two bills intended to end the
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impasse. both are expected to fail. the big question we are asking today, it is day 33. when will the shutdown end? >> joining me now, our corresponde correspondent, hans nichols and kelly o'donell and julia ainsley and our fbi agent, jeff wringle. hans, to you, the white house is not budgeting. congress is not budgeting. this bill that's going to be brought to the senate is widely expected to fail. is there a plan b? >> katy, if you want to understand the shutdown. take a look at the negotiations on where the state of the union is going to be held. the white house sent pelosi a firm and direct letter saying they plan to go and they accepted the offer and invitation and the president, donald trump, plans to give the
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state of the union address next tuesday from the united states house of representatives. they are clear on that. now, we have not heard a full response from speaker pelosi. i think kellyanne conway may have a little bit more there. that gives you a sense of how off track negotiations are for reopening the government. we heard from kellyanne conway here at the white house, she seems to suggest this proposal coming out of the house and again we don't have all the details. it is a non sta-starter. she says it is a wish list of democratic party. we heard kellyanne conway coming awfully close calling house speaker nancy pelosi a liar. when you have that kind of rhetoric, it is difficult to find a common ground. >> kelly, what's the latest from capitol hill? >> we are expected to vote on
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dually, the president's proposal and one from democrats which would reopen the government short term and have some of their priorities and there are two of those which was as function of trying to move this along and getting agreement from democrats to move to these measures so that's why there were two bills. right now i am standing just down the hall from these state office for mitch mcconnell. his office representing the people of kentucky. he has an office inside the capitol where he spent most of his time as majority leader and protesters just there and were escorted away by u.s. capitol police after first going into the office making their concerns known about the shutdown. these are federal workers represented by various public sector union and there is chanting in the hallway, there is a lot of life here on capitol hill and some of the real world consequences are spilling into the process that we see here. that's different of the white house where there is a gate around the property.
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the president and top officials have some distance from this kind of protests, you see the images there. there were hundreds at first who were doing a silent protest and chanting. they are strategic of wanting to turn up the pressure on lawmakers here and in particular mitch mcconnell of the senate majority leader. the vote tomorrow is expected to be something where neither side will have the 60 votes required for either of these measures. what it does is not only an exercise of frustration but it shows what won't pass. sometimes that's a necessary step in order to move the discussion to the next level looking for what can pass. at this point when your fundamental question is when will it be over? it is hard to see any pathway at this point that has a glimmer of hope even if a lot of conversations are happening here about different types of plans or ideas that can be exchanged. >> katy. i want to ask you about leanne caldwell, one of our reporters on capitol hill, she spoke to
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the security committee, bernnny thompson, he said that they're going to have a counter offer to president trump that includes at least or more $5.7 billion for border security. border security is a phrase that's picked on purpose, not necessarily meaning that would be money for a barrier. it would be more of what the president is asking for border security. this is a discussion phase and there is also an idea bubbling up in the senate giving green card to daca recipient which would be much more security for them to have legal status to remain in the united states, those are deferred action against arrivals, sometimes known as dreamers and young brought here without documentations. that's what i mean of different ideas bubbling up. none has reached a level of
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where it is sanctioned by all of the processes that are apart of it. it shows there is active negotiation happening among members both on the house side and the senate side. that's a good sign because it means there is sort of a kinetic energy for everyone wanting to get it resolved. >> julia, the great inconsistency here is that the president has shut down the government because he wants border security specifically a wall. the people that are in charge of border security are not getting paid. you have read the agent association report. it is remarkable that leadership or at least union leadership has come out to say this is completely unacceptable of what you are doing and the way they describe how it is impacted actual investigations going on
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right now. >> a union can say a lot that the people themselves can't say. the details they lay out and things they no longer able to do, fight in this 13 and cases that protect children and investigate those cases and come down on terrorism. these are the things that the president has laid out when he's making the case for his border wall. he did it on saturday and earlier last week when he's saying this is the reason why we need to wall. when in fact in order to protect the people inside the united states from those things thhe's drawing onto arouse fear, we are not able to get resources for that. i was surprised to see the video. he's not speaking from a union. he's speaking for the coast guard men and women. these people are in an unusual situation, they do a lot when it comes to drug introduction and
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smuggin smuggin smugglin smugglings. they stopped 323 metric tons of cocaine in fiscal year '17. those numbers continue to rise and especially when it comes to cocaine addictions, that's something they see a lot from some of the most sophisticated cartel and drug trafficking organizations some of the less sophisticated ones are coming through the border and the vast majority of that we know it is coming through legal ports of entry, not where the wall would be. it is not just about people who are not getting paid, it is not just about moral, it is actually coming into really conflicting with the mission here that people came to work to do. >> jeffery, let's look at some of the things that the shutdown is impacting. operational cost, paying for vehicles, gas for vehicles, airline tickets, payments for confidential sources. i imagine social security ha
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hard -- funding for subpoenas and money for buy guns and drugs and security clearances and recruitment. >> all those things. >> first, i want to make one correction, and the agent association is not a union. >> i am sorry. >> after said that the agent association spoke for the agents and the working people of the fbi. the report lays out a lot of things that people don't think about. the mundane things. paying for the gas, paying for the tires, if you don't pay the source, you can lose that source. that can be years and years building a trusting relationship that now may be broken and you may lose that source. paying for technical support on investigations. if we cannot pay companies that assist us of coverage, they may stop providing information so it stops the investigation in their tracks and you may lose the investigation due to the lapse of time. >> is this recoverable? >> it is but it is difficult.
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this is not the first time i have seen this happened. when i was in the fbi, it happened twice. the people in the fbi were not around the problem. >> not for this long. >> not for this locng. the longer this goes on, the harder it is to recover. again, you have federal prison guards going to work, they could be distracted because of the financial problems and the fbi side, if an investigation stops, it gives bad guys a chance to figure out what's going on. sources can be discovered and people can get illkilled. >> on the child exploitation side, i have to put pervs on standby.
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this puts children in jeopardy. >> have you been talking to you? >> i have, i am surprised how resilient they are. when i asked how they are doing, everyone says they are fine. they can only go so much longer before this is going to start to bite. >> what about the inconsistenciinconsistency here of this shutdown. the president thinks what he needs is more money to build a barrier. is that a reason to shutdown the government and to put these operations at risk? >> not matter at what point he's doing it. this action is putting the american public at risk. the people who want to put their lives on the line and preserve security freedom in the united states, they can't do their jobs now. does a wall help security from an fbi perspective? >> i am not going to answer
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that. >> you are not going to answer that. >> why not? because i think there are some values to the wall. maybe not the way they are doing it but there are. >> what happens if the fbi, these agents continue to miss paychecks, how many paychecks will it take before there is a breaking point. what will that breaking point looks like? >> i remember one paycheck would have been enough. a lot of the fbi people are living paycheck to paycheck. >> you don't make a lot of money. when you are in a high cost living area like new york, you don't have a lot of money. you lose a paycheck and you don't have a spouse that's working or you're on your own. it is difficult. that creates a problem because as a report pointed out, if you get it to financial difficulties, you can lose your security clinic. >> you miss a loan payment or mortgage payment and you have to report that. why would that make your security clearance at risk?
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>> security clearance, the fbi is looking for anything that may make you a blackmail target. if you have a bad credit rating, you may lie about it so you don't lose your credit rating, your security clearance. that's why it makes you an easy target. there are banks and organizations, there are working federal employees on this. it could create problems that's very difficult. >> housing is expected everywhere? i believe the average cost for one bedroom is some where above $3,000 which is a lot of money. the fbi is doing great work everywhere but the fbi here in new york is really focused on counter terrorism. >> yes. >> so our hearts go out to the men and women serving the country without getting paid. jeffrey ringel. >> that's all employees. >> julia ainsley, appreciate it.
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>> joining me now is majority leader hoyer. first, thank you very much for joining us. i want to ask you questions about donald trump's letter back to nancy pelosi saying she's going to show up for the state of the union on the 29th. what's going to happen? >> i heard about the letter, you really have to ask the speaker of what's going to happen on tuesday. jeffery ringel, who you just had on made the case that we need to open up the government. it is a stupid, irresponsible and dangerous policy that we are pursuing by keeping the government shutdown. two men has the opportunity to open up the government and that's donald trump and senator mcconnell. it is just crystal clear. we have passed now nine different bills that would help open up the government, some would open up all of them, the
11:22 am
remaining government that's shutdown. yes, you have a piece on about people expressing their anger and frustration and their fear that they won't be able to pay their bills and support their families. we should not be doing business as usual. and frankly, the president wants to come down to speak to congress. he ought to open up the government and create an environment in which we can have a positive negotiations and get the people's work done. shutting down the people's government is an unacceptable alternati alternative. shutting down the government for whatever reason is not an alternative to pursue and certainly not by a president of the united states. >> my colleague leanne is reporting that there is going to be a new counter offer from the democrats that'll give president trump a lot more money for border security, $5.7 billion at
11:23 am
least or more, keyword there is border security and not barrier. what's that going to look like? >> look, we have a department of homeland security built. they have been working on marking up that bill. i think there will be some comments made sometimes tomorrow as what some of the specifics of those proposals are. clearly we are for border security and we want to enhance technology and personnel, we want to enhance the ability to handle cases at the border for people seeking refuge in the united states, looking to be received here to save them from danger and their family from danger. we need a way to process that. there are many different ideas that we have to invest. in doing what the president says he wants to do and what we want to do, that's make sure america
11:24 am
is secure and we are not in danger and we make sure we can identify drugs that are being brought into the country, usually ports of entry and to make sure that we do have a border that is accepting only those people who apply and are authorized to be in this country. the objective that is clear, we ought to open up government and get people working, pay them and preclude this angst they are feeling and fear they are feeling. it is incredible that the government of the united states of america would tell people, come to work, by the way, we are not going to pay you. your job is not important enough, we are not going to pay you. jeffery ringel pointed out there are so many things that are essential to protect the american people and serve the american people that serving the government is not an option. >> i was talking to an official dhs earlier today and the person said that they believe the
11:25 am
president's proposal is fair. they also believe that many of the things that are on the table from the border wall to the extension of daca and tps and etcetera were things that democrats have agreed to in the past. >> on daca and tps is absolutely not true. have we prove some fencing in the past? >> we have. we have approved some barriers in the past. that's correct. but, on tps and daca, there are crisis created by this president. this president is the one who tip away the daca protection. this president is the one who said there was a deadline and he's going to kick people out of the country who had been here under protective status. this president created a crisis now that he thinks making a deal is partially, partially, alleviating the crisis. that's not a deal. you create a crisis and then you
11:26 am
say -- by the way, he's crating the crisis by shutting down the government. he's taking hostages, 800,000 people as hostages. your previous guest pointed out, the ramifications are far beyond the 800,000 employees. it is millions of americans who are not being protected and served by the government that is supposed to protect and serve them. so that i don't know who you talk to, dhs, dhs takes the president's position from an official standpoint. i bet a lot of people at dhs who thinks this is not the proper policy. when you look at daca. 86% of the american people has consistently said we ought to protect all of those who are daca daca's eligible.
11:27 am
he suggested just three years of protection, we think it ought to be permanent and a path of citizenship so that the offer he made was totally unacceptable and saying simply that he'll try to correct partially a crisis that the president of the united states created. >> it was not official at dhs. let me ask you about something you said last night on fox. you said physical barriers are apart of the solution. i think it depends on what a wall is used for whether it is moral or immoral. if it is protecting people, it is moral or if it is imprisoning people, it is immoral. explain tho explain that statement. >> a wall or a barrier, it is a device. with respect to the president's proposal, frankly the overwhelming majority of the american people don't believe that is a useful alternative.
11:28 am
secondly, experts don't believe that. i usually quote and i won't quote them all here. seven or eight republican senators from border state who says the wall is not the answer. they said technology is the answer and enhance personnel is the answer. perhaps the judges -- >> i think you said physical barriers are apart of the solution. >> is there anything that the president can offer to democrats that'll get you to offer some funding for ra wall or just 100 non-starter? >> i think as i said this morning and if there is a negotiation, let's open up government and get us out of this environment that's toxic of confrontation and 800,000 people that are being held hostage and the ransom asks is do it my way.
11:29 am
clearly the president made it clear that he's going put on the table barriers and iron fence or whatever you want to call it. he's going to put it on the table. so it is part of the negotiations. we'll put on investment in other areas but clearly that's going to be apart of the discussion. we are going to sit down at the table and we'll have that discussion. >> final question, we are out of time. when will the shutdown end? >> if it were up to us, it will end today. if it is up to mcconnell and trump, you have to ask them, why did they want to keep millions of people on hostage and those people serving on a daily basis. the american government is a stupid and irresponsible and dangerous policy, they ought to stop it now. >> representative steny hoyer, thank you for joining us.
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he's a millennial and a road scholar and an afghanistan veteran, openly gay. he wants to be the next president of the united states. he describes himself as a progressive democrat. he supports healthcare for all, pete buttigieg. for years democratic candidates have been skittish of taking positions that were considered too liberal for a fear of scaring off moderates. that has been replaced by confidence. more liberal and populist democratic party can form a majority. joining me our congresswoman contributor, donna edwards. >> dave, first to you.
11:35 am
>> i think it is completely driven by the base. these were issues that bubble under when barack obama was president, they became majority. hillary clinton was expected to run the campaign. republican voters signed off on a platform that's more left wing. it has gone left since then. the ones who agree with this, medicare for all and legal marijuana polls at 50%. something that is around the axel. they feel the voters decided this veagenda and they come alo with it. >> majority voters favor 56% and minority oppose it.
11:36 am
are those safe numbers. >> the details of this when you tell people of the cost and changes of their current private plans, you can make medicare for all. if you see medicare for all when it is on the ballot. the conversation is among democrats are about universal healthcare and getting there at the public option that's moving to the left. if democrats won the massive majority in the popular house in 2018. the comment is based on previous time when the party is wiped out. it is not 60% of the vote but it is more of the country the president command and that's informing a lot of us, too. >> the democratic of our country are changing donna. a lot of young voters out there and millennials are facing
11:37 am
obstacles that were not faced by their parents. the cost of college is astronomical. millennials are not paying houses because they are stuck at loans. the security you could find in a job is not what it used to be. there are so many disrupted factors in the younger generation lives then there were for older generations. how is that going to play out for the 2020 election? well, i think one of the things that happens is young voters and millennial, i am the mother of millennial are getting more engaged in their political life. they understand choices being made by washington and by those who support the leave does not reflect the struggles they are having in their lives. the problem is they are not voting enough.
11:38 am
i would argue that millennials are kind of one segment as i written today in the washington post. >> i was going read this from your "the washington post" article from that. we have a little bit of breaking news from nancy pelosi, i want you guys to weigh in on this. she's running back to the president, she says, dear mr. president, when i extended the invitation on january 3rd for you to deliver the state of the union address, it was on the mutually agreed data on january 29th. there was no thought that the government would still be shutdown. it is my correspondent of january 15, i said that we should work together to find a mutual date when the government has reopened, i hope that we can still do that. i am writing to inform you that the house of represent atives will not consider a concurrent
11:39 am
authorize in the house chambers until the government is open. sincerely nancy pelosi. i feel super weird reading letters back and forth between the president of the united states and speaker of the house. he's saying the president is not welcome to show up. >> what she's saying is she's exercising her responsibility as a coequal branch of government. as long as the government remains shutdown and security is an issue despite what the president said, there will be no mutually agreed date of the first letter. i think this is entirely appropriate. we need to get the government open, get it functioning the way it should be and the president can address the nation and after
11:40 am
all, he should want to stand up and say the state of the nation is healthy and strong. you can't do that when the government is shutdown. >> no, you cannot. >> this battle between pelosi and trump, what is it looking like on the 2020 trail? >> the 2020 candidates with the exception of gillibrand don't talk much about the president. he kind of looms with democratic speeches and q&a. it is not something they can react to every move by. that's the thought here. there is a lot of enthusiasm for the way pelosi is handling this. i was on the trail in iowa and south carolina over the weekend. the way that democratic dealt with this was pelosi not giving an inch to the president of something he promised that mexico was going to fund. the democratic primary saying nancy pelosi should cave or we
11:41 am
should cut a deal. reminds of republicans in 2015, the reason donald trump did so well against ted cruz. the democrats are seeing as rolling over any time republicans demand something. that's how it is played out there. you see a lot of enthusiasm in pelosi. democrats are behind her in the way she's handling this. >> david, has this ever happened before where a house speaker has declined to invite the president of the united states to deliver the state of the union address. >> it has not. the last time the president did not give one to congress was 1994 when there was world war ii going on. it was a letter he sent. it was a night of a week where everyone had a lot more succrede than they do now. but, again under all of this, it is up to the speaker of the
11:42 am
house and both chambers to pass a resolution inviting the other branch of government to come into congress. the president can't just walk in, you have to wonder how much the white house understands this. this is a president who often assumes he has power which he does not constitutionally have and has to be reminded by someone like john kelly. john kelly is not there right now. >> did the president under estimate pelosi? >> i think he did in a sense that he had republicans in the house. one that would maybe a couple members did not like him very much. he's never been in the situation, one of the downsides are coming from the private sector. a lot of people in politics from business. they can get their way and walk out of their room and get a deal. that's not how the house works. pelosi is in a stronger position than he is in terms of getting reelected easily to congress in san francisco and having the
11:43 am
house majority or if the current polling holds will get reelected. frankly the president defides everyone when he won in 2016. he thinks that people said i lose, i didn't. people think nancy pelosi is tough and she's not. >> donna, what do you think? >> i know speaker pelosi and i worked directly under here leadership team. i think she understands what her power is and i think the president really has not counted on having an opposition party in the house and he's not prepared for that. but the fact is the government really does have to get reopen and i think at the end of the day, the president is going to be invited to a joint session congress. it is going to be after the government opens and things get put back in their natural order.
11:44 am
>> hans, i hear you are at the white house. the pool is just into see the president? any idea of what he said? >> he weighed in a little bit on cohen. we'll try to get a little bit more when that tape plays out there. i still think we need a response for the president when he told nancy pelosi, he's coming down and getting delivered the state of the union. that's his expectation. i don't get the sense, katy that the president understands that it is the house of representatives, it is a joint session, that needs to pass a joint resolution to make sure the president is actually invited. unless that happens, he can't set foot into the united states capitol. we got some constitutional scholars may be breaking this down and a lot of way we should consult our post. it seems like we are in a debate
11:45 am
of etiquette and protocol. the president does not understand that it is nancy pelosi is holding the invite, she's holding the dance card. >> there are three coequal branches of government. we are waiting for the president, it should be coming around 60 seconds. that's something that used to happen with consistency over the year. it was not a former in person state of the union address. it was one that's written down on paper and delivered to congress. the president could hold it some where else. he does not have to do it in the house of representatives. if he wants to hold it in another venue, he's able to do so. if nancy pelosi is saying you can't show up, the president
11:46 am
can't show up. she cancelled his walk-tru the other day. here is the president talking. >> we are very proud of that. thank you very much. i appreciate it. >>. >> all options on the table, are you considering military? >> we are not considering anything. all options are on the table. >> all options are on the table. >> it is really a shame what's happening with the democrats, they become radicalized, they don't want to see crimes stop which we can easily build a
11:47 am
southern border. it is a shame of what's happening for the democrats. this will go on for the while. the american people will have their way because they want to see no crime and what we are doing. >> we lowered precipitation drug prices for the first time in 15 years. the democrats would never have been able to do that. we are all working very hard. we'll have to respond to it in a timely manner, thank you very much everybody. >> china wants to make a deal, we'll see what happens. they're not doing well because of the tariffs. as you know fairly that the deal that i make with them will come off. tariffs will be substantially increased. they're playing millions of dollars for the united states treasury. first time we had money coming the other way from china. i have a good relationship with
11:48 am
president xi and we'll see what happens. we are doing well with negotiations with china. one way or the other we'll do well. >> i would say he's threatened by the truth. he's only threaten by the truth. he does not twoont do thwant to. he has other clients also. he does not want to tell the truth for me or his other clients. thank you very much everybody. thank you. >> so, there is that. donna enwards, ydwards, what ha next? >> in terms of the state of the union, that's a non starter, the speaker controls the microphone and she controls the light and the door and the capitol so that's not going to happen.
11:49 am
this is silly. the president needs to focus on opening the government and you know my understanding is th this -- if what's on the table is true border and security like the expert say then the government can open and that is a negotiation that can happen. we heard the majority leader talk about that earlier in this program and so i think the president just have to do a reality check on who's in control and negotiate with democrats. it is really simple. >> jake sherman is joining us as well, our political reporter from "politico," jake? >> what's going on down there? >> god, it is a good question. the president thought that he can issue this dare to the speaker and the speaker would not look at him in the eye and say no thanks, you can't deliver your stieate of the downi don't
11:50 am
kn union. they're talking about this tip over the state of the union. pelosi did what republicans bet she would not do is actuall actually they are nom going to the state of the union. republicans talked privately about the president going out somewhere else to get a speech. that would be undignified for the state of the union in a rally setting. he just exhausted his stare pelosi in the eye scenario and he is back to the ground floor and he will have to consider other options. maybe he will go to the congressional visitor center auditorium. i don't think that is dignified for the state of the union. i don't think the president who is extremely cognizant of his
11:51 am
roundings and optics, don't think he would want to do that. i would not be surprised if he tried to deliver a state of the union like address next week. >> or he could just write a letter to congress and give us all a night off considering the government is still shut down and that is the story. lea leann, you were talking about a new deal being worked on behind the scenes. i talked to sidney hoyer a little while ago and he said it is being worked out. do we have any more detail about what the counter proposal will end up looking like? >> katie, we don't have any new details yet. i think the chairman of the homeland security committee spoke a little prematurely. he wasn't supposed to give any details yet and now we all jumped on this, but we know according to what he say social security that democrats are
11:52 am
willing to "meet or exceed the president's number for the border wall, but they're going to use that money on border security. none of that money will go for the wall so we could expect to see a counter offer from democrats before the end of the week. they would offer $5.7 billion or more for border security, that means port entries, that means rebuilding some of the wall or the fencing. money from immigration judges, but now with how this pelosi conditionaling the state of the union, how that will affect trump's move and wanting to entertain any counter offer from the democrats, it will be interesting to see how it plays out. while we don't have any more destald
11:53 am
details yet. >> he didn't say anything about the state of the union, but peter asked him about it as they were being rushed out of the room. he said we'll see we'll see. peter asked where he would clever the state of the union. jake sherman, you have your here to the ground there, is there concern -- who is more concerned right now about their optics? about who was getting blamed for this? are republicans getting more jittery or are democrats getting more jittery? >> it is tough to say, polls show that republicans are getting a big chunk of the blame. democrat freshman are worried about everything always. you're starting to see a small number of freshman dcs sign letters, express public preferences that the shut down ends, and i think you'll see
11:54 am
groups starting to light up the phone lines of members of congress in washington and back in their district, and that is going to, without a doubt, make freshmen democrats nervous. but democrats believe their position is completely sustainable. both parties believe their position is sustainable which is why we're at this massive massive impasse that shows, at least the moment, no real signs of ending. >> i think the people you should ask about whether or not it is sustainable is the folks not getting paid. and as we started then tire show, this is not just about a federal worker not getting a paycheck. there are cascading consequences. people could get kicked out of their homes, their housing funding that could run out, paying bills, loans, medical bills, buying groceries.
11:55 am
there is also a very big issue of security. this whole thing is being done in the name of national security. the fbi is not getting funded. they're not getting paid, notho agents. the coast guard is not getting paid. that doesn't mean they're just not getting their paychecks, for the fbi in particular, they can't pay their sources, their confidential sources, they can't put gas in their cars, they can't buy airline tickets. it is hampered because of the shut down, and jake didn't mean it this way at all, the sustainability question should not be one for lawmakers, it should be one that is looked at from the vantage point of the american which is is this good for us right now and if it is not, someone has to fix it. so hopefully at some point,
11:56 am
soon, someone gets it done. to my guests, thank you guys, appreciate it. journaling me now, l.a. major erik garcetti. we have been trying to get you on for a week now to talk about the teacher strike. as someone with a national profile, about what is happening on capitol hill and this fit for tat about the state of the union. >> out here it is just incredibly frustrating to see and to see a president that doesn't realize there is real people's lives on the line. tsa agents that will lose their homes. people on the verge of homelessness, but they're working to keep their lives on track where thousands of people could be made homeless. teams, children, and people,
11:57 am
because of washington's inability to get things done. it feels like it is where americans get pulled apart. i was in confidential negotiations around the clock, we shows what happens when we can pull together. demanding that this president stop holding out, get to work, get the job done. the walk out was ended last night. smaller class sizes, a raise, a full-time nurse at every school, it is remarkable for some people to hear there was not a nurse in eve every elementary school.
11:58 am
at what point will there be sustainable funding, and where does that come from? >> first of all i'm so proud of our teamers that stood up, in the rain, you know that is like a snow day, in the pouring rain, out there tens of thousands with other folks, and i think it alerted not just los angeles but america to the importance of public education. it has been be set by the most clark -- i'm proud that this is sustainable. a nurse not just once a week. counsellors to help kids go to college and get good jobs, but a model for america. all of us recognize that teachers can't do this alone and districts decent this alone. we need to make sure we have everybody pulling together whether or not that means a playground becomes a park on the weekend, or ensuring that we
11:59 am
have safe package asing to walk to school and that local businesses get paid internships. who needs to step in and make sure the l.a. school district is adequately funded. we're running out of time. >> the california state legislature and galvin newsome. people were yelling at each other three days ago. what makes america truly great, and we work all together. >> absolutely, we have commitments to help us with that if they see lower class sizes they will make those investments but because of the teachers actions. >> i hope you come back so we can talk about that in more detail. i appreciate it.
12:00 pm
that will wrath things up for this hour. >> hang in there, it is just a fresh start. >> will every act like an adult. thank you, katie, good luck to you. i'm in for ali velshi who we will talk to later in the hour. we want to start with this, the threats ra real. from when his. was schedules, his wife and father are particularly scared, and the source adds that trump knows what she


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