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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 24, 2019 2:00am-2:59am PST

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i feel bad for -- i feel bad for the whole situation. >> how about that? that last gentleman works for homeland security. three fellow workers are fellow citizens being forced to go without as this shutdown goes on. with that, that is our broadcast on a wednesday night. thank you so very much for being here with us. good night from nbc news headquarters in new york. new overnight, president trump backs down on giving a state of the the union address. he now says it can wait until after the shutdown ends. and house speaker nancy pelosi is responding. plus the former fix r michael cohen postponing his testimony to congress citing threats gns his family. and a deadly shooting leave five people dead. the gunman who doiled 911 is in custody this morning. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, january b 24th.
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it was a late night on twitter. an exchange between president trump who backed down to house speaker nancy pelosi on the state of the union this tuesday. acknowledging that she controls the real estate on capitol hill. a tweet sent after 11:00 p.m. in washington, the president wrote, as the shutdown was going on, nancy pelosi asked me to give the state of the union address. i agreed. she then changed her mind because of the shutdown, suggesting a later date. this is her prerogative. i will do the address when the shutdown is over. i am not looking for an alternative venue for the address because there is no venue to compete with the history and importance of the house chamber. i look forward to giving a great state of the union address in the the near future. a response, i hope near future you mean you will support the house-passed package to end the shutdown tomorrow. ploez accept this proposal so we can reopen government and pay
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federal workers and then negotiate our differences. >> earlier wednesday the president attempted to ignore speaker pelosi's january 16th letter asking him to postpone the state of the union due to security concerns. instead trump spobded to pelosi's initial invitation writing, quote, it would be so sad for oed on time, on schedule ask very importantly on location. but pelosi quickly wrote back with a letter of her own. the house would not a approve a resolution authorizing the address. as you weighed how to respond, the president was defiant. >> the state of the union speech has been cancelled by nancy pelosi because she doesn't want to hear the truth. i just got back from iraq. i was very safe in iraq. we had great security. if we can handle iraq, we can handle the middle of washington and the spectacular building and a beautiful room. we will have a response to nancy
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pelosi in due course, but what she's doing to the american people, what she's doing to our constitution is a disgrace. >> so the trump administration is reportedly asking agency leaders for a list of programs that would be affected if the shutdown continues for the next several weeks. senior official at the office of management and budget tells nbc news, quote, prudent management means planning and preparing. as omb continues to manage this partial lapse inappropriations, agencies are being asked to continue to share with omb an ongoing list of programs that could be impacted within the coming weeks. according to "the washington post," chief of staff mulvaney pressed leaders for a list of high impact programs that would be jeopardized if the shutdown continues well into march, possibly even april. people familiar with the directive said they want the list no later than friday and it's the firmest evidence to
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date that the white house is preparing for a lengthy funding lapse that could have snowballing consequences for the economy and government services. meanwhile, chief white house economist said there could be zero growth in the first quarter if the shutdown continues that long. >> could we get zero? i want to nail this down. >> we could. >> wow, all right. >> if extended for the whole quarter and given the fact the first quarter tends to be low, you could have a number close to zero. >> it's unclear what house democrats will do next after michael cohen postponed his appearance before the oversight committee. ongoing threats against his family from the president and rudy giuliani, cohen released a statement through his media adviser saying he had to put his family and their safety first. the president tweeted twice about cohen's family claiming he cooperated with prosecutors to protect his wife and father.
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another time he tweeted saying, watch father-in-law. here's even more. >> in order to get a sentence reduced, he says i have an idea. i'll give you some information on the president. there is no information, but he should give information maybe on his father-in-law because that's the one that people want to look at because where does that money, that's the money in the family. and i guess he didn't want to talk about his father. so it's pretty sad. he's weak. >> it's about his father-in-law. et he talked about ukrainians. >> that's not a crime. >> of course, it's not. he comes from the ukraine. the reason that's important is he may have ties to something called organized crime. >> so the chairman of the oversight committee called cohen's concerns legitimate and denounced the president's and giuliani's textbook mob tactics. et he writes this, our nation's laws prohibits effort to
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intimidate or pressure a witness not to provide testimony to congress. the president should make no statement or take any action to obstruct congress's independent oversight and investigative efforts uncolluding by seeking to discourage any witness from testifying in response to a dually authorized request from congress. here's more from capitol hill. >> this is something that should upset every single american. this is the united states of america. this is not russia. >> this is called witness tampering. this is a crime. and the congress of the united states has to exert its authority against a president now who is acting more like putin every day. >> i feel like i'm in the middle of a godfather movie. if all of this is indeed true, we have another article that could be posed in an impeachment
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trial. >> cummings is unsure if he will subpoena cohen to appear before the committee, but the chairman garn. teed we will hear from mr. cohen, period. >> let's talk a little bit about what we just heard there from congresswoman spears. can this be considered witness tampering on behalf of the president of the united states to stall michael cohen from testifying? from what you have been hearing, from your sources, is it likely to happen or will he testify before he goes to prison on march 6th? >> people would like him to go to congress. >> he's supposed to start a three-year prison sentence in early march. that's one of the reasons we're hearing rumors about whether or not congressional the democrats will subpoena him to appear before the oversight committee.
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we don't know if the congressman is going to do that. but it's certainly on o the table. as far as whether or not this can be considered witness tampering f you ask legal experts, most of them have already said this does fit within the statutory definition of witness tampering. senator mark warrner said this s very serious. a senior fellow at the brookings institute said this is ab sloutly considered witness tampering as did the husband of george conway in a tweet yesterday. he sent out the u.s. code that would be a reference to what is considered witness tampering or obstruction of justice. so they do think they have engaged in activities that could be considered either witness tampering or obstruction of justice in some form.
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>> we like to be a fly on the wall in the conway hohn househo. >> you got to love kellyanne conway. >> speaking of twitter, breaking overnight on twitter was the fact the president is now saying that he's not going to be delivering the state of the union. talk to us about this standoff. where do we fwo from here? >> white house aids through dlibss eliberations sort of cam the the realization there's no substitute for the pomp and pa january try triof having this in the hus chamber. for awhile they were considering a different venue. potentially outside of washington. i was told as recently as monday of this week this was still on the table. but now it seems based on the president's tweets yesterday
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evening they are committed to waiting until the shutdown is over to do this. and i think that's partially because this president wants to obviously engage in the tradition of the state of the union being on capitol hill. but also they think this is negative politics for nancy pelosi they think she's looking petty at the end of the day. >> thank you. we're going to talk to you in a little bit. at least five people are dead after being shot inside a florida bank yesterday afternoon. the latest mass shooting happened at a suntrust bank in sebring. about 70 miles outside of tampa. the 21-year-old suspect called 911 to tell dispatchers he entered the building and had started shooting. after a standoff s.w.a.t. teams shattered the bank's doors to look for surviving vick tims and take the gunman into custody. he's charged with five counts of first-degree murder as police continue to search for a motive. the victim's names have not yet been released.
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the governor offered his condolences to the victims' families on twitter and had this to say about the gunman. >> obviously, this is an individual that nodes to face justice. >> now to the latest on the crisis in venezuela. a day after mike pence labeled him a dictator and endorsed efforts to remove him, the opposition leader declared himself interim president. it came as hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets demanding an end to the reign, which has brought the tr released this statement saying in part, quote, i'm officially recognizing the president of of the venezuelaen national assembly as the interim president. in its role as the only legitimate branch of government elected by. the people. the national assembly invoked
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the constitution to declare maduro illegitimate and the presidency vacant. trump willse power to restore democracy. and other measures if necessary. >> officials told reporters that all options are on the table. are you considering military option for venezuela? >> we're not considering anything, but all options are on the table. all options, always. all options are on the table. >> in response, maduro is cutting off relations with the yielgts and has given diplomats 72 hours to leave the country. secretary of state mike pompeo so said the united states does not consider him to have the legal authority to break diplomatic relations with the united states or to declare our diplomats persona nongrat ta. they now recognize as interim
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president. a lot of people this morning in venezuela are watching what the military does. you have the president declaring himself as the president of the national assembly saying he's the interim leader of the country. that puts the powerful military . and it's interesting to see how it will play. the military is fractured, as you can imagine. the country that's been divided. >> i'm wondering what the calculous is for the u.s. president to get behind this so swiftly. >> it seems like according to a few people this was coordinated. they had grown frustrated with maduro. marco rubio has been the point man on this. he's been loading the charge to get maduro ousted from power. so this young leader graduated from george washington university, very pro western so
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it seemed he had the credentials for the americans to try to get behind and support. >> interesting. we'll have to wait and see what happens. >> a tough situation. still ahead, we'll hear from two 2020 democratic white house hopefuls. first what senator kamala harris has to say about the shutdown and what president trump should do for federal employees who aren't getting paid. plus what the mayor has to say about this. when we come back. k.
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happen? if the president feels this strongly about it, open up the trump tower and live in there rent free and maybe we can start having a discussion. >> welcome back, everybody. that was 2020 democratic presidential contender kamala harris last night voicing her frustration with president trump and the shutdown stalemate over the southern border wall. harris also weighed in on trump's et desire to pull u.s. troops from afghanistan. >> he has been conducting foreign policy through tweets. instead of what a commander-in-chief should do, which is understand the seriousness and severity of one's decisions and put the time and the effort into studying an issue, consulting with the experts, be it generals, foreign policy, ambassadors and members of the state department. and our allies to make a decision. instead of this approach that assumes that we're the only one in the room or that he's the only one in the the room. i was in afghanistan days before he made that decision.
2:19 am
and when i was there, i spoke with generals and i spoke with troops. there was an active conversation happening around negotiating what should be the future of afghanistan. and then out of nowhere, the president makes his decision. it was irresponsible. >> staying in politics, indiana mayor announce d his bid. becoming the first openly gay candidate to seek the democratic nomination in 2020. he's a scholar and war veteran and launched an exploratory committee for the nomination. the 37-year-old who is considered a rising star within the democratic party talked about the historic nature of his candidacy. >> when i came out, mike pence was the governor of indiana. when i joined the military, don't ask don't tell was still the law of the land. when it first crossed my mind i might run for office some day, i believe that coming out would be a career death sentence.
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so the world is changing, but it's not changing on its own. >> let's switch greers here and get a check on the weather. >> what a jump in temperature. >> what a whiplash. >> it feels like spring. >> this will be it. bottle it up. very weird weather out there in the eastern sea board. it's humid in some spots. we have had pouring rain all the way from florida northward. so we have 50 plus million in a flood watch going from the money taints of west virginia and north carolina all the way up through i-95 including the big cities. you can see on the radar here we have the thunderstorms that are moving on shore in north florida. pouring in tampa. i-4 is not a fun early morning drive. and through the heart of the carolinas. now it's moving up through areas of the northeast. only a little bit of ice and snow. northern maine o to get into any ice or snow. very weird for this time of year. this is at 7:00 a.m. this
2:21 am
morning. there's a little touch of snow on the backside of this, but not a lot. the good news is it moves out pretty quickly. as we take it through 5:00 p.m. new york city you're done about mid-afternoon. d.c. you're done earlier than that at noon today. boston, you're going to have to go to work in the rain and go home in the rain. then on the become side of this, by the time we go through tomorrow, then the cold air begins to rush in. it's a chilly day in the plains. 11 in minneapolis. 20 in chicago. and that's where you can see the rain on the eastern sea board. we'll take a look at the weekend forecast and we'll talk cold because that's going to be the story. just a little fast forward to next week on wednesday. chicago could possibly come close to their all time coldest temperature ever recorded of negative 27. >> aren't you going to be in chicago? >> i'm definitely not. unless they send there on assignment, which i'll call in sick. >> we can find a story for him to cover by then. still ahead, new reporting overnight.
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to a deeper family story. order your kit at welcome back. time now for sports. we begin in the nba. the knicks host iing the rkts he in the big apple. houston's james hardin steals the spotlight. 61 points in lst night's 114-110
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win. his scoring total matches kobe bryant but most points at a visiting opponent. this was the story in the nba though. scary moment on the floor in indianapolis. that's the pacers victor oladipo. they fear could be out for the remainder of the season. they were having a great season after the all star guard went down with a knee injury trying to defend that length of the court pass. oladipo was stretchered off the court and expected to undergo an mri today. pacers fans, they did go on to win, 110-106. we wish him the best. and college hoops, newly mibted number one tennessee survive a scare on the road against vanderbilt. the end of regulation to tie the game and force overtime. the help of a career high of 43 points by grant williams, they
2:26 am
defeat the come doers, 88-83. >> quick question for you. we're half way through the nba season. is it possible anyone else could be mvp besides james harden? what do you think? >> he's on a scoring pace >> why do you think they are not going to do it? >> there's a team in san francisco that tends to be pretty good. >> this isn't espn. >> we'll have to wait and see. >> sorry we don't have your permission to talk about anything else. we'll see you in a little bit. president trump's former chief of staff john kelly has to say about the government shutdown and how it's affecting homeland security employees. plus attorneys for paul manafort push back saying his team has unfairly accused manafort of lying. we'll have the dails, next. d manafort of lying. we'll have the details, next the wrinkles.
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it's the bottom of the hour. let's start with the top stories. house speaker nancy pelosi won her battle with president trump over the state of the union. but democrats are are also offering up deals to end the shutdown. 30 members, many from the newly elected, sent a letter to pelosi proposing congress make a good faith pledge to vote on a border security funding package by the end of february if government reopens immediately. the democrats 21-member blue dog
2:31 am
coalition called for a bipartisan solution forged by the leadership of both parties. and democrats will make a funding counteroffer to president trump that would meet or exceed the $5.7 billion for border security. according to the committee chair of alabama, thompson added that the proposal will offer structures, the only thing we're talking about is existing structures. some of them need repairing. in other words, no wall. or as assistant democratic leader put it, a smart wall. >> walls are primitive. what we need to do is have border security, use technology, use scanners, use x-ray equipment. if his $5.7 billion is about border security, then we see ourselves fulfill iing that request only doing it with what i like to call using a smart
2:32 am
wall. >> and former homeland security secretaries including president trump's chief of staff are calling on the president and congress to end the shutdown. nbc news o obtained a copy of the letter. it states one of the unfortunate consequences of the shutdown has been the need for some homeland security employees to seek unemployment or find a new job. he letter reads in part, we dhs, homeland security is national security. dhs has a vital mission to secure the nation from the many threats we face. and house republicans have put their annual retreat on hold as a result of the government shutdown. the lawmakers were set to take part in the gathering in west virginia next week, but the congressional leadership institutes which organizes the trip announced the decision by gop members signaling that battle over fund iing the government could drag on well into another week. according to politico, some republicans had privately expressed concerns about the opt oices of traveling to an upscale
2:33 am
hotel and golf course as more than 800,000 federal workers go without pay. their reteet is set to be rescheduled, but a new date has not yet been picked. democrats are scheduled to hold their annual retreat in february and virginia, but no word yet on whether plans will be postponed. another new poll shows the shutdown is crashing president trump's approval rating. the associated rpress poll puts the president's job approval at 34% town 8 points from december. disapproval of his performance has climbed to 65%, up 9 points from just before the shutdown began. his rating is near its lowest in two years dropping significantly among independents. this after a cbs news poll found it has fallen to 36%. asked in a separate question if a border wall is worth a government shutdown, 71% said no. >> back with us again from washington, d.c. white house reporter for politico gabbi orr.
2:34 am
what do these numbers csignal fr president trump? probably not what he imagined would happen when he started the shutdown more than 30 days ago. >> that's exact it. if you talked to white house officials a week ago, they were really hope thafl the polls would eventually turn in their favor. many of them believe that most americans are supportive of enhanced border security, including a physical barrier at the border and that et eventually they would come to support president trump and congressional republicans in their bid to get that funding for a border wall. as it turns out, however, we're seeing countless polls that show that that hasn't really panned out. in fact, president trump's approval ria approval rating has taken a significant hit. we found that 71% of americans blame president trump for this
2:35 am
shutdown. they think he bares the most responsibility versus 47% whobls for this and the blame that congressional democrats are facing. >> let's talk about former chief of staff john kelly. we haven't talked about him in a couple weeks. we're hearing he's defy iing th president and calling for an end to the government shutdown. what do you make of that? >> he's not the first former official to do this. we heard from rex tillerson, who has criticized the president for asking him to look into doing unlawful things during his tenure. now we're hearing from john kelly, who gave that stunning l.a. times interview shortly after he left the white house saying there were many things that the president promised that he was never intent on following through on, including build. ing a border wall. but the former homeland security secretaries aren't the only people who have said this shutdown is having a tremendous impact on national security. there's a report released this
2:36 am
week by the fbi agents association that said this is essentially kneecaped investigations being conducted by the fbi, agents have lost informants because of this. it's not just general kelly who is weighing in on this. it's several people across the national security community who are growing increasingly concerned about the impact the is shutdown is having. >> i wonder if there's progress to be made by having president trump and speaker pelosi literally debate this in front of the american public on national television like a presidential debate. to have each make their case and have some kind of -- >> but what's the likelihood of that happening? >> our politics doesn't function like that. at times like this, you wish there was a cap on how far this could go. >> the cap would be when economic numbers come out. if this thing continues to go on and we see a decline in things, the president is going to say i have hung my hat on the economy and i can't do this anymore. >> thank you so much. always appreciate your insight.
2:37 am
lawyers for paul manafort are pushing back against accusations by robert mueller that their client lied. mueller's prosecutors have unfairly accused president trump's former campaign chair of loiing in his sessions with them after agreeing to plead guilty to a second batch of charges following his conviction of tax evasion and bank fraud in august. for its part, mueller's team said manafort failed to follow his agreement to cooperate lied about $125,000 payment he received in 2017. his conversations with the former associate who has been accused of being a russian intelligence operative contacted officials and an unspecified investigation. in their court filing, lawyers say that a fair reading of the government's argument does not support the conclusion that manafort intentionally provided false information. they add that when placeed in context, much of the evidence counsel's team merely demonstrates a lack of
2:38 am
consistency in manafort's recollection of certain facts and events. a hearing on the matter is set for tomorrow. their client will not be. in attendance. turning now to the latest in president trump's relationship with kim jong-un. state media revealed during the visit, the envoy gave trump a new letter from kim and trump reciprocated. he responded to trump's letter by. expressing great satisfaction with the good personal letter and also spoke highly of trump for his unusual determination for a second summit. last year trump told a rally crowd he and kim fell in love due to the beautiful letters kim sent him. the two are set to meet for the second time near the end of february. all of this comes as a south korean lawmaker saying they are demanding unacceptable funding increases in south korea. which reportedly is an increase of 50% from last year.
2:39 am
i wonder in 50 years from now when the national archives releases those let letters. >> it's quite a love story. still ahead, mike pompeo speaks out on a potentially leaving the trump administration in a bid to return to congress. plus bill karins has a wet forecast for parts of the country. stay with us. recast for parts o country. stay with us but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios.
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secretary of state mike pompeo has responded to reports that he may be mulling a run for kansas's open senate seat and mitch mcconnell is actively recruiting him. >> lots of folks have reached out to me and suggested i ought to do that. i have suggested i have a very full plate as secretary of state as long as president trump will commit to it. >> so no intention to get involved in the senate race in
2:43 am
kansas? >> i'm trying to make sure i'm going what president trump want mess to do to keep america safe. >> is mitch mcconnell trying to change your mind about that? he's considered a possibility to run for that seat. >> i spoke to senator mcconnell once. et had asked if i'd think about it. >> he might be reracking that sound byte. >> it's the nondenial denial. i'm not going to address it. >> as the 2020 race heats up, health care is expected to be one of the big issues for presidential contenders. a new survey from the keizer family foundation shows 56% of americans. so if the plan eliminates health insurance premiums and costs support for it grows to 67%.
2:44 am
with that, let's switch gears and bring in meteorologist bill karins. >> you're going to ask us that? >> obviously. so the rain is continuing and thunderstorms this morning. even some strong gusts. st. pete had a gust of 54. shouldn't be too damaging. the rain all the way up the eastern sea board. we're going it see 1 to 2 inches of rain today from philadelphia to new york city to hartford to boston to rainy in daylight hours. we should clear this out of boston and portland by the time we get to 6:00 or 8:00 p.m. now the cold side. we have blizzard warnings for fargo and watertown. but there's no snow coming from the clouds. this is a ground. blizzard. the winds are gusting strong enough it's picking up the snow on the ground and putting it in
2:45 am
the air is so you can't see anything. that's why we call if t a ground blizzard. we have windchill alerts from iowa to minnesota. windchills in some areas are heading down to the negative 20 to negative 30 range. the coldest windchills are in north dakota. bismarck at negative 24, fartgo at negative 24. chicago is at 3. look at chicago tomorrow. negative 25. minneapolis, negative 27. a little piece of this on saturday comes through the northeast. new york at 13. by far the heart of the next cold outbreak is centered over the great lakes and midwest. chicago, minneapolis, all my friends there, this is going to be a week to remember for cold. >> a tough weekend straight ahead. thank you. still ahead, several big name companies announce a series of layoffs leaving hundreds without a job. plus a new plan of action to combat fake news on the internet. details on the stories driving your business day. details on thg your business day.
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welcome back. the utility company being blamed for a number of deadly wildfires in northern california in recent years is pushing back on a federal judge's far reaching plan to prevent the disasters. that plan calls for pg&e to o inspect every inch of its electrical grid and remove dangerous trees, which may cost to $150 billion.
2:49 am
the company called the plan unrealistic and said it would lead to staggering rate hikes for customers. earlier this month the judge blamed uninsulated power conductors owned by pge and for a majority of the wildfires over the past two years. malfunctioning equipment in the area around the time the fire started. this week pg&e secured $5.5 billion in credit and braces for a bankruptcy process it expects will last two years. buzzfeed and verizon media announced layoffs to their news divisions yesterday as pressure to cut costs and raise revenues continues to increase throughout the media industry. what more can you tell us about this development? >> it's been a very difficult 24 hours media employees across
2:50 am
the board. as you mentioned, firstly, verizon media group announcing they will cut 7% of the workforce, which is about 800 employees. and this is part of their plan to save $10 billion by 2021. so under a huge amount of pressure there to cut costs. meanwhile buzzfeed is reporting to layoff 15% of its workforce as they remain under pressure as well to be profitable and improve their prospects of potentially merging with another digital player. so just more evidence that the pressure facing the media industry. separately, away from the media industry, apple is also reportedly making some cuts. according to cnbc they fired 200 employees from project titan. this is their autonomous vehicle group. this is being billed internally as a restructuring under the relatively new leadership there. so a difficult 24 hours for many employees. . back to you guys. >> let's talk about this fake news detector. this fake news detector.
2:51 am
how is iton to this? >> it's a really interesting idea. they are going to put a rating on news sources that will help users understand the credibility and trustworthiness of the site. so it will function as a nutrition menu of sorts. users will be able to click the rating of news guard and learn things like ownership and financing, content and credibility, and examples of past mistakes that news source has made. while it's helpful to have these factors helping users understand
2:52 am
credibility, it's subjectiveness. >> it's a step in the right direction. >> a look at the one big thing. and coming up on "morning joe." >> to scrap next to nancy pelosi's request to hold it once the government shutdown has ended. but could that speech now not happen until the spring? the details on the trump the t administration's preparations discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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experience amazing at your lexus dealer. welcome back, everyone. joining us from washington, d.c., the himself. what is axios' "1 big thing" from this morning? >> you had a very long day yesterday. the axios "1 big thing" is minority voters in the 2020
2:56 am
spotlight. after 2016 with the trump surgence, many in the democratic party said we need to think of how we can reach white working class voters and bernie sanders said at one point, the party needs to get past identity politics. if you look at the messages from early democratic candidates in 2020, you see racial inequities and economic policies that would affect minorities are a big part of that platform. behind the scenes at least four senators and some house members have met with an economist to come forth with some policies that focus on those. so oo ra phrase that democrats using, they are saying they want to be less transactional with minority voters, which is a nice way of saying they don't want to take them for granted and recognizing this is one of the
2:57 am
party's most important blocs. >> we also know you're looking at this new book from a former trump staffer and leakers in the white house. what are they saying? >> a team of vipers is giving. here on msnbc and "morning joe" we've ban heeen hearing some of juicy nuggets of it. "team of vipers," a young aide, cliff simms, he got more than a million dollar advantage in here. he talked about kellyanne conway leaking in realtime. she saw something on "morning joe" and called cliff and said come to my office and she said help me write this statement.
2:58 am
she handed him her laptop. cliff is starting to write a statement responding to what had been said on "morning joe" and the imessages are popping up on the screen. over at her desk, kellyanne conway is leaking to reporters from bloomberg, from cnn, from "the new york times." so cliff is trying to write this statement in realtime watching the leaking, writing a statement saying how loyal kellyanne conway is. kellyanne conway put out a statement yesterday after this posted saying when she stabs people, she likes to stab them in the front so she's owning it. >> and what did george conway say about that? >> that's the next book. >> george conway helped write that statement. so "a team of vipers" got it
2:59 am
together. >> and what are your sources about how the president conceded scrapping the address? >> they talked about the senate chamber, they didn't like that, talked about doing it in the southwest, maybe near the border. sometimes when you're calling around people won't tell you things and sometimes it's just because they don't know. a plan b never gelled, they never figured out exactly what they were going to do so nancy pelosi wins this round. >> you can sign up for the newsletter. >>s that do it for us on this very busy thursday morning. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian.
3:00 am
"morning joe" starts right now. >> our nation united because of an external threat. remind our lawmakers that nations are not only destroyed from without but from within. lord, as some members of our armed forces seek sustenance at charity, food pantries and prepare to miss a second payday, something has to give. forgive us, oh mighty god, for our sins of co-mission and omission. remind each senator of the words of


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