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tv   MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi  MSNBC  January 25, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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that will have do it for me this hour. that is a fascinating broadcast there, a lot of breaking news, i'm in for ali velshi. we have a spshl hour after two big breaking stories. a potential short term deal in the works. the president saying a funding bill will reopen the government until february 15th. no money for the border wall. many call it a short term cave. it includes employee back pay, those that meissed two paycheck will get paid after 35 days of gridlock. >> i'm very proud to announce today that we reached a deal to stop the shut down and open the
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federal government. i have a very powerful alternative that i didn't want to use at this time. hopefully it will be unnecessary. >> meanwhile in florida before dawn a former trump campaign advisor and long time friend roger stone investigated by a team of federal agents. stone charged with seven different counts, all of them involving obstructing official proceedings as well as lying about those stolen e-mails and alleged witness tampering. it outlines how the trump campaign, itself, had potentials coordinating with wiki leaks. now let's get right to it, hans nichhols is here from the white house. what is the new line of sdmechs. >> look as it pertains to the shut down we have a cease fire,
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but not a truce. what matters the most is the reaction to this, we don't know the tone, we so often see him make an announcement or ols decision. house speaker nancy pelosi, is the state of the union back on? that could allow the country to come together and give the president a big megaphone to make his point directly in front of the speaker and using the trappings of the state of the union to drive home his point. mitch mcconnell says he will try to get it signed and moved through the house today. look at how president trump put it when he was talking about the central workers. >>ly make sure all employees receive their back pay very quickly or as soon as possible. it will happen fast.
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i am asking senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to put this proposal on the floor immediately. after 36 days of spirited debate and dialogue, i have seen and heard from enough democrats and republicans that they are willing to put part shisanship aside, i think, and put the security of the american people first. >> you know, ari, in the history of washington dc it's not like committees ever really solve anything. we don't know the make up of this democratic national committee. it looks like it will have some members of congress, they also hinted at law enforcement on there but committees rarely come up with anything inknow noinnov. it is usually just the status quo. they say this was blessed by
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committee but it is unclear to me with rightward forces pulling on donald trump, it's unclear to me if he would accept something status quo coming out of the committee, but we have three weeks to figure this out. >> did the white house announce it to distract from the arrest of donald trump's long term advisor. >> yeah, i'm not sure, it is tough to understand what the strategy is and how much the white house is feeling the strain on the white house. he had to capitulate on cancelling the state of the state of the union but he also last night when he was meeting with conservative leaders and other republican lawmakers he seemed resigned that it was getting out of hand. so i don't have an answer for
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you, it seems to me plausible why they decided to end the shut down now at not just simply as a matter to distract from what happened down in florida. >> quite a friday even by the standards of 2019. a lot more coming on the indictment of roger stone in a moment, but i want to get into a big story now that affects millions of americans. let's look for you at what is in it. it funding up affected departments, no money for the border wall. congress gets essentially three weeks. they are working on all kinds of things like border security measures, trump has an argument that he could do it all over again, shut it down again, and he has the powers afforded to
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him under the constitution to do it or to of course try to get this as a national emergency. the president had a message for these hundreds of thousands of federal employees that did nothing wrong but went without two paychecks which was a breaking point for many. >> i want to thank all of the incredible federal workers and their amazing families that have shown such extraordinary devotion in the face of this recent hardship. you're fantastic people, incredible patriots. many of you have suffered far greater than anyone than your families would know or understand, and not only did you not complain, but in many cases you encouraged me to keep going because you care so much about our country and about it's border security. >> for the other side of the
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story on the hill, you hear the president talking about the suffering of those individuals. he reopened the government on something that came out of the congress before. after three weeks according to at least the house speaker and democraticic crickices, what was the point of all of this for three weeks, what was achieved? >> that will be debatable. at this moment it is hard to describe it owner to be aware of the pain of the people that went without their paychecks for two pay periods. right fwhu is happening on the hill? we have mitch mcconnell and his counter part chuck schumer agrees saying this is something they can support today. from the deputy to speaker pelosi, the majority aheader of the house, saying this three week extense will pass today.
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it will go to the president for his signature. it will happen quickly. >> bottom line here what you're saying is that unlike some washington announcements, this is real. your reporting is that the three weeks of funding is real and it will happen and reopen the government. >> it is very real they were all waiting for the president to pub luckily embrace it and commit publicly so they now feel they can also go forward, and the big piece that the president is counting on is that the democrats pledged to him in good faith to work on border security. they are working on that from technology, manpower, they oppose a wall or barrier. that's a fight for the next three weeks. for the people that want to know, when is the government fully reopened? it could happen by the end of today. it doesn't require all of the members come back when you have
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an agreements on capitol hill they can move it quickly without a roll call vote, but a voice vote. it can be done fast. then, we have a whole new chapter, a three week period of debating. to give you a sense of the mood on the floor, let me give you a sense of what they said, giving you a sense of where they are right now. >> so with cooperation we can pass legislation to open the government and send the dhs appropriations bill to the house today. i'm glad the closed portions of the federal government will reopen. i'm glad the dedicated men and women of the coast guard, law enforcement, the tsa, and all
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oth others will not have to go on any longer without their pay. >> we in congress will roll up our sleeves. i genuinely hope this can produce something good for the country and acceptable to both sides. we don't agree on some of the specifics of border security, democrats are against the wall, but we agree on many things, such as the need for new technology and the need to strengthen security in our country. >> up with of the other remains questions, when will a state of the union happen, nancy pelosi says once the foft is ri opened they can select a date and we know it was janruary 29th before
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it was put on hold. sources here are saying let's get through the first piece of reopening the government and then on to the issue of when a state of the union address will happen. i have a little breaking news from twitter from ann coulter. she had a role in the shut down by telling the president to dig in his heels. she says good news for george herbert walker bush he is no longer the biggest wimp to serve as president of the united states. john, i guess this is very 2019, what started with ann coulter now has continuance with
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ann koucoulter. it affects so many americanss to have ann coulter calling this president "the biggest wimp ever." >> i don't want to embrace her words there, but the president promised a wall and he got a legislative death trap. you got a conference. the senate will appoint several members to go negotiate with several house members. that means a group of senators, a a jorty of them being republicans, and a group of house members, mostly democrats, will go to the meeting. likely to be house appropriators, likely homeland security appropriators. . you're going to get a lot of people in the room that are democrats that don't believe in a border wall. unless nancy pelosi changes her
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position, that conference committee will give him a border wall. it is more likely to die there or come up with something that doesn't include a border wall. >> right, bob to get into the map and geographic terms, it started with a wall and ended with a cave. >> yeah, i think this is a devastating defeat. at least trump could blame congressional leaders on that. this was something that he just set up that he said i'm not going to cave, i'm not going to cave, i thought he would go in the direction of declaring a national emergency, but this doesn't work with independents. i don't know how the dynamic will challenge, it is wall or no wall. that could be another defeat and
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listen, speaker pelosi handled this very, very well. she is a veteran of washington. >> you're saying that as i understand, you're saying that as a reporter, not as on either time, right? you're a reporter, you follow this stuff, you're saying that anything can change, but this was the fist big fight of the pelosi era and you're saying it wasn't even close. >> no, this was a rough one. if you look at twitter, trump's lace, or just independent, she won and she won easily. >> i agree with bob, he doesn't have a wall, he shut down the government, he put 800,000 out of work for a period of time. you had the national parks essentially destroyed. now he will have a three week
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hiatus. i expect at this point there is no reason for pelosi to prevent him from doing that. the president that prides himself, a big part of his brand is his unwillingness to back down, and he basically had to walk away from that completely in the face of pelosi just standing firm. >> before we go because -- >> we're going into a big roger stone news that also accounts for some according to the timing of this, to both of you, is it possible that trump is playing three dimensional chess and after today mexico will pay for the wall? john? >> no, mexico is not going to pay for the wall. bob, what about you? could mexico still pay for the wall? >> no, i don't see that. even trump supporters say not directly, maybe through the new trade deal, but the answer more
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seriously. >> you answered the question more seriously than expected. next as problems, the other headlines, the arrest and indictment of donald trump's longest serving advisor roger stone. i have special guests and coverage, that is next. also house speaker nancy pelosi's reaction to the news of roger stone's predawn arrest. ♪ you should be mad they gave this guy a promotion. you should be mad at forced camaraderie. and you should be mad at tech that makes things worse.
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the best experience possible, by being on time everytime. and if we are ever late, we'll give you a automatic twenty dollar credit. my name is antonio and i'm a technician at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. i will not testify against the president. the longest add viator e sigh - and charged with five counts of lying and one count of witness tampering. >> after a two year inquisition,
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the charges today relate in no way to russian collusion, wi wikileaks collaboration, or any other interaction with the 2016 campaign. i'm falsely accused of making false statements. any error that i made in my testimony could be both inmaterial and without intent. make no mistake the words you just saw there. what we saw there is not only mueller's side of the story. it is not just heel, it is also about how the campaign
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operating. the future releases by organization one. that is brand new today from bob mueller, they fey mostly published sdumts from the dnc and clinton e-mail accounts from john podesta. i informed senior campaign officials he had information indicates what we now know to be wikileaks whose documents would be damaging to the clinton campaign. after the july 2016 release a stolen campaign official was directed to contact stone about any additional releases and what other damaging information wikileaks had regarding the
12:23 pm
clinton campaign. . august 2016, you have person one who we believe to be right wing conspiracier thy er thitheories. friend in the embassy, an impacted plan to be damaging. it is a reference to wikileaks. person one adds that it is time to let more than the clinton campaign chairman to be exposed in bed with the enemy if we're not ready to drop hrc. it would not hurt to start suggesting rhc. neither will he or she. much of trump's focus setting the stage for a debacle.
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then you have october of 2016, wikileaks releases e-mails from p podesta. so keep this in mind for a case for attempts collusion. a court appearance, you saw a lot about to, kerry. we're going to get into all of the legalese. walk me through what you saw and felt in what looked to us on tv like quite a scene from the white house. >> yeah, he was taken out in
12:25 pm
handcuffs to the u.s. magistrate. there was 100 plus people, plus the media on top of that, as he began to speak. people started gearing him and when he began to speak net background you will hear people yelling lock him up, lock him up. listen to what he said as he came to the podium. >> did anyone tell you to contact wikileaks. >> no, i addressed that before, that is incorrect. >> did you think the president would -- >> pardon me? >> if you're convicted do you think the president will pardon you? >> the only people i ever advocated a pardon for is marcus garby. >> did you in any way work with the russians to help president trump? >> categorically not, no.
12:26 pm
>> and so roger stone went on for some time, a lot of noise, at one point when he first walked out he had his hands over his head. i could not help but see that picture of former president nixon with his hands over his head with the peacesi signs whei saw him do that. it is unlikely that he went back to his home because the federal authorities are at his home, they're executing a search warrant there. they set up some tents around the house to prevent any cameras, helicopters or anything from seeing what's going on. you can see sketches that we have from inside the courtroom. it is all very as a matter of fact and straight up. he is as confidence as he
12:27 pm
normally is despite the fact that his hands were in handcuffs. the magistrate decided that if he would post bond he would be released which is why he would be able to make his way out here. i asked him in that news conference what he thought about the specifics of the indictment, he said i have not even read it. my lawyers have, but i haven't. >> i think that is right, i watched you stand next to him and cover this. other people said they won't fold, they won't flip, and then they do. he is nothing if not tenacious. someone that saw him today, more than ores as he addressed reporters out there in his polo, looked defiant, do you have any view on whether or not he will
12:28 pm
fold? >> you know when you're trying to assess someone's demeanor, i can say this, as he stood there, and what you can't see as you look out at the wall of cameras and the number of people that are there, but i'm standing there next to him looking out with him, and he was supremely confident as he was speaking. so whether or not he will fold, i mean, we asked them that today, and we asked him that before, and he says he is loyalty. the indictments, i would say being woken at 6:00 a.m., being taken out in handcuffs, watching federal swat team members coming in, it didn't appear to me that is shook his confidence. so it speaks to his history and how his bravdo has been.
12:29 pm
>> what every e everyone thinks of him, what you eyewitnessed today, confidence in the face of something that many of us would be shook by, that is an interesting nugget of reporting, kerry sanders, appreciate it as always, sir. i want to bring in our league experts. resigning over what she calls a terrible tone at the top. michael kahn way, during the run to nixon's removal from office. bottom line, what is important in your view about this indictment? >> what is important are the counts that weren't made out against roger stone. all of the conduct that occurred before the conduct that got roger stone indicted.
12:30 pm
roger stone gave false statements and tampered with witnesses, but there is no charge under lying crime for all of that. >> a silver lining for stone? >> a silver lining for the trump team that will say this is about roger stone and the government thinking that he gave false statements, bothered witnesses, the underlying allegations that appear in that time, there are no charges araising from those. but these are very damming allegations and because this is a speaking indictment that robert mueller is telling us about his work without actually charged a crime, that leaves
12:31 pm
open the question of what is muller's intent for such a lie level of detail. >> we have been able to speak with and interview other people including mr. stone who was indicted today, they knew that mueller's folks were bearing down on stone. they talked about how all of the prosecutors asked about roger stone. >> who did they ask most about? >> mostly about roger stone? >> roger and michael. >> roger stone. >> so your view was their questions had a theory where roger stone was a lynch pin that could be giving donald trump a part of the experience. >> i don't know they they were trying to connect roger to the president with me, but it was very clear they thought there was something going on with russia and the campaign. >> do you see today prosecutor
12:32 pm
rally as ending, or a landing middle ground. >> roger stone has been expecting this, it is no news to him. he has been saying for importants that he has been expecting this indictment. one of the interesting things that has been note second degree that documents usually, they spell out the easiest case to prove, so the best stuff is usually not in there, the best stuff ask yet to come. there is also a search warrant being executed as we speak. there are things being found, tons of documents and data yet to be reviews, maybe even somewhat of a beginning if. >> we had michael cohen pleading guilty of lying to congress. roger stone being charged with
12:33 pm
lying to congress, and one thing to think about that the president should be very worried about in the two articles of impeachment, he was accused of condoning false testimony to congre congress. why is that impeachable? the president took an oath to make sure that the laws are faithfully executed. he said if you know also about false testimony to congress and did nothing about it, that is an impeachable offense. roger stone endonald trump were in constant communication. what they say is that it was wad for the white house. the difference is the original crime in watergate was the domestic crime of the burglarly and here as of today you still
12:34 pm
don't have that charge. >> not at all, the hacking itself was a crime. the russians were dietindicted hacking the dnc e-mail. if anyone participated in that it is collusion and conspiracy. >> but they didn't break into the water gate. you're saying even in your theory mueller would need more to get conspiracy of what? american trump officials doing that stuff in advance? >> encouraging them and facilitating them. roger stone knows about the hacked e-mails that will be released. how does he know that? the timing of this, all of those things could be part of a conspiracy. the hacking of the e-mails is a federal offense for the computer fraud act. so did any americans participate in a conspiracy.
12:35 pm
today's indictments suggest they did. >> when you look at this taken together and you listen to michael there and you think about roger stone, this is not any kind of normal campaign advisor or any kind of normal criminal defendant and they tend to have their own about ihabits. they delight in controversy, they can have gotten away. listen to him as he talks to andrea mitchell. >> time in the barrel refers to public scrutiny. i never said anything about -- >> just a coincidence that two days later the poe decembdesta drop within minutes of the "access hollywood" tape. >> that is based on con jjectur.
12:36 pm
>> there is no evidence that i had advanced knowledge of the content or source of the material, i received nothing from wikiraeks or the russians. we have been through this ad nauseam. it is a wild goose chase. >> does that hold up based on today's indictment? >> no, what we're seeing here is mr. trump surrounding himself throughout his campaign with people who like roger stone have pride in calling himself a dirty trickster. this is the kind of tone that you mentioned earlier that had troubled me so much when i was in the government. what we're seeing here is not normal. if you have a corporate ceo whose close inner circle has one by one been indictmeed or plead
12:37 pm
guilty, they would be throwing that ceo out. we're seeing the president of the united states, his inner circle that helped him get to the presidency, has wone by one been convicted, indicted, plead guilty, this is not something that we can accept as normal. >> would you believe me here on mueller friday i have more answers for you. speaker schumer said to come out on this any moment. we'll have speaker pelosi's response to what looks like nonpart sans experts we had, from a wall to a cave, part of the theme, bringing danny back in, but i look to page seven as
12:38 pm
one of the most damming things for mr. stone. what you see is not just hey, word is maybe this, my friend in london, all of this that reads is capitexaggerated fake spy ta. september 18th, stone e-mails person two with a specific article about hillary clinton and then says, "please ask assange for any e-mails from august 10th to august 20th, especially the 20th, that could mention and confirm this ne narrative. let's listen into the breaking news. >> speaker pelosi in this room, and the longest shut down in american history will findly end today. the president has agreed to our request to open the government and then debate border security.
12:39 pm
which is great news for 800,000 federal workers and millions of americans that it depend on government services. as democrats said all along the solution to this impasse was separate funding for the government and then go over our disagreement from border security. separate the funding of government from the discussion on border security and that's what we got. and democrats in the senate and in the house were united behind this position throughout the position and ultimately this agreement endorses our position. it reopens the government without preconditions. it gives democrats and republicans an opportunity to discuss border security. without holding hundreds of thousands of american workers hostage. . we expect the continuing
12:40 pm
resolution to clear the senate and clear the house. this afternoon and be signed by the president today. before i go on, i think on both of us, we want to thank all of the federal workers from the bottom of our hearts. they have worked so selflessly this past month without pay showing up to do a job they knew was important but for which they were not fairly compensated. they were treated as hostages, they were treated as pawns, their financial strain was be littled. our dedicated public servants should never have to go through this again. we will do everything we have to. our service was to the american people, whether it is our food safety, our airports, our economy, our national security and so much else, the american
12:41 pm
people do not like it when you throw a wrench into the lives of government workers over an unrelated political dispute. all of the federal workers and we're aghast at what the president was doing to them. hopefully now the president has learned his lesson. now once the president signs the continuing resolution, we will roll up our sleeves and find agreement on border security. we don't agree on some of it. democrats are firmly against the wall. we agree on many things like a need for drug inspection technology. and that is an eventually agreement between so many areas where we can agree. today the president will sign a
12:42 pm
bill to reopen the government. hopefully it means that it is a lesson learned for the white house and for many of our republican colleagues. shutting down the government over a policy difference is shelf defeating. it accomplishes nothing but pain and pain and suffering and incurs an norm political cost. we cannot ever hold american workers hostage gene. speaker pelosi. >> thank you for your leadership. and for bringing us to this important resolution now where shortly the senate will send over to the house the paper that i came over to see the orm paper and get it probably in half an hour, two resolutions, one to open up government for all of the agencies of government and
12:43 pm
to receive the conference on the homeland security bill. we're pleased that we reached an agreement to reopen the government now so we can have a discussion on the borders. it is important to understand importance of securing all of the borders and we have ideas on how to do that, house democrats look forward to working on it in a bipartisan way. now i'm an appropriator, and i was forged in that culture and i know that left to their own devices they can come to a conclusion. leaders of the house and senate to weigh in and we will have a
12:44 pm
very productive time in a short period of time. and the determination of they have shown something with such strong character, but they have to pay the bills when they come due, a rent check, paying their mortgage, credit card bills, car payment, the list goes on. some didn't have gas money because they didn't have cash or a line of ability to put gas in the car to go to work. it is really hard for some in the administration to understand how people live paycheck to paycheck and how marginal some of their existences are. it makes a difference in how they educate their children, how they put food on the table, how they pay their rent, et cetera. so we thank them and we're so
12:45 pm
glad as the president said earlier, that as soon as or immediately. i don't fwhee is faknow what ist the quickest of the two, they will receive their back pay today. i'm thankful to democrats on both sides of the capital, for their unity, that was very, very important in these discussions. they said it took this long to come to an obvious conclusion. sometimes putting in question the credit how people's credit is viewed, and that is particularly problematic if our veterans, many of whom are in their jobs with security clearances, and a security clearance is affected if your credit rating is hurt, so they
12:46 pm
are moving on to the civilian side and we want them to have all of the respect they deserve as well as other federal and public employees working so hard to meet the needs of the people. we value their purpose and we appreciate their diligence and their jobs. whether or not it is aviation, other areas of public safety, and also just in so many ways whether it is food safety. the lest goes on. just so you're familiar with it. for the purpose of the public employees and the excellence of their service. disagreement in policy should never be a reason to shut down government, really, especially
12:47 pm
again for a period of time that has an impact on paychecks. and i'm sad it has taken this long, i'm glad that we came to a conclusion today as to how the three weeks. i support the democratic senate. we passed him, but ten times we passed the bill. ten times we brought bills to the floor to open floor. the one presented yesterday was so simple. $12 billion for disaster assistan assistance, and open up government for two weeks. republicans said no, i think the public weighed in and public sentiment is everything. you can accomplish almost everything and we thank the
12:48 pm
public for weighing in so strongly for paying attention. and i think that will be the success of this conference. the appropriator. but this conference that the public awareness is so increased and the public interest in it is so sharpened that it will see what the decisions are that we have to make. and help weigh in on those decisions. >> okay, wait wait, one at a time. come on within one at a time, please. >> the president wanted his wall funding for a long time. how much of this is about the new power dynamic and his desire to show you who is really in charge? >> i don't get your question.
12:49 pm
the point is today we have come to go forward, to debate the best ways to protect our border. i don't see it as a power play. >> i'm referring to the past 36 days. >> if you're saying the president held wall funding to show who is in charge, i think that is quite a bad statement to make about any leader in our country. but what i do say is let's go forward, get this done, the leader mentioned lessons learned and hope that people know that we cannot hold our public employees hostage because we have a disagreement for how many? 34 days, over one month we had an impact on their lives. i don't want to make any characterizations of the president's motivation, you have to ask him. >> speaker pelosi, did the president underestimate you politically. and are you showing there will
12:50 pm
not be another impasse in three weeks? >> i can't assure the public on anything that the president will do but i do have to say i'm optimistic. i see every channel, every crisis, an opportunity, an opportunity to do the right thing for the american people. and at the same time make people away of what the decisions are that we have here and hopefully that will make everybody come together in a way that is unifying for our country. i can't characterize the president's evaluation of me. >> can i say one more thing in reference to that? i suggested to leader mcconnell that we use a conference committee format. that conference committee has democrats and republicans, house and senate, sitting at a table, has worked very successfully on homeland security and everything and all of the other bills that have not been signed over the last several years, even when the republicans were in charge. and so i'm very optimistic the
12:51 pm
conference committee can come to a good conclusion and we can avoid another shutdown. go ahead. >> it is not planned now. what i said to the president, when the government is open we will discuss a mutually agreeable date and i look forward to do that and welcome the president to the house of representatives for the state of the union when we agree on a date. >> were you planning to announce a border security vision of democrats, what you want? what -- >> we have been listening to breaking news on this busy friday. chuck schumer and speaker pelosi discussing an agreement reached with the president to reopen the government. how they will do it in moments ago. speaker pelosi saying it doesn't mean the state of the union is automatically back on but they
12:52 pm
will work it out. hans nichols at the white house. what are the lights? >> i think pelosi saying they would need to negotiate a mutual date for the state of the union which does not mean it will happen during the short term three-week funding. and the overall optimistic tone from speaker pelosi as well as leader schumer, neither of them are doing big victory laps. neither are them are doing big victory dances. i think when you heard from the president who spoke again just moments ago, he seemed to be optimistic there's a chance to get a deal. he said there's a good chance. he seemed optimistic. there's an addendum to what the president said, he seemed to hint a little more expressly than he did in the rose garden he would declare a national emergency if they did not reach some sort of deal in the three-week period coming up. to recap, no firm date on the state of the union but the president threatening a little bit more on a national
12:53 pm
emergency. but all sides muting their rhetoric just a little bit, trying to give a little breathing space for a potential deal. >> hans nichols, center of the action at the white house, thank you. we turn back to the other big story today. the charges against longtime trump adviser roger stone, which stem to his much-touted leaks to winky leaks and hacks during the campaign. here are key events before i bring in my experts. march 2016, russian hackers getting jonathan podesta e-mails. then russian agents hack into the dnc the very next month as well as dccc. by july the organization is allegedly strategizing over russian intel how to release the e-mails and they came out right before the democratic convention. july 27th, wikileak publishes the e-mails. you have the resignation of the chair of the democratic party. and then on jewel 27th donald trump infamously says this -- >> russia, if you're listening,
12:54 pm
i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. >> within hours russian hackers tried to gain access to hillary clinton's ee mai-mails and servd two weeks later roger stone was asked about a possible october surprise when speaking to a florida republican group. >> with regard to the october surprise, what would be your forecast on that given what julian assuage has intimated he's going to do? >> well, it could be any number of things. i actually have communicated with assange. i believe the next trunth of documents pertain to the clinton foundation but there's no telling what the october surprise may be. >> stone famously would go on to cite that communication through intermediaries and then sent the tweet, quote, it will soon be podesta's time in the barrel." that's been explained as
12:55 pm
reference to john podesta and his brother tony. on october 4th, julian assange said they would publish those e-ma e-mail 2016 and within three days of the "access hollywood" tapes release, boom, wikileaks starts releasing john podesta e-mails and that would continue daily throughout the homestretch of the campaign. trump also, we should note, mentioned wikileaks dozens of times during events in that homestretch. >> did you see where on wikileaks it was announced they were paying protesters to be violent, $1,500. wikileaks just came out with a new one. just a little while ago, it's just been shown that a rigged system with more collusion, possibly illegal, between the department of justice, the clinton campaign and the state department. well, everybody knows wiki leefrpgs. i'm joined by the microsoft national security analyst and author of "messing with the
12:56 pm
enemy" and i'm joined by glen kershner, federal prosecutor and analyst for us. clint, on the fbi piece, they went in hard this morning. why? >> i think it's basically because of the rhetoric of roger stone. he's contested the entire time this investigation was a fraud. and if you want to recover evidence as part of a search warrant when you're doing the arrest, and you think there's any sort of jeopardy about that being destroyed, you would go in with a normal knock and announcement we saw this morning. >> to paraphrase mr. t, you're saying he brought that on himself? >> sure. compare it to manafort. if you remember back to manafort, they essentially called him, he turned himself in at the courthouse. they went through the proceedings. they did search warrants before that. but they didn't feel the need to do this. when you see an adversarial person like this who says it's a witch-hunt, you can't trust the fbi, you're going to say well, i need to get there and at the same time take him into custody, i need to do the search warrant and make sure any evidence is retained. >> glen, no one denies it's a
12:57 pm
double-barrel story day with the government temporarily reopening and roger stone being indicted. before we went to the press conference on the hill i was asking a different legal expert a question that didn't get answered, which seems mule are could move forward with the indictment without the level of details, and one is roger steen explicitly trying to get certain e-mails from a very special couple of weeks in 2011. why is that in there? >> you're right, ari, that's a big-ticket question. this reads like a conspiracy indictment. mind you, roger stone has not yet been charged with conspiracy, only false statements, obstruction of justice and witness tampering. but when you read the 24 pages, it has all of the building blocks of a conspiracy indictment. frankly, it reminded me of when michael cohen entered his plea in new york to the campaign finance violations that he committed at the direction of president trump. now, that wasn't a conspiracy indictment either, but we all
12:58 pm
looked at that and said it sure seems like trump is an unindicted co-conspirator in those crimes. the same holds true here i would contend because if you look at what is alleged against other individuals, it sure seemed like the unindielted co-conspirators, stone, person one, julian assange because he's the head of wikileaks and perhaps more ominously for the administration, unidentified senior trump campaign officials. >> and that looks back. the flip side would be with all of these resources and all of these prosecutors, directed is not the technical legal trigger of conspiracy. do you read it as not quite there or not quite yet? >> i read it as not quite yet. this is a preview of things to come because now mueller will see whether stone folds like a cheap lawn chair and comes on
12:59 pm
board or he holds fast and beats his chest and dies in prison. bob mueller doesn't need him as a cooperator but i suspect he wants him as a cooperator because everything he can bring to the table about donald trump, given their decades-long relationship. >> yeah. all well put. of course, as i mentioned earlier in our reporting, like anyone, stone is presumed innocent. glen kerrish under and glen, thank you both. i want to tell you breaking news, once the government is back open, it will likely take less than a week for all of the back pay to get to federal workers. something on the minds of many today. they would receive the paycheck then next as regularly scheduled. and that wraps up this hour of breaking news. i want to tell you tonight on "the beat" we have a very special show. sam nunnburg, a former trump campaign aide who testified in the hearing, including about stone, joins me, i will be joined by "get me roger stone" director, a big documentary on netflix with a lot to get you
1:00 pm
tonight. monday, person one, gentleman roam corsi is my special guest on "the beat." person one we have been talking about today, he's back on the beat. i'm sure we will have a lot to discuss. you should also know as a loyal viewer, i hope you are, ali velshi will be back in this seat monday. thank you for watching. "deadline: white house" with nicolle wallace starts right now. hello, everyone. it's 4:00 in washington, d.c., where you can feel the twin breaking news tsunamis swamping everything else today. the trump government shutdown reaching a catastrophic crescendo on day 35. there have been crippling delay at our nation's airports. federal workers have gone unpaid for a month. and the politics of donald trump's unwanted and unpopular border wall forcing him to capitulate and reopen the government today without a single dollar committed to his beloved border wall. >> i am very proud to announce today that we have reached a deal to end


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