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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  January 27, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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that's our show, thanks for watching, "a.m. joy" will be up next week. up next, alex witt >> i was paying so much attention to your tsa discussion i never think about flying, i get on planes, it doesn't matter i was so nervous i thought about it, i was envisioning these exhausted people not being paid. they're human beings. >> and the things we take for granted in the modern era is because they do their jobs so seamlessly when you're forced to think about it it makes you afraid. >> for sure. >> welcome back, i missed you yesterday. >> thank you, i'm glad to be here for once i'm taking off and not you. >> don't do it again. it's high noon in the east, 9:00 a.m. out west, welcome to "weekends with alex witt." roger stone speaks if you think you heard it all, think again. he's talking about possible cooperation with robert mueller.
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>> i'm prepared to fight for my life i'm mindful of the special counsel's ability to induce people to say things that are not true plus, what stone said about donald trump in the 1980s that's getting new attention. 20 days to the next deadline, but after his base said he caved is the president's next move a done deal? new today, donald trump's long-time friend and adviser roger stone offering some fresh inside into whether or not he'll cooperate with robert muller stone's indictment renewed the debate on potential collusion between the campaign and russia. the charges sparked this question -- who directed a senior trump campaign official to inquire about future releases from wikileaks of damaging information about the hillary clinton campaign stone said he won't testify against the president however earlier today he said this.
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>> any chance you'll cooperate with special counsel robert mueller if he asks >> that's a question i would have to determine if after my attorneys have discussion. if there's wrongdoing by other people in the campaign that i know about -- which i know of none -- i would testify honestly i'd also testify honestly about any other matter, including communications with the president. it's true by we spoke on the phone but those communications are political in nature and benign. >> the chair of the house intelligence committee reacting in realtime to the revelations. >> these are very specific allegations of lies and witness intimidation they're matters that will be easily provable. these are not ambiguous statements and he'll need a better defense than the one you heard. >> joining me now, the author of "power up" news letter at the "washington post," john harwood, cnbc's editor-in-chief and gabe
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sherman, special correspondent for "vanity fair." gabe, your article provides fascinating insight into roger stone's mind-set even as the president in the fallout of stone's indictment, the potential reaction there, stone for his part repeatedly said i'm not testifying against the president but from what he said today and what you're hearing, could that change? >> clearly anything with roger stone is unpredictable but as i reported in "vanity fair," put it into context. he's had a long and complicated relationship with the president. he calls him privately mr. ingratitude. he's rankled by the fact that roger stone was responsible in many ways for donald trump's political rise and during the 2016 campaign he was essentially cast aside even as the "washington post" reported, donald trump would call him late at night and have private conversations so these
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men have history and if roger stone is facing years in prison, people around both men say anything is possible in terms of cooperation. >> based on that and his name for the president, do you think the option of being pardoned is not something he can count on? >> i clearly think that is an option on the table but he knows donald trump is only loyal to one person which is donald trump so roger stone has going into this clearly with both eyes very open and if it comes down to his future or donald trump's future, roger stone, just like donald trump would do for himself, is looking out for number one. >> can you categorize gabe how much news of stone's indictment rocked trump's world and those associates in the white house? >> well, that's complicated to say just for the fact that we have all for weeks been expecting this this was not a surprise. that said, this is clearly
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another sign that robert mueller's investigation shows no signal of slowing down and the pressure on the president is increasing he is incredibly isolated. the only people he's relying on at this point for political advice is his family members, his daughter ivanka, son-in-law jared kushner and others so this is a president who is increasingly isolated and the fact that he is staring down another indictment by one of his closest advisers will only push them further into the corner. >> i'm curious your interpretation of roger stone's change in tone going from say ing i will not testify against the president to now let me see what my attorney says. >> to the question you just asked gabe, there's a question between expecting an indictment and at 6:00 in the morning hearing guys with tactical vests and weapons pounding on your door saying "fbi open the door." i think that felt different to roger stone and i think it felt
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despite the anticipation, different to president trump as well if president trump could solve this problem with a bunch of pardons, he'd have issued them already. the reason he hasn't is that there are risks associated with that it's possible that the indiscriminate use of pardons or the use of pardons that washington, members of congress, believe is indiscriminate will cause the erosion of support in the senate he would need to protect himself against an impeachment trial. i think the house is headed toward impeaching the president, don't know when that is happening and the president's strategy for a long time has been geared toward preserving his political base and the political base that is his insurance policy against having 14 republican senators flip over and join democrats in voting to convict anymore there's an
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impeachment deal so that is a constraint on the president who as gabe said is interested in one person, himself. >> so you think he's more concerned about the politics as opposed to legal ramifications or can you not keep the two separate are they intertwain ined >> i think they're inextricably intertwined. as long as you have to widespread belief -- not absolute, not proven in court -- that a sitting president cannot be indicted and the expectation that robert mueller will not indict him, his legal and political fates are very closely linked together. >> jacqueline, let's listen to what house intel committee chaired a dam schiff said this morning. here it is. >> jackie speier told cnn she believes don jr., trump jr., lied to your committee on at least two occasions. do you agree >> i'd like that special counsel to have access to don jr.'s testimony and determine whether
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it is evidence of false statements the first act of our committee will be to send these transcripts of all the witnesses to bob mueller so he can consider whether additional perjury charges are warranted. >> jacqueline, what you're hearing in your reporting, is don jr. the next target? >> i think don jr. has been under scrutiny for about two years now. he's been involved in facilitating meetings. the very common thread here is that we've had people in the trump orbit consistently lying to congress. you saw remember members of congress saying that across the board on sunday show this is morning from susan collins to chris christie and as we've seen with michael cohen, this is something that robert mueller is also keeping tabs on so i don't think -- i think don jr. faces some legal ramifications here
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of course mueller is very diligent, he's only putting forth things where he is -- airtight charges and so it's just a matter of time. >> you guys stick around i want to go through our next big headline it's the government slowly reopening. the national mall, nation's parks and the capitol reopening but the effects of the shutdown lingering. we have 800,000 federal workers waiting to see the two paychecks they missed and time is running out to avert another shutdown with 20 days to reach a compromise on border security. this morning, the acting white house chief of staff defending the president's decision to back down without getting any funding for a border wall. >> this is just the next step in the negotiation. we thought it was the right thing for the president to do at the time and ultimately i think he'll be judged by what happens at the end of this process not this week.
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this is not something where the president is married to a number he's married to border security. the president's commitment is to defend the nation with or without congress. >> so the president insisting he will declare a national emergency if members of congress don't reach a deal by the 15th and julian castro voicing the prevailing position from democrats. >> the democrats have made clear that they're willing to negotiate on investing in additional funds for border security, what democrats oppose is a concrete wall or a barrier that reaches across the entire border if we were to build that wall. it would change the notion of america from the statue of liberty that stands for freedom and welcomes immigrants to a country that literally walls itself off from the rest of the world. >> and a new poll from cbs news and the "wall street journal" shows 63% of americans surveyed say this country is heading in
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the wrong direction. look at how americans describe how they feel about the state of the country today. some of the words they're using, you're seeing them there, disaster, disappointment, hard times. and the president's approval remains 4 s 43%. kelly o'donnell is joining us with more reaction what's the latest? >> well, there's shutdown fatigue from members of the public, federal workers. this has been a hard experience for many, many people and we're in a phase where the government is waking up where you have national park service with all kinds of entities opening today, the smithsonian institutions will open tuesday. federal workers around the country back on the job monday for those in officings and the secret service are now working with paychecks coming. the back pay, according to administration officials is
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something done that is done agency by agency and there are different payroll companies responsible for that but a lump sum for the time missed should be coming in the next handful of days and the next scheduled paycheck is supposed to come on time so it's not quite more to male and now there is another process to look ahead to and the white house is trying to position its place in this new phase of negotiations. if it was widely viewed that nancy pelosi got the better end of the deal in ending the shutdown by her demand the government must reopen first and then negotiate on other issues, now white house officials and allies of the president are trying to position where things go in the next phase and part of what you're seeing from mick mulvaney is a new way of looking at what happens now to february 15 where they describe the president being willing to get the government open in order to negotiate but expecting negotiation will
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happen here's muffle. >> he did what he did because many democrats had come to us, some privately, many publicly that they're starting to agree with him on the necessity for a barrier on the southern border and they came and said look, we agree with you, you're winning the battle on the importance of a barrier on the southern border but we cannot work with you while the government is open -- excuse me, while the government is closed. that's a marked difference where the democrat leadership was. where they said they wouldn't talk about it ever she said even if they open the government the president wouldn't get a single dollar for their wall. >> so all sides are trying to set up a fresh page to begin this next phase of negotiations. speaker pelosi said she will let the negotiators that have been assigned work on this, taking it out of the leadership. there are some democrat mick
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members saying they're open for something that would resemble a barrier so that is not a uniform position but there is a sense of urgency to not allow another shutdown to take place and to give this three weeks -- as brief as it is -- room to allow the appropriators as they're known on capitol hill, people who get the budget and understand it, to negotiate and see where we are so there was political damage, real world damage and now a sense of how do the players go forward to get something accomplished now that we're in this new phase. >> kelly o, thank you so much. we'll bring back the panel jacqueline, john, gabe john, what mick mulvaney said there, particularly the lines that democrats came to the president and said you're willing the battle of the importance of a barrier along the border but we can't work with you if the government is closed have you heard that before is what he saying anyone is. >> it's 100% spin.
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of course it's not true. the white house is trying to talk its way out of a total backdown by the president and to just reset the stakes, the issue is not whether there is a border on the wall, there's almost 700 miles of border on the wall. what the president did in the 2016 campaign was conduct a make-believe conversation with the electorate and say i'm going to build a solid wall, we need a solid wall and mexico will pay for it none of that was true. it was never going to happen and the president is now saying we never looked far 2,000 mile wall he was holding on the this fantasy that we need a wall he's not saying we have 700 miles and we need 705 miles. obviously democrats have voted for some barriers and they will and they will have these negotiations at the dhs
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conference committee and they'll add money for border security and it will be some of the things the president alluded to, smart wall, immigration judges, other things to resolve the problems that exist but democrats are not secretly siding with the president on this make-belief idea that we need to build a wall and this will reduce our crime and reduce the flow of drugs across our borders. >> so, jacqueline, by john's description, if the president is living in a fantasy, when is he going to wake up from that is that going to happen by february 15 and forestall another government shutdown? is there anything to think both parties will compromise? >> john is completely right that that is 100% spin that mick mulvaney put forward if there was any issues that more moderate democrats had it was with leadership's strategy in denying the president any
9:17 am
conversation rather than wanting a blanket wall even republicans, especially along the border and in texas have disagreed with trump's wall and refused to support it but it is impossible to tell what this president is going to do but at the moment and as friday represented, the reason why the president capitulated to begin with is that his poll numbers are sinking. his base for the first time is crumbling and the one thing that the shutdown accomplished is united the left and right against the president. he put people out of work and a paycheck for 345 days to just come back to the starting position that we were in december so i think that if the president has come to this real sags that this is not the way you preside in a divided government, he is going toization that this is not the way you preside in a divided government, he is going to change course here potentially he'll use the state
9:18 am
of the union to project a more united message and start over. but more broadly speaking if the president doesn't turn a page he makes himself a lame duck president two years out from the election and wauquashes any potential to get anything legislatively done for the next two years. >> i want to ask you, if we tie both of these topics together as you assess friday's news, which is worse for the president caving on the government shutdown or the indictment of roger stone? >> it's hard to say. they're operating on two parallel tracks. you have to legal question you have to on going federal investigation into the president and then the political question. where those tracks meet is ultimately robert mueller is going to deliver his report to the justice department which will be taken up by the democratically run house of representatives. then it becomes a political fight for the president's survival because democrats will
9:19 am
take whatever legal wrongdoing that robert mueller uncovered and roger stone's indictment is another piece of that puzzle and they will decide whether, as john was talking about earlier, to introduce impeachment hearings and this is where the story came together. donald trump's collapsing political support among republicans, you saw six senators break with mitch mcconnell last week. that is the only thing he's holding on the is the fact that remembers have not broken with him but the fact that his base is -- his poll numbers by some accounts have been in the 30s. that's where the stories start to become one. >> thank you so much appreciate the conversations. when you google "roger stone" my next guest's name comes up a lot he's known stone for decades and i'll ask him how long the allegiance to president trump might last and what happened in 1985 that may shock you. my hotn those travel sites but there was always a catch. like somehow you wind up getting less.
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>> the error i made the my testimony would be both immaterial and without intent. [ crowd chanting "lock him up. roger stone emerging from a federal courthouse in ft. lauderdale unphased by the spontaneous "lock him up" chants from the crowd the former campaign adviser to president trump is no stranger to playing the role of villain way back in 1985 the new republic profiled stone, labelling him washington's sleaziest political operator and
9:24 am
that was the same year stone told democratic consultant hank sheinkopf that trump -- get this -- would be president one day. joining me now hank sheinkopf who obviously goes way back withstone. this is most curious, this 1985 thing. he had a very busy year, he and a football franchise, he was building casinos in atlantic city he was buying mar-a-lago was the presidency on trump's radar or was it just roger st e stone. >> stone was serious he looked at me and he said hank, trump for president. he's no stranger to politics so when a man says something like that to you, you pay clear attentio attention. >> politico is saying stone spearheaded trump's first political dalliance in 1987.
9:25 am
>> when trump was focused -- stone was focused there was no better in determining how to win races. and what would be the least obvious thing people would do and that they might react the strongest to. >> do you think stone employed dirty tricks to get trump elected? and to what extent how far would he do go >> dirty tricks is a loaded word considering the number of people indicted so using dirty tricks is an idea -- would roger do most anything to get someone elected and win a campaign yes. would he be smarter about it than most? the answer is yes. would he be dogged
9:26 am
the answer is yes. once he bites on to an idea it's hard to get him to loose that idea at all. >> is it out of the realm that he would put russia into the equation >> i don't think he's a traitor but people are doing things that are so outrageous and crazy in the interesti inof getting power do i think roger is silly enough to get himself in that kind of jam? if he did, he won't go down easily and he won't walk away in defeat if he can. >> there's a new yorker profile about roger stone back in 2008, jeffrey toobin wrote it and said that stone worked for donald trump as an occasional lobbyist around adviser when trump considered running for president in 2000. quote, roger is a stone cold loser, trump told me he always tries taking credit for things he never did. do you think that could play into some defense for stone with his legal troubles currently >>. >> i'm not kpe tonight make legal judgments only political
9:27 am
ones roger stone has positioned himself in the way he wants to be he's trying to figure out a way that he gets past his present problem and he is smart. do i think that donald trump would say things like that sure he would, why trump likes to take credit for everything around him but it's not likely there would be a president trump without a political consultant like roger stone. >> there are some things that say roger stone might enjoy a level of martyrdom if he spends time in jail and this that would buoy his particular brand. you don't agree? you think he wants to do everything they can to stay out of prison? >> roger is very smart if he can figure out how not to get there, he will he's always been on the outside. he's been a pirate, a buccaneer. the kind of politics he practices isn't of the norm. how he came into this isn't of the norm
9:28 am
a conservative republican from westchester helping start a new republic with the near destruction of the president of the united states working with people you just didn't do that with well, that's an extraordinary way to set your place in political history. >> back in september 2016 you appeared at a political forum with stone and he said expect julian assange and wikileaks to release clinton e-mail which is could affect the race. what can you tell us about stone and assange and these efforts related to hacked e-mails? >> i would not have anything to do with assange myself i'm a very loyal american, grateful to this country for what it did for me and mine and i would consider assange a traitor. not my plate of soup would roger stone be involved with zblaung who knows what people do to get power, you know power is a terrible thing to want because sometimes you'll do until chicago to get it. having another president out of your belt? well, that's something people
9:29 am
wish they have. >> have you been contacted looking into russia election med snlg. >> no, and that's good news for me. >> all right thank you, hank. >> grateful to be here. >> the road ahead in the battle of the border wall, what is needed to avoid another dead end. man: i'm here with the cortezs, lawsons, carnevales, at their family reunion to show them the family of chevy suvs. all: (cheering) this is the trax, the equinox, and the traverse. looks amazing. so, which one's your favorite? going for the trax, actually. it's more compact. man: the traverse? equinox is jumping out at me. that red is saying, like, "i'm a fun car." if i wanted to be a cool dad, the traverse. i like the blue one. the red one. and i would take that traverse. well, luckily you don't have to agree, because no matter what you want in an suv, chevy has the perfect one for you. man 2: i think you got it covered.
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on capitol hill, two days after the truce in the battle for the border wall, the government is slowly getting back to business today the national mall and memorial parks reopen, congress has until february 15 to come up with a bipartisan resolution over the impasse of the president's demand for a boarder wall joining me now, representative robin kelly and a member of the oversight committee. i know you visited coast guard members today and we're looking at your pictures what did you hear from them about how they feel about their government after missing two paychecks? >> well i know they still feel good about their government but there were a lot of concerns, personnel concerns, training concerns, maintenance concerns, general operations concerns and they shared with the newer
9:34 am
member what is they had to do to pay their bills. some took out loans, some charges on high interest credit cards which is not good and some had their faith shaken in whether this was the right choice for them to come to work for the kourd, join the coast guard. >> we have 20 short days in which we could have another government shutdown if no border security compromise is reached and i want you to listen to what chuck schumer said after the president announced he will temporarily reopen the governmen government. >> i think he thought no one should ever underestimate the speaker as donald trump has learned but i also in addition to that and i think nancy would be the first, our democrats stayed totally unified. >> did that come off to you as if schumer was gloating about how the shutdown came to a temporary halt and are you concerned democrats may be declaring victory too soon.
9:35 am
>> we should not declare victory only in the way that people are going to get their paychecks back but it's temporary and i think the speaker did a good job but we have to make sure when these three weeks are up that the government remains open and we can declare victory. >> i want to look at poll numbers. this no one from the "washington post" and abc is revealing how americans feel about the ongoing investigations that surround this president 46% saying the democrats will go too far with their investigations, half of americans lack confidence mueller's final report will be fair and even handed why are people skeptical about the fairness and scope of the investigation surrounding the president? and how can you ensure the public will come to feel the investigations will be done in a fair manner? >> i think people look at government as so partisan these days and particularly with
9:36 am
president trump and congress but i'm on oversight and government reform, i've been on for six years and i have faith that we will simply do our job i have faith in congressman elijah cummings and the new chairperson of the committee and i think time will tell and actions speak louder than words. i don't think we will go too far. i think we'll get at the truth. >> let's listen to how chairman adam schiff of the committee reacted to the indictment of roger stone. here's that. >> we know that the russians told the trump campaign as early as april of 2016 that they had the stolen e-mails we know that they offered dirt to the president's son don jr. and he said he would love to have the russian government help with that and we know that some person directed a senior campaign official to reach out to roger stone to fight out what wikileaks had gotten from the russians and all of this taking
9:37 am
place while donald trump is pursuing what would be the most lucrative deal of his entire life and then, of course, all of the love, lying about all of the above. 100 contacts but probably a thousand lies. >> however, the chairman's comments are coming as 55% say congress should not begin impeachment proceedings so we should take all this into account. where do you fall on the evidence for potential impeachment and is the case for impeachment any strong we are the indictment of roger stone? >> i think we should wait to hear the special counsel's report i think that's first and foremost and we can make decisions from there i don't think most democrats and the speaker has said that our goal is not to impeach the president. our goal is to get at the truth. >> representative robin kelly, thank you for sharing your insights from chicago. so what happened at one of trump's golf clubs may be raising questions about hypocrisy, fairness and
9:38 am
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the president's former adviser roger stone now appears to be changing his tune when it comes to cooperating with the special counsel. let's take a listen. >> i will not quit i will not fold. i will not bend. i will not bear false witness against the president. >> there is no circumstance whatsoever under which i will bear false witness against the
9:42 am
president. >> any chance you'll cooperate with special counsel robert mueller if he asks >> that's a question i would have to determine after my attorneys have some discussion i would testify honestly about any other matter, including communications with the president. >> joining me now, former assistant watergate special prosecutor jill wine banks and charlie savage, both are msnbc contributors welcome to you both. charlie, what do you make of what you just heard from roger stone? what does his change of mind-set mean to you? >> certainly a change in tone, isn't it, from the defiance and the chest beating to well, we'll have to talk to our lawyers. of course he's not sayingly testify falsely about trump which is what was she was vowing not to do on friday. i wil testify falsely about trump which is what was she was vowing not to do on friday. but mueller has never called him to testify before a grand jury, unlike other people including
9:43 am
jerome corsi so he's not faced the choice yet of whether he will cooperate with mueller. >> i'm curious stone appears confident that his lies to congress, that it was without intent while former good morning chris christie seems to disagree let's listen to christie. >> i did forget on some occasions that i had text messages and e-mails that are entirely exculpatory i will prove in court that any failure on memory of my part was without intent. >> if i had a neck for any defendant tell me when i was a u.s. attorney that it was out of context i'd be a rich guy and i'm not. he's got a problem his e-mails and text messages tell a pretty compelling story. >> does the memory lapses -- do they hold up in court?
9:44 am
>> it won't given the detail of the in evidence the indictment all you have to do -- and i urge your viewers to go on line and look at the stone indictment because it lays out a compelling case of knowing lies he said he didn't do something and then you see in the the e-mail both e-mails he sent and the e-mail he is received. his witness tampering, his lies are clearly laid out so he can't get away with it his change in tone is interesting because he's now saying he said in the beginning i won't bear false witness no one is asking him to bear false witness. cooperation requires he tell the truth and it seems to me there's a lot of truth that he knows that could be very damaging to president trump. >> so charlie by stone's account a colorful description calling the indictment thin. is that assessment accurate? are these charges not as strong because conspiracy was not
9:45 am
included >> that's right. that's the way to frame it which is -- the indictment in and of itself i agree is strong if these e-mails that it's citing in these texts indeed exist and certainly they do so that seems like a black-and-white open-and-shut case for the question of whether he lied to congress about various things but there is nothing in this indictment that alleges conspiracy with russia and wikileaks and that's the real question that we're all interested in, not whether roger stone is in legal jeopardy for having misled congress about certain conversations he had so it's rock solid and thin at the same time depending on what you're looking at it. >> why, jill, do you think conspiracy was not included? we have former federal prosecutor and msnbc contributor joyce vance put out a tweet citing broad discovery and, quote, by indicting stone on a
9:46 am
fairly narrow set of charges mueller limits what has to be disclosed and can k protect ongoing investigations is that what's behind this do you agree >> i definitely agree with what joyce said it might be a negotiating tactic where when he is faced with actual actually wearing an orange jump suit and being put away for many years because while it may be thin as charlie says, the consequences can be up to 20 years. so it's a long sentence that he is possibly facing and that makes people's heads clear quite a lot and go from the bluster ofly never testify against the president to i don't want to go to jail.of i will never testify against the president to i don't want to go to jail. so if the mueller team was withholding the ultimate indictment of conspiracy with the russians then they have something to negotiate we won't add that count if you
9:47 am
cooperate with us. we'll leave you with these things to plead to and we'll give a recommendation that would say you should get a lighter sentence because you're cooperating so that could be why and we'll have to wait and see all of these things have such speculation and mueller knows what he's doing. they have a very experienced and good team and i trust them to make smart decisions they are playing 3d chess and the trump team is playing checkers so i would put my money on the mueller team. >> i want to read a line you wrote, charlie, you contributed to this article about trump's legal team which goes mr. trump's legal team likes to say collusion is not a crime but that's a purely semantic argument because a conspiracy between two or more people entitled or -- or entitles to commit an offense, that is a crime. how much is that going to play
9:48 am
out and negate anything the president has been saying multiple times -- no collusion, no collusion, no collusion. >> well, president trump and his defenders like rudy giuliani throw up a lot of stuff in the air and some is more serious than others. the phrase that we've heard over and over that collusion is not a rime is the stupidest of them because it's purely semantic conspiracy is a crime and it means the same thing, it's just the word collusion doesn't appear in the statute books. but i think that the real take away here that people who are watching this at home should understand is we genuinely just don't know what's happening here we don't know if mueller has evidence of a real conspiracy and is holding it back as we were discussing, we don't know if he suspects but hasn't found it and is using the charge to pressure roger stone in hope he is might cough it up if it exists we don't know if there was no conspiracy in the first place. and while what we have here is a
9:49 am
consolation of bad people who lie all the time stupidly when they're talking to federal investigators because they're bad people and they think they can get away with it and they're embarrassed. we don't know. we're not there yet for this talk of the walls closing in on trump that liberals are excited about, we're not there yet, there's not in the public view evidence of a criminal conspiracy yet what does mueller have and what might he get that's what we're waiting to see. >> glad to have all your voices jill wine banks and charlie savage as we get there thanks so much. the political fallout from the government shutdown has the president taking a hit like you mighext pect to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop.
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-additional interest on umbrella policy? -can you translate? -damage minimization of civil commotion. -when insurance needs translating, get answers in plain english at ♪ -he wants you to sign karen's birthday card. it's a high honor. rather bleak weekend for president trump. his former adviser roger stone is on a media blitz after being charged with seven counts in mueller's investigation. that indictment raising new questions about trump's presidential campaign. and the president is being hammered by some of his strongest supporters, caving to democrats in the shutdown showdown
9:54 am
he reopened the government for three weeks without getting any border wall funding in return. let's bring in our panelists susan, you first which of these developments do you think poses the biggest threat to the president? >> i think it is a one-two punch at this point because it has left the president feeling cornered and, you know, ineffective. so he's just going to be lashing out. there is no telling what he could do which scares me as an american >> john, your take what is the biggest punch here of the one-two that susan just described. >> i think roger stone is the worst. i think if i were the president -- he certainly doesn't have legal analytic skills but if i were his advisors, i would be telling him he should be concerned that roger stone wasn't stargeed with conspiracy that means there might be a conspirator bigger than stone
9:55 am
that mueller isn't ready to tip his happened on just yet i think it means the investigation is getting closer to president trump's circle and he should be worried about that. >> ann koulter is calling him a wimp when it comes to his cave in when it comes to the government shutdown. >> i think the president should use the line he was fond of, i am president and you are not he should tell it to ann coulter. she doesn't have the slightest idea how government runs that's not to say the president knows how government runs but he has to keep government operating and stop listening to the nonsense he has a job to do go do it. >> are democrats done overplaying it all, this three-week deal as being a victory when face it we are no closer to a long-term agreement on how to move forward. >> you are right it is only a three-week agreement. right now, as of what happened on friday, it was a complete
9:56 am
victory for democrats, a major vicktry for nancy pelosi she should be flying the flag. there is no indication that this president will do anything on february 15th but completely capitulate again it is not an eternal victory for democrats but they should wave the flag and claim a w. >> can i give you a look at a new poll that was conducted during the shutdown. it found the president's approval rite rating is at 43% it is right where it was in december inspite of all the negative sentiment around the shutdown do you think that means this issue may not have an effect on the president's support big picturewise? >> i actually do think good forward it will have a big picture effect because this president is going to hurt people's pocket books. there is a talk of the economy dropping off the tariffs are hurting folks. this shutdown is going to hurt people for months if not years to come.
9:57 am
they have shown people losing paychecks for a month hurts them getting their credit back, et cetera this can hurt what i call the trump trier voter of 206 i think he can very much feel repercussions of that. >> susan, i will say good-bye to you, and see you next. john, i will see you next hour. a short time from now, kamala harris kicking off her presidential rally it will be in kloaand. how she fits into the 2020 race in the next hour ♪ there goes our first big order. ♪ 44, 45, 46... how many of these did they order? ooh, that's hot. ♪ you know, we could sell these. nah. ♪ we don't bake. ♪ opportunity. what we deliver by delivering.
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