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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  January 28, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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geopolitical collaboration you see between the chinese and americans today. important lessons for today regarding what happened 40 years ago between america and china. >> absolutely. >> important lessons for today also important lessons for future leaders, for future presidents president carter had sent the secretary of state over. as the president said it did not work he didn't give up. he then sent dr. brzezinski over and of course there was an historic breakthrough. we're going to continue this conversation on wednesday, alex, i believe we have secretary albright on, is that correct >> that is correct, yes. >> we do >> we would love -- mark, if you could come back on a wednesday and david ignatius, as always, love to have an extended policy discussion about what went on, the impact it had and if mika could ever be trusted at a state dinner again. >> no, i can't ambassador mark brzezinski,
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thank you. that does it for us this morning. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. >> hi there, i'm stephanie ruhle. this morning, wall over again. federal employees return to work today after the longest shutdown in u.s. history. now lawmakers have three weeks to reach a bipartisan deal on border security before we face another shutdown president trump reportedly, quote, skeptical they can find a compromise >> the president's commitment is to defend the nation and he'll do it either with or without congress >> roger stone circus or media tour rolls on following friday's early morning indictment as trump's longtime friend opens the door to possible government cooperation. >> i will not testify against the president. because i would have to bear false witness against him. >> i'd also testify honestly about any other matter, including any communications, with the president >> mm. and 20/20 vision
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the starbucks chief confirm he's eyeing a white house bid why is the self-described democrat going to run as an independent. >> i want to see the american people win an independent person would embraces those ideas because i'm not in any way in bed with the party. >> we begin today with those 800,000 federal employees back to work for now. the federal government back up and running for now. but for how long i have a great team to break all of it down first one countdown begins and another one begins after the president punted on border security. now he's leaving it up to bipartisan congressional committee to succeed where, so far, everybody else has failed on sunday, the president said even he does not believe they can come up with any kind of deal he told the "wall street journal," quote, i personally think the chances are less than
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50/50. the problem is that the politics have changed but it's not clear anything else has. the president told the journal he doubts he would settle for anything less than 5.7 billion bucks for, guess what, his and only his big beautiful wall. he also said it would not include citizenship for dreamers coupling it, quote, a separate subject. on the other side, democrats have talked about border security enhancements. but they're still opposed to the physical wall. if what happens then the president, he's got three options. he can sign another cr he can declare a national emergency and try to build the wall that way. or he can shut down the government again i want to bring in nbc's geoff bennett at the white house and msnbc's garrett haake on capitol hill i want to start with you how is thisnew committee going to come up with a deal in 18
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days the president doesn't have much confidence but the country's kind of banking on it. >> this committee coming up with the deal would be one thing. coming up with a deal that the president can support to bewoule something else altogether. you've got an experienced group from the house and senate. folks with appropriations backgrounds who know how to get this thick done. there's a widespread sense in congress nothing was gained from the shutdown they don't want to go down this road some members who have spoken on this committee including shelley moore ca pito she said, the shutdown was a miserable experience there's a lot that tells me we may not get there but there's more felling me we have the surge to reach a consensus not an outlook that anybody here is looking forward to. the general political outlines here remain the same
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nancy pelosi was clear on friday she does not want to see a wall. watch for democrats to offer as much money as the president has talked about for border security maybe more money for border security to show they're serious about border security but not about a wall in congress, they want to get a deal the president's willingness to accept no wall will be the deciding factor. >> maybe twofold the president's strategy and the white house's strategy foot alwa not always the same thing. >> one, he didn't cave when he capitulated when he reopened the government without getting a penny of money for this board are wall the other thing is he is still in the fight he wants the american public he wants his supporters to believe he hasn't given up on this wall he's been promising for some three years
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that is why you've heard the president and top white house officials make the case if the president doesn't get what he wants at the end of this three-week negotiation, he might just shut down the government again. evidence of that, take a listen to what mick mulvaney said >> is the president really prepared to shut down the government again three weeks? >> yes, i think he actually is keep in mind, he's willing to do whatever it takes to secure the border he doesn't want to shut the government down. what he wants to do is fix this the way things are supposed to get fixed with our government, which is through legislation >> mulvaney is doing his job as chief of staff he's carrying the president's message. just pulling back the curtain a little bit, i can tell you based on conversations with hill aides and white house officials, nobody in their right mind thinks it's a good idea to shut down the government again.
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this last round with nothing to show for it except all the bad poll numbers and all the blame for the undue damage on the economy and nearly 1 million american workers if the president i'm told really believed that was a good idea, he would have already elected to do it. the problem is it's a source of debate in this white house one, you have white house officials who don't think it will hold up in the courts two, they think the president will further alienate americans. and the other thing is the money would still have to come from some place the white house already has this idea of pulling money from military projects, pulling money from disaster relief we've heard from loud constituencies who said no way >> enhanced border security and the wall are not the same thing. what i'm just listening to was mick mulvaney saying the president will do whatever it takes to secure the border we have to remind the audience whatever it takes and the wall are not equal to one another i want to bring my panel in.
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evan siegfried, a republican strategist christine quinn, vice chair of the new york state democratic party. christine, are you at all optimistic this committee can come up with some sort of deal >> i think we have to be optimistic, right, because you've got a group of people in a room together. we have a three-week opportunity. we have to be off the mimic and support them otherwise, we're going to end up exactly where we were. it affects 800,000 people's pocketbooks in the communities where they had been spending money. i don't think we have time to be the typical, sit back, this one's a crook this one's a sham. no, we have to rally behind this committee. we have no choice. >> remind our audience, even if you're not a federal worker, it's the contractors and the community and their families and any person who's eating food that they want to be sure the fda approves or flying on airplanes and they want to be sure the tsa workers there and doing their job.
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do you think the politics have changed enough that maybe the president could come to the table? i'm hard pressed to find many republicans outside the true alt right forcing the president's hand on the you're a chicken, you're a turkey, wlaegs the wall if we come up with actual enhanced border security, which many people on both sides agree upon >> we've seen the president time and time again say i'm going to do something and then the base goes crazy and he pulls the rug out. and then mitch mcconnell had it unanimously passed from the senate and the president heard from meadows and the freedom caucus as well as other voices in conservative media. this is unacceptable then the shutdown began. >> okay, enough with ann kou coulter. c could the president not get on television and say working
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together we have come up with an enhanced security plan that works for all. who cares if ann coulter is sitting back in her seat calling him a wimp >> donald trump cares. because he likes that sort of -- the placebo effect of having his base adore him he's never going to get that middle who's frustrated. donald trump might very well do that the courts will strike it down that gives him the political out to say, see, i tried to get you that wall. it's going to be more and more of the stupid and the complete gridlock in government we saw and we started to see it in polls last week before the shutdown ended that there were a segment of the population who didn't blame democrats for the shutdown itself. they saw democrats and republicans not coming together and just being adults in the room and saying all right, let's do some wall, something, because government needs to work we can't have 800,000 federal
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workers out of work, plus over 1 million contractors. >> which is why they have an opportunity to come up with a solution together that might not play to a wall that is so -- that is supported by so few -- >> donald trump can scuttle the whole thing. >> fine, then he'll have to own that i want to share what house minority leader kevin mccarthy says on "meet the press" about the pressure democrats are under. >> if in three weeks they said before you'll open it up, then we'll negotiate. they have changed the course they have voted for in the past. speaker pelosi voted for a wall and barrier. but now they will not because it's president trump i think it's wrong >> willing to negotiate and move towards a good end place the committee is bicammeral and
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bipartisan this representation that democrats are standing on the sideline is just factually untrue also the minority leader is engaging in really petty politics that none of us have the luxury of engaging in right now since there is only 18 days. and the facts of what he's saying aren't even true. but they've never voted for the type of big beautiful wall the president is talking about we all know there are barriers of sorts on different parts of the border that's very different than spending over $5 billion on a wall in the southern border where we know it won't solve the problems like drugs that the president has articulated. >> the drugs that mostly come in through our legal ports. >> exactly that's why -- one of the reasons this makes no sense. i really hope we can offer 18 days, take a little bit of a
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political deep breath. >> i'm with you. >> and just -- you know what -- and a lot of what you said about the president is correct also the president went for the longest shutdown in history. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer did not budge. he may have coulter calling him wimp on twitter. he also has nancy pelosi not moving he's in a box and he's going to have to act differently because he's used to people blinking first. >> the other thing is in being a deal maker, if he's about the art of the deal, a deal maker is not a winner take all. it's let's make a deal so democrats work with republicans on this committee and he then denies it, isn't he then boxed in you know for every kevin mccarthy out there who wants to say democrats are doing nothing? he'll be immediately clowned in 18 days when they show up and
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say, we actually have something hakeem jeffrey also this weekend is already talking about enhanced border security. >> he's been a clown in the white house -- >> that's irrelevant. >> he's playing towards his base he's never tried to govern towards the middle i don't know where he comes down on this. he's saying we're going to do it and we've got to have a wall in order to have a country i don't think that works the president is going to be there and he's going to really hold this committee's feet to the fire you saw him on twitter this weekend talking about how he's going to get strong borders. he was also saying oh, no, i didn't surrender we also heard from several of his surrogates because he was winning the argument they are off in lala-land if they think the president actually believes that now he's becoming more dangerous
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because he's a cornered animal i hope something great that's a good compromise that shows washington can still work comes out of it. but the real x factor is donald trump. >> i'm with you. people over politics >> because 800,000 people and the contractors and the super markets on main street all over the country. everything you're saying about the president is true. but i'm going to choose to believe that these next 18 days are going to redefine what is possible in washington let's not forget at the same time the shutdown, which was horrible, was looming, we passed the crime bill a bipartisan effort that brings justice to people who don't vote -- >> this is so important. nobody got behind criminal justice reform in a big way all of these years to see this go through before christmas, i mean, for people that don't have the right to vote, there's no big lobbying effort i'm optimistic
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>> good. >> we're going to do things to help all people. it's not just federal workers or their contractors. big business is saying this hurts them i spoke to arnie sorenson of marriott he said they're down 30% why? if the smithsonian's not open, who's coming to visit? up next, after over 17 years of fighting in afghanistan,ing news of a possible peace deal with the taliban it's the longest war in american history. we got to dig into that. later, roger stone's media tour and of course his indictment, don't forget that, rolls on. why he's now saying he's open to cooperating with the special counsel. perhaps the only show stone didn't actually show up on was "saturday night live" to share this and guess who did, my all-time favorite comedian steve martin, he stepped in. >> and haven't these ridiculous accusations made you poverty strikening as well >> oh, yes, that's right, i'm broke from my legal battles and
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and the man in the high castle. all in the same place as your live tv. its all included with your amazon prime membership. that's how xfinity makes tv... simple. easy. awesome. welcome back i'm stephanie ruhle. this is a really important story. we're looking now to afghanistan where it is longest war in
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american history might be nearing an end this morning we learned the american and taliban officials have reportedly agreed in principle to the framework of a peace deal that's according to "the new york times." the deal would result in a full withdrawal of roughly 14,000 american troops. joining me now, nbc news courtn courtney kube. why today do we suddenly trust the taliban to keep al qaeda out? after 9/11, that was never even a consideration. and look back on the numbers we have lost 2,200 people, americans have lost their lives. over 20,000 have been injured. what has changed that suddenly now we think we can have a peace deal that we haven't over all these years? >> so that is the biggest and most critical question that's the enforcement of this deal i should say we have very little detail about what entails.
6:22 am
the basic framework of it, it would include some sort of enduring cease-fire. eventually involve some sort of large scale withdrawal of u.s. forces we have no idea about the scope yet. it would involve the taliban having direct negotiations with the afghan government. this has all been sparked in large part by the new negotiator he's been on the job a couple of months he's shown a propensity to talk to everyone. he will talk to, you know, all different facets of the taliban. he's been very aggressive in these negotiations it seems now they have reached what is really the most tangible and potentially positive step we've seen in the talks in a decade of talks with the taliban. but the big question is, is this something that is sustainable. is there some kind of enforcement mechanism where the international community has some
6:23 am
way they can enforce the taliban will keep terror groups out of the country as a safe haven as we saw, you know, in 2001 when they planned the attacks on 9/11 from afghanistan. >> to that very point, he may be the most skilled, the best negotiator for the job, but why is it we would trust the taliban? if you ask the average person at home, they would think the taliban's the bad guys and we've already heard some reservations about this deal from the afghan government the president of afghanistan is mentioned in the peaiece quote, there's concern among senior afghan officials about the fact that the afghan government has still been side lined from the talks officials close to mr. ghani say he is concerned the americans might negotiate important agreements afghan officials are not party to, potentially including the shape of an interim government outside of the u.s. elections is there any concern from the pentagon that withdrawing the u.s. troops could now put the
6:24 am
afghan government at risk? >> absolutely. what's interesting for years we heard the u.s. was only going to negotiate with the taliban if there was an afghan face on the negotiation. it would be the afghan government really speaking with the taliban with the u.s. in some sort of support role. i heard that had really been blown up that khalazid was talking directly to the afghan people and the afghan government for a large part had been side lined so the fact he has -- i think a large part of the concern from the afghan government stems from that, the fact that they haven't been at the table during a lot of these negotiations. >> thank you so much this is a massively important story. what is going on in afghanistan? up next, roger stone, he says the one thing he wouldnever do
6:25 am
to protect the president is lie. but isn't that exactly what he was indicted for i'm very, very confused. we're going to have the latest on roger stone before we go, please listen to this today, it's january 28th that means we're not even one month into the year and according to the trace, there have already been 3,811 incidents of gun violence in this country, including 25 mass shootings. that is nearly one mass shooting every single day [knocking] ♪
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roger stone now says he is not ruling out the possibility of cooperating with the special counsel. after being indicted on five counts of making false statements that's also known as lying one count of witness tampering and one count of obstruction of justice. >> any chance you'll cooperate with special counsel robert mueller if he asks >> you know, that's a question i would have to -- i'd have to determine after my attorneys have some discussion if there's wrongdoing by other people in the campaign, that i know about, which i know of known, but if there is, i would certainly testify honestly. >> okay, for you witch hunt
6:30 am
watchers out there, stone is the sixth associate of the president to be indicted by special counsel mueller. look at that screen right there. manafort convicted gates guilty now stone indicted here to discuss, maya wily senior vice president for social justice at the news school and john laural, a white collar criminal attorney and former federal prosecutor john, how should we take stone's claim that he would speak honestly with mueller if mueller walls on him to testify? he will protect the president and what he's been indicted for is lying >> it's a nonsensical position mueller doesn't want him he would have to cooperate completely then he's owned by the federal prosecutors. which means you don't just dip your finger in the pool, you have to dive deep. >> i don't know what that means. >> you can't just say i'm going to cooperate in certain areas and not other areas.
6:31 am
they don't want stone unless he can give them president trump. >> he's making the argument i will potentially cooperate but the president didn't do anything >> yes he's also saying he'll be honest and he's been indicted for five counts of blatant lying. and the truth is, the evidence of his lies are public because we have some of those e-mail exchanges. you say i have no records that relate to this investigation and then you find e-mail and text message after e-mail and text message directly on point to the investigation then you say, oh, i had no written commaun cations with intermediaries with julian assange. and then you find written communications with intermediaries with julian assange. and then you say i'm going to be honest he said he didn't have any communications with anyone in the trump organization, right, in the trump campaign. and yet we know from the indictment that what robert
6:32 am
mueller's team is saying is we have evidence that those communications actually happened. >> but we don't know who the communications with with >> we don't. >> could roger stone be threading a needle that i didn't speak directly to the president but those intermediaries could be don jr., jared? >> the amazing thing about this indictment is he didn't have to lie. all the activity that took place in terms of talking or finding out about the e-mails, none of of that is illegal the only thing that he did that was illegal was lie to congress. and he had no reason to do that. he could have gone in to congress and said, i did all this stuff i tried to find out what these e-mails were about i even told the campaign about it nothing is improper or illegal why he lied is the essential question in this indictment. >> covering the president is like parenting my 12-year-old day in and day out explain to me why you're lying maya, the president
6:33 am
continuinging to show his support for roger stone on twitter over the weekend i feel like we're having a paul manafort replay but it didn't work out for manafort. >> it didn't work out for manafort and yet manafort did potentially protect the president, right, if, in fact donald trump is directly related to working with the foreign government and therefore a conspiracy to defraud the united states then yes, it may have worked out quite well for donald trump but we don't know, right, we don't know the facts. here, in this case, we have a pattern where what the president does is if you refuse to participate in a law enforcement investigation that goes directly and central to the integrity of the election system and of the relationship of power that's running our country to a foreign government, that is not aligned with our interests
6:34 am
finding that out should be paramount and rewarding and making public statements to reward people for not, not participating in that investigation fully and openly is something that makes donald trump look like he's not so innocent >> i go back to the number one question, why lie? the "washington post" points out a couple of possible reasons that trump associates repeatedly lie about associations with russia and they give these as possible explanations. one, to protect a still hidden dark secret about the interaction with russia. two, to avoid diminishing trump's victory. or did they each lie for their own reasons? i mean imagine if they're laying to protect the president's ego because he doesn't want anyone to think that his win wasn't
6:35 am
legitimate imagine if all of this happened for that >> all of the above. it could be for all of those reasons. flynn lied probably for personal reasons. >> jared and president trump thought the whole russia thing woe go away. >> obviously was a big political issue. stone in my judgment has a death wish he literally walked into this indictment there was no reason at all -- >> smiling >> almost inviting it. he was poking mueller in the eye to come after him. >> why would he? >> i have no -- some day, someone will do a psychological profile on roger stone >> well when he says publicly, it's better to be talked about than not talked about. apparently he may not care how bad the conversation is. >> yikes better to be talked about than not talked about thank you. that story not going away. now we have to take you to wall street because we're five minutes into the trading day and the dow is already down big time. cnbc markets reporter dom chu. why is the market down 300
6:36 am
>> we're getting to the busiest week of earnings season this time around which means we've got about almost a quarter of the company's in the s&p 500 reporting their quarterly results. one of the big ones to focus on today will be caterpillar. this is the big construction equipmentmaker they came out with numbers that basically said that the business they have in places like china and latin america is slowing down for that reason, they've offered a forecast for their full year results that came in below what economists and analysts were looking for. that is one of the big drags on the dow jones industrial average so far today computer chipmakers in the world, nvidia, they make a lot of graphics and gaming chips they also came out and preannounced that their revenues were also going to be below what they previously thought. those two companies are probably the biggest reasons why the dow and the s&p and nasdaq are down
6:37 am
as much as they are just in early trading now. >> yikes, only six minutes in. thanks up next, last week, i was in v davos switzerland. talking with everything from the environment to future of business one thing everyone agreed on, that the future is an artificial intelligence we'll go through why they don't want to say that out loud. with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. so even when she grows up,
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global leaders and experts came together in davos last week for the world economic forum i was fortunate to be there. one of most discussed topics, artificial intelligence and the automated workforce. according to "the new york times," quote, many executives wring their hands over the negative consequences that artificial intelligence and automation could have for workers but in private, they're racing to automate their own workforce to stay ahead of competition with little regard for the impact on workers. joining me now, "new york times" business columnist kevin ruse. i agree with it wholeheartedly, but here's the issue, as a ceo of a publicly traded company, your job as a fiduciary is to optimize return for shareholders so to the best of my understanding, that means automation not do you support your town or displaced workers. and that might be terrible from
6:42 am
a social or emotional or fundamental standpoint but as far as what those ceo's jobs are, they're doing it. automation is the future. >> it goes back to this sort of question that henry ford addressed back in the early days of ford. which is if he's not paying his workers, there's no one to buy the cars i think that's really where we're headed with automation if these companies are putting thousands of hundreds of thousands of people out of work through automation, who's going to be left to buy their products >> yes, but what you're talking about are long-term issues if you're the ceo of a company and you have quarterly reports and analysts banging down your door, they want to know what you're returning today they're not thinking who's going to buy a car in 7 or 14 years. i learned last week when goldman first proposed to do their 10,000 women effort, their share shoulders said, what, are you kid meg? we'll decide what good we want to do. you return to us so given what the incentives are
6:43 am
and yes, they're perverse, isn't this a situation of hate the game, not the player the players are these ceos who are optimizing their businesses. >> the language of inevitably was there. talking about automation like it's just this thing that's going to happen and they have no choice over the matter so they're absolutely salivating about the prospect of using ai and machine learning to cut the size of their workforces i had one consultant tell me that ceos are not asking him if they can automate 98% of their workers away can they do the same amount of work with 1% of the human workers. >> are they acknowledging whose job is it to serve those workers who lose their job, right? if somebody who loses their job in a factory is not about to become a social media consultant who's responsible for it >> well, right now, it seems like no one is responsible for
6:44 am
it. >> and we've been saying this for years. >> totally the ceos talk about what they call reskilling. teaching them to do something else so far the ceos are not putting their money where their mouth is on this. only a handful of companies -- >> but even those who are doing it, it's sitting in their corporate social responsibility vertical it's not sitting in their core business unit. so it's like putting icing on icing on icing on top of the cake they can then take away. >> absolutely. i think we need to sort of make it clear to ceos that there will be real human toll and backlash. and this is why they don't talk about this -- >> there will be real human toll of all those people who lose their jobs but what will the actual backlash be >> you can see it kind of starting this is not hypothetical we're already seeing companies displace workers because of automation and what's really interesting is -- >> what's the backlash for the
6:45 am
workers? >> i think they have options i mean, some of these are unionized industries the mistake is thinking about automation as a blue collar program in factories this is happening in law in finance in health care we have artificial intelligence algorithms that can diagnose tumors and other abnormalities than -- >> other doctors, radiologists, yes. >> this is not some hypothetical problem. this is going to happen across industries i hate to tell you but in china they're already using ai news anchors to present the news on their evening news broadcasts. >> kevin ru se, put meg oting m of work. telling me a radiologist cousin of his would say you're putting me out of business. >> they're coming. >> robots, they're coming for us kevin, thank you remember, the president said your jobs are not going away he's angry with mary barra
6:46 am
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i am seriously thinking of running for president. i will run as a centrist independent outside of the two party system >> oh goodness howard schultz saying he is preparing for a 2020 run for the oval office. the self-described lifelong democrat leaving the democratic party behind for you when talking about his move toward independent. he tells "the new york times" republican and democrats alike who no longer see themselves as part of the far extreme of the far right and the far left are looking for a home the president tweeted this morning, quote, howard schultz doesn't have the guts to run for president. watched him on 60 minutes. i agree with him that he's not the smartest person. besides, america already has that
6:51 am
i only hope starbucks is still paying me their rent in trump tower. classy evan and christine back with me. christine, okay. what do you think about this when howard schultz was asked would he reconsider and run as a democratic he said i feel if i ran as a democrat i would be disingenuous and say i believe things i don't believe because the party has shifted so far to the left what do you make of this >> well, i'm a democrat. i'm not for third party candidates that could hurt the democratic party i think he could end up in the same way now there's a different way this could go. he could think about running, add to the dialogue and the discussion, and then end up not running. which might be very interesting to have a more full-throated conversation about things with a middle as opposed to just having
6:52 am
left and right conversations i think it's probably an interesting day, it would have been interesting to be in the room and watch mike bloomberg watch 60 minutes although, mike bloomberg is going to run as a democrat, these two, howard and mike are covering similar territory >> they are. evan, what's your take on this bill kristol, he has encouraged primary challengers for trump, but has said a third party, this about it the right idea. this is a gift to trump. >> one number comes out to me. 270. that's how many electoral votes you need to become president of the united states. what states come in play with schultz? what does he get not a single one you know what's going on here? >> are you saying unless we change the electoral college, there's no point in athird party discussion >> no. i'm saying this is a third party candidate who doesn't have a constituency yes, there are people frustrated with the far left and right, but they're going to end up staying home or if they're so upset at
6:53 am
president trump, they're vote for the democratic contender, and what howard schultz does is hurts any attempt at democrats having party unity and coming together for the general election i don't know who is advising him. advisers are giving anonymous quotes without attaching them saying there's a path for howard schultz. whoever is telling him this, they're a girifer the. >> but will his presence be a wakeup call for the democratic party that a move to the far left cuts out the middle centrists are saying i'm homeless i care where do i go? >> i don't think it will be. >> they're not voting for elizabeth warren >> no, but they're not voting for donald trump either. and they may not vote for warren, we don't fully know that yet. i think right now the democratic primary is very democratic primary base is very comfortable
6:54 am
where they are >> where are they? >> on the far left and i don't think schultz's entrance is going to change that i could be wrong, but i think the democratic primary will be a battle of the left >> last point, kamala harris, winning weekend? >> she did have a great rollout. probably the best rollout so far. >> it was a good rollout she has a lot of questions to answer she has to answer about her top aide's sexual harassment scandal. she hasn't passed a single legislation as part of the senate if i were an opposition researcher, i would be looking at all the cases she prosecuted and whether or not any donors received special treatment >> top of her list is to answer for sexual harassment issues from a top aide. she can answer that right after the president answers for his. coming up, we're going to hear from some of the dozens of undocumented workers at president trump's new york golf course the one he owns. they were recently fired as the fight for the border wall swe intensified.
6:55 am
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ask your doctor if cologuard is right for you. a business owner always goes beyond what people expect. that's why we built the nation's largest gig-speed network
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along with complete reliability. then went beyond. beyond clumsy dials-in's and pins. to one-touch conference calls. beyond traditional tv. to tv on any device. beyond low-res surveillance video. to crystal clear hd video monitoring from anywhere. gig-fueled apps that exceed expectations. comcast business. beyond fast. you know how we like to end this show. no matter what, there's always good news somewhere, and we think good news rules. i missed you last week more than anything, i missed these stories. when someone went after the very famous actor patton oswald, he originally replied with a jab right back that's what we do on twitter after taking a closer look at that man's profile, patton
6:59 am
oswald learned the man, michael was struggling to pay his medical bills from a recent hospital stay. so you know what he did? the actor then offered a different response acknowledging his critic's struggles and encouraged his nearly 4.5 million followers on twitter to donate to the go fund me page the man tweeted back this. patton, you have humbled me to the point where i can barely composed my words. y i want you to listen to this. as of this morning the go fund me page for this man has raised more than $46,000. far surpassing the $5,000 goal it's a reminder to make a breath, turn it around, open your mind, open your heart, and realize humanity and decency matters before anything else we're all good people at the end of the day
7:00 am
i love that story. it wraps us up for this hour i'll see you again at 1:00 p.m. with ali velshi. coming up now, more news with hallie jackson >> steph, it's good to see you back in the seat it's an incredible story talk about decent humanity i am hallie jaxen in washington this morning it's the count down to the next shutdown the government may be open for business today but president trump signaling he's ready to close it down if he doesn't get his way on the wall. his relationship with conservative commentators is showing signs of stress. why he's calling out two top reporters from his favorite network. there's someone else on the receiving end of a fussy presidential tweet a billionaire who may be brewing his own presidential campaign. president trump all by daring the former starbucks ceo to jump in the race. why some democrats worry that's the worst news for them. plus an nbc news exclusive you will not want to miss. the battle over undocumented workers at one of the president's properties ou


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