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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  February 1, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PST

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support their families. the next time you hear anybody talking about another potential government shutdown. that for us is our broadcast on a thursday night. we thank you for being here with us. >> tonight on "all in." >> right now the investigation is -- you know, i think close to being completed. >> new filings from robert mueller on the evidence of roger stone suggestests the probe is not slowing down. >> it's so voluminous and complex that a speedy trial is impossible. >> phone calls by donald trump jr. as he was arranging his meetings with russians. and a worker at a trump golf course will be a speaker at the state of the union.
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plus live from iowa and tremain lee in election fraud in the still vacant seat in north carolina. >> whether or not you cheated me for 5,000 or 1,000 votes, a cheat is a cheat. >> when "all in" starts right now. good evening from new york. three days after stammering attorney general indicated the special counsel's investigation were wrapped up, robert mueller's own court filings seem to be saying not so fast. there's wish casting for years from the people who represent the president. perhaps most notably by ty cobs who in august of 2017 says the following. yard be embarrassed if this is still haunting the white house by thanksgiving and worse if it's still haunting him by year's end. special counsel prosecutors
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asked for an extension passed the usual 70 days to prepare for roger stone's trial. this discovery is both voluminous and complex. it is composed of multiple hard drives containing several terabytes of information consisting of among other things search warrant applications and results, eg apple i cloud accounts, fwang and financial records the sell i'll phones, computers and hard drives. the communications contained in email accounts and physical devices span several years. but he's the thing. rilts not just stone in that filing. shrouded in secrecy behind redaction, the special counsel has been going to the mattress to fight a company whose name we don't know own bide foreign government we do not know to get them to comply with a subpoena. it's gone up in the supreme court and back down.
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just a few days ago we learn one of stone's associates who has been fighting mueller's attempts to get him to testify basically tried to say hey, you've got stone. am i off the hook and they more or less said no, this is not over. joining me u.s. national justice reporter. what can you tell us about the mueller filing in the case of roger stone today? >> it's interesting. two big things that jump out is the voluminous and complex piece. the amount of information they seized from roger stone's house on top of the other information they had from him. they had emails and exchanges. now they have bank accounts, terabytes of information and it spans several years. so they have even more than they had before. that's what is going to make this lengthy and it's a time piece in and of itself. the special counsel's office and not to be refuted by stone's team. they're not pushing back.
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they say the normal saevrlt-day window for a speedy trial is out of the options this time. i mean this has happened in other cases with other defendants because this is such a complex high profile case, this is going to take longer. it should be waved for stone in the interest of justice. >> i'm going to go back to something you said about the two buckets of information. there's a bunch of stuff they seized in the search but they already, as indicated in the filing, they have gone years back, digital information from stone. is that right? >> if you read through that indictment from friday, it's amazing everything they can lay out and again begs the question of if defendant after defendant has seen how much information robert mueller's team can have on their travel, bak bank account, text messages, why do they continue to lie? but some of the things he gathered was correspondence with members of the trump campaign
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summer and fall, that key period. wikileaks was dumping information that were damaging to hillary clinton, the democratic candidate at the time and they all of that really lined up so you could see where it came from. i think this could speak to possibly a window that could exist where the acting attorney general could be right it's wrapping soon but the stone thing keeps going and that is they could say there's not a connection from stone that looks like conspiracy with a foreign government and therefore they can answer the question of whether or not the trump campaign conspire would a foreign government. because the conspiracy piece is not in the indictment, even from all the information they have. >> joining me former u.s. attorney from the southern district of california and served as a superior court judge and msnbc legal analyst.
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i want to start with you, maya, in terms of what you make from the filing. we know they're fighting about the subpoena. they've told andrew miller, you're not off the hook because we still need your testimony and the filing today. what does it add up to you? >> that this isn't wrapping fast and yrbsy that because what not wrapping means, we don't know. but if you look at the indictment itself, one of the things that's interesting is if you're only looking -- if your prosecutor only looking at perjury, witness tampering, obstruction, you don't have to make reference to contact with the trump organization -- with the trump campaign. to make the claim -- now so they're signaling something there because it's not necessary for those indictments. it doesn't mean they're saying they're going to charge something but it's a signal. now we know they have all these records.
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i mean we had all the swirl around this fbi raid which, from my vantage point, looks libe they want to make sure there wasn't evidence that was destroyed and that they're going to take their time going through the evidence. remember they have rick gates whose sentencing is postponed. >> that's another data point in the delay category. >> and roger stone is connected, at least in relationship to manafort and rick gates, particularly manafort because of their forming a lobbying form together. what this does tell me is i would expect we may see supercede under indictments when it comes to roger stone. >> that is a big question. i want to play you, as someone who served as judge and u.s. attorney herself. an argument i've seen roger stone and allies make, roger stone saying this today as bizarre press conference. they're all bizarre where he's concerned.
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>> i stress that these are all after the fact process crimes and i am not accused of a russian collusion. i'm not accused of collaboration with wikileaks. i'm not accused of conspiracy. there is no evidence or accusation i knew in advance about the source or content of the wikileaks material or alleged hacked or alleged stolen material. >> what do you think of this term, process crimes? >> there's no really such thing as a process kram. a crime is a crime. he's trying to say i just lied during the investigation and that's just a crime committed during the process of an investigation. it's really a meaningless phrase. it's a crime but what it does signify is the mueller team kept the indictment very narrow. it means they can continue using
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the grand jury to investigate other crimes and what's interesting about the execution of the search warrants is we don't know what was in appendx a which lists what the perspective crimes are or what they're looking for. so whether they were -- you know, there's no need for them to get additional evidences to the obstruction of justice or the witnesses tampering. they already have that. and so they might be looking for in fact i would say the search warrant was more expansive and dealt with the larger investigation. >> i'll come back to you, maya. you were a u.s. attorney, then a judge. have you encountered cases in which a variety of people in a criminal enterprise were engaged in lying to investigators, tampering with witnesses, trying to get their stories straight but weren't actually guilty of a thing? just their weird habit or fetish to lie.
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have you encountered that kind of behavior besnore >> there are two possibilities to what you're talking about. there's the possibility that people just love to lie and they can't help it. it's in their nature. that's actually fairly unusual when you're looking at the threat of a federal prosecution. sometimes what happens is that people lie and there really is something -- there's a crime they're lying about. whether the prosecution and the agents can actually build a case beyond a reasonable doubt that 12 jurors will find with uninimty, that's a separate question. i think that's what the special counsel's team, that's the hurdle they have to meet. >> i think carol's dead on and i think -- you know the thing if we step back from this is roger stone -- there's no question he has a long career as a dirty
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trickster and so he's used to manipulation. he's used to lying. he himself has said nevered a nielt anything, which a really bad strategy when you're being asked something under oath under penalty of perjury and there's a written record that will show that you're lying. but at the same time there's a certain point at which you're staring down the barrel of the prosecutor is pointing at you where you just go whoa. i'm out of the spin machine, i'm going through the washer now. i'm going to get clean and he didn't come clean and you have to wonder why. >> that's a great way of putting it. we'll find out more as this goes on. thank you both. it has been just over two days since president trump's intelligence chiefs publicly refuted him saying north korea is unlikely to denuclearize and isis has not been defeated. the president fought back
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writing the intelligence people seem to be extremely passive and naive when it comes to the dangers of iran and perhaps intelligence should go back to school. the president argued the president chief's testimony which was broadcast in full on live tv didn't actually happen. >> mr. president, did you talk to your intelligence chiefs about the displeasure -- >> i did and they said they were totally misquoted and they were totally -- it was taken out of context. i suggest that you call them. they said it was fake news -- >> we ran exactly what they said to congress. >> it didn't surprise me at all. >> one of the senators in that intelligence committee hearing the president says is fake news. independent from maine. the president posed for a photo u a kind of kiss and makeup photo. just concluded a great meeting in the oval office. the senate hearings was
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mischaracterized by the media and we're very much in agreement on iran, isis, north korea. their testimony was distorted. >> this reminds me of the old country song "who are you going to believe? me or your lying eyes? the testimony is there. i was there. i asked is iran in compliance with the nuclear agreement and she hemmed around buten the she said yes, it is. and that's what their findings are. as far as north korea -- by the way you don't have to read the transcript. they filed a 42-page report as part of their testimony and it says the same thing. you quoted. we continue to assess that north korea's unlikely to give up all of its nuclear weapons and production capabilities and what bothered me is the president coming after them and today he says well, they didn't say that. maybe he should have figured that out before he told the whole intelligence community should go back to school. >> shouldn't they resign?
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>> oh, i don't think so. i hope not. i have a great deal of respect for those people and they're great public servants. i got really burned because i've been to a number of stations of our intelligence folks around the world. they are patriotic people, taking their lives every day in their hands on behalf of the country. it wasn't just dan cotes or gina haskell, it was thousands of people -- >> jim mattis basically said at a certain point the distance between my own views strongly held and the president's are too much and i cannot abide working for the man. when the president contradicts your own intelligence assessments, there's a question of what sense this could ever be ea functioning relationship. >> i think that's -- ooech one of those individuals have to make that decision. but in the meantime they're
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doing what they have to do. dan coats summarized it as neatly as i've ever heard. he said our job is to seek the truth and speak the truth and that's exactly what they did. now the president doesn't have to pay attention to them. he should. but tltz rr another piece that really bothers me. the president sends this signal which is don't tell me what i don't want to hear, that could end up skewing and corrupting the intelligence process altogether because people are going to say well, year not going to tell him this because he's going to be mad and tweet at us and we end up with not getting good information up the line and that could be disastrous for this country. >> i'm old enough to remember dick cheney driving to the cia to make sure he gave them intel he wanted to justify the iraq war. so we have very recent examples of how dangerous that can be. >> i'm on the intelligence
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committee, as you know. and every time one of these people comes up for conformation i beat up on them for will you tell the president what he doesn't want to hear? because that's your job. your job is the falkts. the president's job is policy based on those facts. but if you're trying to cook the data in order to meet policy preferences of the executive, that's how you get things like the iraq war. news that broke this evening. there was a question when don jr. was making the arrangements for what was the infamous trump tower meeting in which he was promised dirt on behalf of the russian government that was supporting his father. the pop singer and son of the oligarch, there were two blocked calls which no one seemed particularly interested in finding out, at least republicans in the majority. news they have found those calls and not with his father.
12:17 am
they're with two different business associates of don jr. and the family. can you confirm that reporting since you're on the committee? >> i hate to make you ask such a long question and say no but i'm not going to confirm or deny the report because i am on the committee the work we're doing is at this point confidential or classified. committee sensitive. so you'll find out when we issue our final report. i'm sorry but that's the way we're trying to run our committee. >> had to ask. thank you. >> thank you. next as the president eye ball as second shutdown over border wall funding, one of the undocumented workers at a trump golf club just earned an invite to the state of the union.
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does your customers connecting to the wifi ever slow down your business? yes, it does slow things down. aggravating. it's a nightmare. so our gig-speed network is fast. and we go beyond fast by making it easy to create separate networks for your business and your customers and even control how much bandwidth each of those gets. so your business won't miss a beat. this is a big game changer. this is the new wave, and whoever doesn't get on, i think they would be left behind. just one more way we go beyond at&t. right now get fast, reliable internet and add wifi pro for a low price. comcast business. beyond fast. there is not going to be a wall in this deal but did say
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she would be open to other types of physical barriers. would you accept that? >> no, because if there is no wall, it doesn't work. she's just playing games. i'm not saying this as republican, as anything other than fact stater. without a wall, it just doesn't work. >> once again the president has thrown a grenade into negotiations by demanding money for a wall. yes, w-a-l-l numerous times today that he promised time and time again mexico would pay for. and since republicans and democrats came together to reach a spending deal to keep the government open, trump accused republicans of quote wasting their time and accused nancy pelosi of playing games with wall funding and complained that paul ryan renagged on his deal to fund a wall. he and he alone promised that mexico is going to pay for a
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wall it's not going to pay for. the fundamental problem is the wall was a con always a an applause line he's trying to make real and it's not just the wall that's a con. the whole stick in all of its bigotry and grossness in how undocumented immigrants are a threat is a con. the way you know this is at his own golf club in new jersey the trump organization hired dozens of undocumented workers, employed them for years and fired them amid the border wall fight. at least one said trump even shielded her from the secret service. next week two who worked at the president's own golf club will be at the state of the union address. joining me is the person who invited one of them. she represents a district where undocumented immigrant lives.
12:22 am
how did you connect with ms. morales. >> my chief of staff reached out to some activists we ehad been working with in new jersey. and inquired about whether or not there was someone who fit this description. was available and lived in our district and just so happens that ms. morales actually lives in my district. >> what is the message in inviting her? what do you think this says about the president and immigration? >> number one is she really is the face of undocumented immigrants. she's here for a better life. she's a decent person. creates no problems, helps the economy, works. this is real face of immigration. she's also the face of donald trump's hypocrisy. what he demonized immigrants during the shutdown and actually since he's been president but the businessman has exploited
12:23 am
them, used them -- >> happily. >> happily. made money off of them and in fact facil tatd their getting illegal documents in order to be able to work. and so it just highlights his hypocrisy. >> which is the real one in your mind? the bigot who says they're killers and rapists or the businessman who wants them to iron his own towels? >> i think businessman is the real donald trump. the one who's been a failed businessman who doesn't pay bills, who keeps people on the limb who was discriminating -- family discriminating against minorities in apartment buildings and things of that ilic. i think that's real donald trump. as a president, the real donald trump is a bigot. >> do you have concerns or fears about exposing ms. morales to law enforcement of any kind
12:24 am
given the president's rhetoric, given the fact i.c.e. has been upping arrests and she'll be in a high profile position. >> her face issall red ea known. she's been very curages and brave to even be a voice for those who otherwise wouldn't have a voice. we did make inquiries. she has filed for asylum. she a witness to possible illegal actions and employee violations of an employer. if i.c.e. were to try to do something like that, it would be nothing more than retaliation and i think there would be an uproar. i just don't see that happening in this case. of course we have concerns and we did make inquiries. but since she is an asylum applicant and a potential witness to a very important employment case and violations of other laws, i think she's
12:25 am
pretty much going to be safe. >> i should note the trump organization will now begin implementing e-verify to verify documentation of employees. final question. kirsten rr neilson. you're not the chair but your committee is attempting to bring her before your committee to talk about some of the things. it appears she gave misleading or out right lying testimony about child separation and she's avoiding your committee. >> my bet is on bennie thompson in getting her to come before the committee. she's never been a good witnesses the few times she's been before the committee. this is not an administration with whom you can take their word. splitting hairs and falsifying information and saying they're facts is not uncommon. democrats are in charge of the
12:26 am
house of representatives and we're going to deal with the facts. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. months after election day and there's one race that has not been called over the question of republican election fraud. all in correspondent germane lee has question on what is happening in north carolina right after this. cvs pharmacy.
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ed gets copays as low as zero dollars on medicare part d prescriptions. ed gets labels clear as day. and, lily.... lily gets anything she wants. ed knows he could just have us deliver his prescriptions. but what's the fun in that? switch to cvs pharmacy. we are now four weeks into the new congress but there rur only 440 new members in the house of representatives and that's because there is still no winner in the 9th congressional district. the republican appeared to win
12:30 am
by 905 votes but when glaring voting irregularities popped up, they refused to address them. only today has a new board come together. they could now hold hearings on the voting irregularities. one mark harris deliberately sought out and hired despite warnings and a criminalricered for fillany fraud and perjury. that man appears to have paid people to pick up absentee ballots in the ninth district. here's the thing. that is legal on its face in north carolina. you cannot do it. and questions remain about whether the ballots picked up were ever counted at all. and this is not the first time he's been linked to election issues in bladen county. there have been rumors and suspicions for years. all in correspondent tremain lee went down to north carolina to
12:31 am
figure out what was going on, starting with the head of the state republican party. >> it is likely there was some mishandling of some ballots but there is no evidence that mark harris's victory is anything other than a legitimate victory. there is no evidence that outcome of this race is in question. mark harris will be certified. one way or another and he will be the next congressman from the ninth congressional district. >> what about mccray dallas? >> i am not familiar with mccray before all of this happened. >> you had not heard of him? >> i personally had no knowledge of him. it all kind of runs together. we didn't hire him, we didn't engage him. and if he broke the law, he should be held accountb. >> what about the people who hired him, should they be held accountable at all? >> we believe in mark harris. >> do you buy that the
12:32 am
republican leaders had no idea who this guy was? >> not under any circumstance would i buy that. they needed him just as well as they need their next door neighbor. i was lead investigator at the state board of elections for 15 years. >> and tasked with doing what exactly? >> investigating any and all complaints, inquiries, potential wrong doing by voters, candidates. >> reporter: apparently in bladen county, there's a lot of that going on. what did you find? >> what i found was vote buying at like $5 a vote. >> $5 will get you a vote? >> and maybe a beer. and this was mainly mccray dallas. the rumors and the vote buying was coming from. we're not talking about him
12:33 am
picking up absentee ballots back then. moving on, he's got much more brazen as the years have gone on. >> reporter: with what you found, did anyone ever face any criminal charges? >> no. >> it should not be that we have to cheat to win. it should not be that we have to it break someone's bal toot win. it took a lot to run for office a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of time away from spending time with my wife, with my family. doing things i like to do. >> reporter: you ran for sheriff and you lost. you think maybe something might have happened in your race? >> the ninth district covers nine counties with bladen county being involved. if one race, to me it tarnished the whole race. >> your opponent worked with
12:34 am
mccray dallas, didn't he? >> based on record. >> reporter: so the election is over and you feel good because you ran a fair, clean race but then things changed. >> it's one thing to lose when everything was fair on both sides. but it's another thing to lose when you've been cheated. >> reporter: do you feel cheated? >> absolutely. i do. >> reporter: what part makes you feel cheated? >> the more and more -- the more and more i hear that ballots were not returned, the more i hear that people requested ballots that were never sent to their home, mocks me say -- and whether or not you cheated me for five votes or 1,000 votes, a cheat is a cheat. >> tremain lee joins us live from north carolina. it's wild, wild reporting down there. all of those interviews are pretty remarkable. what are people saying about the
12:35 am
fact they don't have a member of congress and it's really unclear what happens now. >> reporter: chris, i'll tell you what the wild part is it should be fiction. small town conman becomes center of the political universe. folks on one hand say this is par for the course. this part of the state it's been going on a long time. democrats and republicans and the only reason people care now is it effected a federal election and it's small rural america. everyone knew who mccray dallas you talk to republicans and they say we never heard of the guy but he's been working with republican democrats for a very long time and everyone appears to know what he's up to. >> you've got the state board. there arall red ea people on the record who said mccray paid me to pick up ballots. on its face a federal crime. what is the plan to get a congress person to represent these people in the near future?
12:36 am
>> reporter: by terrible stroke of circumstance, the state board of elections had been disbanded for another unrelated case. they were just reestablished today. next week they'll plan when they'll have an investigation, a hearing into what's going on in the ninth district. to certify harris or call for another election, you'll need four of the five members to agree. but in the meantime there's rumors and innuendo and this wild yarn being spun. >> last question. so you need four of five to certify or four of five to get a new election but you can imagine not getting them to agree to either of those and you just continue to not have a member of congress? >> reporter: then it goes to the house of representatives and they'll determine whether they call for another election.
12:37 am
the makeup is three democrats, three appointed by the governor and two republicans. so you'll need one on either side to agree one way or another. to certify mark harris or have another election. >> thanks for the great reporting. still to come senator sherry brown joins me live from iowa. and thing one, thing two. i'm alex trebek here to tell you about the colonial penn program. if you're age 50 to 85
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thing one tonight. if you're ever looking for a list of donald trump's accomplishments, all you have to do is ask him. he's got a list and more than happy to run down for you. doesn't mean it's true but he's got it. >> i have a list and the list goes on and on. it's four pages. each dot is a thing and some of those in thes are very big things. >> i accomplished so much. the economy is number one in the world. we have accomplished more than anyone could have ever imagined. >> nobody has done anything close. >> the tax cuts, regulationess, nobody's done what i've done. more than 4 million jobs created since the elebz. i've accomplished so much. today we have more people working than have ever worked. if you look at regulations and the big tax cuts and judge gorsuch. >> nobody would have ever
12:42 am
believed in a million years we would have accomplished what we've accomplished. >> look i accomplished the military. >> i'm sorry? he accomplished the military? we're not entirely sure what that means. he hasn't gone to the military or 1 rar war. there's nothing this president loves to take credit for more than the numbers in the stock market, even if he has no idea how it works.
12:43 am
just like in the business world, donald trump's success with the economy is mostly thanks to his inheritance. take a look at this chart over the last deb aud. over the course of president obama's two terms it went up and up and up and donald trump became president and started taking credit for the whole darn thing. the stock market, day to day, goes up and down. and while you don't hear from donald trump when it's on the
12:44 am
way down, you hear from him when it's on the way up. here he is, dow just broke 25, that's tremendous news. and last year dow just crashes through 25,000, congrats. then just six months later in july 2018, stock market hit 25,000 yesterday. it is all happening. here's the thing. momento. it goes up and it goes down every day, fluctuates. in fabt it's crossed 25,000 going up or down about 20 times since he's been president. every now and then he notices and it's like a brand new thing in front of his face. the dow closed at 24,999. tune in tomorrow. mr. president, it is all happing. ♪
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to storm my house with a greater force than was used to take down bin laden or el chapo or pablo escobar, to terris are my wife and my dogs issing kaungsinable. >> the ineoo conservative is a liberal that's been -- but to him it seem as liberal is a conservative that just got raided by the fbi. why did the justice department stage what was in effect a military assault on roger stone's house?
12:49 am
>> it was an abusive, ridiculous, and embarrassing excessive use of force by the fbi. >> it was like elian gonzales times 29 or 28. it was absurd. >> why is he being treated by pablo escobar? >> this has no place in american life. >> okay. so that's a bit much. it is pretty wild that fbi agents in body armor yielding large weapons conducted a predawn raid of the 69-year-old nonviolent offender but also welcome to america, sean hannity. they were trying to keep stone from destroying evidence, they say and under those circumstances a predawn raid is entirely in keeping with standard protocol. but a fenomnm journalist has documented in his book about the militarization of the police forces, s.w.a.t. raids are an epidemic. they're used for even minor
12:50 am
alleged crimes like selling maur wan wuau. they've been known to kill pets and throw a flash bang grenade in a 2-year-old's crib and leave a hold in his chest. the essential question in trump's era is who does the law protect and who does it hold to account? he got a small taste of the treatment that is routine for people less wealthy and less white and less well connected. trump says he may ask the fbi to review its tactics. but so long as you aren't his friend, it sure does sound rough policing just fine. >> when you guys put somebody in the car and you protect their head, you know, where you put your hand, don't hit their head and they just killed somebody, don't hit their head. i said you can take the hand away, okay? of your cost, leaving you to pay the rest.
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the democratic primary with candidates officially declaring they are running in 2020 and another hand full seriously testing the waters. there is probably nobody testing them as aggressively as sherrod brown and right this moment on the ground in iowa. on when he's calling his dignity work tour. brown is trying to reclaim the mantle of populism from donald trump. >> if you love your country, you fight for the people that make it work. when you talk about work, if you swipe a badge or punch a clock, if you work for tips. if you're working a salary or raising kids or caring for an agent parent or shower before work or after work, it's not just the middle class, it's the broad spectrum of people that work hard and don't get a break these days. this administration, the white house looks like a retreat for wall street executives and they trade workers. >> senator sherrod brown joins me live from iowa. senator, it's good to have you.
12:55 am
i want to start on something i thought -- >> wait, wait, chris, one second. this was the home of norman barlog who saved hundreds of thousands of peoples' lives -- >> what did he do? >> he taught agriculture all over the world. >> right. >> and found ways by breeding that could, they need to live to be 95, died only a few years ago and was revolutionary. won a noble peace prize. >> you know, since you started with that, let me ask you this question, you're from industrial state ohio. the entirety of your career, you fought against the trade deals, nafta, china and most favorite nation status and you were supportive, you know, not completely but somewhat supportive of president's tariffs. the folks in iowa have been hit on the other side with exports things like so i and other american products. what do you hear, what are your conversations like with people
12:56 am
in a very different part of the trade imbalance in iowa about the president's trade policy? >> well, you hear it both ways. you hear from industrial iowa and there are a lot along the mississippi river where i'm going tomorrow. there are a lot of plants that have been lost because of bad trade and tax policy. the bill that passed a year ago gives a 50% off coupon for a company that shutsdown production in cresco, iowa, clearly, that's part of it. the part about tariffs, i said to the president, candidate trump, president elect trump, i wrote him a letter and said don't pick, don't choose sides. don't play-off agriculture against industrial america and he's done that. he's done it. he could have avoided that by working with allies in canada and western europe and e.u. countries and japan and focused his tariffs on those countries that cheat.
12:57 am
it would have been more efficient and worked faster and put more pressure on them to do the right thing and deal with some of the trade cheating that china, south korea and turkey have done consistently for decades. >> do you think, there is a line yesterday about harley davidson saying their profit got wiped out by the tariffs and counsel for relations saying tariffs are killing americans' deals now. do you think they are a mistake the way they have been implemented? >> there is no question -- i support -- tariffs -- start with this. the tariffs are a temporary trade tool, not a long-term trade policy and this president, i had conversations with him about trade. this president fund mentally doesn't understand that and made tariff as longer policy and when you do that, you displace things and end up with soybean farmers getting hurt and steel consumers getting hurt. this could have been done in a different way and the president
12:58 am
had neither the strength or understanding, depth of understanding to do it that way. >> there is a variety of new policies put forward by folks who are either considering running for president or in the mix, bernie sanders with a big hike to the estate taxes, elizabeth warren with a wealth tax and warning democrats are going too far to the left. what do you think about going after whether it's wealth, estate, top income marginal rates, is that something you think the parties should be pursuing? >> well, sure, the party -- the 1%, howard, the coffee guy. >> schultz. >> he should be paying, 1% of course you would be paying more but also what do you do to put money in the pockets of the middle class? you pass my patriot corporation act that says if a company does the right thing and pays did sent wages and benefits and does
12:59 am
production in this country they get a lower tax rate but the companies, large come opinion -- companies the ceo is making millions and taxpayers subsidize their workers through medicaid or earned income tax credit or food tamps or a section eight housing voucher, those companies should pay a corporate free loader fee. you focus the systems for sure should be more progressive but you also rewrite the corporate taxes so that those companies that actually are patriotic benefit from the patriotic corporation act and those that aren't pay a penalty. >> sherrod brown in iowa, the work tour, i hope you're enjoying your time on the road. tell connie i said hi. >> thanks, chris. i have some important information for listeners of the pod cast, why is this happening about the second ever live recording with special guest stacy abrams. the presell tickets sold out in 15 minutes, which is amazing. thank you.
1:00 am
if you missed the presale, don't worry. we're releasing tickets tonight. you can find the link on our facebook page or live and search chris hayes. they will go on sale at 10:00 p.m. eastern tonight. like i said, presale went fast. don't be late. tonight, president trump speaks to "the new york times." he calls the negotiations over his wall a waste of time and he calls the presidency a big looser for him financially. that's just the start of it. we got the reporter who interviewed him standing by with more. plus the president said he never spoke to roger stone about wikileaks, that comes not long after a mueller revelation that the feds have found a ton of material from stone's computers and devices and this case just got longer than first expected. and yesterday, he said his own intelligence chiefs needed to go back to school.


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