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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  February 1, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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the treaty that banned the nuclear competition between east and west in europe. doesn't the president know the dangers he's flirting with? that's "hardball" right now. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. tonight on "all in" roger stone warned by the court. >> did you ever talk to him about wikileaks? >> as the president brakes his silence. >> no, i didn't. >> tonight a familiar denial from the president. >> did you ever tell him or other people to get in touch with him? >> never did. >> and the mystery of roger stone wikileaks and the access hollywood tape. >> you can do anything. >> plus the president pulls america out of an arms treaty with russia. >> this is not standing up to russia. this is giving them a gift. >> the virginia's appearance in a racist yearbook photo o.
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>> i'm cory booker and i'm running for president. >> will it move democrats? >> people in america are losing faith that this nation will work for them. >> "all in" starts right now. good evening. president trump is nowong the record denying that he ever told roger stone to get involved with wikileaks. the problem is his denials are worth nothing. trump said rod rosenstein told his lawyers that trump is not a target in the mueller vez. but when asked directly about roger stone, he said this. >> did you talk to him about wikileaks? >> no. no, i didn't. >> did you ever tell him or other people to get in touch with him? >> never did. >> as i listen, i could not help but recall the moment on air force 1 when the president was asked a similarly direct
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question about whether he knew about michael cohen's payments to stormy daniels. a question we now know the answer to is yes. as a matter of record in federal court and before any of that, here is how trump reacted to a direct question about the hush money. does his response sound sflar? familiar? d sflar? familiar >> never heard of it, don't go. nope. roger stone was back in court today. special counsel said they're looking to begin stone's trial eight months from now. the judge thought july or august seemed more appropriate. she also warned stone not to treat the criminal case against
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him like a book tour and adding she was considering issuing a gag order. he did not comment publicly but continues his weird nixon thing he'd literally been doing since he was a teenager, as seen in this high school yearbook exclusively obtained by "all in." and came on the heels of the access hollywood tape being made public. it is highly suspicious that just half an hour after the worst bombshell moment in recent memory was published, wikileaks just happened to start releasing emails that furthered the damaging narrative, emails stolen by the russian government hackerers. jerome corsi says evidence it was not a coincidence and someone from the campaign texted him "well done" after emails posted.
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the question is did stone make that happen? a member of the house judiciary committee. do you believe the president when he denies he ever instructed roger stone to get involved in wikileaks? >> thank you, chris, for that question. donald trump has lied thousands of times on matters great and small. i'm a former prosecutor and what was interesting to me about the roger stone indictment is that special counsel mueller included information totally unnecessary to the actual charges. so this sentence that a senior trump advisor wdirected to contact stone was very unnecessary. it sends a signal there's someone pretty high up in on this culugsz. >> i want to read what the president had to say about the special counsel investigation and the sdny investigation. and whether you think he's
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telling the truth and what it would mean if he was. >> what do you make of that? >> well, again donald trump lies all the time. so it's unclear how much stock we can can put into his denials. but there are multiple vezs going on. but the one with the southern district of new york. we have michael cohen under oath basically say that donald trump directed him to make these
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payments which were felony payments and trump right now is an unindicted co conspirator in that case. so in terms of him being a target, it's pretty clear that at least in that case, he would be a target. >> there's a question about michael cohen, whether he's going to testify publicly lat e before a house committee. roger stone apparently lied to congress. how important is to do you and i've been asking everyone this too, have public hearings on these matters? >> i think they're preferred and it will be important. we're going to start holding hearings, obstruction of justice, abuse of power as well as witness intimidation. you can't really have those hearings if you don't have key witness withes such as michael cohen or roger stone. >> is that made public yet? obstruction of justice and witness tampering and what else? >> abuse of power.
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let me give the background. before popical talk about the question of impeachment, you need have a record. donald trump and his associates presumed innocent like anybody in america. all we have really are newspaper articles. we've got special counsel mueller indictments. what we nide to do in the houses is have people under oath give testimony when you subpoena documents. we create this record with hearings and then american people can decide later this year what they want to do. >> those hearings, those have not been noticed yet. >> that is correct. they have not been noticed. the only ones that have been noticed are next week we're going to have acting attorneygeneral, matt whitaker in. >> let me ask you this about whitaker. he said a few days ago it's wrapping up. there's been are porting from my own news organization and others
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and yet you have the special counsel saying we need until october. what do you make of the? >> it was completely inappropriate for the acting attorney general to say anything about a ongoing criminal investigation and there are reasons why you don't want to put a timeline on it because it sends s sends signals to potential targets. i know when you get new evidence, you may have to look at new leads and it extends what your timeline is. so they have now years of evidence from roger stone that they have to go through in term oz of his communication. that's going to take time and that could leads to additional witnesses. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, chris. former associate white house counsel, president obama and now the director of protect democracy. and now an msnbc legal analyst,
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whose latest piece is entitled "trump advisor roger stone indictment in the mueller probe may signal pos -- and roger stone being interviewed on trump tv about his indictment on the day of his indictment. he says something that caught a lot of people's ears. take a listen. >> when the president answered the writ interrogatories, he correctly and honestly say me and roger stone never discussed this and we never did. >> how does the president knows what the president's answers to the interrogatories are? >> because he's having conversations with the president and the president's legal team which is arguably inappropriate. it's basically target-to-target conversations which are, at a minimum, extremely uns with and they will come back to haunt the president and roger stone.
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>> why is that extremely unwise? >> when we look at indictments, the stone indictment. 30 years as a federal prosecutor, i've drafted more indictments than i can call. when we indict one person, roger stone, we do a relatively modnist indictment. so roger stone was indicted for a witness tampering charge. the indictment would read something like on january 1st 2019, roger stone tampered with a witness by trying to interfere with the witness's truthful testimony before a proceeding. period. what we have, the roger stone indictment is a conspiracy indictment. there's no conspiracy charge contained in it. but it sets out the misconduct and the complicity of so many other people. of corsi, of cred co, of julian
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assange and trump campaign officials, including someone who directed a senior trump campaign official to try to coordinate with stone to get even more damaging wikileaks inform ayes. >> we're now -- we're at this point where the big question to me has always been that day, october 7th, the tape comes out and then the wikileaks dump happens. i always say if you're a publisher, that's a weird time because you're publishing into this enormous story that's go took get swallowed up. why would you publish then? but if you're trying to distract attention, it make as lot of sense and we have corsi saying stone was trying to shake the tree loose. >> i think it shows the map of what is happening. i wish i could like "pulp fiction" draw a shape in the air on your show. on the top of the triangle, we know they hacked into dnc
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accounts john podesta accounts. we know they gave it to wikileaks and they came out. with the stone indictment shows is this piece, that trump campaign was speaking to wikileaks. and what was the benefit, apparently, as you said? that dump came out as a time that was strategicalliedy ad ve tajs for the campaign to squash the access hollywood. >> amidst all this talk about them wrapping up, the motion to delay this until october, what do you think that says? it seems to me there's a wlut of work to boo done and perhaps a report is imminent. there is nothing mutually e exclusive about future indictments and a report being offered to congress. but to the sort of overall
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conspiracy, chris, i went back and pulled out the indictment of the 12 russian military officers from july and i keyed in on one particular -- one particular passage on page 16, paragraph 44 for those of you scoring at home. and it talks of how the russian co conspirators indicted also communicate would u.s. persons about the release of stolen documents, including a person in regular contact with senior members of the presidential campaign of donald trump. you can see the conspiracy forming when you read all of these indictments together. bob mueller doesn't put those in there on a whim. there's a purpose and the purpose is to prove the conspiracy. >> i want to ask you a question, ian, about the sort of public nature or the lack of public establishment of the facts. so i we have the situation. remember the blocked calls, right? don jr. received block calls
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around the time he's planning the trump tower meeting. the intelligence committee didn't want to unmask them, which led a what are of people to think they're incriminating. they're reporting these are family friends. there's questions of whether they're involved. there's a celebratory air from the president and don jr. like ha, see there's nothing there. and my response is we did nl nltdant have to play this stupid game. i don't care if it's excull puatory. the point is to make it public and we still as of now don't have. >> found a letter of the so-called unearthing of the watergate road map. and this is a road map that was the gathering of evidence that watergate special prosecutor assembled to the grand jury. that was sent by the grand jury the house judiciary committee
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and noticed something in the documents which is the chairman at the time sent a letter to the grand jury requesting the evidence that it had for the purposes of getting that evidence in the hands of the one body that could do something with it, which is the houses of representatives. i think at this point in time, chairman nadler should be looking at that and thinking how can we get that? at the end of the day, public hearings are going to be necessary to restore faith in the american system. for years after watergate, the american people's faith plummeted and didn't recover until the '80s and didn't recover all the way. if we're go tog recover, rirbit going to be through a transparent prausz es. and a shockingly racist yearbook photo surfaces. and announcing america's withdrawal from the nuclear arms treaty.
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the president of the united states and the general secretary of the communist party of the soviet union signed the inf treaty. >> today eye the general secretary for the soviet union have signed the first agreement ever to eliminate an entire class of u.s. and soviet nuclear weapons. >> it was signed in 1987 the intermediary range nuclear forces treaty was a historic break through. a ban on medium range missiles which helped usher in the cold war. under president vladimir putin, confronting the bush administration with the pauses lkt of withdrawing. this as evidence began to mount that russia might be cheating. in 2014 for the first time the
5:19 pm
obama administration formally called out russia. and took that opportunity to recommend scrapping the treaty altogether and calling it obsolete, even before russia cheated. last year when the trump administration said it was considering taking that advice, colon powell explained why that was a bad idea. >> there are a lot of people saying we got to get out of this and that treaty. bad, terrible mistakes which we will regret because they don't make sense. the soviets have been cheating on the inf treaty, so let's get out of it. guess what? the soviets aren't cheating anymore, because there's no treaty to cheat. doesn't make any sense. >> the trump administration is following through on its threat to withdrawal from the i.n.f treaty. and a ranking member of the senate armed services committee.
5:20 pm
>> it's a mistake, chris. a mistake for several reasons. first, as you suggestest, which will give russia the ability to argue that they violating the treaty. it's the united states who with drew from the treaty, the united states who's disrupted arms control in the world and the other reason it's i think a mistake is we have to negotiate, hopefully, an extension of the new star treaty which expires in early 2021 and if the attitude administration is we don't like arms control treaties and if that carries over, we could be for the first time in 50 years or so not having any type of significant formal controls over nuclear weapons or war heads and that encourages not only an arms race between the united states and russia and now even china
5:21 pm
but also proliferation of other countries that have nuclear devices. for many reasons this is a mistake. most particularly because it could ignite an arms race and could justify what the russians have done, which is violate this treaty. >> do you think the russians wanted out of the treaty? >> i think they behaved in a way conscious wlae that they knew they were violating the treaty. buts what they really wanted was essentially what the trump administration delivered today. they wanted us to break the treaty or leave so they could say, no, no. all of that was disinformation by the united states. we were compliant. they're the one whose formally left the treaty. and if you look at the behavior of the administration, leaving the treaty with the iranians, leaving this treaty, that does not go unnoticed by the world
5:22 pm
can community. both allies in europe who are very nervous. and the people who are antagonistic of the united states in they disregard treaties or to be more provocative untheir behavior. >> the former energy secretary wrote something i thought was quite interesting. i wanted your thoughts on it. they said getting the safer and more stable ground requires urgent action to establish a working bridge between congress. a new liaison group to work with senior administration officials designated by the president. the idea is the president essentially has to ignored, move aside or worked around to have effective, american diplomacy and u.s. policy. what do you think of that sn >> i think it's an excellent idea by senator nun who's been a leader of the arms control movement for decades, including
5:23 pm
the former secretary of defense, his colleague. all of that is i think a positive development. every administration i recall has, even in the depths of the cold war understood the necessity to have a serious dialogue with the russians or the soviets about nuclear weapons because if there was not this serious dialogue, not progress, there was the danger of not only proliferation but a apocalyptic event because one country misunderstood the intentions of another country. what sam is suggesting along with secretary of defense bill perry is there be a serious negotiation that has to be led by the president and his team to engage the russians seriously about arms control. as president regan did with gorb
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get your human to visit what would she do without me? political turmoil in the state of virginia tonight after this 1984 image surface said of the current governor in his med school yearbook page showing a person in black face, posing next to someone with a kkk robe. the image was first posted by right wing politics.
5:28 pm
they've since confirmed the authenticity of the yearbook. the governor himself just released his own statement acknowledging it was him in the yearbook, wearing a quote costume that is clearly racist and offensive. he said i'm deeply sorry to appear as i did in this photo and for the hurt this caused then and now. this is not in keeping with who i am today. i realized this will take time and effort to heal the damage caused. my hope is to offer my sincerest apology and my absolute commitment to living up the expectations virginians set for me when they elected me governor. instud of politics. professor of culture and social analicist, author of "the trouble with unity. " and professor at columbia
5:29 pm
journalism school. what in all the hell? i mean i don't -- part of the thing that's so weird about the statement is he doesn't say which one it is although i think he's the one in the black face. he's tall. there's no context? no nothing. he's 25 years old. >> right. he's a grown man and i'm so tired of this narrative that he was just a boy. he was in med school. he was a grown man. white men always pull this oh, i was just a kid act. but how many actual teen age african-american boys are being slaughtered and thrown in jail for things far less that they should -- because they're children but to have this guy say i was just a boy or have people say he was just a boy. he was a grown man. >> and he was 25. he wasn't 15. it's not his high school yearbook. and it's not 1954. it was 1984.
5:30 pm
>> no. jessie jackson ran for the first time as president in 1984. i wasn't particular lay shocked -- i was like okay. if you're a southern man of a certain age and you grow up in the south, your relationship to white supremacy is going to be there. it's the default. >> particularly in virginia military institute. >> am i disappointed? sure. but at the end of the day i care about your policies than stupid crap you did. should he resign or if i were a civil rights group, i would be at his door. this could be a political opportunity. i don't need to see him suffer personally. i don't care about the kind of self flajialation performance. i way prove to us you're committed to something -- >> look, fdr, in one of his
5:31 pm
elections, there's one of his aids shove as black porter in penn station and administration goes into full freakout because they think this is going to get reported and all the black people are not going to come out and vote and they're trying to call her and little do they know she's hosting a card party with all of the black cabinet and they're on the phone like what should we ask for? get a federal judge a -- look, i don't -- it's disturbing. one, it's disturbing. i don't think there's an excuse of youth that can excuse it. but at the same time the pure prag mutism of politics saying if this person is not doing this at this moment, what do we get out of this? >> i totally disagree and i'm generally the pragmatic progressive. i think we need principal right
5:32 pm
now. forget a negotiation or maybe we'll get something. what we can get is a black governor who is standing and waiting in the wings who was done dirty when was removed from flyers. and look at the implications for 20 twentd. virginia has significant african-american population that going to the democratic primary is going to matter and right now we've got guy who is now known to be a racist maybe in his youth whatever that is and we ecan have justin fairfax as the governor and that changes the dynamic ohow that plays out. >> it's already spilled over to the presidential campaign. kamala harris says leaders are called to a higher standard. it governor of virginia should step aside. julian castro. i want your reaction with the loud grunt. julian castro the first saying he has to resign.
5:33 pm
the naacp move, so there's a brewing push for him to resign. >> i mean okay. kamala has a lot of nuance but having said that she might not be in the best position to say we need come down on hard for peep for things they do 20 years ago. that's what people were talking about with her criminal justs record. >> those are two different things. >> but we're talking about people saying we're going completely hard -- >> here's my feeling on this. there are things that there just horrifying enough to disqualify. god grace forgiveness, all of those things and i don't know the guy at all. he's been a perfectly fine governor i think so far but that's disqualifying. it's not like a costume thing --
5:34 pm
you put that in your yearbook. it is clear what the message is when you're standing next to a guy in a white hood. that's disqualifying and sorry it hammond 30 years ago. you don't get to be in politics now. >> he could have brought this up -- guys, i did this. this is aen opportunity. >> i don't think the fact he did it is disqualifying. but the fact this is a horrible thing. that is the best argument for saying it is disqualifying. >> it's weird i'm watching conservatives and republicans doing the sort of metta commentary which is why aren't they -- they went after kavanaugh's yearbook and a lot of people are calling for his head. they're going to ask for him to resign.
5:35 pm
and the context of the presidential race. race was the ms 13 and -- >> charlottesville. >> charlottesville. >> i was going to say i think -- i guess my push back on my feelings of what do you want to do with this is i do worry about the fact that we fetishize particular type of acts of racism and the systemic, ongoing ways in which people are killed and their lives are destroyed gets not thought through enough. the question of the democratic party raising the issue with potentially with harris, the question of what is the party's relationship to wall street thoorks capitalism, to the last 30-year efforts to militarize the border? those worry me much more than somebody wearing a sum breyero. it's not an either/or.
5:36 pm
but this is a real issue though. i'm saying it is real, it's white supremacy, it's visible but i don't want to bekmp how we don't look at the policy. >> to me the most upsetting thing is that photo sat there. this -- the future doctors of the state of virginia. this is the new you in which that photo sits there. you think about the life world wrapped around that photo. all of the eyes that went throuthe yearbook, like what a cut up. and that's the -- to me more shocking part. >> can i just say how many research people fell? the yearbook photo ois the first thing you would look at. >> he ran a great race in that primary and -- >> he did run a great race.
5:37 pm
>> this who ended up win withing instead of him. >> gillespie is going i got beat up for my confederate stuff and i never did this. >> can you imagine the plot twist in that race -- that race was gillespie who's this establishment lobbiest dude who went all in on trumpism, ms 13, all down the stretch, confederate stuff. can you imagine if a week before the election the plot twisz was oh, the democrat -- >> that's when ypull the barack obama perfect union speech -- >> i don't think mr. -- >> yeah, but you still lose. >> i would ask a lot of people in families in the south but everywhere, look -- talk to your grandparents. talk about the pervasiveness of this kind of racism and look in
5:38 pm
the archives of your parents and their yearbook shenanigans, you're going to see this is a story in which the way america enjoys playing race and not just he's the eval person we can demonize -- >> but siblings. that's a heavy halloween mp every university is like please don't do the black face thing. >> i completely agree but the reason i'm cautious is because i'm watching play out roger stone and the whole conversation about whether there was excessive force because this man who is criminal, a traitor, had a bunch of people show up at his house and let him leave in a calm manner, whereas african-american people don't face that kind of sweet and kind ushering out of their homes when they somehow come in contact with this unjust criminal
5:39 pm
justice system. so i thiet kind of look at him and say oh, this is an opportunity to have a bigger conversation when the fact is you need to forget about him, let him do his thing. >> it will be interesting to see. inproblem from a purely real politic perspective is if the guy hangs on, it's a question for every candidate, do you appear with him? the statement ain't going to do it. whatever you think you should say, you got to come out -- you got to face the music, explain what the heck was going through your mind -- all of that. >> now is the time you give speech about referimations. >> i'm going to stay on as governor and i'm announcing our new reparations project. >> you got your hatsall red ea planned.
5:40 pm
>> i have you here and we were going to talk about this earlier. cory booker has now entered the 2020 race. he is the latest top tier candidate. people widely assumed he would run. a fascinating bio, the second african-american candidate in the race along with kamala harris. there's only one black senator not running for president and that's tim scott. cory booker? >> so here's the thing. kamala harris has like a bonfire. one thing everybody is gathered around. and that's the criminal justice thing. people are going to want to know how she stands and where she got there. cory booker has a brush fire. there are lots of in thes in lots of different places. people want to talk about his time in newark. what about the attempt to prives it the water supply in newark? the vouchers and the charter school? what about the $100 million that
5:41 pm
mark zuckerberg gave that got lost in the couch cushions? what about the private equity stuff? the big pharma stuff? there are a ton of things and now the thing he's billing himself as a criminal justice reform person but as you know his documentary on the police in booker. that was when the doj found systemic problems with excessive use of force there and the aclu did a report finding the same. so with booker, there is this big -- especially in a primary where there's go foing to be a of attention from progressives, there's a lot of things people are going to raise about him. >> there's such a fear that we have to be united against trump and i agree. i will work for a pickle if underneath it says democrat.
5:42 pm
we agree defeating trump is critical. elections are bot political education and it's an opportunity to have a real discussion about the direction of the democratic party what's happened to the neoepolitical wing of the party. what is our relationship to wall street, our relationship to criminal justice and people like booker and harris need to be able to make sense of here's where i was -- here's where i was and why and here's where we need to go going forward and we need have a recing with that and that's a grown up thing political parties do which is how important adult debates about important issues. we can't pretend this isn't happening and have a unity putina. we need have an ag nisic debate about where they want to be. >> thank you for making time on this friday night. have a great weekend.
5:43 pm
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yesterday we got the latest tax filing disclosures for the legal fund. there is precisely one donor in the last quarter of 2018 ashes couple who gave $500,000. miriam and sheldon adelson.
5:47 pm
they're the biggest republican donors out there ux giving 20 million to trump's campaign ib2016 and another 30 million to a gop superpack to keep a majority in the house. and total donation totalled $113 million. that didn't entirely work out. i would argue their return might be the best money anyone has ever spent. first, in strict dollar turns, adelson got an enormous tax cut and his heirs will see millions and millions more. he's long been a candidate of moving the embassy to israel. a provocative move others have declined to pursue. but the trump white house went
5:48 pm
ahead and did it and sheldon adelson was right in the front row. miriam, for her part got the medal of freedom, the highest civilian honor you can get at a white house sceremony along wit the likes of antonin scalia and babe rulgt. but there are other benefits to knowing the right people. a few weekess ago the offices of legal counsel issued a ruling on the interpretation of a law that reversed a boem-era othat could make things harder for online gambling. you'll never guess who's pushing for that exact change? it's restriction long sought by mega donor, adelson. given all they've gotten out of trump administration and republican party, it's kind of a wond wither they don't pony up more.
5:49 pm
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5:52 pm
there are growing calls for the resignation of virginia's democratic governor after deeply offensive racist year back photo ca -- yearbook photo came to light. it showed two people standing side by side, one wearing black face and one wearing a kkk hood and robe.
5:53 pm
he's confirmed he's in the pohoo but didn't specify which is him. camillkamala harris and castro saying he should step down. the virginia house democratic caucus has a conference call to discuss the yearbook photo at 10:00 p.m. tonight. moments ago the governor released this video on twitter. >> my fellow virginians, earlier today i released a statement apologizing for behavior in my past that falls far short of the standard you set for me when you elected me to be your governor. i believe you deserve to hear directly from me. that photo and the racist and offensive attitudes it represents does not reflect that person i am today or the way that i have conducted myself as a soldier, a doctor, and a public servant. i am deeply sorry. i cannot change the decisions i
5:54 pm
made, nor can i undo the harm my behavior caused then and today, but i accept responsibility for my past actions, and i am ready to do the hard work of regaining your trust. i have spent the past year as your governor fighting for a virginia that works better for all people. i'm committed to continuing that fight for the remainder of my term and living up to the expectations you set for me when you elected me to serve. thank you. >> i'm joined by democratic governor phil murphy that will take over as head as the democratic governor's association in 2020. good to have you here. >> good to be here. >> you had a big policy with the minimum wage and you're sitting here where a fellow governor, this just happened. do you think the governor of virginia should resign? >> let's say that bad -- unacceptable behavior in 2019
5:55 pm
was just as unacceptable in 1984, number one. number two, we're the party of barack obama. we're the party of inclusion. we've got a president who wants to divide us. i'm a former member of the national board of the naacp, the ku klux klan is a terrorist organization. i don't see the governor has any other choice other than to step aside. >> you do think he has to step aside? >> he does. i say it with a heavy heart because i know him and i believe he's a good man. it's disqualifying, particularly, particularly at this moment in time and with the division in this country. charlottesville. >> you're saying that in your personal -- >> i am. >> not as the incoming head of the dja. >> that is correct. that's interesting. i'm glad you answered that straightforwardly. let me ask you about cory booker who is running for president who you, this is notable, immediately after his announcement, he was -- you put out a statement endorsing him and menendez put out a statement
5:56 pm
endorsing him. why is that an easy call? >> i love him first of all. it's kind of -- i got two -- i speak out of both sides of my mouth. i've known him since he was a city member and he's a great leader and stands for that inclusion we spoke about a moment ago. he lives to bring us together. i know his work in newark and as a u.s. senator, as a city counsel and before but i also have to say if i was from the middle of in where, nowhere, i' same thing. i happen to know his work and i know him personally for a long time but i'm a huge fan and i would be if i were from somewhere other than knowledge. >> you are going to sign, i believe, on monday a minimum wage increase in your state. it's going to bring the minimum wage up to $15 eventually. >> yes. >> how long is the phase in? >> july. $10 in july. it's right now at $8.85 and
5:57 pm
until january 2024. $15 an hour. >> most workers 20 $15 an hour. how hard of a fight that was? >> hard work. we got there. it's a game-changer. i grew up working poor. my aspirational life was to get into the middle class. new jersey is the quintessential middle class state. if you're a two income household with two dependants, you're below the poverty line. $15 isn't nirvana but it's great to get to. >> how much opposition, how much opposition do you get from business groups from independent businesses, small businesses? >> low margin retailers, restaurants, small businesses gave us a fair amount of push back. it's a responsible phase in. we did that deliberately. we took in and understand concerns. there is a lot of myths around minimum wage and the other
5:58 pm
places that have started on that path to $15 approved that. >> i'm curious about that. seattle was the first city out there if i'm not mistaken. the part around the airport started. >> that sounds right. >> how much does those experiments matter when you're trying to make the case you can point to things that happened on the ground? >> it matters. the opposition to raising minimum wage will throw out things like your unemployment rate is going to go up. it affects mostly teenagers. it's really evenly split between men and women. it doesn't anytime -- disproportionally affect color. over 20 years old, most with college degrees. in new jersey it impacts 1 million workers and 500,000 kids. it will benefit communities of color and women. so to have that evidence out there is a nice weapon for us to be able to use.
5:59 pm
>> you're a former wall street guy. >> i am. recovering. >> yeah. you're a wall street guy and democratic governor now. you have dun evunified governor control. how do you think about your time in wall street, what you learned there, where the democratic party is at now. >> i think the most important chapter for me was growing up with nothing. so i've been a lifelong, i'm a kennedy democrat born in boston. i probably became and i worked as a banker around the world so i got a perspective not just from the u.s. peace but living and working in europe and asia. i've seen the good and bad. i learned how to manage big organizations and that certainly helps me as a governor. i learned that while capitalism is still in my humble opinion, the right model, it's got problems. it's got -- we have to temper it. we have to manage it aggressively and if we don't, it creates too many inequities in
6:00 pm
new jersey. the new jersey i inherited had those. >> phil murphy of new jersey, thank you so much for your time and candidness. appreciate it. >> thank you. that is "all in" for this evening. "the rachel maddow show" starts right now with joy reed in for rachel. >> have a good rest of your night. >> thank you. >> rachel has the night off. we've had a very busy news day that turned into a busy news night. donald trump pulling the u.s. out of a major region era arms treaty with russia and the rather odd statements the white house put out. we'll bring you the latest news from the russia investigation including roger stone back in court today and the 2020 field got even bigger today when senator cory booker announced that he is running for president and made that announcement on the first day of black history month but we begin with the news still breaking out of virginia tonight where the democratic


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