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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  February 1, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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for what could be the biggest speech of her career thus far. she's also making an appearance at the super bowl in an ad that is going to air on georgia stations. >> smile. fact check that, twitter. i will see you to on my own show tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern. ali bellshi is in tonight. >> we should make time outside of this, joy. as you said when you started the show, it is a busy night. we will pick it up now. >> i'm in for lawrence o'donnell. the president of the united states is living in an alternate universe with this border wall.
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house speaker nancy pelosi said repeatedly and unequivocally that she will not give him the money he wants to build his wall, and so it seems that the president is okay with simply pretending to have a wall. in the oval office today president trump actually tried to claim, falsely, that his wall is already being built. >> we're building a lot of wall right now as we speak. the chant should be finish the wallace opposed to build the wall because we're building a wall. we haven't declared a national emergency but we're continuing to build a wall and we're building a lot of wall. >> okay. two points here. first, let's fact check this. it is not true. none of what the president said is true. no new sections of the border wall have been built or are being built. we stretched our graphic staff tonight to show you this. that's the number of miles of wall that have been built.
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second, if the wall was being built as the president claims, why did he shut the government down for 35 days? what was the point of the shutdown if the border wall was already under construction? okay. back to the other universe that the president is living in. he also falsely claimed today that he has the money to build his wall. >> have you found the money to build the wall if you have to? >> we have a lot of money and that's why we're building it. we're already appropriated. we have a lot of appropriation, it has already been done. >> okay. let's fact check that point, too. it is also not true. congress has not authorized any new funds for the border wall. that was the reason for the government shutdown. in fact, congressional negotiators are working right now to figure out how to avoid a second shutdown. the president is claiming he has money for a wall that he doesn't have and claiming that that same wall is being built when it is not. of course, some of this is
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thanks to nancy pelosi who refuses to cave to trump's funding demand for the wall. >> are you no longer ruling out any money for the wall? are you now open for money for the wall? >> have i not been clear on a wall? >> reporter: you have not been clear. >> no, i have been very clear on the wall. >> reporter: are you committed to -- >> if they come out with a bipartisan consensus, of course. >> reporter: even if it includes border wall money though? >> we're not having a negotiation over this right now. they're having a negotiation over it in there. now, there's not going to be any wall money in -- in the legislation. >> okay. it should come as little surprise the president continued his attack today on the house speaker. >> reporter: you had quite the showdown with speaker pelosi. what did you learn about negotiating with her? >> well, i think that she was very rigid, which i would expect, but i think she is very bad for our country. she knows that you need a barrier, she knows that we need border security. she wanted to win a political point.
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>> she offered you over a billion dollars for border security. >> excuse me? >> she offered over a billion dollars for border security. she doesn't want the wall. >> she is costing the country hundreds of billions of dollars because what is happening is when you have a porous border and drugs pouring in and people dying all over the country because of people like nancy pelosi who don't want to give proper border security for political reasons, she's doing a terrible disservice to our country. >> you are still going to have to deal with her though. >> no, she can keep playing her games but we will win because we have a much better issue. >> all right. the alternate universe continues. here is the problem with the president's thesis. it is just not right. polling this week from quinnipiac university shows voters trust democrats in congress on border security more than they trust the president. and they trust nancy please hee more on the important issues than they trust the president. you may be asking what's a president to do when support isn't on his side. well, just make it up. trump actually tried saying today -- and i hope you are sitting down for this -- that a
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secret movement of democrats want him to build the wall. >> in all fairness to the democrats, many of them want the wall and i see it. they're just dying to say what they want to say, but they can't say it as well as they would be able to if they weren't allowed to do it. >> to be clear, no democrats have come out in support of funding the president's border wall as he demanded it. while nancy pelosi is not a member of the committee working to fund the government, you can bet any final deal has to have her seal of approval and that approval won't include money for a border wall. that's the reality of the situation. joining us now, president for the center for progress, and maya wily and former council to the mayor of new york city, an msnbc legal analyst. thank you to both of you, welcome. neara, let's start with you. donald trump seems to have refocused his attention on nancy pelosi.
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it hasn't worked for him since the new congress has come into force. nancy pelosi seems to have out numbered donald trump once and he seems to keep going at her for some reason. >> in fact, donald trump's attacks on nancy pelosi have done nothing but shore up and strengthy nanciy pelosi. if you asked republicans a year ago whether she would be almost ten points more popular than donald trump, they would have said that's not possible, but then now we have donald trump and he has done this incredible thing which is to make nancy pelosi far more popular than him. i think really her strength comes from the fact that he is a bully who has bullied republicans into subservience. she stands up to him. she negotiates the best hand and he has had to cave to her and he hasn't caved to too many people. he should keep attacking her. she will get to 55, 60% if he
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keeps going. >> maya, it is interesting that the president raised after everything else he said that there are democrats that want to say what they want to say. there's a new freshman group of democrats, there are progressives elected who do not appear to be shy of saying whatever they want to say. >> even when other democrats don't like it. >> that is correct. in fact, i would say that they're there in stronger force than we have seen for a while. if there are secret democrats who want to fund this wall, it doesn't seem likely. nancy pelosi seems to have her caucus in line on this. >> absolutely. and i think what all of this, when we go back to the facts that we have 700 miles of wall already, that we have the rio grande river and we have deserts that also form natural barriers, and that two-thirds of people that come into the country, who are here now without proper documentation came in on airplanes or -- >> with visas that they overstayed.
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>> with visas that they overstayed. this is why -- first of all, some democrats may actually not agree on increasing funding for border security. that may be a point of contention between some of the new democrats versus some of the democrats -- >> but none are over on donald trump's side. >> but that's on the other side, right. that is pulling in the other direction because the primary policy point the democrats have been asserting is we're pro border security. you want to raise, as kellyanne conway did today, issues of getting fentanyl when it is coming into -- being smuggled in the country. that came through an official border crossing. >> right. >> and folks making the point that a wall would not have prevented that. the question becomes what is border security? what do we mean by border security? how do we even understand what borders are? and who do we need to be able to access the country, as we have talked about asylum seekers, you
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know, and how are we making sure there's a rational process for immigration that makes it a real pathway to citizenship for a lot of people. that's the debate that so many democrats really want to have. unfortunately, in this context that's the discussion they haven't been able to have. >> february 15th is when the government could shutdown again if there isn't a deal. the president continues to raise the specter of declaring a national emergency, which a lot of legal experts say he can do because it is very loosely defined as to what a national emergency is. however, apparently according to "the washington post" mitch mcconnell, who is strangely silent these days, has urged the president privately not to do that. let me just read to you from the article. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell cautioned president trump privately this week about the consequences of declaring a national emergency to build his border wall, telling him the move could trigger political blowback and divide the gop, according to two republicans with knowledge of the exchange. mcconnell told trump that congress might end up passing a
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resolution disapproving the emergency declaration, the people said, which would force the president to contemplate issuing his first veto ever in the face of opposition from his own party. to your point, neara, the president declared he would own the shutdown if it happened. seems the american people are willing to let him do that. he was outmaneuvered first time by nancy pelosi. he is now a week out from possibly being outmaneuvered again. he has mitch mcconnell telling him not to declare a national emergency and he may not have the deal to fund his wall. >> i think that's why he said what he said today. i literally believe he is telling his supporters he has already built the wall and is already building the wall because he thinks he can convince them it is true, despite the fact we had a government shutdown -- i mean it seems laughable i think that's how insane the world has become because obviously he knows republicans just were about to bolt last week.
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so he was forced to reopen the government. there is no appetite by senate republicans to shutdown the government again, zero, zilch. he cannot -- he can do a national emergency, but it is incredibly unpopular. so i think he literally is going to now just say to people, we're building the wall. and if he repeats it enough, maybe 30 or 35% -- >> i was going to say 30-plus percent of people -- >> yes, they will agree with him. they will magically think that the wall is being built. frankly, from my perspective this might be the easiest solution because no wall will ever be built. >> just pretend the wall is there. >> we all will be in a magical world where there's a wall. >> it is an alternate universe. 20 some odd percentage of americans believe barack obama is kenyan-born, so it is not that much of a stretch to get a third of americans to believe the wall is being built. however, is there something to the president receipt peting --
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repeating things like that, more importantly that nancy pelosi is letting drugs into the country, democrats don't want border security? there's a lot of money on the table for border security, in fact more for border security than president trump's wall? >> well, it also ignores we had roughly a decade in increase in spending on border security at a fairly rapid pace. so there's -- >> and a decrease of the number of people coming across the border. >> that's right, a decrease. what the real problem here, like so many issues that we're facing right now as a country, is how do we understand what the facts are and then have an actual debate about what the best resolutions are of the problems that we agree have to be resolved. because as many people have said, what are we doing about comprehensive immigration reform. the reality is if you are a parent who is a now naturalized citizen and you are trying to bring your child lawfully into the country, you are going to
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wait an average of six years as a citizen to try to get your child into the country lawfully. that's a broken system and that is one of the questions that we have to answer, is how do we create something that actually makes sense, not whether or not we should have a system of immigration but how do we make it work. but you can't have that conversation rationally as a country unless you are willing to agree to what some core facts are, which are established. that's our problem. >> thank you. >> can i just add one quick thing? >> yes. >> i think one important point is we may end up in a world where democrats have offered smart -- not stupid, smart border security that actually redresses asylum claims, that actually has smart technology on the border, and then really all of these efforts by trump to attack democrats as weak on border security will actually backfire because they will have
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actually provided more resources to legitimate border security. i think the fact that democrats -- you know, you may end up in a world where democrats numbers on border security, which are already better than president trump's increase even more. >> thank you for joining me. stick around because we're going to talk a little more about what is going on in virginia. coming up, donald trump has a question about voters and his wall and michael moore has an answer. he will join us in studio later. i will ask him about donald trump versus chuck and nancy and the ever-expanding field of democrat candidates. first, more democrats are calling on virginia governor to resign after today's revelation of his clearly racist and offensive photograph in his medical school yearbook.
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past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. breaking news tonight out of virginia. governor ralph northum is responding to the discovery of what can only be described as a racist photo in his medical school yearbook. the photo appears on his page in the 1984 yearbook for eastern virginia medical school. the picture on the right shows two men, one dressed as a member of the ku klux klan, the other in black face. he issued a statement apologizing followed by this statement shortly thereafter. >> my fellow virginians, earlier today i released a statement apologizing for behavior in my past that falls far sho
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