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tv   MSNBC Post Address Special  MSNBC  February 5, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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o. evening, and welcome back to our special coverage of the "state of the union" and the democratic response. i'm ari melber with you live for the next hour along with several of our top analysts to break down this big night in politics. it is of course 1:00 a.m. on the east coast, 10:00 p.m. on the west coast. reaction obviously pouring in to trump's address tonight as the president tried to pivot from a low point of his presidency caving in on the shutdown to casting on these broader themes in a ceremonial address tonight. donald trump addressing a democratic house for the first time. stack with members eager to hold him accountable. the president lashing out and suggesting investigations of his administration would risk any economic move.
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>> an economic miracle is taking place in the united states, and the only thing that can stop it are foolish wars, politics or ridiculous partisan investigations. if there is going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation. it just doesn't work that way. >> but the schedule on the house this week alone is working that way, with a lot of investigations. tomorrow the house intelligence committee is ready to cast a key vote sending transcripts to mueller's prosecutors. two former trump aides have already been indicted for lying to congress.
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on thursday a key committee considering trump's tax returns, another probing trump's separation policych and big fireworks on friday, a public hearing on mueller's current boss acting attorney general matt whitaker. joining me now professor jason johnson from the root and reporter carol lee. all three are part of our team here at msnbc. this was a speech at time had a fantasy football element. it was the way trump wanted it to be not always the way it is. >> oh, i think that's right. stacey abrams said that quite eloquently in her address, which is we don't actually need, you know, to have that much from a president. we just need him to tell the truth. that did not happen tonight. i kept waiting for joe wilson to pop up, former representative from south carolina. it's like where is he when you need him.
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but, no, in all seriousness it was a dark vision of a country. it was very trumpian in that sense. i was particularly struck by obviously that portion you just played for your viewers in which the president essentially threatened the economic growth of the country if he was not protected at all costs, no matter what he does or has done. and i was also struck by his use of every day americans and people who have been through some pretty extraordinary difficult experiences, holocaust survivors, people who have lost family members to violence. using them as pawns for his own political purposes. and talking about them in terms of patriotism when, you know, i would say in my opinion the president and his administration have done nothing but debase our democratic values and the values that we hold dear as americans. so i found that picture eerily offensive. >> this was donald trump
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scripted. he's usually unscripted, and i think at a sheer political level, it's a big political light, he probably damaged himself less by being on prompter. >> yes. and look, we were told all day long that the president -- from the white house that the president was going to deliver an optimistic speech. he was going it talk about unity, and he did. and he would say, you know, things like we're now going to govern not as two parties but as one nation and this is new era of cooperation. and whatever lip service he gave to that, which all presidents do in this particular moment, you know, was totally undercut. and the only thing people are going to remember from this is that he stood in congress, which is an independent body of the government and said that they shouldn't do their job, which is oversight. and he did this right after the mid-terms where he said -- you know, dangled the cooperation on legislation as something that might not happen if congress
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continued with the budget negotiations. and he made that threat at a time when those investigations are about to hit off. so everything he said is completely overshadowed by that. >> yeah, and that's the backdrop. i want to put up "the washington post" reporter aaron blake walked through this now. you have an investigation of trump on obstruction, on campaign finance, campaign conspiracy, now trump inaugural out of new york, the trump foundation which is under orders actually to shutter. and then the discontinued trump university. to paraphrase someone who's been in the news, jason, 21 savage, how many problems you got alive, how many people left you out to rot alive. >> this is the funny there where he is right now, this is the all right you got me. this was george bush in 2007
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after he took a hit in 2006. this was obama in 2011. once you get smack down in the mid-terms you suddenly sound all conciliatory. but trump isn't just conciliatory it's also because he's like would y'all please not investigate me. i'll promise you i'll be good if you don't start look in my pockets. and he can't do that. he can't convince democrats who are thinking of their own re-election chances that they've got to make sure they go after him because that's what constituents want. you noticed he spent most of the speech not even looking at the democrats anyway. he literally focused the entire time on the republican side. >> you guys stay with me. when you look at the two visions of america tonight and i want to bring in some other guests. because you have president trump on the one side, democrats like stacey abrams and they couldn't
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be more different. how does it energize what we're going to see in washington this week? good evening to both of you. maria, your thoughts on the way donald trump was trying to sort of have it both ways and reading off a prompter that had some talk of unity when he hasn't governed that way and i don't think anyone is confused about that. >> i think he started very much of trying to set the tone that we were all conciliatory and we we were all americans. and for the moment i think most of the folks watching tv said, wait, this sounds almost normal. and then he went back and said if you don't investigate, then i basically will give you the legislation that you want. and he threatened the congress that just voted by americans to be the checks and balances of what this country needs. what he doesn't recognize is speaker pelosi she can chew gum and walk at the same time.
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yes, there's going to be legislation that's going to be a deep contrast what you're seeing right now from what president trump is offering and at the same time they're going to continue investigating because we need to be able to do both. >> what did you think of the strategic choice here for him to pretend he didn't just shutdown the government for over a month and then cave with a plan he could have had on day one. they obviously decided strategly to just pretend that didn't happen. >> first of all, the ridiculous thing is that the president was depositing a choice if you don't investigate me, i'll give you legislation you want. the opposite is the dynamic. he's the one who's got an economy that is slowing down. he has approval ratings around 40%, and he's got to try to show the american people some progress as he runs for re-election. democrats have a set of priorities that are not going to get through the republican senate. they go that. and so while they're going to
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advance those as political messages for 2020, they don't expect president trump to sign pieces of legislation because they're not going to put things on his desk that they really want. they do want, however, to investigate president trump. so it wasn't really much of a threat. and i do think the president, he had a huge audience tonight as presidents always do for states of the union. so it is for the relatively small number of people who might be persuadable, you want to appear reasonable. but that really wasn't what he was doing. when you look at the way he talked about immigration, the way he stuck it to democrats on issues of life and abortion rights and other issues of that kind, he -- that wasn't real outreach. that was based, mobilization based maintenance. and some of the early polling seems to indicate that the people who watched this speech
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unsurprisingly were disproportionately republican. so it was a mostly republican audience and he had a republican tilt to the speech. >> right. i want to play on the rebuttal for the panel here in new york and d.c. stage with me, abrams walking this line of trying to say the president's basically a liar but i wish him well. take a listen. >> even as i am very disappointed by the president's approach to our problems, i still don't want him to fail. but we need him to tell the truth and to respect his duties and respect the extraordinary diversity that defines america. >> walk us through what she's doing there because there are plenty of people in the resistance two years in who would say, yes, i want to him to fail in separating families at the border, yes i want him to fail at caging children, yes i want him to fail at openly attacking the fbi and the ust
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and justice system. >> it's a smart pick by the democratic leadership because stacey abrams is someone from a state in georgia where you actually have to win over people who may not automatically agree with you in order to win elections, which she didn't succeed at but almost succeeded at. and i think she does show that skill. it was something barack obama was also able to do. you need to be able to build coalitions, and it's about persuasion. and i think the democrats got a great start with stacey abrams tonight. i actually found myself missing barack obama tonight, particularly tonight because i think the democrats are still missing a fuller vision of what is the vision for the country. >> you think he was not available to give the rebuttal? he's not constitutionally prevented from giving the rebuttal. >> no, but truly they can't just
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offer piecemeal rebuttals to donald trump. they're still going to have to think about what is the alternate future of the country under democratic rule. and, you know, striking a positive tone is the right way to go. but you have to win over some of those trump voters who are no longer with him. >> and she clearly in tone was being inclusive. he would argue he was at times and question whether people believe that. john hardin as our economics gu guru, what do you say to the president touting some of the economics, some of which are true but was this a triple or third? >> he landed on third. the president claimed he launched an unprecedented economic boom. that's not true. two recent presidents, for example, ronald reagan and bill clinton featured much stronger economic booms than the
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president, this president has overseen. he said that we've gained 5 million jobs over the last two years, which almost no one thought was possible. well, that's plainly not true because the job creation throughout the second term of president obama was exactly the same pace, 2 1/2 million jobs a year. if it just happened for four years running no one is going to think it's impossible to keep happening for two more years. the same thing about the employment rate, black unemployment, all of those things have been on the straight line down since the worst of the financial crisis and great recession, and they've been handed down since then. so president trump inherited some very -- some positive economic data and has continued them. however, the important thing to note, ari, is that the economy is slowing down already. we project under 3% growth, most
10:14 pm
economists do for 2019. under 2% for 2020. he's got economic problems looming ahead of him. >> and before we go and i fit in a break, what will be remembered for tonight? >> i think the most that will be remembered is that particular line the president delivered in terms of saying that you can't have cooperation if congress is going to do its job with oversight. and, you know, there is a risk among democrats, i think part of it stacey abrams was perhaps addressing is that there is a risk for them in going too far. and, you know, in terms of just an onslaught of investigations that americans think are too much, and so they are going to have to reel that in a bit, too. but the president's line in the chamber tonight will probably be the thing that's remembered the most. >> yeah, and one a lot of people were concerned about. my thanks.
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i've got to tell you tonight we have a lot more in our live coverage this hour including more on the legal hell week that comes for trump tomorrow. and a look at the pop cultural response to trump when sinbad joins me live. we are very excited for that. hello. and some of the exciting moments in the chamber when we continue live after this break. he chambe live after this break. (burke) parking splat. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ each day justin at work... walk. and after work. he does it all with dr. scholl's.
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welcome back to our live coverage. we all know that donald trump makes far more false claims and unscripted remarks than in a prepared speech like tonight's "state of the union." the first an apparent ad-lib that had trump contradithing himself. the president asserting he wants folks to comeu our country in the largest numbers ever but legally. that's not actually his position. separate from this debate from undocumented immigration trump
10:19 pm
backs a plan to cut legal immigration in half as well. another quick fact check. donald trump claimed the price for illegal migration is quote increased crime. federal data does reveal some crime committed by some of those immigrants, but not crimes that are, quote, countless. and given trump to cast these crime risks by a group on such a big night, statistics reveal the crime rate is lower among immigrants than general groups in the u.s. and finally trump claimed the construction of a building near el paso directly lowered the crime rate. it is a bit of a very common talking point on the right, but it happen tuesday be false. el paso actually saw the violent crime rate actually increase around 5% in the years before and after that barrier was erected. and we wanted to know some of those facts. these are fact checks of course based on hard data. another moment people are pointing to tonight where trump
10:20 pm
had it wrong. he seemed generally confused about whether all those democratic women in white were literally cheering for him. >> no one has benefitted more from our thriving economy than women who have filled 58% of the newly created jobs last year. you weren't supposed to do that. thank you very much. >> thank you.
10:21 pm
back with me now and joining us republican strategist also an msnbc analyst. what happened there? >> oh, i think the president was mistaken. the women that he referenced, you know, were not clapping for him. they were actually congratulating themselves on being elected by americans who i would say a majority of whom want a check on donald trump. >> if you look at the footage we're looking at, it would be great if we saw that demonstration right there tonight, one of those powerful images tonight across the whole hall. but only one woman was elected in the republican caucus this year. a lot of this is not just women power, it is explicitly women against trump. >> no, it absolutely is. and, you know, listen, i want to bring up something else that happened that i think is really important.
10:22 pm
is that the president lied about what abortion laws that are -- one is on the books in new york that the state legislator just passed, another in virginia. what those would do for abortion, the abortion bill in new york actually just brings the state of new york up to a standard that is setout in roe v. wade, which it creates an exempthention that allows abortions after 24 beweeks when the health of the mother is at stake. >> you're talking about the president jumping on that to hit a pro-life message. >> not just jumping on it to hit a pro-life message but actually talking i would say really graphically about a procedure that is medical procedure between a woman and her doctor that is done to prevent suffering in the case of fetal abnormalities or to protect the health and life of a woman bhch and she is not giving medically accurate information, he's using
10:23 pm
scare tactics. and he's not being honest about what's in those pieces of legislation. >> one other piece to this, is he was addressing a hall full of people who want to run for his job. that's not specific to the trump era, something that happens in congress. and very rarely do americans choose a member of congress. any other choice they tend to go for. confirming essentially she's about to rollout a decision, whatever it may be. take a look. >> senator, in terms of rising to the challenges of the day, you have said that you are considering or thinking about a run for president. today you are headed to iowa later this month and home state paper in minnesota has also reported a staffer of yours has applied for an event permit this weekend. >> you just called it investigative reporting. so you're asking me this -- you
10:24 pm
have been asking me this for forever. okay, so sunday come to boom island in minneapolis, as in boom island drop the mic, and then you'll find out. it's going to be a little cold, 20 degrees. wear warm clothes, maybe have little heat warmers with you, but then you'll find out my decision. >> on sunday boom island in minneapolis you are going to announce your decision? >> i am. we've had so many discussions about this, i thought well, here you go that's the moment. >> well, thank you. >> a lot of energy there. i don't feel like it's a big secret. >> you typically don't ask people to show up somewhere in 20 degree weather to say i'm not running. >> right, to give a shermanesque statement. walk us through the field and many of them women which is
10:25 pm
unusual. >> having a stage of 17 candidates, i think looking at the democratic -- there's a lot of choices out there and it's a question of i think who will fit what lanes. i don't think you'll actually have 20 with 20 separate lanes. i think it's wise if you're going to announce you do it quickly at this point because you have to show you can also raise money. so if you're not seeing any announcements by the second week of february, you're probably not going to see them until april 1st when the reporting quarter is finished. >> do you think democrats have to worry about what the republican establishment learned very quickly which is that a huge field against what is gone formally as an attention monster like donald trump actually has a real challenge in underestimating. >> it absolutely does. because unlike 2016 you didn't have someone taking away --
10:26 pm
president obama taking away the news coverage every single day from president trump or those within the primary. president trump now is going to play in the democratic primary. there's little doubt in my opinion. he's going to jump on everything he can. it'll be a great deflection from his failed policies. and why not go there? because it helps give red meat to his base, and frankly it makes sense for him to do it. the question i want to have is how do the democrats respond to it? and are they able to resist some of the bacon? well, i've got to fit in a break. my thanks to you. the headliner of the night rising democrat stacey abrams and how she set the bar for the democratic party in a way to respond to trump. we're going to get into that next. respond to trump we're going to get into that next feeling unsure? what if you had some help? introducing the new 2019 ford edge with the confidence
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saying they were right to take a risk in handing this response to trump to stacey abrams. arguing even after narrowly losing a race for governor in georgia she shows how to battle trump while offering a positive vision. some say her future even in these late hours are brighter. hanging with me, late night coverage waiting on sinbad. and we're joined by kristen clark, a group that works on many of the same voting and civil rights issues that abrams devoted her career to. i know you, and i want to start with a very keeping it real question. would you have thought five years ago that stacey abrams would be picked by the democratic party for this role? and mean, that alone is actually kind of a big deal. >> it is a big deal, and i'm glad that they picked her to be the one to present that rebuttal tonight. i thought she was a voice of
10:32 pm
clarity. i thought that she did tremendous work to make visible those who are left out of president trump's "state of the union" speech tonight. i thought she shined a bright light on real issues that infect our democracy that the president didn't touch. she talked about voter suppression. voter suppression is real, and that is most certainly the truth. she's exhibit "a" in voter suppression that was rampant last year across georgia and was rampant -- >> let me play some of that for you for further response. because what you're talking about what your group works on, what she was working on is these problems in these crack downs on voting often targeting minorities as well as the poor and eld laer. and this is something where we're living in a white grievance backlash built around maga and trump, and yet these are bunch of other issues involving people being victimized by governments. let's listen to stacey abrams tonight for your response. >> let's be clear, voter
10:33 pm
suppression is real. from making it harder to register and stay on it rolls to moving and closing polling places to rejecting lawful ballots, we can no longer ignore these threats to democracy. while i acknowledge the results of the 2018 election here in georgia, i did not and we cannot accept efforts to undermine our right to vote. >> what did that mean to you, kristen? >> you know, this is not an issue that the president touched at all tonight in his speech. voter suppression is alive and well in north carolina, in georgia, in texas where they just released a list alleging that there were 95,000 people who are noncitizens on the registrati registration rolls and as it turns out many of them are indeed legitimate voters and citizens. we have got local eofficials cutting out polling sites, officials making it harder for people to register to vote.
10:34 pm
these are the real issues that are crushing communities across our country that trump ignored tonight. i am so glad that stacey abrams shined a bright spotlight on these issues as we move into the 2020 election cycle. right now is the moment to do work that can help ensure that every voice is heard in our democracy. >> and jason politically we've seen a lot of people bumble the response to the "state of the union." it's harder than it looks. it's a huge, huge magnifying glass on you without the support or grandeur the president gets in his big night. >> stacey did a fantastic job. i talked to her yesterday in preparation for this. and one of the things is people forget she's actually a writer, and she's been on the state level. so she's been talking to people on a regular basis. i think there are so many elements to this people got at different levels. basically she said why are you always lying for the president,
10:35 pm
and she said stump 101 for the shutdown on this. and there were actually many other musical references she could not fit in because she didn't want to go too far in her rebuttal. that's what she actually told me yesterday, and there were some that were not in it tonight. i cannot share because she may use it for a future speech. >> actually, the moment that was striking for me of her address was when she told the story about how she and her mom and i think sibling went to find her father who was walking home from his job, and, you know, they discovered him without a coat on the side of the road. and they asked him what happened, and he said, well, i encountered a homeless man and i gave him my coat because i knew my family would come for me. and not only was it authentic, but, you know, it was a stark contrast from what we had seen when president trump, you know, did his best attempt i would say at mimicking empathy for the
10:36 pm
human experience which about as much he could muster. >> i have to add, though, and a key thing is that's what voters in georgia saw. because she's got a ton of anticipate dotes like that. i'm going to go out on a limb and say this, the state of georgia it was ground zero for voter suppression. i don't think she lost. i think brian kemp cheated. i've always thought that. it's a very rare instance where you have a candidate that did not win an election and who was fought for and her popularity has gone up in the state. there is a bipartisan caucus, republican and democrats in georgia right now for voting rights and republican show up. so clearly that message is something that resonates across party lines and i was really impressed. >> well, it goes to the heart of who's a citizen, who gets to be part of this experiment? >> i've got to fit in a break.
10:37 pm
kristen clarke, thank you for joining us. we have so many reaction tuesday the president's speech. a lot of people live blogging online. how was it received well outside the capitol? my special guest late night sinbad is here next. my special sinbad is here next. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company,
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just a few weeks ago i joined volunteers to distribute meals to furloughed federal workers. they waited in line for a box of food and a sliver of hope since they hadn't received paychecks in weeks. making livelihoods of our federal workers a pawn for political games is a disgrace. the shutdown was a stunt engineered by the president of the united states. one that defied every tenant of fairness and abandoned not just our people but our values. >> how can you tell which party benefitted politically from trump's shutdown, well he
10:41 pm
avoided mentioning it at all tonight while stacey abrams pouncing on it, condemning the president for disgraceful political game as you just heard. many americans know there was a shutdown and that it delayed the entire "state of the union." this was a story that went way beyond political or beltway conversation as the shutdown stretched a month, impacting millions of peoples lives. it became a topic in political conversation and also in pop culture discussion. >> hey, y'all. i just want to remind you because it's been a little bit over three weeks, trump is now ordering federal government workers to go back to work without getting paid. >> i need $5 billion because that's the first rounded number. i said no deal. >> it's now day 34 of the government shutdown, which we've entitled no country because of old men.
10:42 pm
>> as that steer got bigger in the culture we know trump, he folded. when it came to politics i should note sinbad backed barack obama in the 2008 presidential run. thanks for being part of our late night coverage. >> hey, man, it's later in the day. i'm trying to stay up here but i'm just getting older. >> you've got the hollywood time jump for us. look, the culture has reacted to trump. everyone's talking about all of this. how do you think that played for him in the shutdown leading up to tonight? >> the shutdown, first of all, was atrocious. what he did to the american people, he did to his own people. what he did to our people, i travel all the time and i see the tsa workers. first, it was unbelievable. and he was trying to play that game of i'm bigger than you and you're going to tow down to me and it didn't happen. and i appreciate nancy pelosi
10:43 pm
and all those who stood strong to say, no, we're not going to give you what you want. this whole thing has been about being a bully. his whole format, his whole platform has been about being a bully. don't hit me. i'll hit you, but don't hit me. >> again, seeing how this plays out now so quickly in realtime on the internet, people were really reacting to the way she kind of had her shade. take a look. >> members of congress the state of our union is strong. ridiculous, partisan investigations. i have ordered another 3,750 troops to our southern border --
10:44 pm
compromise and the common good. >> our political panel is still here. sinbad, what do you think of what she's doing there and do you think she knows how it's going to play across the internet in our culture? >> well, she knows he's a fool. we elected a fool as a president, and that basically was like a pump slap, the back of your head and that's what it was. >> is that what you call that? >> that's a pump slap. >> that's why we're all here, to broaden the conversation and the vocabulary. the president certainly uses a lot of vocabulary. jason, i want to play some of the younger members of congress. here's a freshman member who basically is in her 30s and she's using instagram, so even if you're at home saying okay, not everyone's on these platforms it end up on tv.
10:45 pm
she sort of was using a song all about criticizing the direction of america in the conservative direction. let's take a look. ♪ because we learn things. decode for viewers what she's doing, what's this all about? >> she is saying i am america. this is america. and, look, she's gotten static and clap backs from republican members of congress who question her legitimacy, who question what role she plays. and she's basically dancing and saying, look, i am this country, i am this future. i would say fashion wise she probably had one of the best whiteout fits for women of congress who went there in red, white and blue and the hijab. and she's saying, look wris this is my country.
10:46 pm
and you saw people understanding what it is to be in this kind of situation. sin bad probably knows this as much as anybody. he not only had the opportunity to be with donald trump, he's been with politicians before. and a good politician is someone who knows how to mip popular culture. they know how to take tv and movies and turn that into something political. >> well, sinbad, you know what shwarzenegger always says. he always says, get to the chopper. >> i worked for him back in the days. he was always a con-artist but it didn't affect anybody. he destroyed atlantic city. he could have actually built something great there, but he jacked that up also because he's not as good as he said he says. he's a great con man. this country is a great country. but all the problems we have, if there's no hope here, there's no
10:47 pm
hope anywhere. even people that hate us, it has to be smart. and this was not a smart play here. >> question for you. how do you deal with a bully like donald trump? >> well, you know what, i don't believe in that they go low, we go high. if they go low, you snatch them down to where you're at. because this is the kind of bully you have to fight. not realizing he became president because no one fought back. everyone took their hands off and said i'm not going to take him serious. sometimes you have to get the tap back. >> susan, i wonder what you think looking at the show of force from the women in the audience. it is a reminder why it can be useful to get our elected government in one room together and have america see it. there were other democrats who said he's so terrible we should boycott, or other people who say what's the point of all this? could you see the silver lining
10:48 pm
there to see the reaction? >> i think that's an excellent point. because when you pan the room you do see diversity. it stood out. unfortunately, there was not enough on the other side of the aisle, on the republican side. but it is important. and i think maybe after this "state of the union" the president may have wished that invitation wasn't necessarily reissued if you will because i do think that is part of the narrative of this address. >> i was just going to ask sinbad, i want to show one more thing which is chris murphy tweet which goes back to how you deal with trump or calling him a bullying, echoing and saying that was a low energy speech. and on the one hand everyone on twitter was like oh, snap, but on the other hand, doesn't that reinforce donald trump's messaging? do you think that's the right way to deal with someone like that? you know a lot about one liners and how to get people focused. >> see, here's the thing about donald trump, he doesn't care
10:49 pm
what you say because he doesn't feel anything. that's why you have to come at him hard. i'm glad they're investigating him. i don't like when he speaks because all the dumbness comes out. when he speaks we get to pounce. and i'm loving him talking. i'm loving these speeches. >> you are. pause you think it opens up more vulnerabilities for him. >> well, it shows the people that voted for him, what did you vote for? how do you still stay on this side? how do you say i still support this if he's doing nothing for you or for the country or the people? how do you say i'm still with this man? >> maybe we do this every "state of the union," i don't know. >> i will do my next "state of the union" when i run. we will be gathering in iowa. >> in the cold, all the. sinbad, jason johnson, thanks to
10:50 pm
everyone for joining our special coverage. next we talk about the president's legal hell week. setting you up for tomorrow's news with a federal prosecutor next. tomorrow's news with a federal prosecutor next insurance company tells you they can save you money. save up to 10% when you bundle with esurance. including me, esurance spokesperson dennis quaid. he's a pretty good spokesperson. ehhh. so when i say, "drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved an average of $412," you probably won't believe me. hey, actor lady whose scene was cut. hi. but you can believe this esurance employee, nancy abraham. seriously, send her an email and ask her yourself. no emails... no emails. when insurance is affordable, it's surprisingly painless. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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there is a legal hangover greeting donald trump after this big speech. already this week federal prosecutors issuing a new
10:54 pm
subpoena to trump's inaugural committee. and michael cohen is preparing to testify behind closed doors to democrats on friday. we turn now to former federal prosecutor harry litman who knows these stories well. very well. harry, what is important, do you think about what's coming down the pipe for the rest of this week? >> well, pretty much everything. we're back to kind of a 360 degree investigation in potential assault on mueller. you'll have whitaker testifying. he will probably try to elude any of the questions about how he was appointed. there may be a subpoena battle there. cohen obviously has a lot to say, but mueller may be able to muzzle him quite a bit. i think the biggest news is what's happening in the inaugural committee, a big broad subpoena as you said. and if it doesn't indanger trump v individually, it endangers are a
10:55 pm
lot of people who can endanger him. it looks like he may have tried to dip into the piggy bank to help international connections, and he would know a lot about either things trump may have done. >> and how does that square with the way they feel, and they feel it's unfair. on the other hand, it appears these leads, some of which come from people like michael cohen, are the fruits of an original investigation, finding new material, new evidence that at least has become of interest to prosecutors for potential crime. >> yeah, that's it exactly. i don't know what's unfair. we haven't had any charges yet that haven't been substantiated. i think they feel, oh, some of this was before he was president. but it's within the statute of limitations. really he gets in some ways a big break because he's not going to be indicted. if it were someone else he probably already would have been
10:56 pm
by now. there's nothing illegitimate about any of these investigations. >> as we wrap up our coverage, what do you see as what's important that could come out of cohen's hearing friday? >> well, as i say he's going to mostly, i think, be muzzled by mueller, but there's things from before with the trump organization that are now bearing down on the president, what he has to say about that if he's asked will be very important. >> yeah, fascinating. well, harry out on the west coast thanks for staying up late. i see it's still blue skies behind you. that does it for us tonight. i will see you as always at 6:00 p.m. eastern for the beat with ari melber. but our continuing coverage of the "state of the union" continues right after we fit in one more break. the union" continues right after we fit in one more break uh-oh!
10:57 pm
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♪ i have... ♪ we have just passed the top of the hour. we want to welcome our viewers, and this is part of our ongoing post state of the union, post response coverage. what was, i think, properly billed as a unique evening at the top of the night. >> it was a unique evening. it was quite a night. the president gave one of the longest "state of the union" addresses ever. he also last year gave one of the longest "state of the union" addresses ever. the word count is going to end up being somewhere similar, we don't have an exact word count now because the president had lots of ad-libs. but for me the take away is the


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