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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  February 7, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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makes a lot of sense. you are absolutely right, should these people be able to borrow at 2%? >> no. there is a lot of ground to cover between 2% than 400%. >> remember, regulation is not here to stop business. smart regulation is put in place so good business can move forward and so civilians won't get abuse and taken advantage of. payday lending, one way road to a bad place. >> scott, great to see you. i like the beard, thank you for watching this hour of "velshi and ruhle," i will see you tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. right now my dear friend katy tur joins us. >> we'll talk about payday lending as well on this show. we have our robert rice on. he's going to talk about that and his book and also the 2020 tax plans being proposed by the democrats. if you want more of that, stay right here, stephanie ruhle. >> thank you, this payday
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lending could not be more important. could those lenders afford to have a massive lobby? the people who are taken advantage of payday lenders, they can't afford to pay back the $200 loan they took out. this is the most predatory business. >> it is predatory. >> stephanie ruhle. >> i am fired up about it. >> i like it. i am glad that we are continuing it. it is 11:00 a.m. west and 2:00 p.m. here in washington. the acting general threatened not to show up tomorrow for the committee hearing unless that committee promises him in writing that they'll not subpoena him. more on that in just a moment, it is just another twist for the administration is facing with an onslaught of congressional investigations. on tuesday, president trump warned if there is going to be peace and legislation, there can't be war and investigation.
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today, thursday, democrats called his bluff. >> i was thinking whatever the president says about us, he's projecting his own unrulyness. he's a projector. we'll not surrender our constitutional responsibility for over sight. >> at this hour, a house ways and means subcommittee will need to discuss a bill would require the president releasing ten years of their tax returns. the ultimate goal is to get on donald trump's tax returns. the over sight hearing comes a day after the house intelligence committee outlined its new investigation. chairman adam schiff says they'll look beyond russia and into the president's finances and his possible ties of foreign entities. when asked of the new in quequn, donald trump first said he did not know congressman schiff and then he called him a hack and said the inquiries amounted to
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presidential harassment. >> it is called presidential harassment and it is unfortunate and it does hurt oure not intim threaten by the president to withhold any legislative advance. . >> as mentioned, acting attorney general, matt whitaker, tomorrow about his supervision of the mueller investigation. that is if he shows up. the reform community is looking into trump's family separation policy at the border. they promised to investigate the handling of hurricane maria and irma. kirsten nelson will testify next month after benny thompson threatens to subpoena. the sinquiry insurensures that
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president will be under the microsco microscope. is this an actual branch of government. joining me now, capitol hill garret haake, peter baker, he's also an msnbc political analyst, bloomberg opinion, tim o'brien and our brett stephens. tim and brett are both msnbc contributors. garret, hopefully you are not frozen today. >> i am back. >> hopefully, we have unfrozen you. you have been on capitol hill, there is a lot of movement when it comes to committee hearings and loogiking into donald trump and not only the administration but he himself. tell me what's going on. he laid out nicely here. the house democrats feel like a backlog of two years of trump's
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policies and trump's personnel issues that were never seriously looked at under the republican control house, they're going to work their way back into it. you mentioned some of the big ticket items of the president's tax returns, it is going come up today. that's part of an effort to make a case for that publicly before you get down to the subpoena and nitty and gritty fight stage of it. and there are all these other issues of the handling of hurricane maria and irma. there is a host of issues that are backed up. nancy pelosi are careful marching her forces here. they don't want subpoenas flying out the door or any of this l k looking spiloo looking spikeful. start to pull back the onion on all of these different issues. we'll see how much that gets under the president's skin.
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there could be this feeling spreading to the senate side, the judiciary committee in the senate announced, lindsey yam graham, saying the senate committee will look at the issues of children who died. we'll see what these lawmakers do with it. >> peter baker, the president called it presidential harassment, is that because he does not understand what over sight is because he did not have anything the past two years. >> welcome to the nfl, any president who has been there with an opposition congress may have lived through this but maybe more intense with donald trump, we don't know this. president obama did not get any shortage of over sight hearing. in this case, it happens to be more personal. we did not look into president obama's personal finances and nobody expected president bush
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collaborating with a foreign entity. the issue on the table here is so much more striking and personal to this president that it could obviously become more dynamic and potentially consequential especially leading to a potential impeachment. >> that's because president obama released his taxes and number two, during the bush's administration or past administrations, a foreign government was not found to be accused charge by at least the special counsel trying to attack our elections in 2016. that's part of it, peter. >> absolutely. >> it will feel different to president trump eventually. some over sight was always going to be inevitable. that's part of the system. you know given that robert mueller has not come back with his report, there is a lot of democratic energy pushing the leadership to begin their own n
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inquiries, they don't want to wait for the special counsel. and they would like to go ahead and start looking at it themselves. >> here is democratic congressman mike quigley denying a presidential charge that these investigations are partisan. >> i think this very real possibility that trump's associates were conspireing with them to establish this mission. that's important stuff. i get the american public is impatient to find out what took place. we have the gavel for the first time. we are going to find out what took place and share that information with them. >> and here is what the president has said at least about house intel and their investigation. he says so now congressman adam schiff announced it, he got his name right after having found zero russian collusions that he'll look into every aspect of my life both financial and personal even though there is no reason to do so. never happened before.
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unlimited presidential harassment. the dems and committee are going quote, "nuts." i hear other committee heads will do the same thing and even stealing people who work at the white house. i am not sure what he means about that. continuing the witch hunt, presidential harassment should never be allowed to happen. brett stephens, respond. >> every single one of donald trump's tweet, there is as great deal of projection going on. let be clear it is unprecedented in american his strtory -- he h potential business in russia and kremlin connected russian investors heavily invested in his businesses but you also have as a candidate, a man who lied
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about those connections explicitly throughout the campaign. of course this investigation has to take place. we have never had a president like trump. that's something has to be underscored. in trump's tax returns of what congress decides to do. they are merely fulfilling a campaign launch that was made in 2016 or should have been settled. >> tim o'brien once said he'll release those taxes once the audits are done. it is 2019 and they are still claiming he's under audit when they do actually respond to inquiries about his taxes. reporters would love to see them. reporters would love to pressure the irs to give a comment about it but the irs does not comment about anybody's taxes. as far as we can go is ask the white house, ask the president and get their response and push
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back. congress is going to try a different tactic. the democrats in the house are going to try to use an old law to see these taxes. >> you know i think everyone n there is an audit, it is not clear that there is an audit. that would not prevent the president himself voluntarily releasing his own taxes. the taxes are important to a point, they are going to reveal issues about in coming, coming into his business overseas. it will reveal, i think potential financial pressure that can be brought in the oval office. but, i think when ever trump begins tweeting at people and attacking people, it is rarely from a position of strength. i think he's attacking adam schiff because he's in a position to actually use the over sight powers of congress to
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take a closer look at trump's business dealings. of course, schiff ils n, is not only one doing this. the new york state attorney general is doing this and mueller is doing this. trump is surrounded by multiple investigations some of which will go on beyond his presidency and at least one of which the power of the presidency won't enable him to protect himself from a consequences of that investigation or to try to go after directly after people prosecuting him. he's in a real corner here. the easeiest way to read his tweets is someone who's very worried of what he's exposed but it is not just trump personally, it is jared kushner and his son donald trump, jr., it is his business in new york and the inauguration committee, it is thetransition, it is his history of business dealings. it is a pandora box that has
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consequences. >> let me read you something from foreign policy. his business, donald trump's businesses kept failing. in 2004, trump hotels filed for bankruptcy. trump made a come back according to several sources. foreign money played a large role in reviving his fortune and investments by wealthy people from the former soviet republic and russia. that does not mean it is illegal or nefarious happened. if donald trump had done nothing wrong and there is nothing to find by going into his finance and business, why is he so nervous? is it just the action of allman who feels cornered by folks who are out to get him no matter what, is that a reasonable explanati explanation?
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>> donald trump can clear up so many questions right away if he wants this investigation to end. tell the american people, for example, why he seize his translator's notes when he met with vladimir putin. i know americans would love to hear the answer to that. giver us a full picture of his business ties with russia. come clean of what he was trying to do. these are all questions that donald trump, if he really is innocent of any wrong doing could clear up tomorrow. the fact that he refuses to do so and attacks and demeans investigators and congress people is itself an indicator, it is one of the reasons why we in the press keep raising these questions because he refuses to answer them. >> he's not acting like an innocent person, that's what it comes down to. brett stephens and peter baker, i can't believe you are in new york and i am in d.c.
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whitaker has threatened not to show up for his schedule testimony for the judiciary committee tomorrow. a letter sent by the doj today demanded promises in writing that whitaker won't be subpoenaed today or tomorrow. no promise means no testimony. the house judiciary committee voted to authorize that today. a subpoena could be served in whitaker refuses to answer their question. there is a lot of talk, there is a lot that he won't talk about. joining me is pete williams and daily beast politics, betsy woodruff and our director at the fbi, he's currently the chief operating officer for ets and our msnbc analyst. thank you for bearing with me,
11:20 am
guys. pete, give us the context of this. we want to know what you are talking about with the president of the united states. >> subpoena yes, subpoena before they testify, i can't think of an example of this. whitaker agreed to testify when the house that we want to talk about all kinds of stuff that the justice department is up to. jerry nadler, he says okay, okay, we want to ask you about if you had any conversations with the president on these topics. the department justice said we can't answer that but we are happy to talk about something else. when mr. whitaker comes and if he refuse to testify conversations with the president, they can whip out the subpoena and say you have to testify. the justice department's position is the house should know that attorney general in
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both republican and democratic administration have always said we don't talk about our advice of the president, that's where the executive privilege is strongest, the president talking to his cabinet members or acting c cabinet members in this case. there are certain things they will talk about or asked about, there is no time at the white house, ask for or did whitaker provide any promises or commitments about the mueller investigation and that there is no change in how the department has worked with the special counsel's office. a confirmation to writing of what we have been told of what ro rosenstein still have involvement in it. did whitaker talk with trump before the pd firesident fired
11:22 am
sessions? did the president lash out over the court filings about michael cohen? do they have reasons to believe these things happened? >> it is possible that it would be president trump and matt whitaker in a room having these discussions. it is plausible these kinds of communications may have taken place. as pete noted, whitaker kind of goes out on a limb and says certain talks did not happen. he does not answer those particular question that you just read. on january 22nd, nadler listed those questions along with a handful of other ones in a letter that he sent to the justice department. now the justice department hours before this hearing is supposed to happen is saying we are not generally speaking going to answer a lot of the questions you brought. this will means that by 6:00 p.m. tonight, we'll find out whether or not the biggest blockbuster show down between
11:23 am
the trump administration and congress is actually going to happen or whether instead of it happening tomorrow morning, there is some sort of court fight over the question to contempt of congress. >> i want to talk about that, we have warnings of the president making some comments. frank, i want to get you in on the other side of that. if he does show up and he's subpoenaed and refuses to answer those questions if, what happens next? >> your child will be about three by the time this plays out. if somebody refuses, they can compel him into testify and that goes to the u.s. attorney and court. the court hates to get involve in this. can we get along? this is a political dispute and it is not for us. these things take months or years not to work out. the law is probably the least of it. we are waiting on the president. we have 30 seconds now. frank, can you give us 25 seconds?
11:24 am
>> yes, look, i think we are about to see a standoff that could really test the boundaries of what is executive privilege. >> we have less than 25 seconds, i am sorry, frank. here is the president. >> thank you very much. i am working on something and we'll see what happens. both sides are moving along we need border security, we have to have it. it is not an option. we have to have it. >> he's an outstanding person. i would say if he did testify, he would do very well. he's an outstanding person of a fine, fine man. thank you all very much.
11:25 am
>> not entirely how that was to go to. sorry to interrupt you, we got our timing mixed up. what were you saying? >> matt whitaker may be about to show us precisely why he should be recused from anything with the special counsel inquiry, if he did not have a conflict when he was appointed, he's developing it now. he's making himself as an important fact witness for congressional over sight. why a fact witness should not be in the middle of an over sight of the investigation. this is a strategy that we are seeing and i wonder if it is a strategy that designs to delay and delay until william barkann get into place. as pete william says, projected
11:26 am
battle on what executive privilege means. this could go on and on and in the meantime, we could see whitaker delayed and exit the washington scene and claims he's no longer part of the over sight of the responsibility. this is about accountability. we are seeing the white house saying we don't want him accountable. >> well, let's be clear, whitaker, pete, is only the acting general. >> the big hand is five. by monday or tuesday, bill barr, will be the attorney general. >> the relevance of subpoenaing him in the long-term, what is that? there is this period of time in which he ran the justice department, i am sure the house has legitimate questions they want to ask him. part of the problem here, we are up right against the bar deadline now, they started talking about this back in
11:27 am
january, the government shutdown delayed a lot of this. that's one reason why these schedules are sort of colliding. >> what do we know as of now of what we'll end up seeing with the mueller investigation, democrats delayed the william barr's confirmation because they are worried of what they'll see from robert mueller's report and how much of that william barr will submit to congress. >> it is possible there will be some sort of legal battle after mueller gives that report to general bill barr. the report that bill barr then decides to provide to congress, he says he wants to provide something if that report is partial or redacted. it is likely that chairman nadler will sue to lift those redactions. what i have been told is the things that be redacted in that report, includes what else but the executive privilege question.
11:28 am
this core constitutional issue of just how much privacy does the president have and just how untransla untransla untransla untransla untransla untransparent the president can be >> we'll find out. this is not going away. >> pete williams, good to see. >> betsy woodruff, thank you. >> pete, thank you. the virginia daily press is reporting republican state senator, tommy norment was an editor of a yearbook full with slurs and racist statements. governor northam and herring have admitted to wearing black
11:29 am
face in the past and governor fairfax had been accused of sexually assault back in 2004. fairfax denied that allegation. there has been calls for top officials to resign. partisan politics are getting in the way. if northam and herring and fairfax all steps down, the state house would be in control of house speaker, court cox. joining me, political reporter, eugene scott, gentlemen, it is a mess in virginia, what happens next? >> it depends on what will happen whether or not people are resigning? >> you were in an editorial, this whole things sent a bad message to african-american voters. >> black voters were voting
11:30 am
against trump. they were voting for a candidate they thought could implement policies that were in the best interest of black americans in the state. now we know the legislative black caucus in virginia has expressed little conferenidence. >> here is the problem i have with that. this picture was taken 35 years ago, all right? there is nothing in his record certainly at the time he was running and since he had been governor, that shows he was somehow less sensitive to the concerns and interest of african-americans. there was not a peep out of anybody in the black caucus of virginia about northam's governor with respect before this photo surfaced. was the photo disgraceful and
11:31 am
ugly? absolutely. there is a time and culture and dimension to this that we seem to forget. we are in the space right now where we project back on various periods of history and our current 21st century attitudes who are not applicable. i grew up in that period and have been to spaces where i look at folks, really, you are going do go with that? >> their cultures and experiences, it was okay. it was okay while they may not have around black folks behaving a certain way within their own groups and communities, it was acceptable behavior. we have to contextualize. >> so northam should not resign? >> probably the way he has hand handled it, he made it more difficult. you don't come out of the box. if you have not seen a picture of you and black face and kkk
11:32 am
hood, that was me in the photo without seeing that. >> yes, i think he made it more difficult for himself and the way the attorney general has handled it is much better. >> yeah. what the general did with the northam's photo saying this is unacceptable and he should resign as well but a few days later, he announced he got a photo as well. >> is there room for redemption? >> i think so. communicating that you put systems in place and ideas and policies that'll convince voters that you are not the same person. i don't live in virginia and ultimately it is the decision of the people in the state. >> that's my point. if the governor had go vevern i
11:33 am
way or ran the kind of campaign that would give people a sense that this was part of his nature and fabric, that's one thing. maybe he hit it well? i don't know. that's for further conversation. >> what about fairfax? >> much more complicated. you are in a he said/she said world. >> we are living in a world whether you are right or wrong and there is no in between. >> we are coming out of the world of a female regardless of her race or profession or position in life were not believed. >> yes. >> maybe we compensated a little bit now as we try to settle our feet here. yeah, this is much more complicated and it is not as cut and dry or black and white as the black face issues is. >> the fact that so many women i spoken to in the state of
11:34 am
virginia find her story believable. i talked to guys in fraternities and they said they can understand how he miss some signs. this was not something that she or people close to her really believe that she could have made of. >> that's the go-to. she's a liar. a lot of women found their voice in that space in such a way that you no longer call my pain a lie or my experience with you a lie. they'll go out and say this is my truth, deal with it. >> women have been put in a place for a very long time or even told that nothing they say matters when it comes to that, they're blowing things out of proportions. they're being too sensitive or not being fun or gain or etc. >> you know i am just kidding. >> exactly. >> there is a lot of women out there who says i don't care.
11:35 am
there maybe and if there is nuance there, i don't see it. i am tired of this sort of behavior and it is enough. i think the one thing we can agree on it is a mess in virginia. >> just a little bit. >> it is. >> the republicans, they have corey stewart, too. it is a mess in virginia. >> it has been a mess. >> eugene scott. michael steele, gentlemen, so good to see you. if you make more, you should pay more. it is becoming something of a motto as democrats heading into 2020. how will that play with the billionaires in the race? stay with us. ay with usst® delicious boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein. be up for life.
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as the 2020 democratic primary heats up, a number of candidates and perspective candidates have a simple message. soak the rich. significant majorities of americans support higher taxes on the very wealthy but there are disagreements on the best way to do that. and how will these policies fair in a potential race between three billionaires. joining me now robert rice, he's current lyanne economic professor at the university of california ameri california, berkeley and the author of "the common good" now available in paper back. bernie sanders has one and warren has one. when luke at what's out there,
11:40 am
what do you think is a viable plan, robert? >> certainly taxing wealth is something that we do at the property level locally. most americans to the extent they have any wealth at all is in their homes. we don't talk about taxing big wealth of stocks and bonds and other assets of people who are billionaires. i think a lot of americans are coming around to say wait a minute, i am taxed and i am not making much money. for the last and my entire worki working life, i have not seen much wage growth. people get the bail outs and subsidies, why should they pay their fair share of taxes, otherwise, i got to pay more. this view is surprisingly widespread everyo widespread even among republicans. the major surprise to almost everybody who looks at politics is when people began and democrats began talking about raising taxes, it turns out 40
11:41 am
to 50% and even republicans say yes, taxes should be raised on the very wealthy. >> so this idea that taxes can't be raised in the wealthy because you will ruin the trickle down effect that it is ridiculous and the wealthy already do a lot already through the amount of money they give to the irs which is greater to everybody else but also to their philanthropy when those arguments are proper, what do you make of it? >> nothing trickles down. we have seen trickle down economics and ronald reagan tried it and george w. bush tried it and now donald trump. i keep on being promised that i am going to see a big wage growth, nothing trickles down. i think that's number one. number two, there is very little evidence that by taxing the super wealthy more, you are go i think -- you are going to slow
11:42 am
down the economy. we know at times we have high taxes on the wealthy under eisenhower, when the top marginal rate was 91%, the wealthy were still paying over 50% of their income at the top, top levels in taxes. the american economy grew v fast. you can't assume. there is no evidence that high taxes on the wealthy means slower growth. >> well, there is that argument and often times people will bring it up and people will say, we never had a tax rate that's high. from 1951 to 1963, the top rate was greater than 90%. yes, there were loopholes and not everybody paid that much money. the tax rate for the wealthy was significantly higher. how much is this current rate
11:43 am
that we are at now contributing to the disparity in wages and wealth in this country? >> well, it certainly contributes in the following sense that when you have a huge tax cut that goes to the wealthy and big corporations and they use that tax cut as they have used trump's tax cut to buy back their shares of stock, not to invest but give workers better wages. when you have that, you are expanding the gap between the people at the top and everybody else. after all, the top 1%, the rich is 1%, owns 40% of the entire stock market. if all you are doing is propping up stock prices then you are not doing anything for the average person. they know this. americans are not stupid. they have heard this republican propaganda about taxes for years and they say to themselves finally, this is just silly. i know from my own experience that you got to tax the wealthy
11:44 am
who have never been as wealthy and who are really now having the lowest taxes in modern economic history. if we are going to reduce the deficit or going to pay for social security or medicare or roads or education and everything else we need. where is the money going to come from? it is going to come from the place where the money is. >> when you look at the ratings according to engineers for our infrastructures and vast majority of our roads and bridges and tunnels and airports and etcetera, gets a c or a d. only a rail gets a d in this country because there is no money being put into it. why is nobody proposing a capital gains tax. when i talked to economists, that's the one thing that most economists bring up and i am not seeing any of it in any of these proposals. >> there should be. you may remember in 1987, there
11:45 am
was a bipartisan compromise that lasted for a while. you want to have the capital gains tax match the income tax, otherwise, you are going to get a lot of a plain system. that's stuck. the capital gains tax was raised to match the income tax. in a bipartisan way, it did not last very long. that was a good thing to do. we need to raise the income tax at the top and we also want to raise the capital gains tax. that would give you a fair system, a simpler system and a system that really did tax people again who have never been as wealthy and can afford to pay their fair share. i read a book called "the common good," that's what the common good is. >> i was going to bring up your book. you talk about "the common good"
11:46 am
binds together the country. last hour, stephanie ruhle, was really fired up about it. protection bureau required lenders to provide payda paydapayday -- >> that makes no sense. that means you are going to have some borrowers paying rates that are equivalent of a yearly rate of 400% on their loans. this should not be allowed. most people find this indecent. the test for fairness or payday loans or taxes, it does not offend common morality or a sense of decencies that most people have. >> 400% in loans. that's unfair. >> your book is called "the common good," robert reich.
11:47 am
thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> can donald trump win again in 2020? new signs for an uphill battle for reelection, next. next it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today.
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pennsylvania went red for the first time in 28 years by a margin of .7%. a lot has happened since then in
11:51 am
special elections and the midterms, last month's government shut down hit pennsylvanians hard where the largest employerer as of december was the federal government. joining me now is phillip who just got back. it was close for donald trump in 2016, but in places in pennsylvania, the support for trump was intense to put it mildly. those were some of the most intense rallies that i went to. the people there were die hard believers in donald trump. has that stayed the same? >> i think you will still find those intense supporters. i spent the state of the union address with two really big
11:52 am
supporters of donald trump, but i think you're starting to see it ebb a little bit. they're not quite as support i -- supportive as they once were. people are not necessarily strongly opposed. you get people that don't really want to talk about it any more. don't want to talk about politics in dprl. people who are feeling a full sense of disgust right now and a desire to be a-political. >> you spoke to a man who was 54 years old, he is a warehouse worker. we all make mistakes, and when his alarm goes off at 6:00 am he
11:53 am
is up and hustling. how did k that facan that facto. >> i think it is big for places that look hike luzerne county. coal was the job to have. the federal government was the main employer there. now you also have amazon, cargill, and american eagle providing warehouse jobs. but a lot of people say these are not necessarily ways to support a family and they're not long term careers to have. i think people have really not seen trump deliver on those promises yet. >> it is a storm i read in the
11:54 am
washington post about a county in michigan that went for trump. >> we have one more thing for you right after this. >> we have one more thing for you right after this
11:55 am
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11:58 am
guns. matt gates, a fierce al liealle the president said that immigrants are more dangerous to guns. and that did not sit well with two parents in the audience from the parkland shooting. >> hr8 would not have stopped many of the circumstances i raised, but a wall, a barrier on the southern border, may have, and that is what we're fighting for. >> mr. chairman -- >> the greatest driver of violence in the circumstances that i indicated was not the firearm, it's the fact that we have an immigration system that allows people to come here violently. we engage -- >> there will be no comments. >> is there a process in the
11:59 am
committee where if the very same people are repeatedly interrupting the time of the member, that they be asked to depart the committee or is there -- >> excuse me. if the gentleman repeats that or any other comment he will be asked to be removed. >> it was not an undocumented immigrant that came into the country to kill those kids, it was someone born here and went to that school. they lost their kids. i can't believe we're living in a time when someone would feel comfortable to people that way to two fathers that lost their children in a violent or horrific way. >> one of those fathers was on "morning joe" this morning saying he will always answer anyone that challenges him when it comes to the son that he
12:00 pm
lost. >> you can disagree with them but not to treat them with dignity and respect is astonishing to me. and that was a kacongressman fr florida. >> presidential harassment, that is the claim made by president trump via twitter today, not even 48 hours after the president warns against war and investigations. democrats delivered their response. multiple hearings on multiple topics. the president's tax returns, potential money laundering, russian interference, you name it. house speaker nancy pelosi today vowed to hold up the constitutional responsibility for oversight. they held a hearing focused on what they call the "failures of the administration's family separation


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