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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  February 12, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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if president trump ever takes thatted a viesz, he won't know if the barking coming from the white house is coming from him. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. ♪ tonight on "all in." >> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border and i will have mexico pay for that wall. >> after a campaign of promises. >> who's going to pay for the wall? >> the negotiations are over. >> i think i'm a great negotiator. >> and the deal's all done. tonight after all that deal making. >> any republican that supports this garbage compromise -- >> is president trump finally out of options? >> 1.3 billion? not even a wall, a barrier. >> barriers, not walls. what is going on here then a national paid leave and how sexism plays out on the trail.
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plus senator rob widen on what senate intelligence is saying about russia and the trump campaign. as donald trump begins calling for democrats to resign. >> we're building a wall. she's a mexican. >> and "all in" starts right now. >> good evening from new york. just a little while ago, president trump waved the white flag, tweeting his parent approval of the deal that's been worked out between both parties in both houses ladies and gentlemen, the author of the art of the deal has done it again. his opening bid for a massive concrete wall from sea to shining sea and mexico would pay for it. piece of cake. >> how are you going to build a 1900 mile wall? >> very easy. i'm a building. can i it tell you what's more
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complicated? building a building that's 95 stories tall. okay. it's going to be made of hardened concrete and made out of rebarr and steel. >> year going to win at the border and build this butdful, beautiful powerful big wall and mexico's going to pay for that wall. mexico's going to pay. >> big, beautiful rebar, concrete, mexico's going to pay. after mexico told trump what he could do to his wall, he came back with a new plan w the republican party in complete control, he said he would hold dozens of d.a.c.a. eligible fol folks hostage in exchange for wall money. the negotiator didn't fraul it. he says no to the 25 billion and managed to negotiate himself into the amazing position of
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1.6 billion. but he won't take that, because he's tough. so he says 5.7 billion or i'm shutting down the government. so he follows through. the longest in u.s. history. he almosts to the deal with a full-on rebellion from his party and after all this, the man whose name is written on the cover of "the art of the deal." winds up with less than $1.5 billion for fencing. this master of the deal, he has somehow managed to keep successfully negotiating things down. needless to say the conservative media was less than thrilled. ann colter quote call this his yellow new deal or
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lauraingraham, and sean hannity, one of the staunchest supporters, i mean staunch, had this to say. >> 1.3 billion? that's not -- not even a wall, a barrier? i'm going to say this tonight and get back to this tomorro tomorrow any republican that supports this garbage compromise, you will have to explain. >> whoa, garbage compromise. >> he seemed at first undecided and uneasy about his position on the latest deal. >> am i happy at first glance? i just got to see it. the answer is no, i'm not. i'm not happy. but am i happy with where we're going? i'm thrilled. >> okay. i spoke to houses majority whip and asked him whether this was a good or bad deal. >> well, i have full confidence
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in the democrat conferrees. they seem to be on board with this. i understand from them that the republican conferrees have satisfied to this and so yes. i think it's a good deal. >> there is $1.375 billion for a new barriers, fencing. is that fundamentally a walk back from the house speaker's promise there would be not one dollar for the president's wall? >> i think that we are compromising here. i have no idea whether or not this is replacement or repair or new. now i understand people have been describing it as 55 miles of new barriers. that may be the case. i have not seen the language. so i will not categorize what it may be. but i'm not insulted by it
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either way. >> what hangs over all of this is whether the president will accept it. there have been numerous deals struck in the past. there was a march deal last year. d.a.c.a. and wall funding. a deal struck in december. the president has ripped up many of these. do you have any sense of happens this time around? >> no. i have absolutely no idea what this president might do and i'm not too sure any of his good friends will have any idea about what he might do. i'm perfectly willing to see and fashion a response once he acts. >> well, i guess what is the back up plan here? if he rips it up like in december, what is the back-up plan? >> i have no idea. the house and senate must do something. i have some idea what the house will do. i have no idea what the senate
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may do. or what they can do. what i do know is that nobody, democrats or republicans and certainly not the white house can afford to shut this government down again. when you look at what we're going through now, trying to figure out what to do because of this last shutdown, it will be crazy for us to do this again. we ought to have learned some lessons from this, hopefully we won't repeat that. >> obviously as the house majority whip, you the individual whipping the votes to get this package passed, should the president sign off and go full steam ahead. and there's back and forth about capping the number of i.c.e. beds and ambiguity about what exactly this does. are you concerned that members of the democratic cogge caucus g to feel they've been rolled here.
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that he gets to kooep 10s of thousands -- >> we know there are elements within our caucus that felt it should be caps on the beds and i know strongly about it. i feel strongly about it. but the fact of the matter is the government is now open again. things are good ginning to function properly. i think that we have to look at this and see whether or not this is the best thing for the entire country at this point and maybe revisit this issue later. that is something that i think we need to take serious consideration about. i it don't think we ought to run the risk of shirting the government down. >> i think we just got a 45-second preview of the argument you'll be making over the next few days. thank you for your time. >> thank you so much for having
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me. dpr >> joining me is co host of p.b.s. -- and we know the most important veto vote last time around was -- we were almost exact position. there was a deal that was struck. schumer signed off, mcconnell signed off and paul ryan, speaker of the house at that time signed off and then president taps in and coulter and rush all slams it and he backs up. how we got the first shutdown. >> there are differences. your intro gave their characterization of the deal. but the one thing they all agree on is that donald trump should sign it and just a little while ago as hannity -- really amping that up. he concluded his radio show,
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making it clear the president needs to sign this bill. that's the one consistent. >> he's completely -- it is amazing the degree to which he has completely trapped himself. utterly and completely trapped himself. >> yes. this is a far cry from his big, beautiful wall, but if we're talk about how he's going to spin this, he was at that rally eyesterday acting as though the wall is already being built. that's a lie year going to continue to hear repeated. and there's a possibility that he's go tag say between the money i got for the actu actual border security and that's halfway to what i wanted and don't worry, i'm going to go back for more. >> you're 100% -- it is go toing to be the emperor's new wall. pho photoops where he gestured to the beautiful wall behind him. this is very funny.
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the it campaign manager introducing the crowd the notion that new slogan is finish the wall because the wall's already starting to be built. listen to this. this is interesting. he's got to teach it to them. >> now it's not build the wall. it's finish the wall. finish the wall, finish the wall. finish the wall. [ applause ] >> now you really mean finish that wall because we've built a lot of it. finish. >> he had to correct them. >> and one of the reasons he can get away with something like that. its sort of a joke and the scary part about this is they will both reeenforce that notion and
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one of my colleagues said trump cannot fail. he can only be failed. and that will be the narrative that he was successful and all the short cancomeings about the it deal you can boil down to the republican establishment. >> reed made a point on this program that a stronger president would realize he can tell people to buzz off. he made the deal. it's how much veto power he has seeded to them throughout this entire affair. >> and how over simplified it is to be efocussed on the wall let's take a step back and talk about the fact that democrats and progressives were hopeful they were going to be able to put some type of cap on these beds and on top of that they were hopeful they were going to be add least be able to restrict i.c.e. to re-appropriate funds
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and they have good reason to be worried. there's supposed to be funding for about 40,000 detainees a day. we're told that would foors i.c.e. to bring down the number of beds. the number of beds went up. this is far from a perfect deal. >> and i should note the reason i made that point is they don't -- they're go having to to whip the votes. there will be no votes on this precisely for this reason. but i wonder what is this do? he said it the first day when he came down the golden escalator when he said mexico was sending rapists. it's been a consistent theme and now what? is it this -- you've got this mcgufen and you keep having the shots suitcase with the light coming out and now we all get to see what's inside the suitcase. an appropriation and no wall.
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>> i think you'll see some play around it. he'll try to pretend he's diverting money. it's going toby a really big chal chg, because they have amped up this idea that it's an emergency. and there's a physical wall, whether that's going to be there or not. it's going to be hard at some point to spin that. >> there's a question about the emergency part of it and a lot of intumating what he has in his pocket. what's yours? >> no. i share the same sense. i think larger question is do they have any appetite or do they want to act as though this question was resolved. we'd be talking about protections for dreamers, protections for those with tps. there's none of that. they're just talking about a wall and we're talking about detention. so this is not at all
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comprehensive discussion we would have if you were interested >> and that's because he got the offer to fr the hostages in d.a.c.a. and 25 billion for a wall and he tore it up and i don't think we're ever coming back to that place after he did that. coming up the 2020 campaign and why she says it's time have an unabashedly feminist candidate like herself. unabash candidate like herself >> tech: at safelite autoglass
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a fronted page pieces highlighting the role gender plays. on the highest -- not only how voighters perceive candidates but how candidates present them selves to voters. so far there are six women running for the democratic nomination for president.
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joining me is one of those women, a democrat from new york. senator, it's great to have you. i wonder you read that story in your home town paper and what your response was. were there flickers of recognition having been on the trail now? >> well, yes. there's obviously sexism in society and pretty much there's some level of gender bias in all industries. but what i loved about the story is there were four women on the front of the "new york times" running for president. >> i think about that. how much does that change the dynamic? there's been women on the stage in presidential debates but never been something like this. we haven't encountered it before and i wonder what does that do to all of those biases and things inherent in our politics? >> i think it breaks down bias. i think when the american people get to see a lot of versions of what female leadership looks like, that we begin to
5:19 pm
understand leadership in all its complexities. i think wemcon bring so much to table. their life experience is so different. they often are mothers, daughters and sisters. they are able to bring people together in a different way. a lot of studies show women are good at listening, finding common ground and getting stuff done. so i like the fact that we have six women running for president and i think people would begin to get more and more comfortable with women as leaders. >> how much of this historic boom in women presidential candidates a boom up and down the ballot for the democratic party is because of 2016, hillary clinton and because of donald trump? >> i think it's a little bit of all those things. i think certainly hillary clinton is a role model for so many women and girls across the world. she made 65 million cracks in that hardest and highest glass
5:20 pm
ceiling. but i think this 2018 cycle was a lot about president trump. i think so many women felt betrayed by this president because he doesn't value women. he brags about sexual assault, derides women in tweets daily, particularly, particularly harsh towards women of color and i think women across america felt they had to be heard and i think start would the women's march and women started marching globally to say what they were for and started running and women turned out in recorden ins to vote for them and i think that dynamic has spurred a rebirth of a the women's movement unlike anything i could have ever imagined, which is inspiring and having a whole new class of women, the most diverse class in the history of the united states of women, holding president trump accountable is refreshing. >> one of the things you talk said about is being the mother of children and occupying the
5:21 pm
office you do and i know i've read profiles of how you've navigated that as someone with three kids at home, i'm sympathetic to that. one of the things you're focussed on is the reality of trying to produce a balferenanc folks, men and women and how they deal with domestic life, raising their kids. you have legislation that seeks to address that. >> we had a press conference all about allowing everyone to spend time with their families when their families need them. whether it's a dying or ill parent, a sick child a new baby. allowing men and women to be able to buy into a paid leave plan and earned benefit that will be there for them no matter where they work, part time, full time, small company, large company and it's not a lot of money. it's about the cost of a cup of
5:22 pm
coffee, 100 bucks for an employer. we're the only industrialized country in the world that doesn't have a national paid leave program. and if we ehad one, more women and men would earn their potential. you would restore huge economic opportunity to a lot of families and i would add to that universal pre-k, raising the minimum wage. all of those things would allow more people to reach their highest and best potential in the work plas so they can provide for that families better. >> you've been forth right, particularly in immigration. i think yousert of positioned yourself as immigration skeptic. you said i was not right then. i've learned a lot about the issue. what is is your thoughts on deal
5:23 pm
struck? and what they can do to -- >> tlirlts president trump is really turned ice into the force and one of the most disturbing things of how he's handled i.c.e. is he's diverted funding that would normally go to antiterrorism, stopping human trafficking, grun gun, drug trafficking and diverting that to the for-profit prisons running these facilities. i'm not surprised they're concerned because we don't want to continue to pay for that because it's inhumane. it's not appropriate. we need comprehensive immigration reform. >> but to step in, this is the deal.
5:24 pm
this is the thing that's going to be before you. >> i like the fact that the deal does include some money for the antiterrorism work and the cross border criminal activity pretension. i'm concerned they're inkraesing the numberf beds, these for-profit prisons. but there's more thing that people need, money for infrastructure, money for census. so they did try to sweeten the deal, put money in where it will help. but you have to give pause given the investment in this for-profit prison system that's locking up children and family and moms. >> not a yes or no? >> i'm going to wait until i actually get to see the bill. we've only gotten top lined at this point. and then i'll it decide. but there are some good things but places of concern. >> final question for you.
5:25 pm
mitch mcconnell, he could have brought a fwhiel floor during the shutdown and a lot of people feel it would have passed but his thing is if the president's not going to sign it, we're not going to have show votes. today he announced they're going to have a show vote on the green new deal. you going to vote for the green new deal? ia think this is a brilliant troll by your colleague from kentuck kentucky >> you know we're for what we're for. we need a moon shot like john f kennedy says year going to put a man on the moon as a measure of america's innovation, entrepreneurial spirit. why not make the same call to action to say let's make a greener economy. part of the green new deal -- there's important components like clean air and water as a right. cleaning up all these superfund sites and brown fields, making
5:26 pm
sure we invest in green technologies and teach young people how to build solar panels and hydropower and bioofuels. that's important and exciting and we have success in new york on renewables. and again if you invest in the research and development, you put your country in a better place to excel in next generation development. and we should be competing with china, we should be out shining china. there's so much opportunity in this bill's economic growth and so why not have an assprational goal and maybe some things are hard to get to and maybe we won't actually but why not at least try? >> that's a good question. thank you very much for making time. come back whenever. >> thank you. coming up what to make of reporting that the senate intel committee is close to wrapping up its investigation. i'll talk to a member of the chity about where they stand
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i can say as it relates to the senate intelligence committee investigation that had no hard evidence of collusion. our investigation encompasses more than collusion, that issue has not been finalized at all. >> much more information has come to light since richard burr rr made those comments in september. including the revelation that paul manafort shared polling data with an associate linked to russian intelligence while actively the chair of the trump campaign. burr telling cbs news if we
5:31 pm
write a report based on the evidence we ve, we don't have anything that would suggest collusion. bipartisan sources gave a similar account, claiming the committee is close to wrapping up investigation without finding direct evidence of a conspiracy. now the vice chairman is pushing back, publicly breaking with him with what may be the first time in the two-year course of the investigation. saying he dis grees about the evidence of collusion and the probe has yet to finish. democratic of ororg and what do you make all of of this? >> i disagree strongly with the chairman, chris. and here is the bottom line. in my opinion, if it looks like collusion and acts like collusion and you have someone like paul manafort sharing confidential political intelligence with the russians, it's collusion.
5:32 pm
>> does that mean that you -- >> they reported that essentially facts as you -- have more or less been gathered and now it's just a matter ma -- differing interpretations of what those facts might be. >> no, in my opinion there is still a lotf heavy lifting to do, particularly taz relates to counterintelligence 101, which is following the money. for example this moscow tower issue. and what we know from public sources. i can't get into confidential matters. but what we know from public sources is especially troubling. michael cohen, he is the money man for the trump administration. he's already said that the discussions went on much longer than was originally said. in effect you had the president
5:33 pm
of the united states out talking to the american people about how he was going to find a way to have a new relationship with putin and yet from public sources we were hearing reports about the prospect that he might make millions and millions of it dollars on that moscow tower. so in my own opinion there's a lot of work to do. >> does your chair or republican colleagues consider that within the purview of what's being investigate by the committee? >> i certainly do and the reezereeason i do is this has always been about how the russians might get leverage on donald trump. we already know that donald trump, without saying very much. we saw that bizarre press conference, the change in sanction policy. we know without a lot of explanation, he has made a real break with previous policies.
5:34 pm
and so the whole point of the follow the money questions is to try to make sure that at the end of our inquiry we know whose interests donald trump is advocating for. his wallet or the american people. >> another money flow i wanted to get an update -- >> reporting about the ways in which rulgsau and russian leaders cultivated the er as as an ally. there are questions. >> with respect to that area, i'm also the ranking democrat on the senate finance committee. the finance committee staff is looking at it. we'll have more to stay before too long.
5:35 pm
when he said it was not an official trip, i want your viewers to know i don't think that is credible and cert when you're talking about a tax exempt organization, we want to know who their loyalties run to. they run to the american people or to some foreign adversary. >> final question. is there an expectation on your part and you had discussions about a final report or some kind of minority report similar to the a minority report in the house last year. >> we're barred from getting into those kinds of discussions. i will read any report, line by line and if i think there is anything resembleing a cover up with respect to importance, i'll blow the whistle. do it in a way that protects classified sources. but i'm going to make sure the
5:36 pm
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don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who've had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. ask your doctor about lyrica. thing one tonight. the most powerful man in the world seems like the noes
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secure. >> look at those hands. are they small hands? and he referred to my hands. if they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you there's no problem. i guarantee you. >> i think we have gone a long time since playing that clip, which i appreciate. we elected that guy but that did not cure his insecurity about size. he drew a smaller crowd for his inauguration speech. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration period in person and around the globe. >> the field t looked like a million/a million and a half people. >> that was the day america entered the era of the president who lies about his crowd size. last night in el paso, texas. >> tonight 69,000 people signed up to be here. the arena holds 8,000. and thank you fire department.
5:41 pm
they got in about 10. thank you, fire department. >> what a great shout out to the el paso, fire department. except he accused them of breaking the law and endangering public safety. fire department was not at all amused and that's thing two in 60 seconds. nd that's thing two n 60 seconds problem & the staff needs to know, they will & they'll drop everything can you take a look at her vitals? & share the data with other specialists yeah, i'm looking at them now. & they'll drop everything hey. & take care of this baby yeah, that procedure seems right. & that one too. at&t provides edge to edge intelligence. it can do so much for your business, the list goes on and on. that's the power of &. & when your patient's tests come back...
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you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. while donald trump was rallying his base, beto o'rourke was leading a counter rally, that trump claimed barely anyone bothered to attend. >> he challengefed us. so we have let's say 35,000 people tonight and he has 200 people. 300 people. not too good. >> crowd size is tough to measure but it's not that tough. estimates put the o'rourke rally between 7,000 and 15,000 people, which is a bit more than 300. as for trump's crowd, he claimed there were 10s of thousands outside and inside.
5:43 pm
even thanked the fire department for filling the venue far beyond the legal allowable capacity bs except they didn't of course. quote the fire bublic information officer says no special permission was given by the fire department and they were attica pasty. trump just added a few thousand people because telling a crowd of 6500 they're a crowd of 10,000 is the kind of thing trump does with numbers. >> wie have vets that used to wait in line for seven days, 20 days, 30 days. i've heard up to 38 days. two days. five days. 20 days, 30 days, 50 days. >> to build a highway in this country would take 17, 18, and even 21 years. >> 401(k)s up 40, 20 and even higher than that percent. n higher than that percent you control your blood sugar
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the president today called for congresswoman to resign over two tweets for which she had since apologized and it's as good as any to revisit some of the things donald trump himself has said, like for instance when he launched his campaign. >> when mexico sends its people bs they're not sending their best. they're bringing drugs, crimes, rapists and some, i assume are good people. >> or an amare judge couldn't be objective or judge him because he was, as donald trump put it, mexican.
5:48 pm
>> i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump. he's a hater. his name is gonzalo curial. and he is not doing the right thing. the judge who happens to be, what we believe, mexican, which i think is great. that's fine. >> oh, that's fine. or the way he refers to certain countries. >> reporter: the president apparently uncorking another astonishing statement. why do we want these people from quote all these shithole countries here? according to a democratic aid familiar with the conversation he was referring to african nations and haiti before suggesting the u.s. should have more people from say norway. >> he hasn't surprised for perhaps his lowest moment as president when nazis chanted in
5:49 pm
charlottesville, virginia chanting jews will not replace us, only to follow that up by murdering someone the next day, this was donald trump's response a few days later. >> i think there's blame on both sides. you look at both sides, i think there's blame on both sides and i have no doubt about it and you don't have any doubt about it either. >> never apologized for that. he certainly didn't resign over it. i know you know all this, we all know it. the president has no moral standing whatsoever. but it's a bigger problem than just the president. some names to remember after the break. some names to remember after the break. >> tech: ...every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why at safelite, we'll show you exactly when we'll be there. with a replacement you can trust. all done sir. >> grandpa: looks great! >> tech: thanks for choosing safelite. >> grandpa: thank you! >> child: bye!
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but what's the fun in that? switch to cvs pharmacy. republicans are trying to show off because they took congressman steve king off his committee and literally defended white supremacy. 20 years of knowing his views and supporting, trump campaigned for him in 2014 and that doesn't
5:53 pm
stop steve king. this guy, the indicted congressman duncan hunter alleged with his wife to have stolen hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars, that guy, he ran against a palestinian american like this. >> his grandfather masterminded the massacre. his father said they deserve to die. >> there was essentially no reaction from republicans, no calls to apologize, no calls to drop out or resign. basically, everyone was fine with it because generally the republican party with donald trump as president is fine with all kinds of bigotry. joining me now, the target of hunter's plan and rabbi jill jacobs, who wrote last week about the false comfort of
5:54 pm
trump's condemnation. let me start with you, amar. i thought of you when i was watching it play out and talking about what do people have and have not apologized for in terms of big goted statements and wast a big deal, those ads he ran against you? >> there was no apology that was issued towards me from duncan hunter and i don't want an apology from him. it doesn't mean anything coming from him. we're at a moral cross roads as a country and politicians. we can explore unity and exploit division and this election in 2020 and beyond is about us braving a path towards a unified, fortified progressive future for all of us and there is no room in america for a hate speech. this is the only country on earth that says our differences don't out weiweigh the humanity.
5:55 pm
there is no room for hate speech on other side and i don't expect anything coming of hunter or his party for that matter. >> do you feel like there is any clear standard articlated about bigotry, what it's worth apologizing for or resigning over? >> it's very clear that bigotry is not okay in our public discourse. all of us -- >> you mean that as a normative statement. >> it shouldn't be. >> it's not that clear that it's not okay in public discourse. >> and it's clear there is racism, sexism and et cetera, et set tree in american because it's deeply rooted in our society and we have a responsibility to call it out when we see it and so it's important to call it out. i don't think there is one standard that says once somebody crosses this line then they have to resign but what i do think is important is that we're not weaponizing anti-semitism, sexism and not only using it or
5:56 pm
our own political means and calling it out on the left and right by weapon neit doesn't protect jews in the community sent series. we have to call out anti-semitism but it shouldn't be a political move. >> what does weaponizing mean? >> when we saw president trump turn around and say representative omar should resign because of her tweet. people on both the left and right called her out for stepping into an antisemitic and there are very fine people on both sides and nationalist and spur the hatred with terrorists and jews while praying. so somebody like that who can't
5:57 pm
look at his own anti-semitism should not be calling out somebody else. >> i thought about kevin mccarthy, too, because he is involved in your race because he was involved with california that california delegation which by the way he managed to like basically get rid of eight of them for his efforts. but you're indicted opponent he capped. did kevin mccarthy say anything about the race duncan hunter ran against you that was so obviously rooted in your ethnicity? >> he didn't at all but here is the silver lining. there were 17 rabbis, chris, who stood up shoulder to shoulder with me and condemned hunter's attacks and in the wake of pittsburgh, it was the most heartening thing to see from me, to see my brothers, my jewish brothers and sisters standing up shoulder to shoulder and showing the moral authority kevin mccarthy and donald trump did not have. it was heartening to me and i decided to run again, in fact, we got close and hunter in my case was using this as a weapon
5:58 pm
of mass destruction. that's why this go around i'm not going to get distracted and politics and a path and me. >> one thing that is clear, republicans sense division on the issue particularly of israel in the collision and that's too partisan in the broad sort of center left progressive universe. >> republicans are absolutely looking for an opportunity to use israel as a wedge issue and that is not helping israel. that is not being proisrael at all. the only thing that is proisrael is looking for a long-term solution that will guarantee human rights and security of both israelis and palestinians, which is a two state solution with israel side by side and a palestinian state and the
5:59 pm
republicans rhetoric, some of the bills they are trying to drive that would for example try to ban boycotting israel, which i don't agree with. i don't boycott israel and these kinds of bills do nothing to actually protect israel or move forward a peace agreement. >> so you view it as scenical. >> i absolutely do. >> he will be running for that seat against duncan hunter who i think will go to trial at some point and deal with the charges against him. >> innocent until proven guilty. >> he'll get to make his case and rabbi jill jajacobs, thank u for coming in. check out our pod cast "why is this happening." "taxing the rich, hiwhy is it s hard to get rich to pay taxes." it's a story i didn't know about until we dug into great reporting from jessie and he and
6:00 pm
his colleagues of propublic have taken a deep look into how republicans, conservatives and anti tax active vesists and republicans undermined the ability for the irs to do the thing it actually has to do, which is to collect taxes for the american people so as to fund the u.s. government. that's all on the scandalous story. download it wherever you get your broadcast. that is "all in" for this evening. "the rachel maddow show" is next. >> thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. by the rockets' red gar flare f the 4th of july, we set off fireworks to celebrate the fourth of july. these are fireworks that were set off for the fourth of july celebration in our nation's capital. this past fourth of july. d.c. every year puts on a great, huge


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