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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  February 13, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PST

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the fund in new york city. visit lithe website to get more information. coming up now, more news with hallie jax sckson. >> how do you think your job would feel about the fact that you called it middle-aged? >> he has a pretty good life. >> this morning we're learning the man behind the art of the deal is probably going to sign the one in front of him, over phenomenon it's not exactly right for him. it seems to be fine for right now. the wall war is really just beginning. we'll explain why and get into our new reporting as congress gets ready to green light it all. starting votes today to avoid another shutdown friday at midnight. plus the special counsel may have found a smoking gun inside a smoke-filled room, literally. in a story that is around paul manafort. one of the reporters is breaking
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it down with us. also here the man with the inside track on michael cohen as the fight gets feisty between the president's former fixer and the top republican on the senate intelligence committee. cohen's lawyer joins us live onset. we have a lot to get to with our team set up and ready to go on this wednesday. we start this morning with our new nbc reporting with multiple sources telling us the president is anticipated to sign that congressional deal to avoid a shutdown barring any surprises. because the caveat is this. no one has seen this thing. has seen the bill itself. that's part of the waiting game on capitol hill as we wait to hear from the top republican and democrat in tany second. we're monitoring that. while we do, let's bring in kristen welker and garrett haake. you've caught up administration officials this morning. nobody is committing one way or the other to where the president is publicly, but privately we think we know where his head is at. >> that's right.
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privately you, the rest of our team, have reported based on conversations with multiple sources familiar with the president thinking that it's operated he will sign this deal despite saying yesterday, of course, that he's not happy with it. but he also said yesterday that he doesn't want a second government shutdown. sarah huckabee sanders was out here a short time ago. he had a chance to ask her if the president is going to sign the deal. here's what she had to say. >> to put a fine point on it. news outlets have confirmed the president is anticipated to sign the legislation. if you confirm that? >> we want to see what the final piece of legislation looks like. it's hard to say definitivety whether or not the president is going to sign it until we know what's in it. we like to read legislation before we agree to it. >> reporter: based on what he reviewed overnight at this hour, is he expected to sign it? >> again. we want to see the final piece of legislation, and we'll make a
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determination at that point. >> reporter: bottom line, all signs are pointing to yes, but as you know as we all know, nothing is finalized in this town until it has the president's signature. >> yeah. particularly in the era of donald trump. kristen welker, thank you. garrett, you've been working your sources. it sounds like lindsey graham has gone on the record to confirm the president will probably go ahead and green light this thing. >> reporter: thaet's right. he said the he thinks the president iss inclined to go along with this. the impression is he'll go along with this and do something else. they don't think signing the appropriations bill when it gets through both chambers, which i think will happen before the end of the week. a lot of folks feel confident they can get this done. but the president will likely sign it and then do something else. then potentially take some kind of executive action to try to get more money for this wall. lindsey graham has been saying
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it far while. measuri -- for a while. mark meadows said it this morning. >> i'm not going to be disappointed in the president. i'm disappointed in congress. the president wants to keep the government open. if he uses this as a vehicle, so be it. if congress is not going to help him, i would certainly encourage him to use those laws to build the wall and get it done for the american people. >> now, it would be a big deal if someone like mark meadows came out and supported a compromised piece of legislation on just about anything. he's not doing that here. i think what you're seeing and what we've been seeing over the last couple days are republicans trying to lead the president to yes on this. there is no appetite, none, for another government shutdown among legislators in either party up here. if they can just get this bill passed and signed, they'll have a fight about whatever it is the president decides to do next. >> garrett haake, kristen welker, thank you for joining us with this. let me bring in other folks. robert costa, anika kumar, and
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jake sherman. all friends of the show. bob, let me start with you. i know you've got the inside track on what west wing officials are thinking this morning. give us a sense of what you're hearing from your sources? >> the president is not going to make a final decision until he sees the legislative text from capitol hill. at the same time the white house counsel, the chief of staff have been preparing for weeks to take executive action to go up to the line of a national emergency but not to actually declare a national emergency. that's been the plan. that still is the plan. >> senator langford was out talking about that specific piece of it this morning. i want to play for you what he had to say. >> i think the best thing we can do is actually reprogram funds. that stage is within the parameters of the law. we don't have to deal with the court case and the administration can move forward. if you declare national
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emergency moving from one fund to another it's going to caught up in the courts for a couple years and doesn't solve the problem. >> do you get the sense folks inside the white house are listening to folks like him? >> they are. they're also listening to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell telling the white house this is the deal. this is what the appropriators have come up with. we're not going to fight you if you take executive action. >> of course, there are other voices in the president's ear and in his face on television as well. some of them appearing on fox use and in conservative media. >> it's time for us to do our job. this deal isn't doing our job. >> if he signs this, he's going to have the make the case that you never get everything you want all at once. >> the president would need to declare a national emergency. this is the time. that is a necessity. >> so conservative media pushing the president in a little bit of a different direction than what you're hearing from folks on the
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hill. >> i think that's why you heard the president say he didn't like it. he was sending a signal to them. i'm going to try to work on it. i'm adding to it. he can't add to it. the deal is the deal. this was his signal to them he's going to fight for them. >> we wear he's going to sign it. i think what's going to make people feel better is him doing this not a national emergency but executive action where he moves money and puts it to the wall. >> we are just hearing from stenny hoyer, a member of democratic leadership saying the bill will be ready by tomorrow. that is the hope. and that a house vote tomorrow night. is that timeline tracking with what you're hearing? >> yes. there were some last minute hiccups on drafting with the border wall provision. there were hiccups on a host of critical issues. >> we've pulled up that point. the list of things you've talked about. our sources on the hill from our team there is like listen, that may be a little overstated. i think folks seem to be feeling
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good about where this deal is going. >> yeah. we conceded it was probably overstated and not overstated, but we were saying in this moment there are concerns with the provisions, the violence against women act. the border language. several provisions in the bill. a vote tomorrow obviously is likely the government shuts down on friday. >> it's basically got to be. >> right. and the president as anita said has few options here besides executive action, doing things unilaterally. i want to mention one thing. democrats are seeing along the edges, progressive democrats saying why are we increasing dhs people? they've killed people in detention. why don't we use our own immigration policy? i still think it will pass, but it won't be as smooth as many people assume it will be. >> that's interesting. bob, imcurious your take on that. one person that our team spoke with said yeah, the president is inclined to do this barring any surprises. right? do you see surprises popping up potentially in the next 48 hours
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here? >> not from the congressional side. the appropriators want to move as quickly as possible. >> let me also talk about some of the other pain points. in a different way from jake, that's pain points for human beings who live in this country. potentially still digging out of the damage from the last shutdown. people concerned about what the shutdown impact is on their taxes. what they need to do to move forward if they didn't get the back pay. just because you can see some of the headlines here, just because it looks like the shutdown will be averted doesn't mean that folks are necessarily in great shape across the country. >> that's right. but that's why you find zero appetite for democrats and republicans including the president for having shutdown. there's no talk of a shutdown this time around. >> there's also something the president has been talking about. bob, maybe you can shed light on this. that he's saying the border wall is being built. more miles of wall are being built now. there's a question mark. when you look at the mileage
7:10 am
numbers, when you pull up a graphic, it's not mooatching up. >> he's playing that creating new miles of fencing here or there, it's going to be framed as a win from the republican side. democrats are saying we're not giving him a concrete wall. they're trying to walk away so the whole agenda doesn't get dominated solely by immigration. what about prescription drugs? what about infrastructure? they've been put on a shelf. the shutdown standoff and the current standoff have continued. >> the thing is bob and i have talked about this a lot off air and privately. the president has a lot of ways to declare victory here. he has had this opportunity in front of him before. the ability to say we're building a wall. we have wall being built. there's wall there. we're going to add to it and fix it. he always had an off ramp. he decided not to take it.
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>> jake, anita, stick around. bob, thank you for coming on the show. we appreciate it. coming up after the break, picture this. it's the summer before the 2016 election. paul manafort ducks out of trump tower to rendezvous with the russian politico at a manhattan cigar club. normal? maybe, maybe not. robert muler is trying to figure out what one it is. first, the new war of words between the senate intel committee and michael cohen. his attorney and communications adviser is joining us live onset while we get new comments on another story from the vice president. andrea mitchel traveling with him in poland have a fresh off a new interview talking about the congresswoman under scrutiny for anti semitic remarks. >> i think it was right for democratic leaders to condemn the remarks. but i think it's important the people that articulate anti semitic views are also held accountable. table.
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the senate intelligence committee is officially totally ticked off at michael cohen. republican chairman richard burr says any good will between them is now gone. here's why. the president's former attorney postponed his closed door testimony before the committee this week because he said of medical reasons after a recent shoulder surgery. chairman richard burr doesn't buy it. >> he's already focus on the
7:16 am
being in washington today because of an illness. on twitter he was having a wild night saturday night out in new york with five buddies. didn't seem to have any physical limitations and he was out with his wife last night. >> in response cohen's attorney says, quote, the medication mr. cohen is currently taking made it impossible for him to testify this week. it is possible for mr. cohen to be in pain and still have dinner in a restaurant with his wife and friends. here with me know lanny davis. thank you for coming on. does motorcyclichael cohen want to senate intel? >> i think senator bur had a bad day yesterday and bad information. >> does he have a point? >> of course not. >> if he's out with his friends and wife. >> of course not. i said in my statement, it's possible to be very sick with medical practitioners telling him not to come under
7:17 am
medication, senator burr had the medical letters. he forgot to mention that. he knew he was committed to coming within the next two weeks. he forgot that mention that. within the next two weeks -- >> when's the date? >> i can't tell you the exact date. he should have said mr. koecohe has promised to come and had medical sadvice not to come. and he invited us to come to his office and preinterview. he was out to dinner with his wife, very sick. ha that is not inconsistent with being sick. >> that's the third interview pushed off. it's the third excuse, threats against his family, now post surgery medical needs. do you see how some people ask why the excuses? . >> first, it's the second. the first one -- >> house oversight, house intel, senate intel. >> senate intel is one. that was because of letters from
7:18 am
his doctors, fever. a white house staffer was up to interview him and would say to senator burr had he asked, this guy is very sick. on the house intel, they decided to postpone for investigative reasons. they uncovered a lot more information. they wanted more time. >> can you say all three of the committees will get to interview michael cohen before he goes to prison? >> yes. senator burr, we're coming in less than two weeks. your staff probably didn't tell you that when you went on television yesterday. there are no false excuses. he went out to dinner with his wife. he's coming within the next two weeks. you knew that and didn't tell everyone. that's disappointing, but i still think you're a good guy. >> when is he going to speak? >> here waiting for senate intelligence committee to announce that. they know the date. i think senator burr knows the date. >> do you? >> yes, i do. >> can you tell us? >> i don't want to irritate senator burr who was irritated yesterday. i have no idea why he doubted that michael cohen could go out
7:19 am
to dinner with his wife and still be sick. i think senator burr will believe he was really sick when he talks to him. >> have you made arrangements to get cohen in front of them? >> yes. >> in the next three weeks he's going to do the interviews? >> yes. >> and tell them what? >> conspiracy minded washington, there is no excuse other than michael cohen who has been through a difficult time period. his family has been through a difficult time period, and he's got a fund called the michael cohen truth fund. they're having their issues, and we would appreciate help. >> financial issues? >> a host of issues? >> how is michael cohen doing? what's his status? >> look, it's been difficult. if his name were michael smith, he never would have been indicted, with all due respect, of anything. he was indicted for having a home equity line where the equity was ten times the loan value and he did it to hush up donald trump's hush money payments to stormy daniels, and
7:20 am
that's why he's in criminal difficulty. >> you made a plug for fund raising for your client. is he broke? >> let me say his family could use the help. i don't want to describe whether he's broke or not. that's too invasive. i would say the michael cohen truth fund could use some help. >> he'll be there. >> i'm sorry you had a bad day, burr. you're a good guy. your staff needs to keep you up to state that we committed to be there and interview ahead of time to show he really was sick. >> lanny davis, appreciate you coming onset and talking through that with us. coming up, the controversy over the controversial comment from congresswoman omar continues. president trump wants her off the committees all together. what about republicans who have a long track record of comments that are racist, or antesemitic. andrea mitchel talked to mike
7:21 am
pence on the road with him in poland. >> it's important that the leaders in the congress take a firm stand against anti semitism rhetoric, and i think it requires consequences in this case. >> reporter: and what the president said about banning all muslims in 2015? [leaf blower] you should be mad at leaf blowers. [beep] you should be mad your neighbor always wants to hang out. and you should be mad your smart fridge is unnecessarily complicated. but you're not mad, because you have e*trade which isn't complicated. their tools make trading quicker and simpler. so you can take on the markets with confidence. don't get mad. get e*trade and start trading today.
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in just about a half hour from now the house foreign affairs committee will be holding a hearing on the situation in venn day la. congresswoman omar is expected to be here. she's on the committee even more more and republicans want her kicked off of it. that includes mike pence. he spoke with andrea mitchell overseas. >> representative omar's tweets were a disgrace. anti-semitism has no place in the united states congress or anywhere. unless representative omar resigns from congress, at minimum democrat leaders should remove her from the house foreign affairs committee. i think it's important we speak with one voice and condemn anti-demtism anti anti-semitism in all its forms. >> president trump said something similar on tuesday before the cabinet meeting. >> i think she should either
7:26 am
resign from congress or certainly resign from the house foreign affairs committee. >> the president himself, remember has come under fire were playing under jewish stereo types about money. >> i don't want your money so you're probably not going to support me because you want to give money. trump doesn't want money. you want to renegotiate deals? some of us do. i would say about 99 -- is there anybody that doesn't renegotiate deals in this room? this room negotiates. i want to -- this room. perhaps more than any room i've ever spoken to. maybe more. >> as "the washington post" puts it the insinuation in both cases was that jews use money to pull strings and sway politics. the president also said there were fine people on both sides in charlottesville after white supremacists shouted phrases
7:27 am
like jews will not replace us at a rally. joining me to talk about it is our panel. there's a lot to get to here. i want to start with what we heard there. we know that omar has now this morning responded to president trump. she is now out with a tweet saying you have trafficked in hate your whole life against jews, muslims, immigrants, black people and more. i learned from people impacted by my words. when will you? do you see what's happening as a double standard? >> i mean, of course it's a double standard. lodged logically speaking it's a pill to hypocrisy. the republicans are saying you shouldn't do this. this person should resign. steve king was removed from his committee assignments. i appreciated that. i think members should have
7:28 am
called for him to resign. let's talk about cindy hide smith. some of her statements in a public lynching. she should have been disqualified. it's difficult for republicans to say you need to clean up your house when your house is disaster. >> andrea mitchel pushed the vice president on that similar point. listen. >> what the president said about banning all muslims in 2015. >> well, look, the president instituted a travel ban for the security of the united states of america. we embrace the broad diversity of the american people. we embrace legal immigration, but the president will always put the safety and the security of the american people first. >> are you satisfied with that answer? >> no. i'm not. and the reality is the vice president and many of these republicans in the house and senate who are calling for her to resign, i should say, they lack the moral authority to do so again, because there have
7:29 am
been many instances most recently within our own party and most of those individuals have stopped short of calling for those people who resign, and let's be honest here. the president of the united states is someone who has at least most certainly played around with racism and republicans by and large have remained quiet out of fear for retribution from the base. they should allow democrats what they want to do with this representative. and republicans need to focus on the disaster going on in our own party before we try to criticize others. >> steve king was kicked off his committees. >> he was kicked off the committees but he's not the same, and steve king was trafficking in hate speech more than a decade. what's happening with omar who apologize for the her comments. she's receiving the full weight of an attack machine that's been out there against barack obama when he ran for president. against chuck hagel when he was nominated for secretary of
7:30 am
defense. it's essentially if you criticize anything about israel, you're an anti-semimite. that's not the case. american jews support a two-state solution and many would be described as anti-semites for supporting benjamin netanyahu. they are advocating for solutions for israel and american policy. >> our team is writing about this this morning and about this idea of outrage in our politics. american politics keeps getting better at the outrage but worse at the consequences. what happen when you only express outrage but don't punish anyone? it only leads to more bad behavior and less outrage at future transgressions. >> that's right. she's not going to be kicked off the foreign affairs committee. there's virtually no chance of that happening. democratic leaders have said we're not getting into a game where if you say something we are going to throw you off your committees and some could paint
7:31 am
that as hypocritical. she believed and what her allies said was she was criticizing what she saw as a powerful lobby and it's been successful at advocating the issues on capitol hill. she is not going to get kicked off the foreign affairs committee. she's not going to resign. she's owned up. a lot of the people i've spoken to are alarmed about the -- not the criticism of israel which they believe she's in her rights to lob, but the anti-semitic tropes they believe she was voicing and the fact that she had not taken meetings with jewish members of congress to talk about the issues. those were things that i heard a lot of complaints about and anger about. >> congressman ro khanna, we talked about this.
7:32 am
he said it was right for her to apologize, but he said the anti-muslim islamaphobia, talking about respectful day log. >> that's right. she's been the victim of cyber bullying. she's been attacked. kevin mccarthy did as well. i haven't heard mccarthy apologize about his tweets or apologys from president trump about attacks about other prominent jewish leaders in this country. but now all of a sudden they've decided that's an effective issue politically to separate american jews on this question and potentially pull in votes. and shame a member of congress. it's really grotesque. >> we have to leave it there. thank you for coming on. we have much more to talk about including how another would be candidate keeps dancing around a
7:33 am
presidential run. look at that. cory booker, right here on msnbc. >> if you got the nomination, would you commit to choosing a woman as your vice presidential running mate?
7:34 am
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7:37 am
you know i'll be looking to women first. >> diversity. he said he'd look to women first for a running mate should he become the nominee. last night howard shult who is considering running as an independent was asked about racial bias. >> as somebody who grew up in a very diverse background as a young boy in the projects, i didn't see color as a young boy. and i honestly don't see color now. >> um, if you had your tweet deck open last night, you saw that blow up with some people comparing schultz to michael scott from the office. i'm joined now by the former dnc adviser, anita kumar and jake sherman join us as well. diversity is important for democrats. some criticizing the comments from howard schultz.
7:38 am
>> they were absurd and tone deaf. he gave a longer answer which touched on some of the answers starbucks faced. it was tone deaf because everyone has some form of unconscious bias. if we don't confront that and if we don't put it out there, we're not going to ever deal with this question of race and the challenges of our racial history in this country. so when you're looking at some of these other candidates, what i would hope within the media and elsewhere, we put as much pressure on the white candidates to talk about race and their racial history as we do -- as we are putting on right now kamala harris to address her blackness which i think is a little bit absurd. but we're never -- you never -- obama had to give the race speech back in 2008. john mccain didn't have to give a race speech. donald trump was never pressured to give a speech on race. now, so i think we have to make sure that the burden to deal with these issues, these very complicated issues, aren't just
7:39 am
shouldered by african american accoun candidates. >> and it's the people inside their inner circle. old male and peal. 2020 democrats under pressure to hire minorities. you cannot have an inner circle made up of just all white men. >> no. and some of them have taken some important steps. cory booker's manager is an african american male who was high up in the hillary clinton campaign. so they are taking some steps. the party needs to do better. when you look at chiefs of staff in the senate right now, there's one african american chief of staff in the senate. that's pathetic. we're good on the issues. we could be better on the issues. we're better than the republicans, but diversity at the senior level, we have to do better. >> it's racial diversity, and also gender diversity.
7:40 am
kirsten gillibrand said this is my space. she talked about it last night. >> i think it breaks down bias. i think when the american people get to see a lot of versions of what female leadership looks like, they'll understand leadership in all its complexity. a lot of studies show women are good at listening and building consensus and getting stuff done. >> there is no way to talk about this race without talking about race and gender. there are five women running for president already. do you see that new york times front page with four women running for president. they're just going to have to address it and talk about it. i know kamala harris, people are asking about her, is she black enough, that kind of thing. remember, she's half indian american. her mother is from india and hasn't gotten a lot of attention. i think there are a lot of indian americans in this country, and i think that's going to be an issue, too. >> one thing that's worth noting on capitol hill is paul ryan and
7:41 am
mccarthy, they had an african american and female chief of staff. the gender gap doesn't always hold true. it surprises a lot of onlookers. >> amy klobuchar, we saw her over the weekend. she raised about $1 million in the 24 hours after her announcement. kamala harris raised 1.5 million. and two days after, elizabeth warren, $3 million. >> klobuchar needed this. she had a pitch perfect announcement. she created one of those unique moments with her in the snow and cold. it really sort of underscored her grittiness. she gave a really good speech that had a good story in it. and really diagnosed the problem well and introduced her to the american people. i thought she said really well and she's benefitting. >> we like to talk about where the candidates stand.
7:42 am
and klobuchar supports the green new deal. cory booker does as well. it's a test that mitch mcconnell wants to put to the test on the floor. jake, explain this. i thought mcconnell wasn't down with show votes. >> he is down. this is not going to pass. i think democrats are going to say this is a political stunt and we're not going to engage and they're going to vote against it. it is widely moved by him. it's going to be a republican talking point and something -- just like when he used to put the obama budget on the floor. no one voted for it. he was able to say all senate democrats voted against the president's budget. >> i was going to say amy klobuchar, you don't hear the president talk about her too much. i think the people he doesn't talk about are the people he's most worried about. >> we shall see. after the break paul manafort has another closed door court hearing today. it's what happened in a closed
7:43 am
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now, former trump campaign manager paul manafort is due back in federal court in washington. it's for a closed door hearing on whether he broke his plea deal and lied to investigators. that means his plea deal could be strapped. this morning we're learning more details of a closed door hearing. "the washington post" reports shows documents show she met with a manhattan cigar bar. the new details provide a rare hint at what mueller is examining in the final stretch of his investigation. and underscore his deep interest in the gathering which ended with the three men leaving through separate doors. washington post investigations reporter has the top by line on the new piece. also with us chuck rosenburg, former fbi chief of staff. also an msnbc contributor and friend of the show. rosalyn, thank you for coming on.
7:48 am
explain why this story you've written and reported on, why is this significant? >> we had "the washington post" were the first to report this meeting had happened back in 2017 we reported that. it always struck us as kind of weird that the campaign chairman for the presidential candidate would leave his job doing that and go to this meeting at a cigar club with a russian employee of his personal consultanting business. but now what we're learning is that the special counsel's office says that what happened at this meeting, they consider it to be at the heart of their investigation. they have said that this man who met with manafort has ties to russian intelligence. you've got the trump campaign chairman meeting with a person with ties to russian intelligence during the campaign and talking about things of intense interest to the government of russia. >> has the trump campaign -- have manafort's team members had any response to this? >> so we're getting some
7:49 am
response from manafort's team really in these court filings, and i should note that they're heavily redacted. key details i think the public needs to know about are being withheld from us at the moment about this meeting and about manafort's interactions in those days. basically what we've heard from manafort's team is that yes, he was talking about a peace plan for ukraine with this russian employee. something that is a top foreign policy goal of russia. right at the time when russia is interfering in the campaign, but that manafort pushed back and he told his employee look, this is a crazy idea. i don't want co-countenance it. >> let me go back to the key pieces. >> it's at that time they believe they may have exchanged key information relevant to russia and donald trump's presidential bid. i want your reaction to that and what i might mean for the special counsel investigation. >> sure. if true, fascinating. i mean, one of the allegations is that manafort forced --
7:50 am
passed detailed information. layer that with information we know from a mueller indictment that that there's a social media operation directed against potential clinton voters in order to steer them toward the trump ticket. you take these things together, whether or not, you know, that type of detailed information was passed, whether the campaign was getting other things in return, whether the campaign or manafort and gates -- remember gates was in that meeting in new york city -- were making promises regarding the republican platform or campaign promises or positions the new administration might take. all that tied together, while not conclusive is certainly interesting. >> let me pull back to the russia investigation as a whole. president trump's former lawyer
7:51 am
gave a radio grointerview. >> i would be shocked if anything regarding the president is made public other than that we're done. >> is he right? >> he's right and he's wrong. there will be a report, the special counsel regulations require there be a report. he might be right in the following way. the requirements are that special counsel mueller provide a confidential report to the attorney general. the regulations also require that the attorney general provide a briefed report to congress. and so what's in it? what's redacted? what's classified, how brief it is? we don't know. there will be a report, we'll have to see what the attorney general does with it. >> separate from the special counsel investigation, there's of course the senate intelligence committee investigation among others. ken delaney came on air yesterday and talked about his new reporting about what the senate intelligence committee had and had not found.
7:52 am
ken predicted the president would try to claim vindication out of that reporting. sure enough, last night the president tweeted thanks msnbc, seemed to do just that. you've got a big note of caution on this, right? >> i do. the president often claims vindication. i don't think there's vindication to be had in the notion there's no direct evidence of a conspiracy. here's why, i've tried many cases to a jury. at the end of every trial the judge will tell the jury that circumstantial evidence is every bit as compelling, lawful and worthy of your attention. what's circumstantial evidence? you walk outside of your house and there's snow on your lawn, is that circumstantial or direct evidence? circumstantial. it's compelling. you'd be right if you assumed it snowed, but you didn't see it happening. people shouldn't expect direct evidence in conspiracy cases. you might have circumstantial
7:53 am
evidence and it might be compelling. >> you always know how to bring it, my friend. i appreciate you coming on the show. we'll be right back with what our sources are saying and today's big picture. r sources ad today's big picture. take your razor, yup. alright, up and down, never side to side, shaquem. you got it? come on, get back. quem, you a second behind your brother, stay focused. can't nobody beat you, can't nobody beat you. hard work baby, it gonna pay off. you got this. with the one hundred and forty-first pick, the seattle seahawks select. alright, you got it, shaquem. alright, let me see. we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ they say a picture's worth 1000 words. well, for me, it's worth a heck of a lot more. see that artery?
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it goes without saying that neither side is getting everything it wants. that's the way it goes in divided government. >> president trump, sign this bill. neither side got everything it wanted in this bill but both
7:57 am
sides want to avoid a shutdown. >> as with all compromises i say if people support the bill what is in it, don't judge the bill for what is not in it. we have other days to pass legislation. >> there it is. congressional leadership talking about this deal to avoid a government shutdown. i want to talk about what our sources are saying with anita and jake. i'll start with you, very consistent message there. this is like a half bag of junk, a half bag of good stuff. >> you saw congress on its knees begging the president not to veto the bill. you'll see more republicans than you think vote for the bill because the president is indicating strongly he would like to see it pass and avoid a shutdown. he'll do a side car, some sort of executive action. they're not going to leave him hanging here. >> this morning even during the show, more and more republicans have come out saying we think this is going to happen, this is going to move forward. what are your sources telling you about what's going on in the white house? >> if you remember during the campaign president trump did
7:58 am
something really unusual and put out a list of people he said he would nominate to the supreme court, or they would be possible nominees. we hear in the next couple of months he'll be updating that list. it's important because brett kavanaugh wasn't on the list. they're getting ready for justice ginsberg's retirement. >> are they working with outside groups? >> conservative groups are lobbying. >> what's the timeline? >> we hear about two lines? >> it's for justice ginsberg -- >> she says she's not going anywhere. >> she's had a moment with that documentary about her, the movie i should say. thank you both for coming on today. we appreciate it. we'll see you back soon. we want to wrap up with our big picture today. this one comes to us from jacksonville, florida. it's amazing. check it out. 16 month old joseph, he was born without part of his left arm. he's getting a chance to meet
7:59 am
somebody a lot of folks consider a hero. one handed shakeem griffin. they were introduced as a rehab center. griffin wants to inspire children with disabilities after making history as the first one handed player ever drafted to the nfl. this is such a touching moment. it was special when it happened. we hope to see many more moments like those in the future. the photograph here from brooks rehabilitation. we'd love to hear your thoughts on facebook, twitter, and i'll see you later on tonight on nbc "nightly news" over on the white house side. i turn it over to my colleague craig melvin in new york. i love that moment, football, young kid. that's something he'll remember the rest of his life. >> i'm pleased to report that he's a really good guy. we'll have more on that coming up later this hour, thank you. and thank you as well for joining us, craig melvin here, msnbc headquarters in new york city. 2020.
8:00 am
defining democrats. right now the slue of democrats running for president are trying to tap into the party's base to ask the big question. what do democratic voters want? we're going to be taking a look at how each candidate is positioning themselves so far. plus, done deal? as we approach the situation that no one wants, another government shutdown, there's a bipartisan deal on the table to keep it up and running. now nbc reporting that it looks like president trump will sign that deal. so what happens to the wall? one year later. tomorrow is a somber anniversary in this country. one year since a gunman killed 17 students at marjorie stoneman douglas high school. one year after that shooting, are our schools any safer? i'll talk to parkland's congressman about what's changed and what he is still fighting for today. we'll get to that in just a moment. we start with a question of how left is too


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