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tv   Deadline White House  MSNBC  February 16, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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they can vote for who they want but they should have the right to have their vote protected. ly see you again tomorrow at 5:00. ernie for a new live edition of politics nation. up next, the beat with my friend ari mulburp. mueller dropping the hammer on paul manafort who is making a new push asking him to be sentenced to prison immediately. several trump figures in the probe, and it comes as trump used a bizarre and rambling press conference to claim a "national emergency" at the borderundermining himself. we begin with today's ruling against roger stone and it goes
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right at what roger stone prizes most. he won the arguments for a partial gag order as well as even talking at all when they come and go from the court. but nip watching stone's recent comments know he will have to change gears or go to jail. he has been doing those things since being indicted nap could brej jurors. a force to take down bin laden. >> they sent fewer men for bin laden than for me. >> i saw a dozen other fbi
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agents in the background all wearing night goggles, full swat gear, to make me look guilt like el chapo. >> escobar season has been, that is an old saying, now it has ended with a gag order. that is one famous trump narrator, gagged, and his current narrator in the white house, sarah huckabee sanders was interviewed by mueller's prosecutors. they are talking about what sanders may have known, and if what she told the public and what she says when she is
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effectively under oath. john carlin was chief of staff to bob mueller, also gene rossy and thank you to each of you on the muller piece, you're all league experts, what would bob mueller want to know from the person that plays a spokesperson role. does she have the juice on anything else? >> i think you need to ask to thoroughly investigate the facts often that person is privy. it is an opportunity to learn what did she know before she made certain public namts that may have been designed to influence people out of the
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whois and what the basis was for those. let's take a look at what she was saying about all of that controversy. >> if it is true, there is no inaccuracy. >> they said the president did dictate the statement, do you want to correct the record on your statement from august when you said he certainly didn't dictate? >> once again i will not go into detail. >> that may have been a safe answer, would that answer suffice when she is in this mueller interrogation room? >> i think that is a great example of where -- no, it would not suffice, and where they can go into detail to see what the basis was for her original statement. was a part of a plan to obstruct or hide what the real purpose
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for the meeting was. if there is one thing you know, if you're going to go in and answer questions that you need to do so truthfully and completely, they have already gathered a lot of information and they're quite prepared to bring charges if you intentionally state falsehoods to the investigators or the grand jury. >> all i can say is to quote you, mo mueller, mo problems. >> i was quoting someone else, but i take your point. >> i mate to be facetious, but i will be serious. john hit the nail on the head. i had a witness in the paul manafort trial. we went through five prep sessions. they have every e-mail, text, they talked to multiple witnesses, and for sarah
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huckabee sanders to be interviewed, she giving her investigation that is intended for the public, no privilege. >> in a is such an interesting point you raise. there are people who at least have a claim to executive privile privilege. you saying she might be valuable because she doesn't have that private role, they could only emit. >> a lot of the taxpayers have attorneys. when they would talk to the irs it is not privileged what he would say to the attorney. that is deep trouble for the president of the united states,
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period. >> do you know the lochker verse, the mo mueller we come across, the more problems we see. but you look at all of this, that is just on the mueller probe gathering, i don't think this is fully sunk in. you could have the guy in jail for the rest of his life. >> it really shifts things. we said this last week, but you're right, mo mueller, mo probables. >> wh-- problems. >> this is the only case where the prosecutors talked about the possibility of someone aangge -
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angling. they thought he was angling for the pardon. >> asking for a sentence at this point i think speaks to the apg -- anger, it is unorthodox. there is definitely that, also there is definitely building up in terms of who else might be implicated. it is a way of clearing room to talk about other people. >> do you think that donald trump did it on this so-called emergency and he says maybe i will pardon him sooner? like some have done in -- >> there is nothing about this president that goes by the book
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unless the book is autocracy for dumb mys, i have never seen anything like today. >> someone gave him add fievice just that it could hurt you, mr. president. >> i think it is fair to say that the provision of a pardon right now looks material finish him. but he also flats the rules all of the time. it is a big leap to make possibly but it is only friday. >> only friday, gene, on the roger stone part, walk viewers through are we going to hear less from him? i hear from viewers sometimes why do we play this sound. when things happen with people who are under indictment including in rogers case,
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allegations that the trump campaign sought his help getting stolen russian material, we're going to report on what he says. what does this mean about hearing less from him. >> it is a two-part gag order, it puts pressure on the attorneys for both sides. it also puts a partial gag order on roger stone. he can't run his mouth within 1,000 feet of the courthouse, and he can't go on media to make statements that substantially prejudice the juror pool if is not a full fledged gag order, but let me tell you what is going to happen. he cannot help running his mouth, he is going to anger amy jackson and she will hold him in
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contempt, detain him, or put a full fledged gag order on him. and it will probably take a week. >> look, contempt means jail, right? >> yes. >> so the question then is instead of debating the core issues o of the case, do they want to spend their time arguing over what brjss a jury? and it is interesting the one person in america that bob mueller alleged was victimizes -- victimized by roger stone, and we have this beat. he says "i'm a first amendment purrist, and even though i have been and will be the victim of roger stone's attacks, i have reservations about the gag order, what do you think of
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that? >> this judge has shown she is not interested in turning her court into a circus. not allowing witnesses to be tampered with. she issue add similar gag order in the manufacture case when she pussed the limits. she was not shy about telling him and his legal team that they better knock it off or she would enforce the order. in terms of the first amendment, these are carefully crafted to balance the interest of a fair trial and proceeding with the first amendment. i think her order is in the first amendment bounds and particularly in the case that one of the things he is charged with is witness tampering. there is good reason to believe that the statements are designed to impede or obstruct justice. >> you put that in a pretty straightforward way. i as a first amendment person
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myself, i have reported that anything overbroad we should be concerned about. but it is limited to upholding the propriety of the court process, and the guy that has tampered allegedly with witnesses, and she not abohe is tampering with jurors. >> yeah, he is just saying basically you can't go on to the steps of the courthouse where witnesses may be coming in or p perspective jurors and turn it into a big press conference. we're not going to turn it into a reality control set. you don't want to see a government building turned into the reality show. >> never. >> never say never. >> never. >> here is what i'm going to do, i'm going to fit in a break.
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my special thanks for your special help. coming up, trump himself unloaded and gave his critics and legal challenges against the national emergency admitting he didn't have to do this. >> i want to do it faster, i could do it over a longer period of time, i didn't need do it, but i want it done much faster. a lawmaker makes an extraordinary speech. you're going to see it from the senate floor. >> what does putin have on our president. we can consider that the president is an asset of the russian government. >> and news about ruth bader ginsburg. and a fall back friday with richard blumenthal. you're watching "the beat." d bll you're watching "the beat.
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than we knew tonight, sarah huckabee sanders was ber viewed late la -- interviewed late last summer or fall. when you look at these events coming together, bob mueller is on the job with a new poboss, bl bar, and she is moving away in lots of ways, what does that mean? >> more pieces are coming together, the walls are closing in on donald trump, there is virtu virtually no asset in trump twhoorld is not under investigation right now. there is also the is your honor district of new york, the trump foundation. this kind of progress says to me she done with manafort, he wants
3:20 pm
him snnsed, he is talking to people closest to the president. and i know from my experience that the people who talk to the press need fwhee is really going on so the chances are that -- >> you know that is an interesting point, your communications director is going to be in the loop on key things. >> very much, and that is an important take away there. and also is speaking for him. the obstruction, the lies, and no question there was lies, for example, about the trump tower meeting, donald trump's role in it, the subject of discussion, and they were involved in a deceptive statement. >> what does it mean to have the person who was number one in donald trump's campaign now facing what he could face.
3:21 pm
i want to compare this to watergate, people compare them rhetorically and stylistically. take a look at what manafort faces. potentially decades. we don't expect he would actually get all of that, but what does it mean to you if at the end of the day mueller is securing longer prison sentences for a top aide like this than anyone that worked for nixon or watergate. >> what it says to me is that manafort has engaged in a pattern and consistent practice of lying seeking to cover up in all kinds of ways that we saw the special council actually prove to the judge, for example giving polling data to a russian agent, discussioning a secret
3:22 pm
ukraine peace plan, and then lying about it and the question is why was he lying, he was just congenital liar? was he just covering up for the president? involving all of those years. >> ily say that it is funny to try to give someone a fairness defense that makes them look terrible. but they said paul manafort would lie about anything, he would lie about the cover of his tie. before i let you go, the president says it is a national emergency and it is one that he could have done later or not at all, does that mean that is not an emergency this time of year. >> the courts should defear. the chief one that he has going
3:23 pm
for him. it will be greatly developed, and the youngstown steel case says it is the weakest. >> leave it to richard blooum blumenthal to go full on. what is the point of what you and erin in congress does in both parties if you have years long debates about how to fund the government. and a president, any president, could be a different president in the future says i will spend billions because i declared something. >> that is also a key legal argument because again, in youngstown and all of the cases, talking about deference, this p.o.w. of the pouurse is a core
3:24 pm
constitutional prerogative. that is why we're going to support a resolution, it will be considered by congress, and there will be bipartisan support for it because what the president is doing here is easing power and he is also, by the way, very, very importantly militarizing the border and politicizing the military because the section of the law that he is acting under, it requires the involvement of the mill take for him to take these funds even under this law, the national emergency act. >> you trade out clearly. we're going to keep probing into it, i just think it is so important, everything sees
3:25 pm
polarized. it could be in a few years, can bernie sanders get a bill and give it out for college, and there is a constitutional question whether or not you like the give at issue. we're not letting you go, we're going to keep you around for your first fall back friday. this question into deuced on the floor of the senate, what does putin have on trump. we'll be back in 30.
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donald trump is going down to florida, that is a thing you do in a national emergency, and he is giving a rose garden announcement that i can only describe as rambling and at times illogical because it underminded the purpose of it which was being it was an emergency. >> this is apart from what people think about immigration, does it look like a national security emergency do you? >> no, not an mrnl. the board sere a matter of national security, but to describe it as an emergency is an utter travesty, and ari, you're the lawyer here, you know that the supreme court will probably have to resolve this and by the way, something that i have not heard people talking
3:27 pm
about is that lawyers need to be looking at whether or not ordering the military to use funds allocated for another purpose, to build a wall or anything else on the board sere a lawful order. so there are a lot of layers with this. but we face real foreign policy crisis, and they're primarily with donald trump's bffs. putin, xi, kim, and if you want to invoke emergency powers, it should be about russians and others intervefering with our election. >> is bff a situation room term or a valentine day hangover? >> it is a technical term between -- i won't even go there with his personal life. >> no, i wasn't asking you to go there, in the military they use a lot of acronyms. part of our job is to take things seriously even if people
3:28 pm
in power don't, so folks that watch the show we try to just deal with the evidence. i'm not here to make a lot of judge calls about how donald trump talks and all of that stuff, but let me play for something that is happening in this as he tries to seize billions of dollars. this is how he tried to make the case today. >> we will have a national emergency, we will be sued, they will sue us in the ninth circuit, it will possibly get a bad ruling, we'll get another bad ruling, and we'll end up in the supreme court, hopefully we'll get a fair shik, we'll win in the supreme court -- >> what does that say to you about whether or not he takes it seriously and if he understands and upholds the obligations of his office given how serious it is and how many lives it affects. people at the military as you
3:29 pm
mention, what critics are calling a really blasay center. >> she a nars sis, he doesn't love this country, and he is right that it won't end up in the supreme court. because this is so fund memberal to our constitution, it could not be more. the foundling fathers were not stupid. they knew that not every president would be ideal. that's why we have checks and balances, neither they or the legislatures that passed the national emergency act could forsee, could imagine someone like trump becoming president. >> let me press you on that, you're getting now to the heart of it, what do the guard rails do in our system. you're taught of a reverence.
3:30 pm
i say they did amazing things for their time and they were wrong for all sorts of things, if you a three fifths compromise you're 100% wrong about some things. ambition will check ambition. people will represent their own ends, they try thd to turn that to good and you just spoke on some of that, sir. people up until this conference today were saying that we will step up. >> i think it is a bad precedent. >> it will be more congressional authority. >> i don't see the grounds for declaring a national emergency. >> i hate the national emergency, i worry about that
3:31 pm
abuse with future presidents. >> i think it is a terrible idea. >> their obligation is clear as can be. it is to be a check on extravagant claims on presidential prerogatives and power. no question about that. and i am an independent, i'm certainly not here to lobby for the democrats, but the republican party is not -- >> you're not a huge aoc liberal? i got confusioned. >> aoc is trump's best friend. >> i don't think anyone watching your commentary is confused, you come to this from your background and you're disturbed by it, but not as a green new deal super lefty. >> i took an oath to the constitution of the united states. the most important document in
3:32 pm
my view in the history of politics and human government and that beautiful document, that wise document has to be defend from time to time, now they have to do their duty, not to a political party, a president, rouge or otherwise. the least that the republicans could do is to risk a primary challenge. it is not exactly omaha beach. >> you have the chopped to say it and i appreciate your view on it. i want to broaden this. they are filing a suit to take trump to court over this exact thing. when would your suit do?
3:33 pm
do you think you will win? >> we absolutely think we will win, i think donald trump thinks we will win. he said he is expecting this will make it's way to the supreme court, he expects to lose in the initial challenge and and the leaked commentary is their expecting it to be enjoined. >> that mood that this isn't really about doing a thing, it is about trying to be seen doing a thing. maybe why he was especially careless, again, how can i say it fairly? making the case against at making the case of the announcement of his emergency. >> i want to do it faster, i could do it over a longer period of time, i didn't need to do this but i would wrath doer it
3:34 pm
much faster. we're talking about this because of the election. this is one of the ways they think that can win is by obstruction and other nonsense. and i think that i just want to get it done faster, that's all. >> will you site those in your court challenge. >> i think they're very compelling arguments for us for sure. we have our wonderful colleagues right now. >> would you use them if you were filing this brief? >> definitely, donald trump is the gift that keeps on giving for constitutional living. you can put it in an example or give it to your students. it is perfect, everything that he said in this press conference, there is an emergency, and the national emergency acts requires something more than simply wanting to be more expedition in building a fake wall. >> i want to read something that was now from the national
3:35 pm
emergency act. this is the first time since it became law. it does not exist by any available metric. that is his tweet about that. it s that overstated, or is that your view that we have gotten this kind of ruling. >> so the national emergencies act has been enjoked about 5,000 times and there are 31 emergencies still left on the books. the emergency steps that we're taking, assets or property claims, building a wall, he has never been part of that, this is a clear separation of powers issue and it is a real threat, this is a major power grab. kabuki theater or not it is a serious slide on democracy. >> you can observe the absurdity
3:36 pm
of it. many countries have dealt with situations where people come into power. maybe we need be less of a democracy and more of a country where the person in charge just says i'm going to do it, the military is going to help me, what are you going to do about it? we're going to see melissa murray -- having said it, i feared wrong, i would rather work on trying to get it right, colonel ralph peters, thank you so much. a startling moment on the floor. that will be next. n the floor. that will be next. i saw my leg did not look right. i was just finishing a ride. i felt this awful pain in my chest. i had a pe blood clot in my lung. i was scared. i had a dvt blood clot.
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fridays are not a slow day for bob mueller, again today on a friday with a development, it is a victory. mueller winning this partial gag order, that means his public appearances will be shut down. this is the first time they have alleged -- they seek out materials stolen. that line of inquiry brings us to an extraordinary moment. the most senior democrat on the senate foreign relations committee, laying out this
3:41 pm
theory. >> i'm talking about the entire legitimate question of whether or not donald trump could be compromised with the russian government. he left country down. they are considering the possibility that the president is an asset of the russian government. >> an asset of the russian government, a possibility. people have been asking for about three years now. it is finally fillering it's way up to the halls of congress. questions like this that we have been talking about every night for 2.5 years nonstop to where
3:42 pm
it can now be put into the record what does a foreign power have over a president will lead out into the investigations, it must happen. clearly donald trump is in debt to russia. his devotion to vladimir putin and the fact that only two people on this planet know what vladimir putin has on donald trump. that is donald trump and vladimir putin. >> well, you mentioned the way that information and ideas get mainlined, that is a big feature in politics, and i think in some degree, where are people's ideas about where things come from, of course it was the nominee of the democratic party that was the victim of the hacking. she had more reason to be in touch with the conversation. the concerns that tried to raise this during the campaign. let's take a look.
3:43 pm
>> everything that i see has no respect for this person. >> he would rather have a puppet for president. >> you're the puppet. >> the russians have been engaged in signer attacks that you encouraging espionage against our people, and you are willing to spout the putin line, you sign up for his wish list, break up innato, do whatever he needs to do. >> trump was not taken seriously enough as a political phenomenon in 2016, was hillary clinton's substantive point there not taken seriously enough at the time. >> absolutely, every word of what she said has proven to be correct. we have had an espionage investigation going on for the last almost three years. there has been a counter
3:44 pm
intelligence that now encompasses the president himself. this is a very serious pool. the very fact that one-third of this nation refuses to believe a word of it shows you the success of the russian information operation. but hillary clinton got it right, because she was hillary clinton, the news media refused to believe a word of what she said. >> very interesting to get your perspective to dig through what we can learn. malcolm nance, thank you. we had quite the week and we could all use a little time to fall back. for the first time ever we welcome richard blumenthal to fall back friday. back friday with all that usaa offers
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it is friday on "the beat" and you know that means it is time to fall back. we do, it, for the fist, the first sitting u.s. senator, richard blumenthal. and liz winstall. we're bringing out the air horns. >> apparently, that is exciting. it became very clown like in here. a circus environment. >> senator, thank you for taking this risk. >> i'm a little disappointed
3:50 pm
already, i do comedy, too. >> i didn't know that, is that a joke? >> that's a joke, i'm one of the unfunniest people you will ever meet. we're going to do one more air r the first u.s. senator here. what do you think of that? >> the timing was horrible, first of all, the last one you nailed it. here's the thing, you listen, observe, horn. >> liz, who needs to fall back this week? >> i think -- i don't even know if it's a fallback, i guess it is. kanye needs to fall back for his feckless valentine's day gift to kim kardashian. the video was super bizarre. they took the garage and then he went to a gas station and got all the roses. and then put them on the ground. >> who is that playing? >> had kenny g come.
3:51 pm
and all of this feels like -- fall, don't go to the gas station to get the roses because that's for the poor people and people who don't have kanye money. do a blanket of roses. >> he looks pretty happy with himself. >> but it's kenny g. are you breaking up with her? or are you wanting to -- this is not romantic. this is kind of -- i feel like it's a bet >> i never thought i would stick up for kenny g, but it is romantic. a lot of people find romance in his music, liz. >> but both people find his music at a strip mall. >> hold on. kenny g's music is very popular and has brought a lot of joy to many people. >> that's great. if you are the richest person in the world and you made that money doing music, maybe you could find -- >> that's a great point. of all the people, ckanye went for -- >> i don't know. >> have you ever listened to
3:52 pm
kenny g, senator? >> i have, yeah. >> would you consider it legitimate romance music? >> this is going to really affect your career. be careful how you answer this. >> this is going to be used against me. >> i'm just saying. >> well, i'm going to go out on a limb. i do consider it legitimate. any music in the right context is legitimate romantic. >> you are the odd man out. >> here's the deal, it isn't how do the two of us feel. it would be if i was daylight a rich musician and he laid out the garage full of that and then kenny g, that would not be my jam. >> it really goes to questioning kanye as a musician. i'm going to move on, senator who needs to fall back. >> a few of my colleagues need to take a deep breath on the green new deal. senator barrasso said the green new deal would eliminate ice
3:53 pm
cream. liz cheney, representative also from wyoming said it would eliminate cows. >> we have some of that. let's listen to liz cheney going ham on the green new deal. take a look. >> when we outlaw plane travel, gasoline, cars, i think actually probably the entire u.s. military because of the green new deal. >> there's another victim, it's ice cream. livestock will be banned. say goodbye to dairy, beef, ranches, family farms, cheeseburgers and milkshake will bandage a thing of the past. >> cheeseburgers and milkshake. that would be a gut punch for me. i just want to say. >> i mean, we have to walk home tonight because there are no more cars as of tonight. >> does it say something? you're basically backing up aoc here. does it say something that she has them so shook, so scared about the deal?
3:54 pm
>> it's not really her, with all due respect. i'm a co-sponsor, including my friend ed markey. >> you held a joint press conference with her. >> i think the republican strategy here is to personalize it to her when, in fact, it is about a basic concept of goals and objectives and projects that will make us less dependent on emissions producing energy, renewal and clean energy, change the way that we travel, relying more on the kinds of vehicles that are less emission producing. it's sort of a basic concept. >> shouldn't fossil fuels fall back? >> i think fossil fuels should always fall back. you can joke about some things, but literally -- i grew up in
3:55 pm
minnesota. the emissions that comes from cows is real. that's not a joke. >> would you trade kenny g to get rid of global warming? >> i think that we're going to have more kenny g if we have the green new deal because he is unplugged and that is -- >> air horns are playing us out. >> i have to take exception. >> we'll have you both back. this is great. thank you. fallback friday. we'll be right back. richard blumenthal bloomenthal blumenthal blumenthal
3:56 pm
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bader ginsburg was back following surgery to treat lung cancer. that's the first time she had missed courtroom arguments since joining the court in 1993. that does it for me. you can always check out the beneath on 6:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. constitutional shutdown. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm steve kornacki in for chris matthews. we've got lot of news to get to tonight, including breaking developments in the russia investigations. but first, as expected today president trump declared a national emergency at the southern border to secure money to build a wall and address what he calls an invasion. >> so we're going to confront the national security crisis on our southern border and we're going to do it one way or the


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