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tv   First Look  MSNBC  February 18, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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the best place to listen. to start your free 30-day trial, text listen5 to 500500 today. ♪ amid mounting challenges, the white house is defending president trump's emergency declaration to build a wall along the southern border. this as democrats and republicans voice their concerns. plus, european leaders ledley angela merkel confront american first policy and the administration's policy of treating allies. and a counterintelligence probe into the president. one reason being trump's own words.
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good morning, everyone. it is monday, february 18th. the white house is preparing to defend president trump's emergency declaration. several republicans have expressed their disagreement and may be forced to vote on it as democrats are reportedly preparing a joint resolution of disapproval to repeal it when congress returns. a move that senior trump adviser, steven miller, says will not stand. >> if they pass a resolution of disapproval, will the president veto that, which would be the first veto of his presidency? >> well, obviously the president is going to protect his national emergency declaration, guaranteed. >> even steadfast supporters of the president in the senate are expressing concern about the emergency declaration. tom tillis, who is up for re-election last year. while i agree with president trump's policy goal, i don't believe in situational
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principles, and it's clear what kind of rabbit hole our country can go down when we have a democratic president who wants more in traougz into our economy and our lives. and here's ron johnson. it is giving the administration way too much power. this will be another expansion of power. that's why you see an awful lot of us concerned about this. >> and duckworth spoke out on the readiness the wall will take. lindsey graham brushed off concerns about shifting money meant to help military families. watch this. >> let me tell you about the kind of things that are on the table. crash and caress cue station at an airport i flew out of for 15 years. that's on the table. training construction of training at our rifle ranges where we train our troops to be
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marksmen. tindall air force, where we are recovering from hurricanes. pads and hangars. >> it would include construction of a middle school in kentucky, housing for military families, improvement for bases like camp pendleton. aren't you concerned some of these projects that were part of legislation that you helped approve in congress are now going to possibly be cut out? >> well, the president will have to make a decision where to get the money. let's say for the moment that he took money out of the military construction budget. it is better for the middle school kids in kentucky to have a secure border. we'll get them the school they need. but right now we have a national emergency on our hands. >> as we saw white house senior policy adviser and immigration hard liner steven miller was out
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defending the emergency order and he was grilled by fox's scott wallace. >> talking about military constructions. do you know how many time military construction has been invoked as a national emergency? twice. twice. once by george h.w. bush during the middle of the gulf war. the second time by george w. bush right after 9/11. those are hardly comparable. >> can you name one foreign threat in the world today after that currently kids more americans than the threats -- >> the joy of this is i get top answer your question. >> then the answer is no. >> answer my question. congress has refused and the president has invoked national powers to -- >> the current situation --
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>> yes or no, sir. >> it pertains -- >> i'm just asking you. he asked for military construction, congress said no -- >> the meaning of the statute is clear on its own terms. if you don't like the statute -- >> so the answer is no? >> the premise is also false because there has been construction of border barriers consistently. >> but it has never been done under national emergency. >> to promote address in bella reduce, zimbabwe. >> they passed a law specifically saying the president could have this authority. it's in the plain statute. that's a decision that congress made. and if people don't like that, they can address it. >> so under the president's emergency declaration, acting defense secretary shanahan will have to determine whether border barriers are necessary. he said he had not yet reviewed
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the proposed use of military to build the southern wall. and they held off as to not cause alarm. >> it is'd that this will create a lot of attention. and since monies could be redirected, you can imagine that the concern this generates. very deliberately we have not made any decisions. >> so at this point you have not determined specifically a wall is required to meet that national emergency? >> there have been no determinations by me. >> well -- >> yeah. melanie, thanks so much for joining us. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> how telling is that some republicans have openly rebuked president trump's call for a national emergency? >> i think it just really
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underscores how difficult a position these republicans really are in. they either have to go against their own president, which of course can come back to haunt them in 2020. it can infuriate the base. or they have to go on record supporting something that they would long consider u usurping their own authority. they risk looking hypocritical. the money for the military construction projects are going to be coming from projects that are already in the pipeline. many in red states like north carolina, where tom tillis is up for re-election. it is a very difficult thing to take away money and to support that idea. that's why so many republicans were urging them not to go down this route. even mark meadows urged the president not to do this unless incident was a last resore. at the end of the day you are seeing a lot of republicans line up in support of the president. >> let's talk a little bit about the democrats, what they can do going forward.
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how are they preparing to challenge trump's emergency declaration both as members of congress or as a political party and, as you could possibly see play out on individual states and their attorneys general? >> it's a really two-pronged approach. you can challenge through congress or the court system. and the congressional front, democrats are planning to vote on a disapproval resolution next week. that would essentially turn off the emergency declaration. and we are expecting that to pass easily in the house. in the senate, they only need 50 votes. so you only need four republicans to support that to pass in the senate. under current law, it would be forced to get a vote in the senate. of course president trump would likely veto that. and there is not enough for the two-thirds overright in the house and senate. on the court front, there are already legal challenges piling up. house democrats can see. they are contemplating how and whether they will do that. california has promised a lawsuit.
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aclu is pledging a lawsuit. you could see them from immigration advocates, environmental groups, property rights groups. anybody who feel like they have a standing to bring then. we are expecting it to likely be overturned in the lower courts and then work its way up. this is something you could see going all the way to the supreme court, which is now stacked with conservative judges. >> it may see years before we see wall construction get under way when you consider so many want to challenge the condemnation of the federal use of lands. we will talk to you in just a little bit, melanie. >> the u.s. and north korea. president trump claimed on friday that the obama administration was close to starting a war with north korea. take a listen to this. >> when i came into office, i met right there in the oval office with president obama. and i said what's the biggest problem? he said by far north korea.
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and i don't want to speak for him, but i believe he would have gone to war with north korea. i think he was ready to go to war. in fact, he told me he was so close to starting a big war with north korea. >> ben rhodes responded to those claims tweeting, we were not on the brink of war with north korea in 2016. a former cia director also weighed in on trump's claim saying president obama was never on the verge of starting any war with north korea, large or small. in fact, as the "new york times" peter baker points out, the only president who threatened war on north korea in recent times is mr. trump. in 2017 he threatened to regn do rain down "fire and fury" on
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north korea. >> and he is not mincing words. speak at the munich security conference, german chancellor angela merkel warped the president that europe must not be excluded from talks on syria or trade. and hammered trump for calling germany's bmws thraeut. the largest plant is not in germany but in south carolina. trump senior adviser and daughter ivanka trump showed no reaction as the crowd around her applauded. vice president got this reaction when speaking about the president on the conference on friday. >> thanks senator lindsey graham for leading this delegation. [ applause ].
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and to them and all of you, a great champion of freedom and the strong national defense who has worked with these members of congress to strengthen america's military might and to strengthen the leadership of the free world, i bring greetings from the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump. >> awkward! >> to the least. >> that wasn't the only time either. >> as "the new yorker" susan glasser pointed out, a number of members of congress were in the crowd and also did not applaud. >> definitely a sign. more than three months after the midterms, officials in north carolina will hear arguments of allegation of ballot fraud in one election that is still undecided. >> will he or won't he? bernie sanders launching another white house run in 2020. that is the question.
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gig-fueled apps that exceed expectations. comcast business. beyond fast. welcome back, everybody. investigators will begin to unveil alleged ballot tampering evidence today in north carolina's disputed congressional race. it will allow the state board of election to gauge potential election fraud in the district 9 race which sparked a partisan battle since the midterms. republican mark harris holding a lead over dan mccreaddie. an investigation was launched after harris's campaign collected mail-in ballots, which is a felony in north carolina. i is up to the board to decide whether enough were affected to change the outcome of the race. the board has the power to call for a new election or certify
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the november results which it has already declined to do so twice. adding to the partisan divide, the board needs a super majority of four votes to call for a new election with three democrats and two republicans, it would not have the votes to require a new election if members vote along party lines. the decision would then be pushed to congress, which also has the power to order a new election. all right. the supreme court will decide whether the trump administration can add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. the courts move on friday fast tracks it past the appellate court. it is the latest test of executive power to reach the court and comes after it was blocked by a federal trial judge who called will legislature ross's decision process deeply flawed in a scathing decision last month. they are scaring estimated 6 on.
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.5 immigrants from filling out their forms and shifting federal funding and congressional representation from immigrant-heavy states from that process. the court is expected to rule by the end of july. u.s. officials made progress in their trade talks with china on friday. the two plan to will try to work on major sticking points. the united states and china are trying to reach a deal before president trump's march 1st deadline and threaten to raise tariffs on $200 billion worth of chinese goods from 10% to 25%. trump would consider extending the deadline if both sides are close to a deal. >> there is a possibility that i will extend the date. and if i do that -- if i see that we're close to a deal or the deal is going in the right direction, i would do that at the same tariffs we are charging now. i would not increase the tariffs. >> let's bring in meteorologist bill karins with a check of the
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morning. >> good morning. a huge flood threat in the southeast. and a snowstorm will hit west virginia, virginia, making sneaking into d.c. we have had snow and freezing rain overnight. luckily, it's not a school day for a lot of places. we would see a lot of delays and cancellations too. winter weather advisory in milwaukee. there has been a coating of snow. other areas has been freezing rain. so the area of blue shows where the snow is. massachusetts, providence could end up with a total around 2 to 4 at most. a lot of freezing rain in the hudson valley in northern new jersey. additional snowfall, not a lot. the white shows one inch. two inches from boston to the cape. that will wrap up. later this afternoon, temperatures warm up, the the roads should be fine, no problem with travel. tell you what, florida, the place to be if you're getting away on a winter break.
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80s and humid. cold air over the northern plains. a snowstorm in the four corners region. this is the story the rest of the week. it will be moving across the country. a week ahead forecast. this is the today forecast. here comes the snowstorm. we go from snow over to a wintry mess in the mid atlantic. flood threats in areas of tennessee from arkansas northern mississippi, alabama. and areas, wisconsin. by the end of the week we quiet down a little bit, guys. more rain in the south. some areas of tennessee, 7 to 10 inches of rain in the next seven days. the ground is already saturated. that will be the big story this week as far as the weather goes. >> lots to watch out for. still ahead, police in chicago say the alleged attack on empire actor jussie smollett has now shifted. >> authorities are looking into whether smollett may have staged the incident.
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your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ready to treat differently with a pill? otezla. show more of you. welcome back. we're following new revelations in a case involving the alleged racist and homophobic attack on "empire" actor jussie smollett. police have been investigating for two and a half weeks now. they want smollett to talk to them again to clarify the story. the attack he claims left him beaten and wearing a noose around his neck. nbc's steve patterson has the latest.
2:24 am
>> reporter: police are now investigating if the actor famous for his role in the hit series "empire" paid two men to stage an attack against him. in january, he filed a police report stating two masked men assaulted him while hurling racist and homophobic slurs before pouring bleach on him and tying a rope around his neck. he identified them in this fuzzy surveillance video. >> i don't have any doubt in my mind that's them. >> reporter: police question and released two men i.d.'d in the picture, identified as two brothers, both followed by smollett on instagram. no longer suspects. investigators searched the brothers' home and found a rope, bleach, and plastic masks. >> you do such a disservice when you lie about things like this. >> reporter: police issued a statement saying new information gleaned from their interview with the brothers shifted the
2:25 am
trajectory of the investigation. law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation tell nbc news smollett is no longer considered a victim in the case nor is he considered a suspect. and at this point police just want him to come in and clarify his story. attorneys for smollett categorically deny the notion that he staged the assault. he has been further victimized by claims attributed to these alleged perpetrators that jussie played a role in his own attack. nothing is further from the truth and anyone claiming otherwise is lying. >> our thank to steve patterson for that report. >> a complex story, huh? >> a lot of questions. >> a lot of people raising questions about the police. the fact that authorities are speaking without actually being on the record and it's unnamed sources complicates the story even more so. all right. still ahead, special counsel robert mueller makes a recommendation for how much time
2:26 am
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text listen5 to 500500 today. ♪ welcome back, everybody. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. president trump has been bashing federal investigators on twitter after acting fbi director andrew mccabe appeared on "60 minutes" last night talking about how trump's efforts to influence the
2:30 am
russia investigation only expanded the probe. >> there were a number of things that caused us to believe that we had adequate bred indication or adequate reason and facts to open the investigation, publicly undermining the investigation. the president had gone to jim comey and specifically asked him to discontinue the investigation of mike flynn, which was part of our russia case. the president then fired the director. in the firing of the director, the president specifically asked rod rosenstein to wrote a memo justify the firing and told rod to include russia in the memo. >> so reacting on social media, the president shared a coat from rush limbaugh proclaiming the investigators ought to be in jail and mueller is a cover-up. he tweeted for himself, the mueller investigation is totally conflicted, illegal and rigged and should never be allowed to begin, except for the collusion
2:31 am
and many crimes committed by the democrats. a federal judge said former trump campaign chair paul manafort gave false statements in investigators in order to protect a russian conspirator. manafort lied to investigators on three occasions. in court transcripts released on friday, the judge questioned where his loyalties lie given that he gave false statements to shield a conspirator in a pro-russian lobbying effort. the judge was referring to kilimnik who the fbi linked to russia intelligence. the judge went on to say, i find by a preponderance of the evidence that mr. manafort made intentional false statements to the fbi and the grand jury with respect to the material issue of his interactions with kilimnik.
2:32 am
it is recommended he go to prison for 20 to 24 years on the multiple financial fraud charges. prosecutors asked a federal judge to move forward with manafort's sentenceing which could amount to a life term. special counsel robert mueller's office laid out allegations of talks between roger stone and wikileaks over the release of hacked e-mails from the democratic party. in a court filing friday, mueller's team said it had collected it as part of a different investigation that once centered on russian intelligence officers once charged of hacking the e-mails during a 2016 campaign and staging their release. stone, a long-time adviser to donald trump, has previously acknowledged exchanges with wikileaks and guccifer 2.0 but maintains he never had advanced knowledge about the release of hacked e-mails. meanwhile, the judge overseeing stone's trial on charges of lying to congress, obstruction and witness tampering issued a
2:33 am
modified gag order friday. it prohibits speaking to the media. the judge said stone can speak about the case when he is not near the building. speaking on the move, stone's lawyer said that, quote, the courthouse steps is a reasonable place for everyone to act with restraint and decorum. >> senator bernie sanders may be getting closer to announcing his second bid for the white house. he recorded a campaign video in which the senator says he is running for president, according to two people familiar with the spot. sanders was the runner-up for the democratic nomination in 2016. the video is the the latest sign that he may join the crowded 2020 democratic field. however, it is not clear if or when the video will be released. phaoepl, former vice president joe biden spoke over the weekend if he is close to deciding
2:34 am
whether he will run. >> no, i haven't. recent decision. i am in the process of doing that. and i will in the near term let everyone know what that discussion is. >> howard schultz will be willing to abandon his run if a cent terrorist is nominated making it too hard for him to win. he would be a competitive candidate in a three-way race against president trump. if joe biden or former mayor michael bloomberg were to win the democratic nomination, it would make his path to victory harder. schultz told the "post" i would
2:35 am
reassess. democrats are unlikely to pick their nominee until spring of next year. meaning 14u89s could walk away from the campaign where he has invested millions of dollars. >> congress reporter for politico, melanie, good to have you back with us. let's talk about this bombshell interview on "60 minutes". there was back and forth yesterday on twitter. are we looking at a potential probe of him and the deputy attorney general going forward? could they themselves be the subject of an investigation? >> yeah. absolutely. we have already heard from lindsey graham who has the gavel. but he wants to bring both in for questioning under oath and have them testify. you heard the same thing from republicans of course in the house who don't have control or subpoena powers. but i certainly think we weren't going to be hearing from andrew mccabe and possibly rod rosenstein. and there's renewed questions about the fate of rod rosenstein. conservatives tried to impeach
2:36 am
him but were talked off the ledge by paul ryan. they were concerned about whether it could put moderates in a tough spot before the midterms. there is a new head of the justice department. william barr was just confirmed. of there are a lot of questions about both men going forward on capitol hill. >> let's talk quickly here about paul manafort. how has the white house reacted to mueller's new sentencing proposal for paul manafort. >> this is a lengthy sentence given his age and deteriorating health. the white house has maintained all along that paul manafort and his crimes that he is being accused of have nothing to do with the campaign. they have tried to put a lot of distance between themselves and paul manafort. they said he was only there for a short period of time. he wasn't that close with the president. but look, bottom line, no secret he thinks this entire investigation is a witch-hunt. he took to twitter over the weekend to say as much.
2:37 am
i think the question now is whether he will issue a pardon for manafort. we know he rewards loyalty. unlike some of the other guys like flynn, manafort did not flip. so we will have to wait and see. >> the appreciate has appreciated him, not criticizing him on twitter the way he has michael cohen. more on president trump's emergency declaration which is already facing legal challenges. danny savalas is ready to go. >> there he is. >> do the traffic today. >> terrific. bill karins is back doing the weather, not danny savalas doing the weather. savalas doing the weather. i landed.
2:38 am
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2:41 am
that sense. but i want to do it faster. i could do the wall over a longer period of time. i didn't need to do this. buff i'd rather do it much faster. and i don't have to do it for the election. i have already done a lot of wall for the election. 2020. and we will have a national emergency. and we will then be sued, and they will sue us in the ninth circuit even though it shouldn't be there, and we will possibly get a bad ruling, and then we'll get another bad ruling, and then we'll end up in the supreme court and hopefully we'll get a fair shake and we'll win in the supreme court just like the band. >> sorry. >> i was like, wow. >> in case you company know, that was the president anticipating out loud and in front of the world media, the expected legal challenges that
2:42 am
his emergency declaration and his first lawsuit came immediately after the order on friday. he kind of expected it. it played out be exactly as he thought it would be. brought by public citizen and three texas landowners who claimed the government told them it would try to build the border wall on their property if money became available this year. the attorney general of california said he and officials from at least five other states would be filing a lawsuit. it is expected to include new mexico, hawaii, oregon, connecticut, and minnesota. >> msnbc legal analyst danny savalas joining us. >> here on set. >> the president walked through every legal challenge. >> the federal rules of appellate procedure in one long run-on sentence. he is somewhat accurate. that is the path it will take. >> you have to do it in that sing songy way.
2:43 am
>> the supreme court will look at it. >> he said he didn't need to do it but he did it anyway. undercutting himself in this decision to declare a national emergency. >> exactly. the amazing thing is that little is required other than saying those words, national emergency. that's the way it was designed. incident was designed to be fast moving, to be unilateral. in the case of a zombie epidemic that is sweeping across the nation. the kinds of emergencies that require swift, decisive action. so also important are the words surrounding what the president says. and if he says almost in the same breath this is a national emergency but i don't really need to do this, then a court may look at that and see as an initial determination was there ever a national emergency to begin with. if the court gets past that hurdle, depending which analysis they use, there is a possibility the president could prevail. >> the question becomes the
2:44 am
narrow scope of what the court is trying to answer which is, a, is it a national emergency, the actual qualification, is it applicable and, b, does the president have the authority to declare immigration and what is happening on the southern border a national emergency. how is that likely to play out? do all courts answer the same question. how are they stkpheufrpt are some people in these cases going toews focus narrowly on whether he has the power or whether or not this is a national emergency. >> the analysis in federal court will be the same. although the judges will be different. you often hear trump lament that the ninth circuit is somehow against him, the circuit that occupies pretty much the entire west coast of the country, the western side of the country. so while the judges may differ, the analysis is similar. the first inquiry is whether or not there's a national emergency. if there is, then stop two is does a federal statute authorize this action, does it give the president the power?
2:45 am
or does he have the inherent constitutional authority to declare this national emergency and get this funding for a wall? but there are dozens and dozens of federal statutes that give the president powers in the case of a national emergency. and people may be surprised to learn we have been existing under many states of national emergency for decades now, including obama's h1n1 virus, the flu epidemic. there are all kinds of national emergencies and there are probably hundreds of different powers that immediately become unlocked like in a video game to the president when he declares a national emergency. >> how long could this actually drag out? >> it's interesting because you go back to the supreme court precedent, one of the critical issues is how long does this president plan for the emergency to last? if it is in determine tphapbt, a court may take a tougher look at that. the president is trying to allocate funds to build a border
2:46 am
wall. to do that he better crowbar in, if he wants it to be a military fortification, some definition that has to do with support of our military, necessary to support our troops that. will give him the main authority under two separate statutes. >> thanks, danny. >> always appreciate you break it down for us so early in the morning. >> thank you. let's get a check of your weather with meteorologist bill karins. wet in new york and spotty weather the rest of the week. >> flooding will be a big story tuesday, wednesday, especially n south. we have a snowstorm possible for d.c. on wednesday. this morning, the main concern is southern portions of new england. snow, maybe two to three inches in connecticut, southern mass, providence, south of boston. there's been an icy glaze northern new jersey, areas of the hudson valley, and light snow generally in areas of western new york. so additional snowfall, not a lot.
2:47 am
an inch from mass pike and down along the cape. for today's forecast for anyone traveling, not many issues. rain going away in the southeast. a nice dry afternoon. appreciate it, one of the only dry days you will get this week. snowstorm n four corners region. 5:00 p.m. today, nice and quiet. just a few showers in north florida. as we go through tuesday, though, all of a sudden a ton of moisture begins to come out of the good enough. this is heaven rain in arkansas from little rock to memphis, over to nashville tuesday afternoon. the grounds are saturated. rivers are high. it will get a soaking. 4 to 8 inches on tuesday and wednesday alone. this is 2:00 p.m. blue is snow. it is a possibility of a couple inches of snow here in washington, d.c. for your tuesday afternoon. keep that in mind for any travel plans this week. those are the travel trouble spots. guys? still ahead, global markets facing pressure this morning as trade talks between the u.s. and
2:48 am
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i think they would be left behind. just one more way we go beyond at&t. right now get fast, reliable internet and add wifi pro for a low price. comcast business. beyond fast. welcome back. president trump's pick for the next u.s. ambassador to the u.n. as removed herself. the former fox news anchor
2:51 am
saying the searing spotlight following her nomination had been difficult for her family. trump picked nauert after the resignation of nikki haley back in october. president trump said democrats in the senate are still slow walking hundreds of highly qualified people wanting to come into government. never been such an abuse in our country's history. it should be noted nauert's nomination had not been sent to the senate for confirmation. her nomination was pulled over an issue about her failure to pay taxes on a foreign-born nanny hired to care for her children, which was not disclosed when she joined the u.s. government. those officials say that she paid the taxes retroactively, several years late. >> and after weeks of talks, u.s. trade negotiators return from china to continue
2:52 am
discussion in washington feeling optimism an escalating trade war might be diffused before additional tariffs take effect next month. what are these sticking issues that people are talking about? >> we're talking about forced technology transfers, intellectual property copy rights, you listen to what the white house statement said, they mentioned cyber theft, nontariff barriers and currency manipulation, something that candidate trump talked about a huge amount. he said to an audience in d.c. that d.c. may be closer than ever to having a, quote, real trade deal but noted negotiations were, quote, very complicated. and there was a statement from his office saying much work
2:53 am
remains and xi jinping saying the two sides have achieved important progress. big, big play over the weekend involved amazon and its decision to pull out of long island city having its headquarters there. we've heard from mayor bill de blasio saying this was arbitrary and unfair to working people saying the company seemed to care more about its corporate image. >> another retailer is shutting its doors. payless shoe source is closing. what more can you tell us about this? >> they went into chapter 11 bankrupt bankruptcy. they had about 3,500 stores when they came out of that bankruptcy. this is not new to the retail sector. they said they're going to hold liquidation sales starting over
2:54 am
the next if you days and they'll be closing stores around the end of march with some of them staying open as late as may. >> willem marx, thanks so much. >> coming up, the president digs in to get his border wall. >> and more as members of his own party express concerns over the move. >> and democratic represent it have tim ryan of ohio will discuss the legislation he has introduced to deal with border security. deal with border security
2:55 am
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2:57 am
trump needed to sell this as a real emergency and yet within minutes of declaring it he said this -- >> i could do the wall over a longer period of time. i didn't need to do this but i'd rather do it much faster. >> well, it's not an emergency then, is it? as if that's not bad enough, he responded by just hours later
2:58 am
flying off to florida for the weekend where he's apparently been photographed waiting at an omelet bar, you know, the kind of thing you do when america is in crisis. >> let's be clear, the president of off prompter there, by the way. >> that probably explains a large part of what we saw unfold there at the white house. so speaking of that speech, one of the interesting things is the president made several eye popping claims during the national emergency declaration. but here is one that caught a lot of attention. >> i think i can say. prime minister rabi of japan gave me the most beautiful copy of a letter that he sent to the people who give out a thing called a nobel prize. he said i have nominated you or respectfully on behalf of japan, i am asking them to give you the nobel peace prize. i said thank you, many other people feel that way, too.
2:59 am
>> so here's the thing about that. it's pretty accurate. the japanese newspaper did confirm the president's statement on sunday -- >> there's a but. >> of course. prime minister shinzo abe did nomina nominate, but only after the u.s. government asked them. >> abe was vocal . nominations are kept secret for 50 years. it is unclear whether anyone other than abe nominated trump for the prize. isn't this kind of like when i was applying to college and i'd ask teachers to write me a recommendation? >> no, i don't think it's the same. it's not the same at all. >> just asking.
3:00 am
>> and then we can just kind of read the letter -- >> we'll find out in 50 years who nominated the president, if anybody did. >> happy mother's day. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. "morning joe" starts right now. >> and they will sue us in the 9th circuit, even though it shouldn't be there and we will possibly get a bad ruling and we'll end up in the supreme court, and maybe we'll get a bad shake. >> i'm going to sign these papers purposely and the ruling will not go in my favor, and i'll call


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