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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  February 20, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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congressman of hawaii. >> i am stephanie ruhle. i will be back here at 9:00 a.m. >> what's your favorite segment of the show? >> cow farts. >> stephanie wants to talk about cow farts. >> i want to talk about meghan markle didn't inviting us. >> how dare he? >> the first two people meghan and harry saw when they went through the gates through the castle. this young lady here and me. hey, she looked right at us. you know what katy said? >> you think she recognizes us. >> she was very into the news and 2016, i thought maybe she watched the metz. >> she just became the duchess,
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are those my home girls from msnbc. >> i want them to get married again, i want to go back. >> trust me, i am with you, girl, i am ready to go. >> stephanie, thank you so much and velshi. >> it is 11:00 a.m. out west, 2:00 p.m. in washington where president is attacking "the new york times" for his ongoing attempt to undermine the many investigations surrounding him. the time's report highlights key instances where the president could cross the line. inclu including how he asked whitaker to put an an ally on the probe. the president of the united states may have the very least try to obstruct the investigation into him. look at the body of evidence we
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have amassed. he asked james comey for loyalty and asked him to announce he was not investigating him and stop looking into michael flynn. when that did not work, he fired him. then he tried multiple times to get jeff sessions not to recuse himself. according to the times, he asked corey lewandowski to talk to sessions unreaccusing himself. when that did not work, he attacked sessions and forced him to resign. he reportedly trying to get his aides to fire robert mueller twice, the aides refused. the president attacked every person who had some role of the russia investigation. when he's not attacking the players, he was lying allegedly about what was happening behind the scenes. take the don jr. statement about his meeting with the russian lawyer offering dirt on hillary clinton. first the white house says the president had nothing to do with
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it. only for it to be later discovered that the president himself wrote the misleading statements that claim the meeting was all about adoption. donald trump tried to intimidate or influence witnesses going after michael cohen and his family repeatedly on twitter and camera or praising roger stone for promising not to turn on the president. his lawyer had conversations with other witnesses like paul manafort and mike flynn about bar don pardons. while all of this happening, everything he can do to publicly to trash the investigation. he called the mueller probe a witch hunt over 157 times. according to "the new york times," the president's legal team does not think he could be indicted, they believe the real threat is impeachment. the strategy is to convince the public is trump is the true victim here.
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which leads us to the big question today, will the president listen to the evidence or judge the president themselves. tom winter and eli stokal and kimberley atkins and paul charleson. >> eli, this had been going on for two years since the campaign started and donald trump was looked into why of every turn if the president is innocent, had he gone under the investigation. why is that the best strategy? >> i mean -- >> according to the white house or his legal team. >> it is a tough question figuring out the why donald trump hdoes the things he does. >> that's right, he has behaved in every turn, a person needs to get out in front of damaging
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things and influence public opinion above everything else. that's the strategy and political response to a legal matter to criminal investigations to all of this. and i think you know even though he may not have the facts on his side in this investigation and he may know it and telegraphing that to the country, there is something perhaps savvy about the president realizing that the only thing they'll protect him or the thing that can make it all go away is his base and enough of the country believes his version of events. that's why he's been out there the entire time with rudy giuliani trying to muddy the water while he's out there tweeting witch hunt, witch hunt and no collusion. all of that is so that when the mueller report comes out, he'll be inoculated to the degree that he's able to convince his supporter and the rest of the country that perhaps this was a hitch hunt or the investigators
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had political motivation and some of them to the extent he can muddy the water and convince his supporters that he's the victim in this and that'll protect him from impeachment from the political consequences of this. those are the consequences that have always concerned him the most. >> kimberley, could the president and his legal team be right about that strategy, after all when you look at the 2020 candidates, few are talking about this investigation. what they are talking about is the economy and policy and healthcare and education. they're not talking about this investigation, could that be because they believe this is not necessarily a political winner when it comes to actual american voters? >> i think that's true. i think what we learned from the midterms is that voters are very much concerned about the issues that are facing economic issues, jobs and healthcare and that was made clear in 2018.
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the democrats are responding to that, it was not about the mueller probe, it was about what's happening to americans at their kitchen tables and their pocketboo pocketbooks. that's a correct strategy. going back to the president and his legal team, one thing that's striking about these reports that it shows the president's instincts when it comes to avoiding political and legal problems is so wrong. we always say it is not the crime, it is the cover up. bill clinton was impeached not for his actions but for lying about them. if president trump resisted his impulses and going back to james comey and not firing him. he would not be facing potential obstruction charges, the kind that could lead to an impeachment. he'll be safe regardless of what's happening during the campaign. it is his own instinct that's gotten him right now. >> i wonder what the options would be for doj or robert
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mueller. there is talk that you can't indict a sitting president or about whether it is true or not. when you look at the evidence that we laid oit at the tut at the show, all the way the president is trying to undermine and under cut to stop the investigation and struck the investigation and witness tamper and etcetera, it makes you wonder what more is needed. >> andrew mccabe was on "morning joe" this morning, he says back in 2017, there was evidence in his mind of obstruction. let's listen. >> i was confident in may of 2017 that we had what fac had e indicating the president of
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obstruction of justice. >> paul, go ahead. >> a couple of thoughts, katy. it is true that doj policy currency says a sitting president may not be charge but it does not say anything when the president leaves office. if the president is still in office, that can change the game. bob mueller has the power of the pen. every time they approach obstruction of justice or try to slow or impede this investigation, that's another opportunity for bob mueller to write about those facts in his report and katy another reason we, the american politublic des to see what's in that report. >> let's listen to william barr, what he told senator chris coons. >> the president tried to end the investigation in his campaign, would that be a crime,
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would that be a lawful act? >> if someone tries to stop a bona fide investigation to cover up wrong doing, i would resign. >> paul? have you seen evidence of that? evidence of enough for william barr to -- i don't know, already was on. >> there is enough evidence that william barr is obligated to investigate the facts that's reflected in the new york times article. if the president asked whitaker to replace the lead pros keiecu in new york. those allegations, to find out what the facts are and the truth, just as in the bob mueller report, share with the american public. this white house, if they believe -- >> paul, i am going to come back. we have breaking news. >> we have a study that's
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underway, we studied it carefully and we have seen the results. the bottom line result is whether or not we can make a deal with the e.u. we'll lose about $151 billion trading with the e.u. this had been going on for many years. they did not meet with the obama administration, they're meeting with us so we'll see what happens. >> that'll be totally up to the new attorney general, he's a tremendous man and tremendous person who really respects his country and respects the justice system. that'll be totally up to him. >> with the new attorney general. >> i guess from what i understand, it would be up to the attorney general. >> mr. president -- >> i don't know what we are
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talking about, we have many reports. >> mr. president -- what do you expect from the austria chancellor? >> we'll have a great meeting and we have a great relationship and our countries have a great relationship. he's a young leader, i have to tell you. you are a young guy, it is pretty good. >> the age is getting better from day-to-day. >> that's right. >> some day you won't be saying that. >> we have a good trade relationship and that's what we'll be talking about today. >> are you considering replacing dan coats as your direction directionadirectional directionaldirectional directional -- >> i have not thought about it. i spoke this morning with shinzo abe, i love conversations with him, we talked about our trip next to vietnam. the first trip to singapore is
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extremely successful. we'll be meeting with chairman kim in two days, we started off with a good meeting and we'll continue that along. i don't think that'll be the last meeting by any chance. i think the relationship is very strong. when we started, there is a lot of problems and missiles all over and being held. there are remanins, we have a good relationship i would say so. i spoke with shinzo abe about that. we compared notes. we are on the same wavelengths. >> it was a good meeting and conversation. >> i think they want to do something. we have been talking about this for eight years, they have been talking about this for many,
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many years and no administration has done anything, they got taken to the cleaners. i think we have a meaningful relationship, we'll see what happens. sanctions are on in full. i have not taken sanctions off. i would love to be able to but in order to do that, we have to do something that's meaningful to the other side. chairman kim and i have a good relationship, i believe we can work something out. >> you look on the map, you see russia and china and right in the middle of everything is south korea and north korea right smack in the middle. you have russia and china and south korea. this is right in the middle. >> tremendous potential for economic well being long-term. i think he understands it very well. i think he understands it better than anybody. they have a great potential as a country and i think that's what
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they are looking to do. we'll see. we made a lot of progress. that does not mean this will be the last meeting because i don't believe it will. >> we have subjects to discuss which will be very fruit full, i believe. >> can you mention devin nunez -- >> mccabe looks to me look a poor man. i think it is a disaster. what he was trying to do is terrible and he was caught, i am very proud to say we caught him so we'll see what happens. he's a disgrace man. he was terminated and not by me, he was terminated by others. the ig report was a disaster. a disaster from the point. anybody reading the record would say how could a man like this be involved with the fbi and the fbi has some of the greatest people and finest people that
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you will ever meet. this man is a complete disaster. thank you all very much. >> we'll get to andrew mccabe in a moment. let's go back to the conversation we were having there. paul, i am sorry we cut you off there. the president just said that in terms of the mueller report when it is released or given over to william barr, he says it will be totally up to william barr to determine whether or not that report is released to congress in full and then to the public. >> well, we deserve to see that report. there is been a great deal of time and effort dedicated to bob mueller and individuals who cut square corners. we can be certain this is an objective and what we need to know is what his findings were. we hope that bill barr will find a way to make sure we get to see
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as much as lawfully allowed and congress passes a bill to share the information. >> so in terms of the construction conversation, tom, we were having a moment ago and all of the potential evidence that has a shown way of which the president could obstruct justice. let's look in particular, there is new revelation from the "time." to put somebody in charge of those investigations that he saw as an ally. >> this is not criticizing the new york time report but criticizing the process they could have occurred. the idea of jeff berman unrecusing himself does not make sense. it is something that never happens. it is kind of laughable. he was recused being the justice department saying you are not going to be apart of the
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investigation. >> "the time" outlined how the president is trying to recuse him. >> the idea is whether he has discussion about it, um not disputing it. >> just the idea that this can reoccur in rare leife. >> jeff berman was an ali of president. the reason they say it makes a lot of sense. his earliest supporters in congress, christopher collins and he indicted a lawyer, at the infamous trump tower meeting in
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2016. so, i don't see this has somebody been carrying trump's water throughout even he's not apart of the investigation. >> what do we know of the mueller report and when it will be finish? it is now february 20th and we have been hearing late potential is a a date. >> ken dilanian is pretty consistent on that. we have a reporter and outside of the grand jury room where mueller's activity have been seating. in addition to that, i have been taeld they have been work on this report for months now. >> this is not something that they have been working on for a while. they had a dedicated team. life-threatenin
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>> tom winter, thank you so much. >> paul charleston, thank you. >> and kimberley atkins. we appreciate it. >> andrew mccabe talking about the reaction. as we briefed him on his counter investigation into president trump. #. >> any concerns from nunes, or the republicans there? >> no concerns. >> thaur doing what? you are investigating the president. >> no push back whatsoever. i will walkthru a detail brief whi. there was resignations at the table and a few nodding heads. we are investigating the president of the united states because we are concerned that there maybe something aamist.
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>> mccabe says the hearing was not going to stand in that room. the gang of april is a crowd of two dozens in a room. i thought the chance of not getting back at the president was basically zero. >> then devin walked in. joining clint west. >> i put on on twitter of the interview with savannah guthrie today. senat senator correspondent responded to mccabe, well, nobody objected, what could they have done. it is not up to them naanyway. >> reporter: that's certainly the case but also puzzling considering some of the rhetorics that came out. mccabe's account of what they
11:22 am
did or did not say or in protest of this is not worthy considering what has been said in public since especially by devin nunes. officials are recused from overseeing the russia kroeb. >> he did not take as many steps back. he remain the gang of eight as you assume mccabe's committee and that he still has his fingers on a number of things. he was restored to the position anyway way. the mystery around devon new at the scene necessary allowed what he think he did, i think we are still in the process of solving. new man is considering the threat he's trying to solve. it is quite not worthy to me that this republicans would have been aware of it and continue to act in public the way they did.
11:23 am
the president and his poll icie and agenda. >> what would you make of mr. corwin's respond? >> is he trying to diminish? there had been this instincts and stick up for the president. john cornyn is facing election coming up here. >> wishing for the something he wants to do. there is a real contra jurisdiction between mccabe account and them being resign to it. what's happening. >> the drama that include and that meeting and what devin did talking to the white house and who was being properly checked
11:24 am
up on. >> he release a statement and said andrew mccabe was fired from the fbi for lying and although i can't comment on the gang of ag, it is p-- >> what do you think, clint? >> i don't think so. the way it started office apparent thanks to devin nunes who kept on leaking information or moving around the president. they were investigating seven people. this is the fisa application that we heard about. if the president is being ben traited by a attorney intelligent operation. the investigation is just look at okay, is this the man turning camp that's going to become the
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president. >> the president candidate realized that he got people that are in contact with russians overseas that have these connections does he know that. snoorp so plr team out there that are criticizing mccabe's ability and after what happens at the doj and having an extra grind and the president went after his wife and they say he's writing a book. he just came out with "whistle blower" claims why he was still there. this is in service of a book deal. do you think that's taken all together that is would diminish of what he says of gang of eight. >> no. the gang of ag means eight people are there. rod rosenstein are also there.
11:26 am
it will come out of what actually happens in there. when we look at our democratic checks and balances and sort of institutions and the role they play, a game of 8 meetings how did that trans per afterwards. we see him going into the white house and some stuff that comes later. all of these process and procedures we have in place for institutions, they broke down in 2017. we didn't know what to do when the situation arose. the nfbi director is fired. all of these pucktures broke down. >> looking forward of what would congress do. i have not heard one solution or proposal putting forward to kek us. it could happen again at any time. >> i called the campaign at hat governor pat mccory hurricane hitting shore everyday and trying to keep up with the
11:27 am
campaign and trying to keep up with the arrest investigations and day-to-day happenings of what's been going on between the house and congress and the fbi and the doj, there is not a big enough hurricane. casey opportunity, clint watts, thank you as well. bernie sanders has been in the race for president for a day. he's already leading by a long shot. the fund raising pact. is he the 2020 democratic front runner? welcome to the place where people go to learn about
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[ cooing ] ♪ [ ding ] show me fish on youtube. say it and see it with the x1voice remote. from netflix, prime video,youtube and even movie tickets. just say get "dragon tickets". bernie sanders has dominated the last 24 hours of political headlines. haes t he now has the clash to claim that attention is sustained. sanders raised nearly $6 million for more than 2,000 small donors proving that his base of grass root supporters is just as mobilized as they were. >> democrats hopeful adopting alexand sanders' proposal, universal
11:32 am
healthcare and free for colleges. is he the de facto front runner as well? joining me a former staffer from bernie sanders' 2016 campaign and our adviser alexandria cortez and our former secretary of state, phileppe, thank you for being here. >> how much should people be reading into that for bernie sanders's buy ability in the primary feel? >> i am not sure he's the front runner since we are still a wyer away. i think because he has a crystal clear message of why direct examination are imperial.
11:33 am
and dividing people up by gender and the only way to defeat that kind of movement is to build a mov movement on your hone. >> a big question among democrat voters are electability. a lot of people handout there are trying to find oit aut abou and what is electability? is that defined by bernie sanders's campaign or somebody more moderate? >> that's why they play the game on sunday. we'll see what happens the next year. before the break you said that we have only been a day into bernie sanders' campaign, i think and i am not starkey about
11:34 am
this. bernie sanders is in year four of his campaign. he offered things into the debate and he maintains that. he was savvy, basically having two years head start and maintaining his list and growing our revolution. >> i think there is a little bit of a mirage about this. while he's very smart, when he heard front runner, know it is a very difficult and dangerous term being the front runner come great numbers but high expectations. i think what we have seen in terms of money, again, it is just remarkable. i am not going to put it in any way to down play it. he's got competitors that are going to raise millions of dollars. he's not the only one that's going to go the distance. we saw this in 2016. bernie lost and the bigger point in terms of electability, he has to win the primaries. >> yes.
11:35 am
>> he has squandered the last two years in the sense that he has tended very wealth to his supporter and his base. i am not exactly sure i understand that because people have alternatives this year. this is not as simple if you don't like hillary and you vote for bernie if you don't like hillary. he has brought the debate into the primary. people can agree with him but vote for others. he diminished what hillary clinton establiaccomplished in . i think it is going to bite h him -- >> you can say the word behind. >> behind. >> there is elizabeth warren and senator cory booker and senator harris, they're talking about similar threads. >> he has made -- he was
11:36 am
appointed by outreach director by chuck schumer. he led legislations that all those candidates are now supporting like medical for all and free college. when bernie sanders introduced us this idea, 10 or 20 years ago, he had no response. >> it is his argument, i brought the democratic party here and that's why you should vote for me and i will bring them further. >> if you look at exit pulling into 2016. that's the characteristics of what drove him. >> let me talk about voting turn out in 2016. the question is will 2020 be a repeat of 2016. l let's look at how bernie sanders did. in key states, these are trump standard voters. people say they like potential cross over voters. 47,915 in michigan. 117,100 in pennsylvania.
11:37 am
and 51,317 in wisconsin. trump's margin of victory in those three states were some where around 77,000 votes. does that mean that bernie sanders would have picked off those votes and would have ended winning those states and beating donald trump? >> no, it does not. >> she was the nominee. she took the full brunt of not just the trump but the right wing fire. and if staanders had been the nominee, he would have gotten that. you can't assume what hillary got is some kind of baseline or some kind of floor and anyone else would build on it. he's one of the biggest attacks on hillary clinton was that she was in public service for decades and as was senator sanders. that's a false comparison and look, i hope someone beats our numbers in those three states. i think looking back, what i look back to is simple.
11:38 am
she won 17 million votes and he won 14 million votes. people liked her more. the sanders campaign and supporters should stop yelling words like "rigging," they should try to court women votes and they need all these votes. a year from now, we need to come together as early as possible because trump is not going to wait that far into 2020. he's probably not going to wait until next month and it is healthy to have a debate. we all want healthcare for everybody chblt it everybody. it is a healthy debate to fight how you do that. don't fracture anyone, fracture takes a lot longer. >> i wish you guys are across the table. >> me, too. >> jacob soboroff and i are working on a show of why people
11:39 am
don't vote and what the issues ar are in the electoral. people don't vote. we got to get the trump voters to vote for democrats again. either for voter suppression reasons or apathy reasons, whatever it is. how much should the candidate or anybody, bernie sanders or anybody be focused on those voters we just showed on the screen. >> i think people are getting this a little wrong. he's focused on all the young people who did not vote in those days and all the people of color and all the union voters who tend to vote for democrats or switched to vote for trump or did not at all. there is a million democrats that did not vote on the election. among voters among 40 across
11:40 am
gender and race, those are voters. >> are all democrats speaking to vote voters? >> those are the voters who are excited about him. i have not brought up the 2016 election once. people are trying to drive a wedge -- >> you don't have to spend more than two-minutes online to know and you see the word rigged in every single tweet. >> i think we should move on with the 2016 election. >> you believe she won by 4 million votes because it was rigged. >> no, i don't believe that. >> sanders to say that and tell people i want to talk to all of you. he's going to go through things the next few months and he diminished the role of russia interference. >> i know some people are upset. bernie sanders's platform is the platform of the democratic. >> i am not. >> there are a lot of people who would like to have -- >> i wish that he would not
11:41 am
diminish other people's accomplishments and pretend that he won something that he lost. >> he made it clear that he did. >> well -- >> how do you win anything when you lose by 4 million vote ss? >> that does not make sense. >> that's great. like i said the debate is here. you have to know that you have elizabeth warren and you have kamala harris and cory booker. it is not going to be as simple as hillary is not authentic, you don't like her, come to me. he's got to go after those voters to bring everybody together. it does not seem like it is in him to start from scratch. it seems like there is an arrogance among sanders supporters, yes, i am reacting strongly to it. six months from now -- >> the sanders campaign is going to run a positive campaign. i don't think they're going to pay attention of consultants in
11:42 am
washington or donors in wall street. >> bernie sanders has many consultants as anybody. >> okay, guys, this debate can go on much longer. >> yeah. >> we have so much to talk about for 2020 and whether it is going to look like 2016 or a completely different race. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. next time you will be in the same studio. a quick heads up in the next hour, our congresswoman tu will gabbard will be joining us. at a cmeeting with lindsey graham, he raised his voice, he told shanahan he should consider him an adversary. according to the washington
11:43 am
post, graham also told shanahan that it was the dumbest dumbest -- blanking thing i have ever heard. >> joining me now, the chairman of the armed service committee. congressman, thank you for joining us, what do you make of that reporting? >> there is a lot of controversies within the pentagon. most republicans think we should stay in syria and continue to fight isis and protect our interests there. the kurds and also other members of the forces. there is big contention going on between the white house and the pentagon. it is interesting the president has said that we are pulling out of syria as of right now, i have seen no plans whatever so ever to make it happen. what i hope is whatever we do in syria there is actually a plan attached to it that's part of our national security strategy. i don't want us to have troops all over the world if we can't avoid it.
11:44 am
the last military presence the better that got to meet our national security interests. you can't pull them out quickly. >> what sort of plan would you be able to endorse? >> who's going to be fighting isis or protecting our interest in that region if our troops are not there. we got all kinds of trans national terrorist groups in different parts of the world. we work with kenya and ethiopia and other countries in that region, we have partners. who are our partners going to be if our force are pulled out? who is going to do the job that we are doing now in order to protect our interest. it is possible. president trump did not offer any thoughts. that's what got senator graham so upset. let's get out of there with no planning behind it. >> what do you make of the saudi arabia news that has come out today and mike flynn trying to give over nuclear information to the saudis? >> the most troubling aspect of all of this is we can't separate
11:45 am
between president trump and businessman trump. he has not been transparent about his business interests. we know he has them in saudi arabia. we know people around them have business interests in saudi arabia. how much of that is driving policy, that's the main gist of the story is michael flynn and others who are trying to take care of business partners who have a vested interests in building nuclear plants in saudi arabia. second, the troublesome thing continues to be president trump's steadfast refusal to hold the saudis accountable for the murder of the journalist khashoggi and not basically say of what we clear lino thly knowe saudi arabia is responsible for that. it is deeply troubling to figure out. is the trump administration pursuing u.s. interest or trump's business in saudi arabia. we should not have to ask that question. there should be transparencies. >> should more happen? >> i don't know.
11:46 am
it is not my committee of jurisdictions, i am not sure how much is there. the discussions of saudi arabia redat predates the trump presidency. we signed a deal to allow them to build a nuclear plant in their country, they're notukrait has to come outside. it is a complicated arrange. . negotiating that kind of teal can make sense, i think what the government over sight committee unveiled is there are too many conflicts of interest in the white house. they're not making the decisions based on national security. they got the business conflicts of interests. president trump and the people around him have these conflicts all over the place and there is no transparency. he has not released his tax records or has not divorce himself of business interest. the story goes beyond just saudi
11:47 am
arabia. >> and finally the president potentially could divert military funds for the border, what do you make of that? >> well, if he did, it would be illegal. look, he can declare an emergency, the 1976's national emergency law is very broad. most of the emergencies have been declared have involved no money or very little. the law is very clear, if you are going to spend money taking it from the military budget out of the pentagon, it has go to something protecting the u.s. armed forces. president trump wants his wall to protect us from the investigation which was from mexico, not to protect the troops. if he takes this action, it will be illegal and thrown out in court. >> congressman adam smith, thank you very much, we appreciate it. >> thank you. in north carolina, an election worker taken a stand and admitted she was ordered to
11:48 am
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11:52 am
lot fraud will force a run off in the ninth congressional district. mark harris that won on election night is set to testify about the allegations that kept his win from being certified. allegations that were all but confirmed on the stand this week by a campaign staffer hired to collect the mail in ballots in question. >> basically what we could do, what i would do is mark it down as whoever was the republican. >> who would have directed you to do that. >> we were directed by mr. dallas. >> joining me now is leann caldwell and jacob calderhoff. >> we're all waiting for mark harris to take the stand.
11:53 am
he will be a key witness in this. his attorneys are consistently saying that mark harris didn't know of the activities that was at the center of this election. another thing that happened today is we heard from handy yates and mccray dallas to run it this scheme. what is so mind blowing to me is he would just pay mccray dallas without any invoices. he would say i need $4,000 for get out and vote oefefforts, ane would just hand over a check and
11:54 am
that amounted to $131,000 over the course of the primary and the yfgs -- it is another situation, there is a lot of she has been writing it up up for nbc i feel like since we have not discover covered it before, there is no congressperson because there is questions about absentee ballots and if that means the election needs to be redone.
11:55 am
>> how crazy was it in that room. leann did an extraordinary job, but i want to hear from you. >> this mccray dallas man. he told them to look at the ballots and fill in the rest of the time we have heard -- >> and the g.o.p. is not contesting that either. we talked to the head of the g.o.p. down there and it is irrelevant whether or not the number of absentee ballots was greater than the margin of
11:56 am
victory so they can say if they need a new election so they can determine in the election was tainted and tainted is a low bar. it doesn't have to say the number of votes that were fraudulent. those 905, the 905 margin needs to be 905 fraudulent value lbal. if they determine number one that the absentee ballots, the inconsistencies in this election, they can throw it out. >> they can argue that the voters of the north carolina ninth different don't have confidence in the election process. and it does not meet the standard of a tainting election. and the messing with a few of
11:57 am
these ballots. there has been no evidence that any ballots were thrown out. so even if you eliminate the tainted ballots from the pool, heir would have won. >> that is their argument. and i'm going, i absolutely got it right. they're saying look the number of ballots that are at issue here, they're saying there is a total of 700 people that voted by mail in ballot for mark harris. and they're saying that doesn't total the 905 that he is the winner of. the number he is not points to that they are really interested in is another 2,000 mail in ballots that were never returned. that is part of their investigation, too. so the harris attorneys are just looking at one set of numbers
11:58 am
when there is a bigger picture here. at jacob said it might not even matt matter because if they are not confidence they might throw out the ruesults anyway. >> when will they did? >> it was supposed to be yesterday, maybe today, now they're saying thursday, we are hoping for a quick wrap, but it looks like we're going into thursday, at the end of this ar hearing. >> or potentially at the end of the next election. thank you so much. it was great to see you yesterday and one more thing before we go. the trump administration's new worldwide effort to decriminalize homosexuality. 71 nations currently outlaw being gay, eight countries apply
11:59 am
the death penalty to gay people. there is no clear road map on how they're going to do it. all we know now is they're hoping for help from the global organizations. acknowledging this is a noble effort, but they question if it is a authentic effort. one because there is no solid plan, and as the reporting lays out this was conceived after the administration reported a man in iran was killed for being gae. then there is the practice what you preach factor as lbgtq factor point out. it is perfectly legal to be gae in america, but the trump administration scaled back workplace protections for ga people. they say anti-discrimination laws do not protect gae
12:00 pm
employees, and protections for transgender students have been rescinded. and the president did not publicly announce this or endorse it. >> a lot more serious in the last hour when we handed things out. >> are you back this afternoon or are you done? >> i'm done, i have other work to do, but i'm done with this part of my job. >> go home, it is snowing. >> know, we have to be here. enjoy your working afternoon on this snowy afternoon. enemy of the


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