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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  February 22, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PST

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jackson. >> another 2020 concontender? what's happening? >> yep. t happening. >> thank you, stephanie ruhle. i'm hallie jackson. today the white house and the rest of the city is bracing for that report from the special counsel set to drop at any time. what we don't know whether that's going to happen today, we know something that will from robert mueller, a new filing from the west wing. president trump switching gears into reverse. shifting his syria strategy. what this means for americans in the region and the war on terror as we bring you an exclusive interview with an isis bride. her first interview since being told she's not allowed back in the u.s. don't miss that and don't miss this. the 2020 democrats on the trail across the country including look at that, in new orleans, where we are live. we'll talk about what they're up to and just why one of the most popular gop governors in the country is thinking about a trip to new hampshire. our team is set up and covering
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it all on this friday. lots to get to this morning. we start with the clock ticking until robert mueller submits his report to the attorney general. there's a lot to pay attention to and several big questions that need answers. first, at any moment today really any moment, we're expecting mueller's office to submit a sentencing memo in paul manafort's d.c. case. and key unanswered questions about manafort as it relates to the special counsel include did he really share trump campaign polling data with a russian? it comes as michael cohen gets ready for a marathon stretch in front of congress next week with three different appearances. and a key unanswered question for him was donald trump compromised in his business dealings with russia? and then there was roger stone. getting used to the sound of silence after a dramatic back and forth on the stand about his instagram habits. stone apologized for his own stupidity and called that inflammatory post a momentary lapse of judgment saying i honestly didn't believe there
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were cross hairs in the pictures of the judge's pace. i took it down because it could be misinterpreted. the judge said i gave you a second chance. this is not baseball. you don't get a third chance. an unanswered question about stone. we don't know who on the trump campaign directed him to get information from wikileaks. my colleague geoff bennett is at the white house. julia ainsley is outside the department of justice building here in washington and geoff, let me start with you. the white house this morning fielding a bunch of questions about robert mueller, this report, the timing, and the president's perspective on it. >> that's right, hallie. the special counsel report could drop any day or any minute. the president's outside legal team are bracing for the potential fallout. the white house, earlier this morning we caught up with sarah huckabee sanders. she said perhaps there's no surprise she expects the mueller report to find there was no collusion between the president's campaign and the
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russians. we asked her if that's the case, why won't the president call to make that report public? wouldn't he want to be exonerated publicly. she said that decision rests squarely with the attorney general, bill barr, which is true. here's a bit more of what sanders had to say this morning. >> look, i think we're always prepared for a number of things that come at us. right now our focus is not on the mueller report, but it's on doing our jobs. >> and the president's outside attorney, rudy giuliani, is weighing in on this as well. he says that he might come up with a report on his own depending on what this special counsel finds. rudy giuliani said if mueller clears the president, we walk away and say thank you. if it's damaging, then we'll respond. politically you have democrats saying they're going to put pressure on the president and his administration to make this report public. they want to pursue any stray leads to find out if the president is in any way compromised.
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as this investigation wraps up, the political stakes are as high as ever. >> julia, we expect the sentencing. we don't have a lot of timing guidance as it relates to paul manafort. what might we find out given this is one of the last things mueller will do before turning the report in to bill barr? >> reporter: that's right. the public time line is the last thing we know mueller has on his agenda. this could go one of two ways. this could be the shoe that drops where we get a lot of information about russians that manafort worked with as well as trump campaign officials who knew about those connections. obviously manafort's connections to kilimnik and others are of chief interest. there is a way mueller's team has gone in the past where they redact a lot and little is made public. they'll file one under seal with all the information. they want the judge to know going into sentencing and then what they release to the public
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could be very heavily redacted. they have until midnight to file that. so we will be here waiting for that. it's another friday with news that we're expecting from robert mueller. who knows where this could go next. >> that's for sure. julia, i hope you're getting takeout for lunch and dinner. thank you to jewulia and geoff. let me bring in jim walden, kimberly atkins, and jeff mason. jill, let me start with you. there is the potential for robert mueller to reveal kind of a lot in this sentencing memo. do you think he will? >> i think he has in the past given us a lot of clues in indictments and in sentencing memos. so there's no reason to suspect that he won't. i just don't know that this is his last word on any of this. and i'm not one of those who believes that for sure there's
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going to be a report next week. >> why not? >> because there's still a lot to be done that needs to be wrapped up. so that's why i would think it isn't ready even if he does issue a report, i still think we need public hearings. the public needs to see witnesses themselves and judge their credibility, their body language, everything that you get that you don't get in a report. >> there is somebody that we will all see next week, michael cohen, the president's former attorney who is going to appear multiple times on capitol hill. while the president is overseas in vietnam for that summit with kim jong-un. jim, i want to play a little bit of garrett haake trying to catch up with michael cohen on capitol hill. he was there yesterday for unclear reasons. let me play you a little bit of that. >> mr. cohen, why were you on the hill today? were you meeting with the senate intel team? >> what's the message to the president about the mueller
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report? >> so nothing. nada from michael cohen. he didn't say anything. what do you think he might say next week? what's the expectation for what he might learn? >> well, the senate, when he testifies, there are going to be some handcuffs on him. he can't go into anything having to do are russia at all. he's going to talk about the hush money and the president's business dealings. and i think that he's going to go into a lot of very particular detail to try and enhance his credibility and to tell the story that he was an insider. he was part of the conspiracy, and he wants to people to know the president is guilty. >> and jim, do you think his appearance on capitol hill over the last 24 hours might have been related to his appearance next week? why might he have been out there? he didn't tell garrett. what do you think somebody. >> these things are usually pretty carefully orchestrated. the senate and house will have staffers that meet with him in
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advance. talk to him about the questions they plan to ask. talk to him about his answers. make sure there aren't huge surprises. surprises really aren't in anyone's interest. that's my guess as to why he was there. >> jeff and kimberly, we leave sunday to go to vietnam. we're going to be overseas, our white house team. while all of this is going down with cohen, how does that play in the public sphere? you're going to have a split screen of dump overseas, michael cohen back here at home on the hill? >> i think on one level it adds to the reality show aspect of his presidency. the white house is keeping that in mind as it prepares for next week. i was sitting in an official's office yesterday who said he's been arguing to be added to the air force one manifest because being on the support plane would mean being away from the action if all of this starts breaking while we're flying to vietnam. >> yeah. >> and it will affect the president's reaction to all of this. we know on the overseas trips,
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he tends to tweet a little less. he's a little bit busy. and this is one of several things that's going on including the hill considering this bill to reject the emergency declaration. the fact that he is away from washington when you think about the potential volatility of his twitter account may work in his favor. >> t not juit's not just the mi cohen testimony. we don't know the timing when the mueller report is turned over the bill barr. jill, you said this week bill barr, the attorney general who will receive notification of the report is not bound by the rules. you said he is the rule maker. explain that. >> well, it seems to me that since the rules were created by the department of justice, that he is the head of the department of justice, could alter the rules if he felt that they unfairly impeded him. on the other hand, the rules do allow him some discretion. so he could make more public than people are expecting he
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might. we have the conflict between the memo he wrote in advance sort of in addition to be the attorney general which made clear he thought very little of the mueller team and its investigation, that he thought that the president could not be indicted for obstruction. things that i do not agree with at all. he did back away a little during his testimony for confirmation, but there are many ways to make this public. i keep urging that what happened in water gate was people knew the facts. they had had the senate hearings. they had some indictments from us that laid out some facts. that made them ready to believe the articles of impeachment and to support the impeachment. i'm not saying we have evidence here, because i don't know what the evidence is for impeachment, but either way, whether it's going to tell people who are the democrats that the president is not guilty or it's going to tell
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the republicans that he is, it needs to be public so that we can evaluate it ourselves. i think that's a very important element of democracy. >> there's also an important element here. jim, of a reality check, on what this report is and is not going to be. it's going to be a short summary that simply says here is who he talked about more and who he didn't. and here's why. this is not the star report which was not issued under doj supervision. it was nearly 500 pages. made public at the same time it was sent to congress. this is not that. that is not what this report is going to be, and yet, there seems to be a widespread public expectation that it will be. >> i agree, and i agree with jill. we can expect a couple things. the report that ultimately goes to congress is going to be very short. it has to by the regulations. barr has a lot of discretion and mueller has a lot of discretion. i think there's going to be some
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detail in there, and the real rub to me is whether or not it is going to expose a smoking gun. the public was ready to accept water gate because there was a smoking gun. if there's no smoking gun here, but circumstantial evidence of obstruction or collusion, that's where it gets really interesting to see whether or not those details are somehow alluded to or reported in whatever report goes. >> jim, kimberly, jeff, stick around. jill, thank you for coming on. we want to get to developing news on capitol hill. house democrats are introduced a resolution to block president trump's national emergency declaration. i want to get to garrett haake on the hill. garrett, talk timing here. give us a reality check on whether this thing has any chance of working out like democrats want it to. >> reporter: sure. this resolution was just introduced this morning by congressman of texas, the chair of the hispanic caucus. he's one of the top democrats on this issue. i was just on a conference call. he said he and his staff have
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been working on this for about six weeks to make sure they come up with the right constitutional off switch. he said he's up to 226 or 227 co-sponsors. that's enough in and of itself to pass the house. he says he has one republican on board so far. but to be more than just a political statement, this would have to pass the senate as well. and it would -- to be functionally enforced, it would have to override a presidential veto. they would need to get the two-thirds majority in both bodies. the way this is structured, it will move quickly through the house. i will move to the senate. and that's going to be the really interesting test. there's been maybe six to ten republican senators who have spoken out. fairly strongly already so far in opposition to the president's emergency declaration. are they willing to put their votes where their mouths are and vote with this, knowing it's vetoed by the president and will split the republican party but sends a strong signal?
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that's what we're going to watch over the next few weeks. >> garrett, thank you. coming up, what's behind in t new decision in u.s. troop levels in syria. our richard engel speaking exclusively with the woman of isis bride now being barred from coming back to the u.s. we're about to go live to richard from syria coming up. >> what do you want to do if you went back to the states. what do you think will happen to you if you were allowed to go back? wed to go back
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we have won against isis, and now it's time for our troops to come back home. >> our boys, our young women, our men, they're all coming back, and they're coming back now. >> two months after saying that, the white house is saying something else. that about 200 u.s. troops will remain in syria even after most of the rest of the military withdrawals. it comes a day after "the washington post" quoted u.s. and foreign officials who said our european allies had rejected a request from the trump administration to send their own troops to basically pick up the slack once american troops leave. it comes as nbc news speaks exclusively with a so-called isis bride in her first interview since being told she cannot come back to the u.s. that's after she headed overseas to join isis in 2014. this morning she's talking with our chief foreign correspondent in her first interview since learning about the state department's decision. watch. >> i'm sure there's no problem.
7:19 am
i know my lawyer hopefully is working on it, and he will win the case. >> do you think you'll be able to go back to the united states? do you want to go to the united states? >> i prefer america other than anywhere else. >> what do you -- what do you want to do if you went back to the states? what do you think will happen to you if you were allowed to go back? >> of course, i'll be given jail time. >> richard engel is joining us live from syria. thank you for being with us. you're just back from the interview. can you tell us more about that conversation you had? >> reporter: hallie, i lost you for one second. let me tell you a little bit more about the interview i had. i couldn't hear the last bit of your questions. we met her inside a camp, inside a detention facility in a camp,
7:20 am
i should say. there are about 40,000 displaced people at the camp, but inside the detention wing there are about 1600 all foreigners isis family members. suspected people, wives and children of isis fighters. and inside this camp people can't leave. she's not allowed to leave there. it is under supervised control run by the camp guards who are part of the kurdish-led force here, the force fighting against isis. we spoke with her. she said that she desperately wants to go back home. she says she was brainwashed by isis propaganda. she says that now she has changed. she regrets what she did. i showed her that clip from the "today show" yesterday in which secretary of state pompeo said well, she's not a u.s. citizen anymore. she shouldn't have been issued a passport, she can't come here. her reaction was she hopes her lawyer can settle it. what's interesting about her case is there are quite a few others like it.
7:21 am
1600 wives and children in this one camp that i visited today from 48 countries, and there are two other camps just like it. >> richard, i know the koms are tricky, but i want to ask you about the decision the white house announced regarding troops in syria leaving about 200 members in the military there. the white house tried to frame this as peace keepers. talk about how this decision affects the overall fight against isis here. >> well, it seems like a very small decision, 200 troops compared to about 2000 u.s. troops who are here right now. but it is quite significant. i spoke earlier today in addition to talking to her. i also met earlier with the chief kurdish commander of the kurdish-led force that is leading the fight with american support. by the way, he said that the war against isis militarily is now over, that they are just waiting
7:22 am
for a formal announcement. he was very upbeat. i had spoken to him about a month ago when president trump said that all american troops were going to leave syria. at that time he was depressed. he thought it was game over, that isis would return, that the kurdish project here in this part of syria where i am was over, that the kurdish people would be massacred. today he thinks there is a chance that this residual force will be enough to bring other members of the international coalition. he says with 200 americans staying that the brits and the french will also keep their troops in here. so he thinks there will be hundreds of foreign troops here and that will ensure that the fight against isis continues. so it might seem like a small number, but these troops also have access to equipment, air strikes, intelligence. they are much more significant than their numbers might suggest. >> richard engel live for us on
7:23 am
the ground in syria. richard, thank you so much. you can see more of richard's reporting tonight on msnbc nightly news. don't miss it. on this show, a live look at new orleans at an event all about the power and influence of black women. today one presidential candidate is stopping by along with another high profile democrat. we'll take you there live after the break. ive after the break. i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪
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news just in on the house vote to block the national emergency situation by the president. the vote is going to happen on tuesday. it's all but certain to pass the house. then everybody is looking to the senate. they'll have to vote on it. also in new orleans, a live look at this year's power rising summit. in the next maybe five minutes or so, stacey abrams is expected to take the stage followed by kamala harris. she's making her pitch to a core constituency that helped propel former president obama in 2008. that's after she sat down with reverend sharpton yesterday. that's the same place he took senator obama in 2007.
7:28 am
harris had chicken and waffles. also on the menu, criminal justice reform and voting rights. surrounded by reporters, shorten stopped short of any endorsements for 2020 just yet. joining me here in washington former dnc senior adviser and the panel. ali, i hear cheering behind you. is someone taking the stage? >> soon. stacey abrams first and then kamala harris. those two women, you see an interesting thing happening, especially at an event like this celebrating black women in power. there's two things i'm looking at. first, everyone is wondering what's next for stacey abrams after she made that georgia governor's race so close. it gave democrats nationally a sense that's a state they want to target in 2020. they don't know if they're going to have having her on the ground helping them do that running
7:29 am
against purdue. whatever she says should be taken note of. the democratic party has given her such a platform. she is someone who is party is looking to as paving a path forward for them in 2020 and beyond. and then senator kamala harris, she's running for president. one of the states everyone is looking to her for is south carolina. she's trying to make her main constituency and in talking to the campaign just before the event, that's kind of the point they're trying to make by coming to events like this. this is a group offe voters tha senator harris compaares about. it may not be as policy driven today, but it will be her pitching her bio to this group of black women behind me. >> ali will be there all morning. harris is well positioned, but interviews with more than 30
7:30 am
vote blackers and political leaders show that the senator faces challenges. she'll have to persuade black activists and win over left-leaning young black voters, some of whom ace disenchanted w obama's presidency. >> she's started her campaign at howard university. she met with her sorority sisters. she's done events with african american women, small business owners. she's in new orleans today. she's putting a serious focus on reaching out to african american women. she's not just assuming that because she's a black woman those votes are going to be there for her. she's done a good job of stocking her campaign at the senior levels with african american women and latinos. she's got 12 women of color in significant positions and that means a lot when you're figuring out your strategy of how to get to the nomination. >> it's also worth noting it's not just black candidates winning over black voters.
7:31 am
>> right. it's going to be -- this is a swing vote for everyone out there. and if you look at south carolina, a third of the electorate in 2016 during that primary was african american women. if you want to win that primary, whether you're joe biden or or kamala harris. >> if you want to win the general election, you have to build that support. it's hard without getting a significant amount of support not just from black people, from hispanic people and other margin alized communities that have been disenchanted and haven't been energized and engaged in past campaigns the way that some folks would like on the democratic side. there was a lot of disappointment that even in the primaries -- in the midterms saying that democrats could have done even better had they done a better job. >> and it's issues that have come to the forefront in a way
7:32 am
we haven't seen in the past. you have also the reporting on how harris and elizabeth warren talk about how they support reparations now. this is something that barack obama didn't touch. hillary clinton, this was not an issue in past elections. it is being talked about more and more. >> absolutely. the fact that two leading presidential candidates are saying that's something they support is remarkable. it's been remarkable to watch the democratic party start to engage on issues that for many years they didn't. one of them is a big one, gun control. it wasn't that long ago you didn't have democrats getting behind gun control. same on the death penalty. that's coming up a little bit more and more. but certainly for issues that effect the african american p population. to hear two candidates talk about reparations is incredible. >> after what we talked about, with the rev and harris. he defended harris's record as a
7:33 am
prosecutor. this is something she continues to be asked about. >> we want to see crime prosecuted, but not unfairly. and her record as the district attorney and the attorney general, she clearly has laid out where she did programs to try and bring people back in and to work on these things. >> look, rev is a very important voice in the democratic party. my understanding from talking from him is that he's likely not going to endorse until after his national action network conference in april. but senator harris is definitely high on his list. he brings both a platform on this network. he's got a very popular radio show, and he is the leader of an organization that hundreds of thousands of members and chapters across the country. having his support is going to be very important. . >> for senator harris, it's a tough line for her to walk. being about criminal justice reform is a big democratic issue when you're on the prosecutor side and have a record of that, it's easy for it to be torn
7:34 am
apart. >> something else harris has had to talk about is jussie smollett after her initial comments. we have breaking news recording smollett. an update on his future on his tv show. on "empire". we're hearing from the executive producers. i want to have miguel almaguer join us. he's been all over this story. miguel, it sounds as though smollett will not come back this season on the show. right? fill us in. >> that's right. at least for the last few episodes, he will not return. the statement released a short time ago saying they spoke to smollett yesterday. he was on the set of "empire". though he denies all the allegations that chicago police are making, they've made the decision it's best for the cast saying for the last two episodes smollett will not play a role, his character will not be in the last two episodes. obviously that opened several questions. what is left with his remaining future with that show? many are calling for him to be
7:35 am
fired from "empire". if not, a boycott of the network because smollett faces serious allegations of filing a false police report. a class 4 felonies. investigators say he did it. >> what about the reports that smollett went and visited his cast mates on "em papire "aftere crazy scrum yesterday? >> that's right. there was a scrum trying to follow smollett out of the jail facility into a waiting car. helicopters followed that waiting car onto a production lot where "empire" was shot. you can see smollett enter the stage in that area and likely go into what we believe was a cast meeting. there are several reports not verified yet by nbc news that he denied all the allegations to the cast. many people have said that they do feel -- they do believe he's being honest but clearly police laid out a meticulous case.
7:36 am
they say this television actor simp simple faces serious -- simply faces serious allegations. >> let me read a piece of that statement from the producers. the events of the past few weeks have been incredibly emotional for all of us. these are from the executive producers of "empire". they say he has been an important part of our empire family and we care about him deeply. while the allegations are disturbing, we're placing our trust in the legal system. we are also aware of the effects of this process on the cast and crew members who work on our show, and to avoid further disruption onset, we have decided to remove the role of jamaal from the final two episodes of the season. and miguel, i know that this has come up already in hollywood, for example, that some of the preoscar events. you have the biggest hollywood show this weekend, and these questions and these concerns about smollett that are coming to the forefront right ahead of
7:37 am
it. >> yeah. i can tell you just yesterday tyler perry posted on his instagram page he had personally spoken to joussie smollett and e was adamant about denying the allegations and he wanted to believe him, but there is so much evidence. they will be asked questions about the actor. it's a huge story developing not just obviously in hollywood but across the country. >> that's for sure. miguel, great to have your perspective and reporting on the show. thank you. coming up later. a judge says the feds broke the law over a secret plea deal with the political power player, jeffrey epstein, accused of molesting dozens of underage girls. now, someone in the president's cabinet who made the deal. presi cabinet who made the deal. make us better people. with audible, you get more. two audible originals- exclusive titles you can't find anywhere else. plus a credit good for any audiobook and exclusive fitness and wellness programs.
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do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. before starting, tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures and any kidney or liver problems. learn all you can... to help protect yourself from another dvt or pe. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. president trump's labor secretary is under fire this morning after a federal judge ruled alex acosta broke the law while serving as a prosecutor in the case of a florida billionaire accused offing is sex with underage girls. we get details from pete williams. >> reporter: the judge ruled when alexander acosta was the u.s. attorney in miami he and his prosecutors broke the law while negotiating a lenient deal with jeffrey epstein in 2007. he's the politically connected billionaire accused of sexually abusing more than 30 underage girls at his palm beach mansion. interest in the case was revived by the miami herald which
7:42 am
interviewed many of them. >> all he cared about was go find me more girls. his appetite was insatiable. he couldn't stop. he wanted new, fresh young feys every day. >> i started going to him when i was 14, 15. >> reporter: a federal judge in florida ruled late thursday while the deal with epstein was in the works acosta deliberately failed to tell the victims of their lawyers. that meant they had no opportunity to object before the deal was done. one that allowed epstein to paid guilty only to state charges that brought him 13 months in jail, much of it spent outside on work release. in fact, the judge said acosta and his team misled the victims to believe that federal prosecution was still a possibility. the judge did not rule on whether the plea deal was impropimpro improper. the judge is asking both sides to suggest what should be done now as a result of the ruling.
7:43 am
it's not clear what they might be. >> pete williams is joining us. joining us jim walden. jim jim, what happens now? >> the federal government is now investigating both the process that led to this crazy plea deal and whether or not there are additional charges dha can be brought. the chances of them undoing the prior plea seems extremely remote to me, but it does seem to me as though -- assuming that victims are now willing to come forward and testify, that new charges could be brought. >> what about those victims? what recourse do they have? >> some of them have already sued. some of them may sue. this is an extremely disappointing result. you don't expect this from the department of justice. victims expect the department of justice to have their back. instead they turned a blind eye to victims of sex trafficking and prostitution of minors, more
7:44 am
than 30 of them. the victims are rightfully outraged. >> secretary acosta did not have a comment. we reached out to the labor department. they say the plea deal with epstein followed the rules and was reviewed by leadership at the time. do you think the doj needs to review how plea deals like this are put together? >> that statement rings hallow. i can't believe in a sex trafficking case, that there was high level oversight of this deal. what part the department of justice certainly didn't know about is that there was a clear effort to mislead and lie to the victims who were trying to seek justice. i believe wholeheartedly that a full throated in respect general investigation is warranted here. i hope it concludes. >> jim walden, i appreciate your perspective on the show. thank you. coming up, the 2018 election for one house seat in north carolina is officially getting a do over after evidence of major voter fraud. the big question? will the republican candidate at
7:45 am
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we're reliving part of the election. the state board of elections is voting unanimously for a do over after this month-long investigation into ballot tampering, and the dramatic conclusion to all this. when the republican in the race, mark harris reversed course and conceded his victory was tainted. >> through the testimony, i've listened to over the past three days, i believe a new election should be called. it's become clear to me the public's confidence in the general election has been undermined to an extent that a new election is warranted. >> harris reiterates he did not know what the political operative was up to and has not said whether he will run again. the democrat in the race says he's going to raise money for it. we have been following the story since the start from raleigh,
7:50 am
north carolina. lee ann, harris's lawyer says it's a premature question about whether he's going to run again. what's your sense? >> reporter: hallie, there's been no official announcement, but i don't see how but i don't see how harris does run. there's a lot of things going on with harris. first, he's tainted now with this entire hearing and investigation and scandal surrounding him and these absentee ballots. secondly, on the witness stand, he almost perjured himself until his attorney had to stand up and intervene to make sure he didn't. thirdly, he's very sick. he just had a couple strokes last month. and finally, he's broke. he is in debt from his last campaign. it's going to be very difficult for him to raise money for a new election. so he's not really a viable candidate. so he has a really uphill battle even if he decides to jump in the race. but i suspect that he's going to bow out. >> you really laid it out there. the family pace of it is interesting, too, because it is so emotional.
7:51 am
i think it was very emotional when you saw that testimony from harris' son, probably a little embarrassing, to see the least for mark harris, as well. i want to play a little piece of this here. >> i love my dad and i love my mom. okay? i certainly have no vendetta against them, no family scores to settle, okay? i think they made mistakes in this process and they certainly did things differently than i would have done them. >> and jeff mason, i also want to bring you into this conversation along with kimberly here. you saw that unfold this week in north carolina. it was very high profile. yet we have not heard from the president, despite the white house putting together almost enough to remember that voter fraud panel that the white house put together. >> yeah. i think that's remarkable. i can almost guarantee you to the extent that a person can, that if this were a democrat and
7:52 am
the president were watching this, that he would have weighed in significantly and used it as an example or as a platform to talk about voter fraud, which he did at the very beginning of his administration. you haven't heard from him and you have to wonder if that is because he's a member of his own party. >> i want to talk about this briefly on the show. the des moines register reporting congressman steve king is going to run for re-election in 2020 and he says he has nothing to apologize for. three republicans are like we're primarying you. >> steve king, i think people have to realize he's been elected nine times. so -- and he has a long history of making very controversial and racist comments. so if he has won before, he obviously believes that that is not an impediment for him and that his constituents are behind him. >> although this is the first time he's been kicked off all those committees. >> and he is being primaried. so it won't be easy, but in his mind, it's not tough to understand why he's running. >> the party is not buying it.
7:53 am
>> yeah. >> but that doesn't meteoroloan can't win. >> leeann, thank you so much for that great reporting. we appreciate you being on the show. we'll be right back with what our sources are saying in today's big picture. r sources a today's big picture. (door bell rings) it's open! hey. this is amazing. with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis,
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time now to take a look at what sources are saying. kimberly and jeff are back with us. kimberly, what are you hearing from your sources in washington? >> i've been talking to democratic sources ahead of this vote on this resolution to
7:57 am
denounce this emergency declaration that the president has declared. and democrats are feeling pretty confident, actually, that they are going on to get enough republican support to at least get it passed, whether it gets passed to that veto proof majority is something different, but to at least get it passed because a lot of republicans, particularly those that have military bases or military projects in their districts, that's where this support is going to come from. it doesn't sit well with them. they know it won't sit well with their constituents and they may get on board. >> jeff, what are you working on? >> we're both going to vietnam next week. >> are you packed? >> no, last minute packer. and one of the main things that was a theme in singapore is denuclearzation. but the two sides don't necessarily mean what denuclearzation mean. the white house wants kim jong-un to get rid of all missiles, no more nuclear
7:58 am
testing. but he may understand the u.s. removing the nuclear umbrella it offers to south korea from the entire korean peninsula. that's something sources are saying they have to get worked out. before this meeting or after? >> either before or after. it is ambitious and it's key. what they're asking kim to do, but also what he expects or may expect in return. one u.s. official said yesterday a discussion of removing u.s. troops from south korea was not on the table, but president trump has hinted about that before, that that is something that he would consider. and he has made very clear that he sees this relationship with kim jong-un as critical and as one that he's proud of. so it's just hard to say what he may or may not agree to at the summit. >> we will be watching that. you and i will be in the oval office representing the pool later on this afternoon when president trump visits with the vice premier of china. they're talking trade. >> they're talking trade. >> jeff, kimberly, pleasure to
7:59 am
have you on the show. thank you very much. here you're looking at a hand drawn side inside a prison there. it's from nbc news going inside one of america's harshest isolation units after an inmate exposed the reality of being there. you can see the hand drawn letters "help" on the wall. the photographer here is that social psychologist, craig haney. see much more of this investigative report from nbc news on you can chat with me online, twitter, facebook. that does it for me today. and actually, the next time i see you we'll by live from hanoi. this show going on the road big time, going on the plane, i guess. that does it for this hour of nbc live. craig melvin, the next time we do this handover, i'll be
8:00 am
halfway around the world from you. >> safe travels, my friend. safe travels. we look forward to seeing you reporting from there in vietnam. good friday to you. craig melvin here in the msnbc headquarters. waiting game, the world anxiously awaits the moment when robert mueller will finally submit his final report on the russia investigation after 22 months and counting. and as we wait, several big questions, including what will we actually learn from that report? and how much of it will be made public? >> also up against the wall, democrats gearing up to terminate the president's national emergency declaration, but will this resolution ultimately hit a wall of its own? and challenging trump, republican governor larry hogan, now blasting the rnc for unprecedented steps to protect president trump from potential primary challengers. larry hogan talking a lot lately. is it a sign that he may be gearing up to give the president
8:01 am
a serious challn


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