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tv   MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi  MSNBC  February 22, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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the rnbx in history. a warrant is in and out out for the arrest of r. kelly. what do we know about these charges and what do they stem from. >> now we know there is ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse charges against r. kelly. from the start of this, one of the things we should say is his attorney is saying there is nothing to all of this. these charges are coming one week after attorney michael avanati, and you recognize that name, after he turned over to prosecutors in chicago a videotape alleging that r. kelly was having sex with an under age girl. whether or not these charges that have been filed against r. kelly today have anything to do with that tape we don't yet know.
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we hope some information will come clear out of this news conference that we're expecting to come any minute now. the point of all of this is that r. kelly has been under fire, he is an embattled singer for decades. back in 2008 as you know he was brought up on charges of child pornography, but he was able to get out of those charges. he denied he was the person who was in the tape as with the person alleged he was with in that tape, but that did not end, accusations against r. kelly saying he was abusing underage girls. one family said their daughter was under a spell, if you will, of r. kelly. she has come forward saying it is not true. it is because she was with him because she wants to.
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so now this 52-year-old grammy winner is now facing arrest. >> a lot is happening regarding this in the last 20 hours or so. two new accusers came out against r. kelly today. the two women say they met r. kelly at a party after a concert in baltimore. they were offered alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana by a man in kelly's entourage, and then invited to kelly's hotel room. washington says she was able to flee, but scaff was asked to pmpl or perform oral sex on him. >> under the influence of marijuana and alcohol, i did it.
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he asked to have sex with me, i did not have the capacity for consent. other victims i know are out there should come forward as well. i want justice for anybody that was a victim of r. kelly. >> steve greenburg, has not responded to these accusers with but he is said in recent weeks. joining me now to talk about all of this is someone that started the national protest against r. kelly and his music, the cofounder of #mute rkelly. do you think this time is different. we know he avoided being held to any charges, he has never been convicted of anything in the past, what is your thought about these charges today. >> i think the charges are amazing, they speak to the
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decades of work of activists on the ground, attorney that's have been beating this drum for years, and the work of the movement that started in 2017. we see this as a reckoning. years of labor, sweat, and tears of activists and survivors. >> why now do you think, you have that documentary, surviving r. kelly, shocking accounts of women and their abuse, is it that? is it the me too movement? why do you think this now? >> i think it is a combination of all of the above, and it is a clear indication of the social
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apathy that allowed this to go on for so many years. it's not am i happy to see it happening, but why did i take so long, and it speaks to the work of the twists. doors were closed at every turn when survivors went to district attorneys. and the doors were closed on them. when people say it for so long, this possible indictment and conviction will be the bigger picture. >> he has gotten a lot of attention and ternly when you have something on television the way he did with the power of the
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accusers that it has a different kind of impact than the story that comes and goes, right? does it say something for women of color that have not been heard? >> absolutely, and just to be really clear, just to be clear on how daunting this is, 3% of accusations lead to an indictment and conviction. we're talking about sexual crimes that for all other reasons don't result in an acushioner doing jail time. when you look at it particular particularly around women of color, many of us have never seen our acue sors brought to justice, and
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activists around the country that have seen this for years, i believe we're seeing the tide turn. >> thank you for taking the time to be with us. we're continuing to take time to watch this. at breaking story. the stunning charge against robert kraft after police say he was caught paying for and eng e engaging in sex acts at a massage parlor twice. police say about 200 arrest warrants have been issued, more are coming, to be clear he is not charged with human trafficking, but he faces misdemeanor charges and two counts of solicitation. >> we're as equally stunned as
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anyone else. >> do you feel like he was there like a regular, like it was a regular event for him, do you believe? i would say going through the evidence, yes. >> since the announcement, his spokesperson said we categorically deny that he engaged in any illegaltivi acti. we will not be communityienting further. >> he is among two plus dozen people that were accusing of doing this at a massage facility that was at store front here in jupiter. the charges are a second degree misdemeanor. it is punished by 60 days in
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jail and typically arrests like that don't lead to either jail time. but what this is republican more cigly about is that you have to have one to have the other and in particular case you to have the clients who want to go to the massage parlor which they say was a front for prostitution and their six month investigation not just here in jupiter, but in several areas of the state and it allegedly all goes back to china and they thought they were applying for legitimate jobs and they were in these parlors being forced into a human trafficking situation to give you an idea how big of an operation this is, in one of those parlors, it is estimated
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it would take about six weeks to bring in a million dollars. and on one hand you have robert craft allegedly a client of one of these parlors only being chard charged with a misdemeanor. women were fooled into believing they were coming here and then they were locked up in the massage parlors. you may wonder why didn't they just call home and apparently investigators say in these interviews they have done, they were ashamed to call home because they felt they would be letting their families down thought they were go off to the united states to make their way
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and hopefully, you know find a better life and some, clearly, what the investigators say was not the case at all. >> i am just doing a little quick math here in six weeks they could make a million dollars at a parlor and they were what, $79 each? >> well, the alleged costs were for the client that's are sometimes referred to as johns would be up to $100 plus a tip. this was many women in many different parlors across many different counties. so some larger than others. at the end of the day here, the authorities recommend nice that the women themselves are victims and trying to work with them to get the help they while all of
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this this sadly happens on a regular basis because robert craft is alleged to have been one of the clients. >> kerry sanders, thank you so much, six weeks, 1 $1 million, at $100 each, that is thousands of instances of women being forced to do things against their will. and executive director of a nonprofit, an nfl writer for the boston global. this is robert craft, a man worth $6.6 million. his patriots have won six super
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bowls, if we know how this usually works, he and all of these others, even when found guilt, they're not likely able to go to jail, they're settled pretty quickly? >> usually very quickly. i would expect he does it in a big hurry. the last thing he need social security to have more publicity, or b other women come forward and say, oh, yeah, i remember him, he was my regular. he doesn't need any of that, he needs to get it done very quickly. >> yeah, but his lawyers, but he is famous guy and things happen, but it is in his interest to quickly make this go away, i'm sure this will happen at arraignment and i expect he pays a $200 fine and gets out of there. >> his lawyers, he said, his spokesman denies he did anything illegal, but all of these sexual
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encounters in florida that have resulted in charges were videotaped as part of the investigation, does that chang anything here? >> no, it just makes it more likely that we have a quick plea and remember there is also a driver that took him there, left him and picked him up, that person is a witness, too, i think it will be quick. >> the sting operation, he got caught up in, i think we need to reiterate this, this was a big story here. this was a month's long human trafficking investigation. exact statistics are hard to come by, but just under human trafficking, that category, there are more trabed in forced labor, 25% are children, 75% are
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women and girls. again, very disturbing statistics so carol, i'm going to guess, i'm going out on a limb here to say that this sunt surprise you and what you're hearing about florida? >> no, it is going on for a very long time, it goes on everywhere across the country and because my organization works on children, i understand that this is not children under 18, children are incorporated right into that market. they're not put into a separate category, and because kids develop physically, when they're 11 or 12 years old they're swept into the market. and they are defined as a victim of human trafficking. >> can we just talk generally, this is your area of expertise.
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this becomes and argument about prostitution for many of you,ly make the case that prostitution, whether or not you believe it should be legal or not, a woman deciding if she wants to do that is very different from what we're talking about here. police say someone lured here with the promise of a good paying job. locked in, sleeping on the same table where she is being forced to perform sex acts, are there any signs? if you go to a place like this and no one is speaking english, is it like red lights that go off? i don't mean that, but hay, there is something not right here. >> it is so easy to exploit someone. someone that doesn't have any money, and also just to bring it back to the united states that it is not just foreigners exploited in the sex trade, lots
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of american kids are the sex trade. >> let's listen in in chicago. >> ten counts of aggravated really sexual abuse involved four victims. the first victim initials hw, was involved a grand jury returned an indictment on aggravated use based on the victim being under the age of 17 and robert kelly being more than five years older than the victim. the second victim with the initia initials. >> a grand jury returns an indictment on two counts based on the victims being under the
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age of 17 and robert kelly being more than five years older than that victim. the third victim, initials lc, involved in an incident that occurred february 18th 2003. a grand jury returned an indictment about aggravated sexual abuse based on the transfer of semen of robert kelly on to the victim for sexual pleasure. the fourth victim, initials jp, involved in incidents that oc r occurred between may 1st 2009 and january 31st, 2010. a grand jury returned the indictment. the sexual abuse based on the victim being under the age of 17
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and robert kelly being more than five years older than the victim. aggravated really abuse is a class two felony. it is also probationable. we anticipate he will appear in bond court tomorrow afternoon, thank you. that is was a important press conference. between 1998 and 1999, she has been involved in these cases for a long time, what's your take on what was heard? >> supposedly they have a 42 minute video, it's been in the
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grand jury, he has been arrested no bond, he will appear tomorrow and the discovery prosenior citizen will begin, and there will be a trial been last time he was charged there was an acquittal. so i would expect it to go forward. >> danny, we have a situation where we're looking at cases back from 1998 and 1999, how does that complicate things. >> it complicates things in the statute of limitations. expanding and eliminates statutes and limitations all together. the challenge here is that if they -- the case must still be viable for that law to apply. if the statute of limitations has already run on a case, no new statute can resurrect that
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statute of limitations. that would be the defendant missed being procesecuted and tt cannot be a crime prosecuted against him no matter what they do today or tomorrow, that is a cushional issue, but in this case the felony charges are class two felonies as we have heard punishable by three to seven years in prison, but as to illinois, some of the age related crimes, there is a potential defense of a reason belief for the victim's age. that is something i expect that r. kelly might try to assert, but all kinds of evidence can defeat that defense. for example, discussion about the age of the victim shows the defendant knows the age of the victim. >> we were just talking with one of the people that vick pim.
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given where we are at this point in time, would this have been prosecuted in 1998 and 1999 in the same way it will be now, are we in a different world in terms of prosecution? >> we are definitely in a different world. when i started doing sex crimes in the mid 80s, you didn't even really want women on your jury because they tended to be overly critical of other women and more likely to blame the woman. that chanced a lot. the entire society has changed. there is a video, but it is interesting how attitudes have changed and the way that women look at these cases. >> let me just ask you finally very quickly while we're waiting to hear the president's statements, what is facing these
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women as they go to testify, you worked with women that were abused when they were young. they faced their own personal trama they have been through, and they be vilified by the public by many people they said it was their own fault or they were liars, and it goes to why peek don't speak up which we heard over and over again. >> the fact that the difficulty of it. but is that changing? >> absolutely and it is changing so much for the better after all of these years of work it is really great to see that justice is finally being done. this is the institutional abuse of children that has taken place in so many settings for so many decades, it is finally being brought to justice. the news is covering --
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>> sorry i need to interrupt you, we have more breaking noew, new breaking news on the mueller report? julia? >> hi, yes we have breaking news from the mueller investigation, a senior justice department official tells me that they will not receive the report from robert mueller by the end of next week. that contradicts some reporting we have already that said the report will not be released. we were told by a senior justice official they are not expecting it by that time and they do not think at all it will be delivered by that time. that changing our timeline event. >> yes, but let's go back to what we have been talking about, even when that gets submitted, and not happening in the next
12:25 pm
few hours or next week, but when that hands no clear indication nor do we have any way of knowing about that. >> we have been waiting any day any hour now, and it seems like there is no obligation to release it to the public. the only obligation is to release that to congress. some people said it is in the public interest that he doesn't just put it in his desk and leave it alone. and we're going to have to get something out of it. there will still be some time chewing over this at the justice department as they decide what
12:26 pm
to give to congress and what, if anything, to make public. >> it zooms to me if there is one thing we reported now is that it will not be expected next week. anyone that thinks they know what is in the mueller investigation is on a fool's errand. >> that is right, he is on his own pace. at this point it seems like it is just not happening. we will see when it does come. we do believe that he is in the process of finalizing things, as far as that report coming here to the justice defendant, we're told that is not happening. >> cynthia and danny are here, they are covering the manafort
12:27 pm
time line as well. do you read into the fact that according to the current rules, i have to do x, y, and z. they're his rules. we have to deal with that procedure below, there is no reason he can't do that. he can turn it all over. it can be changed by the stroke of a pen. >> do you read into this delay. one of the things we talk about
12:28 pm
this in situation is you could say who knows, maybe they're getting close, maybe somebody put them in a different direction, do you read anything into the fact that there was so much agency that it was emanate and that is is not coming if the next ten days or so? >> the doj moves and when they make a case, they don't earth on deadlines. when we started hearing by the end of february and that sounded to me like a deadline. and in just the last few weeks
12:29 pm
we have seen new arrests, new defendants, new search warrants, and it sprouted new seeds and avenues of investigation for the investigation. we thought he might be receiving it. >> so that when we are expecting this latest court filing from paul manafort and there are questions about whether or not this is the last major report. again speculation and do you think he went into his team and as danny just suggested said to them look, there is no deadline here.
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>> absolutely, and bob mueller, multiply it by 100, she a detailed guy. everything can be done according to the book. he personally reviews indictments at his level that is the way he used to do it, so i'm convinced it will not be done quickly. there is a mystery subpoena that is kicking around the courses, there is a question going around about don junior. that transcript has gone to mueller. that means either they have indicted him and sealed it, and there are drug indictments,
12:31 pm
there could be mueller indictments, they could say they're not going to indict him. it could mean they asked him to be interviewed there is joust many things out there, there is no way for us to rationally know when this will happen until it does. >> to your point, let's remind folks of an impressive score card that the office has wracked up. indictments against 34 different people plenty of question that's this report is coming up, he was compromised by his dealings and who cur rated those wiki dumps,
12:32 pm
and the president has attacked throughout this process as if he has something to hide. joining me now wade chen, he served as compliance expert she resigned because of the terrible tone from the top. and elliott williams is with us now who lobbies for law works, advocating for the special council. robert mueller has consistently surprised us throughout this investigation, elliott. when you look at those questions how likely is it we will get some answers? >> i think people are expecting the bomb shell, the big indictment, the guilty plea, and some of those questions may never be answered, that we may not find direct evidence of
12:33 pm
collusion. if you look at the poor judgment that has been exposed here. if you look at who knew about the june 16th trump tower meeting, the individuals at the campaign were well aware of the direct contact with russians that they were trying to hack into our system of elections. all of these questions are indicative of poor junction. one way to sni about this is if we were a prosecutorial team, we would find murder or arson, but found a long trail of people writing bad checks and other trims, we would not say it was
12:34 pm
an unsuccessful investigation. that could be the case here. i think all of these questions about is it collusion or not, that is not the end of the inquiry here. i think there are bigger questions here. >> and the question of what will we find out. let me read from this "new york times" opinion piece, the report is unlikely to be rengty by design, a concise summary of what he found, he is mandated to look into criminaltivi activity. what are you expecting? >> i think what we need to focus on here is the original mandate is so look at links or coordinations between the russian government and
12:35 pm
individuals associated with the campaign. what we have seen is a lot oftiviof activities going back and forth, lies relating to their communications and activities. will we have a report that comes out to say bank, there is collusion, i doubt that, but did this address the issues in the initial mandate that is what is the connection between the trump campaign, their personnel, and those under mining our election? i think we got a lot of answers to that. and neil's argument here, this is unlikely to be lengthy by design. it is only surprising to anyway someone that is not a lawyer, there is so much about the investigation i feel like not jst just books, but volumes
12:36 pm
could be written. >> do you make of that? >> it could be a road map for a special council investigation. maybe it will end tomorrow, maybe next week, main it doesn't, but there is a world of investigations to britney brittany coming. using watergate as a constructive example. the special prosecutor laid out a road mab that lead to the president's impeachment and provided that data and material over to congress. . the form of documents related to
12:37 pm
the case. is laying it out. so yes glef try of the very precise document part of his constitution nap or statutory mandate, but more will be handed over to investigators and this is not over until it is over in. >> now we have more breaking news, there are reports that the man hthe manhattan da is forming charges against paul manafort? >> yeah, the information saying that right now the manhattan district attorney's office has been putting together a possible case, they're not necessarily going to bring a case, they're not necessarily have one ready,
12:38 pm
but this is preparing for one in case they want to bring it, a jury in order to bring this, the office did not give us a comment, neither did paul manafort. what would happen here, chris is that if for some reason he was pardoned and they want to move forward with charges with it would be outside of the president's per view. it is not a certainty they will be filed or that they will need to be filing, they're pursuing income tax. pfrl has either pleaded guilty. >> this is an insurance policy? they're setting themselves up
12:39 pm
with an insurance policy in case of a pardon? >> i think we're going too far to say that at this point. if you're a local prosecutor, you're saying he plead guilty to a lot of income, fax fraud, and bank fraud here. we want the sopgs here. he filed the same tax returns here. these people admitted to doing these things on their tax returns. it gives them an option to pursue charges related to that, a fine related to that, these things we expect. they will pursue, but not a certainty this will be done, not a certainty it needs to be done. if they can bring charges, and not a certainty this is an insurance promise. >> elliott williams, is that how you see this a smart prosecutor
12:40 pm
keeping his options open? >> he could potentially face state bank charges. so yes, you know, i saw a different conflicting report as to whether or not it was an insurance policy or if they would proceed anyway, but regardless of that fact he still faces charges around the country. regardless of whether or not he is pardons, he will be going to jail, so there is evidence on the record, and it can be used against him. maybe insurance policy, maybe not, but paul manafort is going to jail. >> he could be going to jail for life? >> yeah, oh yeah. i mean -- >> i mean we know that is a possibility, but what is the
12:41 pm
likelihood of that as you see it? >> if he is not pardoned in the federal system, he will be going to jail for the rest of his life. if he is pardoned, he will face state charges and he could still carry a lot of time. she most likely spending the rest of his life in jail whether or not it is in federal or state court. it is hard for me to envision a scenario where that is the case. >> do we have any insight into when or how this decision might be made? >> i think this is not something that is eminent. if they decide to bring charges they may want to way to see what happens. paul manafort ask waiting on a sentencing memorandum. he is expected to be sentenced in a dc case and a virginia case
12:42 pm
this month. i think there is a little time to play out and because i don't think there is -- there is no real statute of limitations here. >> you mentioned there is so much in the investigation that has been done. that does not rule out more in the investigations that are going on. using information out there that has been provided to them. maybe the states that you mentioned. >> absolutely, another thing to keep in mind is when he is found to have lied, they got the ability to open up everything
12:43 pm
said to them. any statements he made would have been prekttotected, right? now in addition the statements that he made can be used against him. he is sort of stepped in it by lying, his path to getting out a free man is much, much, much harder, and this gets back. and for the lies or the under lying conduct, or the state conduct in new york, illinois, california, or virginia. >> we have so much going on. i want to bring this all up to speed and wrap it up a little bit. i'm going to drive my control room crazy and ask them to please have the sarah sanders sound ready to go, let's just update. a couple things that just broke,
12:44 pm
the senior justice department official is telling us that the reports that the attorney general will receive from robert mueller by the end of next week are incorrect. all of that we have been anticipating could happen any minute now, any day now, not correct. from the man haten district tomorrow, they could be getting ready for charges against paul manafort. let us now forget you have michael cohen going to testify next week. >> it does not concern the president at all? >> that is a problem that he will have to deal with if he breaks and violates a client
12:45 pm
lawyer privilege. i will not get into what that looks like. i can tell you the president is very confident in what he has or hasn't done. >> they continue to say he is not concerned about michael cohen, that he is not a liar, but in the real world where kpoot ra cooperating witnesses are not -- so when prosecutors bring cases that involvement coop rerators. they don't pick these witnesses, it was the person that picked him as an advisor. as someone, as his fixer, so we didn't pick, we the people, and mueller the prosecution team, did not pick this witness.
12:46 pm
this witness was picked by trump himself. what is his system? something that mr. trump should be concerned about? absolutely. all he will be talking about are probably the fixes that he has done. >> all of this breaking news in the last hour. thank you all so much for rocking and rolling on this, we're going to wrap up this busy hour of breaking news. mueller's report won't come out next week. an arrest warrant out for r. kelly, facing ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse. you're watching all of this on msnbc. watching all of this on msnbc. crohn's disease, stelara® works differently. studies showed relief and remission,
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it's a look what your wifi can do now store. a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. at this hour a warrant is now out for the arrest of r. kelly. at the top of the hour the state's attorney for cook county, illinois, detailed the grand jury indictments against the r&b star. >> earlier today robert kelly was indicted before a cook county grand jury on ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving four victims. the first victim, initials h.w., was involved in an incident that occurred between may 26, 1998
12:51 pm
and may 25th, 1999. a grand jury returned an indictment on four counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse based on the victim being under the age of 17 and robert kelly being more than five years older than the victim. the second victim, initials r.l., was involved in an incident which occurred between september 26, 1998, and september 25, 2001. a grand jury returned an indictment on two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse based on the victims being under the age of 17 and robert kelly being more than five years older than that victim. the third victim, initials l.c. was involved in an incident which occurred february 18, 2003. a grand jury returned an indictment on one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse
12:52 pm
based on the transmission of semen by robert kelly on any part of the body of the victim for the purpose of sexual gratification during the course of an underlying felony of attempt criminal sexual assault. the fourth victim, initials j.p., was involved in an incident which occurred between may 1, 2009 and january 31, 2010. a grand jury returned an indictment on three counts, three counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse based on the victim being under the age of 17 and robert kelly being more than five years older than the victim. >> for more on this is nbc's rehema ellis. get us up to speed, sort of put this into context in the whole case of r. kelly. >> one of the thing i i was hoping the state's attorney would do is take some questions. she did not. she simply read from the statement the office released.
12:53 pm
but if you put this in perspective, ten counts of aggravate sexual abuse, four victims, three as minors and these abuses allegedly occur between 1998 and 2010. we have reached out to r. kelly and his representatives for comments on this. so far nothing if his office in regards to this but it should be said in reference to other allegations of abuse, sexual misconduct by r. kelly involving women and underage women, he has consistently denied he had sex with anyone that was not appropriate. so that should be said. you know, he was brought up on charges in 2008 on child pornography charges but those charges, he was not found guilty of those at all. but this comes after an explosive documentary series that was detailing a variety of lured, sexual encounters between r. kelly -- and phone is ringing -- between r. kelly and
12:54 pm
particularly underage women. it also comes a week after michael avenatti, as you know he's in connection with stormy daniels, sent a tape in to the prosecutor's office also detailing sexual encounters between r. kelly and an underage girl. whether or not this has anything to do with that tape, we do not know because the prosecutor was not taking any questions. >> rehema ellis, thank you so much. that was an incredibly brief press conference but we're going to continue to follow that, obviously, with the arrest warrant out for r. kelly. meantime a bunch of headlines coming out from the president, who just spoke at a meeting with china's vice premier. both countries have been trying to work out a trade deal before next week's deadline. let's listen. >> do you have any concern about the labor secretary's handling of the case? >> i don't know too much about it. i know he's done a great job as labor secretary. that seems like a long time ago but i know he's violentbeen a fc
12:55 pm
labor secretary. >> what about the charges of bob kraft? >> that's very sad. i was very surprised to see it. he's proclaimed his innocence totally. but i'm very surprised to see it. >> have you spoken or heard anything about the mueller report? >> i have not. >> do you expect to? >> at some point i will be talking about it. but you know the nice part, there was no collusion, there was no obstruction, no anything. no phone calls, no nothing. we have -- you know why i won the race? i was a better candidate than she was and it had nothing to do with russia and everybody knows it's a hoax. it's one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on this country so look forward to seeing the report. if it's an honest report t. will say that. if it's not an honest report, it won't. >> your teams have been after this trade for a long time -- >> not a long time when you consider it's probably the biggest deal ever made. >> does it seem like it's
12:56 pm
getting close to the finish line, do you feel it's more likely a deal does happen or doesn't happen? >> i think i can speak for the united states, the question is an interesting one, is it more likely a deal happens or doesn't happen? speaking for the united states, i would say it's probably more likely a deal does happen. but that doesn't mean it's going to happen. speaking for china, if you would like to answer that question, you can. but i would say it's more likely a deal will happen. the fact -- this is a very high delegation. this is a man who is revered all throughout china as the vice premier. so the fact that they're willing to stay for quite a bit longer period, doubling up the time, that means something. i think there's a good chance that it happens. >> joining me now is nbc white house course pondant kelly o'donnell. what else do you have? >> wide range of topics for
12:57 pm
sure. one other thing the frez was asked about is a coast guard officer arrested for terrorism-related charges for planning from his government desk and computer alleged attacks that were in the works against media figures and other entities that have in some ways been inspired by some of the political rhetoric of our time. here is the president talking about that. his first comments publicly. >> any briefs on the coast card member arrested for threatening democrats and other members? >> i'm actually getting a final briefing and a complete briefing in about two hours after this. >> do you have any thoughts on this man? >> i think it's a shame. i think it's a very sad thing when a thing like that happens. i've expressed that. but i'm actually getting a very complete briefing in about two hours. >> do you think you bear any responsibility for monitoring your language when it comes to that? >> no, i don't. i think my language is very nice. >> the president not taking any responsibility for any
12:58 pm
contributions he may have made to the political environment which may or may not have inspired this 49-year-old coast guard officer to begin these attacks. the interaction with the press here today from the oval office was about china trade, and it stemmed into many other areas. you heard him also express surprise at his friend bob kraft being the subject of the prostitution-related charges in florida. he also talked about his current labor secretary, alex acosta, who has been under new scrutiny for his handling when a u.s. attorney years ago, the case of jeffrey epstein, a billionaire in florida, who was part of the a plea deal arrangement for sex with underage girls, a lot of controversy about that and was the law broken in creating that plea arrangement that epstein signed and did serve some time, bringing scrutiny to alex acosta, who is now the labor secretary. so the president has had people who are in his orbit politically
12:59 pm
and personally who are under some intense pressure themselves when it comes to the dramatically different circumstances of alex acosta and bob kraft. but the president weighing in on all of that today. chris? >> i think when you realize he called him a fantastic labor secretary, anybody who thought maybe there was a chance that there was going to be something under way within the white house for there to be potential consequences in terms of him keeping his job, that would lead you to believe the answer is no. >> no sign of that at this point. we have seen at times the president would profess support foray cabinet official who later the circumstances change. but right now alex acosta is still enjoying the confidence of the president. >> kelly o'donnell, always great to see you, my friend. thank you very much and thank you for staying with us through this very busy hour of breaking news. ali velshi welcome back in this chair monday at 3:00 p.m. eastern. hope you have a great yweekend.
1:00 pm
"deadline: white house" with that ka nicolle wallace starts right now. hi, everyone, it's 4:00 in washington, d.c. where today robert mueller's prosecutors are expected to lay out the most detailed description yet of the criminal conspiracy that paul manafort, the president's former campaign chairman, engaged in. the scope of his crimes includes defrauding the u.s. government, covering up and lying about conversations with the putin-aligned operatives, tampering with witnesses and misleading federal investigators after agreeing to cooperate. it's a breathtaking sweep of criminal conduct. one likely to result in mr. manafort spending the rest of his days in prison. but at the core there remains unanswered questions, why and what, if anything, did donald trump know about it? those answers might come in the sentencing memo from mueller's team, which is due by midnight tonight. it's not clear how much of the document will be


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