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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  February 23, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PST

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i'm morgan radford. now it's time for "weekends with alex witt." >> it was great to wake up with you and have you start us off. have a great saturday. good morning to all of you from msnbc world headquarters in new york. it is 7:00 a.m. in the east. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." judgment day delay. mueller report not released. it may have something to do with the event half a world away. >> you know the nice part? no collusion. there was no obstruction. there was no anything. that's the nice part. >> the only people still hung up on it are democrats and the media. >> new scrutiny for the trump family business days ahead of his testimony on capitol hill, michael cohen talks to prosecutors. plus. folks i talk to who exist in the political world who feel frustrated by your lack of loyalty to the party or your support of hillary clinton.
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>> bernie sanders responds to that question. might he repeat the same mistakes of 2016? new this morning, the special counsel's anticipated and potentially revealing sentencing memo for trump's former campaign chief could be made public today. the filing against paul manafort was not revealed after a midnight deadline. the judge could redact sensitive information. the memo is expected to shed light on the mueller investigation on russian interference. meanwhile, the political world up ends over the mueller report. they are not expecting it until next week. how much they will see depends on attorney general bill barr. president trump insists the report will show no collusion. >> have you spoken about him? >> i have not. >> do you expect? >> at some point i'll be talking about it.
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i look forward to seeing the report. if it is an honest report, it will say that. if it is not an honest report, it won't. >> another political battle brewing. the house speaker says the vote will happen tuesday on the resolution to stop president trump's emergency declaration to build a border wall. that vote will trigger a vote in the senate. nancy pelosi visited the border with mexico yesterday and sent this message to the president. >> we will be fighting him on this use of usurping of power of violating the constitution of the united states in the congress, in the courts and with the american people. this is a path i would not recommend he go down. i don't expect him to sign it. i do expect us to send it. >> also developing today, president trump is nominating kelly craft as ambassador to the united nations. she is the current ambassador to canada. she was asked if she believed in climate change in 2017.
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>> i believe there are sciences on both sides that are accurate. both sides have their own results from their studies and i appreciate and i respect both sides of the science. >> joining me now is julia manchester. reporter for the hill and kevin cirilli hanging out with us for another hour. good morning to all of you. we will start with the mueller report. abigail, your latest piece on the issue. you write it is only of the beginning of trump's hell. pla explain that. >> there is a lot of focus on the mueller report and if barr will make an announcement next week. if you look back and look at the legal vulnerability. it is bigger than that. the southern district and the
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new york attorney general looking into president trump. you have all of these other investigations and probes that are ongoing and aren't related to the mueller probe. even next week, has been reported, we might see barr, the new attorney general, announce an end to the mueller probe, it doesn't mean the end of legal trouble for the president. >> timing wise, kevin, what happened with the timing of this release? did the news media get it wrong or did we not know from the get-go? >> look. two things. first, the only person who knows when bob mueller's investigation is going to be complete is bob mueller. we should note that my colleagues at bloomberg and the associated press are reporting that the summary and attorney general bill barr will not submit the report of the mueller investigation to congress next week. maybe in part because of the geopolitical events occurring next week. first, president trump is headed to vietnam where he will meet
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with north korean dictator kim jong-un. i'm headed there on a flight tomorrow. i think the bottom line and to abigail's point, there is no question that the mueller investigation does pose significant political risk for this. in terms of the timeline, bob mueller is the only one who knows. >> what about mondetarily peek g speaking, julia? the current funding goes until september 30th. it doesn't mean the investigation goes on that long, right? in terms of expectation on capitol hill, is it that it is forthcoming anytime after the vietnam trip? >> you know, i think there is a lot of pressure on mueller to wrap up the investigation. you know you are seeing republicans and democrats essentially saying we would like to see this end now so we can get on and see a conclusion. i think both republicans and
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democrats want to see it end for obviously very different reasons. however, monetarily speaking, yes, this could mean that he's forcing it to really wrap up soon. however, i think robert mueller, at the same time, the person who ultimately gets to decide how long this will go on. congress and the funding does play a rule. >> julia, i want to ask this also. tuesday, the democratically controlled house appears to all but certain block the president's emergency declaration to build his wall. is this more of a symbolic move trying to put members of congress on the record? >> absolutely. this is democratic house members trying to push for the resolution and trying to show they are against this. maybe try to spur additional lawsuits. we have seen 16 states launch lawsuits against the move. i think they are trying to really publicly get this out that they are against this
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resolution. obviously in the senate, it is republicans controlled. that's another story all together. however, i would say at this point it is symbolic. the move could spur a number of lawsuits or number of different reactions to the emergency declaration. >> what kind of pressure, kevin, will this put on republicans? >> massive. >> massive you said? >> yes. if you are mitch mcconnell and your senate has been jockeying to avoid the situation where you have to make a snapshot decision on whether or not the president's declaration of a national emergency is constitutional or an emergency, that is a very thin, narrow political tightrope for lawmakers to walk. senator susan collins from maine has said she will be voting in line with democrats in the house on this. she is against the president's usage of a declaration of a national emergency.
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alex, i interviewed the california attorney general this week. he obviously is a democrat. obviously california. one of the states taking the lead on suing the administration for their declaration. this is going to be a monumental legal battle. it is one that both sides are completely dug in on. frankly, we will talk about this wall for many, many months to come ahead of the 2020 cycle. >> great. i'm going to switch gears now. >> you don't sound happy. >> let's just get to climate change. specifically relative to the green new deal. what you are about to see is getting a lot of traction online. senator dianne feinstein is having a discussion with teachers and why she is not backing the green new deal. >> we are trying to promote the green new deal. >> there are reasons why i can't. there's no way to pay for it.
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>> yes, there is. >> a lot of it is going to military. >> i understand that. the united states government does a lot of things with the money. >> why does that stop you from voting yes? you can still vote yes and it won't pass and we can draft a new plan. >> i may do that. i don't know. it's not a good resolution. you know what's interesting about this group? i've been doing this for 30 years. i know what i'm doing. you come in here and you say it has to be my way or the highway. i don't respond to that. >> so, i watched the entire clip. you may have, too. it is about 15 minutes long in total. some are saying that dianne feinstein was smug. after seeing the entire video. others feel they are pragmatic. abigail and i were chatting about this. >> i think when you are looking
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at this clip, what is obvious is this generational divide when it comes to climate change. really this clip, the optics of it, were never going to be great for dianne feinstein. you saw somebody who says it is not pragmatic and we can't pass it. you saw a younger generation passionate about climate change. for the senator, this is always a bad look. there is truth to what she is saying in what can and cannot pass especially in the republican controlled senate. she is making points, but the optics of this were never good for her especially on the issue of climate change which has the sharp generational divides. >> respectfully, i disagree. it will not fit well with alexandria ocasio-cortez and other folks who are backing the policy of the green new deal. you know, on a policy debate, have the debate. for senator dianne feinstein, she has been criticized for not
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being authentic enough. this illustration has gone viral. you see very clearly her actually engaging young people in the democratic process. >> again, if you have to look at the entire thing -- if you nit-pick at it and you say smug and dismiss siive. it is passion versus pragmatism. don't you think, kevin? >> i remember when we covered the midterms and senator feinstein was criticized as too scripted and this and that. i thought of it as refreshing to hear a politician engage with young people about the politician's standpoint. in the policy and getting more substantive, absolutely. it was a debate between what, you know, two various viewpoints on policy. i don't think we should condemn it. of all of the rhetoric in the political system right now, i
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don't think that video of a senator meeting with young people is something that we should be talking about. >> she was supposed to be in another meeting. she left. >> she wishes she went. >> she was talking about them. i want to go to the statement that senator feinstein issued. this was posted on twitter. added this. i want the children from the sunrise movement to know they were heard loud and clear. i have been and remain committed to do everything i can to enact climate change legislation. if you look at the senator's record, i believe that is so. it is not oh, sure, let's pull out of the paris accord. is this overblown? >> you know, i think that could potentially be the case. i think the opt particulics of striking. however, you know, i will say this, dianne feinstein like she
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said in that clip, she has been in congress roughly 30 years. she has a record of reaching across the aisle. a lot of the children she was talking to had a learning experience. this is what it is like to work with a politician. this is how government works. not to discount the work that congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez has been doing since her term began. this could be a lesson for her. you know, her ideas -- there is a lot of criticism of them. my way or the highway. however, we all have to remember that the beauty of our government system is that there is a way to build consensus. there is a way to reach agreement so both sides are happy. that is something we really lacked in the last couple of years. i think there is way too much partisan divide on either side. it is the my way or the highway attitude. it is not healthy. >> what is healthy is the conversation with all of you. i love to see all three of you
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in the morning. thank you. bernie sanders officially joining the race for the white house. tough questions remain after his last campaign. >> there's still bad blood. loyal democrats feel frustrated by your lack of loyalty to the party or support of hillary clinton. my question is what is the message for those folks out there who may still have sore feelings about that? feelings abo i b new gillette skinguard with a specialized guard designed to reduce it. because we believe all men deserve a razor just for them. the best a man can get. gillette. but i never had the time and then i tried babbel. - [announcer] babbel, the number one selling language learning app in the world. - you're learning phrases that you can use right away in real life conversations. after just four weeks i was feeling confident enough to have simple conversations in french. (speaking in french language)
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new today. the special counsel's filing on paul manafort's sentencing has yet to be publicly released following the deadline at midnight. joining me now is danny cevalos. what do you think could be behind the delay? what is the information that could be in the memo? >> people need to understand that delay is a common technique used by the department of justice. they don't rush for anyone. they don't work under deadlines other than statutes of limitations. when the department makes a case, they want it to stay. they have a 97% conviction rate. it is not a surprise to me. this is something they are checking carefully. the court and government have concerns about revealing information which should remain redacted or sealed or potential
4:19 am
ongoing investigations that may continue even after the mueller team closes up shop and heads home. that information must be safeguarded. it is not a surprise that if anything the mueller team or u.s. attorneys do takes longer than expected because caution is the watch word. >> it is not like a clock is ticking. not a manufactured deadline they have to hit? >> always a statute of limitations concerns in any investigation of federal and state crimes. other than that, you are right. the government investigates at its own pace. defense attorneys will tell you, when they try to get information out of the government about expected timelines and when things wrap up. you will not get a committed answer. >> tea leaves here. do you have any idea when this memo is to be released and what are you looking for when it drops? >> i have long said overestimate the amount of time the mueller
4:20 am
team will take to finish the report. if someone says the end of february, add a month or couple months. maybe they intended to be finished by february, but as we have seen in just the last few weeks, new arrests, new investigations, new search warrants turn up new information. it can lead to new avenues of investigation prolonging the current investigation. this is all stuff we should take into account and expect whatever timeline we get or hear about is always likely to be extended. >> okay. from mueller to manafort specifically now. bloomberg and "the new york times" reporting that the d.a.'s office in new york is preparing criminal charges against manafort ensuring he faces prison time with the possibility of a trump pardon. talk about this development. is it manafort can be tried again? >> the federal government and state governments are what we call separate sovereigns.
4:21 am
the mere fact that you are prosecuted in federal court doesn't preclude a state government from prosecuting you for something arising from the same transaction or occurrence. the federal government has an internal policy it refrains from prosecuting if the state adequately prosecuted the defendant. it is not an absolute by any stretch. it is absolutely possible that the state government may choose to prosecute manafort. any state government could. he likely would not have double de jeopardy defense. this will insulate paul manafort from a pardon. a pardon will not help manafort. a federal pardon only reaches federal crimes. not state. one of the few limitations on the otherwise very powerful pardon. >> okay. back to mueller timing. something interesting happened here. a statement released by a senior
4:22 am
doj official pretty rare reflecting that the mueller report was to come out this week. it has now been put off at least until next week. is that because of the vietnam trip or another reason because it is not ready? >> i would go with the default position is it is just not ready. it is just not ready because there may be remaining investigative things that need to be done. there are remaining investigative things that need to be done because as they conduct the ongoing investigation, they uncover new information. that sprouts more investigation. it is not a surprise to me. i don't know it would be connected directly to the vietnam trip. more likely they are wrapping up their own loose ends if they are even wrapping up. as i said for many months now, no matter what we hear about the timeline, the very notion of a ti
4:23 am
timeline is by the department of justice. they will be finished when they tell us. >> that is sparking more conversations. danny, thank you. a hearing on capitol hill about the republican tax cut and how it is affecting the middle class. that's next. and in honor of the black history month, msnbc reveals "she thrives." ten women leaders who are bettering their communities. we absolute washington, d.c.'s vita woods. to keep children from online present predators. you can read more about veda by going to s minimums and fees seem to be the foundation of
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word that robert mueller's investigation into russian influence no the 2016 election was about to wrap up. that seems to be in question this morning. let's go to geoff bennett. he is at the white house for us. what is going on? >> reporter: alex, sources indicate that special counsel robert mueller's investigation is finally reaching the finish line. yesterday, a senior justice
4:28 am
department official told us his report is not expected to be delivered to the attorney general as early as next week as has been widely reported. house democrats say when the report does drop on the ag's desk, he must make it public. judgment day delayed. a senior justice department official tells nbc news, special counsel robert mueller is not expected to deliver his report on the investigation into russia's election interference next week. the doj cognizant of the summit with leader kim jong-un. mr. trump on friday said he hasn't spoken with the new attorney general about the report release. >> i guess i'll be talking about it. you know the nice part? there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. there was no anything. that's the nice part. there was no phone calls. no nothing. we have a -- i won the race
4:29 am
because i was a better candidate and she was. it had nothing to do with russia. >> reporter: ahead of the release, lawmakers are gearing up for a fight. on friday, six top democrats sent attorney general bill barr a letter emphasizing their expectation he will publicly release the report mueller submits to him. under the special counsel rules, barr isn't obligated to do so. the democrats say withholding evidence uncovered by the special counsel could be means for a cover-up. as the washington waiting game goes on longer, attention turns to mr. trump's former lawyer and fixer michael cohen who is set to testify publicly on capitol hill next week. the stage is set for a high stakes hearing with "the new york times" reporting friday that cohen told prosecutors about possible irregular business dealings within the
4:30 am
trump family business. according to "the times" it is an indication that prosecutors are interested in matters at the trump organization that go beyond the role of the illegal hush payments made to women before the 2016 election who claim to have had affairs with mr. trump. cohen pleaded guilty to arranging the payments in violation of campaign finance laws. he is due to start a three yeth prison term in may. michael cohen testifies tuesday behind closed doors and that, alex, kicks off a three day marathon as he goes before committees on capitol hill while his former boss donald trump is overseas for the summit with kim jong-un. alex. >> michael cohen on the hill. we're going to be talking about that exactly what you set us up with. thank you very much for that report, geoff bennett. let's go to the democrat from
4:31 am
kentucky. chairman of the budget committee. answer that question. what do you expect on the hill from michael cohen? >> well, you know, i really have no idea. clearly this is someone who has been intimately involved with the trump organization for a number of years who knows exactly what's gone on. we have seen all of the strategies that the trump organization have used over the years. bankrupting many of their businesses. stiffing contractors on obligations. i think we'll get a very, very vivid picture of the way the trump organization operated. whether that involves criminal activity or unscrupulous activity, we'll find out. this is important information to have because you want to know exactly the way your president has led his life and we deserve to know that.
4:32 am
whether it is criminal or not, i have no idea. we know, for instancinstance, tp family violated the law in the operation of the foundation. that is the purview of the new york attorney general right now. so, i guess we will get more information on that as well as the entire range of business activities. >> okay. let's talk about the highly anticipated mueller report and listen to what attorney general bill barr said during the confirmation hearing in how he decides which parts of the report to release. >> i will make as much information available as i can consistent with the rules and regulations that are part of the special counsel regulations. >> how confident are you that bill barr will make the right decision? >> i find it hard to believe, alex, that the country will not
4:33 am
get the full benefit of that report. if it is not released in full, the house will subpoena that information. i'm positive. this is -- we had 17 intelligence organizations in the united states government that confirmed russia did interfere with the 2016 election. this is the comprehensive report on exactly what happened and what they did and who was involved from the trump campaign if anybody. this is something that if the country does not see the entire conclusion of this investigation, then there's something wrong. this is a real negligence on the part of the justice department. we already know they are trying to interfere in 2020 or they tried to interfere in the 2018 election. we have to defend our democracy and if the american people don't have full access to what went on, it will be harder to do.
4:34 am
>> yeah. okay. it's tax season. i want to get to a question about that. the average tax refund is down 17%. i know you are chairing the hearing on the tax cuts this week. what are you expecting to learn how this tax cut is affecting the middle class? >> we are trying to find out what impact the tax cut had on the budget and on the taxpayers ultimately. we know, for instance, the vast majority of the benefits went to major american corporations and wealthy americans. not the middle class. we have seen recently that many taxpayers in the middle class will be hit with lower refunds than they expected or owe money because of the variety of confusion concerning the implementation of the tax cuts. what we want to know is did the tax cuts really cost the taxpayer close to $2 trillion
4:35 am
over ten years or did they pay for themselves? we know they didn't pay for themselves. we still have republicans out there who are claiming they were a great thing for the economy. we want to get to the bottom of exactly what happened with these tax cuts and whether they were justified in terms of economic benefit. >> okay. let's get to the president's emergency declaration to build his wall. that could derail plans to build a middle school in ft. campbell. we have senator lindsay graham support the president. he had this to say when asked about that. >> it is better for the middle school kids in kentucky to have a sker esecured border. we will get them the school they need. right now, we have a national emergency on our hands. >> do you agree? is the border wall better for the middle schoolers over building a middle school? >> kentucky was a border state
4:36 am
during the civil war. we are no longer a border state. i don't think the citizens of kentucky are worried about invasion of illegal immigrants. we are more concerned about having adequate work force to serve our agriculture community and thoroughbred horse industry. that is not something that is a top priority for us. the border wall. taking care of our military families and making sure military families are treated in acco accordance with the sacrifice they make. that is no important to us. again, it is not just a question of a middle school on ft. campbell. it is a question of the obligations we have to the military and also the fact that the united states congress pursuant to the constitutional powers granted under article i decided that is the way we should spend our money. for donald trump to say this
4:37 am
doesn't sound very important to me which is how he described things like the middle school is, to me, again, a reflection of the fact he doesn't understand what the constitution says and the balance of powers should be. >> okay. i want to ask before i let you go something that dropped yesterday. the encounter that senator di e dianne feinstein had on the green new deal. as you know, she has been a proponent of climate change legislation. she says for practical reasons maybe she is not in favor of the green new deal. in your mind, is this the aoc phenomenon gone wrong? some classify this as passion versus pragmatism. >> i think actually and i had a situation like senator feinstein had. i met with young people to talk about the green new deal. the way i look at it is there is a growing understanding in the
4:38 am
country and particularly among young people that gradualism and incrementalism is not enough to deal with the huge challenges. climate change being one. people are thinking big and dramatic. i think that is important. not everything is going to get done. not everything is realistic or practical. i'm excited we have so many young people engaged and thinking about dramatic steps to change the direction of the country. i encourage all these young people. the green new deal is not going to pass. will not be enacted by this congress. it has really good aspirational initiatives that i think we need to be talking about. >> okay. you can keep talking about them. climate change is real. it is what it is. all right. john yarmuth. thank you so much. you can watch the news every saturday morning and know we are just getting started.
4:39 am
after this hshow, "weekends wit alex witt," we have david gura. >> our friend says look at the russia investigation like a tree and bob mueller's part of it is the trunk of the tree. we will focus on a couple of them here in new york on "up this morning." we will have a reporter from "the new york times" two broke two stories overnight. one on paul manafort with the manhattan district attorney bringing charges against paul manafort in case the president were to pardon the former came. and michael cohen testifying on capitol hill this week. "the new york times" reporting he sat down with prosecutors in new york to answer questions about the trump organization. we will talk with one of the reporters and tim o'brien who knows more about anybody of the trump organization and what the prosecutors find with the
4:40 am
investigation with one michael cohen to guide. >> thank you, david gura. he is a $6 billion man and friend of the president caught in a prostitution ring. why new england patriots owner robert kraft could be in big trouble with the nfl. be in big trouble wi here we go! . i like your card, but i'm absolutely not paying an annual fee. discover has no annual fees. really? yeah. we just don't believe in them. oh nice. you would not believe how long i've been rehearsing that. no annual fee on any card. only from discover.
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one of the most powerful voices in the nfl caught up in a prostitution scandal.
4:44 am
florida authorities say robert kraft, the billionaire owner of the new england patriots, has been charged with two counts of soliciting sex. it took place at the florida day spa. it is a spa where young female workers were believed to be human sex trafficking. we have kerry sanders outside the spa. kerry, what do you know? >> reporter: good morning, alex. alex, kraft is not the only business tigtan caught up in this. he is the most high profile. this investigation actually launched with a simple complaint to the health department about this massage parlor. this morning, new england patriots owner robert kraft fresh off celebrating his team's sixth super bowl win is on the defense. >> he is charged with soliciting another to commit prostitution.
4:45 am
>> reporter: the billionaire is one of two dozen men accused of frequenting the massage parlor. a front for prostitution. kraft visited twice. the months long operation with round the clock surveillance and hidden cameras inside. >> the video we obtained shows the act. >> reporter: kraft's wife died in 2011. a spokesperson here with his girlfriend says we categorically deny that mr. kraft engage in any illegal activity. because it is a judicial matter, we will not comment any further. president trump weighed in on the charges. >> i was surprised to see it. he has proclaimed his innocence. >> reporter: the investigation, part of a multiagency crackdown of women from china to florida,
4:46 am
with trafficking. >> our investigation centers around human trafficking and if there are customers, these types of businesses can flourish. >> reporter: if convicted on these charges, robert kraft could face a $500 fine and 60 days in jail. it's been a very unusual scene here since most people began to recognize the location that live here. we will show you video that happened last night and is continuing this morning. folks coming out here and all posing for selfies and making a joke out of this. just a real surreal scene. as you look at people having a little bit of frivolity around this, the investigators say what may get lost in this, in human trafficking, it takes a and b. a being the clients who want the
4:47 am
services and b the women who provide it. in this case, they are alleging the women from china were duped, tricked into believing they were coming to the united states for legitimate jobs. new hampshiin isome cases going and then ending up in florida. >> and having to live their lives there. quickly, i know it sis a misdemeanor charge. robert kraft could pay that fine. public relations-wise, it is a nightmare for him, kerry? >> reporter: the nfl has a mo l morals clause for its owners. misdemeanor charge may be a blemish in a morals clause. when you connect it, even an unwu unwitting of a client of a woman who was sucked into the human
4:48 am
trafficking situation, it gets more complicated. it will play out for some time. the nfl, it will play out behind closed doors. >> one of the clever folks is taking a picture while you were on live with us. thank you, kerry. possible trouble for elizabeth warren in a key battleground state. why the new poll may be a warning sign for her next. warnir .
4:49 am
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let's go to 2020 now, and a new poll on the democratic field, a new u-mass poll on the new hampshire democratic party has joe biden leading at 28%. despite not yet even announcing a bid officially but coming in second, bernie sanders at 20. he is followed by kamala harris at 14%, elizabeth warren at 9%. let's bring in lauren leader, co-founder and ceo of all in together and republican strategist joe watkins former white house aide to former george h.w. bush. good morning to you both. i want to point out the poll was conducted before bernie sanders officially announced but give me a read on the way democrats should interpret these numbers. do you think it is giving a green light to joe biden? >> well, i mean i always say that i feel like the polls, this time, this early in the cycle, are really just, you know, are really an exercise in futility, i mean it is good fodder for
4:53 am
conversation. but they really have so meaningless, because it is so early, as you say, we're polling, they were polling a candidate that wasn't even in the race at that point. i think the answer is not really the bellwether that it used to be and i think that both biden and sanders will continue to poll well, in new hampshire, i think the bigger issue for either of them is going to be south carolina. especially in the field where we have multiple candidates of color. there's enormous passion for kamala harris in south carolina. a lot of the candidates have been stumping there very early. so, you know, new hampshire, i just don't think is the bellwether it once was, but certainly getting people's attentions because you have one candidate not even in the race yet polling at the top of the pack. >> do you think, joe, that this gives a green light to joe biden? do you think he is looking at these early poll numbers? i get exactly what lauren is saying about snap notes and you can't take a lot from them, but does this influence him in deciding whether or not he is going to run. >> i don't know, i think he is a
4:54 am
person a lot of people a lot of democrats can actually win in a general election and maybe unify the democratic party. i think he has that going for him. he is smart. there is a lot to consider here. he has to consider his family and the fact that he already has a really great reputation nationally. it will probably get muddied up a little bit in these primaries i'm guessing in a crowded primary. but kamala harris by the way looks surprisingly strong. >> she really does. and then there is a report, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren on a 2020 collision course. do you agree with that? we were covering that live when she did, and we were talking about the amount of money she would be raising and how she would be doing it. that was one point that we thought she and bernie sanders could definitely clash. >> yes, and i just don't think that bernie has the same prospects this time around. i mean he benefitted enormously in the last cycle from essentially being the only alternative to hillary clinton, and i don't think he's going to have those same advantages this time. he has raised a tremendous
4:55 am
amount of money, but the reality is that there are a lot more voices in the presidential field, who have very similar views to his and who actually share many of his policy positions, and you look at someone like tulsi gabard, left the democratic committee to endorse bernie early in the cycle in 2016. so you've got all of these people who actually on a policy perspective are very similar to him. i think he will have a much harder time standing out. he has the national name recognition and that is a huge boost. he is a movement and a personality. and that helps him. but i think in a crowded field, i think he is going to struggle. also to joe's point, i think biden will wait and see how the early primaries, how some of this early time shakes out. and he has time. he is not in a rush. because he has such wide national name recognition. >> real quick, joe, another poll, rather the u-mass poll, looked at whether new hampshire republicans think that the president should face a primary challenge. look at that number, only 39% saying yes.
4:56 am
61% no. how do you read that? >> well, i think the president is not too worried. he knows how to campaign for sure. and he's got a pretty solid base of support among republicans. john kasich could challenge him. he could be challenged by governor hogan as well from maryland. but i think president trump is not terribly worried at this point. >> okay, joe and lauren, thanks for the chat, guys. good to see you. meantime michael cohen spilling the beans about the trump family business days before he testifies to congress. we talk to the reporter who broke the story. talk to the re broke the story. do your asthma symptoms ever hold you back? about 50% of people with severe asthma have too many cells called eosinophils in their lungs. eosinophils are a key cause of severe asthma. fasenra is designed to target and remove these cells. fasenra is an add-on injection for people 12 and up with asthma driven by eosinophils. fasenra is not a rescue medicine or for other eosinophilic conditions.
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beyond fast. that's it for me for this hour. i'm see you at noon eastern. stay where you are. it's time for "up" with david gura. >> well, this is "up," overnight news, the new attorney general does not expect to get robert mueller's report in the coming days. as house democrats tell bill barr americans need to see that document when it's done. >> there has to be a report from barr, the attorney general, to the congress. i very much expect that the bar report to congress will be made public. >> this morning, we are waiting for a new sentencing recommendations for paul manafort, we could get those at any minute and new reporting on an effort to make sure that paul manafort will not be


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