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tv   First Look  MSNBC  February 28, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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it is thursday, february 28th. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian. president trump's summit with north korea's kim jong-un has come to an abrupt end with no deal reached. >> president trump is making the long trip home, wrapping up his closing news conference in vietnam. it was decidedly shorter than the one he delivered after the singapore summit back in june. here he is discussing why the u.s. had to quote, walk away.
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>> we thought, and i thought, and secretary pompeo felt that it wasn't a good thing to be signing anything. we had some options and at this time we decided not to do any of the options and we'll see where that goes. it was a very interesting two days. i think, actually, it was a very productive two days. sometimes you have to walk and this was just one of those times. this was not a walk away like you get up and walk out. this was very friendly. we shook hands. you know -- >> do you think it was premature to hold this summit since these things weren't tied down. i wonder if you could sketch out what the next few months look like. >> you always have to be prepared to walk. i could have signed an agreement today and then you people would have said oh, what a terrible
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deal, what a terrible thing he did. you have to be prepared to walk. there was a potential. we could have signed something. i could have 100% signed something today. we actually had papers ready to sign. it just wasn't appropriate. i want to do it right. i much rather do it right than fast. >> the white house issued a statement saying president trump and north korea's kim jong-un had a very good and constructive meeting. the two leaders discussed various ways to advance decnuclearization. the statement continues to say no agreement was reached at this time but the respective teams look forward to meeting in the future. >> joining us now from hanoi, vietnam, bill neely. walk us through, expand on some of the reason as to why the president is walking away from a deal with kim jong-un? >> good morning. no deal. no question that's a surprise. president trump is gone.
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kim jong-un is still here and it will be really interesting to see what north korean state media says about this failure. how they explain it and whether that matches president trump's explanation. during his news conference i think you can point to three areas of disagreement, if you like. one was on the definition of decnuclearization itself and that's been there right through these negotiations. the president saying kim has a vision. it's not ours. remember for the united states it's clear that just get rid of your nuclear weapons for north korea it's a matter of the united states removing its nuclear umbrella, submarine, bombers and everything else from the korean peninsula. but that alone is not a reason for this summit to fail. i think you can point to two other things. one of them is sanctions. take a listen to what the president had to say on that stumbling block. >> it was about the sanction.
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>> will thereabout a third summit, mr. president? >> basically they wanted the sanctions lifted in their e entirety and we couldn't do that. they were willing to denuclear a large portion of areas we wanted but we couldn't give up all the sanctions for that. we'll continue to work it. we'll see. we had to walk away from that particular suggestion. we had to walk away from that. >> are all the sanctions current ly now are they going to stay? >> they will remain. we will end up as good friends with chairman kim. i've been telling everybody they have tremendous potential. unbelievable potential. but we're going to see. but it was about sanctions. they wanted sanctions lifted but they weren't willing to do an area that we wanted. >> reporter: so they wanted
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sanctions lifted in their entirety. the third area were the actual nuclear weapons and facilities themselves and he pointed to one in particular that was the nuclear reactor the main component. it produces uranium and plutonium. but the deal wouldn't stick because the north koreans wanted all sanctions lifted immediately. so we have to deal. he also talked about south korean military exercises. in the last few minutes south korea said they were very perplexed at the beginning and now it's very unfortunate this summit has ended. guys, back to you. >> seems like no plans for the future asked about plans for a third summit. >> back to square one.
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>> bill neely for us. so all of this is coming as msnbc news learned that the trump administration dropped the demand that north korea agree to a full disclosure of its ballistic missile programs. that list is exactly what caused the last round of serious negotiations to fall apart a decade ago. reason reports reveal that north korea has as many as 20 undisclosed secret ballistic missile bases. also contrary to what the administration has been saying for quite some time. take a listen to this. >> it will be absolutely imperative in this next summit that we come away with a plan for identifying all of the weapons in question. identifying all the development sites. allowing for inspections of the sites. and a plan for dismantling the nuclear weapons. >> let's break this down with former under secretary of state
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for political affairs and special former adviser to bill clinton, ambassador wendy sherman. also with us, senior adviser and korea chair and msnbc news and news korean affairs analyst. let megyn with you. let me play devil's advocate and start with what the president said which was had he reached an agreement with all the stuff we knew going into it, peace deal, liaison offices and economic intersection, the media would have said we gave up too much. are we in a better position today or been in a better position had we had a deal? >> that would have been a bad deal because we don't want to give up all of our sanctions for those particular steps. but what the real problem here is, is the administration didn't prepare for this summit. they told us they had an agreement ready to be signed. clearly it wasn't ready to be signed because kim jong-un of not ready to sign it.
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what we don't know today is whether the bromance that the president has had with squong jeong is a break up or just a spat and we'll get back on track again. i don't think we know today. clearly south korea is dismayed. japan probably is glad for the caution. and i think he is right that if it had been a bad deal we all would have been critical of it. the real problem here is they set up, the administration set up its own failure by not doing the preparatory work, by rushing to this summit. really ended up being a shotgun kind of wedding. >> moving the goal post as well. >> and walking in with papers ready to sign. >> which indeed western. >> let's talk about the parties that should have maybe been involved more in these negotiations that obviously weren't that being south korea and china, the president was asked specifically about his conversations with south korea and china regarding this summit. of course he answered with
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regard to south korea that he hadn't talked with them yet but will talk to them on the plane on the way back to the united states. with regards to china he was vague in talking about china's role in all of this, especially looking ahead. just talk about his good relationship the leader of china. so talk about their involvement in all this and where it should have been and where it wasn't. >> normally if you have something like this, what you would want the president to do is on the way to vietnam, do an overnight in japan. one of our key allies. have dinner the japanese prime minister and have the south korean president come over for bilateral and tri-lateral before they go to hanoi so all the allies were lined up. in addition to that have a phone conversation with xi jinping, which it sounds trump did to see if china will be able to put some pressure on north korea, make sure they negotiate.
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it didn't seem that happened. south korean public and the political parties all were taken by surprise. all four of the political parties in korea have already released statements saying they are shocked at what had happened and the president right now is talking on air force one with the south korean leader. that cannot be a good phone call. i'm sure there's a lot of distress in south korea about where this process is going. but let me just say going forward i think there are a number of things we have to worry about. one is whether we'll continue to exercise which would then provoke north korea. whether they are going to continue to develop weapons and material which they have been doing since singapore which is a provocation against us. and then what's going to happen with the sanctions? are we going to increase them? are we going to leave them the way they are? there's a lot left to be answered as we look down the road. >> let me ask the ambassador then, what should we do going forward to pick up on the questions that victor was
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raising there. do we resume military operations, do we resume talks with our allies. what would you advise? >> to say that his special envoy will be leaving vietnam and going to meet with the south koreans, going to meet with the japanese, maybe stopping in beijing or at least sending somebody from his team to have those conversations because the president might want steve back in washington to figure out where we go next to. the president seemed to indicate in his press conference that military exercises are over. he calls them war games which is what north korea calls them. we call them exercises for deterrence and for making sure that we have the military muscle that we need. and he just talked about them as having cost too much money which is sort of insane for someone who just bragged about increasing the defense budget. more than anything else. where sanctions are concerned we have to take a hard look at
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that. we have multi-lateral sanctions as well as bilateral sanctions. the president talked about how much we are cooperating with the u.n. which is an unusual position. so there's a lot of consultation that has to go on here and a very deliberate process has to be put in place so that we can get back on track to what is a very tough negotiation. >> can we talk about the type of intelligence we have on the ground. the president was asked if we have the capability to conduct investigation. we don't have a robust intelligence network in north korea to track their activities on the ground like we do in iran. >> that's correct. this is the hardest intelligence target in the world. most of our intelligence is through overhead satellite imagery whether it's commercial or classified satellite imagery. but at the same time we do know a lot about their programs. we know everything there is,
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pretty much and these 20 missile bases we've been studying, these are the sorts of the things that the president would have liked to have seen to be part of the conversation if we were going to lift all the sanctions as the north koreans would want. it's a disaster. this is no doubt a disaster but in the end the president made the right decision not to take a bad deal. >> what do you think china is feeling. are they relieved, happy or disappointed? >> i think they are disappointed. they are worried as of the of the region is worried what direction this will go in now. i worry the president will lose interest in this issue now and just move on to something else and as long as the north koreans aren't testing he'll leave it. in the end that won't make us more secure because north korea will continue to amass missile material. >> thank you both for your insights. we got so much still to get to this morning including the other huge story that played out here at home. >> the president's former fixer
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just one more way we go beyond at&t. right now get fast, reliable internet and add wifi pro for a low price. comcast business. beyond fast. regardless he's not going to do testing of rockets and nuclear, not going to do testing. so, you know, i trust him. and i take him at his word. i hope that's true. in the meantime we'll be talking. >> welcome back. that was president trump just a short time ago putting an optimistic spin on his talks with kim jong-un. >> so president trump is now heading back to the u.s.. despite not reaching an agreement on north korea we got more on that straight ahead. but first let's turn to our other big story of the day. president trump reacting to the seven and half hours testimony of michael cohen. in the "washington post" headline really sums it up. cohen paints trump as crooked.
2:18 am
cohen made accusations against the president's character and conduct alleging widespread misconduct in business, alluding to other potential crimes under investigation, and providing documentation of trump and his business associates secretly funding his payoff to a porn star during the 2016 campaign. cohen also suggested that trump had advance knowledge of clinton e-mail releases and possibly the 2016 trump tower meeting with russians but responding in hanoi this morning the president seized on one moment, this one. >> questions have been raised about whether i know of direct evidence whether mr. trump or his campaign colluded with russia. i do not. i want to be clear. but i have my suspicions. >> he called you a liar, a con man, a racist. what's your response to michael cohen? >> well, it's incorrect and, you know, it's very interesting because i tried to watch as much
2:19 am
as i could. i couldn't watch too much because i was a little bit busy. but having a fake hearing like that and having it in the middle of this very important summit is really a terrible thing. they could have made 2018 days later or next week and it would have been even better, they would have had more time. but having it during this very important summit is sort of incredible. and he lied a lot. it was very interesting because he didn't lie about one thing. he said no collusion with the russia hoax. i said i wonder why he just didn't lie about that too like he lied about everything else. he lied about so many different things. i was actually impressed he didn't say well i think there was inclusion for this reason or that. he said no collusion. and i was, you know, a little impressed by that, frankly. he could have gone all out. he only went 95% instead of 100%.
2:20 am
>> one of the more controversial moments in the hearing yesterday was when mark meadows and a hud official stand behind him to cite her work with trump's family business to refute cohen's claim that the president is a racist. >> mr. cohen, do you know lynne patton? i'm right here. >> yes, sir. >> do you know lynne patton? >> yes, i do. >> i asked lynn to come today in her personal capacity to actually shed some light. how long have you known miss patton? >> i'm responsible for lynne patton joining the trump organization and the job she currently holds. >> you made some very demeaning comments about the president that miss patton doesn't agree with. in fact, it has to do with your claim of racism. she says that as a daughter of a man born in birmingham, alabama, that there is no way that she
2:21 am
would work for an individual who was racist. how do you reconcile the two of those. >> as neither should i as the son of a holocaust survivor. >> so later in the hearing democrats on the committee objected to that. >> to prop up one member of our entire race of black people and say that nullifies that is totally insulting. >> would you agree that someone could deny rental units to sf m stram -- africa medicine americans, and refer to white supremacists as fine people and have a black friends and still be racist. >> yes. >> i agree. >> a lot of people were making that point by citing lynne patton it doesn't nullify president trump being a racist. >> there was a much more heated
2:22 am
exchange with mark meadows about that as well. still ahead another explosive the esof michael cohen's testimony. he claimed president trump knew about the wikileaks e-mail dump before it happened. >> we'll show you how wikileaks and roger stone are both responding this morning to that. we're back in a moment. ur own. ♪ because no one gets an opinion on how you live your life, why you shave, or how you show your skin. my skin. my way. ♪
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african-american. he had advance notice that there was going to be a dump of emails, but at no time did i
2:25 am
hear the specificity of what those emails would be. >> but you do testify today that he had advance knowledge of their imminent release. >> that is what i had stated in my p.m. >> that he shared that outcome. >> yes, ma'am. >> so that was michael cohen claiming president trump was tipped off about wikileaks disclosures by roger stone in july of 2016, but wikileaks is objecting to cohen's claim that he overheard roger stone tell trump about a call with them. tweeting this statement. wikileaks publisher julian assange has never had a telephone call with roger stone. wikileaks publicly teased its pending publications on hillary clinton and published 30,000 of her emails on 16th of march, 2016. yet those emails were released by the state department itself. wikileaks later added their dnc publication on july 22nd ever 2016 was also publicly promoted for over a month beforehand from
2:26 am
june 12th on wards. those included emails that u.s. intelligence said were stolen by russians and passed on to wikileaks. >> roger stone also reacted to yesterday's hearing saying quote mr. cohen's testimony is untrue. stone wrote in an e-mail in response to vice news on wednesday. stone's denial came despite a gag order in his case issued by the judge last week who barred him from speaking publicly about the investigation or the case, or any of the participants in the investigation or the case period. so be interesting to see if roger stone got that message. still ahead much more from president trump's news conference. he and kim jong-un cut short their summit after failing to reach a deal. >> we'll talk about what this means about relations between the u.s. and north korea. we're back in a moment. korea we're back in a moment to takee of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested.
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin who is taking a look at his papers. it's the bottom of the hour, everybody. we begin with the latest from the hanoi statement. the white house issued a statement saying president trump and kim jong-un had a very good and constructive meeting. the two leaders discussed various ways to advance decnuclearization and economic driven concepts. the statement continues quote no agreement was reached at this time, but their respective teams look forward to meeting in the future. a press conference scheduled for after the summit was moved up
2:31 am
two hours due to the lack of a signing ceremony and president trump addressed that situation. >> for north korea, we just left chairman kim. we had a really, i think a very productive time. we thought and i thought and secretary pompeo felt that it wasn't a good thing to be signing anything. i'll let mike speak about it. but we literally just left. we spent pretty much all day with kim jong-un, who is -- he's quite a guy and quite a character and i think our relationship is very strong. but at this time we had some options and at this time we decided not to do any of the options and we'll see where that goes. but it was, it was a very interesting two days. and i think, actually, it was a very productive two days. sometimes you have to walk and this was just one of those
2:32 am
times. it was about the sanctions. >> will thereabout a third summit, mr. president? >> basically they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety. and we couldn't do that. they were willing to denuke a large portion. we'll continue to work it. we'll see. we had to walk away from that particular suggestion. >> will all the sanctions that are currently in existence remain, sir? >> they are in place. you know, i was watching, as a lot of you folks said over the weeks we've given up. we haven't given up anything. frankly i think we'll end up being very good friends with chairman kim and north korea and i think they have tremendous potential. i've been telling everybody, they have tremendous potential. unbelievable potential. but we're going to see. but it was about sanctions. i mean they wanted sanctions lifted but they weren't willing to do an area that we wanted. >> let's go to hanoi, vietnam.
2:33 am
carol lee joins us. thank you for joining us today. you reported that the trump administration had dropped the u.s. demand that north korea agree to a full disclosure of its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile weapons as part of this summit. break down for us, carol, how that played in to ultimately what we saw transpire. >> reporter: well i think what we're seeing now is that it was an indicator that the u.s. had decided not to push on this issue in this particular round of talks, it was indicated how much of a sticking point decnuclearization was and particularly the meaning of what that was to either side would wind up being a sticking point when president trump and kim jong-un finally got into the room together. so, you know, you hear the president talk about how sanctions was one of the reasons that this meeting fell apart without any sort of deal and that's very much true.
2:34 am
the u.s. knew that going into it that north korea was really going to push for sanctions relief and that's what they wanted. i think the president thought that he could offer something else and try to get to some sort of deal and ultimately between that and the fact that north korea was not willing to move towards decnuclearization as the u.s. defines it meant they weren't able to get to an agreement at this time. >> when we walked away from the singapore summit we thought there would be another summit, there was now in hanoi. but now no deal on the table and no promise of anything happening in the future. what will happen over the next two years now? what will transpire between now and 2020. >> if this becomes an issue. this is something where the president is satisfied north korea doesn't engaging any more nuclear testing. carol lee, live in hanoi, thank you. turning to the morning's other big story. during his testimony yesterday michael cohen apologized for
2:35 am
lying to congress about when negotiations over the trump tower-moscow project ended and accused president trump of indirectly telling him to lie. >> mr. trump did not directly tell me to lie to congress. that's not how he operates. in conversations we had during the campaign at the same time i was actively negotiating in russia for him. he would look me in the eye and tell me there's no russian business and then go on to lie to the american people by saying the same thing. in his way he was telling me to lie. >> you said quote, mr. trump did not directly tell me to lie to congress. that's not how he operates. end quote. can you explain how he does this? >> sure. it would be no different if i said that's the nicest looking tie i've ever seen. isn't it?
2:36 am
what your going to do? fight with him? the answer is no. yeah, it's the nicest looking tie i've ever seen. that's how he speaks. he doesn't give you questions. he doesn't give you orders. he speaks in a code. i understand the code because i've been around him for a decade. >> it's your impression that others who work for him understand the code as well? >> most people, yes. . >> michael cohen also claimed that two of president trump's children were in the loop about the plan to build a trump tower in moscow. >> who were the family members that you briefed on the trump tower-moscow project. >> don't trump jr. and ivanka trump. >> were these in the regular course of business or did the family request the briefings? >> this is in the regular course of business. >> so the project was ultimately scrapped but cohen's account of these events could cause problems for donald trump jr. in his testimony in 2017 trump jr. was asked did you have any
2:37 am
involvement in this potential deal in moscow. trump respond, like i said, i was aware of it but most of my knowledge has been gained since as it relates to hearing about it over the last few weeks. >> trump organization chief financial officer alan weisselberg was mentioned several times. media outlets reported last summer that he had received immunity to testify before a federal grand jury in new york during the course of the investigation into hush money payments. but three people with knowledge of the matter tell nbc news that weisselberg is not cooperating, has never been a cooperating witness and has provided limited details in the course of his testimony. a person close to the trump organization telling nbc news that weisselberg is still with trump organization, defends trump and the company. let's talk about this. joining us now politico's daniel
2:38 am
litman and u.s. attorney for northern district of alabama, joyce vance. joyce, let me start with you. give us your biggest takeaways from yesterday's testimony? >> the biggest question going into yesterday was whether or not we would seek credibility from michael cohen, would he be believable after being convicted of lying to congress? and the answer on all accounts was yes. he was restrained. he appeared to tell the truth. he didn't go too far. for many veteran prosecutors that was the most important piece. repeatedly given the opportunity to demonize trump or to say that there's direct evidence of collusion he didn't go that far. >> what would you say then was the most damning moment from a legal perspective. anything new we learned yesterday besides seeing it for
2:39 am
the first time. did we learn any new piece of information and if so what would you say from a legal perspective is the most interesting for any potential prosecution. >> it was a real smorgasboard. it's impossible to say. one of the most interesting pieces is that cohen put president trump a little bit closer to the crime that cohen was convicted for of lying to congress. he talked about trump's lawyers reviewing and it's hard to imagine that they would review cohen's testimony without verifying details with the president. so that was something that certainly got my attention in the middle of all of the testimony. >> daniel, talk to me about the republicans defense yesterday. they certainly tried to discredit cohen to say the least in i had testimony yesterday. chris christie made the argument about the fact that they did not necessarily defend the president. instead they went in hard on cohen's credibility or lack
2:40 am
thereof. >> yeah. you didn't hear much defending trump, you know, paying off women, or, you know, if that conversation with roger stone is true. there's going to be no republican who says of course trump was within his bounds to collude with roger stone who was talking to julian assange and so they are not going to put out arguments that they know are ridiculous. so they have to walk the line of basically trying to impugn this guy's credibility while the at the same time they really can't make a reasonable argument that what he's presenting if it's factual is defensible. this is something that is pretty shocking behavior -- they are not going to say oh, of course president trump, those racist comments, they aren't racist. they will say cohen is lying and making up thing. >> daniel, weigh in on the president's reaction for us this
2:41 am
morning. he said 95% of what michael cohen said was a lie except michael cohen said there was no collusion. >> despite the fact that cohen went on to say i do have my suspicions. >> forgot about that part. break that down for us. what do you make of the president's reaction? he seemed very disappointed it was scheduled during his time in vietnam where he wasn't able to watch. >> he wanted more time, he said. >> i think he stayed up all night watching it. i'm sure he's probably glad that it happened at the same time as his north korean summit was dissolving into nothing. but in term of the 95% coming up, of course he's going to say that. this was the democrats star witness against trump. and for trump to accuse someone of not telling the truth, i remember articles i did for politico magazine during the 2016 campaign when i would watch
2:42 am
every rally speech and tweet and i found every three or five minutes there was something that was verifiably wrong or false. trump doesn't have credibility to accuse somebody ever lying. >> he singled out one thing that worked in his favor to say there was no collusion. daniel litman live for us here in new york. joyce vance thank you as well. >> still ahead the congressman accused of trying to intimidate michael cohen ahead of his testimony. >> officials in gates home state of florida is taking over his tweet aimed at michael cohen. >> bill karins will have a check on your forecast coming up. we miss him, bill. here he comes, bill karins. to look at me now,
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2:46 am
or actions of any florida lawyer that results in complaints. gates posted tuesday quote hey michael cohen do your wife and father-in-law know about your girlfriends. maybe tonight would be a good time for that chat. i wonder if she will remain faithful when you're in prison. she's about to learn a lot. he since deleted that. i personally apologized to michael cohen references hig family in the public square. let's leave the cohen family alone. >> let's take a turn here. we miss bill. >> where has bill been? where have you been? >> you just roll into work or something? alarm didn't go off? >> we've been on the air for two hours. >> let's talk snow. overnight we had seven inches in syracuse and three in boston. three in providence. there's a lot of school delays
2:47 am
here up in areas of new england. snow is just about gone. then tomorrow we have another little mini storm that will go through washington, d.c. our computers have added more snow. looked like a dusting or so. the blue here is about two inches. widespread from northern virginia, west virginia, right along the border of maryland and southern peninsula. d.c. and baltimore included. this is tomorrow morning at this time. we'll get a little coating of snow for the morning rush hour. let's talk about the potential for actually a big storm. maybe a nor'easter as we go through the end of this weekend into monday. this is actually overnight, changed a little bit and we got more aggressive with the forecast. we start on saturday breaking out the snow from denver to the plains. rain in areas of arkansas and tennessee where they don't need any more. this is 8:00 p.m. sunday with snow widespread interior sections of the northeast. our european model, guys, is saying possibility of six to 12
2:48 am
inches, a decent size snowstorm. not so much d.c., new york and boston but interior new england, our american models are saying maybe a bigger hit for areas like new york city. we have a couple of days. we'll pinpoint that for you later. >> thanks, bill. appreciate the update. still ahead a pair of potential 2020 hopefuls shed new light on when they may jump into the race. >> new details who may be joining the crowded democratic field of contenders coming up next. next to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. because i'm made to move.
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welcome back. former congressman beto o'rourke has decided not to mount another senate campaign. he will not challenge john cornyn in next year's senate race while he's expected to announce his campaign within weeks. o'rourke refused to reveal his political plans but said he has made a decision. he said, quote, amy and i have made a decision about how we can best serve our country. we are excited to share it with everybody soon. >> and congressman eric swalwell is getting closer, saying he is
2:52 am
getting close to a decision and he will give up his house seat if he runs. >> i think if you're seeking such a big job that thaekts everyone, you have to assure people that you're not hedging and that you don't have a lifeboat waiting for you. i'm putting my all into this and i don't have a life insurance policy. >> coming up, axios' mike allen has a look at this morning's "1 big thing" and president trump pulls the plug on the summit with kim jong un. >> much more on michael cohen's
2:53 am
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joining us from washington, d.c. with a look at axios a.m., good to have you with us on this very busy morning. two options for "1 big thing," which is it? >> it probably feels like it applies to both of those stories. the one big thing is the coming proctology exam. it's a harsh headline for this last day of february, but here's what's about to happen. michael cohen has set up a road map for a bunch of investigators now to do exactly the thing that the president wanted to avoid and that is an in-depth investigation of trump family finances. so if you take a look at michael cohen's testimony yesterday, asked if there was an insurance fraud he says yes. he didn't give details but you
2:57 am
can bet that the five house committees all run by democrats that are about to start looking into this are paying attention to that. also the attorney generals general who is been looking at what's going on with the emoluments clause, the attorney general of new york, michael cohen is providing almost a checkli checklist. if the trump organization tells jonathan swan this organization is about to great proctology exam like it never imagined. >> does not sound good. >> talk to us about some of the other external matters that the trump foundation is now facing. >>we're hearing that the mos
2:58 am
post-mueller phase may be harder than the mueller phase. with mueller, we had rare leaks but mueller, most things running under the radar except for those fascinating indictments and sentencing agreements he's blushes and pu publishes and puts on his web site. but now this becomes a public process with these house investigations, multiple investigations in other jurisdictions. so the president who complained a lot about mueller may have a lot more distractions to worry about and complain about. >> let me get your thoughts on north korea. the president walked away from the summit with kim jong un without a win. when you saw the leadup, we had the paperwork ready to go and
2:59 am
now the president walking away this morning. >> this is a very surprising outcome. because this president of all people wants great headline, wants a great tv show, cares more about the state craft and the stage craft, how it's going to look. so this result is something he definitely would have wanted to avoid, something we hear as we talk to former trump advisers, something he complains about behind the scenes is foreign leaders asking him about the mueller investigation's congressional investigations. he takes that as a humiliation. so his stature, his perception on the stage is so important to him that with having multiple headlines calling this a collapse, he would have done anything to avoid that. >> thanks, mike. >> you're going to be reading axios am in just a little bit. >> that does it for us on this thursday morning. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin.
3:00 am
"morning joe" starts right now. >> and some really bad things happened to otto, so really, really bad things. but but he tells me he didn't know about it and i will take him at his word. >> i have great confidence in my intelligence people, but i will tell you that president putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today. >> i spoke with the king, i spoke with the crown prince yesterday and he strongly said that he had nothing to do with this. this was at a lower level. >> he's convinced that kim jong un didn't know anything about the deadly abuse of an american college student. he takes vladimir putin's word that russia didn't hack the 2016 election and he believes the saudi crown prince wasn't involved in the murder of jamal khashoggi. good morning and welcome to "morning


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