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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  March 3, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PST

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that does it for me. thank you very much for watching. "a.m. joy" starts now. there is no collusion. so now they go and morph into, let's inspect every deal he's ever done. we are going to go into his finances. we are going to check his deals. we're going to check -- these people are sick. >> good morning. welcome to "a.m. joy." after another bad week in his unprecedented presidency donald trump returned to his comfort zone on saturday giving a rambling campaign-style speech at the conservative political action conference and republican
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pep rally that clocked in at more than two hours. the longest speech of his tenure so far. trump berated the media, who he continued to label fake news. his former attorney general jeff sessions who he mocked in a fake southern accent, no less. and other targets for whom he rolled out a little bit of profanity. >> we had the greatest of all time. now we have people that lost. and unfortunately you put the wrong people in a couple of positions and they leave people for a long time that shouldn't be there. all of the sudden they are trying to take you out with bullshit, okay? >> but trump stopped short of mentioning by name the man who caused him the most trouble this week. his former personal attorney and fixer michael cohen. maybe because cohen's bombshell
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testimony triggered more house inquiries to come which could potentially reach the man who knows what's in the books. trump organization chief financial officer alan weisselberg as well as trump's long time assistant rona graph and maybe his grown children. ro khanna joins me now. congressman, thank you very much for being here. one of our guests will be on after you said in his view -- and this is tim o'brien -- you asked the single best question of the entire spectacle of the cohen inquiry. i will play it for you now. >> are you telling us, mr. cohen, that the president directed in conspiracy with alan weisselberg and his son donald trump, jr., as part of is criminal conspiracy of financial
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fraud? is that your testimony today? >> yes. >> succinctly answered as many of the answers were. congressman, at this point having heard all of the testimony from michael cohen and we know he's done closed door testimony. do you now believe the president directed and participated in a criminal conspiracy? >> i do, joy. thanks for having me back on. it's important to understand the president did this as president. this is not going after the president's financial records before he assumed the office. this is the president sitting in the oval office writing checks personally to michael cohen and directing a conspiracy with alan weisselberg and his son donald trump, jr., to cook the books and reimburse michael cohen. it goes on for a year while he's president. it's deeply concerning. the southern district of new york's investigation is perhaps where the president is in the greatest legal jeopardy. >> congressman, this saga with
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donald trump started out even during the presidential campaign in a quest to find out if he was in collusion or conspiracy with russia. is where this mueller -- the thing we call muellergate, where it is going veering off of that and onto the many, many decades of donald trump's financial dealings? >> well, i think they are two separate issues. mueller is looking at the potential collusion and the trump campaign's coordination with russia and russian interference. that's a very serious matter. it looks like bob mueller is wrapping up. we need to look at what's in the report. apart from that are issues of financial fraud this president committed as president to cover up some of the hush payments michael cohen made to stormy daniels and others. there, the president apparently directed not only his son but alan weisselberg to commit financial fraud basically, to cook the books at the trump
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organization and directed an elaborate payout scheme to michael cohen. we know the southern district of new york is investigating that. michael cohen didn't want to confirm that in the testimony. it's pretty apparent if you look at the testimony that this is under investigation at the southern district of new york. >> of course, given that you are in congress, the questions at hand are primarily political from where you sit. would the congress in your view impeach this president based on past financial fraud and wrongdoing if the mueller probe doesn't find outright evidence of collusion with russia? >> it's premature to say that. that's a decision made by jerry nadler and nancy pelosi, of course. i do think we need to look at what comes out of the southern district of new york and the evidence of the crimes. we need to call in some of the other witnesses like rona graff, the president's personal assistant, donald trump, jr., who signed the checks, like alan weisselberg so they can
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corroborate what the documents show and the american people get a full picture. that's the next logical step. >> we'll definitely be watching. ro khanna, appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me. >> joining us is midwin charles, tim o'brien, author of "trump nation." msnbc legal analyst paul butler. tim, everyone remembers at this point where they were when they heard the name alan weisselberg. my colleague lawrence o'donnell mentioned he first heard it from donny deutsch. i heard it first from you. i wonder if you think what you just heard from ro khanna is they have a litany of people they want to hear from. alan weisselberg, potentially donald trump, jr., ivanka trump, ron lieberman, executive vp of the trump organization, matthew calamari, the chief operating officer of the organization and rhona graff the secretary. is he the lynchpin to the rest
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of what we can learn about donald trump? >> to defend lawrence because it gets to weisselberg. he said donny told him first about michael cohen. i first told him about weisselberg. on the show the night that the michael cohen tapes came out. he taped the president. he mentions on the tape let's clear this with alan. everyone wondered who the heck is alan. i said i was pretty sure it was alan weisselberg because he's been an accountant and cfo of the trump organization since the 1970s. he joined the firm working for fred trump at the same time donald did. he does president trump's tax returns, signs most of the checks on significant deals. more important than the paperwork is he looks at all the significant transactions that the trump organization engages in and gives them his blessing. he's sitting next to trump's side for four decades, signing off on everything they did. this is an organization that routinely pushed the limits of
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the law and the limits of financial propriety in order to get things done so the president could get another bag of cash on the desk. >> midwin charles, the question that i had for congressman ro khanna is we have all been talking about russiagate. what we call russiagate for three years now. if, in fact, what this opens up is an extensive forensic examination of donald trump's business dealings, tax returns. whether he's committed financial crimes. does that become the avenue where it goes and does it become the primary interest of the prosecutors? >> i think it does. what we have now is two tracks. we have the mueller investigation and these purported alleged crimes. to add to your list, insurance fraud which michael cohen testified to. that is a level of inquiry, particularly how salacious and how bold these alleged crimes are. particularly since they also go into the time in which donald trump was in office. remember, some of the things
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michael cohen testified to occurred while donald trump was sitting in the oval office. >> that trust was set up so he could be at an arm's length from his company. >> insulated. >> instead he's writing checks from the company. >> while he's still president of the united states. another person that was mentioned more than once by michael cohen in that hearing was donald trump, jr. here he is talking about the infamous trump tower meeting, michael cohen and donald junior's discussions of it. >> i recall don jr., leaning over to his father and speaking in a low voice which i could clearly hear. saying, the meeting is all set. i remember mr. trump saying, okay, good, let me know. so i concluded that don jr. was referring to that june 2016 trump tower meeting about dirt
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on hillary with the russian representatives when he walked behind his dad's desk that day. >> paul butler, if donald trump, jr., informed his father about the outcome of the trump tower meeting, donald trump has claimed not to know about the meeting who is in jeopardy there -- the son or the dad? >> how about both, joy? both reportedly said something different under oath. so donald trump senior when he responded to mueller's questions and reportedly denied he knew about the meeting with the russian lawyer in advance. he said on tv donald trump, jr. lied about that according to at least two of the congresspeople who saw him testify under oath to the house intelligence committee. michael cohen implicated donald trump, jr., in a conspiracy to violate federal campaign laws and bank laws with the hush money payment.
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but also involved him in the collusion mueller investigation with lies under oath to congress. donald trump, jr., has not been subpoenaed by the mueller grand jury. that probably means he's a target of the grand jury that justice department has a policy of not subpoenaing targets. i think the last big act of the mueller investigation will be the indictment of donald trump, jr. >> let's keep it in the family here and go to ivanka trump. ivanka trump is the other person who is very intricately involved in business dealings with donald trump and is a white house adviser as is her husband jared kushner. here she is talking about whether or not she knew anything about the infamous moscow tower project. >> the moscow project in russia -- >> barely know about that. i have learned more about it watching the news. >> you did have a role on this. what was it?
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>> literally almost nothing. >> is that possibly true, tim o'brien? can that be true? >> no, it's not possibly true. donald, jr., and ivanka got a tour of moscow from felix sater prior to the deal being considered when they were looking for sites to develop. >> remind us who felix is. >> he has organized crime ties. he's a career criminal. >> an ininformant. >> on mob activities in the eastern district of new york. he's a classic thug. he had an office two floors beneath president trump's with a company called bay rock. he went up regularly during the week to talk to trump about deals. >> right. >> the people at the trump organization he spent the most time talking to were ivanka and don, jr., according to other people at bay rock whom i have interviewed. the idea that ivanka is out of the loop is silly. she was on air force one the night the trump team was trying
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to figure out how to respond to the "new york times" report about the june 2016 meeting in which russians came to trump tower to talk about having dirt on hillary clinton. her story is she took an ambien and went to bed. that will be probed. ivanka was the hub of a lot of the business requests around the inauguration. i think there were $120 million or so that flowed into the inauguration committee. she was a conduit for deciding where the money went. that's become a subject of interest for investigators. she's not outside of any of this. >> midwin, what are the risks? it's unprecedented the idea of indicting the president's children. >> right. >> to paul butler's point they haven't been called or interviewed. >> they haven't been interviewed. tim makes an excellent point when he talks about how involved the children are in the company. we heard michael cohen testify that everybody in the company sort of knows that they have to lie in order to protect trump. he said it became the norm.
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is it dangerous? i don't know. i think this is unprecedented. we are in uncharted waters to the point where we have a president who is both the daughter and son-in-law. we haven't even discussed jared kushner in the news this week about security clearances. it is uncharted waters. i have no idea where we are going from here. >> maybe eric is the smart one. eric is staying out of it. no comment on that. tim, how far would donald trump go to protect his children and his son-in-law, if at all? >> i think he would go to great lengths to protect his children. i don't suspect he'd go far to protect his son-in-law. i think he would throw jared kushner under the bus. >> i concur. >> but jared is married to ivanka, his favorite child. >> ivanka has to decide if she prefers her father or her husband. that could be a dramatic moment in this. >> to that point, joy, the smartest words representative khanna said in the questions were "and state crimes".
7:15 am
>> can't save him. >> the only way the president can protect his kids is with pardons. he cannot pardon them for state crimes. robert mueller and the southern district are preserving the option. they are working with state prosecutors in order to prevent trump from exercising his pardon power. >> i have to get your take on this, midwin charles. in your view, can a president of the united states be indicted while in office? >> yes. i do. i do. i know a lot of people talked about the fbi policy paper. it's a policy. it is a policy. the supreme court has not ruled on it. there is no statute that says it can't be done. the constitution is silent on it. i believe that. >> midwin charles, thank you very much. welcome to the show. >> absolutely. >> tim and paul will join us later on. coming up, donald trump comes up empty-handed from his meeting with kim jong-un. so, what, no nobel peace prize?
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the president walked away from talks about north korea's nuclear program departing hanoi earlier than planned. the u.s. tonight appearing at least for now to accept the status quo. north korea as a nuclear power.
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>> donald trump went to vietnam thinking he'd walk away with a deal to denuclearize north korea in an express ticket to a nobel peace prize. he left the second submit with kim jong-un with neither. that didn't stop trump from heaping praise on kim saying he believed the autocrat's claims that he knew nothing about the treatment of otto warmbier, the american college student held for 17 months in a north korean prison and died days after being released to the united states. during a rambling speech at cpac trump gave this explanation. >> we have no testing, no missiles, no rockets going up, no nuclear testing. we got our great people back. we got our great, great people. that includes our beautiful, beautiful otto. otto warmbier whose parents i have gotten to know who is incredible. i'm in such a horrible position. because in one way, i have to
7:21 am
negotiate. in the other way i love mr. and mrs. warmbier. i love otto. it's a very, very delicate balance. >> joining me now is colonel lawrence wilkerson and christine ahn, cofounder of the policy institute. donald trump left out of the expression of love for the warmbier family that he's also said he's fallen in love with kim jong-un. i'm wondering what if your view has donald trump achieved by giving kim jong-un two face to face meetings and all of the excessive flattery. >> well, joy, to be honest with you, i think he was right that we haven't seen an escalation of dangerous tensions between the two countries in the era of fire and fury. i think the point about what wasn't achieved at the summit in hanoi was that 80 million
7:22 am
koreans on the peninsula and around the world were waiting for a possible declaration of ending the korean war. it's been 67 years when the u.s. and north korean commanders promised to sit down and negotiate a political settlement and a decisive end to the korean war. that's what many of us were expecting. what we understand is it broke down sanctions and contrary to what the president said that north korea was demanding a full lifting, we understand now that they were only requesting a partial lifting of sanctions. the sanctions that were put in place after 2016 which have been hitting ordinary people. the civilians in north korea. you know, if we look at actually what those sanctions are, they are targeting industries such as fisheries and textiles. who works in those industries? kim jong-un? or is it actually the textile sector, for example, where the majority of women are employed there. i think the point for me is, you
7:23 am
know, this is not about trump. this is about the korean people who have been living in a state of war for 70 years. you know, as i wrote in an op-ed with gloria steinem this week when we crossed the dmz we never would have imagined what we are witnessing today where the two koreas signed two declarations to end the korean war. they have demined portions of the dmz. north korean and south korean soldiers have shaken hands. this is a historic piece taking place. washington and trump must come to some kind of peaceful settlement with north korea. >> colonel wilkerson, you worked for secretary of state colin powell. i'm not a diplomat, but the civilian understanding of the way these things work is you don't put the entire deal on the table up front, right? the regime of kim jong-un and his father both wanted
7:24 am
recognition, wanted the prestige of being able to meet with the american people. they have gotten that twice. donald trump declared in advance he'd already achieved denuclearization. that was not true. he said he didn't believe our intelligence officials. they said it wasn't true. the idea of adding to that and lifting sanctions on north korea, would that not just essentially hand everything to kim jong-un in exchange for essentially nothing? >> well, joy, i don't disagree with what christine said in its large message. i think the diplomatic aspect of this was fractured by the fact that you really didn't have unanimity amongst trump's team, particularly bolton and trump. let's look at what pompeo -- and i have a look at this from a state department point of view. i read the state department's condensation of pompeo's telephone calls in beijing, with the counterpart in tokyo. and in seoul. we are saying to seoul, don't
7:25 am
worry. we know we have put the entire presidency at stake here and diplomacy and peace at stake. don't worry. then to beijing it's okay, don't worry, we're coming back. we'll talk again. the chinese are probably feeling, okay, this is all right. he won't take two failures in a row. now the trade talks are probably looking better for us. in japan, the sycophants of abe, the fawning of trump to keep him from doing something in the negotiations detrimental on japan has succeeded. no deal is better than a bad deal. abe was afraid he would agree to allowing small weapons to remain, those that would hit tokyo rather than california. i'm looking at it from a regional diplomatic perspective. like my french colleagues -- [ speaking french ] -- it's time to place your bets. my bets aren't on donald trump
7:26 am
and this diplomatic team. >> christine, it feels like in the region you have to the point you made an eagerness to come to a deal that would be good for the region, for donald trump not to give away everything. you have already had the united states in the form of the donald trump administration say we are going to with draw the military exercises. in our understanding it was a show of support for south korea saying we are going to defend you. we're here for you and saying, no, we'll take that away. then talking about what a great economic miracle north korea could be if they just give donald trump what they want and then on top of that, asking the japanese prime minister to preemptively write a letter nominating donald trump for the nobel peace prize. it feels like all of the negotiations are cart way before the horse. >> i think the interesting point is the decision to call off the full eagle military exercises
7:27 am
does reflect the desire of south korea. in september when kim jong-un and moon jay-in met in pyongyang in addition to the pyongyang declaration there was a military agreement signed between the north and south korean militaries where they basically set in motion this incredible peace process that, you know, declared the dmz a peace zone, the west sea, the peace sea. i think the fact that the u.s. has halted these military exercises is a reflection of the reality on the ground on the korean peninsula. back to the point about, you know, this is not a political game. this is a game of people's lives. it's not just millions of koreans on the peninsula who have been living in a state of war for three generations. but, you know, the 60,000 north korean children that could starve as a result of the sanctions. we have a historic opportunity
7:28 am
in the united states. i was glad to hear ro khanna before. he has been one of the courageous members of congress who said we have to end the korean war. we have to negotiate a peace agreement with north korea. whether or not donald trump does it, it's the will of the american people. most americans don't realize it, but the korean war inaugurated the military industrial complex. it set forth the u.s. as the world's military police. it quadrupled defense spending. if we want to achieve the things we want, we have to end this korean war. it's an easy, low-hanging fruit. i think americans want it. >> quickly before we end, the americans tend to talk about korea in terms of our security. in terms of whether their missiles can reach us. that's the way the americans tend to frame it. the reality is christine made her point effectively. this isn't really about us. primarily it is about the korean peninsula, the people there, separated families, et cetera. if this were a normal
7:29 am
administration, typical normal, even a republican administration, what would be the thing they would be doing to try to end once and for all the korean war? >> the first thing they've got to do, joy, is eliminate this poisonous sociology, chemistry, call it what you will. my students talk about it in the seminars. we did the dprk and hanoi summit this monday. their conclusion was between bolton, pompeo, trump and perhaps others there is a bad chemistry going here. we've got bolton wanting everything. everything you can possibly get. he wants north korea prostrate at the feet of the united states. you've got donald trump trying to do a deal. however flawed that deal may be. >> right. >> you have bad chemistry in the diplomatic team. they were not ready for this meeting. >> yeah. everyone agrees on that. cornell lawrence wilkerson and christine ahn, thank you.
7:30 am
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leader of the country to face criminal prosecution. israel's attorney general plans to indict him on charges of bribery, fraud, breach of trust including a plot to trade favors for good press. some of it involving sheldon adelson, the mutual friend of b.b. and donald trump. benjamin netanyahu calls the prosecution a witch hunt. if that sounds familiar you might be wondering if a certain american president might be consulting his lawyers about whether he could wind up in the same boat. paul butler and seema ire join me next. seema ire join me next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we really pride ourselves on making it easy to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most.
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what they're doing, i'm confident, is building a case for two things -- one, to go after those around the president who may have committed crimes. and, two, to build a case, if they have one -- and i don't think they have one at the moment. they're trying to build one. against the president for when he leaves office. >> former new jersey governor and one-time federal prosecutor chris christie says it's the southern district of new york and not robert mueller who poses the biggest legal threat to trump. paul butler is with me and court tv senior anchor seema ire. fight, fight! no, we want you to get along. >> we love each other. >> i know. that's why we like having you on together. let's talk about this. chris christie says that the sdny is where the money is,
7:39 am
where the rubber meets the road. paul butler, i feel you agree with that. >> i do. again, the southern district is the prosecutor that's looking at trump's financial affairs. that was always the line that you don't cross for donald trump. so alan weisselberg, i want to lower expectations about his testimony in congress. he knows more about donald trump's financial affairs than donald trump. which means he's got the same kind of criminal exposure that donald trump has. he's team trump. he's not cooperating. he's part of the don't be a snitch movement with roger stone. he's not telling on trump. he has immunity from the southern district, a limited immunity about the hush money payments. other than that, he's going down with trump. he'll take the fifth, just to be clear, almost certainly when asked to testify before congress. >> say he takes the fifth.
7:40 am
seema, does the sdny need it? michael cohen came with receipts when he testified before the oversight committee. he had two checks, the one at the top with the giant magic marker signature signed in the oval office. this was reimbursements for the $130,000 hush money payment to stormy daniels signed by donald trump. the other signed by don junior and alan wiseleburg. can the southern district of new york indict trump on the campaign finance violations putting aside everything else we know they are investigating? >> the only problem is that the southern district has to prove that donald trump knew those payments were illegal. because, yes, it does fall under campaign finance laws and he does write the checks. but did he know they were illegal? they still have to prove that part of it. >> they already proved it. again, they have prosecuted michael cohen. he admits -- >> no, no. that's not enough.
7:41 am
>> -- conspiracy with donald trump, jr. >> that's not enough. michael cohen's testimony is not enough to prove that donald trump knew making those payments was illegal. >> yeah, but seema, this elaborate financial scheme -- >> you need knowledge -- >> hold on. one at a time. if donald signed the checks to reimburse michael cohen for paying off stormy daniels how could he sign checks he didn't know what they were for? >> because they have to make the connection between writing the checks to silence stormy daniels and the actual campaign finance portion of it. >> isn't there a tape? >> there has to be -- >> there's a tape. remember michael cohen also taped donald trump. isn't there a tape where they talk about making the reimbursement payments? >> they lie about the purpose of them. they pretend they are retainer payments to cohen and that's fraud. he's got the proof. >> it's a different crime. >> they called donald trump individual one.
7:42 am
donald trump, jr., is executive two. again, the reason donald trump is not indicted is he's the president of the united states. that's his defense. >> listen, paul butler, i know you are all up in arms about executive number two, but right after michael cohen testified there were reports, i believe in "the washington post" where someone is saying executive two is actually a person known as jeff mcconney and not donald trump, jr. if donald trump, jr., is identified as executive number two then we are closer to donald trump, jr., being indicted. but that's not certain yet. >> let's go to really quickly pay maxine waters, the chairwoman of the financial services william. this was congresswoman waters on the all-in program on friday. take a listen. >> as you know we started sending letters to deutsch bank last year. now that i'm chairing the
7:43 am
committee and the democrats are in charge of the house, they have said they will cooperate. deutsche bank is the bank he's been dealing with and his family have been dealing with deutsche bank. they all have loans, big loans from deutsche bank. we'll find out a lot about deutsche bank and that bank's relationship to the president. we are very concerned about money laundering. >> money laundering and tax evasion as the potential next round in what started off being russiagate. we know al capone didn't go to prison for the various mob crimes he was convicted on 23 counts of income tax evasion. sometimes prosecutors get people the way they get them. is donald trump at risk, probably more risk for potential money laundering, tax evasion, financial crimes than at this point he is on russian collusion? >> something really weird going on with deutsche bank. no one would give the trump
7:44 am
organization a loan. again, donald trump is not a good businessperson. he repeatedly filed for bankruptcy. that's why he had to lie according to michael cohen about the actual value of the properties. by the way, that's insurance fraud and bank fraud. but deutsche bank are giving him these loans and then trump is doing all these cash deals. nobody at this level does cash deals. again, that certainly raises a prosecutor's suspicion about money laundering. >> seema iyer, insurance fraud, bank fraud, money laundering, tax evasion. is donald trump at risk of being prosecuted while a sitting president? >> 150% yes. i brought today even more support for my argument that the justice department regulations that govern mueller's appointment say mueller is allowed to deviate from policy in, quote/unquote, extraordinary circumstances. are we at extraordinary circumstances?
7:45 am
hello. i think we are here. the southern district has its own venue to prosecute him for all these insurance fraud crimes, bank fraud, financial crimes. this also occurred between 2011 and 2013, way before he was candidate trump. he should not be immune for prosecution on that side. but nor should he be in terms of mueller and his investigation either. >> mueller is going to -- and the u.s. attorney in the southern district will follow the deal. it's a moot point. >> hold on. >> no, no, no, wait. >> we can't get into the doj guidelines. >> it's a guideline. what seema and a lot of people are saying, midwin charles earlier said she agreed with seema really. we are seeing in israel completely different legal system but the sitting prime minister is about to get indicted for crimes committed -- allegedly committed. and that indictment could happen while he's a sitting president.
7:46 am
this sitting president is now in a position we saw in a sense bill clinton in. the bill clinton -- quest to get bill clinton started with whitewater started with a land deal way before he was president of the united states and the congress of the united states investigated that until they then led themselves to the monica lewinsky affair. in this case, donald trump by becoming president exposed his entire business life. the whole past even before he was president until he was in the oval office. why would he be immune from prosecution if he committed actual crimes -- financial crimes, insurance fraud, et cetera. doesn't that make him a super citizen who could have committed any crime he wanted as long as he remains president? >> two things. the doj position is based on analysis of the constitution. basically the idea is the president is the boss of all the prosecutors. he essentially would be prosecuting himself.
7:47 am
they think that's constitutionally untenable. prosecution is the key word. so a sitting president can't be prosecuted. he may be able to be indicted which means there could be a sealed indictment waiting now for the day trump leaves office. >> i'm going to give seema the last word. >> oh, man. why? >> one more thing. can it start -- even though in 1973 doj came out with guidelines affirmed in 2000. kenneth starr didn't agree with that. actually the "new york times" in 2017, they published a memo, the secret memo where lawyers were starr said, yes, you can indict. >> let's remember that the vice president of the united states spiro agnew was indicted. >> that's right. >> we love this debate. thanks, guys. coming up, trump's cfo know where is the bodies are buried and house democrats want him to dig them up and testify. teifsty.
7:48 am
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7:52 am
believe is alan weisselberg. alan weisselberg. that's signed by alan weisselberg. >> are there other people we should be meeting with? >> alan weisselberg. >> among the names that michael cohen dropped, alan weisselberg. he's been described as the one man who has all the receipts including trump's tax returns. the house intelligence committee wants him to testify. tim is back. we know weisselberg's signature is on one of the $35,000 large check that was issued. we know he's not cooperating. >> i don't think he has much of an interest in cooperating at this point. the extent of what he knows is going to open a pandora box of problems of the trump organization if he begins to
7:53 am
testify about this during a congressional hearing. his lawyer is going to tell him to be quiet. >> so let's talk about another one of the names that came up during this hearing. it is something that i am not familiar with. it is a guy named matthew calamari. there is a book called "the last tycoon." you would do anything for me? yes, sir, calamari -- >> matthew calamari began his service trump organization as donald trump's body guard. donald was at the u.s. open with ivanka trump where he noticed a big guy, body slammed another big guy. the guy doing the body slamming was matt calamari.
7:54 am
>> he likes people who body slams people. >> and have extraordinary names. he brings them in and becomes the chief of operating officer. this suggests something else of the trump organization. it does not take a lot of business experience to become a significant decision maker inside the trump organization because it is a mom and pop organization. >> it is like a licensing form. >> it turns donald trump into a human shingle. >> basically. >> you were saying you think the most expensive next testimony may not be, there is a lot of names that floated. felix sater, why? >> felix sater gets to the core problem of donald trump's business history and presidency. you have a man who dealt with dirty people for decades, organized crimes, he went to jail himself for assault. he ended up having a very
7:55 am
suspect operation, two floors beneath the trump organization in trump tower, they built the trump hotel together. one of the former principle at bay rock, he believes bay rock was laundering money out of eastern europe. other money came into bay rock came into iceland. there was a likelihood that money was being laundered possibly from russia. this is what the u.s. attorney is going to have to look at. it makes him to be played by the kremlin in order for policy favors. >> is it informant that he's been telling on trump? >> there is a strong possibility that sater plays both sides. it is a bit of a miracle that he's still alive. >> it is amazing. it is a glass house, timothy o'brien, he knows a lot about
7:56 am
trump. more "am joy" after the break. ♪
7:57 am
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7:59 am
if you see something, russia, if you can get us hillary clinton e-mails. please, russia, please russia, please. please get us the e-mails,
8:00 am
please! then that fake cnn and other say -- he asks russia to go get the e-mails. horrible. welcome back to "am joy." donald trump's 122-minute long speech. a rant against robert mueller and clinton. what donald trump did not discuss in those nearly two hours was his former fixer michael cohen who spilled all the tea in front of congress calling trump a liar and a conman. fox news is still going out of its way pretend that michael cohen's testimony never happened. the star of the hearing does not exist is also a total liar.
8:01 am
>> you know i was kind of dragged in a little bit of the michael cohen's testimony. i interviewed him many times on tv. he was never my attorney. he did apologize for his attorney saying that in court. i can tell you personally that he said to me a dozen times that he made the decisions on the payment and he did not tell you. >> yeah, well, he did. he made the decision and remember this, he's an attorney. whatever decision he makes, he's supposed to rely on the attorney >> joining me now gabriel sherman of vanity fair. gabe, there is a chicken and egg thing with fox where donald trump echoes what they say and tweet out what they say but they adopt his language, they sound like him and talk like him. in addition to shanahean hannit
8:02 am
they observed it himself. ? in clip, he sounds like donald trump. >> there is no collusion, there is no russian blackmail or obstruction of justice, none of the things that the class has spent huffing wildly about. if michael cohen had the dime, he would drop it. he does not. there is nothing there. it was all a lie. ka can we go home now? >> you didn't see anything, no checks and no collusion, no collusion. >> did he send the talking point to fox or to bill shine? >> it is sort of a feedback loop. they're in touch with the white house and his former colleagues. donald trump is in touch with the house. one of the things i thought about when bill shine got the job, yes, it is helpful, they
8:03 am
don't need him there. donald trump will pick up the phone and call the host directly. hey, i like that. why don't you say that? there is multiple channels going back and forth. >> he's doing act on the one hand. on the other hand there is something about it that's autocratic. he's creating a feedback loop with his fans. >> i just watched "american horror story," that's way too close. >> i didn't watch the whole entire thing, it is clips of it. it is a lot to get through the whole hour. fidel castro, his audience would just go along. >> both of those things are true and scary. he's doing sticks but he's being an autocrat. we don't have the notes from
8:04 am
those meetings with putin. is he getting advice on how to deal with investigation and the media from an actual autocrat. he's saying don't believe what you hear and believe me. to say there is no evidence when there is actual checks. >> he didn't see those checks. >> it is almost amaze that we are all the way on sunday and we skipped over the fact that, there are physical evidence that the president committed crimes, 14 crimes that were outlined by michael cohen. the american people have digesting that. the president t's two hours speh was to distract from those checks. >> it worked. the thing that it frightens a lot of people is they can say on that news channel this did not happen even when they give you the numbers. fox news in attempting to discuss msnbc and cnn, and
8:05 am
talking about cnn spending 141 minutes on cohen. fox news dedicated 66 minutes to cohen and 85 minutes to the summit. they spend more time on a summit that ended early with literally no results. we followed donald trump to vietnam and they got nothing where these guys wasted their time on an all-day hearing. >> this is not policy,s the about criminality. he laid out all these crimes with evidence. the quote from u.s. senator says we'll not question donald trump about anything. >> right, at all. >> the right wing media provides an incredible important bubble where criminality is now okay, it is accepted and it is defended. i mean you know these are the people -- they're talking about cohen, he's a liar.
8:06 am
trump is obsessed of lying. trump is on pace for 8,000 lies. these are the people that have 33 benghazi and five years of white water hearings. they are concerned of one day of michael cohen testifying. this is how direct examinatiemo. you have major political party to the president, crimes are fine. this is a preview of the release of the mueller report. >> the reality is cohen in addition to everything else was their deputy finance chair. >> this is not secondhand information. >> this is his fixer for ten years. >> and their deputy finance chair. there is a since that on the autcracy sale. had this been the case during watergate, there would have been
8:07 am
no impeachment because republicans had they done the same thing. one of the reasons roger ailes created fox news because he had conversations about we never want watergate to happen again. we need to create a parallel fact universe. this is a test case. is this going to be an example where if you create a loud enough echo chambers and laws and facts don't matter. that means if you have one political party that's only in the straw of the single person of their leader absolute there is no diverging from him. i wonder how you have a democracy in a sense that you don't have a political party on the one side and you have one functioning party. >> we have news this week again and not the top story that jared kushner which is out of the play book to put your son in the position of power and he can do whatever he wants and as well as
8:08 am
the daughter. the idea he's not fired today is evidence that we are on that sliding scale because it is clear that he's a national security threat. it is clear of anyone who knows anything about this. the fact that we are waking up on sunday days after that broke and he's still at his job is evidence. >> his own lawyer saying that jared kushner lied to him about his status. >> we completely gaused over the bomb shell story of my lifetime that the president of the united states was investigated being an agent of a foreign power. that lasted more than the jussie smollett's story. >> cohen when he arrived, he was specific, trump is cheering the russian hacking and roger stone was on the phone there is going to be document. anyone else would have gone to the fbi.
8:09 am
al gore campaign got a briefing book, dirty trick and within hours, they handed over to law enforcement. the collusion stuff is not even the most incredible story this week. it is now open criminality and as you pointed out, the entire republican party is saying it is fine. do whatever you want. >> any crime is fine. anything will be excused, they're not openly just saying it. i wonder in your report, is there any sense of pause among republicans that are about the road they are going down. if he committed bribery, money laundering and tax evasion or open conspiracy to conclude with a hostile foreign power, we just don't care. >> yeah, i mean clearly this will be the question that'll be answered in 20. right now with fox news, there is 35% of the electorate that'll never break with donald trump. the republicans need to decide
8:10 am
these are their voters. my concern is as the democratic party if they go too far in a progressive direction and becomes less referendum than donald trump. >> the question then becomes what if it is a way to win a national election because we have not fixed the problems that allow russia to interfere in the election. what if it is a way to win again and stay in power. >> sometimes they think they may know something we don't know. >> if we recall in 2016, the republican e-mails were hacked but we never saw those. it was not dumped. i don't know what's going to happen next. republicans are going down a dangerous path that they think whatever inside this black box will be fine for them. i don't think there is evidence it will be fine for them. there is collusion crimes and obstruction crimes and financial crimes. prosecutors are working on that and they don't care what the 35% thinks. that's always the bottom. >> one of the amazing points,
8:11 am
any staff concerned with trump are gone. it is straight up cult worship. >> on top of that, sitting members of congress, you know, openly threaten a witness in front of the house of representative. >> and showed up to stare him down. >> and the fact that he's not communicated from his own party boggles the imagination. >> the question then becomes then do we spend too much time thinking of fox news of it. it radiates and 70% of the american homes. there is a whole constellation of the media outlets that's feeding the same narrative. >> okay, we'll be a follower of trump. they have all -- it is unprecedented. >> it is unprecedented.
8:12 am
>> just reporting wise, is there an entity on the right that has the moral authority to counter that? >> no. the closest i would say the wall street journal editorial page who speaks for the big businesses. >> the base of the party does not trust. >> no, the problem is republican party have been taken over by this cult of personality of reality tv show star. >> it is incredible and extraordinary that this is not hair on fire story everyday and everywhere. >> before we go to break, here is "saturday night live" take, we need laughs here. >> mr. cohen has pled guilty of fraudulent activity. >> yeah, right after this, it says at the direction of president trump. >> it does? >> oh, damn it. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills?
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we have two incisiovestigat and mueller report that we are waiting. impeachment is a di -- >> house speaker nancy pelosi
8:17 am
shot down trump's impeachment after michael cohen's testimony. joe biden got backlash after calling mike pence a decent guy. is this democratic in decembsar. >> joining us, jason johnson and political consultant. jimmy william. >> jimmy, the liberals, the progressive freshmen are coming after the moderates. there was a piece in "the washington post" talked about ocasio-cortez reportedly who says democrats who break ranks on the federal background check bill would be placed on quote,
8:18 am
"a list." ocasio-cortez clarified that on friday. i did say by dems distinguishing themselves and breaking off procedure mtr votes, they are making it a list of targets for gop and for progressive advocates on their pro-ice vote. >> is this a media fight or watching a party that had multiple views in it hashed it out. >> it is clear that congresswoman ocasio-cortez have never ran the primary. so, that means that her colleagues, her fellow democratic colleagues that may not be as liberal as her who takes those votes in swing districts in the suburbs of
8:19 am
virginia or upstate new york or arizona or where ever that is are going to be deemed by those votes if they don't vote their districts. that being said, does it mean that the democrats are disarray? no, the democrats has a massive tips with a lot of voices from the far left. what i am not okay with a freshman democrat either the house or the senate running around and saying they're going to primary their colleagues who they sit on committee with or have office space thenext to or what have you. you don't get to know them. but, if you do that to the other party, i get it. that's been around since the beginning of the country. doing it to your fellow democrats to me seems short sided and narrow minded and remark b remarkablely of what donald
8:20 am
trump wants us to do. i think it is follolish. >> we talked about the undilu d undiluted -- they're not allowed to deviate like him and they all have to walk and talk like him and doing their hair like him at this point. on the democratic side, there is more ideological diversity. however, there is a sense of what you heard from jimmy williams of this is starting to happen inside the party. the leadership is getting annoyed and there is a sense of newcomers that the progressives are attacking their own. speaker pelosi lashed out about two dozen moderates pressuring them getting on board, we are either a team or not. we have to make that decision. it sounds to me that the speaker is trying to really hug the
8:21 am
progressives tightly. bring them in the fold and hugging the moderates and not to publicly attack them. >> nancy pelosi is from northern california. i keep saying that this freshman class of the progressive voice can very be the class that she's been waiting for. they very much align with her values but she also understands that in order for the democratic party to be that party of a big tent, not everybody is going to be the more liberal positions. they have to give those individuals breathing room. no one knows the district better than the person who just ran it. >> connor lam won his district as a veteran. he went against an individual that basically won the district by over 20 points in favor of donald trump. he was able to bring in the democrats sensibility of a moderate democrat to win that district almost by a landslide.
8:22 am
as they are talking about where are they going to land, it is important to have these debate in the democratic party and it is important to make sure that we are thinking big and audacio audaciously. >> jason johnson, this is kind of on the written large if you want to zoom out. when you talk about the tension of the democratic party and the progressive wing. nothing says it more than bernie verses hillary. tweet two of those people's names and watch him light on fire. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are in alabama. bernie sanders got some shades from hillary clinton, oh, the king was flying around on private jets and you have bernie sanders going on "the view" saying he does not want any advice from hillary clinton. they have to be together and
8:23 am
play kubaya today. who had that issue before? >> right. joy, i don't think so as much and i think we saw that in the blue wave in 2018. i think a lot of people and people who actually worked for the clinton's am cocaicampaign,t the worse stories and they may never trust each other. i think a lot of voters decided, look, donald trump and his republican party act alike are so dangerous that we can get past this conflict. the kids that want to put thanksgiving together, a lot of democrats have figured it out. i think this is key. i don't think the democrats are in disarray but i think they need to do a better job of protecting their freshmen. i think what's happening, the
8:24 am
leadership needs to come forward to defend these newcomers because they are being attacked in ways that we have not seen before. >> that's a good point. >> i could go to you on the hillary/bernie thing. but, the freshmen are being targeted for particularly and aoc, everyday. do those four to hear the republicans tell it, they are these stories everyday and they are being targeted in a way that nancy pelosi was, too. i wonder if part of their defense is she's been there. she was the boogie woman for years from 2010 on. it sounds like she's saying we got to let them stop attacking our people. >> exactly. it is not just they are freshmen congress or they are popular is they are women of color. they needed somebody new. attacking nancy pelosi was getting old and it does not
8:25 am
work. i think the republicans need a new boogie woman and now they have four to choose from. your point of the divide in the democratic party. democrats are allowed to agree on policies and ideas. that's what the primaries are about, i thought. in terms of the residual impact of 2016, i don't have anything against bernie sanders, my criticism of him and other democrats running comes from a genuine place of trying to encourage messaging that resonates with constituents that those campaign will need to win. if there is a criticism of bernie sanders that he does not reach out and providing messaging for black women. that's a valid critique. the same is truth for elizabeth warren and gillibrand and all other candidates. these disagreements are actually policy based and not just personality base. >> jimmy williams, it is also
8:26 am
about how you actually win the primaries. there is questions of democrats whether to go over their hard core base which is mainly people of color and going for trump voters. that does not sound like it can work in a party that has become as diverse and progressive as the democratic party is. is there a stronger case than i am thinking in my head for somebody like joe biden? >> first of all, in any primaries, the first person to get more percent than the other person, you win your primaries. if you don't believe me, ask ocasio-cortez. she did a good job of that. if you have 15 people running in south carolina, i don't think we'll have many by that time. let's say you have six or seven people and divide by 100% by six
8:27 am
or even and you will come up with the number you have to win. the black vote down here in south carolina is split out between six or seven people. you can't write off white democrats in south carolina or independence in south carolina. it is a growing number of people that's actually happening on the ground down here. i would suggest it is not just about putting together minority coalitions, you have to do that in democratic primaries. just like you don't have to do that in republican primaries, you don't. you do have no not write off white voters in many of these space. you can't do that. if you do, you will not win in certain places. >> when we talk about the mueller progressive wing, what we fail to recognize is that the majority of the democrats came in are from moderate districts. this is the first class that we have a large veteran running as democrats. recognizing it is going to be
8:28 am
all elections are local but when it comes to presidential, it is going to be very local. >> democrats have a bigger challenge. democrats are broadly represented national party so they have to navigate that. thank you very much. we'll be back later in the show. it is sunday, which means the republicans are all on sunday show defending donald trump, we'll have some of that next. vet guys do whatever it takes to deal with shave irritation. so, we re-imagined the razor with the new gillette skinguard. it has a unique guard between the blades. that's designed to reduce irritation during the shave. because we believe all men deserve a razor just for them. the best a man can get.
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8:32 am
several democratic candidates are in selma. peaceful demonstrators were attacked by alabama state troopers as they attempted to cross the bridge. 54 years later, he still reflects on this experience. >> we just kept walking with dignity and with pride. we were on the sidewalk orderly and peaceful and no one saying a word. there were some concerns of what's going to happen to the women and the children in the
8:33 am
line of march. we thought we would be in jail. we didn't have any idea that -- >> there is no way we can forget you. >> while we have come a long way since bloody sunday, we have a reminder this week that the quest of justice is ongoing. yesterday it was announced that the officers who shot and killed stephon clark last year will not face criminal charges. he was shot seven times. police were investigating a case of vandalism and thought he had a gun but he only have a cell phone. stay with us, there will be more "am joy" when we come back. ll be "am joy" when we come back
8:34 am
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
donald trump kept this man as a confidant for everything you described him as. >> why do you keep him as a confidant. >> i see the amazing record that i have seen from president trump. >> jim jordan appears to admit the only reason why republicans are going along with donald trump is to get what the party wants. >> back with me are joining the table now. jennifer ruben and our opinion writer for "the washington post." jennifer, i am going to go with you first, i will play a little
8:38 am
bit more on jim jordan on "meet the press" this morning, it is all extraordinary. this is jim jordan on how he believed donald trump when it comes to russia collusion. take a listen. >> you can see that the president has not always told the truth about russia. >> i don't think the president lied about russia at all. >> not once. >> there is been no collusion. >> not about the trump tower and moscow project. >> even james comey when we decomposed h disposed him. >> why didn't you think the president didn't want to tell the country of the trump tower/moscow deal. >> i don't know that, you got the president saying one thing and michael cohen saying another thing. >> this is a sitting congress got the opportunity to investigate this, he sounds like he can host a show on fox news.
8:39 am
i want to play a little bit later and this is tucker sounding a lot like jim jordan. >> there is no collusion, there is no russian blackmail or obstruction of justice, there is none of the things that the entire media class have spent the last two years huffing and speculating wildly about. if michael cohen had the dime, he would drop it but he does not. there is nothing there. it was all a lie. can we go home now? >> what do you make your farmer party to pretend that eight hours never happened and both checks will see none of this happen and using donald trump's turn. no collusion. >> it is kind of like staling russia, the fact that he's saying something different the day before does not matter. when you ask about the lies, the answer is a complete disconnect, no collusion. no, we are asking about lies. no collusion. that's the way these people talk and to watch them hooting and
8:40 am
carrying on cpac and watch this kind of performance it is pathetic. it is unworthy of people who are elected and stay in office. they treat their voters lie rues, it is a question in my mind how long they'll be able to play this game. we have not seen any evidence of deep red america. >> jimmy, you heard people at cpac chanting "lock her up." hillary clinton is a private citizen and had nothing to do with donald trump and they're still doing that chant. >> this is extraordinary in a way, at this point, i don't know who disputes this on whether or not he thinks russia wanted donald trump e lelected at all. here is jim jordan. >> russian for their own policy reasons wanted trump and not clinton. >> i don't know. they can do whatever they're
8:41 am
trying to do or who knows what their motives were. there is not bit of evidence to show any type of coordination or collusion or conspiracy whatsoever between the trump campaign and russia to impact the election. there is all kinds of evidence to show that the clinton campaign worked with the russians. >> this information is the only word that i can use for that. >> he's lying. jim jordan, the congressman from ohio is a big fat liar. people forgotten this. let's go back to the 1970s when watergate was happening when the house judiciary committee began hearings on the impeachment of the sitting president, richard nixon. there were more than a handful of sitting republicans in a small minority within a house of that point in time. they were still more than a handful of republicans on that committee who thought richard
8:42 am
nixon throughout the proceedings was innocent. they thought he was innocent despite all the proofs and john dean's testimony and overwhelming evidence that richard nixon was as crook. they knew he was innocent. nothing has changed. this is a party defining moment for the republicans, they think donald trump does no wrong because they are utterly terrified of their status of this country. what ever jim jordan says or the idiot from fox, any of those people, i don't even listen to them because what they say does not matter. chris matthews says this all the time. if you say the capitol of japan is hiroshima over and over in your mind, the capitol of japan is hiroshima and the rest of the
8:43 am
world is tokyo. they're sounding boards off of each other. all we have to do is keep exposing the lies and what donald trump and his little white national sycophants have been doing for two years. >> to the point, where a thing you saw, the thing that's extraordinary or the reason we bother to play it this morning is denying what you physically see and it worked. you did not see those checks. lynn patton, everyone saw her used as a prop to disprove michael cohen's interactions with donald trump. he sa to disprove that, this woman standing here saying it is not true. patton was interviewed on "fox and friends" this morning of being accused of being a prop. this is more of this disinformation cycle. here she is. >> the only prop in that room was michael cohen for the
8:44 am
democratic party and what you see happening the last week is the classic racist double standard that a lot of minority conservatives face everyday. i was attacked because i don't represent their liberal narrative is of what a black woman should be. god forbid i was in that room with my own merit and my own opinion. >> given her own opinion in that room, she does not speak. she does not represent a black woman. she saying she was there speaking when she did not even talk. >> majority of americans have no idea who she was. the danger that we are following into is that it is very clear that the republicans both those who are elected, on fox news, all had the same script sheets.
8:45 am
they are feeding into a group of americans don't have a number of outlets to waive the information against and that's a problem. they are getting reenforced that what the president is doing is not collusion and constantly getting enforced in it is not a lie and the fact that they are turning into russian mobs or cu coulters. they go into facebook and having their own feed of their friends and reenforcing it. that's the only way they can hold onto power. when you have someone like representative jordan talking he does not care. what you said earlier, they have broader visions for what they want for their legislative policy priorities at any costs of our democracy and our institutions. >> it is called demagogue.
8:46 am
unfortunately, it does work. we'll be right back. my guests are going to tell me who won the week. ek ♪ when you have nausea, ♪ heartburn, ♪ indigestion, ♪ upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... girl, pepto ultra coating will treat your stomach right. ♪nausea, heartburn, ♪ indigestion, upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... try pepto with ultra coating.
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time for my panel to tell me who won the week. jason johnson and jennifer rubin and jimmy williams. who won elija cummings who sat ahead of the house oversight committee conducted those michael cohen hearings, elicited real -- both documentary and verbal evidence of financial crimes from the president and then ended with really a beautiful soliloquy both urging michael cohen to redeem himself and also a statement about america, that we are better than this, that we can overcome this. and i found that really in a sea of pessimism and awfulness just a ray of sunshine. >> yeah. you know, i think we have a clip. let's play a little bit of a clip of that. >> while we're dancing with the angels the question will be asked, in 2019 what did we do to
8:51 am
make sure we kept our democracy intact? >> that was a sermon. >> amen. >> it was a sermon on america and i thought it was quite good. that's a compelling, compelling case. jimmy williams, you are under immense pressure. i can't imagine what you're feeling. the blood vessels in your brain are pulsating because it's very difficult to follow what jennifer rubin has said. i am obliged to ask you, jimmy williams, who won the week? >> well, since jennifer stole my pick, because who wouldn't pick elijah cummings. jason, you should have picked elijah cummings. don't have a heart attack, everyone. >> okay. >> representative alexandria ocasio-cortez and some of the government oversight committee. i'll tell you why. they did something unbelievably cool. they actually asked very good, very pointed, very smart questions of michael cohen
8:52 am
pivoted off of what the republicans were asking, not asking, just preaching about. that was something i have not seen freshmen in either the house or senate do in a very long time. vein law m veteran lawmakers and ocasio-cortez did a daggone good job. they gave multiple committees more lines of questioning and inquiry that we didn't have before that and for that they won the week. >> you know, i believe jimmy williams we've had theft now alleged in terms of the who won the week pick. now by mentioning aoc you have melted down the entire right wing. they have melted into a puddle. >> my day is complete. >> you're not to mention her name. it sends people crazy. you've put just enormous pressure on jason -- i can't even -- i almost feel sorry for
8:53 am
jason johnson. >> things happen. >> i rarely have any pity for jason, but today i do. i'm still going to give you the opportunity. you came anyway. you wore the nice sunday go to meeting jacket. >> thank you. >> i'm going to go ahead and ask you who won the week? >> the winner of this week is 54-year-old black activist james heart stearns. the man who saved black history month 2019. it was reported earlier that james stern tricked the leader of a neonazi hate group into turning over leadership of the organization to him. he is vowed as a blackman that he will expose their leadership, dismantle the organization from the inside. this is clayton bixby in black clansman combined. >> that is a darn good -- wow. >> thank you. >> you've done yourself proud. your twitter mentions might be okay. >> it should be okay after this. >> that was not bad. those are really good answers. this never happens on this show because typically what happens
8:54 am
you all do your best. you put in an a 1 effort and i tell you you're all wrong. in this case, one man has stepped forth out of the muck and out of the din of history, he has stepped forth and he has done the extraordinary. he has given the right answer to who won the week. i have never done this before. the right answer to who won the week is given by jimmy williams. alexandra owe caka owe case ocasio-cortez. their questioning was sharp, pointed. i want to lit a little bit of her pointed questioning that actually elicited potentially new areas of inquiry and potential crimes. here she is. >> to your knowledge, did the president ever provide inflated assets to an insurance company? >> yes. >> who else knows that the president did this?
8:55 am
>> allen wiseleberg, matthew cali march ri. >> where would the committee find more information on this? do you think we need to review his financial statements and his tax returns in order to compare them? >> yes, and you'd find it at the trump org. >> a-1, by the way, for brevity. his answers were brief. let me go through and make you guys my new oversight and government reform committee. jennifer, who would you want to call next? what witness comes next? >> allen wiseleberg. he's the man with all the numbers. he's the guy inside the trump organization. he would know about money laundering, he would know about bank fraud, he would know about tax evasion. >> jimmy williams, who do you call? >> i would call any contractor for the trump organization, specifically lawyers and accountants for any entity that trump owns. >> all about the benjamins. who do you call, jason johnson? >> i would -- i would call the appraiser but i also want to give a shout out to alexandria
8:56 am
ocasio-cortez. she wants to be on the ways and means but basically she out smarted them all by saying, hey, i kind of think we need the tax returns on oversight, too. she did a great job. i would call for the appraiser. >> speaker pelosi, stacking that committee with those freshmen. jason johnson, jimmy williams, jennifer rubin, go have a great brunch. more "am joy" after the break.
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that's our show for today. thanks for watching. "am joy" is back next week. alex witt. i know you have a lot coming up. there's a new nbc wall street journal poll. a lot of good stuff. are you going to dig into it? >> a lot of good stuff. the one thing that bothers me, socialist and socialism, the republicans are using that very liberally right now, no pun intended there, to paint democrats as being socialists. >> it's a setup for how the 020 2020 election is going to be played. >> from msnbc world headquarters in new york, it is high noon in the east, 9:00 a.m. out west. new developments this hour. first, a startling new number about the trump white house just brought up by the house judiciary chair. then a critical deadline looming closer for jared kushner and new


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