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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 5, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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house democrats launch a sweeping new investigation into president trump. the judiciary committee is now working to obtain information from 81 individuals and entities with ties to the president. plus senate majority leader mitch mcconnell confirm there's enough votes in the senate to block president trump's emergency declaration to build a border wall. and a lawyer for former trump fixer michael cohen reveals a new check signed in 2017 by key trump figures that is allegedly linked to the hush money. payments to stormy daniels.
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good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, march 5th. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. we begin with a powerful house judiciary committee sweeping investigation into possible abuse of power by the president. the committee is now demanding documents from more than 80 people, entities and agencies in and around the trump orbit. key people include the president's two adult sons, his son-in-law and allen weisselberg, the chief financial officer of the trump organization who along with don jr. signed off on the check reimbursing michael cohen for paying off stormy daniels. requests were sent to the trump organization, foundation, trump campaign, transition, inaugural committee and the white house as well as to the fbi, justice department and general services committee which holds the lease for the building that houses the trump hotel in washington, d.c. the nra also received a document request as well as the "national
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enquirer" wikileaks and jared kushner's family business. no claim of executive privilege committee chair jersaid requestr documents hat that have been submitted to other committees. the chair explained what sets his investigation apart. >> our job is very different from other law enforcement agencies. the special prosecutor has a specific mandate to investigate only the russian interference with election and possible collusion by the trump organization or anybody else with interference in the election and to only look at crimes. the southern district of new york also only look at crimes. we have to look at a much broader question. our job is to protect the rule of law in this country. that means we have to look at the three major threats the rule of law we've seen and that's
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corruption, personal enrichment in violation of the emolument clause, attacks on law enforcement agencies and obstruction of justice. >> are you going to cooperate with mr. nadler? >> i cooperate all the time with everybody. and you know the beautiful thing no collusion, it's all a hoax. you'll learn about that as you grow older. it's a political hoax. >> so the chairman of three other key house committees are also requesting information on the president's communications with russian president vladimir putin, heads of the house intel committee, foreign affairs and oversight sent letters to white house chief of staff and mike pompeo requesting a trove of documents and asking the translators present that were present for the meeting and calls be made available for interviews with their committees. the letter cites media reports that the president took steps to
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conceal details of his communications with the russian president, reportedly seizing the notes from at least one meeting and directing one interpreter to keep quiet what two men discussed. chairman adam schiff and elijah cummings write quote on february 21st we wrote a joint letter to you requesting basic information about whether the president in fact destroyed records relating to his conversations with president putin in violation of the presidential records act or if he did not, where those records are currently located. the white house failed to provide any response to our inquiry. >> both the white house and the trump campaign released statements in response to the house judiciary committee's allegation. last night sarah huckabee sanders released a statement saying this. chairman nadler and his fellow democrats have embarked on this fishing expedition because they are terrified that their two
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year false narrative of russia collusion is crumbling. the democrats are more inned in pathetic political games and indicatoring to a radical, leftist base. trump's 2020 campaign released a similar statement. a white house official tells nbc news the white house counsel's office acknowledges that the judiciary committee needs reasonable accommodation to perform legitimate oversight committees. the white house office counsel plans to review the requests on a case by case basis but some of the request may present clashes over executive privilege. >> joining us now elena. great to have you on this busy morning. let's talk about the democrats and all of these sweeping large scale investigations that they are looking into, everything in the trump world, possible obstruction of justice even
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financial wrong doings. what specifically are they looking for in these documents that they requested from 80 people and organizations related to the president and his family? >> 80 -- it's over 80. a ton of different documents that they are seeking from people in all corners of the white house including the president's family, people who have ties to the trump organization and to his 2016 campaign. so it's a sweeping request. i think the key here is that democrats on all of these investigative committees aren't relying on robert mueller's special report any more to shed light on potential criminal activity by the president anticipate people in his orbit. they are taking it upon themselves to investigate all these different areas and especially if they think, i think it could be a potential backstop as reports that the mueller report is coming out soon and may not be fully made public this is their way to bring all of these facts and shed light on them in the public
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sphere. >> we know how the white house feels all about this and how sarah huckabee sanders feels about this. how are republicans feeling about this request for documents? >> republicans are actually being great trump surrogates. the president would be impressed with their performance. we saw congressman kevin mccarthy come out on sunday during the sunday shows and repeat what the president and the white house has been saying since he took office that this is a witch00 against this administration. and the ranking member on judiciary, doug collins said similar things last night and said the chairman of that committee, congressman nadler is going on a fishing expedition to try to get any sort of information they can for impeachment without having the facts yet. >> we'll talk to you again in just a little bit. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is predicting the
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senate will pass a resolution to overturn president trump's national declaration to build a southern border wall. >> i think what is clear in the senate is that there will be enough votes to pass the resolution of disapproval which will then be vetoed by the president and in all likelihood the veto will be upheld in the house. >> are you worried that this is a congressional run around? >> i am. that's one reason i argued obviously without success to the president that he not take this route. >> according to "the washington post" the trump administration is working to limit defections on the measure rebuking trump's emergency declaration. during a meeting with republican senate communications aides yesterday, the white house deputy director of government communications, said if gop senators didn't have anything
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good to say should quote keep their powder dry. the senate is expected to vote on the resolution to block trump's declaration by march 15th before the senate's next recess. so far at least four republican senators say they will vote in favor of the resolution. according to senator rand paul there could be more. >> i will vote for the motion to disapprove of this. and i will continue to speak out. i do believe that there is at least ten republican no votes. we'll see. possibly more. >> president trump tweeted yesterday about his decision to cancel all large scale joint military exercises with south korea which military officials and experts say are vital to maintaining readiness. writing quote the military drills or war games as i call them were never even discussed in my meeting with kim jong-un of north korea. fake news. i made that decision long ago because it costs the u.s. far too much money to have those quote games especially since
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we're not reimbursed for the tremendous cost. however, the president failed to mention the new agreement reached with south korea to keep u.s. troops in the country. >> trump wanted to kel those joint exercises after last s summer's singapore summit. secretary of defense jim mattis walked back the directive to be a temporary suspension. meanwhile yesterday in iowa secretary of state mike pompeo revealed what appears to be part of the trump administration's proposed deal for north korea a possible trade agreement. >> i wondered if you could touch on north korea situation and maybe opening up a trade agreement with them, if something? >> i live and hope. in spite of lots of hard work done by the state department team, dod team, all the folks of energy, working with the north koreans to try and outline what a real big deal would look like,
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we didn't get there. a big component of what we have presented is the president refers to as a brighter future for the people of north korea. it's a pretty fertile place. it's a place with 25 million people. an economy that has enormous potential for growth and there would almost certainly be an enormous opportunity for american business to serve that 25 million person market. >> yesterday vladimir putin officially suspended russia's participation in the 1987 intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty. the expected move comes after the trump administration suspended u.s. involvement last month. u.s. and nato accused russia of violating the treaty for years. moscow refuts. the treaty prevents u.s. and russia from having any land base cruise missiles. still ahead the very latest on the deadly tornado that touched down in alabama and your
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again search for survivors is under way. a huge fight against aids. and a check on the weather when we come back. the weather when we come back my experience with usaa
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2:16 am
your again search for survivors is are under way. >> it was awful. i never seen anything like it before in my life. >> reporter: tornado warnings were issued less than ten minutes before terrifying winds ripped through the area. the government extended the state of emergency. >> we lost children, mothers, fathers, neighbors. >> reporter: the national weather service said this tornado cut a path of destruction about half a mile wide. there's damage as far as the eye can see. several people died in this neighborhood. and the devastation is overwhelming. >> everybody in this house is dead. >> reporter: anthony franklin is mourning the loss of his girlfriend of more than 20 years. this is what's left of her home. >> she was the type of person that comes through this thing once in a lifetime. >> reporter: the ef-4 packed
2:17 am
winds of 120 miles per hour. tossing this billboard 20 miles. the twister pounded georgia and south carolina. >> to the commune of lee county we grieve by your side and we pledge our unwavering support to help you rebuild from the very depths of this horrible tragedy. >> reporter: this is where you crowded into? >> this is where my two boys and i crowded into. >> reporter: miles tatum said he huddled with his two sons in a closet. >> the only reason this part of the barn is here is because the lord saved us and my kids. >> reporter: anthony franklin is remembering the life he once had. >> our thanks to gabe gutierrez. let's get a check on your weather with nbc meteorologist michele grossman. >> good morning. layers is the name of the game today. 226 million of us will be facing freezing temperatures today.
2:18 am
feel more like january in many, many spots. we have that arctic air coming down. look at these temperatures. we're waking up to a lot of single digits, a lot of temperatures below freezing. you factor in the winds and i want feels colder than that. fargo, 5 degrees. feels like 13 below zero. wichita 6. peoria 9. flint 8 degrees. so as you get the kiddies out to the bus stop, layer up this morning. stay in place today and on wednesday. look at these temperatures. minneapolis just 2 degrees feeling more like 9 below zero. indianapolis 11. atlanta 25. typically their temperature is 61. that's so far below for what is typical. feeling more like december and january. thursday holding on strong, not giving up in terms of rebounding to warmer temperatures. washington 22, the wind chill will be 18. it's going to feel like 14 waking up in boston wednesday or
2:19 am
thursday morning. for today we'll face unseasonably cold air. that snow that fell in the northeast won't go very far. over the next couple of day, grand rapids 18. throughout wednesday holding in place that will be the case. we'll start to rebound closer to the weekend but not very far. new york city just 41 on saturday. typically we're closer to 50 degrees. i am so ready for spring. maybe a little mai-tai, bahama mama. >> you speak on behalf of all of us. thank you. this is actually an incredible development. a man is the second known person in the world to be cleared of hiv. three years after receiving a bone marrow transplant and going off anti-retroviral drugs, doctors say there's no trace of the man's previous hiv
2:20 am
infection. while doctors don't believe transplants are most practical treatment the case offers new hopes. scientists are cautioning against saying the patient is cured. he's considered in long term remission. the marrow tran plant treatment was first used by german doctors in 2007. results have not been successfully recreated until now. that first patient remain hiv free. about 37 million people worldwide currently have hiv. now to a sad story. actor luke perry known for his roles in ""90210"" and "riv "riverdale" died yesterday after suffering a stroke on wednesday. he was knoalways known as dillo
2:21 am
mckay on "9 o0210". perry was 52 years old. we were talking about this story a little bit earlier. a quick story to talk about the global appeal of that show. my wife who was living in the u.s. spent her high school years overseas was touched by the fact he passed away. >> that's why we're friends. he defined the '90s. saying teenage heartthrob is putting it lightly. he was incredible. >> he'll be missed. still ahead we may be witnessing the beginning of a brand-new tradition at the white house. this one involving big macss and
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fast food feast of chick-a-filet and mcdonald's at the white house yesterday. a similar spread to the one served to the clemson tigers back in january. looks good. turning now to the nba court in miami where in his final season dwayne wade is making his mark on the nba and in the history books swatting his way past michael jordan to become the long time leader in blocks by a guard with 1,052 for his career. wade led all scorers with 23 points off the bench as miami beat the hawks. finally we go to the ice in buffalo where while trailing by a goal at the end of the third period, sabers forward gets an opportunity for a tap in goal from point blank range. look at this. he accidentally blocks his own shot with the blade of his stick
2:26 am
sweeping the puck away from net. buffalo would not get another equalizing opportunity in this one before the final horn there. >> oh, my goodness. >> maybe he thought he was so good he wanted to try it again. >> that's not going to make it. >> whoops, try again. >> no good. >> poor guy. >> i can't imagine. >> a highlight he'll watch a couple of times. >> how about dwayne wade. >> still got it. still ahead michael cohen's legal team releases another check tied to the hush money payments made to stormy daniels. what a lawyer for cohen is telling nbc about that. >> roger stone may be in trouble for another social media post. one of his instagram photos could be in violation of a strict gag order. he just likes social media. we're back in a moment. ♪ no matter when you retire, ensure you still have income
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welcome back, everyone. i'm moye alongside yasmin vossoughian and louis burgdorf. it's the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. >> democrats in the house launched a brand-new effort to obtain information from donald trump's inner circle over a number of controversies surrounding him and those closest to him. >> the far reaching document request involves more than 80 agencies, individuals and other entities tied to the president. nbc news white house correspondent kristen welker has the details. >> reporter: president trump vowing to cooperate with the rapidly growing investigation by house democrats. >> i cooperate all the time with everybody. you know the beautiful thing.
2:31 am
no collusion, it's all a hoax. >> reporter: democrats issuing a request for documents from more than 81 people and groups associated with the president. including the president's eldest son donald trump jr., son-in-law curb and trump organization cfo allen weisselberg looking into what they call allegations of corruption, obstruction and abuses of power. but still insisting they are not yet building a case for impeachment. >> we have to do the investigations and get all this. we do not yet have the evidence all sorted out and everything to do impeachment. >> reporter: among events democrats are targeting, 2016 meeting between trump family members and hush money payments during the campaign. democrats pressing ahead with their investigation even before the report by special counsel robert mueller is turned over. >> there's no collusion so now they go and morph into let's inspect every deal he's ever done. we'll go into his finances.
2:32 am
we'll check his deals. we're going to check -- these people are sick. >> reporter: another head wind for the president the republican led senate seems poised to block president trump's emergency declaration. four republicans oppose it but won't stop funding for a border wall because president trump will veto the legislation. this will be decided by the courts. let's get to the latest regarding michael cohen. in an exclusive interview yesterday cohen's lawyer released a new check the third to be made public. the first one provided to michael cohen as reimbursement as hush money payment to stormy daniels. >> this check, the $70,000 check which is signed according to my client signed by allen weisselberg and donald trump jr. that this check was the first check and it's the check that the president himself sent to my client when he visited him in the white house, said that check
2:33 am
would be forthcoming soon. and sure enough it was on valentine's day, 2017. >> so your view that really helps further demolish the denial that trump post facto was giving something he didn't authorize. >> "wall street journal" reports a former attorney for michael cohen approached the president's attorneys about a possible pardon. according to people familiar am ia with the discussions reportedly it occurred after the raid on cohen's home and office last spring when his attorney at the time was work with the president's attorneys. the "journal" reports ryan raised the subject of a lawyer for the trump organization and the company's general counsel. according to the report ryan left the impression that if cohen couldn't rely on a pardon he might cooperate with the southern district of new york. cohen testified to the house judiciary committee last week stating quote i have never asked for nor would i accept a pardon
2:34 am
from mr. trump. as the "journal" points out there's no indication that cohen personally asked for the pardon or aware of that particular discussion. cohen's spokesperson says he stands by his testimony. >> joining us now white house reporter for axios. let's discuss this reporting on michael cohen's former lawyer, basically pursuing a possible pardon from president trump. some republicans, they may use this example as another instance of cohen lying to congress. how is he going to validate his most recent testimony? >> well, i think what's really important to note in that "wall street journal report" there's no indication that michael cohen was aware of a pardon or requested for one. michael cohen is a known liar. he's going to prison for that. you can't really rule that out. but i do think that the bigger question with this report that it's really shun a spotlight on is that if there were any pardon
2:35 am
discussions, especially with lawyers on behalf of president trump and the administration, that could be seen as some sort of obstruction of justice or witness tampering especially if it was to prevent him from flipping on the president. >> what does this say, you know, or at least indicate about michael cohen's lawyers and their strategy to work with trump's team. is that a template that could be assumed for some of the other people who were part of the president's inner orbit, people like paul manafort, roger stone, anyone else that's in the mix? >> well, i think that beyond michael cohen it seems like some sort of pardon for michael cohen is out of the picture given the president has privately and publicly railed against him, called him a rat. but rudy giuliani, the president's attorney has left the door top some sort of future pardons. granted there have been no
2:36 am
pardons on behalf for trump for anyone charged in these investigations yet. but they have said that wouldn't happen until these investigations are finished. i think the door is open for that. but, again, i doubt michael cohen would be high on that list. >> that's a safe bet. >> that could be quite a turn of events. >> indeed. never say never in trump world. >> very true. smile go out on a limb and say never. >> thank you so much. always a pleasure to talk to you. >> roger stone's freedom may be in jeopardy after special counsel robert mueller's office and a judge over seeing another questionable social media post. they were in court yesterday to answer questions about a book that featured a new introduction. the judge wanted to know why she wasn't alerted about the publication after issuing a strong gag order against stone last mohibing him to make public statements about his trial. stone argued he did not violate
2:37 am
the gag order because part of it were published online in january before the order was in place. during yesterday's hearing mueller's office notified the judge that stone had shared a photo on his instagram account over the weekend suggesting he had been framed. special counsel's team did not ask the judge to determine whether stone broke her gag order. >> officials in north carolina have set special election dates for the mid-term's house race. the primary for the district 9 house race is scheduled to take place on may 14th. if no candidates receive a majority of the vote, then a runoff will be held on september 10th fold by the general election on november 5th. if a primary runoff is not necessary the general election will be on september 10th. republican mark harris led the democrat by 505 votes. the state board called for a new election after allegations that one of harris' consultants
2:38 am
tampered with absent gee ballots. mark harris is not running again due to health issues. house lawmakers will vote on a resolution to condemn anti-semitism after recent marks made by democratic congresswoman omar about israel. democratic leaders worked on the reslug over the weekend but the text of the measure is still being finalized. the most comes after jewish lawmakers accused omar of anti-semitism after preferring to pro israel advocates and their allegiances to foreign countries last week. the four page draft doesn't mention omar by name but acknowledge dangerous consequences of perpetuating anti-semitic sterps and rejects anti-semitism. president trump last night weighed in on omar's comments.
2:39 am
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mom! maria! maria ramirez... mcdonald's is committing 150 million dollars in tuition assistance, education, and career advising programs... prof: maria ramirez mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! to help more employees achieve their dreams. a u.s. and chinese -- as u.s. and chinese negotiators hammer out an elusive trade deal mike performance was in iowa where he attempted to quell fears from farmers who are feeling effects of president trump's trade war. >> the good news is this. help is on the way. i'm a pig farmer here in central iowa. we're still dealing with retaliatory tariffs. >> we've seen in pork and other
2:43 am
place. the president is aware of this. we're deeply aware of these retaliatory tariffs. we know how it impact you. >> would you comment on any kind of time frame because every day that marches on it's getting tougher and tougher. >> no. [ laughter ] i wouldn't want to predict a date or a week or how this is going to fall. i've been a part of too many negotiations. they look like you're home, you see a path forward only to find there was something buried somewhere. there's risk that that happens here as well. >> i'm a fifth generation farmer from northwest iowa. i grew a really good crop. do you have a plan b or whatever to pedal these things some place other than china that is more reliable for us? >> there's been lots of ideas floated. i don't know that there's a concrete solution to the question that you raise. i wish i could tell you yes, we have the markets identified, we
2:44 am
know the price at which we can clear. i can't tell you that. i know there was some assistance that was provided but i heard from farmer in kansas. they appreciated that. they thought it was great but rather just sell their stuff and run their business. let's switch gears and get a check on your weather now with nbc meteorologist michele grossman. a lot of cold weather on the way. >> going to be here for a long time. not going to be until next week where we see the rebound. a freeze warning stretching from texas to south carolina. not good news for the folks in alabama, also mississippi and georgia. recovering from those tornado effort, clean up efforts. we will rebound a little bit during the day there. unseasonably cool from the rockies to the east. we're talking temperatures 15 to 30 degrees below what is typical for this time of year. many of us feeling like january and february. today we're looking at temperatures around 22 in kansas
2:45 am
city. that's 28 degrees below what's typical for this time of year. shreveport, nashville, grand rapids, we're feeling more like winter. spring does come in 15 days. north platte 19 degrees below. chicago 27. memphis 44. mobile 57. washington, 32. as we go throughout wednesday also not rebounding very well either. take a look at this. we're looking at snow, lakes have not frozen over. we have the cold air mass coming over the lakes and snow for parts of morocco. back to you. speaking of snow we had dramatic videos of two separate avalanches overtaking one highway in colorado and it's gone viral showing the terrifying moments. the walls of snow hit. dash cam video shows a vehicle heading east on i-70 in the northern part of the state. all of a sudden you see right there the avalanche coming down,
2:46 am
barreling on the right side of the road. the driver realizing it is too late to stop he basically plows through trying to avoid and get to the other side, to safety. he didn't. officials say he's okay. the avalanche swept his car off the road and into that median. that avalanche came shortly after another hit the same stretch of the highway earlier in the day. witnesses say most of the snow did not make it on to the road amid all of this, can you believe it? nobody was injured which is incredible. imagine seeing that huge plume of snow barreling towards you as you drive on the highway. that's a treacherous stretch of highway anyway and then when you have something like this that you're facing down. >> i wonder if officials can kind of warn those drivers to avoid those roads at certain times of the year. >> first of all, they blast a lot of times those places so they don't have avalanches.
2:47 am
if there's an avalanche warning they block areas off. seems as if they couldn't do that there. one popular fast food chain looks to drum up new business by going vegan. >> facebook is one fire once again as it faces questions over protecting your phone number.
2:48 am
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their phone numbers facebook is accused of letting people to search phone numbers with no way to opt-out. in this day and age it's not shocking if you put put your info out there on social media, it is going to be used and sold and whatever else. >> i mean, that is the facebook business model. there's a point there. what's crucial about this is not been the ability to opt out entirely. this is all about two-factor authentication. when you log into to fieacebookr anything else, you put your user name, password and you can get a second code to be sent to your. it certainly led to a lot of people signing up to this. last year the company was forced to admit they were using the phone numbers of users to help target ads because your cell phone number is a way to identify you across the spectrum
2:51 am
of your cell phone users and now users are finding because they can't necessarily have insight into their own settings, it is possible for people to search for cell phone numbers and identify users, whether or not they actually themselves a facebook user. >> that's cascary news. also after years of bad press, chipotle is going vegan to attract new customers in a major strategy shift. the question is is this going to work? >> this is all about offering a vegan and vegetarian plate. these are ingredients going into this burrito bowls, not so much the sandwiches that are already on the palate. they're trying to push this idea as part of the healthy ideas around things like lent where people avoid meet.
2:52 am
it's brown right, black beans, tomatoes and corn sauces and your favorite, lettuce. >> i love lettuce and sauces. >> the one part of the headline about the vegan story is there was a newspaper article that said an ingredient that has not been disclosed before. >> it li's like the special sau. what are you talking about? >> i'm a little nervous about it. they should declare what it is. >> i'm into it. coming up, jim van niez looks at the what's coming up. >> and douges on the
2:53 am
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joining us now from washington, d.c., co-found are a and ceo of axios, jim vandehei. >> they think of the government like they think of a tobacco company. they think of it like they think of the trump organization. the reason that this matters for politics, when democrats are talking about medicare for all, for instance, it requires the american people to kind of like that company because that will be the company that's administering health care if you get to a medicare for all situation. david brooks in "the new york times" this morning has a good piece on this looking at all the different things the american public would have to feel about government and believe about
2:57 am
government for this transition from private insurance to government-backed health care to actually work. while right now we talk about this in pretty broad strokes, once the campaign heats up, it's a big, big hurdle for the democratic party. >> not surprising the people see the u.s. government as a company given our president is a businessman. what role does president trump play in the american public's sour view of the government? >> right now he is the government, he is the story. i assume that's the reason -- >> can you also think about congress and senate and all that as well. >> one, i think people are much, much, much more engaged in politics than they were even five years ago and their feelings are that much more visceral. you have to understand once you get the markets involved in different projects, you have to believe government can be more
2:58 am
effective, can be more efficient, can be a cost saver for the american people. that's why eventually it will become a big topic. people don't really care about deficits. when it comes to something as sort of precious as your own health care, you have to believe what you're going to get is better than what you have. that's the whole game of politics. people hate, hate, hate having stuff taken away from them. people certainly hate getting something worse than they have right now. so the sales job is making sure people feel a lot better about government-run health care than they do about the private insurance they have now. >> this leads to a really important question, which is about the overall impact of this negative view in terms of how the government actually functions in terms of the relationship between ordinary citizens and government. if you have this mistrust and this disdain and this hate, it rahal undermines a very important principle of participatory democracy. >> we're in this period right
2:59 am
now. it's not just here. you see this overseas, they're mad at big government, big media and big business and it's trickling very much so into politics. there's two sides to that. on the one side people are more angry and worked up and on the other they're pretty darn engaged. we saw people engaged in that last off-year presidential election, you see people consuming more political and government-related content. there's two sides to that. part it have of it is the trump but a lot of it has to do with social media. >> jim vandehei, thank you. we're also going to be reading axios am in just a little bit. >> that does it for us this morning. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside
3:00 am
yasmin vossoughian. "morning joe" starts now. >> is there anyone unwilling to pledge your support for the rab party and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person. again, we're looking for you to raise your hand now if you won't make that pledge tonight. >> mr. trump. [ crowd boos ] >> august 6, 2015, one of the moments that helped cement donald trump's status as the outsider in the 2016 for president. turns out he may have known that question was coming courtesy of a contact at fox news. that's not the on place where fox reportedly helped the future president. there was also stormy daniels. it's tuesday march 5th. with us msnbc contributor and so much more, mike barnicle, white house reporter jon


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