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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 7, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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president trump appears to be losing grounds on his top priorities with democrats planning to take him on in 2020, "washington post" found recent set backs are complicating his re-election message. john kelly dodges questions whether or not the president intervened to get security clearances for his daughter ivanka trump and jared kushner. michael cohen returns to congress. he gave lawmakers documents that support his claim about trump's lawyers altering his testimony about a trump tower in moscow.
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good morning, everyone. it is thursday, march 7th. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside louis burgdorf. as new competitors join the 2020 presidential race today's "washington post" highlights a losing streak for president trump encore promises from his 2016 campaign. trump is losing ground on top priorities to curb illegal immigration, cut the trade deficit and blunt north korea's nuclear threat. set backs that complicate his planned re-election message as a can do president who is making historic progress. one week ago the president came away empty handed from a second face-to-face summit with kim jong-un and within 48 hours satellite images appear to show kim's regime was rebuilding a long-range rocket site. on tuesday department of homeland security said february had the highest total of illegal immigrants crossing the border in 12 years showing trump's failure to secure the border.
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and on wednesday, the commerce department said the u.s. trade deficit in 2018 went above $891 billion in merchandise. that's the largest in this nation's 243 year history. due in large part to trump's trade war. political reports on a new poll of florida voters showing president trump is struggling in a state that's crucial to his re-election. the president has 52% unfavorable rating in the state. 43% favorable rating. the same poll found the new republican governor ronde san advertise has a 50% favorable rating a rating and 23% unfavorable rating. former white house chief of staff john kelly would neither confirm nor deny recent reports claiming that president trump
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had overruled intelligence officials and directed kelly to grant trump's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner a top secret security clearance and was pressed to approve a security clearance for daughter ivanka trump. the decision troubled senior official that kelly wrote an internal memo how he had been ordered to give kushner the clearance. but asked if the reporting was accurate last night kelly said he could not comment. kelly made a few jokes about working in the trump white house. but added he was dedicated to service. if hillary clinton had called me i would have done it. just a week after i had bomb shell testimony to congress michael cohen was back on capitol hill yesterday. this time he reportedly brought with him documents meant to back up his claim that president trump's lawyer had, in fact, and certainly was involved in crafting his initial statement to congress in which he lied.
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nbc news white house correspondent kristen welker as the details. >> reporter: michael cohen was supposed to part to prison. instead he was behind closed doors testifying again in front of congress. >> i'm here to cooperate and will continue to cooperate. >> reporter: according to a source familiar with the matter cohen giving lawmakers new documents aimed at backing up his claim that the president's lawyers made changes to his previous testimony about that scrapped trump tower project in moscow. >> there were changes made, additions, jay sekulow for one. there were several changes made including how we would handle that message, the message, of course, being the length of time that the trump tower moscow stayed alives. >> reporter: nbc news has not reviewed the alleged documents. republicans have attack cohen's credibility. the president's attorney jay
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sekulow firing back saying testimony by michael cohen that attorneys for the president editted or changed his testimony to congress is completely false. and the white house has pointed us back to its previous comment on cohen's testimony saying it's laughable anyone would take a convicted liar like cohen at his word. joining me now from washington reporter for "the washington post" eugene scott. great to have you with us this thursday morning. let's talk a little bit about the legal peril that president trump or his lawyers could be facing if, in fact, michael cohen can prove that they altered his first testimony to congress in any way. what kind of legal jeopardy does that put them in? >> significant, quite frankly. because that would be illegal, obviously. but it's not clear. adam schiff said more documents could be forthcoming based on conversations they already had with michael cohen. so the amount of time or trouble
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these lawyers could find themselves facing still to be determined and these conversations will be ongoing even with adam schiff saying he plans to make these conversations available to the public. >> what do you think the lawmakers are looking for in the documents cohen recently released to them and why perhaps they might not have gotten them earlier over the course of the past several months? >> they specifically want to see whether or not trump's lawyers made adjustments and changes to cohen's testimony with specific intent of making the president appear to have done something more favorable or honest or legal than he actually did. i believe that these, this information, if it's accurate and if it is available has not been made true in part because trump's lawyers, obviously, have not wanted that information to be made true. but also cohen, perhaps, didn't believe that he would have to make it available because perhaps he was hoping for a
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pardon that would have made him not have to face the full consequences of his actions and, therefore, not have to throw trump and his team under the bus. >> let me get your thoughts on another big story about some of the set backs the president has been facing whether on the issue of immigration, deficit, north korea, a lot of those things that you pointed out in your organization's article. how does the president go forward with all of these set backs as the democratic pile on continues? is this a president right now that's essentially under siege of sorts? >> absolutely. he's finding himself not being able to carry out the plans and goals he originally was hoping to as he heads into re-election with the plan and campaign slogan of promises kept. not being able to actually communicate to the american people he actually has done what he has said he would do and, in fact, has perhaps not done even half of those things and perhaps even some things have been
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illegal and concerning and problematic and put him in a legal position that can make his re-election highly unlikely. >> eugene scott live for us in d.c. homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen faced a grilling by lawmakers at a hearing on border security. she appeared before the homeland security committee yesterday and members of congress did not hold back when it came to the trump administration's policies. including the use of cages to hold detained migrant children. take a listen to this. >> are we still using case for children >> sir, we don't use case for children. in the border facilities that you've been to they were not made to detain children. as the children are processed through they are in subparts of those facilities. >> madam secretary -- >> i'm trying to be as clear as i can. >> yes or no? are we still putting children in
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case? >> to my knowledge a child nerve purposely was put in a cage. >> purposely or whatever, are we putting children in case as of today? >> children are processed at the border facility stations that you've been at, some of -- >> i want you to admit that the case exist. >> sir, they are not case. >> what are they? >> areas of the border facility that are carved out for the safety and protection of those who remain there while they are being processed. >> so what did you do? i one it's complicated, we have a big bureaucratic system. when you saw those pictures of babies in case, what did you do? what did you do to scream bloody murder up the chain to the president to say i cannot represent an agency that is forcing its border patrol to do this. what did you do?
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>> so i went to the border. i spoke to the men and women there. i looked at the facilities myself. i talked to hhs and understand and visited their facilities as to understand the care to the children once in their custody. i spent a tremendous amount of time to work with the northern triangle in mexico to stop the phenomenon, to help stabilize those areas so that children and families are not traveling here. >> when you officially began family separation in spring 2018 were you aware of research showing it causes trauma that can do immediate and long term damage to children's health? >> the information that i was aware of at the time was that the trauma is part of the journey to come up to the border illegally. >> were you aware the traumatic effects don't go away even if the child is re-united with the family? >> i understand that they are -- no. >> the american psychological
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association reports family separation is on par with beating and torture in terms of its relationship to mental health. were you aware of that research prior to instituting the policy of family separation. >> there's no policy of family separation. >> coming up on "morning joe," congresswoman lauren underwood will have more on secretary kirstjen nielsen. the white house is working to keep republicans in line when it comes to efforts to blocking the president's emergency border wall. the president tweeted yesterday. our country is being invaded with drugs, human traffickers and criminals of all shapes and sizes. that's what this vote is about. stay united. a number of senate republicans have not said whether they will support the resolution which is supposed to come up for a vote in the next week. here's mitt romney yesterday. >> i'm not saying i have made a
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decision. i'm not ready to release something yet. >> documented mexican immigrant said he was elm employed by president trump's adult sons at their shooting range. he worked as the caretaker of leather hill preserve a shooting range co-owned biery erik and d jr. he worked as a greens keeper in hudson valley. he said he would work eight hour shift and then work another five hours each day at the 171 acre hunting retreat. he told the "post" he never directly told erik trump about his status immigration but continued to be employed for more than a year after photo providing the owners with a social security number when they sought to issue him a debit card. in january he was letgo from his job as part of the trump organization's crackdown on undocumented employees. he also did not return the trump
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brothers hunting retreat. erik trump has declined to comment. still ahead days after boasting about a strong relationship with kim jong-un, president trump is responding to reports that north korea is rebuilding a secret rocket launch site. and democratic national committee bars fox news from holding any debates. the president and the cable news channel are hitting back. we'll be right back. right back. searching for a way to help stop your cold sore?
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we have to solve a problem. we have a very nasty problem there. the relationship is good. i would be very disappointed if that were happening. it's very early report. we're the ones that put it out. . but i would be very, very disappointed in chairman kim and i don't think i will be, but we'll see what happens. we'll take a look. it will ultimately get solved. >> also yesterday north korea released what their state media is calling a documentary of highlights of the hanoi summit. it shows a smiling kim talking with president trump while they walked together inside the hotel and also at dinner. it cites kim as saying north korea and u.s. must put an end to their confrontation but fails to mention that no agreement was released. president trump is rolling back another obama era rule dealing with overseas drone strikes. the president ended the requirement u.s. intelligence officials publicly disclose the number of people killed in drone strikes and other attacks on
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terrorist targets outside of war zones. it's not an unexpected move as the administration last year failed to release an annual accounting of civilian and enemy casualties required under an order signed in 2016 by president obama. reportedly because the white house simply didn't want to comply. ap announced that one-third killed by u.s. drones in yemen were civilians and not terrorist militants. that figure is separate from the saudi offensive waged inside that country. let's switch gears here and get a check on your weather now with meteorologist michele grossman. the cold seems to be lingering around but you told me we might get some relief. >> a little bit of relief. we're suffering once again through this cold air but rebound solely by this weekend. that comes with a different price. we're looking at potential of severe weather in the south by saturday. let's talk about this cold air in place. 22 million affected by freeze warnings in the northeast and
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northern plains. jackson, birmingham, atlanta all the way up to wilmington, north carolina we're dealing with freezing temperatures once again. the east chill will not budge. we're better than yesterday and better tomorrow as we slowly rebound to closer to normal. still well below than what's typical. in chicago 28 degrees. that's a high later on. starting very cold this morning. that's 14 degrees what's typical below and typical for this time of year. charlotte 53. as we go throughout friday better but still below normal 41 in indianapolis, washington, d.c. 42. that's 12 degrees below. as we go towards this weekend looking closer to normal by new york city 50. we're typically around 51. a little bit better. we're looking at snow in the northern plains because we have that cold air in place. setting the stage for two to four inches. president trump's love/hate relationship with names continued yesterday while he
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enjoys inveenting nicknames. he had trouble with tim cook's name. >> we have so many companies coming in. people like tim, you're expanding all over and doing things that i really wanted you to do from the beginning. i used to say tim you have to do it over here. you really put a big investment in our country. we appreciate it very much. apple. but we're opening it pup. >> a special thanks to louis first look for that -- >> i won't mind. >> i was going to say how is it possible you do not know the name -- >> tim apple. he also did it with another ceo. >> the face of ivanka trump during that segment although you can see it is priceless. still ahead r. kelly made headlines yesterday during a
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nationally televised interview and now this morning he's behind bars. the very latest developments in his coming up next. they're america's biopharmaceutical researchers. pursuing life-changing cures in a country that fosters innovation here, they find breakthroughs... like a way to fight cancer by arming a patient's own t-cells... because it's not just about the next breakthrough... it's all the ones after that.
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republican senator martha mcsally revealed yesterday she was raped by a superior officer while serving in the air force. the 26 year military veteran made the did your on the military efforts to help improve on sexual assaults. the panel heard from service
2:24 am
members who shared their painful stories which prompted mcsally to do the same. >> like you, i am also a military sexual assault survivor. but unlike so many brave survivors i didn't report being sexually assaulted. like so many women and men, i didn't trust the system at the time. i blame myself, i was ashamed and confused. i thought i was strong. but felt powerless. the perpetrators abused their position of power in profound ways. in one case i was preyed upon and then raped by a superior officer. i stayed silent for many years but later in my career as a military grappled with scandals and their wholly inadequate responses i felt a need to let some people know that i too was a survivor. >> senator mcsally was in the
2:25 am
9th air force academy class that allowed women where she claimed sexual harassment and assault ran rampant with little to no justice for those victims. >> r. kelly is back in jail today after being taken into custody for failing to pay more than $161,000 in back child support to his ex-wife. the judge in kelly's sexual abuse case warned the singer could wind up behind bars if he did not pay that full amount. yesterday an hour after entering a chicago courtroom and failing to pay kelly was found in contempt and ordered into custody. last month kelly entered a not guilty plea to ten counts of felony aggravated criminal sexual abuse including with at least three victims under the age of 17. he was released from jail last week after a friend paid his $100,000 bond. a sheriff's department spokesperson told nbc news kelly will be released once he pays the full amount owed. his next court date is march 13th. kelly and his attorney have
2:26 am
denied he has engaged in any illegal activity. michael cohen said in his testimony to congress last week that he never asked for a presidential pardon but there's new reporting raising questions about that. plus new polling shows a growing number of americans support impeaching the president. we'll break down the new numbers for you next. the new numbers for you next tation. so, we re-imagined the razor with the new gillette skinguard. it has a unique guard between the blades. that's designed to reduce irritation during the shave. because we believe all men deserve a razor just for them. the best a man can get. gillette. tthis is the invitation to lexus sales event. lease the 2019 is 300 for $329 a month for 36 months. now thru march 31st. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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to start listening to audible. the most inspiring minds, the most compelling stories, the best place to listen. to start your free 30-day trial, text listen5 to 500500 today. ♪ welcome back, everyone. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside about your burg. it's the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. new stories breaking overnight
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about presidential pardons for figures wrapped up in the russia probe. donald trump's former attorney michael cohen sought a pardon for himself in the wake of the fbi raid of his properties in 2018, despite what cohen clearly stated to the house oversight and reform committee last week. watch this. >> i am no longer your fixer, mr. trump. i am going to prison. i have never asked for nor would i accept a pardon from president trump. >> okay. so cohen's lawyer lanny davis, you see him there sitting behind michael cohen in that testimony said last night that after the raid cohen had been open to a pardon, quote during that time period he directed his attorney to explore possibilities of a pardon at one point with trump lawyer rudy giuliani as well as with other lawyers advising trump. davis said that did not contradict what cohen said in his testimony because at that time he was talking about the period where he had made his decision to tell the truth and
2:31 am
that knew michael cohen authorize me to say publicly he wouldn't accept a pardon if donald trump offered it. when "new york times" asked rudy giuliani about whether cohen sought a pardon giuliani said several lawyers and reporters have asked him about whether the president will pardon a number of people in the russia investigation. giuliani tells nbc news that these conversations go as far back as may of 2018 and claims he told the lawyers that the president will not consider or give a pardon now. giuliani says he also told some but not all who inquired you should not assume he'll grant a pardon, but noted i can waive his constitutional power to consider pardons. a source tells nbc news that michael cohen has provided lawmakers with documents that showed edits to the false written statements he made to congress in 2017 about a proposed trump tower in moscow. at that time cohen and the president's legal team had a joint defense agreement. the documents were meant to
2:32 am
bolster his testimony to the house intel committee last week that donald trump's legal team made changes to his statements. >> mr. trump's personal lawyers reviewed and edited my statement to congress about the timing of the moscow tower negotiations before i gave it. there were changes made, additions, jay sekulow, for one. >> jay sekulow says he stands by his statement made last week that cohen's testimony about those edits is completely false. the chair of the intel committee adam schiff says lawmakers may request more documents from cohen who in turn said he'll continue to cooperate. trump's former campaign manager paul manafort is to be sentenced this afternoon in alexandria, virginia. manafort was found guilty on two counts of bank fraud, five counts of tax fraud and one count of failing to declare a foreign bank account. the 69-year-old faces up to 24
2:33 am
years in prison and may be forced to pay millions of dollars in financial penalties. manafort also pled guilty to two conspiracy charges in a separate but related case in washington, d.c. he's scheduled to be sentenced in that case next week. a new polling shows support for the impeachment of president trump has actually risen. a new monmouth university poll shows 42% of americans feel that the president should be impeached. 54% disagree. back in november support for impeachment of at 36%. while 59% said the president should not be impeached. freshman congresswoman rashid gentleman labor vowed to impeach the president. during a news conference she announced plans to introduce a resolution in the house that calls for trump's removal from office. >> remember this is setting a precedent. if we don't hold impeachment
2:34 am
proceedings today, start them today and hold him accountable following the united states constitution, think about that. this is not going be the last ceo that runs for president of the united states. this is not going to be the last person that tries to get away with this. what doe that say about the most powerful, most important body, most important position in the world? >> the house voted to condemocratic anti-semitism has been postponed until next week amid escalating tensions with democrats. some democrats privately vented the speaker nancy pelosi about her leadership team's response to congresswoman ilhan omar's israel comments. politico reports that hayes confronted pelosi directly arguing members should not have to learn about the democratic caucus views on tv. hayes called out pelosi to do little to inform house democrats about the final measure before a vote is scheduled. according to multiple sources pelosi later left the room
2:35 am
saying to hayes quote if you're not going to listen to me i'm done talking. multiple jew jesh leaders sparred over congresswoman could march as comment offense and dangerous. some argued the opposite and defended omar. a new gallup poll shows support for israel is the lowest it's been in years at 59%. 21% sympathize with palestinians. democratic national committee has decided to bar fox news from hosting any of their 2020 primary babts following a recent article detailing the network's close ties to president trump and his administration. the chairman tom perez nunezed the move yesterday citing a recent story in the "new yorker" magazine. the article titled "the making of fox news white house" suggests the network has become a propaganda operation for the president. responding to the news president trump tweeted last night democrats just blocked fox news
2:36 am
from holding a debate. good. then i think i'll do the same thing with the fake news networks and radical left democrats in the general election debates. fox news senior vice president also released a statement saying we hope the dnc will reconsider its decision to bar fox news from moderating a presidential debate. during an interview tom perez said it's not about the host but about the top level management at fox news. >> i have great respect for chris wallace and my concern is not about chris wallace it's about people above chris wallace. what we've seen now and it's been really the most recently now in the new yorker story is that at the highest levels of fox news they are not playing it straight. >> joining me once again from washington reporter for "the washington post" eugene scott.
2:37 am
i want to turn back for a moment to this delayed house vote to condemn anti-semitism. this is a very layered issue that's playing out not just about tissue of anti-semitism but all the issues it's brought up as well. most interestingly, are we seeing nancy pelosi's power and speakership here crumble in some spots particularly with her influence over this new freshman class that's been emboldened? >> i don't think it's a weakening of power or crumbling of power as much as it is the strengthening of the diversity of the democratic party. i think few people seem to realize just how many americans, especially on the left, have some of the same questions and concerns that representative omar has about american foreign policy related to israel. and you see quite a few freshmen lawmakers, including even more established lawmakers wanting to make room at the table for questions and concerns about how government and politics have been previously done in the past
2:38 am
that perhaps just haven't been at the table previously. >> let's talk a little bit about michael cohen because this issue with the pardon has a lot of people scratching their heads this morning. did he just set himself up for more legal trouble if he approached trump's lawyers through his own about a pardon at one point in time? >> it's very possible that he has. i mean we know that cohen went into that hearing with major credibility and integrity concerns, partly based on the fact that he had not been honest to congress in the past. it appears that may have been the case again which quite frankly has been the main argument of the white house and republican congress people that he was not someone who could be trusted. and he repeatedly tried to convince lawmakers that he was being who nest. it appears he may not have been as honest as he said he would be and there could be real consequences for that. >> you gene scott live for us in washington, d.c. thank you very much. still ahead the trump
2:39 am
administration is dealt another legal blow over its census question on citizenship. plus long time "jeopardy" host alex trebek reveals he's battling stage four pancreatic cancer. and we'll get another check on your forecast. d we'll get anothn your forecast.
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a california judge has declared the trump administration's decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 u.s. census illegal and says it quotes threatens the very foundation of our democratic system. the decision would violate a constitutional requirement census count everyone in the country. he added that the question, rather, would likely result in an undercount of noncitizens and latinos. last month the supreme court agreed to review a decision after a federal judge in new york blocked the administration from adding the question to the
2:43 am
population count. the justice department argues that census officials would take steps to ensure an accurate count such as making in person follow up visits. justice department officials say households that skip the citizenship question but fill out a substantial portion of the questionnaire will be counted. let's get a quick check of your weather with michele grossman. >> another cold day and another cold set up will spark snow in the northern plains, the midwest and this will move east. by friday, late friday into early saturday the northeast could see some snow. this will be a small system two to four inches in the northern plains. six inches in some spots by north dakota and nebraska. again by friday into saturday. we won't see a whole lot of snow. still something to look at. we have a bigger storm we're watching. we're looking at potential for another round of severe weather in the south. this is by friday. this is your developing storm in the rockies. cold air to the north, warmer air to the south. classic spring-like set up storm
2:44 am
that will cause some issues later on saturday. so this is saturday with the cold air, snow to the north. we could see more substantial totals for this storm as opposed to the one moving through tomorrow night. to the south we're looking at potential for severe storms. could see an isolated tornado, strong winds. by sunday this moves off to the north. we're looking at snow in new england and lake-effect snow showers. strong storms move off through parts of the southeast, again mainly weather threat there. storm predict center put out a warning here for saturday so this is something we're going to watch closely. you want to watch your local news as well. where we see the yellow that's the bull's eye we could see the stronger system. 17 million at risk. some had potential for some tornadoes. certainly something to watch. louis? >> thanks very much. turning to some upsetting news. alex trebek revealed he's been diagnosed with cancer. the 78-year-old long time host of "jeopardy" announced he's
2:45 am
battling late stage pancreatic cancer. despite the odds he faces trebek is keeping an optimistic outlook and finding some humor. >> normally the prognosis for this is not very encouraging, but i'm going to fight this and i'm going to keep working and with the love and support of my family and friends, and with then of your prayers also, i plan to beat the low survival rates statistics for this disease. truth told, i have to because under the terms of my contract i have to host "jeopardy" for three more years. so help me, keep the faith, and we'll win. we'll get it done. >> his optimism and strength unbelievable there. trebek said he shared his diagnosis publicly in keeping his long time policy of being open and tran parent with "jeopardy's" loyal fan base. he's getting support from pat
2:46 am
sajak. and prime minister justin trudeau tweeted to his fellow canadian keeping fighting alex. canadians are rooting for you. this is a guy that's been in the living rooms, all of our living rooms for a very long time. >> all throughout our childhood and even like through college and high school. i can think a more iconic figure that's been in the homes of millions every night. a fun new hampshire event. it was in our household. >> hosting the show since 1984. just, obviously, a gentleman and unbelievable courage to come out there and be so optimistic. >> we wish him a speedy and healthy koifr. still ahead china's huawei fires the latest shot in the ongoing trade war with the u.s. and mark zuckerberg looks to pivot the company to greater privacy.
2:47 am
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welcome back. china's huawei has launched a lawsuit against the u.s. federal government marking the latest twist in the trade war between washington and beijing. tell us what you know about this and why the telecom giant is making this lawsuit? >> reporter: so, the lawsuit has been filed in plano, texas near
2:50 am
u.s. headquarters. what it it contains and what their lead counsel has outlined a few hours ago to cnbc is that the u.s. government is against them. them the company is alleging it's unfairly against them because of a ban. what they say is it's a piece of legislation that unfairly targets an individual or a company without allowing them a fair or free trial. analysts say it's a chance to get details about what u.s. governments may or may not have on them. also dollar tree is writing down $2.7 billion worth on its dollar family business. it's transferring the brand name from family dollar to dollar
2:51 am
tree and trying to ren owe vase another thousand. >> we talked about how our phone numbers would be made public on the social media site. mark zuckerberg has now announced he wants to take the social media giant in a more privacy focused direction. i would say it's probably too l late but what exactly is he envisioning? >> this is a guy who talked about privacy not longer being a social norm but he's outlining his vision for facebook's future and focusing on more on the living room. it will be the focus of a lot of critics out there. some advertisers are saying they are leaving facebook because of some of the ways revenues are
2:52 am
showing up in the numbers. >> coming chael allen has a look at this morning's "1 big thing." plus the very latest on what michael cohen provided to the house intel committee. he reveals new information to lawmakers showing his original false statements to congress were in fact edited. ♪ do you love me now that i can dance? ♪ applebee's 3 course meal. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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. joining us now from washington, d.c. with a look at axios a.m., mike allen. talk to us about axios's one big thing. >> it's the biggest political scandal in history. what's going to be in the mueller report? does he have one last big bang? what is the final round of indictments? but wait, hit pause.
2:56 am
think about what we already know about president trump and his associates from the 34 indictments and guilty pleas that mueller's already gotten. as we talked to historians, they say that the only two really relevant comparisons will be the teapot dome scandals, the 1920s, which was the corrupt lease of u.s. oil land by the harding administration and of course watergate. but they say that in the view of historians, this scandal is going to be seen as even bigger for two reasons. one, there's a much wider range of offenses that are being considered and vettinvestigated, second, in those other scandals, you didn't have a foreign power as an actor. it is not only a scandal investigation, it's already one of the most significant counterintelligence investigations into american history sfp. >> it's remarkable when you put
2:57 am
it in that context. regardless of how this plays out, will it still hold up in the history books, given the fact that you have president trump who says this is a witch hunt and there's no collusion, is it conditional on anything or have we already passed the thresholds with the indictments you mentioned? >> this is the rare time we're living history and we know it. and every day the challenge is to explain that, the great reverend meacham, regular on "morning joe" told us we're not so much reflecting history as making it. but will this matter to president trump? will this matter whether he has two more years or six more years? you look at the polling of republican voters and it looks like amid the evidence, he could
2:58 am
still survive this with his base. >> and the president has faced some criticism from media allies, what do you know about that? >> we're calling this friendly fire. lou dobbs, on fox business, who is one of the president's favorite host, someone he's watched over many, many years yesterday said he was very concerned about the direction of the administration and said that based on the president going soft with the business establishment, lou dobbs accused of president of going global elitist and then as a banner of the dredge report but generally not always but generally is trump friendly you see there swamped and that links to a "washington post" article about the president's losing streak which includes new immigration figures, which includes trade figures and of course the failed summit. >> thanks very much.
2:59 am
to all of our viewers, sign up for the newsletter, a must read every day. that does it for us on this thursday morning. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside louis burgdorf. he goes by d.j. and c.g., he said call me either one. marilyn lockheed, the leading woman's business executive according to many. >> and what we saw at pleasure, what a name right now, what we just saw, we just left pleasure -- >> paradise. >> or paradise. >> we appreciate it, tim apple. >> good morning. welcome to "morning joe," we have msnbc contributor mike barnicle, former aide to the
3:00 am
white house and state defendant elise jordan and chief white house correspondent for the "new york times" peter baker. joe, it's good to have you back. >> i'll tell you what, mika comcast, it's great to be here. if you look at the "washington post" and everything else, he is on a losing streak. i'm sure michael will tell you he's probably going to be channelling yogi berra who will say "i ain't in no slump, i just ain't


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