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tv   MSNBC Live with Kendis Gibson  MSNBC  March 10, 2019 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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>> thanks to you and abigail. good day, everyone i'm kendis gibson in new york. fan favorite, joe biden who hasn't even decided on a run tops the list in a brand new iowa poll. but bernie sanders is gaining ground. could this be the push biden needs to finally make the jump? no survivors, eight americans among the 157 people killed in an ethiopian airlines flight that crashed just minutes after takeoff. it's the second crash in five months involving a brand new boeing plane. access granted. another pay to play scheme that ends with an opportunity to interact with the president at mar-a-lago, but wait until you hear who may be behind the sales pitch. but first, our top story and the poll position, the first big iowa presidential poll of the year. it is out. and it shows that former vice president joe biden, a man not even officially in the race, has pulled ahead of the pack as the top nominee in iowa.
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potential caucus goers were asked who their first choice for president is and biden came out first with 27%. sanders trails close behind with 25% giving them huge leads over contenders like kamala harris, beto o'rourke and cory booker. candidates have been investigating a whole lot of time campaigning in iowa. but is there time in the battleground state really helping to build support for their bids? not so much, apparently. take a look at how the new poll results compared to the amount of time each contender spent in the case. bernie sanders is campaigning by the way in friendly confines of new hampshire. a must-win state for the senator from vermont. ali? >> reporter: kendis, it's a day in new hampshire where bernie sanders is back and he's ready to kind of revamp the campaign
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that he won here in 2016. we heard a lot of the familiar themes from him, medicare for all, railing against income inequality and railing against the president. it's interesting when you hear against him. you can hear how he's been able to pull this field to the left. there's a double edged sword in that. voters can hear him as the leaders on these issues and accept him as the messenger or go with someone else. there's a lot of other options this time around. in this ballroom, about 1,000 packed in to hear his message. he mentioned here that he has signed up over a million people to volunteer for his campaign. now, i want to talk a little bit -- i know we're in new hampshire, but that iowa poll is definitely notable. there are two things that stood out to me here. i know this week we've been talking a lot about the impact of joe biden getting in the race. i know we've seen sherrod brown, mike bloomburg drop out. in mike bloomburg's case, he can see his path gets narrower, bernie sanders, he could stand to benefit. he would get 30% of biden's
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voters in iowa if biden were to drop out according to that des moines register poll. >> there were a number of interesting nuggets out of that poll right there in iowa. but let's talk about new hampshire because it's a tougher scene around this time for bernie sanders because elizabeth warren, of course, is from massachusetts and hoping to win that first primary state. why is this considered so crucial for bernie? >> reporter: it's crucial for bernie, this is the place as he reminded voters here that kicked off his 2016 campaign and allowed him to continue on against hillary clinton. they supported bernie sanders in 2015 and 2016 and got to know him because he's a neighboring senator here and they like the message that he's putting out. so new hampshire is crucial for him, especially when you talk about moving on to a place like south carolina where there's a very diverse voting population there. and he's going to have a lot more competition for those voters because other people are spending a lot more time in
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south carolina. i'm thinking of kamala harris, cory booker and others who want to make that a place that puts them on the map. so bernie sanders is seeing good news right now out of iowa and new hampshire where another poll does have him leading, but in those polls it's also important to note that bernie sanders is someone who just ran not but three years ago so his name id is really high, same with joe biden. former vice president. people know who he is. this early point in the race that really does matter. >> it really is helping indeed and what's also going to help is we're going to cut you loose so they don't rope you into trying to help them break down there in concord, new hampshire, ali. thank you. so let me turn to my panel right now and corinne jean pierre as well as curt bardela, former spokesperson for the house oversight committee and nbc news think contributor and nbc news josh letterman here with me. so many interesting things as i mentioned from the des moines register poll. what was it to you that you thought kind of stood out the
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most? >> well, certainly the fact that bernie sanders and joe biden start as a top the pack in this race. that having been said, joe biden obviously not yet fully in the race. at this early point, so far out from the caucuses and the primaries, you're really talking about who do people know who do they recognize, who has the largest name id. so from that standpoint, the fact that you have people like joe biden you serve for eight years as vice president, bernie sanders was the second candidate in the democratic race last night, not totally surprising, but also the fact that joe biden clear and away has an advantage among the democratic potential candidates as far as who has the most experience, who is ready for this job, who is ready to take on donald trump. that's something that you can expect that if joe biden does get in the race he's certainly going to emphasize as a strength. >> which makes a lot of people wonder why he hasn't jumped into the race quite as yet. curt, to you it's interesting that -- it feels so diverse that we've talked about being so diverse with women and
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minorities and one candidate that it's a two white older men that lead the pack right now. >> well, i think it also is a measure of the priorities of the iowa voters which is again a more white base of people we're talking about here. and also just the question i think when people ask who do you support what they hear is who do you think could best defeat donald trump? who do you think is a candidate who is most likely to win in november, not necessarily who your favorite democrat is in the primary because i think, you know, as a new democrat i'll say the one thing that matters to me more than anything is who can actually defeat donald trump and end this insanity in november. the last thing we need to do is run ourselves through a purity test. you know the reality is, not everyone is going to be 100% of what we want. that's got to be okay. we cannot afford to have an election process where we tear each other apart. learn from what the republicans did to themselves in 2016 where you had 15, 16 republicans, senators, governors, well
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credentialed field of people and they shredded themselves and donald trump was able to emerge. we can't do that again. >> yeah. "the new york times" had some reporting just yesterday that suggest that the most popular candidate is the beat trump candidate. corinne, to you now, biden isn't in the race, he tops that poll 27%. does this tell us that democratic voters are looking for a more moderate candidate? >> no. what it tells me it's going to be a very long two years is what it tells me. i mean, this same poll about four years ago the person leading that poll in the republican primary was scott walker. i mean, this is -- we have to remember polls are a snapshot in time. and so things are going to change. the next three months, the next six months. what this poll just tells me is really truly name id. joe biden is remembered fondly as being obama's number two and being connected to obama's successes and also, you know, bernie sanders as ali mentioned, he ran just three years ago and he has a lot of loyalty in the
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state of iowa. and we saw that in 2016. so, this is not surprising at all. we have tomorrow it's going to be a long road ahead, things are going to change. i do believe biden can wait a little bit because of that name id. donors are waiting to see what he's going to do and he's trying to think through it, think about his family and i think he can afford to wait. but like i said, we have a long road ahead. what this tells me is that iowa is just one state, right? iowa is more than 90% white. we have new hampshire. we have south carolina. we have nevada all very, very different states where we'll see different people at the top. >> yeah. seems super tuesday next year will be quite a showing indeed. >> yep. >> so you have the former colorado governor and 2020 presidential hopeful john hickenlooper who launched his campaign and found himself in hot water after refusing to call himself a capitalist this week.
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here is what he said this morning. >> i'm happy to say i'm a capitalist, but i think at a certain point the labels do nothing but divide us. >> okay. >> what i'm trying to build this campaign around is to say that as a country we've got to stop finding every excuse to divide ourselves. >> so curt, what does all this back and forth tell us about how left the democratic party is moving right now? >> you know, i think we got to move away from the idea of labels, whether it's conservative or liberal or progressive or moderate or socialist because here is the bottom line for me, if you believe that we need gun reform, if you accept science and climate change is happening f you acknowledge that social injustice is a real crisis in this country, that shouldn't mean it makes you one of those labels. it should mean you're an informed human being of what's happening on the planet right now. so i think that we can get into this nuance and knew monic label
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trap. it really feeds more into what republicans and trump are going to try to do as they have now really honed in on the idea of pushing the idea that everyone is a socialist and every idea is socialism despite the fact they have no historical idea what socialism clearly means. we have to stop playing that game to ourselves and just acknowledge that some things are really happening in this country and just because you subscribe to them and acknowledge it that doesn't make you any particular label. >> it does appear, though, at least from the iowa democrats that they're moving a little left. some other things that took out of the poll, 84% of those polls referred medicare for all, 77% preferred candidates who propose legalizing marijuana. let's come to you here, josh. one thing that i did note from the poll itself and it was about beto right there. his poll numbers went down from december to january or to this new poll some six points. what's behind the dropoff? >> well, that's a good question. we don't know exactly. there's a lot of uncertainty
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right now about beto, what he's going to do. we saw him at south by southwest, documentary about him, his campaign teasing an upcoming announcement about whether or not he's going to run for president. but he's somebody that people don't know a lot about. they know him a little bit from the race in texas that he did very well in, but ultimately lost. and a lot of questions about whether he is really ready for primetime as far as an actual presidential campaign. >> yeah. but it does say that an announcement is coming soon. karine, today's des moines register poll and it reads right now, right now the contest in iowa could be characterized as a two-person race. the next closest challenger, elizabeth warren, trails sanders by 16 percentage points. this poll actually motivate or kind of weed out this very crowded democratic field? >> you know, i'm not quite sure yet. we hear so many rumors about other people thinking about running in this -- jumping into this primary.
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look, we have right now the biggest and most diverse primary that we've seen in a long time, at least the first time with the diversity and not in decades have we had such a primary so large. i think we just have to wait and see. with beto, look, i think the reason why his poll numbers are going down is because we've had so many people jumping in and going around the different early states and talking about their vision and what they're going to do next. so people are looking around on who is in the race and beto, this is a big decision. i understand why he's waiting. but he can't wait too much longer. and i think an announcement is probably coming forth with with him very, very soon. >> he promised very soon. iowa caucuses in 330 days. pretty soon. karine and curt, thanks to you. josh will stick around. now to another thing, another likely showdown between president trump and house democrats. the president will propose major spending cuts and request additional wall funding as part of a new budget proposal
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tomorrow. it is already stoking fears of another government shutdown. dare i say it, nbc's mike vacaro is at the white house. what are you expecting to see in this proposal tomorrow, mike? >> reporter: good afternoon, kendis. it's become a cliche when the president says he sends a budget up to capitol hill it's dead on arrival. it's d.o.a. this doesn't have a pulse. the president proposes, congress disposes. congress will dispose this immediately especially on the house side right into the waste basket. this is purely a political document. yes, it does give us some indication of the priorities and the philosophy of the president, it's not likely to go anywhere. let me tell you some of the things that are in it and give you some reason why that is. the democrats won't go along with it. 5% across the board cut in spending, everything else defense and military spending, of course. big spending cuts for anti-poverty programs, strict new work requirements for so-called abled bodied
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americans. large increases in defense spending already at $750 billion. $100 million, this is sure to irritate some people for an initiative from ivanka trump, a woman's fund, to give to the u.s. agency for international development to try to help women around the world in their business endeavors. usa id is an agency that the president has tried to cut before in his budget. so that's likely to go over like a lead balloon, but perhaps the biggest sticking point, $8.6 billion, stop me if you heard this before, the president will propose for building the wall on the border with mexico. chuck schumer, nancy pelosi have already seen fit to put out a statement this afternoon shooting that down. they raised the specter of another shutdown. they say if the president wants to push ahead with that the same thing will repeat itself if he tries this again. so, again, a political document. it's required by law that the president has to send it up. each late winter, early spring. but it will be a jumping off point for spending priorities
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over the course of the next nine months. >> we can't say that this is the wall that mexico was supposed to pay for. >> i remember hearing act that, yeah. >> so do you think this could result in another shutdown? mind you we should say that this is something that will come to play in october, possibly. >> reporter: right. so the end of the fiscal year is the end of the month of september. what typically happens is they kick the can down the road with temporary spending bills, temporary patches. will it result in another shutdown? it could. that seems to be the predicate every year, there's this game of brinksmanship, game of chicken that goes on. i will tell you this, one thing that's going to be different, republicans are not going to want to have anything to do -- hill republicans with a shutdown. they felt like they came out on the short end of the last one politically. they're going to be heading into a crucial election year, obviously we've been talking about that for the last ten minutes of 2020. so i think it's very unlikely that we will have a shutdown, but again, it depends on what the president is willing to sign and what the congress is willing to send him. kendis? >> dead on arrival indeed.
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mike va care row at the white house. thanks to you. all the president's men have a date at the courthouse this week. paul manafort, roger stone, michael flynn and rick gates. still ahead, what's next for robert mueller's russia investigation. what's a company worth? how do you determine the durable value of a business in the transportation industry without knowing firsthand the unique challenges in that sector. coming out here, seeing the infrastructure firsthand, talking with the people behind the numbers creates a different picture. once i know what a business is truly worth, we can make better informed investment decisions. that's why i go beyond the numbers. ♪
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provide the most reliable service possible. my name is tanya, i work at the network operations center for comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. we're back with breaking news. authorities investigating a deadly boeing 737 plane crash. we're told at least eight americans were among the 157 people on board.
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this was an ethiopian airlines jet. it crashed just minutes after takeoff from the ethiopian capitol. there were no survivors. nbc is following the story from london. chapman what are we hearing right now? >> reporter: kendis, we're hearing act the passengers and crew on board. at a press conference the ceo of the airlines said the captain of the plane was a senior pilot. had been with the airline since 2010. he was given clearance to return before the plane went down and sent off a distress call. they lost contact just six minutes after taking out. data from flight radar 24 shows the plane's vertical speed was unstable after takeoff. this new boeing 737 max 8 went down about 35 miles southeast of the ethiopian capital, killing all 157 people on board. amongst the dead are 8 americans. people have at least 30 different countries were on
11:22 am
board. the spokesman for the u.n. secretary general just releasing a statement expressing his heartfelt sympathies to the victims families and loved one and staff members and save the children also released a statement confirming one of their advisers was also on board. at that crash site, it's a darkened earth and crater surrounded by plane debris and personal belongings. we've seen emergency crews removing bodies from the scene. authorities have put up tape and are beginning their investigation. kendis? >> e.thiopian airlines. this is one of the most popular planes around. investigators are heading there right now. thanks to nbc's chapman bell in our london bureau. as we continue to follow this story right now, aviation expert, pilot and attorney president and ceo of avia network joins me now from washington, d.c. and so this was the same type of plane, the boeing 737 max 8 that was involved in another deadly
11:23 am
crash just five months ago. it's under similar circumstances. any comparisons can be drawn between the two at this early stage? >> well, that's what -- this is certainly alarming because it is the same model airline and it is a complete departure from the old 737s which had an excellent history. and so, they're going to be looking at the similarities here. there was definitely something wrong on that takeoff as reported by the pilot. and this is one of their top pilots. so this is a very, very big concern. >> and the other incident, do you recall it, it was lion air. >> it was lion air in the java sea and 189 people were killed on that airplane. >> and also just moments after takeoff, correct? >> that was moments after takeoff as well. so, definitely the ethiopian investigation bureau aided by our national transportation safety board is sending four
11:24 am
investigators over there are going to be looking into that because that is a very, very serious coincidence, if it indeed is a coincidence. >> very weird indeed. this was a brand new aircraft, as you mentioned -- >> brand new aircraft. >> 737 max made in the usa. it is a brand new aircraft for boeing. southwest back here at home has plenty of these aircrafts in service and on order. should american fliers be worried about this? >> i took one in last night. i landed at national airport here in d.c. after a ski trip on that same model airplane. indeed, it is -- it's cutting-edge technology. whether there is anything wrong -- indemically wrong with that airplane is something of course they need to look at. there's a lot of new -- lot of innovations on that airplane. and certainly that's something they're going to need to look at. >> what do you make of the
11:25 am
information we're getting from that swedish website flight radar 24 that tweeted the plane's vertical speed was unstable after takeoff. what do you make of that? >> yes. there's definitely something wrong because this is one of their top pilots who was flying that airplane, so he was experienced. he was well trained. and he reported a problem. so, absolutely. but that is just one parameter that they're going to be looking at. they need to look at the tapes. they need to look at all the foil readouts. and complete an investigation of that. and it's going to reveal something. you know, they're going to retrieve that. and they're going to put it together, particularly with the help of the experts that we sent over. we have four national transportation safety board experts going over there because we're very concerned about it. >> yeah, indeed as well as boeing is sending some folks over there as well to try to help with the investigation. michael, thanks to you. we'll continue to keep an eye on this breaking news story there
11:26 am
from africa. >> very welcome and my sympathies to the families. >> like wise. still ahead. strike two. how many chances will roger stone get to violate his gag order. he is back in court tomorrow and he has some explaining to do.
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well, welcome back i'm kendis gibson at msnbc headquarters in new york city. let me be the first to tell you it is not going to be a good week to be a former member of the trump campaign. well, tomorrow is roger stone's deadline to give an updated timeline of his book after possibly violating his gag order. and then wednesday paul manafort returns to court for a second sentencing hearing followed by michael flynn, remember him? heading to court for a sentencing update as well. so joining me to unpack it all, our staff report ert for the atlantic and msnbc contributor natasha bertrand. >> and daniel alonzo and josh letterman. so, let me start with you, dan, because you know you have all of that, the paul manafort's sentencing right there. what do we expect that this judge will do? amy burtman jackson on
11:31 am
wednesday? >> she'll do what good judges do. >> will he give him the maximum? >> if i were betting i would say. she has to consider all the factors. and she has to -- it's a relevant factor for whether to run this in consecutive versus concurrent, only got the 47 months in virginia, but there are a lot of factors to consider. she'll be a conscientious judge. >> judge ellis got a lot of flak in northern virginia, of course, just last week for the sentencing of manafort to just 47 months or about three years actually in the end in prison despite a sentence recommendation of 24 years. along the same lines, will that kind of impact amy bertman jackson's sentence? >> that's a great question. she is probably the only one that knows the answer to that but certainly the fact that there has been all of this discussion about whether in this case with judge ellis he received some type of benefit as being kind of a privileged,
11:32 am
wealthy guy who had resources to defend himself. one has to think that that plays into the mindset and the jenna she's making this decision. she's well versed in all of this. she's the same judge who is dealing with paul manafort. she's going to -- and roger stone. >> yes. >> she's been really throwing the book at roger stone as far as, you know, some his soeshlci media stuff. she doesn't seem to be tolerant of any nonsense. one has to think she will make a point there. >> "the new york times" had a write-up. she's been in the business some 30 years, tough judge, tough prosecutor as well. natasha, to you, roger stone, as josh was mentioning, judge jackson is not happy with him in particular for writing in his book, i now find myself, it says, on crooked special prosecutor robert mueller's hit list. he's previously mentioned stone's rules for life, as you know. i don't recall one of those rules saying repeatedly annoying
11:33 am
a federal judge. is he hoping a pardon? what is his play? >> i think he's hoping for donations to his legal defense fund, right? he knows by keeping up this sher raid and playing to his base he can just get more money flowing into that fund which he's been advertising non-stop on every platform that he is still allowed on, which are granted very few. but instagram is one of them. and of course that is something that really infuriated amy bertman jackson, too, was he posted a photo of her with cross-hairs, essentially saying that he was being set up and that this whole thing was just, you know to borrow the words of the president a witch hunt. and that really, really made her angry. fast forward, he actually also posted another photo on his instagram story, which is a bit more temporary, but journalists got screen shots that also said that he was framed. and this was while he was under a gag order. so he really has not gotten off to the best start here with the judge. and on top of all that, he's writing this book. and that really made her angry as well because he was under the
11:34 am
gag order. he did not inform her that the book was going to say what it says about robert mueller. and so, what we're going to see is that she may very well send him to jail for violating this gag order. but it remains to be seen. that seems like it might be a step too far and actually might make him somewhat of a martyr which some people argued he's actually trying to do. but it's definitely one worth watching here. >> if he does go to jail, we should mention that, his trial is not for several, several months from now. here is what judge jackson has said, by the way, previously about the gag order. no question the order prohibited and continues to prohibit the defendant from making any public statements concerning the investigation. so that in mind, is he going to jail? >> look, i could imagine some technical defenses. this is a reprint of a book he published a couple years ago. he has a new forward. there are first amendment issues. look, i have a first amendment right to write a book.
11:35 am
the judge has the duty to ensure a fair trial. she has to make sure there's not a tainted jury pool. i bet she'll be furious with him for sure and she may well send him to jail, but we'll have to see. that's an individualized assessment and as i said first amendment concerns. >> all right. well, last question for all of you, natasha, throw it to you first, because of all of these cases we're looking at this week the michael flynn case where he has a hearing there as well. he had gates. which one are you looking forward to the most? and what should the president be the most worried about? >> yeah. so, you know, i think that what i'm most looking forward to is probably the flynn hearing that may very well be when he gets sentenced because the last hearing that he had was supposed to be a sentencing hearing but of course that got delayed because his lawyers made a very, very big miscalculation and said in his sentencing memo that he had been set up by the fbi and that made the judge very angry. he threw around words like
11:36 am
treason. so i'm looking forward to how the judge, you know, speaks to michael flynn this time around. what kind of rapport they have and whether or not he seems like he's still very, very angry with michael flynn or whether flynn has cooperated with prosecutors in another case out in virginia to a satisfactory extent to which he might get a lighter sentence. but of course, the paul manafort hearing is the big one, just seeing whether or not he will actually be spending up to 14 years in prison. but i think that the trump world can kind of just sit back at this moment because paul manafort is probably going to go to jail regardless with a lot of secrets. >> josh, big day for michael flynn? >> i agree with natasha on this one. remember the special counsel's office said it was okay with michael flynn not getting any prison time based on how much he cooperated, but there were some questions about how forthcoming was he? you know, the judge wanting more time to look at basically how his misstatements about the russia ambassador affected ord impeded the mueller
11:37 am
investigation. you remember those court documents with major redactions about basically michael flynn also provided information about fill in the blank, some really key questions there for the president. and i think if we do get a sentence for michael flynn that's basically no jail time, thank you so much for how much you've cooperated, i think there are some alarm bells continue to ring in the white house about just what he may have provided. >> yeah. you think the president will be very worried about this week. i think we said it a lot, this will be a krit corral week in the investigation and developments there. this president will be very worried about what's going on this week. >> i can imagine will be very focussed. i'm most interested in manafort. here there's a principle involved which is that you shouldn't get breaks like this unless you really cooperate, unless you provide substantial assistance you don't lie, the kind of sentence he got so far was the kind i would expect a cooperator who fully cooperated to get. so if the judge doesn't send a little bit of a message, that could discourage cooperation in other cases. >> you're a former federal prosecutor, how upset do you think the prosecutors were when he got that slight sentence in
11:38 am
virginia? >> well, he's trying not to be emotional when you do this job. i'm sure they were not happy but know they have this additional sentencing coming up with a judge that perhaps has less patience with mr. manafort. >> very busy week ahead. thanks to all of you. all right. so hands off. she's the one member of the trump family who hasn't been involved in investigation. still ahead, the reservations amongst democrats when it comes to the first daughter, ivanka trump. plus, presidential harassment of constitutional duty? i'll be joined by a congresswoman stacy plas ket to talk about the many congressional investigations involving the president. we'll be back. ack. limu emu ♪ and doug. hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? oh. well, we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance, because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused
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today the white house is still silent on reports that an insider leaked documents to the house oversight committee. axios reporting the committee has now obtained documents relating to jared kushner and his wife ivanka trump's security clearances. it appears that house democrats are torn over how aggressively to investigate president trump's adult children. washington post reporting and noting here this is an area of inquiry likely to inflame tensions with the president and congress. well, joining me now is congresswoman stacey plaskett, the democratic representative of the u.s. virgin islands and member of the house oversight committee. thanks for being here on a sunday. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> how worried are you about
11:43 am
crossing the president's red line when it comes to his kids? >> well, i think there were so many red lines, but i will say that, you know, this is a very tricky, political position that the democrats are in because there has been in the past such enormous deference given to children of the president, not wanting to involve them in issues. however, the adult children for our president trump have themselves crossed the red line by becoming a part of the administration, particularly ivanka trump and her husband jared kushner. so, because they are, in fact, adults, they've taken positions that are political positions within the administration. they and their dealings become part of the inquiry that we're going to have to make. >> so are the trump children kind of entitled to any sort of protections as their father is? >> well, you know, the protections that the president have are constitutional protections related to the presidency. individuals who are members of
11:44 am
the cabinet or within the administration are not entitled to those same protections. listen, ivanka trump is an adult woman. you know, i like to say that she comes from the same alma mater as i do. she went to choet like i did. she went to georgetown foreign service school. she's not intellectually fragile individual, so she should be treated with respect, but definitely there are questions about the amount of trademarks she has received from the chinese along with her business dealings while she has worked in the white house. >> so a colleague representative had this to say last night about the concerns over jared kushner's access to sensitive information. take a listen. >> there are allegations that jared kushner had sensitive information that he has allegedly been giving lists to mbs, the saudi crown prince about saudi dissidents that he has been on whatsapp with saudi arabia's crown prince. >> is this something for your
11:45 am
committee to look into? >> i think that each one of the committees are really trying to toe the line in terms of where their discretionaries, whether it's intel or judiciary and also with oversight. i don't want to put allegations out there just to the general public, which have not been substantiated, potentially impugning his karkcharacter or work that he's doing. the chairman elijah cummings said we'll let the staff sift through a lot of this information and work very closely with the other committees to ensure that when we do bring information to the general public, it's information that we can substantiate. >> congresswoman, i was curious because right there in front of your committee on february 27th, michael cohen called the president a con, a cheat, a racist, what would you call the president one word? >> i would call him the president and let's leave it at that. i don't want to talk about our president. and he's our president where he is right now. but i think that there are
11:46 am
questionable dealings. i would like him to operate fairly. i have misgivings about a lot of the decisions that he's made along with the speech that he puts forward. i think that he can do better. i know our country deserves better than he's given us thus far and those are the things i would like to hold him to. >> really quickly before you go, you went viral during that hearing as well because of this eye roll that was seen around the world. so many people tweeting that you were just the mood on that day. what were you saying? what were you thinking? what was going on? >> well, you know, it's funny because i'm a stickler for the rules. you know, my children and my family will tell you that. i'm a children -- i'm a daughter's cop, a granddaughter's cop, so i like to follow the rules. when i first turned around to the ranking member, it was to tell him -- it was to make a motion for regular order, which after seconded and then is gavelled by the chair, means that the conversation should
11:47 am
cease. when i turned back around the first time, i realized that he was still talking. and that was just like, i know he's not still talking while a motion has already been made. so it was to turn around and in so many words remind him that, in fact, we were back to regular order and what he should be doing with his speech at that moment. >> i thought the earrings were going to come off next. >> no, no. not in a hearing. >> no, no, much more decorum than that. our thanks to you, representative stacey plaskett, thank you so much. >> thanks. you take care. still ahead, pay to play. another sales scheme offering access to the president has been uncovered, but wait until you hear about the woman who is reportedly behind it. this is the story of john smith.
11:48 am
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sorry, is that too loud?oud. you don't need any more hormones in your house. that's why you chose kraft natural cheese. made with fresh milk without the added hormone rbst. it's cheese as it should be. more parlor games this afternoon out of florida involving that spa chain where patriots owner robert kraft was busted just last month. this time -- wait for it -- it involves president donald trump. that's right. according to a report you see there. the one-time owner of the chain, an entrepreneur from china has been selling chinese execs
11:52 am
access to trump at mar-a-lago. a registered republican who along with her family made over $50,000 in donations to president trump's political fund-raising effort since to 20. according to the "miami herald" msnbc news has not confirmed this reporting, by the way, and we reached out to the white house on friday and did not get a response. joining me to break it down, one of the co-authors of the piece of mother jones msnbc analyst. david, welcome to you on this sunday. >> great to be with you. >> great to be with you. while yang is no longer tied to this massage parlor in question, in the kraft case, she does have other family business. on a page displaying a photo of mar-a-lago, in fact, yang's company says its activities for clients have included providing them the opportunity to interact with the president. the american minister of commerce and other political
11:53 am
figures. what do you make of her enterprise? >> well, it's really interesting. the family still own as chain of massage parlors even though she doesn't own the one robert kraft went to and while doing that business set up this other business called gyus investments that promised, you just show on a website in chinese to get you into the trump family at mar-a-lago, at the white house. said it would set up white house or capitol hill dinners and it showed pictures of chinese executives whom presumably had gotten into photo sessions and meetings with members of the trump family including a sister. kind of a low-profile sister, that people don't know a lot about. her name is elizabeth trump groul. seems pay to play. right before the segment began we posted, mother jones, me, my colleague and dan friedman,
11:54 am
another story noerting th ingno yang, this woman son the board of two organizations connected to the chinese party and the communist party and trump seems to be making money off this. >> i don't see -- access to donald trump and his son and clearly able to get close enough to a bunch of high-profile republican members. did she actually have a relationship or just photo opsed posted on her website? >> those photos you showed seem to be photo opes. those on the chinese site no longer operates showing chinese executives meeting with trump, members of trump's family and others at mar-a-lago. as she promises we can get you in the door. plus the promise to get you in to future trump events, including next new year's.
11:55 am
now that's months away, into the exclusive mar-a-lago party. she talked about, on the website, bringing ten chinese-looking people. she doesn't identify them to a meeting with elaine chao, the secretary of transportation, up in washington. those are the important pictures. the others look like she's in a fund-raising event and gets a quick pic with sarah palin or donald trump jr. it was selling this access and raises implications about any connections or any of these people coming up, brings in, in the chinese government and let alone intelligence concerns and we reported literally minutes ago, she does sit on the board of two companies connected to the chinese government, to two groups, two associations. there's a lot more to look into here. >> there is a little to look into. that said, any indications she
11:56 am
was working with someone at mar-a-lago to get this sort of access? >> that's one of the questions. anyone inside the trump community, the trump inner circle facilitating this somehow for her? several events she cites getting people photos with these chinese executives, photos with a sister of donald trump. this woman, elizabeth trump groul, who i think was banker in a previous lifetime, but we don't know there's a formal relationship there, and -- but to be able to bring in high-level, you know, chinese executives to events at mar-a-lago, you know, maybe. but this is -- you know, we've only been reporting the story, us in the "miami herald three days. maybe there's a lot more. >> and you continue to update. just a few minutes ago. our thanks to you. still ahead, politics unhinged. how a new documentary is showing
11:57 am
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12:01 pm
issued a mandated gag order behind him. stone may end up behind bars this week due to his inability to stop posting or writing about himself and the investigation that led to his indictment and on wednesday paul manafort indecided and on the same day michael flynn, former national security adviser goes in front of a judge after a december delay for sentencing. and more. roger stone back in court where the judge could issue a new ruling in his gag order case and on friday a friday, rick gates learns when he will be sentenced. remember, he testified against manafort way back in august. who knows also if friday might be another mueller friday. the ides of march. all right. joining me now, the former white house senior director and former state department senior adviser. and msnbc contributor and
12:02 pm
columnist with the "new york times," also looking like mr. williams right there. elliott williams, thanks to you. who's a former deputy assistant attorney general at the doj. thank you for being here, and others as well. sorry. >> i'm just here. just here. >> i'm just here so i don't get fined. ellie, start with you, then. let's begin with the ruling that seems to have everyone up in arms from last week. could mueller stand accused way this? >> no. a second bite at the apple with the judge not known for leniency. i try to point out in mire writings this week, 47 months is quite a long time for a 67-year-old man. paul manafort is going to jail. he'll be sentenced again, going to jail for longer.
12:03 pm
we got him, guys. we got him. yes, the sentence is unfair. yes, a lot of racial bias in sentencing which i think should stark a larger conversation why that is so, in terms of manafort specifically i'm not concerned he's getting off too light. i'm more concerned and it isn't brought up enough, in the president of the united states' best interests that all of his former allies go to jail. as opposed to telling the truth. >> why? >> in a rational world, that would never be the case. in a rational world the president would be demanding these people come out, tell the truth, cooperate with investigations. the president is supposed to be the chief law enforcement officer in the land and is activity hoping his associates go to jail so they don't tell stories about him. that's -- that's what's wrong here. >> you follow the russia investigation quite a bit and deep dive into it often. are you following elliott's narrative there when it comes to this? within the best interests of the
12:04 pm
president for all of these people to go to jail? >> that's how outside of the norm we are right now. that more than 20 associates, close associates of the presidential campaign are now indicted and/or going to jail. so, yes. absolutely. they clearly have a lot they need to share or could share if they opted to, all do the full michael cohen and manafort has not opted for that. loyalty, we know, only goes one way in this scenario of a mob leader who in donald trump "the don" and all of his codery around him. the biggest thing coming out of this past week and heading into the next week, i think, is the fact that donald trump has already started with a narrative of no collusion. even though not a single one of these, actually especially the manafort one this past week was not about russian collusion, actually. so donald trump is clearly starting to panic about the fact that these indictments are coming forward. the mueller report is supposed to be dropping soon.
12:05 pm
and he is terrified that the connection between russia intervention and his presidency is going to become clear in court. >> elliott, talk about the manafort case in d.c. in particular. coming out this week. playing out where he faces a tougher judge. what do we expect to get from amy berman jackson? >> it's interesting. i think the apocalypse is coming because my good friend ellie is the voice of moderation in a discussion about sentencing someone in the trump inner circle. i am still concerned and we all should be i think, ellie made this point, too. the 47 months when viewed against what the guideline range was and again, this wasn't something someone pulled out of thin air. this is an almost scientifically calculated to some extent. based on the characteristics of the desert and the kind of offenses committed. it's a big deal it was that low in relation to what the sentencing guideline was. this said, seems more likely
12:06 pm
judge amy berman jackson is more likely to stack the, at least part of the sentence, on top of the sentence he's already gotten, just because adding time to a 47-month sentence is very different than adding time on to a 2 dn -- 293 month, i think, maximal. there's that. the fact that she's dealing with all of these colorful characters like roger stone and so on that sort of seem to have gotten under her skin, too. i don't think she would factor in, judges can't and don't, a highly respected judge, use her personal views or intense pretrial publicity, in this circus here to throw the book at him. the simple fact is, there's a lot of evidence again him and he's lied and been untruthful with the court and will dak tate ttate -- dictate the sentence he has gotten. >> and roger stone you saw there. in front of the same judge.
12:07 pm
michelle, on monday he'll have to explain the whole thing. about the book, to this particular judge. a lot of people wonder if this is it. last time said two strikes. this would be the third strike apparently? >> i'm not sure. i think what roger stone is doing is pushing, pushing, pushing, and sort of daring the judge to jail him. right? because does she really want to jail him on something that maybe goes right up the line to what she's prohibited? it's none entirely clear he's crossed it or she wants to go out and be accused of putting someone in jail for writing a book. at the same time, this was not that hard of a gag rule to abide by. right? i mean, you know, talk about addiction to social media. one of the things i think we see with roger stone although he likes to pretend he has everything under control and is a consummate operator, he's actually volatile and an unstable person. >> really? >> you can see it in his texts to randy credico. right?
12:08 pm
out there threatening to kill this guy's dog, kidnap this guy's dog. somebody who wants to pretend he's this cool operator, and inside is completely freaking out. >> and candace, that's not limited just to roger stone. that's the donald trump personality. that's the personality of pretty much all of the people he put in senior leadership on his campaign. look at michael flynn. a guy who served the united states in uniform yet it sitting along lyde vladimir putin at the height of the adversarial relationship between putin and the united states, because michael flynn turned against his own commander in chief. barack obama. so all of these people are compromised by personality. they're compromised by their politics and that's what really we'll see play out in the courts. >> all of the president's men playing out in court this week. i want to play some sound from earlier today. it's from house intel chair adam schiff. take ap listen. >> probably the best way to get the truth would be to put the president under oath, because as
12:09 pm
he's made plain in the past, he feels it's perfectly fine to lie to the public. >> how likely is that, ellie? >> it's -- it absolutely needs to happen and i think it will happen once out of office. for various reasons that i don't agree with, but various reasons nobody in the department of justice will indict the sitting president for reasons that i don't agree with, but when he's out of office, when he'sclothed the united states, he'll be under oath and go poorly for him then. >> kendis, on top of that, complicated to everybody aen subpoena a sitting president. there have been cases where congress subpoenaed ex presidents before, too. even that gets tricky legally and in the history of congress. i think, again, echo that view. it's not likely to happen. again, not just a question of indicting him it's even getting him to testify, just tough. >> the wild card is whether he
12:10 pm
get indicted in new york. right? the new york attorney general is not bound by these justice department guidelines. >> yes. >> and one other thing i want to say. because the corruption of this administration is so spectacular and you need, if you were kind of at homeland you would have a whole wall full of red string to keep track of it. we're not talking about the fact that a kind of russian -- a convicted felon who helped kind of try to negotiate the trump tower moscow deal is testifying publicly in front of adam schiff the committee thursday. in any other administration that would be a blockbuster hearing. >> one guy. explain that to the people. >> his testimony got beldelayedd we haven't talked about the timing of the mueller report which might come out sometime soon, might be sealed indictments unsealed.
12:11 pm
all is possible this week? >> yeah. i don't think the mueller vort comi -- report is coming as soon as others think. i don't think mueller will be done until don junior has testified and is in jail or mueller says, won done. it's biden versus sanders, and a new iowa poll puts the former vice president ahead of the pack but could seen feel the "bern." still ahead a look how close bernie sanders is to closing the gap. since i'm a truck driver, sometimes i'm gone for, like, three weeks at a time. even if i'm 3,000 miles away, i'm connected with my boys. just pull on over, see my son's game, and i'm having a ball. (vo) there when it matters. buy the new galaxy s10 and get a galaxy s10e on us.
12:12 pm
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former vice president joe biden isn't even officially in the race but the first big iowa poll has him leading a historically crowded democratic field. likely coke isgoers asked who their first choice for president is. ed by biden tops the field with 27%. and close behind, 25% giving a lead over kamala harris and cory booker, elizabeth warren, and the con netest in iowa couldn't characterized as a two-person race. the next closest, senator elizabeth warren trailing sanders by 16 percentage points. iowa and new hampshire, of course, crucial states to win for 2020 hopefuls. bernie sanders is hosting two events in new hampshire today.
12:16 pm
the first one in keen the other in concord where nbc's reporter is. >> reporter: right, kendis. bernie sanders on a swing through new hampshire. moving on to keen this afternoon. we're in concord. most feeling the burn from 2016. you when you listen to him talk, we talked about it last hour, you can tell the policies he's talked about are the ones shaping this race. specifically medicare for all, income inequality and one of the few candidates consistently railing against president donald trump. seems to me almost trying to make this a general election in the primary. one of the things that stood out to me is that new iowa poll out of the des moines register which has him second to joe biden, also benefiting if joe biden were not to run. in that poll it says 30% for biden could go for sanders at this point. pretty notable's one other thing bernie sanders may not be thrilled about in the poll.
12:17 pm
an interesting divide comes between him and biden. in that poll only 54% of people say bernie should run again compared to two-thirds of people who say biden should. yes, bernie sanders and joe biden well-known entities. interesting to see this trickling on to south carolina killer and other states, maybe their time has passed or the right moment for them. >> when you have choices there. from concord, new hampshire, thanks to you. turn to my panel now. rick tyler, co-founder of a strategist firm and from "what's next?" and former director of the new york state democratic party. our thanks to all of you. rick, start with you. if you're working, say, for donald trump 2020 campaign, what's the most interesting part of that new poll we got there from the des moines register? >> i think it's the strength of
12:18 pm
joe biden. joe biden is closely tied to barack obama and, of course, was our previous president and donald trump assumed office from -- from president obama, and so biden has a lot of strength in iowa. quite overwhelming. and as traditional a more established candidate in biden representing progressive and my party, versus the establishment, and no one else is close. that's what it will come down to. although favors biden. a lot of people are competing in the progressive lane and not as um competing for the establishment lane. >> yeah. seems to be a play there in iowa, in the hawkeye state. mary, i want to read something "the des moines registrar" row. joe biden sitting on the fence. i see this poll and might want to jump in. i can't find much in the poll that would be a red flag for joe
12:19 pm
biden, according to the "des moines registrar" is it's name recognition? >> that and the fact joe biden, he looks like a lot of other american presidents. i think that that's a really important thing. >> like the previous 44. older white men. okay. >> we're comfortable with him. >> got t. comfortable with him and important to keep in mind. >> and also, the name rec fligs. john delaney, out there since i believe -- for months, and has spent $1 million on advertising out there in iowa. so there's something to be said about just being somebody that they like and recognize, i guess? not necessarily somebody who's out there doing the sort of retail politics? >> look, joe biden has the obama time, having been vice president. run and people know him, a known entity, can raise money and is a good party person. that sort of in one way separates him from bernie.
12:20 pm
in ways bernie sanders ran against the democratic party in 2016. joe biden i think embodies a little bit more of the democratic establishment, which party leaders who may have felt neglected over the last cycles actually feel more comfortable about. one concern with joe biden, one thing he should concern himself with is not sew seem he's going to be coronated. he has to do the retail politics asking for each and every endorsement. >> doesn't seem like a coronation. hanging out there. prince charles and queen elizabeth. hanging out for decades. so you have two older white men leading the polls right now. in a diverse field. what does that say about the party now? what they're looking for? >> it bothers me a bit but if you look at all the candidates and the truth is there's still time. i want to make that very clear. there's still time for others to really bubble up. if you really look at the diverse field we have that is reflective of the party, but i do think that what happened in 2018 and what's happening in different states, georgia,
12:21 pm
florida, it's reflecting the changes of the party going forward. our view of leadership is changing not just in terms of ideology but race and ethnicity. >> rick, to you quickly. play sound from john hickenlooper today. take a listen. >> i'm happy to say i'm a capitalist but at a certain point the labels do not but divide us. i'm trying to build this campaign around saying that as a country we've got to stop finding every excuse to divide ourselves. >> what he's doing is a little cleanup, because of earlier in the week on "morning joe" was he a capitalist. he kept going around like what is an aleppo moment? and how does this hurt or help president trump in 2020? >> he wants to run against socialism and that has a different connotation to younger voters than someone like bernie
12:22 pm
sanders well appear of the terrible results of socialism all around the world. so he wants to run against socialism. i think it's -- i think that the democrats ought to have a lot of caution about heading in that direction, and when you talk about bringing a private, successful company, bringing them in, combined valuation is 1/8 of what the federal government spends every year, and you know, you have all of this -- that's elizabeth warren, by the way. and her policies have led to bank consolidations and tech consolidations because her policies require good money to chase compliances as opposed to innovation and actually keeping small companies from competing with tech giants, and, look, if the economy is going to continue to get strong and trump doesn't lead us into catastrophe, trump could gechdefinitely get re-ele based on the strength of the economy and democrats need an answer for that. >> it's interesting, spending a lot of time talking about
12:23 pm
people. talking about candidates, about bernie sanders, about joe biden. this is actually an exciting time for issues. we're -- >> talking issues we're not. interesting. >> candidates talking about reparation and medicare for all. bringing up really important points, and so it's a great opportunity for americans to think about what's actually important to me and sort of have this time where there are a ton of candidates but really trying to debate amongst themselves and hone their point of view. >> and talking about issues that aren't going anywhere. the new deal, reparations, breaking break breaking up of tech companies? >> bill nye the science guy in austin and stood up for ocasio-cortez. maybe that endorsement will get us over the line. >> bill nye. >> yes. you know, not left or right. the fact is bernie sanders worn in areas trump won across the country. why? threat of the narrative similar for a period of time.
12:24 pm
the system is rigged. both parties of not supportive of you. there is some sort of buy-in from voters and dissatisfaction from voters neither democrat nor republican. >> rick, finally, look at that poll quickly. what stood out the most for you? as a republican looking at it. >> one democrats want to win. right? and they really want to go with a sure thing. two, i'm glad we're going to talk about issues this cycle and not personalities. that favors democrats, and i think there's a lot of strength in the democratic numbers. no matter who wins a strong cabinet and a very strong vice presidential campaign and juxtaposed against the trump administration. >> and policy and personality. we'll see. still 300-plus days until iowa. 600-plus to the election. rick tyler, thanks. >> thank you, and others sick
12:25 pm
arounsick -- stick around. and they're back. russian trolls kicking in to disrupt our elections in 2020. and an ethiopian airline crash that killed several americans. update, next. xt
12:26 pm
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welcome back, everyone. i'm kendis gibson at msnbc headquarters in new york. a quick look at other stories making headlines in the news roundup. breaking news now from east africa. the u.s. embassy and ethiopia confirm there's were eight americans onboard a boeing 737 plane that crashed minutes after taking off this morning. all 157 people onboard are dead. the ethiopian airlines jet was a brand new boeing 737 max. even more devastation as a new round of severe weather rips through southern states. this just one week after tornadoes killed 23 people. flood warnings remain in effect for parts of arkansas, louisiana and mississippi, as the national weather service predicts a chance for more severe weather come tuesdays it. and republican lawmakers in north carolina considering a bill that not only calls for arming teachers but gives them a
12:30 pm
5% pay raise in exchange. leaders of the local teachers group calmed the proposal a disaster waiting to happen. and this morning, people in hawaii and arizona are probably laughing at the rest of us -- those are the only two states that do not observe daylight-saving time and as such they did not lose out on an hour of sleep this morning. hey, in our benefit. at least the clocks on our microwaves are the right time since last october. there's that. switching gears now. there may be 604 days until the next presidential election but prussian trolls at work. how trolls changed their strategy ahead of 2020. okay. according to security experts they're promoting politically divisive messages through phony social media accounts instead of creating propaganda themselves. joining me to discuss our former fbi agent, and msnbc terrorism analyst is with us.
12:31 pm
big welcome to you both. saw quite a bit of russian trolling, you know, go unaddressed in 2016. what can the fbi do at least ahead of 2020 as to not be caught with their pants down, i guess, this time around? >> well, i'm sure about to jump in say, one, while trolls are incredibly important the other part 2016 showed us, it wasn't just trolls. actually human beings. right? pa tina to ambassador kislyak, the part that the fbi and intelligence community has to do is first accept this was 2016, an intelligence failure and we have to do things differently. that means, look, the russians have people. they actually have human beings, not just trolls, sitting in st. petersburg in front of a computer screen and are activy will going to target and infiltrate democratic campaigns. that's what they do. we saw from the yang selfies proliferates in the internet and
12:32 pm
across the news, it wouldn't take someone to get a presidential candidate in a compromising position. doing what? looking for money. doesn't take much to get a dinner. the fbi needs to acknowledge from a resource standpoint this is going to be an effort of the russian intelligence apparatus. they're going to seek to med-in-law our election, use this information and use human beings networks or operation in the united states. until we take that as a threat same at counter terrorism we're way, way behind the eight ball. >> handle a russian strategy? do they have resources for this? >> well, the fbi is not the principle agency that would handle this nap would actually be department of homeland security when talking internally in the united states. and externally would be the national security agency. in fact, the responsibility falls on each individual person who uses the internet. >> that's right.
12:33 pm
>> what we're finding that's happening now is precisely what happened in to the run-up to the democratic national convention. we found they are using information, themes, peoples and bots, right? automated response programs to put out divisive messages about, you know, the minority groups and particular things like attacks on alexandria ocasio-cortez or congresswoman om omar, oriented to the trump voter. what that does is instokes their outrage. the outrage machine is far greater motivating of a factor. >> not necessarily attacking the candidates running necessarily, but just in order to stoke the opposition? >> sure. absolute absolutely. what they do is amplify themes, which you would see on fox news at any given day, but by amplifying them on facebook, twitter, giving them a far bigger megaphone that allows
12:34 pm
those individual groups who go back and see reparations for blacks, or they say someone who make as comment that might be construed and anti-semitic, it stokes their outrage and amplifies one message that would come from a real american, amplified 100,000 times by a foreign bot, which is propagating this information and that is the weapon. >> so can social media companies like twitter and facebook do anything regarding these trolling at this point? >> yeah. malcolm went into this. think about a bot, automated service. look, even taking ad buys. certainly there are ways from a promatic alga rhythmic standpoint to detect that and stop that. we don't acknowledge for russia having someone sit in front of a computer 24 hours as troll, a paid troll is something they can afford to have thousands of people do. what we're going to see is exactly what malcolm is saying. focus on specific issues but it
12:35 pm
will manifest itself more in trolls, actual human beings pushing things, infiltrating the same as an in-person contact but in this case online. >> malcolm, want to jump in there? >> yeah. he's absolutely right. the themes you're going to see are the ones which we saw play out in 2016 that were divisive that a lot of us didn't detect. there were some very pointed troll attacks oriented to the african-american community that was designed to get african-americans not to come to the polls. by saying hillary clinton was a predator and blah, blah, blah. also we saw a thing we called marionetting, a person in st. petersburg, russia pretending to be a u.s. citizen and coming through an american server and getting people to go out and do protests as if they were communing with an american but in fact were actually under the control of a foreign government. >> sounds like you are waving a red flag saying, be warned.
12:36 pm
instead, our government might be waving a white flag and giving up right there. >> pretty much. >> okay. thank you. thank you both. all right. still ahead, how a new documentary is showing a different side of beto o'rourke. i had a few good tricks to help hide my bladder leak pad. like the old "tunic tug". but always discreet is less bulky. and it really protects. 'cause it turns liquid to gel. so i have nothing to hide.
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12:40 pm
. that's how we started. >> run like there's nothing to lose. >> a new documentary about former congressman beto o'rourke that prepamiered at south by southwest. a congressman actually running -- in d.c. oh, my god. what does it mean? so it was -- running as senate candidate, peels back the curtain you can see on his run op the mall, the pressure for runs for office, showing beto drops f bombs and shouting at advisers. how much of this video -- what? ten days sin o'rourke announce add decision about his political future. he told reporters a timeline that works for my family and for the country. that's a timeline that we're on. but during the screening his supporters got an e-mail inviting them to be the first to hear beto's big announcement.
12:41 pm
okay. let me turn to my panel now. ellie mistal, who's editor and the podcast "what next?" and former executive director of the new york state democratic party. you have it. the big news today, beto curse a lot. shouts. runs a lot on the national mall. so it's not the first time, though, we've heard him curse. >> every time republicans try to make beto look like a problem, they actually just end up making him look cool. right? what this is going to be again. look, i don't know if you've noticed but the current president of the united states is a potty-mouthed, foul-mouthed -- >> no, no, no. go on. >> if beto, all he's doing is
12:42 pm
being authentic and that's what people want in this yorworld we living in. any shock documentary showing him cursing or playing the guitar, long as he doesn't eat salad way comb he'll be okay. >> that's becoming more and more acceptable. here's beto at his concession speech some months ago in november. >> all of you showing the country how you do this! i'm so [ bleep ] proud of you guys! >> that was on live cable tv at the time. last night cursing in front of his young daughter right there. what is this like -- beating the chest, 2020? >> i guess. i look at this and think it's like our version of the aoc video. the new version of that. right? dancing video. we thought, oh, will this impact her, how's this -- what will we think about this ask that she's kind of goofy and lovable and that's where it went. that's what we're looking at here. i haven't seen the documentary.
12:43 pm
everything i've heard about it, looks like more of that. >> a raving documentary about him. and johnson for the "washington post" writes, 90 minutes on saturday beto was reminded in intimate detail how difficult his last campaign was and how grueling and even higher profile a race may be for his children. so do you think the screening will influence at all his decision? will all of this influence it? >> family certainly will. no question about that. look, i do think that the screening will add to, if you already liked him you're going to love him after this. sort of ah -- sort of ah after this. not much value added but number one he seems to be very authentic with this vehicle which is social media but so is cory booker and others. i don't think that in and of itself is unique and i add yelling at advisors, as a former staffer, that's normal.
12:44 pm
>> what? >> totally normal. doesn't happen to you you're not doing a good job. that probably will land differently than it did for amy klobuchar. that might be a business concerning. >> i wonder why? right? >> exactly. >> actually, if anything, based on that, i haven't seen it, like you, but if we see him yelling at staff and people are okay, amy klobuchar gets to come around here, take a victory lap and dunk people's heads in toilets if that's how it's going to be. >> absolutely. >> i think this action might help her. >> exactly. >> would it help him? >> anything that makes him look co cool, helps him. doesn't hurt him. >> yeah. >> there's something to be said about beta testing. like he's beta testing the whole beto thing the last few months. mastered the art of the tease. how long are we going to have to wait before he jumps in the race? >> good question. i don't know. i think he's right it depends on his family and he talks about
12:45 pm
his family. i think in the documentary she was there. right? his wife. sort of smiled when people asked if he was going to actually jump in to the race. who knows? who knows? he's clearly keeping the conversation going. he almost doesn't have to jump in right now, because he's just -- keeping the eye on him. >> i do wonder about that. because i agree, he really -- there's no real pressure on him to, but i wonder if just being bold and doing it actually just helps him in the long run. because it's like, look, man. we don't -- we understand you're flirting with this, but don't tease us. go in, be bold, run for office for people to get behind you or move on. >> what if he doesn't win? >> try running for election in texas. that could be acceptable. >> you're right. >> right? >> barack obama won something. like -- >> it is a rainy day in new york, the amount of shame. >> shame.
12:46 pm
>> i think he could try to run and win. john cornyn happens to be, the other senator from texas. go take him out. >> claims he's not running against cory. >> but he could. he could. >> okay. >> that's when he should do. you asked what he should do. right? he is going to probably go to the dentist. right? >> instagram that. >> see how it plays out. promised an answer by end of february. where are we now? >> march. >> ides. >> ellie, mary, bezel, good discussion. still ahead a house divided. can democrats bounce back after a week of debate over comments made by congresswoman ilhan om ar. and we discuss that and the new fight the president may be picking to get his border wall.
12:47 pm
12:48 pm
12:49 pm
12:50 pm
the fact that the democrats tripped up this week dealing with a resolution on condemning anti-semitism is absolutely crazy. we should have been talking how will we find make sure we're
12:51 pm
working on artificial intelligence and being lead other than these issues instead are caught up by some of, by comments we know we should have learned in kindergarten. you shouldn't hate people. >> interesting take from texas republican will herd. taking aim at the scrambled democratic leadership. and ilhan omar's controversy comments criticizing israel exposed deep divisions within her own party. this begs the question, is this along with other political firestorms actually overshad o e overshadowing the party's agenda? i want your opinion on this. representative liz cheney's thoughts on the anti-hate resolution just passed. take a listen. >> nothing objectable in the
12:52 pm
resolution. i voted against it, an effort to protect ilhan omar, cover up her bigotry and anti-semitism refusing to name her. democrats haven't removed her from her committee. >> quick reaction to that? >> there are 435 members in congress, each elected by about 700,000 people collectively i will tell you the democratic party has been the party of the conscience of this country standing up against racism, standing up and protecting those without a voice. that statement was the statement from the party of who we are, what do we stand for, what we will have zero tolerance for. every person, every member of congress, including the president, has freedom of speech, and accountability for that they say. we as a body made a conscious decision as democrats to say, we will not tolerate this.
12:53 pm
we will, as a party, put who we are and put the statement out. i stand behind it. i supported it, and i'm ready to move forward to highlight what we have done with the first effort to address gun violence and to protect voting rights. >> and while you say you're ready to move on while the party is ready to move on, party leaders brought up this resolution and curious to get your thought on this, though. i noticed that you out out a statement against hate itself. is criticizing israel anti-semit anti-semitic? >> no. criticizing israel is not anti-semitic. we -- i criticize our own american -- >> where did your colleague go wrong? >> because she used one of those code words that i personally in hearing from her she did not realize that it was affiliated with some of the most hatred anti-semitic activity in history. so there's a lot of things to be
12:54 pm
said here. your words should be something that you understand. something you can stand by. your words should not be something that you have to constantly apologize for. that comes with wisdom and experience. and i hope and i pray as she moves forward that she will realize that and embrace that, but i will tell you that criticism of israel, of saudi arabia, is not an attack on the people as much as i have criticism of the president of the united states. i am not anti-american. >> i hear you. let's quickly, then, talk policy, because senior administration officials confirm to nbc news seeking $8.6 billion in wall funding. is that dead on arrival? >> it's dead on arrival. i sit on the house appropriations committee and have a unique view of our budget and who we are as a country. follow the money of what we fund. this president historically
12:55 pm
since he's been in office has defunded things like the community black grant money, defunded public broadcasting like pbs. he has defunded programs for back to school programs. the pocketbook belongs to congress. that is dead on arrival. >> and this, suggests a number of different cuts. thanks to representative brenda lawrence. thank you. we'll be right back. you. we'll be right back.
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
that does it for this hour of msnbc live. the news continues now with my friend ayman mohyeldin. i woke up early today. >> appreciate the extra two minutes. try to put them to good work. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. hello. i'm at msnbc world headquarters. a lot to break down this hour. leaders of the packed polling shows joe biden and bernie sanders flying high above the rest of a crowded democratic 2020 field as other candidates search for their breakout moment. and a stunning moment involving a key figure from that other trump tower meeting. one that also involved foreign nationals. the trump campaign, and, of course, donald trump jr. why this new revelation may be of interest for robert mueller. plus, the controversy surrounding freshman congresswoman ilhan omar. is she in a no-win situation with critics ready to denounce anything she said about foreign
1:00 pm
policy as simply anti-semitic? we break that down coming up. brand new polling numbers out of iowa. a glimpse how the democratic field is playing out in an early voting state. joe biden and bernie sanders out front with sizable and considerable leads. biden hasn't officially announced plans for 2020 but sanders is in full campaign mode taking his message directly to voters in new hampshire today. moi meanwhile, the 2020 race added john hickenlooper, one of several presidential hopefuls to take the stage at south by southwest in austin over the weekend. even as these contenders vie for voters tls, there is plenty anticipation surrounding the former vice president. former new york city mayor, michael bloomberg, bowing out of the white house run clearing a lane for joe biden to enter the race. his anticipated entry would likely appeal to those looking for the most moderate choice


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