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tv   Russia If Youre Listening... Trump Putin  MSNBC  March 10, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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wall but they don't like the abuse of presidential power. >> i would say the president's budget as we are speaking, nancy pelosi, put out a release, bring out the wall, we'll not give it to you. >> >> i, too, will be covering the declaration. >> that'll be it for us tonight, coming up next, "russia if you are listening," an msnbc's special from ali velshi. >> this is an msnbc special presentation. all we hear about is this phony russia witch hunt. >> the mueller/russia report is not ready yet. >> washington is in eager and anticipation mode. our report is. >> this is really important. the unprecedented moments. >> those were lies and i am so
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sorry that the american people were told that. >> mr. trump knew of and directed the trump moscow negotiations throughout the campaign and lied about it. >> the infamous meeting. >> when you tell someone you have dirt, once you get a yes, you have hooked your fish. because they lied that makes it look more significant than it is. >> the aggressive defense. >> fake news of the russia witch hunt. >> trump create a great job creating an atmosphere that a third of the country will not believe anything that robert mueller says. >> how do we get here? >> i am concerned that donald trump is behaving someone who may have been compromised or blackmailed by russia. >> the house committee sending outleters to individuals looking for these things. >> it is hard to imagine the worse thing that happens to donald trump was being elected
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president of the united states. >> russia, if you are listening, i hope you are able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. for more than two years, the nation has been consumed by questions about whether trump campaign and the russians interfered in the 2016 elections? >> we have a special counsel to head the russia investigation. >> the fbi raided the office of the lawyer of the president of the united states. >> there is still no evidence of collusion between the president and anyone. >> was there collusion, obstruction of justice, improper contact between russian officials and the campaign? it is the focus of the mueller investigation and what we'll dive into tonight. beginning with the question, how did we get here? >> we need more love and
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kindness in this country. just days before democrats would name hillary clinton their presidential nominee, wikileaks uploaded nearly 20,000 hacked e-mails. >> u.s. intelligence agencies believe russian cyber spies hacked into the computer belonging to the democratic national committee. >> they realized what they had been looking at is a credibly complex tact directed by the kremlin designed undermine our democracy, defeat hillary clinton and elect donald trump. >> which as especially in hindsight made that now famous press conference even more unforgettable. >> russia, if you are listening, i hope you are able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> apparently, russia was listening. >> the russians took it.
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within hours they started trying to hack her server. former trump campaign adviser, sam nounberg. >> it is not a coincidence. russia took it literally. >> days after trump's unusual request, the fbi opened a counter intelligence into russia's attempt to influence the election and any possible connection with the trump campaign. >> they said you admire president putin? >> i said i don't admire him, i said he's a strong leader, may be bad or good. >> trump's regard for vladimir putin also peaked the interest of the fbi as did the many russia connections among his campaign staffs. >> you have carter page and george papadopoulos and felix sater, all of these characters
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were having contacts with russian officials in one way or another. >> michael flynn, the adviser with a russian connection, michael flynn. >> we do not need a reckless president who believes she is above the law. >> in 2015, flynn had traveled to moscow where he was paid to appear on r.t., right tuussia t. >> i know he said that and i disagree with that. i definitely disagree with that. >> he stood and applauded putin's speech when emerged later that he was paid, his company was paid some $45,000. >> after trump's victory in november, he named flynn national security adviser against the advice of out going president barack obama who reportedly warned trump that
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flynn lacked the temperament for the job. >> i had the opportunity to have the conversation with president-elect trump, president obama struck back at russia for the cyber attack ejecting 35 suspected russian spies from the u.s. and imposiing sanctions against russian skbel jeintelli services. >> vladimir putin responded surprisingly by not responding. >> he announced he would not retaliate against the u.s. for posing new sanctions to interfere with the election. >> what the public did not know was on the day president obama announced those sanctions, michael flynn, had conversations with sergei kislyak. >> one of the things he said was basically don't react to this. hold tight, there is a new administration coming in and it won't be a problem. >> general flynn should have
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known the fbi monitors all calls with foreign diplomats to u.s. citizens. >> the duties of the office on which i am about to enter. >> soon after flynn was sworn in as national security adviser, she was questioned by the fbi. >> he was asked about his contacts with the russians during the presidential transition. >> he denied that he discussed the sanctions when really they had evidence that he had in fact brought it up. >> u.s. intelligence officials believe flynn made the same denial to vice president-elect pence. over at the justice department, top officials knew flynn had been untruth. deputy attorney general sal sally yates shared her concerns. >> she thought flynn was blackmailed because he did not tell the truth. >> i had to state the obvious, you don't want your national security adviser compromise with the russians. >> the president ignored the
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warnings and the next 18 days did nothing to correct the public deception. >> he's trying to hold onto michael flynn despite the fact that he's compromised. for prosecutors, it raises one question, why? >> the washington post just posted this national security adviser, michael flynn, discussdiscus discussed sanctions before trump took office despite denials, officials say. >> not until the washington post revealed flynn had discussed sanctions with russia. >> national security adviser, michael flynn has resigned. >> a day after he resigned, the president met with the man overseeing the fbi investigation, director james comey. >> comey is at the white house for r a mea meeting and trump k
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everyone out in the room and he wants to talk about the flynn investigation. look, flynn did not do anything wrong, i need you to move pass and not do this investigation. comey was asked about the conversation at a congressional hearing. >> he's a good guy. i hope you can let this go. now, those are his exact words, correct? >> yes. >> he did not order you to let it go. >> i took it as a direction. it is a president of the united states with me alone saying i hope this, i took it as this is what he wants me to do. i did not obey that but that's what i took it. >> the president denied asking comey to stop investigating flynn. a little month later, he took the shocking step of dismissing the fbi director. >> comey is out in los angeles, talking to some staff there and he looks up and sees on the television in the back of the room, the crawl, the breaking
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news alert that he's been fired. he says -- that's funny, his aides come up to him and say, actually sir, this is not a joke. trump appeared crystal clear about it the next day. >> the president was in the oval office with the russian ambassador, sergei kislyak and lavrov and according to press accounts of that meeting, he described james comey as a "nut job" and boasted that he had relieved a lot of pressure on himself by getting rid of him. trump echoed a similar sentence into nbc news anchor, lester holt. >> monday you met with rod rosenstein, did you ask him for a recommendation? >> regardless of recommendation, i was going to fire comey
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knowing there is no good time to do it. nan in fact, when i decided to do it, i said to myself, you know -- this russia thing with trump and russia is a made-up story, it is an excuse by the democrats for having lost in the election. >> a week later, deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein, announced he was appointing a special counsel to oversee the russia investigation. it was a turning point in the trump presidency that donald trump blamed on attorney general jeff sessions. a top adviser during this campaign. >> i had involvement with the campaign, i should not be involved in any campaign investigations. therefore, i have recused myself in the matters that deal with the trump campaign. >> his recusal gave rod rosenstein the power to appoint a special counsel, his choice,
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donald trump ran for president claiming he mastered the art of the deal. >> in 2016, did vladimir putin make him an offer he could not refuse? like president trump, vladimir putin, has supreme political power and incredible personal wealth. in 2012, u.s. sanctions, made putin a fortune into achilles'
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heels. >> vladimir putin does not keep money in his own name. he keeps money in the names of many russian oligarchs. this will freeze the assets. i believe that putin is the richest man in the world. i believe he's worth $200 billion. this piece of legislation puts that money at risk. donald trump runs for president may given vladimir putin a chance to get those sanctions lifted. investigators likely interested whether putin, a kgb recru recruiter, -- >> it would cause an embarrassment or threaten. it is what you use to hang over somebody's head as a mean to
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control. >> a deputy of assistant of state focused on international organized crimes in the 1990s. >> it is almost, always or two kinds of things, it is either financial compromise, you taken a payment from someone you do not report or you have done sexually that you can't have it disclose. the russians look for a corrupt businessman and a target country. they seek compromise that corrupt business person. and inject that corrupt business person like a virus into the political business structure of a country. >> thank you. >> whether donald trump had been compromised by russian intelligence is a core mystery of the mueller investigation. the president has repeatedly denied he has business ties to russia. but financial transactions in the mid 2000s and comments by his own family suggests other wise. >> starting around 2006, the
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trump and the trump organization going on shopping sprees and spending a lot of cash and a number of acquisition including major golf course in scotland. there is a question around where did they get the money to do this. in 2008, donald trump jr. stated that russia was an important financial partner. >> donald trump jr. says in the 2008 conference quote, "russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets." we see a lot of money pouring in from russia. >> eric trump told james dodson the same thing. >> eric trump suggested to a well regarded call that those funding came from russia. >> eric trump told the new york post that he was misquoted, stating the allegations was quote, "complete garbage." donald trump had been to russia
6:19 pm
more than once. he first went to 1987 when it is still the soviet union, he returned in 1996. his connection with russia grew deeply when a russian oligarch helped him stage the pageant in russia. >> we met aguilar in moscow and he came up to us and received a warm welcome. >> rob gold stone is a publicist who works for aguilar. >> mr. trump says he believes that the russians had a strong leader in president putin unlike america whose leader was weak. >> donald trump expressed hope on twitter that he and putin
6:20 pm
would become best friends. in november of 2013, soon after the pageant ended, donald trump announced his dreams of building a tower in moscow bearing his name. he entrusted the deal to his right hand man and personal fixer, michael cohen. >> at some point in 2015, the trump organization began to try to take action around building a major skyscraper in moscow. michael cohen was a key force in planning that thought in the president's ears. trump had a financial interest in trying to get something done in russia at the very moment when trump himself was a candidate for the most powerful office in the world. >> but even as candidate trump denied business ties to russia, confidential reports claiming otherwise surfaced in washington, d.c. >> what's known as the steele dossier is named for the british
6:21 pm
intelligence to compile its content. >> the steele dossier is collection of tips compiled by british agents who was hired by republican campaigns and by hillary clinton campaign to find out what's going on with donald trump russia. >> steel began his investigation in the fall of 2015 and continued into 2016. in june, steel's first report suggested that russia had compromised and then candidate trump including allegedly compromising financial and sexual information. >> i met with steel and he knew more about russia organize crimes than i did. i knew a lot but he knew more. the russian government had a relationship with donald trump of ongoing contacts between donald trump and those close in
6:22 pm
the russia government. >> steel's report grew more alarming. >> steel hearing of the fact that russia was dangling deals with trump. he knew the names like michael cohen and felix sater. it was totally outside the experiences of anything that anyone had ever heard about a presidential candidate. some of the dossiers have been corroborated but much of it has not including its sexual allegations. in the closing days of 2016 as president obama struggled to respond to a president assault, the steele dossier was largely unknowned to the publ unknown to the public. by the time it was public to buzz feed in 2016, donald trump had already won the election. >> i am very concerned.
6:23 pm
>> i am concerned that donald trump is behaving like someone who may have been compromised or blackmailed by russia. that's something we need to get to the bottom of. we need to ge to the bottom of coming up. >> we have the president of the united states literally defending the president of russia. i switched to liberty mutual
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i think i get along very well with vladimir putin. i think i get along well with him. while the mueller investigation nears the two-year mark and no information about its findings are available. president trump and his white house repeatedly stated there was no collusion between his presidential campaign and russia. >> there was no collusion. >> no collusion. >> evidence of contact between russia and his family and associates and donald trump himse himself. one event stands above the rest as evident potential collusion between the trump campaign and russian operates. the meeting of june 9th, 2016 at trump tower. >> who was trump's closest
6:27 pm
business associates in russia? the guy he did miss universe with. so if you want to get a message to the trump campaign from the russia's side, those are the people who you go to. >> rob goldstein, a publicist orchestrated the event and would not attend the meeting. the message to his e-mail no donald trump jr. would later raise eye brows. >> some officials documents and information that'll i n criminae hillary. >> don jr. would later ignite a fire storm of controversy. >> he says i love it. it becomes part of the evidence
6:28 pm
record that knew and trying to get dirt with hillary clinton in kahoot with russian nationals. >> when you tell someone we have dirt on hillary and you are testing the waters to see what the response is and once you get a yes, a positive response to that. you have hooked your fish. >> joining don jr. at the meeting, donald trump's son-in-law, jared kushner and campaign chairman paul manafort, the powerful political consultant with ties to russia. it includ includes nathialia bu. >> the question had always been did candidate trump knew about the meeting from happening? >> if trump knew and did in the
6:29 pm
stop it from happening, that in itself is a crime even if he did not ask or direct it. >> if donald trump jr. and jared kushner took this meeting innocently and ignorantly is possible. mr. manafort would know. although the meeting reportedly didn't deliver any in criminating information, it did cause problems for don jr. when contacted by the new york times, released a short statement that the meeting was primarily about russian adoption. when the "times" followed up, he changed his explanation. >> donald trump releasing e-mails that confirmed he met last year with someone described as a russian government attorney. it was later reported that the
6:30 pm
president dictated john jr.'s original statement about adoption. >> don jr. puts the lie out, he knew he was going to a meeting to get dirt from hillary clinton from a russian national which i can't say often enough because that's just damming. >> had they just explain everything? had those e-mails been released by don jr. from the beginning? >> there is no there there. it is because they lied that makes it looked more significant than it is. >> as the campaign continues so did contacts between trump associates and russian individuals. after winning the election, the president-elect trump prorussia statements raised concerns. >> if putin likes donald trump, guess what, folks, that's called an asset, not a liability.
6:31 pm
in 2018, when president trump criticized american allies in the european union and barbed the u.s.'s role in nato. >> we are going to have to do something because we are not going to put up with it. >> his words sent shock waves around the world because a week in nato which was created to protect against russian aggression could strengthen putin's influence. the unusual relationship continued to evaluate and in july 2018, during the helsinki meeting, the president was put in the spot in the entire world. >> every u.s. intelligence computed that russia did interfered. my first question to you, sir, who do you believe? >> people came to me and they said they think it is russia. i have president putin, he just said it is not russia. i will say this, i don't see any
6:32 pm
reason why it would be. >> we have the president of the united states literally defending the president of russia. telling the world that his own intelligence apparatus is not right. that's astounding. >> despite stating that he misspoke the next day. >> i said the word "would," instead of "wouldn' t." people are speaking out in ways i have not heard before, not only american diplomats but foreign diplomats who were saying we can't rely on the president. >> to me that's something he would have to look into. the president had gone to great lengths to conceal the details
6:33 pm
of the private helsinki meeting as he has for each of the four private meetings he had with vladimir putin, leading many to ask, is this a bromance or something else? >> i don't like the term bromance because that implies there is a mutual relationship. >> i think donald trump is handling a spy and to sit with an ex kgb who's the leader of the greatest mafia in the world, you are going to get handled and not just handled, he's going to manipulate you and you would think it is a bromance, he will think that he's now in control of the united states. >> coming up. >> mr. stone told mr. trump that he just gotten off the phone with julian assange. >> we just don't know and if he
6:34 pm
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i am richard lui, 157 people are dead after the ethiopian airlines took off. safety experts are traveling to the country to help in the investigation. president trump will deliver his president address on monday asking for $8.5 billion to build his wall. now back to "russia, if you are listening." >> a number of people around this campaign with ties from russia. people do not seem to be lying about spain or netherlands or italy over and over again. it is russia. >> since the russia
6:38 pm
investigation began, his office obtained convictions of five associates of donald trump. the charges have ranged from lying to the fbi to tax evasions. the special counsel's filings have made it clear that all five had suspicious contacts with russia during the campaign. >> there is a lot of efforts by the russian government to tamper in the interference. >> a sixth indictment came in january 2019 against roger stone for making false statements to congress and obstruction of justice and witness tampering. stone pleaded not guilty. >> there is no circumstance whatsoever under which i bare fault witness. >> roger stone is willing to color outside the lines in a way that other strategists or other
6:39 pm
political operatives may be unwilling to do. >> stone was not a member of the trump campaign staff, he served as an unofficial adviser. he came to mueller after bragging in 2016 that he was communicating directly with wikileaks founder, julian assange. assange became a factor of june 2016 when he made an announcement on british television. >> we have e-mails about hillary clinton. according to former trump's lawyer, michael cohen, before wikileaks released any of those e-mails, roger stone called donald trump. mr. stone told mr. trump, he gotten off the phone with mr. julian assange. mr. assange told mr. stone that
6:40 pm
in a couple of days, there will be a massive dump of e-mails that would damage hillary clinton's campaign. >> that's roger trying to be remaining relevant to trump. >> soon after that alleged phone call, wikileaks began its first dump of hack material. >> this weekend, wikileaks released nearly 20,000 e-mails sent and received by members of democratic national committee. cameras captured stone on august 8th, telling an audience in southern florida about his connection with assange. >> i have communicated with
6:41 pm
assange. on october 7th, the day of the infamous "access hollywood" tape. >> a massive document dump from wikileaks of what appears to be hacked e-mails from clinton's campaign, john podesta's g-mail account. >> according to his indictment, he received a message from the campaign official saying well-done. >> since 2016, roger stone denied speaking directly with julian assange. >> there is no suggestion or any court documents that roger stone was directly in touch with assange. >> stone may have had direct dealings with julian assange.
6:42 pm
that's not mutually exclusive. the central question whether the russians conspire with trump or with his campaign or officials on that campaign interfere in our election. >> stone has joined the growing list of trump's associates. george papadopoulos, a foreign policy of the campaign convicted o f lying to the fbi. he met with russian intelligence officers who told him the russians had hillary clinton's missing e-mails. >> we don't know who in the trump campaign he informed, he claimed he did not remember who he shared with. he once told me robert mueller knows. >> the clues came out in a recent filings by paul
6:43 pm
manafort's attorney. >> manafort shared polling data through kilimnik who has worked for russian intelligence and they passed that polling data off during the campaign. >> this is the best example that we have seen, why would a russia need internal polling data if not to help to manipulate the election. other people say it could be nothing. >> the larger question may be how so many people in one campaign ended up communicating with russia. >> again and again and again at what happens in this particular investigation are ties to russia. is that an accident? i don't think so. >> coming up, the president fights robert mueller at every turn.
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fake news of the russian witch hunt. >> since taking off in 2017, president trump has publicly attacked the russia investigation, led by special counsel robert mueller more than a thousand times. the president is taking all kinds of steps to undermine the fbi and law enforcement. >> he disparages fact findings and disparages anyone who says anything he does not like. he calls them liars. >> what's happening is a disgrace and at some point i want to stay out but at some point if it does not straighten out properly, i want them to do their job, i will get involved and i will get in there if i have to. >> he argued that the fbi is looking at him when they should
6:48 pm
be looking at hillary clinton and he can whip up his supporters at his rally when he talks about the investigation and paints himself as someone being victimized by this. >> president trump's argument is that mueller and his team are out to get him for purely political reasons. >> i call him the angry democrat. it is an unfair thing for this country. >> he began right at the beginning attacking investigations on the ground that mueller surrounded himself with democrats and without knowing the fact that there were republicans. robert mueller is a registered republican. >> robert mueller remained tight lift. >> working for mueller, someone who do not tolerate and would never authorize any type of leak to the media. he had such a reputation in that regard. >> it is not only law
6:49 pm
enforcement targeted in trump's attacks. the president trump tried to discredit witnesses, even those in his inner circle including michael cohen. >> he tries to intimidate, he calls michael cohen a rat and a snitch. who talks like that? >> at first when the fbi searched michael cohen's home, hotel and office in april of 2018, the president defended cohen. >> i just heard that they broke into the office of michael cohen's, one of my personal attorneys, good man. it is a disgraceful situation and it is a total witch hunt. i have been saying it for a long time. august 21st, 2018, a consequential date for the president within hours for paul manafort's conviction in federal court. cohen pleaded guilty in
6:50 pm
connection with hush money payment made during the campaign to two women who claimed affairs with donald trump. president trump denied he had an affair with stormy daniels and when it came to the alleged affair with playboy model karen mcdougal, the white house called it white house called it fake news. in late november another tough day for the president. michael cohen agreed to cooperate with the russia probe. drawing the president's ire. >> he's a weak person. what he is trying to do is get a reduced sentence. he's lying. >> one of the president's pattern has been criticize people who have been cooperating with mueller or testifying calling thm liars and weak. saying they want to cut deals just to save their own skin. and you have the self-inflicted wounds the fbi brought upon itself. >> grilling rosenstein over text
6:51 pm
messages. >> one of the officials was peter strzok. he led the investigation to 2016 into hillary clintons missing e-mails before being assigned to the russia probe along with lisa page the follows year. >> they were texting one another. many times a day on fbi devices. some texts were critical of donald trump and erupted into a scandal. >> we have their text messages. what they said was shocking. when you thought about bias. >> this was catnip for trump. partisan democrats attacking me. i told you this was a witch hunt. >> the media is also a frequent target of president trump attacks. >> they are the fake disgusting news. >> it's right out of putin's play book how he handles the media. trying to make it awe're everything they print is fake and not the real news.
6:52 pm
>> most hard core trump supporters accepted his frame that everything of what the russia information is fake and tune it out. coming up. whatever is in the mueller report, there are still other legal challenges that the president faces. >> that would send chills down my spine. look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ guys do whatever it takes to deal with shave irritation. so, we re-imagined the razor with the new gillette skinguard. it has a unique guard between the blades.
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it's been one of the most analyzed, scrutinized, and criticized investigations in modern political history. >> washington is now in eager anticipation mode for the completion of the mueller report. >> it's expected that the report will soon be in the hands of attorney general william bar. any potential history altering contents are a mystery. so when the attorney general gets it, then what?
6:56 pm
>> he's going to review it and make sure that there's not sensitive information grand jury material. sources and methods that are classified. there maybe a plausible claim of executive privilege. with respect to the material. >> sometimes criminal investigations can hurt the privacy and trust of individuals and the example we were dealing with in realtime in 1999 was the lieu inski allegation dumped on congress. for that reason we gave the attorney general discretion over what to give to congress. >> the regulations don't make clear exactly how the attorney general if at all will summarize the mueller report. he could have a news conference and talk about it. write his own report. >> we have to see was there enough evidence to convict? or wasn't there. you can't say there wasn't enough evidence. that's not going to fly.
6:57 pm
>> i would like to think bar is going to act in the public entles and release as much as congress needs to make the decision that will have before it. >> even if the entire report is released to the public uned itd, the content may not reveal all that much. it's going to be very spare. if mueller sticks to the rules and if there's one thing mueller tends to do it's stick to the rules. >> regulations say that's summary should be very brief. if he sticks to the letter of the regular. there will be unhappy people. >> one possible reason is robert mueller could be give b a road map to future investigations. that don't have the limited scope he's been working under and handing them documented evidence of possible criminal behavior. >> the states the local district attorney, congress, and u.s. attorneys offices all maybe picking up on different investigative leads. >> the house judiciary committee
6:58 pm
chairman nadler sent letters to 81 individuals expanding that on the investigation and looking to these things such as donald trump others business dealings. >> they are interested in whether he has financial considerations weighing on him from foreign government. influencing his behavior. they're not confining themselves to the 2016 election anymore. >> it makes it much more difficult to shut it down. particularly in the southern district of new york. >> when we talk about the southern district of new york, they have still looking. at information regarding the trump organization, the trump charity and the revocable trust and other matters. that would send chills down my spine. >> another avenue of interest. does the president's recollection of events align with other witness accounts. >> trurp didn't want to give an interview to robert mueller and he didn't. he did give written answers.
6:59 pm
and it's curious why robert mueller would accept that. and one reason would be he can pin trump down to his story. if then robert mueller could disprove with evidence and have donald trump on perjury. >> whoever and whatever coming out ot report. expect a white house rebutle. >> they prepared a counter report. what they mean is all the ways in which they can attack the investigation. the text between the fbi agent and the the agent he was having affair. where they showed bias. they want to summarize it and argue the investigation is illegitimate. that plays to their base. he creates an atmosphere where a third of the country is not going to believe anything mueller says. >> the mueller probe. arguably the most significant investigation in the country history. indicted 34 individuals. there have been convictions of
7:00 pm
high level trump associates. and satellite investigations continue. >> so he's really told a story through these many indictments and court filings that developed over two years. that serve as a defact toe mueller report before we see the actual document. the entire thing has been a witch hunt. and there's no collusion. >> bob muellerer can't be bullied. he can't be intimidated. >> this is big stuff. mueller is the guy to do it. >> all eyes are on robert swan mueller the third. >> robert mueller investigation is one of the most prolific in history. >> if evidence of conspiracy or obstruction of justice is found, mueller


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