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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  March 11, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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she also advocated for women and minorities in the industry and developing a program for financial literacy for women. she passed away in 2013. if you have a monumental americans, tweet us @velshi ruhle. >> i am chris jansing. >> katy tur, you just had your vitamin c. >> i am ready to go. >> it is 11:00 a.m. out west, 2:00 p.m. in washington where we are expecting a white house briefing believe it or not. where the president is ready for round two of this border wall funding fight. we'll go to the briefing once sarah sanders takes questions. never mind the first round of the border wall fight brought him the most gruesome loss of his presidency today and the longest shutdown in u.s. history. never mind it took a toll on his
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all important approval rating. this time trump is using his budget proposal to demand congress give him $8.6 billion. trump's budget for a better america claims to keep the promise he made to supporters and build the wall of the southern border and promises to put taxpayers first. in reality, it is u.s. taxpayers who'll put the bill for a wall that trump vows that mexico would pay for. the president wants to slash domestic programs that vulnerable citizens rely on, including $1.5 trillion medicaid which he said he would not cut. >> you are saying you are going to have a 5% domestic spending cut and reportedly you are going to ask another $8.6 billion from
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dhs and the pentagon to build the wall, so is there going to be another budget fight on the wall? >> i suppose there will be. i would say the whole issue of the wall board security is paramount important. he's going to stay with his wall and the broader security theme. i think it is essential. >> chuck schumer on surprisingly criticized the request. >> president trump hurt millions of americans and caused widespread chaos when he recklessly shutdown the government trying to get an expensive effective wall which he always said that mexico would pay for. congress was forced to reopen the government without getting his wall. the same thing will repeat itself if he tries this again. we hope he learned his lesson. >> what does the president stand to gain by taking up a battle that he already lost. joining me, halie jackson and
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garret haake and the author of the washington post "power up the newsletter." halie, is the president trying to campaign starting with this budget? >> reporter: yes, some of it is about 2019 and the idea that the west wing of the white house is going for a fight with democrats. he wants to talk about the border and keep it front and center with this congress and this house controlled by democrats because he and his political advisers see it as a winning issues for him. keeping this front and center is something that the president think it is going to be an advantage for him down the road. one of the themes you can look at in addition to this critical border wall money ask, is also the idea that the president
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breaking some promises he made. this budget cuts medicare significantly. he says relatively quickly and possibly within eight years. this budget would take twice as long to be able to do that. that's one of the themes that you will see here when sarah sanders come out for the briefing. >> let's talk about that, this is the first time in 42 days. why today? is it because they want to sell this budget? are they launching a new initiative to push back? >> got quiet so i was making sure nobody was walking behind me. >> part of it i think is that, this is budget day, this is something that the white house had been focused on. this is a budget had been delayed because of that shutdown. the deadline have already come and gone. this is part of the white house wanting and hoping to highlight this budget. if that is, it is been all over the news, i think this morning and today and they're getting
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what they want as far as it relates to this discussion border wall money and the controversy around it. democrats are saying hey, this budget are dealing essentially. it is more of a wish that's not unusual to president trump and presidents in the past who had their budget presented over the hill and they died a death from the hill as well. of today's briefing, i don't know if this had anything to do with it but it is the first day of bill shine of not being the communications director. i think we'll see more briefings. >> here is what he's calling for. $8.6 billion for wall funding, raising the defense spending to $750 billion and cutting $2.7 trillion in non-defense spending. garret haake, how are
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republicans taking this? >> quietly. it is fascinating. this budget has been savaged by democrats on capitol hill. you are talking about the chairman of the appropriation committee have issued these statements where they say thank you for your contribution, this is something we'll review and we'll look forward to talking to you more about it in the future. the presidential budget, i call it fan fiction. it is not that it is not important, it lays out a lot of what the president's priorities are and the way he governs. it is not zboigoing to happen. it tells us what he cares about and what he wants to talk about. $8.6 billion for the wall ace small amount of money for the federal budget. this white house does not have any other legislative priorities right now. there are not big things moving through the republican control senate. there are big white house champion pieces of legislations that are coming through these halls right now.
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they would love to have this fight and they are relatively alone on that right now. congressional republicans recognize there is nowhere anywhere of close to $8.6 billion is going to be spent on this wall now or the next fiscal year. >> is there anything of infrastructure here, is that a priority? >> i think it is in the $200 billion range if i am old enough to remember when the president was talking about a trillion dollars. this is a running joke on kplil. a capitol hill. >> we start to talk about what's the infrastructure plan will be. it is always this unicorn of a possible something that perhaps democrats could work with this president on. so far there has not been a realistic structure plan presented by the white house. the white house would rather not find some deals that he could work with democrats on because maybe it does not sell as well in 2020 and he wants to put himself against the democrats as this fighter to continue with this image and i am always
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fighting for you which he has been trying to sell for his supporters now in 2016. there are parts of this budget that he promised he would not do. one of them is slashing medicare. >> yeah, there are some campaign promises that the president is breaking here. >> you would know that better than anyone. garret is exactly right. this is not just a budget that where trump is looking for a fight with democrats. it sets him up to be fighting with his own party again and explicitly sets up a fight comes september when the resolution to fund the government expires. we may have a government shutdown all over again. depending on who you talk to, the timing for the president is procare yo p precarious. it could be a good thing for him going into 2020 election and send a message to voters that he's still dedicated to
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obtaining $8.6 billion. at the same time come september, the mueller report could be out and house investigations could be far in advance and the president could be in serious legal trouble. >> what happens next? what happens now that they released it? >> that's a great question. this white house does not have a ton of legislative priorities. that's why it is important that sarah sanders come out today because the president wants someone out there fighting for legislative priorities which is the border wall. more immediately we have a big vote on thursday, which is the senate is going to be voting on the termination resolution for the emergency declaration that the president had called for to secure more immediate funding for this wall. >> that's going to go down and the president is going to veto it and they won't have enough
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votes to over turn the veto. >> exactly. it could set potentially a bigger supreme court battle. this month, we are talking about solely this wall. >> good to see you, everyone, thank you very much. joining me now the chairman of the budget committee. congressman, thank you for being here. what message do you think the president is sending with this budget? >> well, i think katy, it is interesting they call this a budget for better america. they're given up on great and now just better. the message that the president is trying to send is that he does not believe that the federal government has an important role to play in areas such as healthcare and education and even in medical research because these budgets making cuts in all of those areas.
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i was listening to your commentato commentators, i think they are right on. he knows he's on solid ground with his base and he knows the other cuts are recommended are things his base would not like. >> if he wants to make it all about the wall, are democrats are going to work with him and all when it come to the wall? he's singularly focused on it. do you have a democratic wish list of things you would trade for portions of the wall to get done? >> well, of course one of the deal that was discussed way back was solution to the dreamers and comprehensive immigration reform, i don't think that's going to happen. i think we had this battle once and we won that battle and i don't think we want to have it again. we'll proceed with the priorities that we have which is the affordable care act and make that system much more stable and work on infrastructure. we already worked on a program to revitalize democracy.
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we are prosoceeding with the agenda. in the budget sense, there is little support on either end of the capitol or either party for the kind of spending level on non-defense discretionary, that the president is proposing. >> the t presidepresident is be that he's focused on his wall. if the president is so focused on the wall and if he's not going work with you without a wall on healthcare or on infrastructure, is there a way to negotiate with him in order to get healthcare and obamacare backup top fix those problems in exchange for parts of the wall? >> it is a good question, senator mcconnell has not been successful in trying to
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negotiate with the president on this. i am not sure if there is any opportunity to do that. it is really kind of a shame because one of the things that the president's budget talks about which we are interested in is getting a handle on prescription drug prices. there is an area that we can work together on. infrastructure is another area. we think his proposal is inadequate but at least we have the same goal. we ought to be working on things like that rather than just arguing over something again. the signs have been clearly drawn and we are not going to get anywhere on this. >> is this the 2020 battle beginning now? >> that battle started long time ago. >> is the president trying to say here is what i am focused on, defense spending and here are what democrats are focused on, bigger government and more money for taxpayers. >> the president is looking out for all challenges, the mueller report and southern new york, all of those investigations in
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congress right now and he's saying what's my go-to strategy and that's to go to my base and talk about the things that i know my base would be happy to hear and try to divert attention from issues going on around it. >> congressman, john yarmuth. sarah huckabee sanders has taken the podium. >> still ahead, are those voters they think they need most in the midwest. >> first, what this week's court action could reveal of robert mueller's end game.
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it is a busy week for the mueller investigation, that can give us some clues of where it is headed. roger stone will provide a report of details of how he cooperated with a gag order preventing him to speak publicly about this case. manafort will be sentenced for the second time in washington, d.c. on conspiracy charges. and we'll get a sentencing updated on michael flynn's case and roger stone goes back to court on thursday for a tightening on his gag order and on friday, we'll get an update on gates on when his sentence will go down. g joining me, doug burns and darren sanderson. >> to you, darren, everything that's seen in court could be
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clues about the mueller investigation and where it stands, what can you tell us? oh no, we don't have audio. what could they tell us? everybody has been talking about concurrent verses consecutive. he's going to end up doing 94 months. when the previous sentence come out, it is very hard to say what she's going to do. she has a slightly harsher tone towards the case. >> this is conspiracy to defraud the united states. >> yes, i think she will lock on
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some of it. >> we have manafort and rick gates and flynn in court. >> those are very important because of the way you teased it up. we'll learn from that. are they at the end of their cooperation, are they ready to go forward. we'll find out both with flynn and gates and you have roger stone thing. there is two issues, one is some kind of potential trial date for him which is helpful to know and two, his gag order thing, he went in there and the judge reeled him out, don't do it again because we are back for another rodeo. >> darren, i think your mic works now. we have been following and talk about february being the month and robert mueller going to come out with his report but there are questions about whether or
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not he's done. if it turns out that gates gets a sentencing date and flynn does as well, will we know more about where the investigation stands? >> i think if we did get sentencing dates for rick gates and michael flynn for the end of this week, that'll move the ball considerably, the biggest cooperators that robert mueller have been able to notch are no longer cooperating and ready to move forward with sentencing. we know michael flynn will be testifying in a case involving his business partner. it is possible that at least for michael flynn's case, he's going to continue to provide information at least in court. that suggests to me that one place where they may want to hold off a little longer with respect to michael flynn. with rick gates, it is hard to tell as well.
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in the inauguration case, he was the key figure that helped tom barrett to organize the inauguration. it is a little unclear whether rick gates have been tapped out as well. we'll get a little bit more of a sense. he could hang onto both of those. >> do you think we are done with seeing indictments? >> hard to say but that raises an interesting question. wait a minute, for the sake of argument the mueller probe ends, what's going to happen? you will have cases of individual u.s. attorney offices. >> they're going to disperse. >> number two, you will have skeletons there. after all, they have the finish the cases that are not finished. >> what about the doj's budget darren? >> we saw last year there was a mark in there to tell us that mueller were expecting to spend roughly the same amount he spent in the first year. one of my colleagues is in the
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doj reading, it happened the last hour. we'll be watching closely so see closely and see how much is being spent by robert mueller. that'll be a separate report that'll be coming up. we'll get a guide whether they're anticipating spending a lot more money here the next year. >> darren, i know you have been following the other story, chelsea manning, refused to testify in front of the jury. what does it have to do with all the case we have been watching, filing that has bealluded us al. >> we got a tease of it in the mistake in filing a couple of months back. it is unclear whether the wikileaks that was charged under seal and going back further to the chelsea manning's leak or
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edward snowden and rather than something directly dealing with julian assange and the hillary clint clinton's and john podesta. until we see the indictment, we won't know whether it is the same. it would indicate to us this is an investigation that stretches back much further. >> one other thing, this is adam schiff on "meet the press" this weekend talking about robert mueller. >> if indeed mr. mueller decides not to issue that subpoena or figure out how to get the president in front of that grand jury, is that going to be a mistake considering we have so many questions about whose testimonies should you believe, michael cohen or donald trump? >> yes, it is a mistake. i have said along that i don't think mueller should rely on w n written answers. here you need to be able to ask questions in realtime.
11:25 am
>> so chuck was asking him if mueller needed to see the president in person. >> right. >> and adam shichiff says yes, did. >> i do agree as a lawyer of 33 years, it is a huge difference of getting written answers verses in person. it is not going to happen. >> what does it say the strength or weakness of this case then? >> it tells you a lot. i don't think he's going to be able get the president to do an in-person interview and etcetera because of swirling emotions on the executives and things like that. they can try. >> that means mueller's investigation is going to have a hole in it? >> not necessarily. you don't hear from the target of the investigation. it depends whether i have the evidence to convict so it does not matter. with hillary clinton, they did interview her at the end.
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>> and if donald trump is a target, we don't know that. >> dug burns. thank you so much. >> plus, you may want to learn how to pronounce his name because you may be hearing it a lot more. and it doesnse bloating cramping, gas, or sudden urgency. miralax. look for the pink cap.
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. the 2020 democratic convention will be held in milwaukee. 329 days before the iowa caucus. it is the perfect time to start looking at what potential policies eye wiowa voters suppo. 81% of iowa caucus wants a candidate that talks about healthcare and 84% wants a candidate who support all or now. 89% supporting tax on the
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wealthy, and more than half of caucus goers say they would be okay with a candidate who want a more socialist america. >> joining me, former obama pollster and kornell belcher and our kevin yoder, we have to table this gentlemen, i am sorry, sarah sanders is taking the podium. >> the president has been unwaivering and committed ally to israel and the jewish people and frankly the remarks that have been made by a number of democrats failed to be called out by democrat leadership is frankly sad. it is something that should be called by name. it should not be put in a water down resolution. it should be done the way the republicans did it when steve king made terrible comments, we
11:32 am
called it out by name and strip him of his committee membership. >> correct me if i am wrong, the president has not condemned steve king. as the president publicly came out to say anything? >> i have talked about that a number of times and i referred you back to those comments where i used words as unacceptable. >> the president claims to nominate patrick hanahan to be s secretary of defense, can you tell us whether or not that's going to happen? >> i am not going to make any personal announcements at this time. i can tell you that the president has a great deal of respect for acting defense secretary shanahan. he likes him. when the president is ready to make the announcement on that front, he will. >> there is a lot of actings in the administration, any
11:33 am
possibility of removing acting from mulvaney? >> a lot of possibility there. some of the reasons we have actings because we are waiting on the confirmation process for a couple of those folks and we hope for it to move forward. >> i want to follow the latest of china. have the president made an offer for mar-a-lago state, the chinese says the president is unreliable partner after walking out of korea. >> in terms of whether or not we have a date set, not yet. we are continuing negotiations with china. when we have an announcement for the two leaders sitting down, we'll let you know. >> i would say that's absurd, the president is going to make a deal if it is a good deal. the president is going to make a deal that's in the best interest of america. if he does not feel it is not a good deal, it is not worth signing a piece of paper and the
11:34 am
president did not feel what was on the table was enough. the president 100% committed to denuclearization of the peninsula. he's going to make sure whatever we do furthers that process. we'll see what happens with north korea with the same way we are going to see what happens in negotiations with china. they're ongoing and if the the president is going to make sure whatever deal we get is in our best interest and protects our property and has safe guards to make sure that the chinese follow through of whatever commitment that they make. >> picking up on that, does the president have plans to speak with president xi over the phone? >> i am not aware of any schedule calls but if we have it, i will keep you posted. >> is that the most likely step here that they speak beforehand or is it possible that these two are meeting at the end of the month. >> we'll keep everything at the end of the table. >> anywnegotiations are ongoinge
11:35 am
president's team as well as the chinese delegation continued conversations and when they feel like it is time for the two leaders to sit down, we'll make it happen. >> i have a question but i did not get to ask my budget question before. >> you missed the moment. >> in the budget of the i way i see it, it keeps on referring to western hemisphere. the president wants to cut money to central america, in fact, cut it all. is that in the budget? >> i don't have any specific update on that. >> on the news today, big votes coming up this week on the resolution with regards to national emergency, what is the president doing to stop a rebellion among republicans. we know there are rising numbers as many as 10 or 15 voting against that. what is the president doing
11:36 am
about that? >> he is doing his job. he as a constitutional duty to protect the people of this country. we have a humanitarian and national security crisis at our border and the president is doing his job in addressing it. he gave congress a number of tu opportunities to address it and they fail to do so. the president is taking his constitutional authorities. congress granted him, let's not forget the only reason he has the authority to call a national emergency is because congress gave him the right to do so. they failed to do their job, he's going to make sure he'll do whatever that's necessary to protect the people of our country and secure other borders. >> or any calls or meetings he may be meeting with senators. >> certainly we talk to people everyday and we'll continue to engage them in the process. >> what is the administration doing to looking at --
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>> that's currently under review and because of that i can't get into a lot of specifics. >> i am not aware of the timeline. >> a follow-up on the colleague, yes or no, does the president truly believe that democrats hate jews. >> i am not going to comment on that. >> i think they had a lot of opportunities over the last few weeks. i am trying to answer you if you will stop asking. the president has laid out clearly his position on this matter, democrats have had a number of opportunities to condemn specific comments and they refuse to do that. that's a question you should ask democrats since they are unwilling to call this what it is and calling it out by name
11:38 am
and take action against members who have done things like this like the republicans have done. >> you are not answering the question, is there a reason? >> you did not say yes or no. >> that's a question you ought to ask democrats. >> let me ask you about manafort, why has the president rule out a pardon for paul manafort? >> the president has made his position on that clear. he'll make the decision when he's ready >> last week the president tweeted that michael cohen directly asked me for a pardon. when did that happen? was that when cohen was in white house and came into the oval office or did it happen on the phone? do you have a date? >> i am not going to get into specifics of things that are currently under review by the oversight committee and other committees. what i can tell you is that cohen's own attorney stated and
11:39 am
cotra -- contradicted his client. we know that michael cohen lied to congress and we know he lied at least twice in that hearing. i think that's time to stop giving him al platform and let him go on for service time. >> budget question to put it on the record, a lot of the country wa wants to know. >> as the president stated through a number of times, trade deals that we are looking forward to pass through. john? >> sarah, following up on john's personnel question, does the president have full confidence in secretary acosta or is the labor secretary possibly leaving? >> i am not aware of any personnel changes, those things are currently under review. when we have an update, i will
11:40 am
let you know. >> is the president in discussion of signing executive order who undo executive order. >> i was going to say, i hope you can remember what that one is. >> the executive order requiring multiple languages, the new executive order i am told of the official language in government. >> i am not aware of a specific executive order that's drafted. that's a position at the white house. jim? >> do the president ask to in r intervene or block at&t and time warner -- >> i am not aware of that. >> to get back to john of democrats and jewish people, is that kind of rhetoric sort of beneath everybody? do you this i that the president
11:41 am
has gone into this 2020 campaign that the rhetoric is getting more vulgar, whether he's talking about democrats or immigrants or should we expect to hear the president using the same language throughout his years of the administration. >> i think the real shame in all of this that democrats are perfectly capable of coming together. they have a hard time condemning the type of comments from congresswoman omar. i think it is a great shame, the president has been clear on what his position is and certainly what his support is for the people or the community of israel. beyond that i don't have anything further for you. >> you are saying something that's untrue. >> stating the policy positions is not untrue. >> democrats don't hate jewish, it is not true.
11:42 am
>> they should call out their members by name and we made it clear. i don't have anything further. >> april? >> sorry, john, april? >> that's not at all what the president was stating, not then and not at any point. the president has been incredibly clear and consistently clear condemning bigotry and racism and all of its form whether it is america or anywhere else and to say otherwise it is simply untrue. april. >> asking two questions. that's kind of along of what i am asking. since the president did say that in charlottesville, has he in our opinion or us because i don't remember it, condemn the neo-nazis for their actions against the jew americans there. >> the president called them by
11:43 am
name which is what we are asking democrats to do. >> can we expect to have briefings more often now since they have been a little bit more changing atmosphere? >> i have not noticed the change in atmosphere. i know the president takes questions from you guys everyday and on days he does not. sometimes i do it from here, we answer hundreds of questions from reporters all over the world everyday. sometimes we'll do it from this room and sometimes we'll do it in other platform. >> in -- >> i am sorry, can you say it louder? >> yes, why did the om include money for the nuclear waste
11:44 am
depository. the chance that is congress will do its job based on historical precedent over the last couple of months. that does not mean we are not hopeful that they'll work with us, look for ways that we can reduce spending and protect our military and doing things like that which you see in the president's budget. we would love for them to work with us on that. >> can you tell us what the thinking was to put it in? >> i don't have any specific on there, i will let you know. one last question. >> why did the president write a check for michael cohen in august of 2017 while he was in the white house. what was that money for? >> he's accusing the president of concealing finance -- >> no question has been clear of a campaign violation. >> these stories have changed. >> i would refer you back to the
11:45 am
president's comment. that's not something i am apart of. >> during his time at the white house, the white house denied that the president -- >> i am sorry, i am not going to comment on an ongoing case. that's not something that i am apart of the white house. the president made his position and made it clear. thanks guys. >> that press briefing started talking about white house's proposed budget for this fiscal year and as you saw just then it was a bit of a grab bag for a number of headlines that have been swirling in the news for the past few weeks now. there had not been a press briefing, it has been 42 days, something like that. that's why you heard halie jackson asked, whether the president does believe democrats hate jews and a number of follow-up on that topic. also, the president tweeting he had a direct conversation with
11:46 am
michael cohen about a pardon, sarah sanders, was asked when that conversation happened? when did the president talk directly to michael cohen, was it before the raid or if so, why? was it after the raid of his office and why is the president talking about a pardon with his lawyer after his office were raised. sarah sanders did not have an answer for that. also asked if the president asked gary cohn to intervene in the time warner and at&t merger, and also cohen's $35,000 check. she does not have an answer for that either. >> halie jackson is back. hello to you. all of you in there were trying to get answers from sarah sanders on a number of topics that we have been hearing for quite some time? >> yes.
11:47 am
>> i think you summed up the highlights of what we heard in this briefing. listen, this is again the first time in 42 days she has answered questions for members of the press. it was a reminder to, maybe a lot of folks who are watching of all different topics have come up over the last 42 days, everything from secretary acosta and to the issue of manafort and michael cohen and people have been in president trump's inner circles that we have been covering the ins and outs on there. >> there are a couple of different pieces, yes, it is budget day, it is important for the white house to come out. they want to come out and hit their budget message. even that was potentially more questions than answers when it comes to how the white house frames or sees this budget. in a word, nowhere in congress. you had sarah sanders pressed about something the president said on friday and repeated on
11:48 am
friday night at mar-a-lago. >> he said publicly, this is an zept of the president saying something privately. he says democrats are antijewish party. sanders was repeatedly pressed about this. she didn't answer. she kept on saying ask the democrats. we are asking her, that's why we are sitting here. i think i have a little clip of that if you want to play. >> does the president truly believe that the democrats -- >> i am not going to comment on -- >> i think they had a lot of opportunities over the last few weeks. i am trying to answer you if you would stop talking. i will finish my statement. the president has laid out clearly his position on this matter. democrats have a number of tu
11:49 am
opportunities to condemn his problems. since they are unwilling to call this what it is and call it out by name and take action against members whose have done things like this. >>. >> you didn't answer my question. >> i answered it twice. >> you didn't say yes or no. >> didn't answer the question, let me hit a couple of highlights that came out of this briefing as well as it relates to questions or policies that are not answered. >> he was asked when was the president asked michael cohen directly of a pardon. this was something the president dropped on friday when he was tweeting on his way down to mar-a-lago. >> we don't know when that'll happen. the president was saying he had not spoken with michael cohen for a long time.
11:50 am
it was about three weeks later that cohen came out and said his loyalty is to his family. two other pieces here, there is still negotiations with china that are happening over this potential this potential trade deal and reports from overseas that have been trickling out that the summit has been postponed indefinitely. and i point out and a particularly critical position, and word that perhaps he would nominate patrick shanahan to that position permanently and no definitive answer from sarah on that but that question came up at well. >> and when it comes to hate speech. a ton of work to do, appreciate it. my other two guests, congressman
11:51 am
and cornell, let's talk about 2020 again, since we were talking about it before we were talking to this press conference. and the liberal swing of iowa caucus voters. don't pay attention to the horse race polling, what does it say to you about where the democratic field will be going in 2020? >> republicans don't hate jews. they don't hate black people, they don't hate mexicans. it's not a difficult thing for them to do. to pivot to democrats want to kill babies, it is just a level as a democrat or american, that is what we should be offended by. >> saying democrats hate jus is
11:52 am
a bit about serve. >> it is absurd. if you look at medicare for all, if you look at health care, if you look at the last midterm election, you had 10 million more americans vote democrat than republican. health care was a focus of that i don't think the democrats are moves as far left, if you test the ideals, i think you will find that democrats are where the majority of americans are on these issues of health care and
11:53 am
climate change. a smaller government, a bigger defense, a bigger group of voters saying i might not be so upset if we move toward a socialist system. i want the effort to move toward climate change. do you think that republicans will be in a strong position by going against all of those ideas? >> i think what matters is independents and moderates and what they think on this. they will weigh in here on the general election. you're looking at polling in a pry player. i think both would stipulate to the fact that many are moving to the left or the right. and who is left in the middle
11:54 am
are voters in the suburbs and places across the country that will decide are they going to support the democratic nominee or reelect president trump. you have an economy with the lowest unemployment rate in 50 acqui years, wage growth, strong market, and investments in things like military, medical research, the question is, i think, are the democrats misreading the tea leaves here. whether or not they're looking for a candidate that will continue some of the strong economic policies but not be as disruptive or divisive as president trump. do they want a resolution or do they want to win an election. >> we'll see. we have more to talk about this. we only touched the very surface
11:55 am
of it. cornell belcher, gentlemen, thank you very much. mother jones has more details on a chinese american donor who says she could get executives special access to the president. cindy came under scrutiny for owning the spa where robert kraft was found in a sting. she was not charged in that prostitution sting, but this story is not about that, it is about something much larger, mother jones reports that the website makes it clear that highhig higher yangs company. nbc news has not confirmed this story and has not been able to reach yang for a response.
11:56 am
joining me now is the bureau chief this is a member of mar-a-lago. >> not just the president, but members of his family. she had photos on her website of her clients meeting with chow and ross. we can arrange a white house and capitol hill dinner for you. we know of an occasion where this did happen. the president did not show up
11:57 am
that time. and he says look, i'm good friends with the trump family, now she has done a couple events, it seems, with a sister of donald trump, and these are just very big promises, but this is what the website says. i did the story with two colleagues, daniel scholman. it was taken down as we were reporting the story. and yesterday we were reporting that it goes even further that cindy yang works with several people with connections to the communist government. >> can i ask how you came across the website? >> yes, when the miami herold
11:58 am
broke the story that she owned the massage parlor, she owned other company unrelated to the massage parlor she owned. it was all in chinese. we got it translated through google and then a human being and confirmed all of this and downloaded it before it could be taken down. >> this is not new that folks are accessing access to the government, they're being members of mar-a-lago. a man that was a guest at mar-a-lago. he worked his way around the room. mr. corporate chiefs and university presidents, and if there is an act of terrorism on
11:59 am
their premises. they have an enormous liability on their institutions and personally for general negligence. that is a good sign. people in the white house started to talk about liability and a remarkably similar what to what he described that evening. so this has been out there, david, you're just exposing another instance of it potentially. >> there is a lot of access. and remember she has given $50,000 to various trump political organizations. so that probably gets her in, and she can take quick picks with herself and selfies with the president, but it is getting chinese folks in there. they have intelligence and national security implication. who is vetting these people. >> david corn, david, thank you very much for joining us today. that will do it for me this hour. chris jansing is back.
12:00 pm
you're not in my studio because the air-conditioning is broken in here. >> i'm so glad i'm downstairs. thank you, katie, for powering through that. >> hello, i'm chris jansing. a budget for a better america. that is the title page for the white house request for 2020 that has been officially sent to congress. that better america comes at a cost of $4.7 trillion. featuring more for those to build sections of a border wall. a record breaking 35 days and was a battle that trump lost. this isn't the only fight, though. the president preparing to veto a bill that would reverse his declaration of a national emergency to build a border wall. the assessment from top democratic leader on this budget? dead on arrival. >> congress refused to fun


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