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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  March 12, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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tv. >> she's my friend and she's your friend. justice jeanine. >> tonight, why fox news is condemning one its own. >> is her adherence to this islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to sharia law? >> as the president
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totally comfortable with. when you see him on tv, some people might say it is an act. that is not really -- >> it is not an act. >> and now you know, it is not an act. anybody who thought it was, it isn't. he says these things casually. as if he's comfortable. these are his views and what he believes. now when it comes to fox news, this is fox news. is s comeatedly hear hosts and d analysts and reporters are saying things that are racist, homophobic and moss -- misogynist and it sells to the marketing to the people >> because it is part of a political project. >> right. you're right. >> the political project is whao
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is interesting. obviously hate crimes have gone up for the third time this year in the country and the fbi reported that and anti-muslim sentiment in this country in 2017 in terms of hate crimes wat matched that right after 9/11 so there is obviously a -- this 9 dehumanizing rhetoric does impact muslims on a regular daily life and as for the marriage between fox news and the republican party, it is a coalition of white nationalism and the corporate greed and it makes me sick that the fraudsters at the top highest levels of fox news are sitting at the top of america's oligarchy and pedaling out conspiracy theories by muslims and black people to be the blame for country's promise and they believe it and making millions of dollars off of this. >> and i want to be clear, one of the key things to understand about the trump presidency in this moment and the reason this tape -- and i thought i was glad that pirro said what she said in so far as she just said what is the belief of many people at
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that network and in the conservative movement and it is that this woman with the hijab is antithetical to the own your views and don't pretend otherwise. but one thing about your point, all of that mass oth annie is not an act. they sit there getting their brain rotted by it. >> that is their belief and true core. >> and pirro didn't ad lib. >> it was loaded into the prompter. >> and somebody wrote that for her and probably a producer approved that language. look, this is what fox -- and they've been doing this before donald trump. let's be very, very clear. all of the hatred they spewed er during the obama administration and this is just who they are. even rupert murdoch back in 2015 was tweeting things that were 15 islamo phobic and disgusting and they package this and do it 24/7 and lies and hate and it is c a
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awful and disgusting. >> there is a vanguard part of it too. they are appealing to the base but we've seen with the green new deal, this just full of -- a assault., >> and it has [ inaudible ]. >> the degree to which the whit. house and they are intertwined is indistinguishable and there s is also a useful propaganda on this -- >> trump introduced billions of dollars of cuts to medicare and they are not covering that because they want to see the idea of through new browning america and the aoc and the ilhan omar of the world are the ones that want to -- at the end of the day, this is where the fox news executives come into play because at the end of the day they peddling these conspiracy theories because they don't want people to vote to raise taxes on them to make sure everyone in the country has health care and that is what is so sad and sickening by fox news,ality the end of the day the reason we can't have nice
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things in america is because of the people in fox news colluding to destroy the social fabric ofs the country. >> if you look at the politics of australia and england and u.s. and they are a basket case with this right wing and that is where rupert murdoch made his bones in all three places. >> you would say it is shameful but they have no shame. they feel no shame. because like you said, it is their core. this is what they believe. look, and there is also this bizarre relationship. the sick relationship like donald trump needs fox and fox needs donald trump. and the thing about, too, is yes, it is a propaganda state to fox news and the problem is donald trump's only getting his information from fox news. >> he literally -- that is literally how the president learns on the world. it is a classic example of they are using what they're dealing. they all are. there is no distinguishing between the two and the president is a consumer and avid consumer.
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his view of the world as he is proud to tell you is formed in realtime by the information that comes into him from folks who say that iraqis for instance are semi-literate primitive monkeys this is the belief about the world. this is the man making -- >> and tucker carlson is going to be this rising intellectual star of the republican party tel or 15 years ago and that tells you where the republican party is in terms of their ideas of free market economics and social conservatism, it is all a scam. >> it is not an act. they believe what they believe. which is the important takeaway from this. karine jean-pierre and waleed shahid. >> and next the massage parlor magnate reportedly selling access to the president. who is cindy yang and what in the name of god is happening at the president's golf resort next. understand resort next . i know what it means to have reliable support.
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photos of a certain republican donor with donald trump. her name is cindy yang and last week the "miami-herald" reported that she founded and no longer owns the day spa in florida where the own of the new england patriots football team robert kraft was arrested for soliciting prostitution. and that in a really bizarre twist, she had a tending a super bowl party this year with kraft and donald trump at the west palm beach country club. yang faces no charges in connection with the kraft arrest or the trafficking probe. but more pictures of yang surfaced with notable republicans and now mother jones reports that yang might have been selling access to the president to chinese executives at mar-a-largo. a reporter who helped break that story, david corn and mother jones joins me now. she wasn't at the party with kraft himself, who was at the super bowl but there with donald trump. and then there is all of the photos that proliferate of her with everyone in republican politics. what is your reporting say about what her latest gig has been? >> well, in addition to owning
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chain of massage parlors, she had what she called an investment company which was geared towards chinese clients. it's main website was in chinese and talked about giving advice to u.s. businesses that want to invest in china but the real thing it seemed to be doing was telling chinese executives that if you come to the united states, i can get you into to see people in the trump circle. the president himself or trump's family members and his sister elizabeth trump grou and elaine chow. >> the transportation secretary and wilbur ross and the website is full of pictures of her presumably clients having meetings with these people and you said in mara lago, but if events in washington with cabinet members and it said we can arrange for you white house dinners and capitol hill dinners.
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it is selling access to the chinese and she has given over $50,000 -- she and her family members to various trump political groups. so she -- is she paying to get access? it smells like pay to play. >> and there is pictures of also clients of hers having white house meetings and substantive meetings in the white house about issues? >> well, with meeting with elaine chow and going to an event with wilbur ross. we don't know what happened at these meetings. were these meet and greet where they paid thousands of dollars to get a picture, they go back to china and say, look who we're buddies with and do business with us and then we reported yesterday and i should say i'm doing these stories with my colleagues dan freeman and dan showman that she has connections to two groups linked to the chinese government and the communist party there. so that raises questions about what is going on here.
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>> is she -- part of one of the things that we've learned about the sort of swampiness of mar-a-largo, anyone could kind of hit up the president with their favorite idea next to the omelet bar and plant a bug in his ear. we have this crazy -- in terms of the efficacy of selling access to this president it is not a crazy idea and there was an idea about some -- dental reimbursement and trump is like, send it on to the v.a. like you can get pretty close to this guy if you pony up to be in this circle of cronies. >> and you can do it by getting a membership in the club. and we don't have -- a lot of vetting of people who go there and it seems you could pay this woman who owns these massage parlors and who makes donations to -- the sizable donations to the republican party and she somehow is able to exploit that and bring you right into mar-a-largo and get you a photo with the trump kids, donald and eric and with trump's sister and on the website itself in chinese, she markets, we can get you in there on the next new year's eve party at mar-a-largo, we have an elite form going on
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at mar-a-lago so you could meet family members. it is very brazen and not subtle but kate orring to chinese. we know of one that made a trip there and had a meeting and did so through her services. >> i want to bring in caitlin ostroff who broke the story. what are you learning about how this woman has managed to be so remarkabliomy -- remarkable om nypresent. >> and she was the founder to the massage parlor and then having an investment company and doing other practices outside of being a business owner. so the question is, in a span of a couple of years how did she go
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from a relatively small donor to the republican party and to the republican candidates to all of a sudden taking selfies with president trump and other high-ranking republican officials so that is not something we completely know the answer to. there is ambiguities to how she got the connections to get there but sleaze been increasingly giving money to candidates in the last year or so so that is the question i think us and mother jones as well are seeking to answer, how did she go from that zero to 100. >> follow up on that and i'll come back to you, david. the "miami-herald" suggests and this is not the biggest part of the story, since the original woe factors what she founded the spa that bob kraft was busted at and at a super bowl party watching the partsz -- patriots
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and your reporting that they are offering the kind of services they're offering today. >> yes. and she was not brought up on any charges in the arrest of kraft. but there has been people who used to work there who alerted local law enforcement agencies that did not press charges. but there have been questions raised as to whether illicit activities and serveises were offered at her parlors. a former employee that had questions on comments on yelp saying that they have people been sent there and they've been offered sex or other sexual-related services. so that is certainly within question but she hasn't been brought up on any charges related to that. >> david, there is probably some sort of -- at this point, some part of the intelligence apparatus scrabbling to nail
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down what is known about this individual given the fact she's hanging around mar-a-largo to the president and selling access to him. >> we go from sex to national security implications. if she's bringing in chinese executives to meet people in his circle and known to the chinese government or authorities, you think they would want to piggy back on this. we know there is very little vetting when the sessions happen at mar-a-largo and as we reported yesterday we know she works with two groups that are out there promoting china's top foreign policy priorities. including the reabsorption of taiwan. so there a lot to dig into here. i hate to say this, chris, but this is another congressional investigation. there are so many already, it is like airplanes on the runway. you can't get them all up into the air but if this happened under the obama administration, you know what would be going on right now?
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>> david corn, it is very good. and caitlin ostroff, great reporting. thank you for being here. just ahead, a surprise decision in the democratic presidential field. as senator sherrod brown of ohio announces he will not run for president. i'll ask him why he decided to stay out, next. i'll ask him why he decided to stay out, next there are cvs pharmacy.
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there are still a number of potential presidential candidates considering entering the democratic race including joe biden still mulling over his decision and beto o'rourke who will have an announcement soon and today stacey abrams said that a 2020 presidential run is on the table. i hear that and i wonder what the period of contemplation
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looks like and how someone makes the decision to run for president. because not everybody decides to do it like for instance sherrod brown who toured the country and then announced he would not run last week. how did he make that decision? well, democratic senator sherrod brown of ohio joins me now. senator, i'm really curious about this -- what goes into the calculation, because you constantly hear reports about people, they are talking to advisers and fundraisers and talking to people. what is in your head and what did you come to believe through the process that led to your decision? >> well as you know, chris, i haven't had a life long dream to be president. i've known you a long time and you've never heard me -- nobody that i know has heard me talk about as something i wanted to do at some point in my life and that began to change in november or december when i saw that just -- i just thought democrats weren't talking to workers enough and i don't think we win in the south or the mountain west or the midwest if we don't
12:31 am
talk to workers better and listen to workers better and workers of all races and i announced on this show, on the chris hayes show, a couple of months ago our dignity of work tour and i underline listening because we spend time in each of the four early states, new hampshire, iowa, and south carolina and nevada listening to people and this whole idea of the dignity of work, we wanted this to become the narrative for other candidates and i consider it a select in -- consider it a victory. if you love for your country you fight for the people that make it work and i've chose tone do that in the senate. >> but why? >> i think i could have a loud voice there. >> at some point you were considering not doing that. the question is do you draw up a spreadsheet or makes a pros and cons list? what is the thing that tips one over when making a monumental decision. >> i think it is the question of whatry willing to go through,
12:32 am
what are you willing to put your family through. i think that -- sort of the joyful way i try to do my job in the senate, i didn't feel that i could do the presidential race quite the same way and be effective. and so the decision was -- i know everybody gets to it differently. i think it is i don't long to have this huge desire to be president of the united states. i love my job in the senate. i think i'm effective and our dignity of work narrative because we started on this show has become a much bigger thing than it would have been. so i -- i just think i'm ready to continue to do this in the senate. >> when you talk about that, i wonder, was there pressure -- you won this race -- you were just re-elected in ohio and part of the people talked about you as a possible presidential candidate because you have this record to be a fairly liberal senate if you look at voting records in a case that has trended conservative and red.
12:33 am
and you just got re-elected. you clearly have a connection with the state and able to message your politics and connect to voters there. were you get any pushback from chuck schumer, if you would win this thing we would be down a seat in ohio and we would have a hard time replacing because the governor would appoint your successor. >> no. i heard that from somebody. i was questioned about it by media but nobody said -- including people in ohio and senate democratic leadership, nobody said you can't do this. partly because we would be glad in this time to trade a senate seed for the presidency. and i think that there is a recognition that if i were the nominee, i would have perhaps the best chance to beat trump. but i think that if this dignity of work theme -- i want people -- i want our candidates to think about the general election and how you're going to win the general election and if they start talking to workers, of
12:34 am
course we played a pro -- a progressive base and against nafta and the bankruptcy bill and a whole bunch of issues as a progressive but we have to talk to workers. if we do that, i predict whoever raises his or her hand on january 20th, 20 -- whoever year it would be, 2021, they will talk about the dignity of work in his or her inaugural speech. >> sharpen that. you are trying to say, look, democrats need to be thinking about a way to talk to voters broadly and appeal broadly and you are an experience running in ohio where there is a bunch of different constituents and as opposed to what is the thing you are worried the field has been doing or is going to do that you're trying to provide an antidote to that is bad. >> i don't say it is bad. it might become that.
12:35 am
i don't think that our candidates are thinking of the general election. i think that there is a bit of one bird flies off the telephone wire and five more birds fly off the wire and i just think there is that. and i just want candidates to think about themselves and move the country forward and think about the general election, even though i have a lifetime effort from the nra, i get gun owners votes in zanesville and nanceville and lyme, ohio, because i talk about keeping health care costs down and going after the drug companies and how do you send your kid to community colleges to zane state or road state and how do you do that and it really is -- it is -- this tour we did really was a listening tour. i wasn't trying to get the biggest crowd. i was listening to people and learned stuff. one woman in laconia, new hampshire, said you have to run a childcare facility for years, said you have to think about
12:36 am
childcare a public good and we invest in transportation and public parks and we need to invest in childcare. and the irony of childcare is people can't afford it and the workers that provide can't make a living wage. something is wrong there. >> thank you senator sherrod brown. a pleasure to have you on. a witness in the mueller investigation is caught in an apparent lie about a 2016 meeting in trump tower and that interview and the man who exposed him ahead. plus a special forensic investigation in thing one and thing two, next.
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thing one tonight, the tim apple moment just won't go away for donald trump. and that is because he will not let it go. in case you're out of the country, let us refresh your memory about the moment with tim cook, the ceo of apple. >> we have so many companies coming in. people like tim, you're expanding all over and doing things that i really wanted to do right from the beginning. i used to say, tim, you got to start doing it over here and you really have. you've really put a big investment in our country. we appreciate it very much tim apple. >> oh, yes, tim apple. this is the thing trump has been known to do. everyone was in his -- maybe because everyone in his family is named for the company they work for. last march he appeared with the ceo of lockheed martin marilyn houston. >> marilyn lockheed, the leading woman's business executive in this country according to many.
12:41 am
>> her name is not marilyn lockheed, she doesn't have the last name of the company she runs, that is not the way it works. but the coverage of tim apple has gotten under trump's skin. at mar-a-lago on friday night with no cameras present he explained to a group of donors what happened and what they described as one of trump's weirdest lies ever. that is thing two in 60 seconds. directly to because it's the easiest way to save 30% on all the medications we carry. so skip the search and go directly to now.
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so after donald trump called tim cook tim apple and everybody has a chuckle over it the president told a group of donors at mar-a-lago this weekend, it never happened. axios reported that trump told the donors that he said tim cook apple really fast and the cook part of the sentence was soft, but all you heard from the fake news he said was tim apple. well, that makes perfect sense. it is possible this lie worked on the audience at trump's house of fancy golf and omelets, so just to be sure, thing one and thing two has done a forensic analysis of the tape. enhance. >> we appreciate it very much
12:43 am
tim apple. tim apple. tim apple. >> yeah, he said tim apple. so the lie was so blatant that he came up with a news story at a recent round table meeting of business executive and long after formally introducing tim cook of apple and i referred to him as tim apple as an easy way to save time in words. how is he still writing about this? what is -- this is why we elected him. to save time in words. and no president has ever saved so many words. >> you know, i'm totally off script. right? >> darling is the wind blowing today. i would like to watch television. >> he asked russia to go get the e-mails. >> he's bad. he's a bad, bad -- he's a bad, bad guy. >> hey, don, how are you doing? how donnie, i love you donnie. >> white hair? see, i don't have white hair. >> russia, russia, russia, russia --
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(vo) snap and sort your expenses to save over $4,600 at tax time. quickbooks. backing you. one of the stranger plot twists is the return of erik prince, the brother of betsy devos and founder of the mercenary company once called black water. after the involvement in killings of iraqi civilians brought public scrutiny, prince rebranded the company under different names and sold it off relocated to the united arab emirates and began frontier services group which marketed
12:48 am
security services to foreign states. then in 2016 he pops up hanging arnd trump world. during the transition after trump was elected, prince was part of an effort to set up a meeting, meeting that actually happened with the a russian fund manager in the seychelles which he testified about the meeting was unclear and there was a strange meeting during the campaign at trump tower that seems to have been forgotten about. as the "new york times" reported three months before the election, donald trump jr. met with a gulf state emissary who was offering to help donald trump win the election. erik prince, the private security contractor and former head of black water arranged the meeting that took place august 3rd, 2016 in trump tower. apparently prince didn't tell the house intel committee about that meeting in trump tower during the campaign and asked about his omission by mehdi hasan on al jazeera show head to head.
12:49 am
>> in november of 2017 you told congress under oath that you played no official or unofficial role in the trump campaign but what you didn't tell them is on august of 2016 you were at trump tower with don jr., and steve miller then a campaign adviser, george nader who is a back channel to the saudis and emirates and a convicted pedophile and joel zemmel a social media expert, how come you didn't mention that meeting to congress given it is so relevant to their investigation. >> i did, as part of the investigation, i certainly disclosed -- >> not in the trump tower. they specifically asked you what contacts you had and you didn't answer that. >> i don't believe i was asked that question. >> you were asked any communications with the campaign and you said apart from writing papers and putting up yard signs, you said no. i have the transcript to the conversation here. >> sure, i might have been -- i
12:50 am
think i was at trump headquarters or the campaign headquarters. >> august 3rd, 2016, usable, don junior. >> we were there to talk about iran policy. >> don't you think that's important to disclose. >> i did. >> you didn't. we just went through the testimony. there is no mention of the trump tower in august 2016, there is not. >> i don't know if they got the transcript wrong. >> they got the transcript wrong. >> i don't know. i remember -- >> this is a problem for you because we know robert mueller has got a lot of guys for lying to the authorities and not telling the whole truth. is that a problem now if you accidently didn't tell them that could come back and haunt you? >> i fully cooperated and haven't heard from anybody in more than nine months. >> house intel chair adam schiff responds to that and i'll talk with hassan himself after the break. don't go anywhere.
12:51 am
mself after the break. don't go anywhere.
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i think i was at trump headquarters or the campaign headquarters. >> trump tower, august 3rd, 2016. >> you, an israeli dude, back channel to the saudis, done junior. >> there to talk about iran policy. >> you were there to talk about iran policy? >> uh-huh. >> isn't that important to disclose under oath? >> i did. >> there is no mention of the trump tower meeting 2016. why not? >> i don't know if they got the transcript wrong. >> erik prince is suggesting he didn't lie to congress and adam schiff significant -- suggest otherwise. >> bob mueller has that testimony already. and bob mueller will have to make the decision about whether that rises to the level of deliberate falsehood. >> joining me is mehdi hasan. good interview. getting lots of kudos, very rare to find someone that caught as erik prince was. how did you notice that
12:55 am
omission? >> i have a great team of producers and researchers who went through every single page of that. i wish i could say i went through every page of the house intelligence committee testimony, but, you know, it's something we wanted to talk to him about. he hadn't been pressed about his role in the meetings both in the seychelles. we wanted to get him in the record talking publicly about it because he's not comfortable talking about it. you saw his body language. what is absurd he had all of this time to think about a defense and came up with they got the transcript wrong. come on. >> what's also striking is just how weird this meeting is. sit back for a second. that's what i was really glad -- it's august. trump is a nominee. you're meeting with the
12:56 am
candidate's son at trump tower with this very sketchy dude george nater who is a become channel and been convicted of child molestation with this israeli sort of social media guru dude. what do we know what that meeting was all about? >> what is interesting is i didn't get around to asking him. he volunteered that it was about iran policy thinking that that would be some sort of good answer. that makes everything much worse for him because that's a pretty consequential issue. why is steven miller ask donald trump junior were experts on the middle east national secuity having a private meeting with the saudi governments, george natr and this expert that runs this if i recall and erik prince a former company guy. it's a weird group of people talking about iran and we know the trump administration is very, very hawkish on iran. we know the saudis have wanted a conflict with iran for a long time and here is what is interesting, we talk about
12:57 am
collusion with russia as if that was the only foreign government that wanted to see trump elected and got involved. we now the gulf counties like saudi arabia and netanyahu were keen to see a donald trump president. that's why the mueller invest -- investigation is interesting. this meeting is a classic example of that. why is an coming to the trump tower. natr brought a plan using private contractors, which is prince's special. >> there is a nexus. you have this meeting and after the transition you have a nexus because he is involved in this crazy meeting set up in the seychelles that has the security dude for the russian hedge fund guy. >> he's not just a hedge fund guy but the head of the russian direct investment authority very close to putin and leaked e-mails referred as the messenger to president putin and i ask erik prince why did you go to this meeting in the seychelles? he said it was an accident, i had a beer with him. you flew half way around the world with a close ally of
12:58 am
vladimir putin to drink a beer? really? come on. these lies are absurd. >> there are many indications that meeting, so there is the august 3rd meeting. >> nine days before the inaugu inauguration. >> the george nater figure. >> and a convicted pedophile. remember, trump surrounds himself with the best people. >> george nater, erik prince, the seychelles meeting. there is lots of evidence foreign influence wasn't rooting, there is a weird try angulation who are all working various different angles.
12:59 am
>> yes, flynn and kushner meet with kislyak and flynn wants to go to the seychelles or wherever it is and he's told you're too high profile. that's why prince is seen as the back channel. prince denies this and says i went for the beer because you can only get beer with the russian oligarchs in the seychelles and flynn didn't go. that's where the mueller investigation is going. was prince trying to be this badger. was the russian oligarch, was he the putin guy and was prince the trump guy? that's the big question. somebody -- i can't remember which member told the press over the weekend that if he's lied about stuff like the transcript, how could you believe anything he said in the intelligence committee testimony he gave and i've talked to members at the house intelligence committee that says reading the transcript is half of it. his body language and demeanor was defensive and not willing to be honest in their view from his body language. >> thank you so much for joining
1:00 am
us. that is "all in" for this evening.


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