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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 12, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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the union response today delivered a holy cow hint in which she said she might run, too, quote 2020 is definitely on house speaker nancy pelosi comes out against impeachment. she says trying to remove president trump would be so divisive that it shouldn't be used unless there's something overwhelming. plus a new u.n. report finds that north korea is evading sanctions designed to put out the money used to fund missile program. and we're learning the details of president trump's proposed budget. his plan calls for more defense spending and slashes billions of dollar from medicare. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, march 12th. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside
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louis burgdorf. house speaker nancy pelosi says she's inclined to steer the democratic caucus way from impeaching president trump after weeks of republicans claiming that house investigations into the trump administration are a pretext for his removal. >> congressman nadler decided to impeach the president the day the president won the election. >> get the goods on this president in an apparent effort to impeach him. >> a forum to tell stories and lie about the president of the united states so that they can all start their impeachment process. >> this is an attempt to lay some sort of soft corner stone for future impeachment proceedings. >> there are members here with a singular goal in congress to impeach president trump. >> laying the predicate for the democrats and their crazy impeachment plans. >> speaking to "the washington post," pelosi said i'm not for impeachment. this is news i've been.
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thinking about. this impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there's something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, i don't think we should go down that path because it divides the country and he's just not worth it. the speaker using stronger language about a subject she addressed at the beginning of this congress back in january. >> you said it would be sad and divisive for the country to pursue impeachment. are you willing to rule it out? >> we have to wait and see what happens with the mueller report. we shown be impeaching for a political reason. and we shouldn't avoid impeachment for a political reason. we just have to see how it comes. >> so "the washington post" reported at the time that when it comes to pelosi trump has pulled back on his jabs. that is deliberate aides and advisers said because the president believes she would help protect him from impeachment, something he said she personally assured him during the shutdown. >> we even talked about that
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today. i said why don't you use this for impeachment. and nancy said we're not looking to impeach you. i said that's good, nancy. that's good. you don't impeach people when they do a good job. >> some house speakers agreed with nancy pelosi. adam schiff and jerry nadler told nbc news that the evidence is not there yet for impeachment. while house financial services chairwoman maxine waters believed the speaker had been clear about her opposition to impeachment and agreed it would take republicans courage to do it. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and nancy pelosi have invited nato secretary-general to address a joint session of congress april the 3rd. mcconnell and pelosi discussed the idea as a way of honoring nato's 70th anniversary next
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month as well as underscoring the u.s. commitment to the group. it comes amid ongoing worries from america's allies regarding president trump's america first strategy. and his constant attacks regarding payments to keep u.s. troops stationed in their territory. the president has reportedly told allies recently that he wants u.s. allies including those in nato to pay the full cost of stationing american troops plus 50% according to u.s. and foreign officials familiar with the idea. such a proposal could have allies contributing five times what they now provide. after more than a month of absence, white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders formally went before reporters for a daily briefing yesterday where she faced questions over whether president trump thinks democrats actually hate jewish people. that question followed axios report that the president made the remark over the weekend during the republican national committee fundraiser at his mar-a-lago club.
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>> yes or no does the president truly believe democrats hate jews. >> i am not going to comment on potentially leaked statement. >> do democrats hate jewish people. >> he's had a lot of opportunity over the last few weeks to condemn the comments. i'm trying to answer. the president has had and laid out clearly his position on this matter. democrats had a number of opportunities to condemn specific comments and. have refused to do that. that's a question frank lie i think you should ask demonstrate what their position is since they are unwilling to call this what it is. >> joining me now from washington, d.c., white house correspondent jeff mason. jeff, great to have you this morning. what's your major takeaways from this first white house press briefing in nearly 42 days. >> that was one of them what you just played the back and forth about the president's views that democrats are hateful to jews. that was certainly one of the
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flash points in yesterday's briefing. i don't think, by the way, we can call it a daily briefing any more. >> that's true. >> turned into monthly occurrences. she touched on some other issues before sara took questions. there were questions about the budget. she also addressed an issue i've been spending a lot of time covering which is trade. there were questions about whether or not there would be a summit between president trump and president xi of china later this month. she indicated no date had been set but talks were still ongoing. >> i understand the importance of daily briefings but i'm curious to get your thought, are they beneficial when sarah huckabee sanders comes out there and says what she does say. the way she talks to reporters. do you benefit from that or is that for performance for the audience. >> a lot of people ask me that. that's a legitimate question. my answer is two fold. it's not the only way reporters get information. that's certainly true.
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when we're at the white house we do have a chance to go back and talking to her or some of sara's colleagues in the white house. obviously we do our reporting in other ways as well. but i think it's important for the white house press corps and i think it's important for the country for there to be an opportunity for reporters to ask white house officials in particular the top spokesperson for the president of the united states questions about what he's doing and whether some people use that as a performance or whether others just use it to challenge her, i think it's important. >> absolutely. let me get your thoughts about speaker nancy pelosi pulling back from impeachment talks. not that she was necessarily on the front lines of supporting that. is this potential strategy by her by house democrats? >> i think so. speaker pelosi's way of saying let's not focus on this. let's focus on showing the programs we support going into the 2020 election. let's focus on perhaps on some
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of the investigations but let's not focus on this big impeachment word. that's a signal to her colleagues as much as it is a signal to the president and the republicans. and less than two weeks after the collapse of the hanoi summit a new u.n. report reveals that north korea continues to be successful in evading international sanctions. this has allowed the dprk to crease oil import, expand coal import, sell weapons and even hack into foreign banks generating tens of millions of dollars for that country's regime. according to the report those weapon sales are going to iranian backed rebels fighting in yemen and other fighters in country like libya, sudan and uganda. the u.n. concludes this has all made the latest u.s. sanctions ineffective. almost an exact echo of a report from the u.n. shortly after the first trump-kim summit which
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detailed how it was ineffective. now the new u.n. report also confirms that pyongyang's nuclear and missile programs remain intact and is trying to deceive the international community by moving its missile programs to new locations including civilian facilities such as pyongyang's international airport. amaid the ongoing chaos in venezuela united states is making a major diplomatic move. secretary of state mike pompeo tweeted late last night quote the u.s. will withdraw all remaining personnel from the embassy in venezuela this week. this decision reflects the deteriorating situation in venezuela as well as the conclusion that the presence of u.s. diplomatic staff at the embassy has become a constrain on u.s. policy. earlier yesterday pompeo blamed russia and cuba for worsening the crisis by providing political cover to embattled president nicolas maduro while the u.s. treasury imposed
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sanctions on a russian bank for helping venezuela's state oil company evade u.s. sanctions. it comes as much as venezuela is nearing a week without power and clean nonpossible lieutenant governored drinking water. still ahead the very latest on the 20 democratic field. two potential presidential candidates are fueling speculation about jumping in. a big week for special counsel robert mueller's russia probe. we'll explain why and all the reasons next. those stories and a check on the weather when we come back.
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i know what it means to have reliable support. i found a company who believes in me. they look out for me. and they help me grow my career. at comcast it's my job to constantly monitor our network, prevent problems, and to help provide the most reliable service possible. my name is tanya, i work at the network operations center for comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. welcome back. 2020 democratic national convention is coming to milwaukee edging out houston and miami. wisconsin city was chosen after a months long campaign. first major party convention in milwaukee's history and first midwestern convention for democrats since 1996 in chicago. signalling the region's importance and democrats plan for a victory, president trump
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carried the state by less than one percentage point 47.2% to 46.5% in 2016. the event will be held july 13th through the 16th of july 2020. >> beto o'rourke is headed to iowa this weekend fueling speculation the former democratic congressman may soon enter the 2020 democratic perimeter field. he'll make his first trip to iowa to campaign on behalf of a democrat who is running in a special election for a state senate. the visit comes amid reports o'rourke has hired staff in the first of the nation caucus state in potential for a presidential run. facebook has reversed its decision to remove several ads placed by elizabeth warren's presidential campaign that called for the break up. they praised warren's plan to dismantle tech mergers. the company removed the ad
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saying they went against facebook's advertising policy. however a facebook spokesperson confirmed to politico the ads were being reinstated we removed the ads because they violated our policy of use of corporate logo. but we're restoring the ads. more than a dozen other ads about warren's proposal were not impacted. and democrats stacy abrams says a potential presidential run this year is not out of the question. abrams tweeted yesterday 20 years ago i never thought i would be ready to run for potus before 2028 but life comes at you fast as i share a q and a at south by southwest. 2020 is on the table. abrams narrowly lost the governor's race last year and discussed her future plans earlier in the day with pbs. >> you said in your book if you don't run for president 2028 will be your year.
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that's in the book. >> yes. that's the year and spreadsheet is 2028. >> that you would run for president. >> you don't use jobs as stepping stone. you use them as opportunities to learn and to serve. in this spreadsheet with all the jobs i wanted to to do, 2028 would be the earliest i could stand for president. >> just a quick programming note. she will be joining the gang on morning joe. let's get a check on your weather with meteorologist bill karins. >> very active day in the middle of the country. east coast not looking too bad. pretty warm in many cases. this huge storm, not often i can start in the morning and tell you it's raining in los angeles, san diego and phoenix. doesn't happen very often. that's the case. this storm will head out to the plains with severe weather threat, isolated tornadoes. west texas. lubbock area to del rio, midland
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this is the area of greatest concern. this huge storm heading for the middle of the country will have everything. you have the possibility of tornadoes. a blizzard definitely. areas like cheyenne to fargo. then we'll have melting snow, heavy rain, and a frozen ground. that's why we have about almost 11 million people under flood watches from minneapolis all the way back down to omaha and des moines. as far as the snowfall goes this area of pink in here that's up to a foot of snow and with it will come winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour. telling people don't get caught on the roads late tonight into tomorrow in areas north of denver, cheyenne, scotts bluff and areas of south dakota and up to fargo. as far as the rainfall totals will go this area of purple has about one to two inches of rain. we don't need this. so wet in areas of tennessee and northern mississippi. additional flooding concerns. anyone flying it's going to be bumpy. we'll see very windy conditions.
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high wind watches from texas all the way through nebraska. so, yeah, big storm middle of the country. east coast is fine. west coast is fine. everybody in the middle has something to deal with. still ahead the latest on the deadly ethiopian airlines crash as investigators determine what went wrong. airlines around the world are grounding entire free-throw shooter after this latest boeing crash. we'll tell you about that in a moment. stay with us. is your kind of cure. woman 2: i had the common type. man 2: mine was rare. vo: epclusa has a 98% overall cure rate. man 3: i just found out about my hepatitis c. woman 3: i knew for years. vo: epclusa is only one pill, once a day, taken with or without food for 12 weeks. vo: before starting epclusa, your doctor will test if you have had hepatitis b, which may flare up, and could cause serious liver problems during and after treatment.
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as the investigation continues as to the cause of sunday's plane crash in ethiopia that killed 157 people, some airlines around the world are already grounding their fleets of boeing 737 max 8 jets. both of the ethiopia jan planes black boxes are recovered and officials want to know if there's a link but another recent crash in indonesia. tom costello has the latest. >> reporter: it's one of the most sophisticated best selling planes in the world but the faa is under intense pressure as passengers, pilots and airlines ask whether the boeing 737 max 8 is safe after two brand-new planes crashed in just five months. on the ground in ethiopia the charred remains of et flight 302. the 737 max 8 headed for nairobi, kenya crashed six minutes after taking off from addis ababa. data transmitted by the plane showed very erratic vertical speed as the crew struggled to
2:22 am
control the plane. very similar to the crash of lion air flight 610 off indonesia last october. that plane also a boeing max 8. now 22 airlines and a handful of countries including ethiopia, indonesia and china are grounding the max 8 until the investigation determines whether the crashes are related. sky news reporter is at the scene. >> reporter: the big question has the same thing happened or it is just a statistical anomaly that we have here, two of the same aircraft crashing in a short period of time. >> reporter: investigators in ethiopia have recovered the plane's black box. they will look for indications the pilot struggled the trim of the aircraft holding it level. a preliminary investigation into that crash in indonesia suggest those pilots struggled to pull the nose up as a malfunctioning computer program pushed the nose down. the indonesian pilots were not informed of that new system.
2:23 am
boeing insisted all 737 pilots should have known how to disengage the system. what i do is immediately turn over the switches and cut the motor out. and as you can see it stopped the trim. many u.s. airlines and pilots complained boeing never told them of the new system. boeing has since sent out bulletins to max pilots informing them of how to react. many veteran pilots say in an actual emergency they are not sure they would remember. >> as a pilot i would feel very awkward or uncomfortable about flying this airplane knowing that potential is out there until this investigation runs its course. >> reporter: worldwide there are 354 max s in service. united flies the max 9 a longer version of the same plane. those airlines said they are watching the investigation but so far the 737 max has been very reliable. boeing says it has no new guidance for the airlines but
2:24 am
underscored safety is our number one priority and we're taking every measure to fully under all aspects of this accident working closely with the investigating team and all regulatory authorities involved. among the eight americans who died in ethiopia, a georgetown law student flying to kenya for his fiancee's mother's funeral. >> cedric at heart was full of hospitality. made you feel welcomed and home immediately. >> reporter: with other countries and airlines grounding the plane, the faa says its team is in ethiopia and if we identify an issue that affects safety the faa will take immediate and appropriate action. >> pressure is on the faa. the world's regulators are looking. we need to get the data from the black boxes and need to get it soon. >> reporter: the faa will issue new design changes for the max by the end of april. boeing's ceo said he's confident
2:25 am
in the safety of the max. such a tragic story. our thanks to tom costello for that report. in a letter to the u.s. federal aviation administration, senator dianne feinstein is urging officials to ground boeing 737 max 8 fleet after the second deadly crash in just five months. the california senator writes in part quote, until the cause of the crash is known and it's clear that similar risks aren't present in a domestic fleet, i believe all boeing 737 max 8 series aircraft operating in the united states should be temporarily grounded. connecticut senator richard blumenthal joined feinstein adding these two catastrophic accidents both claimed the lives of all on board, calling into serious question the safety of these airplanes. the faa and the airline industry must act quickly. you also heard in that reporting that you had that one pilot
2:26 am
saying that he would feel uncomfortable flying a plane until the faa had its full investigation. >> absolutely. i could imagine passengers have some concern as well. still ahead president trump sent congress's proposed budget for the 20 cal year. we'll show you where he wants to increase spending and slash funding. >> we go into dick cheney's conversation with mike pence and where the foreign policy looks a lot more like barack obama than ronald reagan. we're back in a moment. i'm 53.
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welcome back, everyone. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside louis burgdorf. it's the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. president trump has formally submitted his 2020 budget to congress and it appears his promises to slash the government's debt will be easier said than done. he's proposing a $4.75 trillion budget with a focus on increasing military spending. the defense department's budget is to be boosted by $33 billion to $718 billion or more than half of the entire proposed federal discretionary budget. the plan also calls for $8.6 billion to be set aside for construction of trump's wall along the southern border with mexico. the budget would slash $845 billion from medicare over the next ten years. it would also remove $241 billion from medicaid over that same period. now the blueprint also aims to
2:31 am
slash $228 billion from the food assistance program known as snap while proposing reforms including mandatory work requirements and food box delivery service instead of cash benefits. president trump's budget shows instead of shrinking the national debt he'll add to it. the white house was questioned yesterday on the figures showing that the budget would not actually be balanced for 15 years instead of eight years as candidate trump promised. >> the president promised during the campaign. he promised he would eliminate the national debt within eight years. as you know, the debt at the end of his first year was at 20 trillion. last year it went to 21 trillion. last month 22 trillion. what happened to that promise? >> look, again, the administration nearly doubled the national debt and when this president ran for office he made a commitment he would attempt to tackle the debt within eight years. this president did that in the
2:32 am
very first year he came to office by sending forth a budget that balanced within ten years and had more spending reductions than any in history. >> democratic leaders in congress pronounced president trump's budget doa, dead on arrival setting the stage for another fight between both sides. chuck schumer said in part the trump administration's latest budget proposal is a gut punch to the american middle class and a handout to the wealthiest few and powerful special interests that would worsen income in equality. nancy pelosi said that the cruel and short sighted cuts in president trump's budget request after road map to a sicker, weaker america. house democrats will reject this toxic, destructive budget request which would hollow out our national strength and fail to meet the needs of the american people. six in ten voters in swing counties want to see more new elected president next year.
2:33 am
57% of voters nationwide want a new president in 2020 with 38% backing the re-election of president trump. but among voters in a subset of swing counties that hillary clinton won by one point in 2016, trump is currently down 61% to 33%. meanwhile majority of republican leaning voters want to see president trump to run unopposed in the party's contest. 40% would like to see him have a primary challenge this as a possible candidate in maryland's republican governor larry hogan confirmed he would visit new hampshire and the new hampshire institute of politics next month. his first trip to the early primary state. so as politico points out this could be the week where we finally learn how special counsel robert mueller's investigation will play out. on wednesday a federal judge will decide whether paul manafort will get more prison time, long time trump ally roger stone will get a trial date which could put a timeline own
2:34 am
when the public could learn about his contacts with wikileaks. those reports could signal whether the special counsel has tapped them for all the information investigators need. this week might even include attorney general william barr announcing that mueller has completed his investigation. politico notes each of these events could ignite debate on capitol hill over everything from presidential pardon powers to obstruction of justice charges to whether democrats should launch impeachment proceedings. joining me again from washington, d.c., white house correspondent for reuters, jeff mason. so as we just outlined this could potentially be a very busy week one way or the other regardless if the report come out. how are lawmakers on capitol hill and president trump on both sides of the aisle bracing for the potential outcomes of this one week?
2:35 am
>> we've seen how lawmakers are preparing that they are starting investigations and nancy pelosi taking impeachment off the table. thinking about how to react broadly to what comes out of robert mueller's investigation once those results are clear. at the white house, you know, i think they've been preparing this for some time. they added some staff including on the communication staff to talk to reporters like myself. so they are bracing for it as well. but at the same time juggling that with everything else that they have to juggle as they, you know, prepare for other policy issues at the white house. >> let's go back to the budget story for a moment. a lot of criticism coming out of the democrats for the president's budget. many describing it as dead on arrival. he's asking for much more than he asked for the budget, i'm not good for the math. $8 billion for the southern border wall. how does it hurt middle class american and the national debt over the long run? >> i think number one it's important to emphasize that there's a lot of theater
2:36 am
involved when a budget like this gets unveiled. it's a policy document. it shows what the president wants generally but not likely to get passed. to get to your specific question some of the issues that would affect middle class and poor americans, cuts proposed in food stamps, cuts proposed on medicare and medicaid. and the spending reductions come at the same time that the tax cuts have been implemented. the government is getting less revenue from taxes while also reducing spending and that will hurt the deficit and debt over the next few years. jeff mason live in washington, d.c. stick around for us. we'll see you on "morning joe". >> vice president mike pence met with dick cheney during a private gathering on sunday. according to the transcript obtained by "the washington post" their discussion turned into a vigorous back and forth over trump's foreign policy. at the closed door retreat
2:37 am
cheney firmly pressed pence on a number of president trump's foreign policy moves. cheney expressed concerns that actions like taking a harder line on nato allies and withdrawing troops in syria which he thought was the middle of a phone call. cheney worried out loud to pence we're getting into a situation where our friends and allies around the world that we depend on are going lack confidence in us. according to "the washington post" transcript cheney added, quote i i worry the bottom line of that kind of approach is we have an administration that looks a lot more like barack obama than ronald reagan. >> nice to see vice president dick cheney still in the mix especially when you see the movie "vice" and how he has his hands in everything. >> still there. able to exert his influence. president trump changes his story yet again over his very public flub of the name of apple
2:38 am
ceo. it's on the tape. plus a community rallies around one small business owner after a picture of his empty store goes virtually. that heart warming story plus bill karins with another check of the forecast. bill karins with another check of t fheorecast. from the very beginning ... it was always our singular focus, a distinct determination. to do whatever it takes, use every possible resource, to fight cancer. and never lose sight of the patients we're fighting for. our cancer treatment specialists
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tell your doctor if you have an infection or have symptoms, or if you plan to or have recently received a vaccine. this could be your chance to leave your psoriasis symptoms behind. ask your doctor for ilumya today, for a clearer tomorrow. mechanics not speak english but he know what we mean when we say car no go and we best friend. so me think why waste time say lot word when few word do trick. >> all right. much like kevin from "the office" president trump is defending his use of abbreviated speech insisting he did not call apple ceo tim cook tim apple during a round table at the white house last week. tweeting quote at a recent roundtable meeting of business executives and long after formally introducing tim cook of apple. i quickly referred to tim and
2:42 am
apple as tim/apple. however that explanation is really different from what he reportedly told a group of republican donors as mar-a-lago last friday. in fact several of those in attendance tell axios that the president told them what he really said was tim cook apple. really fast. that the media is to blame for spreading fake news media. to settle this for one and all, here's the actual exchange. we'll let you decide. >> we have so many companies coming in, people like tim. you're expanding all over and doing things that i wanted you to do from the beginning. i used to say tim you got to start doing it over here. you really have put a big investment in our country. we appreciate it very much tim apple. but we're opening it pup. >> let me try this now. let's get a check with nbc meteorologist bill weather. >> that works.
2:43 am
shortens it up. gives you more time. so flash flood watches are up in the middle of the country. this is the biggest storm of the week by far. could be dealing with tornadoes at this time tomorrow morning. if not blizzards to talk about too. one to three inches of rain. not a big deal but we'll melt snow at the same time plus the ground is frozen so the rain can't soak in. run off problems from duluth to kansas that's the areas of concern. we have blizzard warnings up not for denver. you're understand a winter storm watch. waiting to see how bad it will be. they are calling for a couple of inches of snow. worst is from cheyenne and up to north dakota. winter storm warning from taos. same for you in aspen. about maybe six to 12 inches at the ski areas. ahead of the storm strong winds.
2:44 am
we could see 60 mile-per-hour winds for two or three days in a row. here comes the storm. this is today and tomorrow. these are the max wind gusts 55 up in north dakota. amarillo 65. roswell and albuquerque 50 to 60. airports will be problematic. bumpy on a lot of cross country flights especially going over the middle of the country. thursday we're still gusting in to the 60 and 40 mile-per-hour range. chicago gets there at 40. same with st. louis. keep that in mind for your air travel. as far as temperatures, typical spring storm. everything is quiet today. once the storm starts forming then we'll see the warm air pump to the north. east coast you'll have the warmest air in months. 71 in areas of indiana. mississippi in the 80s. that warmth does come here, 75 nashville, raleigh gets up to 71. this storm hitting the middle of the country bad for them. >> that's the kind of news i'm talking about. why is the trump story bad?
2:45 am
i don't understand why it's bad. let's go to my favorite story of the morning. a small business owner who had a slow start but seeing a business boom thanks to a viral tweet. the son of a texas doughnut shop owner shot an image of his dad's empty store. >> reporter: there was a hole in the heart of billy's doughnuts. the houston area shop grand opening had the right ingredients except customers. cambodian refugee's cream filled american dream was in jeopardy. until son billy tweet this about his sad dad. in just three days more than half a million likes. that original sparse sprinkling of customers has grown out the door. >> my dad is back there. he's been up since 2:00 a.m. making doughnuts. >> reporter: spreading smiles a dozen baker's at a time.
2:46 am
>> that's why i did it because i wanted to support them. support what he's done. it's awesome. >> chocolate. >> reporter: billy's doughnuts now sell like hot cakes. but do not despair. while billy sold out today folks will be back tomorrow. kevin tibbles. >> we spend a lot of time how our country is divided but it's a telling story when you see a community come together to help one of its own. >> father and son and immigrants building a business. >> power of social media to help. >> yes. there's that. those doughnuts look good. >> did you get us some? >> no. thanks. still ahead the u.s. warns one of its europeans allies over using china's top tech company.
2:47 am
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my name is tanya, i work at the network operations center for comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. welcome back opinion let's turn to business. u.s. is escalating its fight against huawei issuing this warning to germany. stop doing business with them or expect limited intelligence sharing from the u.s..
2:50 am
we have more on these latest developments. >> reporter: good morning. so this is a story we've been watching very closely. according to the "wall street journal," as you mentioned the u.s. ambassador sent ambassador sent a letter to germany's economic ministry on friday explicitly warning or threatening germany, a key ally of the united states, against using huawei equipment. this would be the first time they are officially warning an ally. the german government in the past has taken a different approach to the u.s. in terms of handling huawei and said they have seen nothing to indicate that huawei is actually using customers' equipment to spy for beijing. certainly a story to continue watching. i want to give you an update in the aftermath of the boeing super max 737 crash on sunday.
2:51 am
boeing has told the faa that the planes remain safe to fly. boeing shares down 5% yesterday as well. another story to keep an eye on as the day progresses. >> boeing did have aing negati impact in the markets. they did bounce back after news from apple. what can you tell us? >> march 25th is the day to watch. apple announced they would be holding a press event in california. analysts are expecting this could be the day when they debut a new streaming tv service and a subscription bundled new offering. they may introduce a new ipod. >> coming up on "morning joe,"
2:52 am
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2:55 am
joining us from washington, d.c., jonathan swann. great to have you with us. what is axios's "1 big thing" for this morning? >> it's an emerging trend in the way the white house is operating. sources tell me that mick mulvaney, the acts chief of staff, is being unusually blunt in his private assessments of what they're going to get done this year. he's being you could say blunt libluntly realistic they're not going to
2:56 am
get any legislation passed lieu the divided congress. you saw the national emergency and they're planning a lot more on that front. >> what is the president's game plan to get more through congress? is it using executive authority and privilege? what type of resources or tools does have to get to get what he wants done done? >> what they're planning sounds like a blend of bill clinton's triangulation and barack obama's pen and a phone, which is basically a series of executive orders covering issues that should appeal to centrist voters, so education, drug prices, opioids, veterans affairs. some of these have been drafted and going through the white house council's office for vetting. again, very early stages and these plans often sound better in theory than when you see the
2:57 am
results of them. >> speaking of that, talking about going through some of the white house legal office for approval, as the president embraces more and more of these executive orders to try to push through his agenda, what are some of the hurdles he could be potentially facing out in the real world. >> some are disappointment. an early example of this strategy is they did an executive order to deal with veterans' suicide, very serious issue. when you have to avoid congress, there are limits about what you can do. there's just not the powers available to the president are not unlimited. this executive order was to announce they were going to form a task force and road map. this is not stuff you would break out the confetti cannon for. and the second hurdle is the president himself, who is really excited by centrist issues. even if they do develop these orders, he may not embrace them
2:58 am
in the way they might hope. >> i have to go back to the big story you broke friday night about the comment the president made to rnc donors at mar-a-lago. of all the things he could have taken offense with, the one that you guys said he had an explanation for using tim apple as the name of ceo of apple. are you surprised by that? >> no. >> straight forward. i like it. what other things have you learned since that night about the president's reaction or that night? >> it was interesting, shauarah huckabee sanders was asked about a quote the president said about
2:59 am
the democrats hating jewish people. it was under a tent that was erected over a pool at mar-a-lago, the president's private club in florida. these are really wealthy republican donors. before they got into the tent, they had to put these phones in these magnetized pouches. they were magnetized, so they couldn't use their phone, they couldn't video and they could only unmagnetize their pouch with they left. luckily we have some good sources who have good memories and they're very diligent people. >> i just hope that taxpayer dollars didn't pay for all those magnetic things for all that. don't go too far away, we'll see you on "morning joe" in just a moment. that does it for us on this tuesday morning. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside
3:00 am
louis burgdorf. "morning joe" starts right now. so do you come to milwaukee often? >> well, i'm a regular visitor here but milwaukee has certainly had its share of visitors. the french missionaries and explorers were coming here as early as the late 1600s to trade with the native americans. >> isn't milwaukee a native name? >> yes, it's pronounced meal-walk-aye. it's the only milwaukee city to have elected three socialist mayors. >> that looks fu


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