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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  March 13, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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unrecused. it tells me it is a corrupt intent to influence the outcome of law enforcement's work, but just a fundamental lack of understanding about what it is that prosecutors need to do and why they do it. it would suit the boss. it is so hard to even discussion or describe it. >> all right, chuck rosenberg, there when we need you. that does for us, "mtp daily" starts right now. >> how are you doing nicolle? too much news today. >> we had firehoses, avalanches, whatever metaphor you want to
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use. it's benwednesday, is a big announcement coming? you beto believe it. good evening, welcome to "meet the press daily." we have a lot to get to this hour, all signs are pointing to beto o'rourke announcing tomorrow morning. his team is asking for people to help with dex messaging tomorrow morning. a piece has come out about him right now. it is a photo spread, by the way, and he will be in iowa tomorrow. we have breaking news after the president ordered all 737 max 8 and 9 jets be grounded, we have more from the admissions fraud case and i will speak with a former education secretary that says the whole system has been run on lies. we begin with the president and his former campaign chief paul
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manafort. a federal judge said this today in washington, an added 3.5 years to years to his sentence. the judge ripped into manafort for lying to the special council and ripped into the president's behavior. and then it was mayhem because after she rebuked paul manafort and president trump's misleading argument, manafort's lawyer said this. >> judge jackson conceded that there is absolutely no evidence of any russian collusion in this case. that makes two court that's ruled no evidence of any collusion. >> liar! that's not what she said! >> she said, very sad day for
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such a callous sentence that is totally understand necessary. >> then less than two hours later at the white house, the president basically made the same bogus claim. >> do you have any idea when the mueller report is coming down, are you anxious to see it? >> again, it was proven today. no collusion. no collusion. no collusion. there has not been collusion, and it was all a big hoax and you know it. >> you know when you lie to the special council it was perhapsed an attempt to obstruct the ability to find out if there was collusion. there is one set of problems involved paul manafort, and those problems are clear, but there is another set for president trump and those problems are more complicated. joining me kristin welker from the white house. tom winter our head of investigations reporter, and
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form eer federal prosecutor dou burns. walk us through what the judge did today in this sentencing, some concurrent, some on top, but what did the judge say? >> just bottom line, the first part of that answer, he has an additional 3.5 years to serve in prison. a total of 7 p.5 years that he sentenced now. the dc case sentencing was today, but it will be a little over six years that he will spend in jail, and of course if he behaves himself in prison which most people generally do, he will serve less time than that, so let's assume around six years that he will be in jail, he will go to an actual bureau of prisons to serve that sentence going forward.
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the judge had a first pointient lies. >> it is hard to overstate the number of lies and amount of fraud and extraordinary amount of money involved. and the right to manipulate the proceedings and he thought the court order did not apply to him, he spent a portion of his career gaming the system. i didn't see anything that said no collusion, did you? >> the judge today said look, the defense brought up in no collusion idea and there is sentencing memos and court proceedings et cetera, this is nothing died to collusion, conspiracy, nothing that he was charged with here. specifically there was nothing ever brought up in the proceedings before. there was lines of questioning that we leashed aborned about i course of trying to figure out if paul manafort lied to the
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special counstcilouncil. in the special cases she agreed in three of them they were strongly inclined to believe in a fourth, she took all of that behavior, all of his conduct into account today and said the things that you pointed out on screen. >> very quickly, tom, them manhattan d.a. indictment of manafort, it seemed timed, ready to go when necessary, was it? >> it would sure afeppear to be this way. the documents were all want prese presented last summer, we have shown them before, it sure does appear to correspond to that, if paul manafort was pardoned right now it is conceivable and legal experts tell us that he would be arrested at this moment on those charges. so the timing of that does seem
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to coincide. >> kristin welker, i want to start with the president's reaction on all of this. because he keeps saying he feels bad for paul manafort, why -- does anyone at the white house, can they explain why the president thinks that somebody that defrauded the federal government of $6 million minimum from one trial and another where he lied to the justice department of the united states of america, why he feels bad for paul manafort? >> no one could give a clear explanation, chuck, that is for sure, and it continues to raise questions questions about whether or not he is actively considering a pardon for mr. manafort. he is trying to distance himself, as you point out his tone has completely shifted now. i just spoke with rudy giuliani and said look, will the president move to pardon him, he say there's is nothing under consideration right now. he is not taking anything off of
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the table. >> is rudy fully aware that when he say it's is not under discussion right knew it is not taking it off of the football. >> that is a fair point. >> that is the bottom line, he also says that, look the president maintains his right to have the power to pardon, so he would never take that off of the table, but he should say that no one should assume that they would not get a pardon. again the language is certainly raising concern among some of the president's al lleys that think it would send the wrong message if the president was to take that action. >> i'm curious of the behavior of manafort's attorney before and after the proceedings. administrate is begging for mercy from the court. he apologizes, he falls on his
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sword, there is essentially more to the process. >> i'm glad you mention that, i was very surprised to see the lawyer on the courthouse steps ultimately appearing. >> absolutely right, great point, but you just don't do that. let me back up to court that did not have strings of selective prosecution. we would not be here but not for the probe. but to stand up in front of the court on the day of sentencing and start arguing that the only reason we're here is because we were caught in this political storm. >> let me ask you in a different way. the fact is that i think mueller
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brought the house down on manafort to see if he would start cooperating. is this a failure for mueller? >> that is interesting, that is what we're all wondering. the way that i addressed this in the past is you have an inability to cop raoperate or a unwillingness. people getting angry, what do you mean? you're saying he doesn't have relevant information, but if he is unwilling, then i mean i like your point which is that they're throwing the book at him. >> how -- there has to be part of them that sits there and says you know, we thought that manafort would cooperate and he never did.
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>> yeah, whether or not it is a failure or not will depend on what information would he have known that only paul manafort would have known. so information that rick gates is not telling them, information from all of the electronic searches and data that would be available to them. everything they seized in the search warrant. what it was that only manafort could have known, the conversations that he may have known with then candidate president trump. so i think it is those key details, and what he may have phone, and if it was relevant for them to say man, i wish we knew or it didn't matter because it didn't exist. >> it seems now that we know why the president says so many good things about manafort, he's so happy he never flipped.
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>> he never flipped, and that is the opposite of michael cohen who he refers to as a rat. and so that is, i think, part of why you're seeing this tone that he takes toward manafort, but look for the president, what is so different about this, chuck, remember the days of him saying he only surrounds himself with the best people, and it all comes as we continue to wait for the mueller report that we expect in days or weeks. >> did you think six or seven years, we went through this and there was a lot of griping about the last sentencing, but i -- just ellis, i'm not surprised he went there, he made it clear from the beginning that he would essentially always view this
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trial from the viewpoint of mueller, i have been in many of those dust ups myself, but i didn't think he would go as low as 47 months. i thought that judge ellis would have imposed a seven or eight year term, that could have been academic. but to answer your question finally i felt that, you know, seven, eight, nine years -- >> the totality of it ends up being fair. >> what a way to kick us off, thank you, up next with the question of a possible presidential pardon still up in the air, prosecutors in new york make their own move. their own . -jamie, this is your house? -i know, it's not much, but it's home. right, kids? -kids? -papa, papa! -[ laughs ] -you didn't tell me your friends were coming. -oh, yeah. -this one is tiny like a child. -yeah, she is. oh, but seriously, it's good to be surrounded
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will you pardon paul
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manafort? >> i have not thought about it. do i feel badly for paul manafort. >> rudy jagiuliani is that a pardon is not being considered right now. just this week, white house press secretary sarah sanders said a decision was not yet made implying it was on the table. >> why hasn't the president ruled out a pardon for for paul manafort. >> he made his position on that clear, he will make a decision when he is ready. >> joining me is christina bellatoni, hour fineman, and michael steele, former rnc chair
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and let me start with you. you have been a defense attorney, paul manafort's attorney today, his statement to the media, should he have said please pardon mr. manafort? >> yes and at this point it never hurts to ask. >> you said he should have, but did you hear that? that's what i meant by that, i'm sorry. >> i think the subtle message all along by manafort and his steam, going to trial, trying to hold out as long as he could, the mess an throughout has been hey, i'm a solid guy, pardon me. >> take a listen to what senator graham said today. >> it would be seen as a political disaster for the
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president. there may came a role down the road, but now would be a disaster. >> when would it not be a political disaster? i guess if it is president pence or someone that did it? >> cornering someone in the elevator is always a great move. interestingly everyone is giving speaker pelosi props for holding back saying essentially let's take it to the american people, we don't want to play into his hands by forcing the conversation to be about impeachment. if donald trump wants it saul to be about impeachment, which oddly enough, he might, pardon manafort. i was told a year and a half goog that the whole game was was not to flip and to get a pardon. >> christina, i don't mean to
2:20 pm
bury the lead here, but isn't the lead that manafort never flipped? >> i know we're not looking at it that way, but it is sort of, it soapers me up like he never flipped. >> right, but it is also a very long process. it will go on and on and on. he can file an application like everyone else. he has not gone through the normal proceed years. they're not a free pass, they're a check on the justice system. >>. >> unfortunately the rules don't afly to donald trump. i think we can get past the what if and know that she going to do it. you make the best point that there is political upside in his doing, he can use it when folks
2:21 pm
come after him. >> doesn't he have to pardon mfrt e manafort, than the president has to. i don't mean -- it is backwards logic, but backwards logic is foreign logic. >> no, chuck, i think that is right, i think that is how the president sees it. from his perspective this is a win win for me. i can do the mft thing, he has been loyal, faithful, and good boyscout stuff and i have a political hammer that i can use when they come after me, and i'm consistent, i'm going to pardon
2:22 pm
the guy. lindsey graham is not always a great indicator of where the whole republican body and the senate is going to go, he's not, but i would like to know what mitch mcconnell, i can never get through a shout without mentioning mitch mcconnell. >> and it is about the senate elections in 2020, right? >> i'm just curious as a defense attorney that he wasn't more cooperative at the moment. at the end of the day he feared the russians and the oligarchs more than the federal government. paul manafort is afraid of russians, number two he holds out hope that president trump
2:23 pm
might tweet out a pardon for him and i'm not be e.g. gliing glib tweeted pardon is just as effective as the normal procedures. >> no no, understand this, all of the procedures that have been created like the pardon office and everything else are there to assist the president. it is defined in the constitution if knows few few restrictions. it could be done by a tweet. once given, there are no take backs. none. >> pardons, god love you, danny,
2:24 pm
a pardon by tweet. >> you laugh but it is coming. >> you're right i should not laugh. >> it is the pufest form of executive authority, it is a space created for the president that she absolutely able to do it how he wants to, will have to decide if this is an impeachment tweeding or letting it slide to the election. >> chrt christina i'm wondering this is still a good idea while mueller is writing his report. he is just saying things that happened in that courtroom. say you're mueller and you're saying i have enough for ob
2:25 pm
instruction. don't -- who knows what is going to happen, but i can have to think that he that not submitted anything yet. should you be taunting him? >> no, absolutely not, but at every level, all of the taxes that roger stone has taken, if is like living in an alternate reality. what world are you guys living in? we know, welcome to wonderland, alice. i have to think that taunting the judge today, mueller, you can't tell me he doesn't hear those things. >> he does hear things, prosecutors are human, and in any case you provoke a judge like that, the da hears it as
2:26 pm
well. the biggest thing for a defendant at sentencing or trial is relentless politeness. that is the way for most of us to deal with the course and the government. >> in the hearing he was polite and he seemed to try to follow the order. >> politeness, i don't mean to be cynical, but he wants to continue to make it more possible. and it nancy pelosi says i don't see the evidence now. >> he will give it to her. >> danny cel arvales. the outrage over that massive
2:27 pm
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welcome back, tonight in 2020 vision, i guess we should call it beto vision, but not this time, the massive college
2:31 pm
scandal may fit right into the campaign rhetoric. >> families that can already afford the schools, abusing their power. >> millions and millions and millions of american families are also struggling to survive in a system that has been rigged. rigged by the wealthy and the well connected. >> the wealthy and powerful elite who decade after decade have gotten everything they want, will do all that they can to to defend their financial interests. >> getting nothing done but helping the richest people and the biggest corporations. >> erasing le device is a big
2:32 pm
part of the messages bhi direct hopefu hopefuls, don't be surprised if you hear more about this admissions scandal. and don't think it is only democratic angle, others see opportunities as well including president trump, think also affirmative action, the point is there is a lot of chatter on this on both sides of the aisle. we'll be back with more on this and the education secretary after the wreck. this and the education secretary after break.the wreck. break. yep, this too, and this, please. even long hair and pet hair are no problem, but the one thing i won't have to clean is this because the shark's self-cleaning brush roll removes the hair wrap while i clean. ♪ - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans now cleans itself.
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a a. as every parent knows, the students work harder and harder every year in a system that seems to get harder and harder. for every student admitted through fraud, a honest hard working student was denied.
2:36 pm
>> hundreds of wealthy families were able to cheat and frankly cheat rather easily. if the system was broken, how do you fix it. with me now is arnie duncan. he spent more than seven years as a superintendent of chicago public schools before that. i know we have an interesting connection here, let me start with my first question. i have to say it feels like we lifted a rock and oh my god, this is only going to be the tip of the iceberg and frankly how corruptible the entire higher education system is. >> unfortunately i think you're right. this is absolutely a terrible story. i had no idea and you wake up yesterday and you start to sunt the reality and it is a punch to the gut. >> it seems like this is systemic, right? you can't sit here and say oh,
2:37 pm
it is one school. that the system almost encourages you to use the side doors, or the back doors, and it's like okay, 50 years ago a rich mom or dad gave money for a building and that's how you did it. and as more and more people decided that college education was a necessity you become more desperate and when you're more desperate you cut more corners. >> first the perception among rich and wealthy families, that there is only one college good for their kids but the truth is there is hundreds and hundreds of great schools and the idea that you have to cheat, buy your way in, that is crazy. every time that do that they take a seat away from a hard working student whose family doesn't have hundreds of thousands of dollars to put
2:38 pm
behind this. it is unfair in a situation where you said contributions from families, legacy admissions, it is often already rigged for the elite, privileged, and wealthy and this is another huge blow. also the disproportionate part for athletics. as a former student athlete, and understanding how important athleteices can be, to see that piece of this is part of the corruption, it is -- it hurts, it honestly hurts. >> arnie i have to ask you this, sitting here three days ago you have the news, more ncaa scandal impacting colleague basketball and it's about elite athletes getting paid under the table to come to college and now this scandal that is using the nonrevenue sports to scam kids in for rich kids. it seems to be both systems are
2:39 pm
broken and actually one could fix the other. >>. >> yeah, it could be a huge contribution, what people don't understand is they're pushing college so hard and they have to rebuilt trust. i don't see how the public institutions or private institutions, i don't know how they will sustain themselves. that is the most important thing they could have and they're just giving that away. >> yeah, i know there is a marching band behind you. i guess the question i have is you brought up university presidents, i talked today many of them who off of the record say some of them are form elected officials saying the fund raiding is worse and harder, and frankly it is more corruptible -- >> could you please repeat the question. >> i'm sorry about that, i
2:40 pm
talked to college presidents who were former elected officials saying that the system is more corrupt for raising money for universities than it is for politics. >> i don't know if you want to be in either one of those examples, it is both pretty bad, and it is such an important leadership vehicle, for me it's not about going pro, it's about vaining the next set of leaders. the fact that coaches -- so much that bonuses are based on wins and losses and not on their stoout athletes -- the corruption here, higher education for politics, money is always at the root of that.
2:41 pm
>> we were trying to accomplish a lot with this interview, apologies for that, i don't think we could have planned the marching band. good to see you and i would love to have your conversation longer. up ahead, it is beto's big reveal. when he arrived in iowa tomorrow, will he be an official candidate? sure looks like it to us. candidate? sure looks like it to us i'm mildly obsessed with numbers. so, i started with the stats regarding my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. like how humira has been prescribed to over 300,000 patients.
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welcome back, i'm obsessed with our acting government. >> this is the saddest looking cabinet i have ever -- i have an agriculture secretary who has never eaten a vegetable in his life. a remarkable number of officials at the highest level are serving in an acting capacity. that includes four cabinet secretaries, secretary of defense, and the president's chief of staff. that is on top of other agency administrators, fema, pretty much busy year round these days, the faa, oh, right has that been in the news? president trump not. >> i like acting because i can move so quickly.
2:44 pm
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including anaphylaxis, a severe reaction. tell your doctor if you have new or worsening eye problems, including eye pain or changes in vision. if you are taking asthma medicines, do not change or stop your asthma medicine without talking to your doctor. help heal your skin from within. ask your eczema specialist about dupixent. time now for the lid. first of all, the biggest news in politics is beto o'rourke is going to put this waiting for beto story line aside. it appears she announcing tomorrow morning now in what is a traditional way to now announce, a social media announcement of some sort. i am curious, since you're outside of the beltway, what i notice going on the trail in 18
2:47 pm
it didn't matter where you were going, and i imagine the students in l.a. are doing it. >> yes, now it has been replaced with aoc, who is interesting to see young people pay attention to policy because of the person within that is something that no matter what you like to see, i get it. people will get excited and he will get his own little faction, and i think we talked about it before, but i think everyone is waiting on vice president biden, and that is just going to change all of the way this is viewed. >> i had a gary hart flash back to '84. he was mr. where's the beef. generational, the whole pitch of barty hart was new and generational but you dent know what it was, but it worked for
2:48 pm
awail. he has the opportunity, the moment, the generational shift. you could feel it, and you could feel the earth move up there in new hampshire. he had the advance. as shrewd as he was and is, and as gifted as he is, he had specific proposals that he championed in the senate, but the rush, the generational rush got in the way of the beef, which he did have. >> he was a big foreign policy guy. >> yeah, so beto will have his moment where you're right to mention aoc. he has to have a, b, c, d, for
2:49 pm
things to hang his hat on. >> michael i go back and forth. part of me says boy, undefined, that's trump's worst nightmare. an undefined young candidate is trump's worst nightmare. that being said, there is a different in how -- they wonder how they're so income pat able, trump and bet ox, what do you make of that. >> you don't fear beto? >> ted cruz's team says you should. >> but listen to what understood in texas and texas is not the united states of america and not the democratic primary. i think that i look at pete buttiege besting him. he is a mayor of pub stance,
2:50 pm
vision, purpose, -- >> there is a lot of people in washington talking to him, there is a lot of interest. get back question because you asked me about beto-trump. i don't think trump fears him. trump loves blank slate because he can pick any part and label it. it's not pre-labeled. it's not pre-designed. he can look at it and label it. he sizes up his opponents the best of anybody i've seen. >> he can. i think that's more of a respect thing than anything else that sort of drives that. >> beto conveys an idea he's in politics but not of politics. that's a gift that he's got. >> obama had it. >> obama had it. the question is whether that's what the democratic primary voters and or the american people are going to want to go up against the ultimate amateur
2:51 pm
who is donald trump. >> the billionaire son or son-in-law versus the billionaire. >> i want to go to the college cheating scandal. you work at usc. >> i do. >> as a usc member, stomach punch, how do you feel? >> we're here in washington with 19 of our incredible students. we were on capitol hill when the first came out. it was college scandal. it's so disappointing and learning it with everybody else, a gut punch is a good way to think about it. it's also something we can relate to. for people that have gone through the college system, we have taken standardized tests. we meet incredible students. >> we have all known somebody that we think got a helping hand that shouldn't have gotten it.
2:52 pm
>> the way i'm framing it, that news affects them. these are the questions you should be thinking about asking of your peers. >> it's a great teaching moment on that front. >> you quickly caught arnie duncan's odd beginning when he said this was a total surprise to me. the totality of it, maybe we didn't realize they used the water polo team to do this. the consultant world has been sketchy when it comes to tests and all of this. is this really a surprise? >> i knew nothing really about academia other than gone to college myself. it was a strange defense. this was enormous in its scope. so many schools. so many different types of ways they got in the system.
2:53 pm
there may be more we're learning. >> you're usc. a ton of schools. this is not one school. it's more important to emphasize that. >> i think this is one of biggest political stories i've seen in a long time. this goes right to everything we have been talk about in american society. the excellence of higher education on the one hand. the fact it's become a symbol of what's wrong with elitists domination, to use the phraseology, whatever that is. i think it's huge. whoever gets ahead of this, in other words, trump and company will say these are the elites. neglecting the fact that donald trump and his son and sons got into the university of pennsylvania exactly that way. >> although i guess they can say they donated on the front end. they went through the back door and not the side door. >> don't just focus on this particular thing. this is the way american higher
2:54 pm
education works now. does it give people a leg up or does it keep people down? whoever gets ahead of that is going to benefit politically. >> going into 2020, i've seen more university administrators will rationalize the money this way. yes there's a favor here but that money be benefit 50 kids over there. that's been rationale. >> once you expose it for what it really is and what's really going on, you begin to see realtime how students are disadvantaged by this process. i mean, we're focusing on the parents but think about the student who is are the ones in this mix. the kid who is in a rowing team who can't row and his classmates are looking like what are you doing here. the ramifications are huge. >> i feel sorry for some of these kids of the parents who did this and the kids weren't
2:55 pm
aware. >> up ahead, a very special episode. ahead, a very special episode.
2:56 pm
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in case you missed it, whatever happened to predictabili predictability. lori loughlin enshrined as aunt becky. among those embroiled in the college add mission scandal. who could have seen this coming? apparently the writers at full house. decades before facing this
2:59 pm
academic brouhaha, she was ensnared in another school scandal. let me take you back to 1993 in the gripping episode, be true to your preschool. >> what's going on? >> checking out this application. i'm not going to lie on your application. >> you have to give the boys a little edge. >> you're right. i'm their father. if i don't lie for them, who will. >> you must have done a great job on that application. they are interested in nick i can and alex. >> i may have embellished. this is very important. the fast track. zoom, zoom. >> all right. zoom, zoom. >> we have to be honest. well, i have to be honest. we may have, well he may have embellished, lied a bit on our application. >> oh, my god. uncle jesse et tu. now fast forward to loughlin in
3:00 pm
court to face charges. scandal and controversy, doesn't it seem like everywhere you look. come on, aunt becky knew. we'll be back tomorrow. the beat with ari melber starts. good evening. we have a special show on this big news night. i'm going to begin with this legal fact. today, we reached an inflection point in both the mueller probe and the legal hunting of president trump and his most senior aides. last night president trump went to sleep with a potential pardon in his back pocket iffor the mo guilty, humiliated team. he faces a legal nightmare for an incup benincumbent. the first charges against an aids as they indict paul manafort on charges that the president cannot pardon. no


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