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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 14, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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in the u.s. senate. the white house has promised a veto, but even then we will be in uncharted territory for this president. something more to look forward to. that does it for us tonight. see you again tomorrow. another prison sentence. trump's former campaign chairman faces more than seven years behind bars and he's been indicted in new york state. >> the federal aviation administration grounds all boeing 737 max jets from flying in the united states in the wake of two deadly crashes. former democratic congressman beto o'rourke has a possible 2020 white house bid says he's born to be in it and wants to do everything he can for his country. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, march 14th.
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i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian and louis burgdorf. paul manafort is facing seven and a half years in prison following a second sentence hearing. in court yesterday a federal judge takd on additional three and a half years to the 40 month sentence he received last week. seated in a wheelchair manafort told the courtroom quote, i'm sorry for what i have done and for all the activities that have gotten us here today. the judge responded saying "i'm sorry i got caught" is not an inspiring call for leniency. the judge chided manafort's lawyers for using the charges in the case to try to disprove any collusion between the trump campaign and russian efforts to influence the 2016 election. despite that statement from the judge, manafort's lead attorney had this to say outside of the courtroom after the sentencing. >> judge jackson conceded that there was absolutely no evidence of any russian cluing in this case. that makes two courts, no
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evidence of any collusion without question. >> i feel very badly for paul manafort, and, you know, he worked for ronald reagan very successfully. he worked for john mccain. he worked for bob dole and for many others for many years. i feel badly for him. i think it's a sad situation. >> will you pardon paul manafort? >> i have not given it a thought at this moment. it's not something that right now is on my mine. i do feel badly for paul manafort. >> paul manafort's legal troubles don't stop there. prosecutors in manhattan announced new criminal charges had been filed. court documents obtained by nbc news shows a manhattan grand jury indicted paul manafort on 16 counts alleging a mortgage fraud scheme. a manhattan district attorney said the indictment grew out of an investigation that began in march of 2017. when prosecutors started looking
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at loans manafort received from two banks unlike the two federal cases that resulted in prison time for manafort, president trump does not have the authority to pardon him if he's convicted of these new state charges. >> joining us here on state is our legal analyst, danny cevalos. great to have you with us. let's talk about all these developments with paul manafort. some have said a light sentencing in both of these cases, but let's talk about the development that happened afterwards the indictment that came from the manhattan district attorney's office. the significance of that. what was the importance of it? >> the significance is that first this is not a pardonable offense by the president. the president's pardon power is almost unlimited but does not reach state crimes. so this new indictment ensures that there's a criminal prosecution against manafort
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that's immune from pardon by the president and part two might be does manafort have any double jeopardy concerns. in america you can't be tried twice for the same crime but the there's some exceptions to that. generally speaking state and federal governments are considered separate sovereigns such that a prosecution even arising out of the same transaction or occurrence is not barred by the double jeopardy doctrine. >> i want you to weigh in on this no collusion thing that his lawyer got up there and talked about. yesterday they were outright on saying there was no collusion, it's been proven and all that. what do you think the incentive is behind saying that because we understand that's not exactly what happened. what happened was the judge got up there and said collusion of not covered in this case. the judge didn't necessarily say there was no collusion between paul manafort and the russians during the 2016 election. >> on the one hand you could argue manafort's defense team was factually correct when they said there was no evidence of
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collusion and maybe they left out in this particular case and in this particular courtroom. but from a public pr, public relations perspective it may have been a strategic move to basically say as one colleague of mine said hey over here look at me i'm someone you can pardon. that may be what this is without saying it outright. >> let me ask you quickly, correctish is that a legal word? let me go back to the point of the district attorney's office. how much of a coordination was this and former sharing as you mentioned there could be some possible collaboration between -- >> there had to be some coordination or planning, otherwise the idea that this was a mere coincidence happening minutes, within an hour after the sentences announced against manafort is no surprise to me. it makes me wonder if the decision was made even after the
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sentence if there was some consideration of, hey, we don't think the sentences here were adequate in the federal system to vindicate our state rights against manafort. but, i mean that's a little bit of conjecture. i'm going a little bit far afield. the reality is they investigated the crime, they thought it was a crime separate enough from the federal indictment and worthy enough of a charge. >> and didn't want to bring this crime to fruition until basically everything was finished. >> and sending a signal to future cases that may still be playing out in the case of somebody like michael cohen. >> and/or maybe they didn't want to step on the toes of the federal prosecution against manafort while they were ongoing. >> they saw that was wrapped up. >> always a pleasure. so facing mounting pressure president trump announced the u.s. would ground all boeing 737 max jets after sun's ethiopian airlines crash.
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>> i have an emergency order of prohibition to ground all flights of the 737 max 8 and the 737 max 9 and planes associated with that line. i've spoken to the secretary of transportation, acting administrator of the faa, and to ceo of boeing, and they will be available shortly after our conference today. they are all in agreement with the action. any plane currently in the air will go to its destination and thereafter be grounded until further notice. >> so the faa said it ordered the grounding after reviewing satellite data is that showed similarities between sunday's crash and the lion air crash in indonesia last year. boeing responded to the decision in a statement writing in part we're supporting this proactive step out of an abundance of
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caution. we are doing everything we can to understand the cause of the accidents, in partnership with the investigators, deploy safety enhancements. >> the united states now joins regulators in 42 other countries in grounding the planes including canada, which banned boeing 737 max jets from its air space yesterday morning. the grounding in the u.s. is expected to delay or cancel flights across the country including american, united airlines and southwest airlines who fly a combined 275 flights a day on these jets. meanwhile congressional democrats say they plan to investigate how the faa previously certified the safety of boeing's planes. senator richard blumenthal said our nation should be leading, not lagging in air safety. >> former congressman beto
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o'rourke hints that he may soon announce his potential procedural run. o'rourke who nearly lost his senate race last year is profiled in the april issue of "vanity fair" as he weighs a presidential run. though the texas democrat has yet to announce those intentions he tells the magazine i'm just born to be in it and want to do everything i humanly can for this country at this moment. some expect an announcement from o'rourke could happen as early as this morning as there are reports his team is asking for volunteers to help with text messaging. o'rourke will head to iowa this weekend fueling more speculation that he would soon jump into the crowded democratic primary field. the author of that "vanity fair" article will join us later on, on "morning joe". and a congressman hinted at his potential presidential bid as he jumps in.
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the california congressman recently said that he'll make his decision by the end of march. congressman seth moulton is headed to iowa as he considers mounting a presidential bid of his own. massachusetts congressman is expected to make his decision in the next eight weeks. the pool is growing and growing. >> and still growing. joining us now from washington politico daniel litman. >> only person in washington who has announced he's running. >> are you running? >> you'll be the first to know. >> we'll break that exclusively here on "morning joe". >> talk to us about beto o'rourke here and obviously this highly-anticipated announcement. >> perfect timing. "vanity fair" cover. >> with some sort of announcement as louis said coming this morning. he had major star power,
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obviously, after the race against ted cruz where he narrowly lost that. does he still have it? >> i think once you have star power, you don't usually tend to lose it just within a month or two without doing anything crazy or illegal. so i think he's seen as a rising star in the democratic party. of course, he would have wished to be elected to the senate, to replace ted cruz but now he has a totally open schedule, but he's getting some criticism from people about what is his policy message and his favorablity approval rating has gone down in iowa and he's down at 5% in the polls. when you talk to consultants it's good to be in the underdog position in the race. you don't want to be the jeb bush of 2016. >> is text messaging, you know,
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social media, small donor contributions, are those the new grassroots level engagement that where once going out to people's yards and putting signs and posters and knocking on their doors? >> critically important. democrats are having an advantage on some of those small dollar donation with act blue and beto raised a tremendous amount of money from people, from small donors last time. and a lot of people see him as kind of a person who can set his own message and that's critically important. he's seen as almost an obama-like figure in the democrat party. >> we know that sanders is the small donor mastermind. so, he is, really. he's like the most successful when it comes to small donor donations. he made a face at me so i wanted to clarify that. but i'm wondering if beto o'rourke can match up to bernie sanders. >> there's not -- there's not
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just like a one person who can kind of capture that whole base of money. >> right. >> there's tons of people who can give to multiple candidates an beto has his own pool of supporters that he's trying to grow every day. so sanders has long had people who love to donate to him but that doesn't mean that there are not, you know, young college students and old liberals who want to see beto rise. >> thank you. we'll talk to you again in just a little bit. the road college prep consultant at the crux of a $25 million bribery scheme has copped to helping more than 750 families, according to court documents. the revelation comes after the fbi charged a totally of 50 parents, coaches and test administrators for allegedly conspiring to gain students admission through deceptive academic and athletic means. now colleges and universities
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entangled in the scandal are looking into the roles students may have played in it. the university of california los angeles warned yesterday that it might punish current students whose applications were tainted, including by revoking their admissions. the university of southern california followed suit adding they will reject any current applicants connected to the scheme. >> parents accused of paying bribes are also reeling in the fallout including several prominent business executives who were put on leave after their companies learned of their involvement. laurie loughlin was released on bailing after shelling out bribes to get her daughters into usc by pretending they were crew athletes and a coach accused of taking bribes in return for athletic scholarships have been placed on leave or fired since fbi announced charges on
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tuesday. parliament votes once again toe reject prime minister theresa may's plan to leave the european union. lawmakers will vote to delay the exit all together. >> federal prosecutors are reportedly conducting a criminal investigation of facebook's data sharing deals. those stories and a check of your weather when we come back. ♪ - [woman] with shark's duo clean, i don't just clean, i deep clean carpets and floors, so i got this.
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and they help me grow my career. at comcast it's my job to constantly monitor our network, prevent problems, and to help provide the most reliable service possible. my name is tanya, i work at the network operations center for comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. . welcome back. facebook's scrutiny is intensifying as federal prosecutors begin a criminal investigation into data deals struck by the world's largest social media company. a grand jury in new york subpoenaed records from at least two prominent phone makers, two people familiar with the request told the "new york times". the companies are among more than 150 which entered partnerships with facebook and gained broad access to the information of hundred of millions of users in the process without their explicit consent. it's the latest as the company fields at least four separate
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federal investigations into how it handles user data and negotiates a settlement with the fcc. we're now just 15 days away from when the united kingdom is scheduled to leave the european union and there is still no agreement in place, believe it or not. yesterday in another major blow to prime minister theresa may, parliament voted in a nonbinding measure to reject any potential no deal brexit. that vote came one day after parliament overwhelmingly rejected the semirevised withdrawal agreement that may struck with temp u. the second time this year her deal has been voted down by her own parliament, i should emphasize. it means with the march 29th divorce date quickly approaching parliament this week has voted down may's plan to leave the eu but also voted leaving against the eu with no deal. later today parliament is set to vote on a measure asking for a brexit postponement. let's bring in nbc meteorologist bill karins for a check on that massive storm in
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the middle of the country, potentially making history. >> one of the strongest storms. the wind field was so enormous, we had blizzard conditions all the way from the northern plains and areas of new mexico and texas. we had wind that gusted to 104 miles per hour in new mexico and 103 in texas. this is what 85 mile-per-hour winds did in amarillo, texas yesterday. in that same spot it wasn't just one 18 wheel ear second one in the same location got flipped over also. so, yeah, pretty incredible. that's just the area that didn't have the snow along with it. huge storm is slowly drifting over the top of omaha. new thunderstorms just erupted here by waco and sliding towards little rock. strong wind gusts with that. 40 to 60 miles per hour. people are losing power there. later on this afternoon this line of storms crosses the ohio valley, indianapolis, evansville, columbus, lexington, cincinnati back down through
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nashville into decatur and birmingham. everybody there has a chance of experiencing strong winds. timing on that for everyone is during the daylight hours today, indianapolis also to tennessee and by this evening we watch those storms near cincinnati and down towards lexington. we're not done with this storm yet. >> scary moment. >> that's terrifying. >> you guys have never seen a within storm like what they saw yesterday in texas. i mean colorado was nuts yesterday in denver. snowing hard and 80 mile-per-hour winds. >> hopefully nobody got hurt in that. still ahead a big day in the nfl as the free market officially opened. which players are on the move and who staying put? we'll tell you next in sports. we'll tell you next in sports. as when i have my, my downs and then i have to rely on my mom to come pick me up from work. we need to be connected on a regular basis. sometimes i get hundreds of texts from her and i'm like stop.
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tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. get real relief, with cosentyx. welcome back. time now for sports. after the cleveland browns acquired odell beckham jr. le'veon bell head to the jets. he gets $28 million guaranteed what sam darnold needs. baltimore ravens are getting busy set to sign earl thomas on a four year $55 million contract. also adding running back mark ingram with a three year $15 million deal. phil dorsett along with jason mccordy and tyrell williams has a four year $44 million deal to
2:25 am
go with acquisition of antonio brown. as far as the quarterback market goes jaguars waived bortles. amid the uncertainty surrounding the new york giants this season the team will stick with veteran eli manning who still has one year left on his contract. i'm sure there's some giants that have something to say about that. turning now to the nba and the fourth and final meeting between the warriors and rockets in the regular season, gold instate looking for its first win over houston this year, playing out kevin durant who left sunday after a loss to the suns with an ankle injury. they rely on a game high of 30 points from clay thomas with demarcus cousins to eke one of his own. rockets have a final score of
2:26 am
106-104. a lot of nfl news. wow. >> yeah. i don't know how i feel. good for eli manning he's still playing at that level but if you're a hard core giants plan you're not happy about that. >> jets sam darnold. >> i'm good. the >> le'veon bell with the jets makes it very exciting time. >> still good. still ahead, everybody, the senate is on the cusp of asking a resolution to block president trump's emergency declaration for a border wall as another republican comes out in support of the measure. >> matthew whitaker appears before the house judiciary committee and lawmakers are disagreeing about what was said behind closed doors. we'll tell you about that. back in a moment. my mind off it all. maybe you could relieve some stress by calling geico for help with our homeowners insurance.
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welcome back, everybody. the senate is on the verge of handing president trump a very public rebuke over his emergency declaration on his border wall. lawmakers in that chamber are set to vote later today on a resolution to terminate the president's declaration. the measure is expected to pass with senator mike lee of utah becoming the fifth republican to announce support of the bill. the decision comes as tom tillis of north carolina is wavering on his support of the resolution. speak with reporters yesterday he said he's quote had a lot of very good discussions, a number of different wheels are turning right now and speaking yesterday at a customs and border
2:31 am
protection training facility in west virginia, vice president pence discussed his efforts to keep the measure from passing. >> i was on capitol hill yesterday. for productive discussions with many of the senators. who are looking to address this crisis and support border security. but i told them and i'll tell all of you, a vote against the president's emergency declaration is a vote against border security. a vote against the president's emergency declaration is a vote to deny the humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border. >> so amid the anticipation over that resolution democrats are vowing to block another bill seen as an effort to give republicans who side with the president on his border wall political cover. house speaker nancy pelosi said yesterday that the house would not take up a bill proposed by senator mike lee to give congress more power over emergency declarations. president trump has also told the senator he would not get on board with the plan. former acting attorney
2:32 am
general matthew whitaker is offering a different take on his conversations with president trump on the investigation into michael cohen. he was back on capitol hill yesterday speaking with the top democrat and republican on the house judiciary committee on the matter. following their meet, jerry nadler said his comments were at odds with his public testimony last month before the committee. but doug collins disputed nadler's take on the situation with the former attorney general. >> unlike in the hearing room, mr. whitaker did not deny that the president called him to discuss michael cohen, the michael cohen case, and personnel decisions in the southern district. two, while he was acting attorney general, mr. whitaker was directly involved in conversations about whether to fire one or more u.s. attorneys. and three, while he was attorney general, acting attorney general, mr. whitaker was involved in conversations about
2:33 am
the scope of the southern district new york burnham's recusal and whether the southern district went too far in pursuing the finance case in which the president of listed as individual number one. >> chairman nadler suggested he contra diktd hdicted his own pr testimony. was that your takeaway from this? >> no, i didn't have that takeaway. in fact he said he had not talked with the president about mr. cohen at all. had no conversation with the southern district of new york at all either. >> how could there be such a different interpretation of what mr. nadler just told us? >> ask mr. nadler. >> a doj official who was in the room disputed chairman nadler's character san diego saying whitaker made clear the cohen case was free from any improper interference. here's what whitaker said last month. >> at no time has the white
2:34 am
house asked for nor have i provided any promises or commitments concerning the special counsel's investigation, or any other investigation. >> had you ever had any conversations with the president about firing or reassigning personnel, u.s. attorneys or others who work with the southern district of new york w-the president or anybody. anybody at all? i want to know whether you talked to president trump at all about the southern district of new york's case involving michael cohen? >> i am not going to discuss my private conversations with the president of the united states. >> just weeks after that hearing the "new york times" and the "wall street journal report"ed president trump had asked whitaker if manhattan u.s. attorney jeffrey burnham could lead into investigation about hush money payments made by cohen. joining us now once again from washington is daniel litman. good to have you back. what do you make of this former
2:35 am
acting attorney general apparent shifting of stories and more importantly how do you explain the different narratives coming out from jerry nadler and doug collins, two members of the committee on opposite sides of the aisle? >> well, for that question i think you can have different interpretations where doug collins lends more credibility to what whitaker was saying because, you know, both of those members are kind of listening to what they want to hear. and whitaker, apparently is trying to clean up any, you know, misstatements or clarifications that he missed in his first go around at these types of questions. he wants to be technically accurate. but he doesn't want to spill the beans on conversations because he still wants to have a good relationship with the president who still likes him even though he didn't name him attorney general. >> let's talk about this possible rebuke of the president's emergency
2:36 am
declaration. obviously now hearing that mike lee supports it, thom tillis support its it as well. what kind of blow back could republicans face if his emergency declaration is shot down today? >> mike lee had been working with the white house in trying to craft something to save the president from an embarrassing defeat on this. >> yeah. >> clearly indicates that, you know, a lot of republicans or at least a number of them, they aren't going to give up their constitutional powers as a member of the legislature and the congress just because president trump is in their own party. there are certain things that congress has to decide on in term of spending and appropriations, and it's kind of indicating which members of the party are more, you know, aware of their constitutional role and which don't want to buck the president. so it will be kind of an interesting vote to see just those factions.
2:37 am
>> if it, in fact, does happen, do you think republicans are going to see a major blow back from the president in >> i don't think he's going to view this as a hill to die on. he is not going to make as big of a deal of this as maybe some other folks are making, namely democrats because he just wants to move on. he's going to get defeated in court on this as well so he probably wants to say he's already building the wall and doesn't matter what congress says. >> he want this in his rear view. thank you. two key figures on the senate intelligence committee have joined forces to make sure the security clearance process is fair and transparent. in the wake of abuse of power against president trump. the bill drafted by mark warner and susan collins would require all clearance decisions to be based on published standards according to the description of the bill obtained by nbc fuse. it would also bar the executive
2:38 am
branch from revoking sclans e i clearances as a form of political retaliation. it also follows recent reporting that trump overruled officials to grant his daughter ivanka and son-in-law jared kushner top secret security clearances despite flags in the fbi and cia background checks. after the president revoked the security clearance of former cia director john brennan a frequent trump critic. >> the defense department imposed new restrictions on transgender serving in the milling. the policy falls short of president trump's desire to all out ban which he announced in july of 2017. however starting april 12th the new rules will ban transgernd troops and recruits who require treatment for gender dysphoria from serving. and it will require individuals
2:39 am
to serve in their birth gender. recruits who don't want medical treatment to serve but they have to serve in their original sex. still ahead, british lawmakers once again for the uk's plans for brexit is out the window. >> we go to london in theresa may's bid to pull out of the eu. >> bill karins is back with another check of your forecast. we'll be right back. i'm 53.
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it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ready to treat differently with a pill? otezla. show more of you. despite the march 29th brexit day quickly approaching there's still notice divorce agreement in place between the eu and the united kingdom. yesterday in another major blow to prime minister theresa may, parliament voted in a nonbinding measure to reject any potential no deal brexit. it means that with just 15 days to go, parliament has voted down may's plan to leave the eu twice, but it has also voted against leaving the eu with no
2:43 am
deal. >> joining us now live from london, our london correspondent. thank you for joining us on this. >> good morning. >> where does the situation go from here? >> reporter: it's "groundhog day" here in the uk. another day, another vote. lawmakers said they don't want the deal the prime minister negotiated with europe. last night they said they don't want to crash out with no deal. so in just a few hours they will vote again on whether to delay the exit from the european union, the leave date just 15 days away now, march 29th. to give you a sense of what people are saying. take a look at the papers. this is the "daily mail". chaos reigns from the "daily mail". and the guardian is saying "may's final warning to tori rebels back me or lose brexit." the prime minister's strategy seems to be to put this failed deal to a third vote, try to put
2:44 am
the squeeze on those holding out against it by threatening a long brexit deal of a year or more. now if they do approve a delay the prime minister says that the delay would approve her day the prime minister says the delay would only be a couple of months. so the question is can she rally people around and get enough votes to pass this deal the third time around. that vote could come in a couple of days. no date set yet. >> give us the perspective, if you can, on whether or not there is any appetite whatsoever on possibly holding another referendum about brexit. i've seen some people float the idea of saying have a referendum to see if folks will have another vote to get off of this, to give the uk an exit ramp. is that even at all in the works? >> reporter: it has been floated. it's been suggested as part of a
2:45 am
possible by the opposition labor department, labor -- the opposition labor party. excuse me i'm struggling to find my words. this whole brexit thing is confusing. it's floated by actual policy by labor but they backed off of that. now they are saying let's put our version of what the exit plan should be for a vote. let's work with the opposition party. from our side and see if we can get something all lawmakers will agree with. it's one of these things, yes, it's been talked about. it is an option at the top of the list right now? it doesn't look that way. >> what's making it hard terrify european union has been so unwilling to compromise on their positions, they are so dug in saying that the uk has to take this deal or they don't get any deal. >> thank you. let's bring in bill karins for a check on that mastive storm in the middle of the country.
2:46 am
bill, denver international airport over 1400 flights cancelled. that's an airport that knows how to deal with snow and they have some serious white out conditions. >> it was the wind. the turbulence yesterday across the country, a lot of people have some interesting stories. denver yesterday, we had winds gusting up 80 to 85 mile-per-hour winds. heavy snow in the afternoon. this is what it looked like. all those flights were cancelled. roads were snarled. people were trapped on the roads. it's improving during the day today and hoping to get everybody back to their normal daily routine and hopefully get everybody back on flights. the powerful storm, the blue is still the snow. blizzard conditions, rapid city up through bismarck. snowing very hard just on the back side of the storm in central portions of nebraska. severe thunderstorms we're watching in louisiana-texas border. later on this afternoon and through the middle of the detail, storms in memphis to nashville. we'll have a couple of tornadoes
2:47 am
likely today too. we're not quite done with the damage. high wind warnings continue from st. louis to indiana border back to nebraska and kansas. wind advisories in the middle of the country. highest winds, st. louis 50, chicago 50. that will cancel some flights and make things slow at the airports. denver, gusting up to 50. snow on the ground. those winds picking up. still can get some white out conditions. on friday gusty and windy in the ohio valley but not as bad as it was. we'll continue to watch. blizzard warnings continue here. middle of the country a mess after this huge epic storm. this isn't your normal storm. one of the strongest storms we ever recorded in kansas. >> there will be a day in a couple of months where bill karins comes on it's sunny, 70 degrees, beautiful. not today. eventually. >> i haven't heard from that groundhog lately either. >> he's like sorry guys. >> still ahead president trump calls for patience amid his
2:48 am
ongoing trade war as americans continue to face ramifications of that standoff. >> new report from state department acknowledging saudi arabia's role in the killing java mall khashoggi but stopped short of laying the blame on the country's crown prince. we'll read through the fine print straight ahead. we're back in just a moment. we're back in just a moment. this and even this. but i don't have to clean this, because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair, while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans, now cleans itself.
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2:51 am
the president says he is in no rush to right the situation. >> i'm in no rush. i want the situation to be right. someone said i'm in a rush. i'm not in a rush. we're getting billions and billions of dollars paid in our coffers. i am not in a rush whatsoever. >> the additional expense is typically passed down to american consumers in the form of price increases. >> as part of the state department's annual report of human rights abuses around the world, jamal khashoggi's murder was a human rights abuse. however, despite that mohammed
2:52 am
bin salman was behind it -- >> angus king and steny hoyer will weigh in on the border wall. "morning joe" just moments away. . because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair, while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans, now cleans itself.
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joining us from washington, d.c., editor in chief for axios, mr. nicholas johnson. what is axios's "1 big thing" for this morning? >> it's too much technology. we can't assume the increasing use of technology in all aspects of our lives will keep us completely safe. the 737 max is possibly
2:56 am
contributed to self-flying controls at that may have led to both crashes. you may remember with the increasing use of autonomous technology in cars. in arizona, one self-driving car ran over a pedestrian. some cars have caused accidents that killed the drivers. so it an important issue to remember as we're giving over more control of our lives to technology, we realize there's still a role for humans. this runs the gamut. it's like if waze makes me get off the highway too soon, it could be deadly. and this is going to be more in play as more drones and robots are on the way. >> is there any more action from washington regarding this? >> there will be something from the faa letting these planes fly
2:57 am
again. this could happen in a week or so. it could be as easy as a software fix from boeing that the faa approves. >> and we're following the massive college admission story. axios spoke with one parent on their interaction. >> completely legally, he walked us through the steps when his kid became a june why aijunior,a flood of these consultants. then he started hearing things that were off, where his son could get into usc if he was a football player but his son wasn't a football player and then singer asked for a picture of his son. and then he mentioned "side
2:58 am
doors" and that turned out this parent. there are dozens of parents who saw that side door as an opportunity. there could be as many 700 kids involved in this. >> are you hearing anything about how coming could feasiblely take on reforms. >> it's too soon but it plays into the inequality in the united states and how the wealth y -- i'm waiting for some of the first candidates to see if that becomes a rallying cry. >> before we get to 2020, is there anything on members on capitol hill that you're hearing want to take up in this process? is there anything that can be
2:59 am
done from that perspective? >> nothing specific yet. it very sort of early. people are still wrapping their heads around the size and scope of this. this was illegal and people are being prosecuted but there's in legislative framework of what can we do new to prevent this. >> what are you following today? >> beto o'rourke is looking like he's going to be running for president and joe biden is telling folks he's 95% in. >> what do you make about the choice of beto o'rourke being on the cover of "time" magmagazine. >> the last person who announced like that was -- a big magazine was a way for him to do that.
3:00 am
>> all of our viewers can sign up for the newsletter. >> that does it for us on this thursday morning. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. >> am i are happy to tell you that i am running for president of the united states. this moment of peril produces perhaps the greatest moment of promise for this country and for. >> in sight of it. >> former congressman beto o'rourke is in. just moments ago the texas democrat announced his bid for the white hse


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