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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  March 15, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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thanks for being with us. happy friday. happy saint patrick's day to all, and remember follow us online, on facebook and on twitter. here are ali shell shouldvelshi stephanie ruhle. >> thank you. i'm ali velshi. >> i'm stephanie ruhle. let's get smarter. terror in new zealand, 49 people dead and dozens more injured after a gunman opened fire inside two mosques in the city of christchurch. four people are now in custody as a normally peaceful nation is rocked with unspeakable violence. >> the worst ever mass shooting in new zealand. we now know that the gunman was wearing a bullet-proof vest, that he moved from room to room at one mosque, killing men and women and children. at one point he went back to his car, he reloaded, returned to another mosque. then a second mosque was
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attacked. >> i was hearing shooting after shooting after shooting. it went on about six minutes or more and i could hear screaming and crying and i saw some people were, you know, drop dead. >> veto vow. president trump said to use his power for the first time after a republican revolt. 12 members joining democrats to denounce his emergency declaration at the border. >> the declaration of semi independents, a dozen gop senators breaking with president trump. with the national emergency vote tells us about the president's standing with his friends on the hill. >> today thousands of youth are joining me. school striking for climate has arrived in america. this morning atr world leaders to them that they urgently act on climate change. >> getting ready to join those tens of thousands of teenagers
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around the world in places like australia and france and finland, and almost every state here in the united states of america. as you said, not going to school today, to send a message, they say, to the adults, to the politicians, telling them we're going to disrupt the social order. >> we'll get to that in a bit. we are learning more about the mass shootings at two new zealand mosques that have left 49 people dead. allegedly at the hands of a self-proclaimed white nationalist. nbc news has obtained the suspect's apparent 74-page manifesto which mentions the united states and the president. parts of it ask, quote, are you a supporter of donald trump? the response, as a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose, sure. as a policy maker and leader, dear god, no. >> another part of it reads, this conflict over the second amendment and the attempted removal of firearms rights will
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ultimately result in a civil war that will eventually vulcan ize the u.s. along political, cultural and most importantly, racial lines. right now dozens of people are still being treated after the attacks which appeared to be live streamed by the shooter on social media. police are warning muslims not to go to any mosque in new zealand. four people, three men and a woman, were initially taken into custody. only one man is currently charged with murder and he is due in court several hours from now. >> how many times have we talked about the fact that schools and houses of worship are supposed to be safe spaces for people? can you imagine the warning don't go to your house of worship? >> it's where people go for refuge. >> joining us from christchurch, nbc's sarah james. sarah? >> reporter: well, good morning. and i will have to say it's about 6:00 in the morning here and the hospital behind me has been busy since the shooting took place, using about 12
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different operating rooms as they continue to help 48 people who were injured in the attack in addition to the 49 whose lives were lost. and many of these people have been injured more than once, and some of them, of course, are children. this hospital was in lockdown earlier today and it is not far, just about a mile across the park, from the site of the first one of those shootings at the first mosque where this gunman went in and opened fire. and as you mentioned, we are going to hear more about that suspect. indeed, there are four people who have been arrested. one may or may not have something to do with it, but the other three appear to be persons of interest, and one person a 20 something has been charged with murder. the police have not said the name of that individual, but they will, of course, say more when we hear that in open court later today. meantime, in terms of this city, it has been in shock.
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christchurch is a beautiful town. i've been here many times. and it's a very peaceful place. it had a real hardship to endure with the earthquakes that rocked the city some years back. but that was a natural disaster. this is manmade, far more painful in that way. and the city is reeling. this is the biggest mass shooting in the city's history -- in the nation's history -- and the prime minister said it is one of the darkest days ever for the country of new zealand. so, they are still coming to terms with what's happening. and that investigation, i should also mention, is not just going to be one here in new zealand. it's also got tentacles that are going back to australia. he confirmed an australian is one of the suspects and he confirmed that the intelligence agencies in australia will be working with their counterparts here in new zealand. we also know that later this
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evening, the authorities have started to follow the leads, and they are looking at another town several hundred miles from where i'm standing now, and that's being investigated. so it's very early in the investigation in terms of finding out exactly what happened. >> are they saying if they have a terror cell on their hands? >> reporter: it's a really good question, because they haven't said that specifically, but the whole way in which terror cells are working now is slightly different than in the old days because, of course, people can connect through the internet. so, i think this investigation clearly, it's one going between australia and new zealand. it's also one where they believe that there was a lot of planning. the prime minister of new zealand made that point in her news conference today. she said she believed that this was a carefully planned attack. so when you're talking about an attack like that, was this just the work of one person or were
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there several other people involved? how big was it? those are the questions that are going to be answered in the coming days. we know, of course, that the police have several people in custody, but does it go beyond that? and exactly who did what? those are the questions that we can't speculate on this early in the investigation, but they are very much the questions that authorities will be looking into. >> all right, sarah, thank you so much. sarah james, staying up very, very late for us. it's 6:00 a.m. there? she's been on with us all day. >> let's bring in waja h arc d. thank you both for being here. waj, what do you make of this manifesto which gives us some very early clues into the motivation and the thinking of the attacker? >> it's the globalized ideology of white supremacy. that's what anchors most of these white power movements and white nationalists in europe and
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america. and replacement theory is one of their great fears. it's also called the great white genocide. and what they are saying is that jews are the head of this international kabal. they're the ones who are plotting and using immigrants, black people and muslims in particular to weaken and subordinate white men. so this man had to go out and defend the white race. and it's like white isis. i'll say that very openly because the pathway towards radicalization and the grievances between those who join isis and white supremacists are similar. disaffected angry men who feel a sense of loss, find a community online, ideology, an extremist ideology that gives them glory. this is a hero's narrative. he thought he was saving western civilization. he cites the battle of vienna, 1683, right? that's a common trope among white supremacists that's when the otto man was held at bay.
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i'll say this. it is mainstreamed by a media eco system and elected mainstream officials. congressman steve king has openly said that he ascribes to the replacement theory. he has tweeted, ali and stephanie, that we cannot replace our babies, our civilization with their babies, referring to immigrants. and as you know he recently got in some hot watt effort for saying, what's wrong with white nationalism? so this type of mainstreaming of the sentiment, this anti-semitic conspiracy theories we saw in the midterm 2018 elections promoted bid donald j. trump when he said that the hungarian jewish billionaire businessman george soros was funding the caravan of who? rapists, criminals, middle eastern suspects who are going to, what? invade america. the language is similar. the ideology is similar. connect the dots. call it out. >> it 's a really good point on the nationalist front. we've heard over and over and over again people try to make the comparison, being a
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nationalist is the same as being a patriot. >> it's not. >> it is not. it is a cleaner way of saying white supremacist, but it's clean if you don't know better and the rest of the world does. charlie, you wrote today this attack was made to go viral. explain how that is and what made it especially heinous? to me the fact that it was live streamed, that there was a camera -- >> a helmetcam on his head. >> you have to have some kind of sickness to do that. >> absolutely. the fact this was live streamed and the way it was orchestrated, the footage looked a lot, you know, to be blunt like a fitzperson shooter video game and had that sort of surreal quality to it, which made it -- it was filmed in relatively high-definition. it was disturbing in that way, unlike anything i'd seen. there have been other live streamed instances of murder and crimes on facebook and other platforms.
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but what sets this apart, i think, is how the shooter or the people associated with the shooter who posted the manifesto and the twitter accounts that had a lot of links to photos of the guns and the body armour, it was set up in such a way that they wanted people not only to see it, but continue to perpetuate it, for the media to talk about it, for the manifesto to divide people. there were a lot of elements of online trolling in there, where there were little traps for journalists to fall into to spread misinformation. if you look at this, this was engineered to go viral well after, you know, the guns stopped firing. >> can i ask one question? this is what's killed me in the last few hours. this headline, the social media platforms are working to get this content down. why does the word -- why is working in there? why isn't it shutdown
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immediately? >> it's an incredibly difficult thing that these platforms have to deal with which doesn't absolve them of any responsibility, far from it. and, in fact, the real issue here isn't just taking the content down. it is the systems in place the algorithms that incentivize the spread of creation. there is a financial incentive there. there is an audience incentive, incentive of reach. and that is what has sort of created a culture that has emboldened and built the community around some of these really odious, heinous and frankly dangerous ideologies. so it's difficult to take this stuff down. it's always going to be a whack a mole game. what these companies really owe their users are the ability to keep them safe to some degree from indoctrinating any bad ideologies. >> so, waj, you are a person who
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gets -- very willingly gets into debates with people who have other views. how, given what charlie just said, how does the media give voice and understanding to people who have fears, legitimate fears, maybe illegitimate fears about their race, their people, and not fall into tropes and not spread white nationalism? in other words, there are people who believe some of these things that you talked about. we can't silence them in society, but we want -- we don't want extremism spreading. how do you manage that? >> you don't give them a boat size false equivalence. do you don't give them a mainstream platt format where you don't challenge them. you don't give them mainstream platforms where cable news shows put them on equal footing with, let's say, the rest of sane society. just like you don't empower the kkk. yes, they exist, yes they have a hateful ideology and they have first amendment rights. we have made a decision as a society we're not going to
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willingly give you a microphone to spread your propaganda and hate. the media are to blame also. when a suspect of terrorism is muslim there is seven times media coverage than when it's a white suspect. you don't call them a terrorist, you call them a lone wolf. when it's a white supremacist, donald trump says very fine people are on both sides. when someone is plowing a car in spain in 2017, or uzbek national in 2017, he becomes powerful, he ceases being impotent. oh, muslim ban. we're going to do extreme vetting. the double standard from the top down, president trump who seems utterly impotent when it comes to white supremacist, sees him as an ally, daily stormer sees donald trump as -- so does the alt-right. they call him a symbol of white
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eye identity who shares a common purpose. what is that common purpose? maybe it's white nationalism. us as the media, be consistent, call it out, don't demon eyes one community of color or muslims. don't call these people lone wolves, they're terrorists. go after them as terrorists. there are laws on the books. empower us, it's not muslims, it's white supremacists. >> guys, thank you for analysis. waj and charlie, thank you, guys. >> david duke grand wizard of the kkk, when george bush was asked if he knew him, didn't wanted his support, george bush straight out of the gate, i don't want his vote. donald trump, he waited, tripped over it, i don't know that guy. make it clear, we're against hate. >> dozens republicans have broken with trump helping pass a resolution helping overturn his national emergency resolution. now he's threatening to veto.
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it is more about presidential power than it is about the wall. >> but first an update on the russia investigation. the u.s. special counsel's office says president trump's former deputy campaign chairman rick gates is not ready to be sentenced yet. in a court filing today, robert mueller says gates is cooperating in ongoing investigations. remember he testified against former campaign chairman, former business partner paul manafort in august. this came after he struck a deal with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to conspiracy and lying to fbi agents. we have a lot to cover. you're watching "velshi & ruhle." i'm here to let all these folks know how easy it is to save money on their car insurance with geico- oi oi oi set the pick! kick it outside!! shoot the three! shoot the three!! yessssssss!!!!!! are you...ok? no, no i'm not. i think i pulled a hammy.
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welcome back to "velshi & ruhle." we have breaking news. we are on veto watch. in the next couple of hours, president trump is expected to use his presidential veto power for the first time in his presidency. at 3:30 p.m. this afternoon, the president is scheduled to deliver remarks on his veto of a measure from the senate rebuking the president's national emergency declaration. >> a dozen republican senators joined democrats to reject the declaration to fund a border wall yesterday citing concerns about the balance of power, concerns that the emergency declaration pushed constitutional limits. but moments after thursday's vote, a one-word tweet from the president simply saying, "veto." keep in mind, this is the first time donald trump is facing a democratic congress, so the idea
10:21 am
that it is his first veto makes a lot of sense. he wasn't likely to face one when both the house and the senate were on his side. let's take a quick look at the president's predecessors. 12 vetoes for president obama and g.w. bush. 47 for clinton. 44 for bush senior. >> president trump is back at the white house after a briefering that took place at the pentagon. nbc's hans nichols is there to put all of it in context. hans, help us understand this. how were we expecting the president to handle his first veto? because as far as president's base goes, he's delivering for them. this wall has been a promise from the beginning, and he will get to say, i fought for it, i fought for it, i did everything i possibly could for you, my voters. >> he clearly wants to escalate this fight and he wants to appear resolute, appear defiant. that may be why he's doing it in
10:22 am
the oval office potentially on the resolute desk. when you look at donald trump, this is a president that really survives and thrives on having a foil, on having the other. he tends to campaign against something rather than for something. in setting case, senate republicans, you're going to see tension throughout the rest of this presidency as the president tries to sharpen those distinctions and really run against the congress. this is the first taste of it. but it's clear he wants to draw a lot of attention on this because he's delivering remarks and he's doing it from the oval. guys? >> hans, this is important because you've got a lot of experience covering the military. overnight there was news that north korean leadership is considering suspending denuclearization talks with the united states. obviously this comes after president trump walked away from that last summit in hanoi without any resolution. talk to me about this a little bit. >> look, we don't know if the trial ballooned directly from
10:23 am
kim jong-un or someone below kim jong-un freelancing. what we do know this is a negotiation between the two principals, the president and his counterpart in north korea. so all the other statements that are being made are either from deputies on both sides, have to be filtered through that. that's why the wait to see whether or not the president is going to take any questions today, weigh in on this from the oval. ali, it's also an opportunity for the president to weigh in on these horrific terrorist attacks in new zealand. we should be attuned to see what the president, if he decides to engage in it, how he decides to characterize that attack. >> he did send out a tweet in support of the victims, amongst other tweets about all sorts of things this morning. hans, thank you. >> but remember, when the president walked away interest that summit, he was very clear, we're still making progress. we haven't done anything here, but it's a good sign we're talking. >> this is a backwards move. if it's true, it's the other way. we don't know with the north koreans whether it is apt true or to provoke a response from donald trump. >> could you say the same thing about him. >> you could. >> next, a father is pushing
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senators to take up jaime's law named after his daughter who was killed in the parkland shooting. it is a new type of background check aimed at cushing gun violence. we'll be speaking to a friend of ours, fred gut enburg live. you are watching "velshi & ruhle" live on msnbc. ks. discover. hi, what's this social security alert? it's a free alert if we find your social security number on the dark web. good, cuz i'm a little worried about my information getting out. oh, why's that? [bird speaking] my social security number is... 8- 7- 5 dash okay, i see. [bird laughing] is that your daughter? no, it's a macaw. and his name is timothy. timmy, want a cracker? timmy, do you want a cracker? [bird speaking] what do you think, kevin? no. sign up online for free. discover social security alerts. and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. sign up online for free. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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what new zealand has in murders for an entire year. >> i think they had 48 people die last year. one of the first two muslim women in congress has just spoken out about it. >> msnbc's mariana atencio caught up with ill hannhan omar. what has she had to say? >> reporter: ali, steph, i was able to speak with miss omar. this is being led by her daughter. they are taking part in a moment of silence now. where shooting from a distance to be respectful. i asked the congresswoman in a day that's supposed to mean so much hope for these young people getting together for a cause they believe in, i asked, talk to me about the pain of this horrific attack in new zealand. and i asked her if she was concerned about the vitriol not only here in the united states, but around the world. this was her reaction. what is your reaction and what can be done to stop this?
10:29 am
>> so, my reaction really is, you know, this is a horrific act. and today is jama and a lot of people are saying, you know, stay home. don't pray. but that's a win for those that seek to terrorize us. so we must face fear and we must remember that love trumps hate all the time. and i ask muslims around the world to go and do their prayers and i ask our friends and our neighbors to stand in solidarity with them. >> are you concerned about the vitriol and the divisiveness here in the united states and around the world? >> it is alarming, but again, you know, love trumps hate. as much as we are able to show up in solidarity with one another, remember that it is our duty to create an inclusive society that is positive for all of us. >> she kept repeating, because i was able to speak to her before she got on stage and then after, she just kept saying love trumps hate, a message that is
10:30 am
especially resonating with this young crowd behind me. ali and steph? >> mariana, thank you for that. mariana atencio on capitol hill. house democrats just passed the first major gun safety legislation in 25 years last month. hundreds of survivors and families of gun violence victims are targeting senate democrats now, demanding that they get that bill to the senate floor. >> in a letter, the group writes this. we are calling on every single senator who supports background checks to go to the body of the senate and begin discussing the bold policies we need to build a future with fewer guns and not stop until there is a vote. >> and they mean business. their message is, quote, if you are going to call yourself a champion on this issue, youd guttenberg who delivered this letter himself to senators. his daughter jaime tragically died last year in the parkland shooting. fred, always good to see you. >> hey, guys. >> i wish one day we could talk
10:31 am
about better topics, but alas, here we are. to be fair, it's almost guaranteed that mitch mcconnell is never going to allow any democratic-sponsored gun legislation to come to the floor. republicans have done zero on gun safety for decades. why do you think going after democrats who don't have the power in the senate, why are you going after them? >> well, you're right about mitch mcconnell, but i disagree about the democrats. the fact that he won't bring it up for a vote doesn't mean they should remain silent. the more they speak, the more this becomes a voting issue in the next election. if mitch mcconnell and the republicans won't do anything about it, then the senate should flip over this. the bullet that killed my daughter did not snow she was a republican or a democrat. it was a nonpartisan bullet. but the reaction to what happens is clearly been partisan.
10:32 am
and i have said to you both from day one, i'll go after anybody who won't do the right thing. i don't care if the republican or democrat. i expect the democrats to take the lead on this if the republicans won't. there are many in the senate now who are running for president who have not said a word about the background check bill that passed the house. so, you know what? i expect them to speak. i expect them to talk about this on the campaign trail. i expect them to tackle this. i don't care if it becomes controversial in certain voting states. too bad. you want to run for president, lead. >> it's controversial. it's controversial to you. you lost your daughter because of it. it is something -- >> yeah. >> -- that is important to talk about. what kind of reception you are get are you getting? you went around to senate democrats' offices yesterday, particularly the 2020 candidates, to drop off your letter, did you have any interaction with anybody when that happened? we had interaction with staffs. i was hopeful -- it was actually
10:33 am
two days ago that we dropped it off. i was hopeful that there might have been a follow-up from one of those senators, because i went to every single senator who is running for president in the democratic party. i was hoping one or two maybe three would have stepped out. i called on beto o'rourke. in his announcement, he didn't say anything about it. to his credit yesterday later in the day, he did tweet about the background checks. this is the simplest easiest thing we can do to start tackling this problem. want good legislation now that gets done in the house to simply die in the senate without a fight. fight for this if you believe in it. and if you don't fight for this, that's good to know because we get to vote on it. >> i know to you this is not a partisan issue. lindsey graham, a republican senator, says his committee will consider what's called a red flag bill. >> yeah.
10:34 am
>> that would allow courts to take away somebody's firearms after there have been warnings from police or family members. does that give you any sort of sign that there are republicans out there who are willing to take some sort of stand on gun legislation? >> well, you know what, i was really pleased to see that senator graham was doing that. while i was in d.c. prior to going, i reached out to his office to try and get an appointment. he was not able to do so, but they did commit to me that they would meet with me on my next visit. let's see what happens in the hearings next week. let's see who is on the witness list. let's see how that conversation goes. i've heard senator graham talk about this before, something he'd like to tackle. i'm going to take him at his word. you know, and once you start having hearings on gun safety if this is where they want to start, great. but don't stop. we have a gun violence death
10:35 am
rate in this country right now of approximately 40,000 per year. while i'm doing this interview with you, somebody is learning they're a victim of gun violence, somebody is burying a victim of gun violence and somebody is planning a individuvictim of gun violence. that's how bad this problem is. i'll work with anybody who wants to tackle it. i don't get my daughter back. >> yeah. >> but we got to start somewhere. >> it's amazing that you will be on this crusade because you won't get your daughter back, and that could destroy you and no one would say anything about that. but that you are on this fight. something else happened. on thursday, connecticut supreme court ruled that remington, the gun maker, could be sued over the way it marketed the way it was used in the sandy hook shooting, the type of rifle used in most of the shootings. talk to me about what you think about that. >> listen, i am thrilled.
10:36 am
the sting of accountability and liability will force these manufacturers to maybe start behaving more responsibly. let's think about it this way. in the year my daughter was killed, smith and wesson the gun that killed my daughter, manufactured 5,000 for private sale. they're the only manufacturer that made large numbers like that. the business executives who make the sales goals. one outcome of that is going to be dead innocent americans. there's no way around it. so let's force them about how they came out with those sales goals. let's force them about how they get these weapons. they like to talk about them as sport weapons, they would go
10:37 am
hunting. if they believed that, they would take the action on gun safety measures. they want killers to keep from getting these weapons. they are putting them on the streets as many as they can because it's about sales and profit. like the tobacco industry had to admit the truth, their product was addicting and will kill you, these gun manufacturers are going to have to do the same as well. i have an active lawsuit against smith and wesson and i will tell you what happened yesterday certainly gave me a lot of encouragement. >> where is your lawsuit, where is it at this point? >> well, the smith and wesson filed a motion to dismiss. my current lawsuit is actually seeking declaratory relief. what we're trying to say is it doesn't apply to the victims of gun violence. that's not the way the laws are written, but it's how they are used against them. we are seeking to have a
10:38 am
declaratory judgment. they filed a motion to dismiss. they sent 15 hearings to the hearing, a small local hearing. even the judge looked at their table and was abused. they're afraid. they know if this gets any traction, it puts an end to the lie they continue to tell the american people. right now we're waiting for the judge to rule on the motion to dismiss, however that judge rules, i'm sure there will be an appeal. so, you know, it's baby steps but -- every step counts, fred. >> i'm in it for the long haul. eight fred, thank you so much for your work. i really appreciate it. >> thank you to both of you for continuing to cover it. i really appreciate you. >> we will. to be that -- he's not asking for anything. you know i'm a gun owner. he's not asking for unreasonable things. it's either fred's fae they are or father-in-law, it's not that
10:39 am
he's antisafety. the way the ar-15s have been marketed, they're marketing it to disaffected to young men. this is how you get your man card, how you show how tough you are. if you care about those disaffected young men, bring them into a community. a weapon isn't how you get your man card. >> students are taking on responsibility. they're skipping class for a good reason. to demand action on climate change. >> a crowd of students have gathered. up next we're going to be speaking to the author of a new book who says the biggest roadblock to combatting climate change is us. you're watching "velshi & ruhle" on msnbc. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost.
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only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol®. welcome back to "velshi & ruhle." this morning new calls to fight climate change, this time they are headed by students from around the world. students are leaving their classrooms and demanding lawmakers make policies to combat climate change. organizers say although there are many other important pressing issues, climate change directly affects them and future generations to come. >> without a livable planet, all
10:44 am
of those issues will be obsolete. first, we need a planet that we can live on and thrive on. >> in morning at the united nations, my friends and i faced our world leaders, demonstrating to them that they urgently act on climate change. they are still not listening. instead, our world leaders are the ones acting like children. they are the ones having tantrums, arguing with each other and refusing to take responsibility for their actions while the planet burns. >> scientists, not politicians, scientists and researchers continue to provide data explaining how climate change is affecting the earth's atmosphere. and unless we make major changes to stop global warming, the consequence could be irreversible. in 2017, the national climate -- excuse me. the national climate data recorded the average global temperature across the world at .84 degrees celsius, making it the third warm est year on
10:45 am
record. officials say global temperature has not been cooler since 1976. and please listen to this. from 1900 to 1980, a new temperature record was set on every 13 1/2 years on average. however, since 1981 a new record has been set every three years. last month, lawmakers introduced new legislation called the green new deal. it is important to note congress has not passed a new bill on climate change in nearly ten years. the green new deal calls to cut global emissions by 60% and upgrade buildings to maximum energy efficiency. the deal also proposes meeting 100% of u.s. power demand through clean renewable and zero emissions energy sources. it also pushes to implement smart grids to affordable electricity. >> and there is nothing wrong with those goals. we're just going to be really clear -- there's nothing wrong with those goals.
10:46 am
it is not a weirdly liberal thing to want zero emissions, to reduce your carbon dioxide -- this is nothing about that that's weird. >> if you don't support of specifics of this green new deal doesn't mean you don't have these goals. those are two different things. >> let's talk about it a's little more. >> climate and weather are not the same. >> two different things. carbon and carbon dioxide are two different things. the president tweeted about that the other day. the author of a book that you got to just read it. everybody has to read this. this is theish oth issue of our. the uninhabitable earth, life after warming. we have to move this conversation to a place, if you don't like what the green new deal is, what it costs, or you don't understand the math on it, that's all good. propose something else, debate it, do whatever you have to do, but don't deny the fact that those goals are goals we should share. >> that's what mike bloomberg said.
10:47 am
>> we want the same stuff articulated there. i don't know how this has become the worst thing in the world for some people. >> i would say legislation is most exciting because it emphasizes the findings of the u.n. and what the u. says we need to do. there is some indication how we would get to those goals, a position paper more than a proper bill. those ambitions are exactly in line with what all the world scientists -- >> america has not been in that place. under donald trump we have withdrawn from even stating those are shared ambitions. >> yes, and he's telling you you're not going to have a cow or eat ice cream going forward. traditionalists are worried this is a completely radical idea. >> there is nothing in the bill that mentions those things at the moment. there is some back story about an faq that was probably written too early or published to early that was written too jokingly that hit some of those points. but the main, the main features of that bill are that we need to do exactly what the u.n. says we
10:48 am
need to do, cut emissions 45% by 2030. when you look at the climate strike you featured, the kids out on the street, it's hard to argue about the moral clarity of their position. the kids of parkland speaking about the gun issue, when you see kids doing this, as much as it has been processed through partisan politics, there is such clearly moral urgency on both points. >> except it's the first thing mitch mcconnell talks about, jokes about straight out of the gate. time to talk green new deal, attacking it. so to say, you know, we all have to stop because these are young people begging for us to focus, we're not -- a lot of people in major power positions are mocking it. >> the powerful have not yet come around. the polling is astonishing. 73% of american people believe global warming is happening. numbers are up since 2015. up 8% since march.
10:49 am
the movement in the public is moving. the fact we're seeing a green new deal at all is amazing. five years ago cap and trade was too radical now we're in an entirely different place. hopefully we'll continue down that path and republicans and transjents will fall away. they are an outlier around the world. there is not a party anywhere else in the world captive to denial -- >> earn even conservative parties. >> no. >> this is not a weirdly conservative liberal thing in the rest of the developed world. >> it's funny you bring that up. when we were in davos and i was asking that question to people who were deeply focused on climate change, they weren't that concerned with president trump pulling out of the paris climate accord. they said he can do that. the rest of the world, we got this. even corporate america is on board. >> i mean americans are only responsible for 15% of global emission ands that share is falling. the truth is the future of the planet's climate will be written largely by china, a little by india and the rest by subsahara
10:50 am
africa. to show we can go green and still provide affluent prosperous lives for our citizens, in citizens. the planet will be determined by these other countries and what they do. i think xi jinping has been excited by trump's evacuation on this issue. he sees an opportunity for china to play that role. >> he's seizing it. >> 73% of americans believe this or acknowledge it, 20% don't. that seems alarmingly high to me. you brought up a point why it is not alarming. >> 20% americans believe aliens are living among us. i wish those numbers will flow. the truth is our politics can over come those numbers quite easily. nasa does not have an issue who believe that aliens are here. the bigger problem is the 70% of
10:51 am
americans who are concerned of climate are not concerned enough. the median americans are not willing to pay $10 a month for change. it is important to get those of us who are a bit concerned of climate much more concerned of climate. i am not focusing on the deniers. >> david, thank you for your book. department editor and the author of "unin habitable earth." coming up next, we'll break down what happened at the two mosques. you are watching "velshi & ruhle."
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welcome back to "velshi & ruhle," new violence of the middle east between israel and hamas in gaza. a rocket attack which the rocket landed in tell avi. there is no confirmed of any deaths. the attack is in response to rocket fired in hamas. >> let's bring in our chief global correspondent, bill neely, tell us where we stand right now and this thing escalates on friday, where are we on this? >> good afternoon, ali, this is one of those sudden spasm of
10:56 am
violence that we have seen before but none the less series. the first time since the gaza war in 2015 two rockets were fired at tel aviv. the israeli military says it did not intercept the rockets. over night retaliation of war planes struck around 100 military site belonging to the group hamas. most of them were empty and only four palestinians wounded. that's the restrain by israeli standards and there seems to be no sign of any more trouble and amazingly the two main militant factions, that's hamas and islamic jihadist.
10:57 am
th you don't hear that kind of conciliatory talks from both sides very often. >> how has the white house responded? >> mike pompeo said on twitter, once again israeli citizens are under attack from terrorists from gaza and armed and financed by their pup met masters in teheran. we standby our allies. nothing unusual there. nor it seems hamas has any desire for a wider war. it is a time when those groups could take advantage because we are less than a month from a national israeli election of a real possibility of big change in leadership. >> let's talk about the israeli
10:58 am
election. what effect does it hav have -- benjamin netanyahu is still ahead in the polls and he's facing indictment and has been sort of banging the drum about iran and terrorists that attacked israel. >> yes, he has. he's weaken. he's the current prime minister and he has tried to avoid war with gaza. those air strikes hit empty billing. he's under a lot of prosessure. his main challenger is a retired army commander. he's excampaigning for a tough earlie er line. it could exploit the period or the gap before the election and benjamin netanyahu may face a dilemma if the attack continues. he could be accused of using the
10:59 am
violence for some electoral gain. at the moment, it would appear no one not palestinian groups nor israelis king in confrontation. bill neely, covering a whole host of stories for us. >> he's also covering the new zealand shooting. an important note before we go. this sunday, we are digging into what we know about the relationship between vladimir putin and president trump. you can watch "russia if you are listening," it is hosted by me. we are airing it on sunday at 10:00 p.m. on msnbc. >> thank you for watching. this day this week, i am "velshi & ruhle," i am stephanie ruhle. i will be watching you sunday night at 10:00 p.m. >> thank you, i will be back. connect with our show, we las
11:00 am
veg listening to you. >> it is a sad day. >> now we hand over to our friend, katy tur. a country known for tranquility a. those who were killed, 49 dead in new zealand. those who were killed, ran for their lives. >> the blood was splashing on me and i am thinking oh my god, oh my god, it is going to come to me now but fortunately i am alive. >> i was hearing shooting after shooting. it went


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