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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  March 16, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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or is there a connection here? >> a lot of this happens digitally online. theeography doesn't matter. we have seen this for decades now. a large numbers of groups in the united states that operate openly. this is not to say this doesn't happen in other parts of the world. there are few places like america where it happen s out good morning from msnbc the open where mainstream world headquarters. parties champion and support. now a president of the united i'm phillip mena in for alex states who sort of winks and nods or issues dog whistles at this behavior. these kinds of groups. witt. veto power. yes, the united states is the president uses it for the first time and sets up a huge impossible to know legal fight over the emergency border wall. proportionately to know whether in the air. the type of plane involved in these kinds of people in america over another country, but it the deadly crash could be back happens more in the open which
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in the skies sooner than we means that groups from around thought. and more fallout from the the world can see it happen on their television and see the college cheating scandal. president of the united states why the indictments could be the and other senior american beginning. we begin with the attacks on politicians make excuses for this behavior and take the mosques in new zealand. reassurance from that and feel, here is a look at the memorial. if the americans think this way the suspected gunman is in and mainstream american politicians can justify, then my custody after the first court appearance on the murder charge. thoughts and my actions are part 49 people were killed. more than 35 remain in the of a mainstream. that is a very -- america is hospital. 11 of them in intensive care. contributing to the video shows police raiding the mainstreaming of the kind of behavior and thought around the suspect's home in search of evidence. world. >> bobby, quickly, you mentioned we're learning more about how the attacks were carried out. the online factor. new zealand officials say the the role of social media. gunman opened fire inside the al he live streamed the first 17 noor mosque. minutes of the attack. he sprayed bullets walking room what role does that have on the actions? to room and stopping to only these violent, deadly actions? >> enormously. he is learning from social media reload. this footage is from his live and picking up sort of the stream in his car. he then drove to a second mosque where more people were killed. reaffirmation of his thoughts and expansion of hateful sarah james is in christchurch. ideology online and using social sarah, good morning. what is the latest from there? media to broadcast his actions.
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>> reporter: the latest is the this puts a spotlight on social investigation into exactly what media companies like facebook happened and more about this and twitter and youtube. they have to do a lot more. alleged gunman is pre-occupying they have known this was coming. they are to do a lot more to cut law enforcement authorities here. the 28-year-old alleged gunman out this kind of broadcasting to brenton tarrant appeared for the make this -- to control and block this hate speech. >> bobby ghosh, thank you. first time in court today. a brief an appeppearanappearanc. he did not have anything to say. to politics now. he is remanded back in custody on one charge of murder. given the scale of the massacre, house speaker nancy pelosi that is expected to grow. he will be back in court on announcing the chamber will take a vote to override the veto of april 5th. in the meantime, the investigation into the whiete the border wall. donald trump issued his first veto after 12 republicans joined supremacy aspect of the case is senate democrats to block his occupying authorities. emergency declaration. that sets up a massive legal prime minister jacinda ardern had something to say about that. fight. >> they were doing what they have to do. >> what has been a global rise i put no pressure on anybody. i actually said i could have gotten some of them to come in extreme right-wing violent along. i want you to vote your heart. rhetoric, our agencies were do what you want to do. i'm not putting any pressure. i'll let them know there is aware of that and had been
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undertaking work. as i've said, this individual pressure. i didn't need the vote. was not on any watch list. we all knew there would be a veto and they will not override. >> reporter: not on any watch >> joining me now is abigail and list then, but what people want kevin cirilli. to know now is where was brenton thank you for joining us this tarrant? morning. exactly what was all that abigail, why did the 12 republicans decide to break with overseas travel about? the president? >> i think the main issue on the nbc news has learned among the places this young australian emergency deck an la ratilarati went, he indeed is australian citizen. he was in bulgaria between beginning has been these 12. november 9th and 15th last year the fact that they didn't believe it was. and visiting historic sites the interesting thing is there. it is important to remember there are two other people in predictable. we expected republicans to break custody. we do not know charges which with the president on this. have been filed. as the president said, you know, they are in custody and being there isn't an expectation there questioned in connection with are enough votes to veto. the attack. this is really all playing out in the meantime, authorities here are doing everything they can to keep people safe. predi they have said there will predi predictably. continue to be a police presence >> kevin, any political implications here for those who at mosques throughout both went against the president? islands that are part of new although he appeared to be zealand. meantime, there are others indifferent about it.
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fighting for theirs lives. >> there are some implications. i'm standing in front of the i agree with abby. hospital here. christchurch hospital. when you crunch the numbers and this is a country that has very look at the 12 republicans who little experience with gunshot joined democrats in the senate. wounds. they had 12 operating theaters they really are illustrative of working throughout the night as health care professionals tried different republicans. to save lives. susan collins from maine. there are still more than 35 different type of republican people in hospital, including from senator rand paul. the elderly, including children libertarian leaning republican and 11 of those are fighting for from kentucky. when i talk to folks close to their lives in intensive care. the white house and those working in the administration, this has been something that has they rolled their eyes and shrugged. she never believed someone like affected this nation as nothing senator mitt romney was afraid else possibly could. there are memorials that have to go against president trump on a vote. been placed around the islands. this is interesting. with the exception of senator there are services being held. susan collins. what you have is both a soul there was not one republican senator who was up for searching into the nature of re-election in 2020 who joined what radicalized the alleged democrats. gunman and at the same time, they stood by president trump. people like corey gardner. question s about how to keep this gets interesting particularly when you look at people safe and prevent future the down ballot races and the attacks. senate races in 2020.
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phill phillip. >> sara james joining us. thank you. joining me now is bobby ghosnt. it appears virtually all of them with the exception of susan collins is standing by president bobby, when you heard of the trump. attack, what went through your >> abigail, is there not going to be an override to the veto? mind? >> the first is the shock of >> i think he is right on that. where it happened. we live in a time that the i think, again, this will play out in the courts at this point. attack itself has lost its power the courts will decide the to surprise us. constitutionality of this new zealand is not a place where emergency declaration. you expect something like this. >> let's turn attention to 2020. kevin, beto o'rourke, the latest to join the crowded field of one of the lessons is nowhere is democrats for the presidency. is there a clear frontrunner at safe now. we lost the right to be surprised by any of this. this stage of the race? >> i'm not sure there is. this virus, this evil lurks look at those pictures. >> a lot of faces. digitally and can travel from >> a lot of faces. one part of the world to the very crowded. other at a moment's notice. when you look at top tier that is the big take away from it. candidates like elizabeth warren the first response was new zealand? and vice president biden if he surely not. chooses. surely not. kamala harris. i think that shock is still beto o'rourke has been able to wearing off. far more for new zealanders who assemble a top-tier talent of are not used to this sort of
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thing at all. the former clinton and obama they have to now live with the coalition. it is interesting for him which is his vision to go forward. possibility that this lurks in he does have a policy record to their community and who knows run on from his time in when it strikes again. congress. when you look at someone like >> of all places, new zealand. less people there than in new sanders and warren and biden, york city. here is what donald trump said you know the policy ideas. about all of this yesterday. listen to that. what he represents and his ideas, it is very early. >> white nationalism is a rising we have to wait and see. threat around the world? >> i don't really. >> all right. i think it's a small group of a face we did not see on the people that have very, very screen. vice president biden. serious problems. i guess if you look at what kevin, he is still not over happened in new zealand, perhaps that's the case. i don't know enough about it yet. efficient they are just learning about the person and the people involved. officially in. it's certainly a terrible thing. president trump is so worried terrible thing. about him behind closed doors. >> bobby, what do you make of is this a down side for biden that reaction there? here? >> look. >> we have become used to the president of the united states in terms there is no question if saying things like this. he is technically right. you look at former vice president biden and the it is a small group of people, but it is a rising problem and coalition and fund raising, he is without question a top-tier growing problem. you hear variations of this when there is an attack of muslim candidate should he decide to
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terrorist groups. get in. he is an experienced politician. it's a small group of people. the terrorists themselves. the people committing the crime itself. there's going to be differences. shooting the guns or blowing up the weapons or bombs are a small group, but there's a very large he is someone that would be able global infrastructure of support to try to go after the 70,000 that exists for white voters that president trump was able to win in the last nationalism annud ultra right he presidential cycle in ohio, michigan and wisconsin and pennsylvania. speech and behavior. >> abigail, you had the that now exists. opportunity to sit down with we have to confront it. congresswoman alexandria we can't pretend it is only a ocasio-cortez. what role will she play leading tiny fraction. we don't really have to go by up to the 2020 election given her spotlight and the battle our own gut instinct or with the centrists and so-called democratic socialists. anecdotal evidence. what is her role? we have been hearing this. >> we are already seeing the white nationalism is on the rise influence she has had on the and growing threat. 2020 race. you look at big ideas such as it is certainly multiple the green new deal or marginal american military -- i beg your pardon, intelligence agencies tax rate for the america's says this is the fastest growing richest. the declared candidates
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problem. i live in london. answering questions about them. you are seeing her influence. intelligence agencies here are i think one of the really very much aware of this. interesting things is in 2016 the government is putting a lot more resources into tracking down and monitoring this sort of aoc volunteered for the bernie sanders campaign. she will be a coveted behavior. in the u.s., unfortunately, endorsement. she has the following. she has the spotlight as you under the trump administration, said. she has a massive platform to budgets have been shrunk. throw behind the candidate that she ultimately will endorse. fewer resources allocated to tracking this behavior among she will play a big role. white nationalists come pafparea it will be interesting to see how that takes shape as we move few years ago. >> bobby, how important is i ala forward. >> you don't think it is a given she will endorse bernie sanders? >> we have to see how it shakes out. that would be the most likely. >> i think, quickly, i would note that what will be interesting is how republicans also respond to that and try to put whomever the nominee is for the democratic party to link that nominee to aoc. that word socialism is going to be interesting for independent voters and whether or not that independents get behind.
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max 8 and the 737 max 9. planes associated with that line. >> that was president trump on wednesday temporarily grounding all boeing 737 jets in american air space. the faa is expected to green light the latest software update for the max fleet on march 25th. this is under a week after the ethiopian airlines jet crashed after takeoff killing all 157 people on board. and it comes two days after boeing grounded the entire 737 max fleet. joining me now is les abahend. he is the author of "paper wi s wings." will they finish studying the
4:14 am
software before this gets a chance to roll out? >> i think it will run concurrently. it takes a little while to analyze that data and put it in the machine. france has incredible technology. pretty much the same as the ntsb. i'm curious myself why this software update is going to be the magic or silver bullet that cures it all. i think if that is the case and the march 25th software update is to occur, it will take time once that is approved by the faa to install in all of the fleets. it would behoove boeing to come out and make a public statement. >> could we expect to see that max 8 back in use before we get a final report on the black box data? is that safe? >> i think we can expect to see it because there is enough evidence apparently according to
4:15 am
the faa and their statement the other day that they have a good idea of what occurred and what caused this crash. it is still preliminary. the investigation is still going to proceed according to the guidelines of annex 13. even lion air has not completed their investigation. most of these things take about a year. >> best you can because you flew a boeing 777. what do you make of what happened there? how puzzling is it? is it too much danger software? what is it? >> well, i flew a boeing 777. boeing makes a quality product and very similar philosophy. boeing generally makes the airplane harmonize with the pilot. what disturbed me about the situation is the software was
4:16 am
designed, if it was software, that caused the issue. that system we have been talking about wasn't made public to pilots and in training manuals. normally it is a redundant system that activates something for the pilot. it took away control from the pilot. that's not typical of boeing. it is counterintuitive to pull back on the control wheel and airplane continues to want to head to the ground. it is very disturbing to me and i'm hoping that it was attempted or the attempt was made to try to recover the airplane via the check list that was sent out once we realized there was a problem with with tthe lion air. >> how do you control that? you are pushing back and the airplane is going down?
4:17 am
how do you handle that? >> if you roll the airplane in a bank approaching 35 degrees, the airplane will fight you and say you are rolling the airplane too far for this particular attitude and air speed. you need to roll the airplane back. i can still fight that. it will give me a bump. if i, as a pilot, need to continue that bank past 35 degrees on a 777, at least, it will continue. you know, with this particular system, what should have been done according to the latest information that we had was to disconnect the stabilizer trim switches like in an old check list that has been with the airplane forever called the run away stabilizer. what disturbed me is if they did this and still did not have a reaction. >> terrifying thought. we appreciate your expertise.
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new legal issues this morning after a college admissions scam led to 50 people now facing charges by the justice department. including felicity huffman and lori loughlin. dozens of wealthy parents have been charged, more indictments could emerge. joining me now is morgan chesky. morgan, out of those charged, 30 were parents. >> reporter: philip, the investigation is still ongoing. it is hitting celebrities where it hurts. it is prompting colleges to look at who exactly is getting in. from red carpet fame to courthouse shame. >> would you stop? >> reporter: william h. macy and felicity huffman charged with fraud to cheat college admissions. >> this is an example of how some parents get it really wrong.
4:23 am
they move from caring to control. >> reporter: lori loughlin and daughter olivia jade facing the fallout. loughlin reportedly losing "fuller house" on friday. and sephora breaking ties with olivia jade. >> he wasn't enrolled in college. he faked his way through it and started his business with the tuition money. >> reporter: that business mossimo is now back in the headlines. target stressing they no longer carry the brand saying we haven't had a working relationship with mossimo giannulli in over a decade. schools now taking steps to secure the admissions process. the university of southern california launching an investigation into current and former students. yale following suit. its president saying we must conduct the searching review to learn if others corrupted the
4:24 am
admissions process. >> it is a slap in the face. >> reporter: for now, macy and huffman are staying quiet. huffman is taking down her web site dedicated to parenting advice. and authorities say so far none of the students involved in the case has been charged. stressing parents were doing this behind the backs of children. phillip. >> that was morgan chesky. the special counsel revealed on friday that the former trump aide rick gates continues to cooperate with the several ongoing investigations. joining me now is legal contributor katie phang. he is asking for a 60-day delay. is it possible that gates is
4:25 am
cooperating not with mueller, but the southern district of new york? >> it requires him to cooperate with any agency or any prosecutor's office who wants assistance from rick gates. what is interesting is it is a stipulated filing. both sides agree that 60 days out makes sense. he continues to give something of substance. i think that it has a lot to do with the trump inauguration committee. several subpoenas have been served to get information as to the $107 million that was raised through that committee. nobody knows where the money went or how it was fully spent. i suspect that rick gates is giving cooperation. if you compare that to somebody like michael flynn. michael flynn's attorneys this week asked for additional 90 days before sentencing. the mueller team stayed mum on it. did not take a position. didn't say that it made since to give 90 days.
4:26 am
>> this was the fifth time the special counsel asked the judge to delay sentencing for rick gates. what does that tell you about the president's legal battle here? at this point, is rick gates going to be charged? >> rick gates pled guilty to two felonies in federal court. it depends whether he gets 18 months to five years. that is really what we will be left with. >> all about the sentencing. thank you. katie phang, thank you. at the top of the hour, "up with david gura. he has a look at what is coming up. what's up? >> phillip, thank you. i'm thrilled that hakeem jeffries will be with us. congress just passing a resolution calling for robert mueller's report to be made public. we will take stock of where things stand with congressional investigations and
4:27 am
investigations in other districts as the manhattan district attorney has new charges against paul manafort. we will have the latest on the mass shooting in christchurch, new zealand. social media companies under scrutiny because of that this morning and president trump dismissing concern about the spread of white nationalism around the globe. ambassador scott brown will join us at the top of the hour to start off the coverage. that is coming up on "up." thank you. my next guest says these two hardly speak for the entire party. ak for the e ntire party. i used to book my hotel room on those travel sites but there was
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new today, democrats vowing to try to override the president's veto of congress rejection of the national emergency declaration. the vote is set for march 26th. joining me now is dean phillips. congress member, thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> i want to get your reaction to the president's veto. could the house get enough republicans here to join together to override that veto? >> the old republican party certainly would override this veto. a number of republicans peeled off and in my estimate done the right thing. it is time for congress to reassert. we need checks and balances in the co-equal branch of government. my hope is they will see the
4:32 am
light, if you will, and do the right thing. >> what kind of message do you think the 12 senators who voted against president trump's declaration here, what message did they send to the white house sf house? >> they sent the message this is overreach. it is incumbent upon us to protect the constitution. i hope the 12 senators may inspire others to override this and reassert congressional oversight and equal branch of government. it is integral. >> what do you think of that number? 12. were you surprised it was as many or cannot believe there weren't more than? >> i can't believe there are not more. i do have respect for the republican platform of the old days. in those days, this would be a no-brainer. in fact, it wasn't long ago when most republicans were offended
4:33 am
by president trump's efforts in similar capacities. i'm surprised it is not more. i hope it will be and time will tell. >> let's talk about the new zealand incident and the tragedy. the president responded to a direct question of the rise of white nationalism. he essentially said it is not a rising problem. what is your assessment of his assessment of why he responds the way he does? >> my assessment is he could not be more wrong. it is so clear we are facing a national crisis and now international crisis. hatred has no boundary. terrorism knows every color, race and religion. it is inn cocumbent of every me of congress and humanity. it is time to come together and take steps to heal and celebrate differences and respect one another. it is our responsibility and not just a national issue, but international issue. i would like to see more
4:34 am
leadership from our president to recognize that and take the lead in ending hate and all of its forms. >> what about our role internationally? how important is the u.s. voice of stemming the tide of natio l nationalism around the world? >> i'm surprised. including trying to end hatred. i would like to see the president lead. this is a remarkable opportunity for america to reassert itself as decency and respect and goodwill. now that new zealand has been struck which is a peaceful nation, i think there were more murder notice mosqs in the mosq days ago than the entire year in new zealand. this disease is spreading around the world. we have a responsibility in our daily lives and from the president and white house to take the lead and expressing our values. if we don't do so, i have great fears for the future. >> i want to talk about the question of impeachment. earlier this week, nancy pelosi
4:35 am
said she was not in favor of impeachme impeachment, but investigations pushed by democrats in the house and suggesting the president committed impeachable offenses. where do you stand? >> i stand in the place i have for years. we have to wait for the mueller report to conclude and be present presented. we have to recognize the gravity of impeachment. i want facts to drive the outcome. whether democrats or republicans. we all have the responsibility to see the facts presented. i hope they are forthcoming soon and cross that bridge when we come to it. talk of impeachment prior to receiving that is premature. i am being cautious as we should be. once that is presented, if there are impeachable offenses and if he did commit crimes he knew, we have a responsibility to proceed with impeachment proceedings. to talk about that ahead of that is irresponsible.
4:36 am
>> you spoke with politico of representative alexandria ocasio-cortez as well as representative omar. you said suddenly an entire party is repetitiresen repetiti the caucus. what did you mean? >> there is a transition occurring. there are a lot of stories to be told in congress. whether it is a couple of people in our caucus or a couple of people in the republican conference that have a lot more social media following and more attention, that doesn't necessarily mean that they represent the entire party. the beautiful thing about the democratic caucus is the breadth of respect and opinion. it is a big tent. there are a lot of voices. there are a lot of voices that should be heard and being branded by a couple of people is not appropriate. >> give us a sense into the dynamic there between the battle that is the war waged within the
4:37 am
democratic party from the extreme left here to more of the centrist. what is the dynamic? what does that look like? >> it is not a battle. it is healthy. it is how we should be operating. inviting new voices to the tent. letting the voices be heard. sharing ideas. i celebrate ideas wherever they come from. the left, the right, the center. this is a very healthy dynamic. we have a remarkable freshmen class. diversity of opinion on both sides of the aisle. it is a healthy debate and that's how we should be conducting our politics. i would be more fearful if there were not bold prospects and ideas presented. i celebrate that. >> i'm curious to know what democrats can take from donald trump winning campaign in 2016 going forward? you said some things about the success of it. what do you think democrats can take away from that? >> i think democrats can take
4:38 am
away something simple. that is listening. it is incumbent on us to start listening to people. i think donald trump recognized that. he gave voice to people who felt unheard and diseven franchise choi disenfranchised. we voted to give power back to the people. it is time for the democratic party to start looking at its brand and become listeners. there is one thing that connects us. truth, justice and opportunity for all. we have divergent opinions. we come from different life experiences and backgrounds. we share the values. it begins with listening. if we don't listen to people more, we will be in grave trouble. that goes for democrats and republicans. i hope to inspire more. >> thank you, congress member dean phillips. power and privilege collide in the college cheating scandal.
4:39 am
now lawmakers want to act, but how far should congress go? far n o
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clearly, illegal conduct, problematic. it's also problematic when you have students admitted to school who are not truly qualified, but their parents have made a big donation. it's problematic that schools give a huge advantage to family members who attended the school in the past. >> that was john king on the college admissions scandal. it's led to charges against 50 people including lori loughlin and felicity hoffman. joe, i want to go to you first. you worked as an assistant to the president of the united states of pennsylvania. what struck you as you learned about the charges? >> i was just so saddened to hear about how a few bad actors tried to abuse the system. honestly, the consequences are tremendous for those people and their families. i know the universities are going to do everything they can
4:44 am
to investigate and to weed out some of the bad actors and see where there's fraud and abuse. this is a terrible stain on the system. it's unfortunate that a few bad actors tried to take advantage of the system to try to get their kids in. why didn't they encourage their kids to work hard and be the best they could and let the cards fall where they may? that would be a better thing than having their kids named as athletes w athletes when they weren't. very, very unfortunate. >> why are you upset with it? >> people are upset because it cuts at the core of the idea we have in this country. if you work hard and get a good education, you have access to the american dream. for those who don't have the financial means to get help, not just in terms of this illegal act, but donating buildings and
4:45 am
making contributions, it's hard. i think the whole system is broken. this is really exposed to the challenges americans make in accessinging equality and mobility. it's a real problem that needs to be addressed. >> so many things are baked into the college admissions process outside of these illegal actions we are discussing here. why do you think nothing has been done to stop it? >> admissions offices work their tail off to get the best kids into their cool. a lot of admissions offices around the country have worked hard to have diverse student bodies and gone out of their way to give kids a chance who maybe don't come from a college history. my family is one of those. we got a chance to go to great, great schools. we worked hard and got good grades. we were afforded a chance to go to great institutions.
4:46 am
i was and i'm grateful for it. when you have a situation like this where somebody tries to abuse the system by compromising a coach and compromising kids as well, because the kids were compromised in cases by parents, it's unfortunate. it hurts the whole system. >> lawmakers are debating steps to eliminate the inequities. one is to eliminate the tax deduction donors receive if they have children attending or applying to colleges. also are fines on those with low income students while some republicans suggest eliminating all preferences including affirmative action. all of them come with political implications. do you think they sound like the right solutions? >> i absolutely oppose eliminating affirmative action. if this taught us anything, it's the power to balance the scales
4:47 am
and create a level playing field for kids who may be trying to access higher education without the financial advantage and privilege. we have a deeply flawed system up and down the educational ladder which has and continues to favor kids with privilege and white kids. we need to continue focusing on balancing that. i would be in favor of anything that helps with a more equitable system for all. i think this is the wrong time to attack affirmative action. in fact, that is exactly part of the problem here. you can't get a diverse student body without it today. >> absolutely. >> we have a consensus. >> you do. >> thank you for joining us this morning. pardon me. president trump says, yes he can. that's ahead on "up." can. that's ahead on "up.
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4:52 am
shooting of the shooting of the shooting. >> the prime minister vows to change gun laws as social media faces more scrutiny for how they handled that incident. president trump signs his first veto and a message to republicans who rebuke him. >> congress has the freedom to pass this resolution and i have the duty
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