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tv   Deadline White House  MSNBC  March 16, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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against bigotry, terrorism, and there can be no one that is excused from standing up if you're not standing up then you are showing us where you really stand. that does it for me. thank you for watching, i'll see you back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern for a new live edition of politics nation. up next, "the beat." up next, "the beat." the white house responding to what is now a bipartisan rebuke on immigration. all of this to break his own campaign promise that mexico would sign the wall. he signed that wall today, a former fox news reporter talking to congress despite her nda with fox news, how that story led to michael cohen's crime in the 2016 election. we begin tonight with firm, detailed, actual news on the mueller probe if is not over
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despite many rumors it would have ben done weeks ago, now there is two prosecutors saying there are two ongoing investigations that relate to this mueller probe. first there is rick gates who is still, as of today, speaking to bob mueller, we know that gates continues to cooperate in several ongoing investigations. legal experts say it lead to the trump inaugural committee. gates talked to them and tackled questions about the money trail. meanwhile a prosecutor is says let's pursue these
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investigations, they have come out in part in case for multiple strands of the investigation, today the deadline for those big questions on the private conversations with putin and why he went to such unusual lengths to keep them secret not from the deadlines, they will fork over what they call a treasure-trove of documents. so far, you may have heard about some of the legal language around this, they are asking for the information, but after you blow through a deadline, that sets up the predicate to issue seaso subpoenas, and you say look, we tried to be nice and they would not send us a letter. this is all to deal with thing that's by definition they are not forking over.
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they have a reason like privilege or they don't have a good reason. here is the context of all of this. the more you learn about the reality around donald trump, the less he is able to sell a fantasy version of the underlying reality. this is something that a journalist who has been following trump for a long time told us is actually the key to donald trump's apparent success. >> it is an extraordinary drift grifter, salesman, and he sold himself, we were amazed that he was able to sell bad condos and vodka and everything that he was able to sell back in the day and now a whole set of fantasies to 46% of the american people. >> he was able to sell those things, the question is not just the sale but the time line, that vodka business, it was like
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trump university, or trump airlines, or trump steaks, or many trump casinos in atlantic city and elsewhere, they all went out of business because the thing being sold wasn't real or was fraudulent, or it didn't last, the details in the business matters and the campaign activities, how does it affect the facts, and the ongoing salesmanship of himself. i'm joined by the editor and chief of the daily beast, and also one of the first reporters that was looking at the stormy daniels storey in 2016. the salesmanship and when it runs out. >> that has been the question from the beginning, right? we kind of keep waiting for this
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46% to realize that the emperor has no clothes, and to be honest i'm not sure it ever will. it has always been a minority. there is a ma yourty of the republican party and there is enough to keep them from turning on him. it is like liberal tears, the first thing that he ever sold that is legitimate. he makes people who sigh his presidency as a december graduation, he makes us suffer. they love the fact that half a horrific massacre in new zealand where he talks about an invasion of immigrants, he's not afraid
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to go on television and use nearly the same language, invasion, about our southern border, any other president would have the decency to be stopped by the moment. >> or rise to the moment. >> but the fact that he will not rise to the moment, that he will not give in to the norms that govern what they call a civilized life, that is what his followers love about him. hi is talking about his supreme court -- supporters and a violent resistance. i'm not sure that cult like inner core ever really dissolved until something happens that materially affects them. >>. >> the two points to speculate is when will mueller speculate
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his reform. the answers are when he is done and when it is in his interest to do so. but we will see the investigation continue to unfold, do you remember pig pen? he is surrounded by date of birth where ever he goes. the trim and corruption are there in his business, around the inauguration. it is everything that he touches. there t is it is so overwhelmint he will have to get weak enough that republicans start to bail on him. >> we will take any pig pen
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reference. it is stacked against the fact that the president of the united states was forced into vetoing something because it passed both houses of congress with republican support and to do it, exposing a con with facts, and it required him to basically demonstrate that he is really committed to under lining his own campaign promise. the republicans in the senate are going up against him on the domestic finish. what exposes them in the long run that moves the ball. >> some of them care a little bit about parts of the constitution because they realize one day there will be a democratic president and the powers that trump is allowed to grab and keep will belong to future presidents that might not be mostly on their side.
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and give credit to senate republicans that decented on this issue. it is the beginning of a crack in the wall if you will. >> noah, i want to put that in the context of these looming deadlines, if you take the position to the extreme, we don't have to fight so hard, the position would be that i could do anything, the fifth avenue defense, it apiercpears to be u nonsense. certainly if you could get away with that, you could get away with the cons in the tax documents, the fear that 46% might drop the 45, 44, or 43, and then you might not be
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president again. >> his supporters might. what has he fought the hardest against, how much money he has or doesn't have. ie kron clie, that is-- ironica o'rourke may be richer than donald trump himself. i think some of the things that sdrump trying to hide, they won't chip away at his support, but they will chip away at his core myth. >> you're right that it is for for them to play down their
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welt, and -- wealth and trump has been saying, the jet skis, in the music video, we rented them, we didn't have the lifestyle that he was claiming to live, and donald trump is very kanye in that sense. >> i think an article that says rapper on gold plated tank has sense of ego. >> and our next guest who is always claiming to not look like robert redford, but in addition to those facts, we start with you there, for starters to you, what does it mean when you see the looming deadlines? >> i'm very encouraged by it. it shows the congress is doing their business.
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they get probably satisfaction from most of the requests they made, and then they will pick and choose about what they have to fight about, and i think they might do better if they defined what their objective is. i think if they have to get a court case it would be more helpful to say it is a n contemplation. grand juries and subpoena fights, whether or not it was a criminal case or a congressional subpoena, and i think they need every advantage they could have. >> would the distinction there, the potential subpoenas, i feel like i wish you were in our double jeopardy earlier this week. i'm kidding, but i feel like we're in law school, but that brings me to the next question.
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we're in the weeds, what does it mean when they get these subpoenas and who enforces that, and then you go to courts and say back me up. i want you to speak to that and something that i know caught your eye. he says i don't know a special counsel whose done it better, do you view that as optimism of at least about his client and the president? >> there have been a lot of lawyers and targets of investigations in the years that complimented a prosecutor just before they ended up on the wrong end of a system or an indictment. as to the other question, people are gathering into the coliseum to see what will happen, everybody has to understand the details, but the underlying thing they will be asking is why are they holding him back?
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j don't why don't we know what the conversation is with putin, why don't we know about the finances and the family involvement in the inauguration. a lot of times we hear these process offenses. lying to congress, lying to a grand jury, lying on statements about the connections overseas and hear. i think the under lying story in the process, which is less complicated to those of us that think of ourselves as lawyers first, is that the story is right there. and the store i have terrible. >> you mentioned the property that kushner owes so much money and debt on, michelle goldberg, this came up before. some people know this is something they sublet originally from the devil, the dark lord. again with the movie stuff, if it was a movie and they owed on
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all of this money it would be ridiculous. >> i don't have the details on my fingertips of the corrupt deal that bailed them out of the situation. >> one of them was someone that is working for the white house actively seeking foreign investment. >> so they have been under water, this was like gerald kushner's big real estate deal. it was a disaster, right? he bought the building at the top of the market, they got way under water, there was a lot of speculation about what it would mean for the family fortune and the family real estate company, and you see jared kushner having meetings with foreign entities and their wealth funds, and then you had another company bail them out and the biggest investor, i believe, that bailed
3:16 pm
them out is qatar. well how much was our middle east policy really about american interests versus rescuing jared kushner's real estate deal. so the fact that you to ask those questions, not just about this but every foreign move this administration makes goes to how unreputable this is. >> it is only three months into divided government. before this there was no congressional oversight. these deadlines are hitting now because they needed a few weeks to respond. thank you. jacob stay with me, noah shackman, you're here until later. later the fallout from exclusive
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reporting on this show, how fox news allegedly changed her story, and rare insights from o a witness regarding campaign violations, a break down of the so-called garth brooks defense for rudy jewgiuliani's associat. gin sometimes,
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president trump just used the first veto of his entire pregnancy to do something totally illogical, to break his campaign promise, vetoing the resolution that would have blocked his claim for an emergency to seize your money for a border wall, and he was forced do this with republicans. he created the longest shut down in american history to break his promise that you would not have to pay for the border wall because mexico will pay for it. which she goi which she he is going to great
3:22 pm
lengths to show that he broke a promise. >> believe me, mexico is paying for the wall, okay? that's it. >> this is a wall that will work, mexico will pay for it. >> mexico in some form, and there are many different forms, will reimburse us. >> mexico, mexico. mexico. mexico will pay for the wall. >> msnbc news analyst howard fineman joins me. what does it mean that the president of the united states went to these lengths to drastically break and promote the breakage of that now defunct process? >> he is sticking to the theory of politics that got him elected president, he thinks, which is to endlessly feed the passions of his base. that is the simple and rather
3:23 pm
obvious explanation for what he is doing. she doing it in a political situation where republicans are, for the most part sticking with him, but there is slippage around the edges there on the question of the wall itself and certainly the lengths that she going to to try to get it done. >> how does it draw attention to the fact that he is basically forcing americans to fund this thing. it is one thing to sell something to people that they may or may not want. it is another thing to say someone else will pay for it. but should i have another, let me show you here he was talking about the form of the payment coming in pesos. >> when during the campaign, i would say mexico is going to pay for it, obviously i never said this, i never meant they're going to write out a check. >> they'll pay in one form or
3:24 pm
another, they may write us a check. >> the problem here politically, in opposing trump, is -- i'm hearing a lot of commentary on this, but i'm not hearing, for example, presidential candidates for the postpart or in a sense democrats in general, talking -- they don't have much political leverage because they're against the wall all together. how it will be paid for in trump's lies about that are just another in a long litany of his lies. >> they may feel she so sufficiently owned himself, they don't have much to add in this particular one. >> but if they're not in the discussion about building a wall at all, the mechanics of the funding are interesting and yes, it shows what a fantasist and a
3:25 pm
liar he is, but it is not more salient. >> that was his thing. and i'm telling you the people there were excited by that point. it was that i'm going to too many nate the world and make people pay for those things. you get the final word. >> virtually every democrat and the majority of the country, if not a straight up majority, doesn't want the wall built at all, really. >> howard fineman, oo goo to see you. this letter now new from congress, stormy daniels and why fox news could be on the wrong
3:26 pm
end of this scoop, back in 30 seconds. end of this scoop, back seconds. in the news don't, allegations that they tried to bury a story during the campaign. and you can so it it making many other headlines, they would request documents related to extramarital affairs and
3:27 pm
payments for any campaign violations, and a transcript of this report. she reportedly had the stormy daniels story or was working on it before the election and now they are asking that she should be let out of the nda to speak about it. they are saying she will comply and it overrides fox news' nda. >> is this something that you can comply with regardless of fox news asking for your client's silence? >> yes, anybody out there, anyone in your audience that has an nda must know that the law requires that you be allowed to participate in any government investigation and no nda can stop that. >> joining me now is megan tuey,
3:28 pm
and jacob weisberg who has the details on the stormy daniel story basically before anyone. i'll start with probably the easiest question. as a reporter would you be interested in hearing what the rest of this ex-fox news reporter has to stay? >> i don't think we need congressional hearings to prove that fox news is a propaganda network. i think they would have sue pressed the story, but i doubt they have it in usable form. they are using the story, and i remember them mentions the other reporters that she was talking to, but she took the money from trump instead of going public
3:29 pm
and it was clear then that she was going to deny it, and with her evidence not backing it up, it was not sufficient, so she likely did not still have it in a new wansed form. >> there could be undue pressure or motivation, and a person going between talking to reporters and taking money not to talk to reporters. they always make the point that foxx denies that this was about anything other than the story not being in a reportable fashion and many pointed out that is what other journalists, including yourself, althoughly determined.
3:30 pm
but this lawyer is saying a former employee that makes this denial is wrong. >> we think we will be able to show that ken mccord is a liar. >> do you have material about him specifically if you're making that allegation? >> for one thing he didn't stop the story and that will be evident. >> you're saying that whole nar tiff, he wrote that he was the one personally intervening was not him. >> was it someone more senior than him? >> yes. >> it was someone famous? >> we'll let congress decide whether or not to hold a hearing in public. >> so i think it is interesting to juxtapose that murdoch was involved in suppressing this story and also recognizing that it was "the wall street journal"
3:31 pm
that broke the story of the other catch and kill operation that happened in 2016 before the election. they were the first to report that karen mcdoogle was part of it, and "the wall street journal" had two of the most damaging stories. >> which means what? >> if there is a claim that murdoch owned fox -- >> the rebuttal to that is that sean hannity and roger ailes who were important at fox at the time went on to advice hvise hi the debates, that part of the company has more political way. >> it will be interesting to see who they will point the finger
3:32 pm
at when she shares her information with congress. >> let me push you a little more, they're pointing a finger at le cord. they're saying there is a false cover story. >> they're saying it goes higher, and if i remember correctly i think the fox story suggested as high as mur dodoch that's why i make the connection, and it helped the silencing of this come to life. >> this segment is about fox news and not "the wall street journal." >> but it is also about the efforts of a former reporter to break her silence and come forward. >> they have it or they don't, right? if they can't prove it and they're just making wild allegations, then it kind of goes away, if they can go to congress at a high level and say that they were doing something wrong, that could be a story.
3:33 pm
>> everyone wants to similarfulsimilaplify the story, in my opinion they're a dishonest organization, and mega megan's point is that an honest operation stayed honest regardless of the owners motives. foxx's business is complicated. you get hannity doing nothing restr resembling journalism. so it is a complicated picture and -- >> let's go back to the comparison. let's put the wall street journal aside and focus on the comparison of foxx having elements of this story in 2019 before the election, slate having many of the same elements of the story at the same time, and neither published the story.
3:34 pm
>> but that distinction doesn't take you very far because they're not being credibly accused with an nda hanging over an flee would put forward the wrong reason. if one person goes to work and is accused of committing a crime and the other doesn't, that doesn't help that much. >> final thought? >> i think you to recognize anyone that worked on stories of women being silenced know that the moment your suggest has been silenced it is really hard to get to publication with them. >> and that is a fair point that gets to why there is a larger context. if not there is one more story that didn't go to press, thank you to both of you for being here. coming up a rare look inside the sdny trump pro that repped both of the people there you see
3:35 pm
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we are back with a rare look at these investigations into donald trump, it is something that could be even worse than mueller. now we're hearing directly for the first time in a witness involved in the fbi probe. we were discussing how extentative his communication has been with the investigators. >> it is about 1500 pages of nonattorney client privilege material that i gave to them upon the question. i sat down with the sdny prosecutors who are about the most competent toattorneys i ev
3:39 pm
met. three separate meetings and 20 hours in total. >> a key piece of information from again a witness in the probe, his first time on msnbc. davidson is a key figure because he negotiated both of those ndas, and we don't know at this point who else is talking. we know michael cohen told congress that his last interaction with trump is under investigation with the very same sdny. >> do you get the impression that the prosecutors are looking at wrong doing or potential crimes by donald trump himself? you know, i don't know any of that firsthand, it is clear that there is, that they're alleging a conspiracy, and that there is unnamed coconspirators. >> i'm joined by mya who was
3:40 pm
part of the sdny. mr. davidson does not come to the table unblemished. and yet as an coroner wrapped up in all of this, what did you think of what he revealed? >> it was what i would have expected, they are doing the work, they're going to get everything they can no matter what anyone thinks of the credibility of the witness. the point is you want to know everything that is out there you're getting 1500 pages of documents and you want to know everything that is out there. you know someone that has direct information, you know they have michael cohen who is being attacked on credibility publicly, and so whether or not there is corroborating evidence for any of the things he is telling them, they will look to
3:41 pm
people like keith davidson. >> when you see what keith outlined, he said look, the sdny don't play around, and what it means when they get cooperation. take a look. >> i don't think that the federal government, the department of justice, or the sdny gives anything away from free. it was after that, it's my understand that mr. cohen changed his plea to guilty. i think you can put two and two together, but that's above my pay grade. they were apparently doing something that gave them cooperation, but because of the amazon besos blackmail they may
3:42 pm
have lost it, does it look like it is wrapping up loose ends? >> it is hard to know. i think what we know is any time a federal prosecutor is investigating anything, it often leads to additional charges it starts to unravel because the more people you find the more potential that people who may be co-conspirators -- it is a possibility, certainly. it could also be assuring that everything you need to know about people that are your witnesses or targets, we don't know until we know.
3:43 pm
but i think they will be very aggressive in the facts of the evidence and they go after anyone with investigatiformatio. >> so who does that leave? that could be the end of the road on that. >> are you suggesting whether or not any family member that's maybe run parts of the trump organization may have had knowledge of any potential crimes that involve campaign finance laws? >> that's what i'm asking. >> i'm just trying to understand your question. >> mya wiley, intelligent, careful, but leaving us with a sense of where thinks may be. it is friday which means we have something you might not want to mix. i'm excited to say the hip hop legend jeru the damaja is here with the editor of the daily beast. editor of the daily beast. the way you triumph over adversity. and live your lives.
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it is friday on "the beat" and that mean it's is time to fall back, i'm joins by jarule the damaja. he has "the sunrises in the east." he has over ten million streams on spotify. he is currently producing the hip hop road show, he uses the series to look at geography and history around the world. i'm also joined by noah shactman
3:49 pm
who kocovers international news and works for "wired" magazine. jeru, who needs to fall back? >> a lot of people, but i'm going to say aunt becky. this whole college admissions scandal thing, not only is it illegal, not only is it cheating, but it reinforcing the idea that the wealthy don't have to play by the same rules, and i'm concerned on the impact on the children. because -- and i'm not talking about being embarrassed because that happens in life, right? i'm not talking about the attention because we live in a culture where attention is the new currency. but what i'm talking about is the self esteem. they told their children they're not good enough. right?
3:50 pm
they said you're not able to compete. because if they had faith in them that they could compete, and it's not their egos that i'm worried about, but that is the future. you have a bunch of rich kids with a low self esteem, a hyperinflated sense of entitlement, what is the world going to. >> i'm worried about the kids that didn't get in that the rich kids took their spot. >> i'm saying what kind of world is it going to be with those kids running it. >> you're saying this is symptomatic of a wired culture, the kids that are directly in this controversy, they are a statistical sample of a bunch of other kids, some wealthy, some wannabe wealthy, but it's not good enough to get the job you could normally get >> i went to georgetown and that's a site of one of the cheating scandals. i have a message for the one person who can end this. patrick ewing, you need address
3:51 pm
this full on and if you do, georgetown administration will listen like they will to nobody else. >> how much for your seat at georgetown? >> good question. excellent question. $1 million. >> who else is on your list to fall back? >> >> you know about goop. it's the gwyneth paltrow pseudo science conspiracy pedaling, steam your genitals operation. she was at sxsw the other day. she was asked, hey, why are you peddling all this nonsense? and her response was i didn't realize i had to give accurate information. which is like, i'm sorry, yeah, as a journalist, i'm going to be particularly angry but to anybody, i didn't know i put out accurate information, so i put
3:52 pm
out nonsense. it's just crazy. >> jeru, also goop is just annoying. >> what i want to know is what's goop really about? >> goop is about selling really fancy stuff to people who have spare time and money. >> in a way it's kind of the same thing. you worried about the rich kids? >> jeru, what you're talking about is trying to sell people self-esteem, value, and status, they're trying to buy that. >> it's all the same thing. and i should retract the statement i made earlier because that's the world we live in today. a bunch of spoiled rich kids with a hyperinflated sense of entitlement who buy their way into things and they run the world. it's life, but i think we can make it better. >> my fallback for the week could be for the decade or the century. >> wow, the fallback of the century. >> the mother of all fallbacks. in honor of our guests, all that
3:53 pm
big-gun talk needs to fall back. i'm quoting you, jeru, because back in the '90s when gangster rap was popular, in our music, culture and policies, the obsession with guns is a problem. >> it is a problem and i think, you know, it's only a problem -- put it this way. it's on the a problem when it's in certain hands. you understand what i'm saying? that's how they have the nra and all these other organizations. they don't want me to have guns. but they want to have guns. and i know it's supposed to be one of your amendment rights or whatever, i don't know which one because i'm not into that type of stuff, right? to bear arms and all that. a bunch of people with guns are going to want to use them. >> right. >> that's the scary part about it. not only that, but look at the people who have guns the things they're talking about. it's racist rhetoric. it's anti-government. but i think it's dangerous
3:54 pm
individuals who want to play by their own rules. everything we're talking about is that, people who want to play by their own rules. >> people have these ideas about hip hop and music. you were pushing up against that at that time. i'm a big fan, so i appreciate you coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> jeru and noah. we'll be right back. be right bad with less of the sugar you don't. (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors. now audible members get free fitness and wellness programs to transform your mind and body. download the audible app and start listening today. ♪ this is jamie. you're going to be seeing a lot more of him now. -i'm not calling him "dad." -oh, n-no.
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the #1 prescribed fda-approved oral combination treatment for hr+/her2- mbc. before we go we want to go over one more story.
3:59 pm
true but hard to believe. rudy giuliani is in hot water for a private e-mail his associate sent to michael cohen right after the feds rated cohen's office and they were worried cohen might flip. giuliani's associate telling cohen he was in touch with giannulli and could confirm everything was going to be okay. sleep well tonight, he wrote because cohen had quote friends in high places. critics say it sounds like more evidence trump was trying to get more people not to cooperate with the feds. here's the response from that giuliani associate. robert costello says the line sleep well tonight, you have friends in high places was a tongue and cheek reference to a garth brooks song. adding he was worried that cohen was, quote, suicidal. garth's song makes the opposite point. it is about low places. ♪ because i got friends in low places where the whiskey drowns
4:00 pm
and the beer chases my blues away ♪ >> for all the garth fans out there, we ask you, would that song covert michael cohen or does it sound like a made-up giannulli defense? there is a country song, maybe you know it. i had to have this talk with you. my happiness depends on you and whatever you decide to do. jolene or michael cohen in this case and that would be quoting dolly pardon. trump set the ambush. let's play "hardball." ♪ good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. as this city and the country of course await the delivery of the special counsel's final report, the president is proving that
4:01 pm
old habits die hard. today he said


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