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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 18, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> thank you for watching. memorial to those who lost their lives in last week's massacre. new zealand's prime minister promises changes to gun laws. >> president trump spend his weekend lashing out on twitter. and former congressman beto o'rourke storms iowa over the weekend this as the republican national committee trolls the 2020 candidate in a twitter attack. good morning, everyone. it's monday, march 18th. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside
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yasmin vossoughian and louis burgdorf. we begin with the very latest on the horrific attack on two new zealand mosques. officials say 50 people are now confirm dead and several more remain in critical condition following friday's shootings at the masjid al noor and linwood mosques. thousands of people paid tribute to victims at makeshift materials around new zealand leaving candles, flowers and notes of unity. authorities say the suspect a 28-year-old australian national whom we are not naming likely acted alone and has been charged with murder. additional charges are expected. new zealand prime minister jacinda ardern said the suspect had a firearms license and legally purchased the five guns used. they said the government discussed gun regulation at a meeting earlier today adding quote there will be changes in our gun laws. the suspect streamed part of the shootings live on facebook and wrote a racest and rambling
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anti-immigrant white supremacist manifesto. the prime minister has confirmed that her office also received a copy of the e-mail less than ten minutes before the attacks and that there were 30 more recepients as well. >> joining us from christchurch, sara harmon. good morning to you. let's start here with the latest on this investigation. what more do we know? >> reporter: well, good morning. we now know that the suspect purchased four of these firearms legally online through a shop called gun city. the owner of that shop, though, says he did not sell the suspect a military style assault rifle. the conversation here has swiftly turned to gun control. jacinda ardern promising there will be new laws in place within a space of ten days, remarkably
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fast. we also know that the rifle club where the suspect was a member has shut its shooting range indefinitely saying its members are also in mourning. new zealand police are also saying anyone who wants to voluntarily give up their firearms can bring them to a police station. >> we've learned a lot about the shooter but over the weekend we're signing paying tributes, heart felt tributes to some of the victims, some as young as 3 years old. what are we learning more about the stories about the individuals inside the mosques? >> reporter: guys, some absolutely heartbreaking stories. you can see this huge pile of flowers around me. this is really a city that's united in its grief. one of the victims, a 3-year-old. he was at the mosque with his father and his brother. they survived this deadly attack. that toddler born and raised here in new zealand sadly did
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not. there were also tales of heroism from inside the mosque, including a man who tried to fight off the attacker at the second mosque, an australian man who was being credited with preventing even worse bloodshed. >> a 3-year-old. it breaks your heart as you learn more about these victims. sara, thank you so much. president trump sent 50 tweets between saturday morning and sunday night including 30 new tweets and 20 retweets of himself and others from recent days. 14 tweets mentioned attacks on special counsel robert mueller or the russia investigation while five were clips of fox news and fox business segments. he criticized fox weekend annor and five tweets on judge jean whose show did not air this weekend after her attack on muslim women. trump also shared praise for
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himself while bashing general motors, google the union auto workers, hillary clinton, and even "saturday night live" which broadcast a rerun this weekend. >> president trump also spent the weekend lashing out at republican senator john mccain who passed away last august after battling an aggressive brain tumor. on saturday the president tweeted a quote from ken starr saying quote spreading the fake and totally discredited dossier is, unfortunately, a very dark stain against john mccain, referring to a dossier that allegedly included information linking trump to the russian government. trump added mccain had far worse titans than this including thumbs down on repeal and replace after years of campaigning repeal and replace. megan mccain tweeted in response, no one will ever love you the way they loved my father. i wish i was given more
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saturdays to be with him. maybe you should spend more time with yours instead of obsessing over mine. yesterday the president tweeted so it was indeed just proven in court papers last in his class annapolis, john mccain sent the fake dossier to the fbi and media hoping to have it printed before the election. he and the democrats working together failed as usual, even the fake news refused this garbage. now "the washington post" notes that trump's tweet contained three errors. mccain a member of the naval academy class of 1958 graduated fifth from last in his class and the senator was not made aware of the dossier until november 18th of 2016 after trump won the election and there's no evidence that mccain gave the dossier to the media. >> while trump was prolific about subjects troubling him he remain silent on violent extremism from the far-right saying friday he does not see it
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as a major problem. >> i don't really. i think it's a small group of people that have very, very serious problems. i guess if you look at what happened at new zealand perhaps that's a case. i don't know enough about it yet. >> the president's words stand in contrast to warnings from the federal government. the fbi and the department of homeland security in a may 2017 intelligence bulletin warned white supremacist groups carried out more attacks than any other domestic group over the past 16 years and were likely to carry out more. independent studies of far-right extremism found more than a thousand hate groups operating in the u.s. 71% of domestic extremism linked deaths over the last decade were from far-right attackers and almost 2-to-1 far-right attacks outnumbered islamist attacks. last year the trump
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administration cancelled dhs program to find domestic terror. joining us now from washington, d.c. politico daniel litman. hope you had a good weekend. thank you for joining us. let's talk a little about the president, how his comments on extremism are going over on capitol hill in the wake of the deadly shooting and massacre there that we saw in new zealand. >> congress is on recess so harder for reporter to get quotes out of them. but i think there's widespread anger that the president doesn't recognize this real athlethreat those statistics you rattled off show. even republicans view president trump as weak on this issue. they remember charlottesville where his own top economic adviser gary cohn had to publicly repudiate him to the "financial times" saying that we should not be standing with people who are anti-semites and
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racist, it's a clear stain on our nation's conscious. this indicates words make a difference, and no one is saying that trump is responsible for these attacks. but he is in the eyes of many americans should be more responsible in his rhetoric, given that he called for the muslim ban, which can't have -- which definitely probably had some consequences in shaping public opinion. >> so, daniel, there's that and then sunday morning when i woke up and i could not keep up with the president's twitter feed. >> i hope you did have your notifications on. what do you make of this twitter spree he went on over the weekend. a range of topics from "saturday night live" to senator yom whose daughter actually also spoke out against what he said about her father. >> executive time is pretty much unlimited on the weekend. but it indicates that, you know, he has a lot of grievances.
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he feels the media doesn't treat him properly and also that his fans, his supporters, they love every tweet, it seems. they are not against him on that. but he's shown no signs of kind of pivoting to be more presidential in his twitter statements and also he has to think about 2020, and there's a lot of independents and moderates and suburban women who may find that, you know, trump, he's tweeted 40,000 tweets since he started on twitter and that they are tired of that rampage. >> i guess megan mccain came out yesterday and said people will never love you like they love -- >> that might have gotten under his skin. the thing to send him over the edge. now to the latest on boeing's now grounded 737 max 8 jet. the "wall street journal" reports that the department of transportation launched an investigation into the faa's approval of the plane even
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before the crash in ethiopia. according to the journal the investigation began after the same type of airplane operated by lion air crashed in october. ethiopia's minister said data from the black box shows a clear similarity between the two crashes. source tells the "journal" same justice department unit that brought criminal charges against auto parts company takata for faulty air bags is investigating the boeing plane. the "journal" says boeing declined to comment. still ahead former congressman beto o'rourke kick off his 2020 campaign in iowa and tries to figure out where he stands on issues like health care. >> water levels set new records across the midwest. bill karins will have the latest on the weather coming up. g up
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all of you. how you live, what you love. that's what inspired us to create america's most advanced internet. internet that puts you in charge. that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. welcome back. former congressman beto o'rourke
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had a busy start to his procedural campaign as he toured iowa over the weekend. he was asked a number of questions on the trail about his policy positions including his change on health care. >> you think single medicare program is the best way to give americans what they need. has your position changed? >> that's one of the ways to ensure we get guaranteed high quality health care for every single american. i'm no longer sure that's the fastest way for us to get there. i want to make sure that we have something that ensures every single american can see their doctor or afford that prescription. >> o'rourke is facing new questions over support he received from a group of republicans in his home town of el paso, quote to launch and sustain his political career. the "wall street journal" reports that texas developer and friend of o'rourke's father woody hunt gave the maximum contribution to both of his re-election campaigns.
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the "journal" found the information congressman supported hunt's projects. he never asked o'rourke for political favors. o'rourke recently acknowledged in an interview with reuters he was a member of the old evident computer hacking group in history. the cult of the dead cow named after an abandoned texas slaughterhouse is known for releasing tools to let me hack computers. he kind the term hackivism. no evidence that o'rourke engaged in activity such as breaking into computers or writing code. o'rourke said of his time with the group, it's a profound value of being a part of the system. looked at it critically and having fun. the cult of the dead cow is a great example of that. interesting. >> maybe we can have more cyber
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security then if o'rourke is president. the republican national committee took a swipe at democratic presidential candidate beto o'rourke in a tweet celebrating st. paddy's day. it used o'rourke's mugshot from 1998 drunk and driving arrest and linked it to his irish heritage. they placed a leprechaun hat on o'rourke. o'rourke goes by his nickname beto which was given to him as a child. both democrats and republicans condemned the tweet calling it vile and based on stereotypes. an hour later the rnc hit o'rourke in another tweet calling him a failed member of congress and attacking his congressional record. o'rourke told reporter yesterday he has not been asked about the arrest and that he wants to focus on his goals and not personal attacks. >> senator amy klobuchar of minnesota says unlike fellow presidential candidate beto
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o'rourke she would not declare she was born to run for president. >> i have a lot of respect for beto and great to have some texas in this race. but, no, i wasn't born to run for office. just because growing up in the '70s in the middle of the country i don't think many people thought a girl could be president. i wasn't born to run, but i am running. >> so o'rourke told "vanity fair" in an interview that he was quote, born to be in the race. and switching gears here to some weather. heavy rain and melting snow drove some midwest records to record levels over the weekend forcing hundreds of families to evacuate their homes in the midwest. it leaves three people are confirmed to have died in what the national weather service is calling major and historical river flooding along the missouri and manipulate river bay since. several governors have declared states of emergencies and flood warnings and advisories remain in effect.
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let's get a check of your weather with meteorologist bill karins. when you look at those images it's stunning how bad the flooding is there. when there's a flood you lose everything. >> a lot of people haven't been through it in a long time. 1993 was the last time we had a flood like this. interesting, we had that big bomb cyclone last week. dropped one to three inches of rain in that area but brought warm air and melted the notice and frozen ground wasn't able to absorb the water. result is the pictures you saw. here's the missouri river as it comes down through sioux city. to the south is where we saw higher levels. nebraska city. now we'll watch that trying to crest. cresting in st. joseph's, missouri until friday. slow moving flood. the record is 28.3 feet. we're still up there above 28
2:20 am
feet today. and even tomorrow. we don't drop below the record until wednesday. we're still well above flood stage all week long. a lot of people will be out of their houses and communities for days maybe a couple of weeks. the forecast for omaha, today is year. little bit of light rain tomorrow. not a big deal. clears back out on wednesday. for everyone else a chilly end to winter. everybody is pretty much a little bit below average. florida has a little bit of rain today. that's about it here in south florida. seasonably chilly or seasonably cold. not a lot of bad weather this week. california gets a little bit of a storm on wednesday. the flooding picture from areas of nebraska, iowa, areas of the mississippi river still flooding two weeks from now. slow moving disaster. >> heartbreaking when you see those images. thanks bill. still ahead let the madness begin. the brackets are set bhop are
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2:24 am
with prairie view a&m against dickinson. temple plays belmonte for a shot at six seed maryland. last night's match-up between the knicks and lakers. good met ron fournier lebron james first season in l.a.. take a look at this. >> lebron with five seconds, driving. and the knicks on a 13-1 run come back to beat the lakers. >> wow. did that just happen after trailing by 11 points in the quarter the knicks complete a season sweep of the lakers with 124-123 victory, only their 14th win on the season. stuffing lebron with a game on the line and according to espn stats and info his 11 missed shots in the final period? most he's ever missed in a single quarter as a pro.
2:25 am
the knicks beat the lakers. to milwaukee where the bucks exploded with a career-high of 52 points including 35 scored in the second half. it was not enough to take down philly as they answered with 40 points along with 15 rebounds leading the sixers to 130-125 victory there. let's go back to the first quarter where while the sixers missed philadelphia st. patrick's day parade, forward made up for it in america's beer capital after ending up in the seats after saving a ball from going out of bounds. and scott celebrates with a sip from a fan's beer. i like that. >> need a little hydration. >> she held on to the beer after being knocked over a little bit. >> it didn't look like a guinness. >> she deserves as much credit
2:26 am
as he does. thanks for that. i got to say even i knew that lebron thing of not good for him. >> the highlight? >> yeah. >> getting blocked. got to be able to finish that. all right, everybody still ahead president trump issues his first veto after congress rejected his emergency. now house democrats are trying to figure out their next step. >> joe biden almost announces a 2020 bid. former vice president is expected to announce whether he'll make a run soon. seems like he got ahead of himself over the weekend. >> when will he announce? e annoe about 50% of people with severe asthma have too many cells called eosinophils in their lungs. eosinophils are a key cause of severe asthma. fasenra is designed to target and remove these cells. fasenra is an add-on injection for people 12 and up with asthma driven by eosinophils.
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. it's the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top story. congressional democrats are preparing for the next steps in their fight with president trump over his national emergency declaration on his border wall. house democrats will hold a vote next tuesday to override president trump's we topography congress' bill terminating his declaration. but the measure is not likely to get enough support in that chamber or the senate if it makes it to override the president's veto. the anticipated move comes after trump formally issued the first veto of his presidency on friday rejecting congress' resolution joined by law enforcement officials as well as relatives of individuals who were killed by undocumented immigrants. the president used the event to defend his decision and discuss the republicans who side with democrats to rebuke him.
2:31 am
>> the national emergency i declared last month was authorized by congress under the 1976 national emergencies agent. there haven't been too many that are bigger emergency than we have right at our own border. consistent with the law and the legislative process designed by our founders, today i am vetoing this resolution. congress has the freedom to pass this resolution. and i have the duty to veto it and i'm very proud to veto it. i have to in particular thank the republican strong wonderful people, the republican senators that were on our side and on the side of border security and on the side of doing what they have to, to keep our nation safe. they were very courageous yesterday and i appreciate that very much.
2:32 am
>> mr. president, some of the republicans who voted for this resolution say they support border security but oppose executive overreach. do you have sympathy for their position. >> i do. they are doing what they have to do. look, i put no pressure on anybody. as i said i could have gotten some of them to come along. i want you to vote your heart. do what you want to do. i'm not putting any pressure. i'll let them know when there's pressure. i told them that. when i need your vote i'll let you know. i didn't need their vote because we know there would be a veto. >> "the washington post" has new reporting on how the trump inaugural committee wined and dined foreign diplomats days before president trump became president. the so-called chairman's global dinner was thrown by tom barra. the goal was to soothe jittery foreign diplomats and send a message the new administration would value those relationships.
2:33 am
according to the post the event gave foreign guests a chance to mingle with the incoming president, other members of the new administration and lawmakers. the president decided to attend the event at the very last minute. roughly 600 inviteees, 140 were foreign diplomats. the final invitation list that was obtained by the post. cost was about $8,000 per person. federal prosecutors are already looking into whether for rendon nors contributed to the inaugural committee which killing. >> senator kirsten gillebrand of new york has entered the pool of 2020 democratic presidential candidate. kirsten gillebrand ended her two month long exploratory phase with a video announcement. >> we need a leader who makes big bold brave choices. someone who isn't afraid of progress. that's why i'm running for president. and it's why i'm asking you for your support. our anthem asks a question,
2:34 am
forcing every generation to make a choice. will brave win? >> senator kirsten gillebrand teased a march 24th campaign kick-off rally in front of the trump international hotel in new york city vowing to quite literally take her quote fight straight to president trump's door step. kirsten gillebrand will hold a town hall in michigan moderated by chris hayes tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. in an apparent slip of the tongue moment joe biden nearly declared his 2020 presidential intentions during an event in his home state of delaware on saturday. watch this. >> i get criticized. i'm told i'm criticized by the new left. i have the most progressive record of anybody who would run. of anybody who would run.
2:35 am
>> all right. so take it for what it meant. biden's near announcement came short already after chris coombs talked about it. >> we'll see his optimism, his heart, his character will come through very quickly on the campaign stage. >> sounds like he's told you his mind is made up. >> he's all but certain he's going to run. >> is he going to run? >> wow. joining us from washington daniel littman. >> stole joe biden's thunder. >> so, at this point, i mean we joke about it. but, you know, we talked about the fact we knew, is beto, the bernie, and the biden. we know now about the bernie and beto but we don't know about the biden. we did hear him accidentally say someone who is running and then change it to someone who would run. what's holding him back? >> so, i think he looks at the
2:36 am
field that has already been assembled and if you're a democratic candidate you've had a number of scrap ups from mistakes just being in the field. so, biden does not have to enter as one of the first candidates because he already has great name i.d. and the early stage and almost the primary campaign before iowa and new hampshire is about building up your name i.d. and increasing support so people know who you are and can trust you to be their president. and so biden has been on the stage since the 1970s and it's very rare for a politician to actually have a shelf life of often years at best. >> let's go back for a moment to the national emergencies act and the veto issued by the president over the weekend. the house democrats are pushing forward with an attempt to try to rebuke president trump's
2:37 am
veto. we heard from the clip we showed president trump very confidently saying i didn't put any pressure on the republicans because i know this doesn't have a veto proof majority. what's the end game for house democrats? why are they trying to rebuke this veto knowing it won't passing either chamber? >> they view it as a way to get it on the record that they fought as hard as possible to try overturn this national emergency. they are, of course, waiting for the courts to make the ultimate decision and ruling on this to make it illegal or to declare that trump acted over his constitutional bounds. but they still feel like it would look, make them look weak if trump vetoes it and they have an opportunity in the house to try to rebut that veto even if it's not going anywhere in the senate. it reminds me of those bills they like to pass in the house, even though they know mitch mcon kneel is not a big fan of climate change and other house ethics bills.
2:38 am
>> all right, thanks daniel. iran sentenced u.s. citizen michael white to ten years in prison. he served in the u.s. navy for 13 years is the first american to be known in prison in teheran since president trump took office. iran confirmed the arrest one january even though he has been held since last july. he was convicted of inresulting iran's toayatollah. the state department learned of the sentence through representatives of swiss government. white house has twice -- white has twice been granted swiss counselor visits. iran has a history of detaining u.s. nationals. u.s. backed force in syria continue to carry out their final assault against the long stronghold of isis fighters in that country. >> the fight has dragged on for weeks. the fighters put up a strong
2:39 am
resistance including suicide attacks. >> reporter: islamic state so-called caliphate is coming to an end but not going down without a fight. for two months the u.s.-led coalition battered it's last hold out from the air. as american backed syrian democratic forces fight on the ground. people have been streaming out for hours. they tell us there's many more left inside including women and children. more than 3,000 have surrendered in the past few days. many badly injured. we spoke with an sdf commander. we're going to where his fighters have reached. then after that isis. our interview was cut short. >> go, go, go. go, go. >> reporter: we have to get out of here. our interview was interrupted. looks like a counter attack by isis.
2:40 am
sdf fighters carried a young boy and girl seriously injured to a field hospital. when we returned he took up a sniper position himself. there are conflicting reports but the commander told us two female suicide bombers pretended to surrender but detonated themselves instead. two injured children son and daughter of one of the women. u.s. military told us the young boy survived but the girl died from her injuries. their mother willing to kill her own children for her dying cause. matt bradley, nbc news, syria. >> so important we see stories like this because we understand what's happening on the ground. still ahead the supreme court expands its focus in the battle over the 2020 scene us the. details on the high court's decision to look at whether the trump administration violated the constitution with its question on citizenship. bill karins is back. he'll have another check on your forecast in just a minute. stay with us. stay with us
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the supreme court is expanding the scope of the case against the trump administration's decision to add citizenship questions to the 2020 census. the decision will broaden the case from whether the question violated federal administrative law to whether it violated the constitution, namely whether the question proprevent the government from conducting an accurate count of every living person in the country outlined in article i. the question is blocked after judges in new york and california ruled that commerce secretary wilbur ross violated the public trust by adding it. ross came under intense scrutiny in pushing for the question and concealing the administration's decision-making process but defended his rationale during a congressional hearing last week. for an update on a historic flooding in nebraska let's bring in bill karins. bill, obviously those pictures terrible there. >> amazing.
2:45 am
usually we talk about spring flooding. usually a little later in the season. we get to april and may big spring flood months. this one was a recipe a lot of snow on the ground. warmed up in a hurry. then one to three inches of rain on top of that. almost half a foot of rain. not just areas of eastern nebraska. but i can go from louisiana right up the spine of the mississippi river here and a little section of the ohio river, back up to the missouri river these are flood warnings along the entire river basin. 11 million people along those rivers. thankfully not more rain coming. it's a slow process of the water going into the name waters heading in to the mississippi and down into the gulf. here's the forecast. only trouble spot, apologies to anybody on spring break in south florida. you had a fantastic, warm, dry, beautiful winter. next couple of days will be ugly. miami in the 70s which is chilly for them and they will have on
2:46 am
and off rain for the next three days in a row. in the pink here we get to 1.5 almost two inches of rain. south florida is not the best. for everyone else we're staying kind of cool and chilly throughout the northeast over the next couple of days. at least we'll have sunny days but the mornings you need your hat and glove. >> there's a warm up in our future. >> eventually. >> like wishing it. all right. thanks, bill. still ahead if you're on twitter this weekend you noticed the president's twitter tirade. he obviously went after a tech giant, one of many things that he went after. >> plus the very latest on the boeing 737 max crash and new details of the federal government's investigation into problems with that plane. tion i problems with that plane same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell.
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>> welcome back. amid his busy weekend spent ranting on twitter president trump made sure to include google on his grudge list. okay. on saturday the president fired off this tweet. google is helping china and their military but not the u.s.. terrible. the good news is that they helped crooked hillary clinton and not trump and how did that turn out? trump's criticism came days after chairman of the joint chief of staff made similar comments in testimony before congress. in a statement in response to the president google said this. we're not working with the
2:50 am
chinese military. we're working with the u.s. government including the department of defense in many areas including cyber security, recruiting, and health care. let's turn to business. federal prosecutors in the department of transportation have opened an investigation into the development and faa approval of boeing 737 max jetliner as the international probe into what caused last week's ethiopian airlines crash continues. cnbc's steve sedgwick joins us live from london with more. is this an unusual move to focus in on that particular point? >> absolutely, louis. good morning to you both. federal prosecutors and the department of transportation, this is the point they're both looking into the development of the 737, max planes as well, highly unusual for a criminal probe to delve into the dealings between the faa and a large airline manufacturer. this is usually carried out as a
2:51 am
civil case and d.o.t. and another one to blow your mind, lyft, valuation ahead of the ipo, ahead of the road so, $23 billion. the revenues last year were $1.6 billion, lost 9 million but apparently they're still worth $23 billion. >> how do they come up with that money if they're losing money? >> i think it's based on the valuation of other tech companies as well. ever since amazon came along and changed everything, companies were allowed to build and grow market share without making a profit. >> and amazon clearing a virginia headquarters clearing. after the dismay that amazon had
2:52 am
in queens last nun as well, they got thumbs up from north virginia residents. >> thanks so much. >> coming up, we have a look at this morning's "1 big thing" and the president spends his weekend lashing out at enemies. >> even criticizing the late senator john mccain. robert post and yamiche alcindor will have more. "morning joe" moments away. joe. it has a unique guard between the blades. that's designed to reduce irritation during the shave. because we believe all men deserve a razor just for them. the best a man can get. gillette.
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welcome back, everybody. joining us from axios, alexi. >> she's been catching up on her game of thrones. >> talks to us about axios's "1 big thing" today. >> sure. last week i spent time in
2:56 am
washington, wisconsin talking to obama and romney swing voters. they're getting tired of what they call president trump's repeated lies and the way that he treats people. this might sound silly or peltt but this matters when you ksh n consider in the 2016 election, donald trump only one by swing votes. he cannot lose that state again in 2020 with just his base group of supporters. >> what struck you the most about the focus group? >> what struck me the mofs wasta couple of things, was they said things they're not happy with his jobs numbers and the things he's doing with china and trade and they'd say he's a liar and a cheater and he steals, he's a crook and the way he treats people makes it such he shouldn't necessarily be the
2:57 am
face of america one woman told me. that was shocking because these people knew these personalities traits about the president during the 2016 election, but they're only getting more fatigued with his personality rather than his politics. that's going to make it hard for him to tout things when people are getting sick of who he is as a person. >> talk about what they wanted in 2020 and what they wanted to see from a democratic candidate. >> that was a little disheartening for me as a political reporter. none of them are really excited about a candidate, they're testing the waters. the one person they were really excited but but isn't running is michelle obama. what they like about michelle obama are the things they don't see in donald trump. they talk about her family, her morals. the way we feel she's an open book and there aren't secrets that are going to come out about
2:58 am
her down the line and that's something they weren't seeing in donald trump. maybe those characteristics are things they'll be looking for in 2020. >> even a possible biden run didn't resonate with them? >> surprisingly, we put up photos of all the democratic candidates and asked them to identify who they were without the name attached, so many people couldn't even identify joe biden. the folks who did know him knew him and liked him, but a lot of people didn't even know who he was by holding up a photo. they would say things like, "oh, i think he was in the senate." that's what happened with almost every democratic candidate. that's something they have to think of, how on earth are they going to get this name i.d. >> let me get your thoughts on rudy giuliani. axios has been following what you guys are calling his vanishing act. tell us more about that. >> yeah, i think if we look back
2:59 am
until january 20th, we'll haven't seen rudy giuliani on a major tv since then, which is surprising. his whole job or one of his main goals is to publicly undermine the confidence in bob mueller's report. one wave hey he's done that is going on tv repeatedly but he hasn't been on since january. that's a little surprising given his whole job is to go on tv and sort of undermine the mueller report. that obviously matters because what we've heard from sources privately is that the president is unhappy with rudy giuliani's last tv performance in which he sort of implicated the president and said his trump tower moscow deal talks went until 2016. that's not what the president was saying. >> yeah, he's been making him more vulnerable. >> we'll be reading axios am in just a little bit.
3:00 am
you can sign up at >> that does it for us on this monday morning. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. "morning joe" starts right now. >> we have a problem in this country, it's called muslims. you know our current president is one. he's not even an american. but anyway, we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. that's my question. when can we get rid of him? >> we're going to be looking at a lot of things and a lot of people are saying bad things are happening out there. we're going to be looking at that and plenty of other things. >> i can't trust obama. i have read about him and he's not -- he's a -- he's an arab. he is not -- >> no, ma'am. no, ma'am. >>


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