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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 19, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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with us and good night from nbc news headquarters here in new york. ug ugsz. megan mccain is upping her push back against the president after he launched attacks against her fore. 2020 race heats up with senator cory booker taking on his competitors. we'll have his remarks. parts of the midwest are bracing for historic flooding. at least three deaths are blamed on the disaster and hundreds of people have been forced from their homes. good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, march 19th. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin.
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we'll start with megan mccain. escalating her criticism of president trump after his weekend twitter attack on her father. trump most recently slammed mccain in two tweets over his alleged involvement in the russia investigation. megan mccain hit back on twitter telling trump no one will ever love you the way they loved my father. she continued her attack yesterday on "the view". >> he spends his weekend obsessing over great men because knees it and i know it and you all know it he'll never be a great man. when my father was alive up until adulthood we would spend our time together cooking, hiking, fishing, celebrating life. i thought your life is spent on your weekends not with your family. not with your friends. but obsessing, obsessing over great men you could never live up to. that tells you everything you need to know about his pathetic
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life right now. >> so "the view" co-host abby huntsman daughter of john huntsman defended mccain tweeting proud of my good friend megan mccain for staying so composed through this nonsense. the mccain family done deserve it and neither does this great country. >> i was irate over the weekend. he was rambling. it was one of the low points for him. it made me grateful my child is too young to understand what's going on in this country, i don't have to explain to her why our president is spending his time over the weekend tweeting this nonsense. >> the white house is on the defense. here's what white house counselor kellyanne conway had to say about the president's tweets attacking john mccain. >> i will always respect and applaud senator mccain's service to this country in many
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different areas beginning with his service in the united states navy and i can't imagine five and a half years in the hanoi hilton. what the president want folks to focus on there is the origins of the dossier. >> kellyanne conway is dismissing her husband george conway's concerns about president trump's mental health. george conway posted a series of tweets yesterday that include an image from the american psychiatric diagnostic and statist statistical disorders saying his condition is getting worse. his latest criticism came after the president posted 50 tweets, 5-0 between saturday morning and sunday night. all over the weekend. essentially criticizing the mueller probe. "saturday night live" the show. general motors, the company. and much more. and the late senator john mccain. here's what kellyanne conway told reporters when asked about
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her own husband's tweets. >> your husband has been tweeting his concerns about the president's mental fitness for office. are those concerns you share or how do you deal -- >> no i don't share those concerns. i have four kids. i was getting out of the house before i got here and talking to the president about substance. >> president trump's 20 campaign manager also weighed in on twitter writing we all know that mr. trump turned down mr. kellyanne conway for a job he desperately wanted. he barely worked at the justice department and was either fire/quit. didn't want the crew tiny. now he hurts his wife because he's jealous of his success. the president doesn't even know him. >> i always wondered what the conversation is like at the dinner table. >> i wonder if he's in the car with them. president trump criticizes joe
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biden after he almost announced he was running for president in 2020. here's what biden said over the weekend. >> i get criticized. i'm told i get criticized by the new left. i have the most progressive record of anybody running -- or anybody who would run. [ cheers and applause ] of anybody who would run. >> so following those remarks trump tweeted yesterday joe biden got tongue-tied over the weekend when he was unable to properly deliver a very simple line about decision to run for president. get used to it. another low i.q. individual. >> president trump continued to sends a string of tweets. he posted a recent check for $100,000 to the department of homeland security writing i donate my yearly presidential salary of $400,000 to different agencies throughout the year.
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if i didn't do it there would be hell to pay from the fake news media. donald trump is the first president and major part nominee to withhold his tax returns which involve charitable givings. the attorney general shut down his charitable foundation after finding a pattern. of illegality. >> joining us now is blake. thank you for joining us. so we're going to focus on the tweet from the president about donating his money although there were a lot of tweets from over the weekend. this really puts the focus back on the fact that he never released his tax returns. i know there's some legislation out there or possibility of some legislation that put in place where presidents in the future have to release their tax returns no matter what. that's not the case yet. do we think his tax returns will become a bigger issue in 2020 than it was in 2016 and, if in
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fact, anything can to be done about it? >> in fact it's a live issue right now. the democrats took control of the house in january and there's an effort under way in the ways and means committee of the house to request his tax returns from the treasury department. there's a little dance going on, a legal dance going on behind-the-scenes where the house is trying to get its ducks in a row before it makes the request. the treesy is evaluating the law to find out what it can and can't do. secretary mnuchkin said he would follow the law. that can mean he'll comply with the request to figure out how to fight it on trump's behalf. there will be a legal battle once the democrats make the request and that mean it will be a live issue during the presidential campaign. on the other hand, you have candidates like bernie sanders who have not yet released their own tax returns. so democrats have, to you know, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.
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>> i saw some people on twitter replying to the president where are the remaining $300,000. he said his salary is $400,000 and donated $300,000 to dhs. >> it's quarterly. >> maybe good explanation. let me turn for a moment and get your thoughts on john mccain these attacks by the president continuing over the weekend. does this work for the republican base and more importantly for the president's rebase. it's one thing to go after a living politician, another thing to go after a late senator who has been dead for seven months. >> you know, i have a hard time trusting my political instincts on this one. i remember editting a story during his campaign. i thought this was out of bounds. i believe i tweeted something
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like he's finished. that's got to be the end. turns out mccain is a lot more unpopular on the right than i assumed. and trump has repeatedly gone after him for, you know, allegedly torpedoing the repeal of obamacare and has suffered a political price for it. john mccain's best friend in the senate, lindsey graham could only must ear few words that didn't directly condemn president trump. so, i don't think he's actually going to pay a political rice for this and in some sense it might help him with the rebase. >> that's a good point about lindsey graham not being as forceful as he has been. secretary of state mike pompeo is once again clarifying his plans for his political future. speaking at an event yesterday pompeo was asked how long he plans to remain secretary of state as rumors swirl over a possible senate run in 2020. despite him previously ruling it out the secretary decided to
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have a little fun with his response. >> so, i'm going to be there until he tweets me out of office. [ laughter ] [ applause ] which i'm not counting on, at least today. >> he may be on a plane overseas when, in fact, that actually happens and not find out until he lands back in the united states. pompeo was referencing his predecessor rex tillerson's exit from the trump administration just over a year ago via presidential tweet. while pompeo has ruled out a senate run in 2020 he didn't dismiss the idea of running for office later on down the road. >> i like the designation, presidential tweet. his tweet should be framed differently. >> cory booker is calling out two of his presidential competitors for bragging about their pot use. senators kamala harris and
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bernie sanders were asked the same question while discussing their position in favor of legalization. >> there are a lot of reasons why we need to legalize. >> have you ever smoked? >> i have. >> okay. >> i inhaled. i did inhale. [ laughter ] it was a long time ago. >> how far smoked? >> a few times. didn't do a whole lot for me. my recollection is i coughed my brains out. . >> marijuana possession arrest in 2017, all the violent crime risks involved. you know who doesn't get arrested from smoking marijuana people on yale campus. there's no different between blacks and whites for using marijuana. blacks are four times convicted. then we have presidential candidates bragging about their pot use while their kids can't get a job for doing what two presidential candidates did. >> he called out presidential
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candidates and senators that now talk about their marijuana use as if it is funny. >> the juxtaposition when then candidate bill clinton how controversial that was. >> sign of the changing times. >> senator kirsten gillebrand is ready to take on drug manufacturers in the opioid crisis. during a town hall yesterday she shared her plan if elected president to hold drug companies like purdue pharma responsible. >> when you're suffering from the opioid crisis like they are in my state and your state, states all across the country, what we have to do is take on the drug manufacturers who purposely made these drugs stronger and more addictive and they did it because they want record sales. >> should there be some accountability. >> absolutely. >> is that something you would pursue through the department of justice. >> let's take the opioid crisis. they should be prosecuted. >> according to the centers for
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disease control more than 200,000 people have died from prescription opioid overdoses in the last 20 years. coming up tomorrow on "morning joe," fello 2020 hopeful mayor pete buttigieg will discuss his campaign. >> next air force one is pegged at $5.3 billion, 1/3 more than the figure routinely touted by the white house. the new price tag covers the cost to convert the two commercial boeing 737 and their new language gar base and other administrative engineering and development works october cording to air force one officials and pentagon budget documents. first time the defense department has provided a total cost estimate for the project which is expected to be completed by 2024. >> a chemical fire near houston is expected to burn for days sending thick black smoke into the air for miles. the latest to contain those
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flames. >> history jig and deadly flooding continues to hit the midwest this morning. we'll get a check on the weather with meteorologist bill karins. s [zara larsson - "wow"] ♪ ♪ baby i'm not even in a gown ♪ and the only thing u have to say is wow ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ ♪ and you never felt this type of emotion ♪
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my name is tanya, i work in the network operations center for comcast. we are working to make things simple, easy and awesome. welcome back, everyone. as new zealand continues to mourn the victims of friday's mosque massacre prime minister jacinda ardern is calling for the public not to name the suspect in order to not give him the attention he wants. in a speech yesterday jacinda ardern said i implore you speak the names of those who were lost rather than the man who took them. he may have sought notoriety but we in new zealand will give him nothing not even his name. 50 people were killed during the shootings inside the masjid al noor and linwood mosques. several more including a 4-year-old girl remain in critical condition. prime minister jacinda ardern said yesterday her cabinet has agreed in principle to new gun
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restrictions which will be announced next week. pittsburgh's tree of life jewish temple where 11 people died last october is one of many groups which have started crowd funding campaigns to raise money for the victims. ahead of a sit down in the rose garden news conference with president trump at the white house today brazil's far-right president yesterday made an unusual visit to the cia. it's part of his first official visit to washington. he took office back in january and is an outspoken admirer of trump, even garagering the nickname trump of the tropics. yesterday he also met with business leaders and said that even though china is brazil's top trading partner he would like to partner more with the u.s. saying he loves quote disneyland and coca-cola. >> best things about america. intense fire at a houston chemical storage site coburn for
2:19 am
a couple more days. a holding tank ignited and spread to six others. firefighters made progress in battling the blaze and waiting for it to burn out. the massive fire turned into black smoke that could be seen for miles around. a shelter in place order has been lifted and schools are expected to re-open this morning. the investigation into the cause of the fire remains ongoing. rivers have reached their crest. downpours and snow melts swelled rivers and creeks across region last week. dams and levees were breached forcing widespread evacuations and damaging hundreds of homes there. flood warnings and advisories remain in effect across the plains. the mississippi valley and parts of the ohio valley yesterday and 42 of iowa's counties declared emergencies there. vice president mike pence set to
2:20 am
travel to nebraska later today to survey the damage and visit with local leaders. >> some of the images unbelievable. >> unbelievable that we're still dealing with this flooding today. >> any relief in sight? >> very slow. a lot of these rivers are meandering. we had ice jams in areas of iowa that caused new flooding concernings in a few spots. kansas has been by far especially hit. plenty areas of illinois and southern wisconsin and even areas of iowa have been hard hit too. every where that right now these little dots, we have river flood gauges. these are gauges in the river that go up and down. through history when we have a flood, depending on that height of the gauges we know what's flooding and how bad it will be. it helps with us the flood forecast. 274 locations are in flood stage. when those gauges go into flood stage we have river flood warnings.
2:21 am
this is the missouri river. mississippi river, rock river, illinois river. pick your river here in the midwest. we're having flooding. to give you and idea of the amount of water that's in the missouri river right now. so about a week ago we were at a flow rate of 900 million gallons per hour. we're up to about 5 billion gallons and that's twice the rate of niagara falls to give you some perspective. so just imagine double that is what's going through omaha. a ton of water and as i said it has to eventually make its way down the mississippi. going to be a slow moving flood. >> all right. still ahead much more from the 2020 democratic contenders including the moment former congressman beto o'rourke called out president trump's divisive political rhetoric. we'll be right back. sometimes, the pressures of today's world can make it tough
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write your own. ♪ because no one gets an opinion on how you live your life, why you shave, or how you show your skin. my skin. my way. ♪ time for sports. we begin with nba action. dallas. history while the mavericks fell to the pelicans, it was dallas big man dirk nowitzki's eight points to claim sixth spot on the all time nba scoring list. he passed the great wilt chamberlain. he wraps up his 21st and likely be his final nba season. let's go to boston. denver nuggets. they outlasted kyrie irving's 30
2:25 am
points. get a team high 20 points in the 39th double-double of the season and beat the celtics in boston, 114-105. this is denver's straight fourth win and clinches the team's playoff berth in six seasons. san antonio, after an ice cold start, boom steph curry closes the fourth quarter from 61 feet away. longest shot made in the nba this season. good enough to see again. the warriors drop to a tie with the nuggets atop the western conference after a 111-105 loss to spurs. san antonio's win moves team into place. victory also guarantees a 22 in straight season with a winning record for head coach gregg popovich. in college hoops, the
2:26 am
women's field is also now set. featuring two-time national champion baylor as the number one overall seed. defending champion notre dame, louisville and mississippi state also earned top seeds. how about uconn? the 11 time champion uconn missed their number one seed for the first time since 2006 and they are seeded second following a loss to louisville during the regular season. kind of strange to see the uconn women -- >> i would not rule them out. they are still a heavy favorite. >> can we see that steph curry shot again? >> you like that? >> how do you even do that? >> for steph curry it's just another day at the office. >> steph curry hits that shot probably, i would say three out of four times. >> i can't reach the basket from three quarter court. >> i can't hit it. hit the basket not make it. >> you bring up the game of
2:27 am
horse. i play it quite well. >> challenge. >> accepted. >> all right. still ahead, new reporting on president trump's long history with deutsche bank. >> plus a judge has ordered prosecutors to release documents related to the michael cohen raid. we have a preview of what to expect. expect i don't keep track of regrets. and i don't add up the years.
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin. it's the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. new report shedding more light on president trump's deep ties to one overseas bank amid increasing straw tiny over that relationship. according to the "new york times," deutsche bank loaned more than $2 billion to trump over the course of two decades. the "times" interviewed several officials of the bank along with board members money was loaned to him despite several red flags. trump in some cases exaggerated his net worth in order to get loans to build sky scrapers and other high end properties, often deutsche bank relationship with trump was key to building its investment banking business. >> trump offered a trip to his mar-a-lago resort. then acted as if he never made the offer.
2:32 am
once trump won the 2016 election the bank shifted to damage control mode over fears of its ties to the president. telling him to please not use the word trump. new york attorney general's office as well as democratic controlled committees have been looking to the president's financial ties with the bank. . the white house referred questions on the matter to the trump organization where a company spokesman declined to comment. the search warrant that led to the raid on michael cohen's home and offices is going to be made public today. the judge made the order following a request from several news outlets. the april 2018 raid sought information on cohen's portfolio of new york city taxi medallions and payments he arranged for two women to keep them silent about alleged affairs with donald trump. we could learn how the investigation into cohen actually began and the information prosecutors used to justify this search in the first place. cohen was convicted of campaign finance violations, tax evasion
2:33 am
and for lying to congress. his media adviser said today's document release only furthers cohen's interest in continuing to cooperate and provide information and truth about donald trump and the trump organization to law enforcement and congress. cohen is due to begin his three year prison term in may. the president kept up his twitter attacks on special counsel robert mueller yesterday tweeting a poll found 50% of americans agree robert mueller's investigation is a witch-hunt and tagging msnbc adding if you think it's legit we'll soon find out. the poll question was phrased this way. president trump has called the special counsel's investigation a witch-hunt and said he's been subjected to more investigations than previous presidents because of politics. do you agree? well the pollster weigh in. this is a badly written poll question because it's asking two different things at the same time. our respondents agree the
2:34 am
investigation is a witch-hunt, or that trump is subjected to more investigations than other presidents? just last month "the washington post" poll asked who are you more likely to believe, mueller or trump. 56% responded robert mueller, only 33% said donald trump. joining us once again from washington, d.c. editor-in-chief of politico magazine, blake. let's talk a little bit about this "new york times" reporting on the trump relationship with deutsche bank, potentially what it has uncovered about his unseen tax returns. what have we learned as a result of this new reporting? >> well, i think we learned that donald trump and the bank had a very, very close relationship and a fraught one. it raises the question of bank fraud which is the same thing that got his lawyer michael cohen in trouble with the feds. but there's a question of whether it's bank fraud the bank is in on his scam. he reported his net report
2:35 am
higher than it was. he said it was $3 billion, more like 787 million and he inflated the value of his assets. congress and the democrats in the house are going to be very interested in that and so are folks in new york and southern district and attorney general's office. >> let's talk about this michael cohen warrant that is going to be made public today. what do you think, blake, we'll learn from something like this, from seeing this search warrant after its made public and also we can tell, obviously, by the wording from both lanie davis and michael cohen he wants a reduction in his three year sentence he's about to serve. hats the likelihood that could happen before he surrenders himself? >> i think we'll have to fine that out based on what the basis of the search warrant was. it sounds like from what i can
2:36 am
tell, we'll learn what they had on him -- they have to justify there may have been a crime committed and we may learn like how they got tipped off. was it an internal source within the trump organization that somehow speculated. was there electronic surveillance going on. did cohen himself somehow tip them off to these hush money payments to his alleged mistresss? that will be interesting to know. michael cohen is not the most honest person around and there's been a dispute about just how seriously to take him. the reason that people take him seriously is because he has the goods, the documents, the recordings to back up what he said. >> thanks. >> always a pleasure. let's talk about former congressman beto o'rourke continuing his busy campaign schedule making stops in ohio and michigan. the texas democrat spoke to voters in detroit and cleveland. o'rourke who has largely shied
2:37 am
away from mentioning trump directly confronted the president's rhetoric yesterday. >> he's trying to divide us. whether it's calling mexican immigrant s rapists. attacking unions at a time we need greater union strength and power so that we can have higher paying jobs, jobs that pay a living wage we can't succumb to that. let's not play his game. let's keep our eyes on the prize, our ambitions, the goals by which i hope we'll be defined. >> o'rourke continues his tour across the u.s. today holding a meet and greet in state college, pennsylvania this morning. then his first visit to new hampshire tonight. o'rourke is expected to hold ten events in what's expected to be the first in the nation primary. >> massachusetts senator and democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren spoke at a town hall last night and called for the abolishing of the
2:38 am
electoral college. >> you know, come general election presidential candidates don't come to places like mississippi. yeah. they also come to places like california and massachusetts. because we're not the battleground states. my view is that every vote matters. and the way we can make that happen -- [ applause ] -- is that we can have national voting and that means get rid of the electoral college and everybody. >> the senator is not the only 2020 candidate who has been in a favor to a move of a national popular vote. pete buttigieg has also called for getting rid of the tlrl college system. pete buttigieg will have more on this when he weighs on all of it
2:39 am
coming up on morning joe tomorrow. >> lawmakers look to take action over one business woman's efforts to sell access to president trump. >> amazing story of an 8-year-old rising above adversity to become one of his country's top chess champions. >> bill karins is back with another check of your forecast. - [woman] with my shark, i deep clean messes like this.
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so, i'm partnering with cigna to remind you that your emotional and physical health are more connected than you think. go in for your annual check-up. and be open with your doctor about anything you feel. physically, and emotionally. body and mind. cigna. together, all the way. that's better. top democrats from the house and senate are asking the fbi and the director of national intelligence to investigate a florida entrepreneur's relationship with president trump. in a letter dated friday democrats from the intelligence and the judiciary committees called for an investigation into c. yang. yang made headlines earlier this month you may recall after mother jones and other outlets reported she was running a consulting business that offered
2:43 am
to sell chinese clients access to the president and his family at mar-a-lago. a photo published in the miami herald earlier this month showed yang at a super bowl watch party in february. yang also found and then later sold a chain of massage parlors that were recently raided in a prostitution and human tracking ring that resulted in the arrest of patriots owner robert kraft. let's take a turn and get a check on your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> a lot of people on spring break in florida not so thrilled. it is cloudy. it is rainey. it is the coolest it's been all winter long. florida has been exceptionally warm. . today in the 60s. soaking rain from ft. myers and naples over to sebring and melbourne. off and on hit or miss showers in fort lauderdale and miami. this front is hung up here in the tropical moisture overhead. as we go throughout the day
2:44 am
we'll watch it push to the south. we could get thunderstorms and downpours in fort lauderdale and miami beach. tomorrow it clears out a little bit. still partly cloudy and cool. today is by far the worse. a little piece of this energy and this storm. a big change in the forecast. end your week plans in the mid-atlantic and. northeast. it will move up the coast and develop. this is on thursday. it's going a soaking pretty heavy steady rain coming up the coast. we're watching washington, d.c., raining through much of the day. thursday afternoon heavy rain moves into philadelphia and new york city. so expect a rainey thursday afternoon. storm goes to northern new england, cold enough for snow. on the back side of this on friday a snowy scene in western new york and pennsylvania. that's a big change in the forecast and with travel plans especially the mid-atlantic as we go through thursday, the northeast thursday night for airport travel. >> our thoughts are with those
2:45 am
parents in florida taking their kids down. >> 73 degrees and raining. >> the thing about spring break is it's not necessarily about the weather and there are different things you can do. i'm just saying. >> all right. thanks, bill. now to a story that's gone viral of a 8-year-old refugee who is heading to the elementary national chess championship after taking the top honor in his state. >> his path to becoming a champion has not been an easy one. here's harry smith with the story. >> i can't go there. >> no. >> reporter: tanitoluwa adewumi is tenacious and smart. like other good chess players he sees something on the board his opponents do not. >> what i like most about chess is deep thinking. >> deep thinking. >> reporter: tanitoluwa adewumi won the new york state chess tournament in his age group this year. not bad for an 8-year-old who only learned to play the game a year ago. his family came to america from
2:46 am
nigeria two years ago, christians fleeing persecution. his dad works two jobs. >> where do you live? >> we live in shelter. >> reporter: they are homeless. so one of his coaches started a go fund me page to help out. tanitoluwa adewumi's story spread the money started pouring in. >> people are good. >> reporter: they are overwhelmed. proud of their son who is heading to nationals in may and stunned by the generosity of a city and country where they prayed to find refuge. like inches making the right move can make all the difference. harry smith, nbc news, new york. i love that story. . >> one of the best stories. >> so cool. all right. still ahead one top republican takes on twitter with a $250 million lawsuit. the allegations he's making against the social media giant. >> former president george w.
2:47 am
bush call on leaders to dial down the rhetoric on immigration. his message on benefits of welcoming people to america. u sp drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ ♪ and you never felt this type of emotion ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ this and even this.hark, i deep clean messes like this. but i don't have to clean this, because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair, while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans, now cleans itself.
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the network operations center for comcast. we are working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> welcome back. david nunez filed a lawsuit against twitter. he's excusing the social media giant of shadow banning conservatives including himself to influence the 2018 elections
2:50 am
and censoring viewpoints and ignoring complaints of abusive behavior. the complaint was first published by fox news. in the claim nunez said twitter wanted to disrupt his work on the house intelligence committee as the house intelligence committee as its chairman, including russian involvement in the 2016 election as well. the congressman is also asking the company to turn over the identities of numerous accounts he says harassed and defamed him. >> wow. a newly released poll looks at president trump's job approval rating among christians, finding a slight dip among white evangelical protestantiprotesta. now down 9 points. meanwhile the president's rating of 44% among white catholics is down 8 point but up 13 points
2:51 am
with non-white catholics at 26%. >> in a rare public appearance, former president george w. bush spoke out on immigration. >> good monen and women still dream of starting life anew in america. often they bring a special love of freedom because they have seen how life works without it. it helps to remember that america's immigrant history made us who we are. amid all the complications of policy, may we never forget that immigration is a blessing and a strength. borders are not arbitrary and they need to be respected. and when the laws are outdated and ineffective, they must be
2:52 am
rewritten. i hope those responsible in washington can dial down the rhetoric, put politics aside and moderate our immigration laws soon. i worked hard on immigration reform and i regret our efforts came up short. >> you you can't help but hear the former president here and think back to the story we just showed about the nigerian refugee family and what they're able to contribute to society and their young son as well. former first lady laura bush also spoke at the event as well. coming up, jim vandehei has a look at this morning's "1 big thing." and coming up on "morning joe," the president's twitter tirade rolls on. more on his criticism of joe biden and special counsel robert mueller. >> plus more on the "new york times" report shedding new light
2:53 am
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joining us from washington, d.c. with a look at axios a.m. is jim havandehei. >> we're taking a look at how donald trump is exploiting facebook again. he's spent more on facebook than all the democratic candidates combined and this is a core part of his strategy because he can reach voters in places like florida, with precision, do is cheaply, he doesn't need to raise money. despite people saying there's less and less politics on facebook, 30% of all political
2:57 am
news is coming via facebook right now and the number one performing media site on facebook is fox news. in is a facebook election and once again drpt is proving they feel like they know how to use the facebook machine to their advantage. people should pay attention to this. >> what does this signal about what could go down come 2020 and what does this mean that the democratic candidates should do in preparation for this? >> it's very hard to scrutinize what's real on facebook. you go back to that last election, most people were getting a majority of their news via facebook from their feed in knows days leading up to the election and there was a lot of misinformation that was pumping through facebook, whether it was coming from the russians, whether it was coming from political campaigns, whether it was coming from trump himself. so when people see that and they get more and more from facebook
2:58 am
because the algorithm plays off your emotions and what you need. democrats should be aware that's what trump is doing. my guess is democrats will do the same thing. if you're a savvy candidate, you're going to use google and facebook to your advantage, figure out how do you put the vast amount of your money in there and there's been a lot of talk about facebook. there's not been any new regulation of it and not that much behavioral change. so the things that happened last time could easily happen again. >> this next one is interesting. i know you guys have been looking at senator elizabeth warren and you say her slow start in this race, talk to us a little bit about the challenges that she's been facing. >> the slow start would be measured unlike beto, kamala harris, bernie sanders, she did
2:59 am
not have a big boom in funding early on, which is an indication of how well the bases might be receiving an individual candidate. there's new poll out in wisconsin, she's way behind bernie sanders, behind where joe biden would be if he jumped into the race. i think it shows the challenge she's going to have to present herself as a fresh face, a fresh approach to her brand of liberalism in a crowded field. i think on the flip side she's probably been more creative than most in coming up with new policy ideas and getting traction for those policy ideas. the problem for a lot of these candidates have you have a pretty formidable crop of democrats who have good organization and it's tough unless you get a lot of the free coverage like beto got. >> but sometimes slow and steady
3:00 am
wins the race. just putting it out there. >> our viewers can sign up for the newsletter. >> that's does it for us on this tuesday this morning. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian. "morning joe" starts right now. >> across the world good men and women still dream of sartitarti life anew in america, people who bring energy, talent and faith in the future. often they bring a special love of freedom because they have seen how life works without it. it helps to remember that america's immigrant history made us who we are. amid all the complications of policy, may we never forget that immigration is a blessing and a strength. >> former president george w. bush speaking during a naturalization ceremony in dallas yesterday, a r


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