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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 20, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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american homes. that's our broadcast for this tuesday night. thank you very much for being here with us. good night from nbc news headquarters here in new york. . president trump explains his recent attacks on the late senator john mccain and why he won't let go of local grievances months after the local war hero's death. the part that legal experts say should concern the president. new reporting on how the president may be preparing to the response of the mueller report when and if it is made public. ♪ good morning, everyone, it is wednesday, march 20th. we begin with the president and john mccain once again during an ameerns at the white house
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yesterday alongside brazil's president. donald trump explained his multiple tweets in recent days attacking the late senator. speaking about john mccain in the present tense. >> mr. president, why are you attacking senator john mccain after his death? >> i'm very unhappy he didn't repeal and replace obamacare as you know, he campaigned on repealing and replacing obamacare for years and then he got to a vote and he said thumbs down and our country would have saved a trillion dollars and we would have had great healthcare. so he campaigned. he told us hours before he was going to repeople and replace. for some reason, i think i understand the reason he end up going thumbs up. frankly, had we known that, we would have gotten the vote. because we could have gotten somebody else. i think that's disgraceful, plus there are other things, i was never a fan of john mccain, and i never will be from the president seems to face condemnation with his seeming
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obsession with attacking mccain. . . all right, so president trump is not just ratcheting up his feud with the late senator john mccain. george conway has been to the late counsellor, kellyanne conway's husband, he called couldn'tway a total loser. he ca couldn'tway a total loser.
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those tweets followed by conway questioning the president's mental fitness. conway is explaining his constant criticisms of trump to "the washington post". he says contrary to the claims in parscale's tweets, he decide not to work at the justice department after the president offered him a position. he cites trump's attacks against the department leaders and the firing of former fbi director james comey for that decision. stooek speaking ability special counsel bob mueller, conway tells the post he remembers hearing on the radio of mueller's appointment. i'm thinking to myself this guy is going to be at war with the justice department for the next two years, i'm not doing this conway took to twitter earlier this week to question the president's mental health.
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the mendacity, the incompetence, it's maddening to watch. the tweeting is a way to fet it out of the way so i can get et off my chest and move on with my life that day. that's basically it, it's so i don't end up screaming at her about it. prosecutors have made public the search warrants made on the president's personal attorney michael cohen. it reveals agents working for the special counsel's office were investigating cohen for at least nine months, obtaining the search warrant in july of 2017 for cohen's e-mail account. the documents show the investigation was initially focused on his tax business and bank fraud. it's how that morphed into the hush money payments to cover up the president's affairs with two women. >> that a part of the search warrant that led to campaign finance violations is redacted, suggesting it could remain a part of an ongoing investigation. one attorney tells msnbc, the
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redacted section could be for the uncharged parties. one of those uncharged individuals could, in fact, be the president who has been implicated in the campaign financials violations, in which cohen has pleaded guilty. the special counsel's office made a request to unseal records relating to paul manafort. a response from the special counsel. it was due tomorrow. but mueller's team is now asking for a delay, citing, quote, the press of other work and asking for more time to quote consult with in the government. >> that request has many wondering if something new could be in the pipeline. >> and there is now reporting on how the president and his allies are planning to handle the mueller report when it comes out. the associated press citing current white house officials and confidential sources reports that trump and his advisers are considering how to weaponize the findings. one scenario, the president will take the findings and run on
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them rather than against them by painteding the special counsel as a failed government overreach and trump, himself, as the victim who managed to prove his innocence. the report continues, quote, trump has told his inner circle if the report is underwelming, he will use twitter and interviews to gloat over the findings, complain about the probe's costs and depict the entire investigation as an attempt to obstruct his agenda. joining us here on set is washington correspondent shana thomas, good to talk to you. >> so good to be here so very early in the in morning. >> how do you like it? >> i haven't had any coffee yet. >> bring her coffee. >> where is that coffee the. >> just throw it at me. >> so as we were talking about when the mueller report comes out, we are thinking out the president and the white house and everyone behind him will be sitting this thing, come 2020. he would be using it in his favor in a way, saying it was an incredibly expensive thing. i'm sure witch hunt will be
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using as well. what do you see happening here? and how the president will spin this thing in. >> number one, we have the problem, we don't know what's in the mueller report. anyone that says they know what's in it, they're wrong. we have some clues from court filings or other people are going to do it. the president is going to spin it whether it's good or bad and the thing is, the only way you can't spin it, if it's so back and mueller comes back and says i have the goods to indict the president. i will not indict the president, because i don't think presidents can be indicted because of previous doj, that's bad. anything that isn't collusion, what the president will do and his campaign will do is say, hey, this is overreach. this was a witch hunt. this is what i have been saying the whole time and, frankly, he's been steady with that drum beat since he started as president of the united states. his base believes it. he does have some help from some
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news organizations that also help push that idea out. he's going to say whatever he's going to say. we have known that about this president the whole time. so to his base, that's one thing, to independents who are looking to see if they want to vote for the president again or not, maybe they'll take that into account. but anyway it goes, that's what this president was going to do. >> let me get your thoughts on how this to the point at the beginning of your answer, how this may play out with others in washington to see. the climate is so toxic politically. it seems regardless of what the mueller report says, it is going to be used by one side against the other? >> yeah, i think the one thing the 2020 candidates have to worry about is the idea of impeachment becomes a litmus test. right. they are involved in d.c. so many senators are running, you have speaker nancy pelosi's of the world saying i really don't want to the talk about impeachment at this point. have you representative jerry nadler, who is the head of the
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judiciary committee in the house saying, i don't think impeachment is on the table yet. so one of the issues here is that if that is a litmus test like the most biggest possible thing you can do to a president, which is use our constitution to get him out of office, there is no great way to answer that question if are you trying to run a sort of a middle of the road campaign. if you were trying to run a more pragmatic campaign like amy klobuchar is. if you are running a super aggressive campaign maybe you can go that far. the president will say why are you trying to force the will of the people? >> it's a question they will all get asked at some point? >> i think so. along with a green new deal and are you a socialist. >> i'm not sure who said it. someone on the campaign trail was talking to voters in middle america and talking about what issues concerned them the most about the trump presidency and looking ahead to 2020, and literally, russia and the
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mueller report never came up. >> you know i have had a correspondent in the field who works for vice news tonight on hbo and he's been in davenport for the last three days. there has been a lot of candidates coming through davenport. he has been talking to a lot of voters and seeing the same voters over and over again. they're kicking the tires on anyone as they do in iowa i have been looking at the transcripts, russia is not coming up. >> not coming up? >> no. >> welcome to the program. >> yes, thank you. up next, does he fight to clear his name or admit to wrong doing? and the unusual deal offered to patriots other than robert kraft. wendy williams at the center of an important moment as the nation tries to break free from the shame of addiction. we're back after this. from the shame of addiction we're back after this. [leaf blower]
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a conditional deal that would drop charges against them, according to a letter from prosecutors in palm beach county obtained by nbc news, the pretrial deal the a part of a program sometimes offered to first time offenders who can see they would be found guilty otherwise. kraft and the others charged in the investigation would have to complete 100 hours of community service per charge, take an educational charge on prosecution and undergo a screening for sexual disease and pay $5,000 per charge. it is unclear if he would accept it or if send it would violate the conduct policy. he has denied any wrong-doing. >> yesterday detailing her struggle against addiction, announcing on her day time talk show she is now living in a sober house. watch this. >> well, for some time now, and even today and beyond, i have been living in a sober house.
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you know i have had a struggle with cocaine in my past. i never went to a place to get the treatment. >> so the tv personality and former radio host surprised her studio audience as she tearfully went with her sober coach telling the only people that knew of her recovery situation were her husband and her son. 54-year-old williams used the moment to promote her non-profit organization, the hunter foundation, which provides grant for drug rehabilitation and pre investigation. she says the organization has already placed 56 people in recovery centres around the world. the investigation into boeing's 737 max jets continues to intensify in the wake of that deadly crash in ethiopia last week involving one of those planes, meanwhile, on the heels of that crash, president trump named a permanent chief of the faa. nbc's tom cost tell slo has
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more. >> reporter: he -- owe costello has more. >> he's known for his cool. cap sin sulli sullenberger successfully landing a plane after losing both engines says tonight our credibility as leaders in aviation is being damaged. in a market watch op-ed. he says it has created inherent conflicts of interest, when employees working for the company whose products must be certified to meet safety standards are the ones doing much of the work certifying them. the mcas may have contributed to the crashes. for decades, the faa relied on aircraft manufacturers to help certify the planes for flight. the former faa accident investigations chief jeff guzzetti. >> you sister to rely on the
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boeing engineers that hopefully have the same mind for soviet as they do for the success of their product. >> reporter: the aircraft certification processes are well established and consistently produce safe designs. with boeing and the faa under intense scrutiny and a grand jury investigation, the secretary of transportation today called for the inspector general to investigate the certification process. boeing is promising to cooperate. captain sulli says sometimes faa inspectors who raise safety concerns are overridden by faa managers. meanwhile, the white house is nominateing a new permanent faa head. they haven't had one for a while. his name is steve dixon. he's the former chief of safety at dem that airlines. eamon, back to you. >> thanks, to tom costello for that report. former secretary jim mattis is returning to his previous role. he worked another the hoover
2:18 am
institution prior to joining the trump administration. in his second go around, he will be researching about domestic policy in addition to participating in military and national security events. in a statement from the press released announcing the news, mattis says, in part, quote, i believe we have on obligation to pass on the lessons we have learned so that future generations can study, learn and become better. mattis designed last september over president trump's sudden decision to withdraw all u.s. troops from syria. not only has trump walked back on that plan, but the "wall street journal" reports the administration is keeping as many as 1,000 troops in syria. half the number deployed there when mattis first resigned. this is one of our favorite stories of the morning. it may have you tearing up at the end of it. another soldier surprise caught on camera. this time dad posing as his son's sparring partner. watch this.
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>> c'mon. c'mon. again. >> daddy? >> you were such a good boy when i was away. i am so proud of you. >> you do not have to be a parent to love that moment. >> i watched that literally like 100 times yesterday. it was so emotional to watch that especially daddy? then, i can't. >> so that young man there, that young boy, lucas and his dad staff sergeant rob came home sooner than expected. he was serving in jordan and southern syria before he came back. it is a beautiful moment.
2:20 am
thank you to him and his family for his service and sacrifice. >> it's always good to have a bit of good news aid midst the chaos right now. >> bill, keep the good news rolling. >> 70 degrees? >> somewhere. somewhere. all right. so we still have been following the flood story. we will be following it all spring long. a lot of people are starting to get back if their homes. we still have 248 location along the rivers in the mid-west above flood stage, so there still are problems that are occurring out there. most of the damage has been done. so it's a chilly morning. like every single day lately, especially throughout the eastern two-thirds of the country. it's been chilly. we're in the 30 in the northern plains. new orleans at 47, atlanta is at 42. so it's still jacket weather everywhere. now we're going to track a storm moving into the carolinas. this is a storm, the forecast had changed. now it looks look it will head up the coast. that's beginning now. you see the rain south of
2:21 am
womenington, south of the outer banks. this rain will eventually spread northward. so as we go through the forecast during the day today, the rain will slide northward. by 5:00 p.m., rain in virginia beach, tomorrow morning at this time, it's raining in d.c. look at 5:00 p.m. thursday. heavy rain, d.c., thursday afternoon travel plans at the airport, there will be significant delays. then by friday the storm hits northern new england. we will get snow out of this, guys, enough to to some shoveling in northern portions of new york, vermont and also new hampshire. so, yes, it will be an ugly thursday, especially in the northeast. >> a freight weekend coming behind you, though. >> okay. then. >> let's talk about that next time. still ahead, march madness begins, the biggest contract in sports history. yes, half a billion with a b, a bill dollars. >> why did he become baseball
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2:25 am
he's the highest paid player by a lot. it locks up the 27-year-old new jersey native widely viewed as the pest player in baseball, arguably the best for the rest of his career. he is known for his humility. he's won two mvps and finished second four times and already in his hall of fame career. congratulations to him. to march madness we go. we tipped off last night. this is the first two games of the four play-in games. in dayton ohio belmont proving the committee right after securing a bid following their loss to murray state in their conference title game. they got 29 points by senior guard kevin mcclain. they beat temple 81-70 for the school's first ncaa tournament win. temple now what we're going to see hop now is belmont will go on to face maryland on thursday. in the west region battle, fairly dickinson earned the
2:26 am
first ncaa tournament victory in an 80-76 win. senior guard career high 33 points in the game. fairly dickinson, a erase the deficit to go on for the win. they advance now. they will play top seated gonzalez gonzaga on thursday. >> here's what i learned about mike trout. >> i'm on the edge of my seat. >> they want to be a one franchise. which are real close. they wanted to be a one franchise guy like derek jeter with the new york jampgese. but correct me if i'm wrong, baseball doesn't have a cap on salaries, that's why they can make so much money unlike basketball or football. >> i am not an aficionado, i need mike barnicle in here. >> i love it. everyone is saying baseball is die figure america and everywhere else, really? like half a billion dollars.
2:27 am
>> also, keep in mind all the other players that have signed megacontracts, bryce harper in the ballpark of somewhere around 300 million as well. >> are there caps on baseball salaries? >> no, he could have gotten more, that's how good he is. that's how good he is. >> someone should sign mike barnical as his agent. former vice president joe biden's reported concerns about fund raising and some new polling. out fund raising and some new polling. nick, nick, we need a decision. these days we all feel a little anxious sometimes. but if you could see inside my mind; you'll find i go to my happy place. see if we let tensions run the show up here, then our bodies won't perform at their best out here. wait, aren't we going to the sound check? priorities. so i'm partnering with cigna, to remind you that how you're doing emotionally affects you physically. go for your annual check-up and be open with your doctor about anything you're feeling. physically, and emotionally. body and mind cigna. together all the way.
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welcome back, everybody, it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. former vice president joe biden has reportedly told his supporters he plans to run president -- plans to run for president and is asking for their help to secure support from major donors, the "wall street journal" reports that biden has expressed concerns over fundraising after beto o'rourke and bernie sanders each raised millions in the first 24 hours of announcing their bids. biden is asking supporters to help line up contributors from major donors, so he can quickly raise several million according to a person familiar with the matter. meanwhile, former virginia governor mcauliffe believes biden is 90% in the race but hasn't made a 100% decision to do it. mcauliffe says he plans to make a final decision about his own
2:32 am
presidential run in the next couple of weeks. senator bernie sander's campaign says it hired a columnist as a senior adviser and speech writer. the atlantic trorts that came after he had inquired about the undisclosed role as he continued to attack sanders' democratic opponents on twitter, particularly beto o'rourke. he defended himself saying he was criticizing the democrats as a journalist. not as an employee of sanders' campaign. the atlantic reports that after they contacted him, he deleted about 20,000 tweets, including ones attacking democratic contenders kamela harris and corey booker. he says the delete tweets were the result of an auto deleteer he said he started doing months ago. his campaign manager said he was officially hired march 11th and that the work went back.
2:33 am
a new pole says republicans are worried about turning out votes in 2020. the poll find -- 2020. the poll find -- this is as 56% of democrats say a strong chance of beating president trump is more important than a nominee and sharing their position on the issues. that's pretty interesting. with just 35% preferring that. the poll shows joe biden leading with 28%, bern been at 20, clarsz at 12, jumping eight points from early december, meanwhile, beto o'rourke gets 11% in a poll that began on the day he even terred the race, getting a two-point bump from december. and still ahead, south bend mayor and presidential mayor pete buttigieg joins the table. mike pompeo wrapped up a
2:34 am
news conference in kuwait. eighth part of his trip focused on the anti-iran policy. joining us live from kuwait city, nbc news chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. andrea great to have you with us. >> reporter: thank you. >> let's talk about mike pompeos remarks and the purpose of the trip. i want to get your remarks on this incident how it happened and the state department media briefing that targeted some media organizations of religiously affiliated horses and all the developments surrounding those two developments. >> reporter: well, that occurred yesterday, actually, as we were starting out on this trip. as we were waiting in kansas to pick up the secretary of state to fly to the middle east, he had a briefing, a meeting and a conference calm with stalled faith-based media. and that was, first of all, not distributed widely, not involving the traveling press or other members of the state department press and there was
2:35 am
no explanation as to what the criteria were for faith based criteria. a transcript was provided, unusual, for them not to provide a transcript. so we were then flying for 15 or more hours to get to kuwait and this is the first stop on our trip. the focus, okay, here, is on the gulf middle east policy. questions asked today about the lack of a middle east peace plan and the move of the u.s. embassy to jerusalem, which is, of course, our next stop. we're heading to israel next. >>andrea, what have this indicated to you the direction in which the trump administration is heading? >> reporter: well, first of all, they were signing agreements today on more defense, more strategic cooperation with kuwait. kuwait is a very strong ally. the big concern is the continuing dispute between the saudis and uae and qatar, which
2:36 am
led to the embargo that split the gulf countries as you know. this was actually exacerbated by president trump, secretary of state pompeo. before it secretary mattis before they left the administration trying to repair this it was certainly affect. ed by president trump criticizing qatar initially and siding with the saudis, that created a big issue here. questions were asked today about the move of the u.s. embassy to jerusalem and about the lack of palestinian dialogue and the secretary basically deflected that question. we are headed to israeli, where prime minister netanyahu is facing a re-election challenge and is using president trump and comments by president trump to help him in his re-election bid. the election is next month. >> and indictments as well. >> as well, election, we are watching very closely. andrea mitchell, live for us in kuwait city. thank you. >> good talking to you.
2:37 am
all right. president trump is wrapping up his war of words with the husband of one of his top yasd. he took to twitter to mock george conway as he doubles down on his attack against john mccain. peter alexander has more on this. >> reporter: one of walk's bizarre feuds coming to a boil. president trump blasting george conway, husband of senior adviser kellyanne conway as a total loser after his campaign managerial took a shot at george conway, tweeting he hurts his wife because he is jealous of her success. two years ago, the conservative lawyer was a trump supporter considered for a justice job, bowing out writing kellyanne and i continue to support the president. but conway has turned into one of president trump's fiercest critics, mocking him on a daily basis. the latest suggesting the president is not mentally fit to serve, even posting for the american psychiatric association's manual of disorders, citing narcissistic personality disorder with its
2:38 am
need for admiration and lack of empathy, adding his condition is getting worse. kelly jaen canway's take on her husband's tweets. >> no, i don't share those concerns. >> reporter: why does george conway tweet telling the washington post, it's so maddening to watch. it's so i don't [ screaming ] at kellyanne. >> you mean mr. kelly yaep conway. he's trying to get publicity for himself. >> reporter: another targeted the late john mccain, a focus of critical tweets from the president. kristen welker asking about it. >> why are you attacking john mccain seven months after his death. >> i'm very unhappy he didn't repeal and replace obamacare. i was never a fan of john mccain, i never will be. >> reporter: mccain's daughter megan describes the president as a man her father despiedz. >> thank you to peter alexander. it seems like this conway are using twitter as a marriage
2:39 am
counsellor. >> why not, it's cheap. joining us on set bureau chief for vice news tonight on hbo and should note nbc alum. >> yes. >> we always like to plug that. >> my desk used to be back there. >> probably still there. let me ask you quickly about this public feud taking place between the conways, i should say george conway and president trump. what is he trying to gain to discredit a spouse of a trusted adviser who has been there since day one? >> he doesn't gain too much. he elevates george conway, since he's putting the oval office behind what he is saying. this is one of those stories that is definitely intriguing in washington, d.c., especially amongst the circuit as "the washington post" reported. miss kellyanne conway goes to a lot of party, she goes to events. she is around town a lot.
2:40 am
it's kind of why she is as powerful as she is in d.c. and the white house. so it's an interesting thing to talk about in those kinds of circles when are you on the cocktail party circuit. i'm not sure. >> are they awkward together when you see them? >> i really don't see him with her. we're like pinching -- i really don't see him with her that often. i see her at a lot of different events, not necessarily george. and i don't personally know john. though i do know personally kelly yan. this is an internal feud the president has elevated. it is awkward, but kellyanne is working for president of the united states, she has had her job the entire time unlike a lot of people who have worked for the president. so she seems to be handleing it as best as she can. >> let's quickly get your thoughts on the biden story, trying to get donors.
2:41 am
>> big donors. >> out of the gate we have bernie sanders raising po 5i7b 9 million. beto o'rourke raising millions in 24 hours, if biden announces he is running for president and doesn't match that or surpass that, it will be a problem. >> we are in the money primary right now, right? that's what they call a year before a presidential election year. the best way you can test how inner jet ache campaign is, is by the amount of donors they have and the amount of money. the amount of donors factor is something bernie sanders brought to the conversation in 2016 and the dnc has doubled down on that a part of the rules to get into the first two debates, one nbc news has i realize is not just the amount you are raising but the amount of donors from different states. so biden has a couple of factors. do i think he can amass big donors, yes. however, is he going to use a super pack? that's a no no right now. >> it might make him an outlier by other candidates.
2:42 am
>> exactly. >> we will be seeing you in a bit. don't go anywhere. still ahead, donald trump junior makes brex it a reality. plus, diharmithe alarming r new temperatures. we'll tell you about that. new temperatures we'll tell you about that. so recently my son's band was signed by a record label. a record deal? unbelievable. whenever we're about to get on a stage for a huge audience, i always give my dad like a facetime kinda moment. you see the crowd, you see the emotion. you know, he has that experience for the first time with me,
2:43 am
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welcome back, everyone. we are now less than ten day ace way from when the united kingdom is scheduled to leave the european union and with a divorce deal still not in place, donald trump, jr., of all people, has decided to offer advice to teresa may. in a pro brexit paper, the telegraph, junior blames elites, ignore the advice from my father or the situation adding quote it appears democracy in the uk is all but dead. the president's eldest son also writes, quote, here in the united states, we've seen similar efforts to overturn legitimate election results.
2:46 am
when my father beat the washington establishment, we presume there would be a peaceful and respectful transition from the democrats to the republicans. instead, the democrats in deep state operatives in our justice system have been colluding to subvert the will of the american people. he conclude, those who support my father's america first agenda should rest assured, the battle for independence isn't over. it has only just begun. >> okay. >> deep foreign policy word there from the president's son. >> it's getting hotter, the record breaking data from hundreds of weather stations throughout the u.s. proves the associated press counted how many times daily heat record were tied and broken and compared it to daily cold record dating back to the 20s. they found that since 1999, the ratio has been two warm record set or broken for every cold one. >> all right. still ahead, a lawsuit accusing the president of violating the constitution faces new potential challenges in moving forward.
2:47 am
>> plus, one top democrat strong condemnation of president trump's rise to power. the comparisons he is drawing to adolph hitler coming up. is drao oladph hitler coming up. ♪ audible members know listening has the power to change us make us better parents, better leaders, better people. and there's no better place to listen than audible. with audible you get a credit good for any audiobook and exclusive fitness and wellness programs. and now, you'll also get two audible originals: titles exclusively produced for audible. automatically roll your credits over to the next month if you don't use them, and if you don't like a book just swap it for free. enjoy 100% ad free listening in the car, on your phone or any connected device. and when you switch a device pick up right where you left off. with our commitment free guarantee, there's never been a better time to start listening to audible. the most inspiring minds, the most compelling stories, the best place to listen. to start your free 30-day trial,
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order mlb extra innings for a great low price. plus, access your favorite team on any device. go online today. i was asked i have ever seen a climate like this before? i said, no, i have not. but i have studied about climates like this. and ereminded folks then -- and i reminded folks then that
2:50 am
adolph hitler was elected chancellor for germany and he went about the business of discrediting discrediting insti the point that people bought into his stuff. to allow anybody to discredit the press, discredit the military, to discredit our leadership in -- both in the congress and out, we are asking for dire consequences and i think it's time for the congress, house and senate, to grow spines and do what is necessary to protect this democracy. this man and his family are the greatest threats to democracy of my lifetime. >> wow! >> strong words there. >> wow! that was third-ranking house democrat south carolina congressman james clyburn as you
2:51 am
heard there, lambasting president trump, even loosely comparing him to adolf hitler's chancellorship. ben carson minimizing the rise of white nationalism as a small group. listen to this. >> do you agree with the president's stand on white supremacist? >> i don't know that anything useful comes from talking about what size they are. they're a despicable group that hates others and purports themselves to be superior. regardless of what our political prospects are, i think we should all condemn anybody who is a hate group, no matter what their size, whether they're getting smaller, whether they're getting larger. >> but the problem is getting worse, do you think? >> i personally have not seen
2:52 am
evidence of it, but again, if there's even one, it's a problem. >> all right. it paragraphs to be an uphill battle for a lawsuit accusing president trump violating the constitution from profit iing. how they've allegedly used his businesses to influence policy. the fourth circuit court of appeals judges assigned to the case are gop appointees, most conservative jurists. prompting his co-counsel to console him. one of the judges suggested that the suit could be a precursor attempting to drive the president from office through impeachment and two of the judges came close to accusing the maryland-based district
2:53 am
court judge handling the suit, a clinton appointee of impropriety. he faces growing condemnation for his growing attacks. and mayor pete buttigieg joins the conversation on why he's fit to be commander in chief. don't go anywhere. don't go anyw. ♪ baby i'm not even in a gown ♪ and the only thing u have to say is wow ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ ♪ and you never felt this type of emotion ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪
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welcome back, everybody, joining us from washington, founder of axios. talk about axio s-1 big thing today. >> beto, the blank canvas. his first week on the trail, beto o'rourke has been asking voters more what they want, talking about their feelings, rather than giving his policy prescription. a very beto-esque quote from
2:57 am
milwaukee, he said we're going to define ourselves by our aspirations. so his big roll-out speech coming out march 30th, a week from saturday in el paso becomes very important because he has something that money can't buy. media is interested in him. voters are excited about him. now it's his chance to put meat on the bone. >> speaking of that, how has his 2020 rollout, beto o'rourke's rollout, help differentiate him from the democratic crowd? policy wise, substantive wise, has he differentiated himself from anyone else? >> that's not what really voters are looking for. if you are look at this field there aren't that many stark policy differences so personality becomes important. that's where beto is in a good place. of course, he has had a rocky rollout on "first look" and on ""morning joe" but with that
2:58 am
fund-raising and with these times when voters want someone to project their fears, their hopes, their frustrations, he's in a pretty good place. it's very much what trump did in 2016. he tapped into rage that was out there. he tapped into worry that was out there. beto o'rourke is trying to do the same thing. >> he loves the table. loves standing on the tables, bar. >> countertops, you know. i wonder if he take his shoes off. >> i don't think so. that would be awkward. >> next time he has to do the table with the skateboard. >> i want to quickly turn to trump and china. how is the president here potentially mishandling his trade negotiations? >> president trump has a dream. and his dream is that he will end the trade war with china with a big summit at mar-a-lago. you get the panache, the splendor of mar-a-lago, that he'll go to the room with president xi and the two of
2:59 am
them, mano-e-mano, will work out an end to this dispute. that's how he went into the first korean summit and it worked out pretty well with him. we're told that won't work with president xi. the former prime minister, expert on china, said with them you need everything nailed down in advance. they don't want the chance their leader will lose face in a room with trump. >> all right. mike allen, thank you very much. we'll be reading axios in a little bit. to all of our viewers, sign up for the newsletter by going to >> that does it for this wednesday morning for us. i'm yasmin vasoogian along with ayman almandine. good morning, everyone.
3:00 am
senior writer at politico and author of the play book, an msnbc contributor, jake sherman is with us. we have a lot to get to this morning. >> lot to get to. joe biden tells backers to plea for a 2020 run. he's drumming up support. >> it's coming. >> like it's a go. >> i think it's about 95% of the way there. let's wait until he announces but he's almost there. >> he's almost there. >> an interesting story. it will be interesting to see how much cash he has coming out of the gate and where the cash comes from. >> uh-huh. >> that's what's so interesting. willie, maybe he can get some money from mike trout. >> oh, man, 12 years, $430 million. >> seems a little out of hand. >> i thought the manny machado deal was outrageous. of course, the bryce harper deal, that's the dumbest deal, on


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