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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  March 20, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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trade tensions it migrate to military tensions. because the u.s./china relationship is an organic relationship that we shouldn't let be driven by a fetish with the south china sea or trade. >> thank you both. i just have to do one quick check before we close the show. twitter connecticut at devin cow facing a lawsuit from congressman devin nunes. when our producers it collected in this morning, 297,000, now it's up to 340,000 followers. that does it for us this morning. stephanie rhule picks up coverage right now. >> thanks so much. i'm not devin nunes cow. i'm stephanie rhule. this morning i'm starting with a war of words. president trump's tweet storm from over the weekend goes from online to real life as he spars with the media, threatens to investigate tech giants for collusion and once again goes after late senator john mccain.
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>> i was never a fan of john mccain and i never will be. >> a shocking report from bloomberg describes an off duty pilot helping save the lion air jet from diving out of control just one day before its fatal crash into the java sea this as lawmakers scrutinize boeing and the faa with the transportation secretary calling to investigate how the 737 max was certified in the first place. and money, power politics. a new book takes a look at numerous potential conflicts of interest with ivanka trump and jared kushner's business dealings saying they could be" more dangerous than the president." we begin this morning with trump going on the attack against big tech and social media, warning about collusion against republicans and threatening an investigation. remember, these are the same companies that president trump used to propel himself into the
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white house and companies that continue to give the president essentially unfiltered access to tens of millions of americans whenever he picks up his phone. remember, we mentioned it yesterday. president trump's team has spent twice as much money on facebook ads at this point than all the democratic contenders combined. he really loves the facebook. he's just telling you he doesn't. i have a great team to break all of it down. first i need to explain what is going on. the president was on i'm going to say it was a roll over the last three days tweeting or retweeting more than 60 times since sunday morning. he hit all his familiar enemies including democrats and the so-called corrupt media. it was two specific incidents that prompted him to hone in on three multibillion dollar companies, facebook, google and twitter. number one was dan scavino accusing facebook of silencing him something the company says
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was the unintended and temporary result of an automated response. congressman devin nunes has $250 million lawsuit against twitter for alleged defamation for conservatives all of this helped revive claims they are victims of social media censorship. the president jumped in with both feet. >> we have to do something. i tell you, i have many, many millions of followers on twitter. it's different than it used to be. things are happening, names are taken off. people aren't getting through. you've heard the same complaints. it seems to me if they're conservative, if they're republicans, if they're in a certain group, there's discrimination, big discrimination. we use the word collusion very loosely all the time. i will tell you there is collusion with respect to that. something has to be done. >> yet, he takes notion issue with the fact that can a shooter's videos were spread
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across the world last week on those same sites. of course, it has not stopped the president from taking full advantage of twitter and venting repeatedly to his 59 million followers all of these views. his wave of recent tweets is mostly a combo of old complaints and retweeting clips from guess where, fox news. it has been the president's attacks on two specific individuals, george conway and the late senator john mccain that are getting the most attention this morning. president trump called conway a stone cold loser and he went after john mccain repeatedly. but this morning, georgia republican senator johnny isakson told the bulwark he had had enough and said the president show disrespect to senator mccain, it's unthinkable. senator isakson said he plans to deliver "a whipping to the president speaking out publicly and at length later today." i want to bring in nbc's kristen welker at the white house. you asked the president specifically about these attacks on the late senator.
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tell me what he said. >> reporter: i did. i asked president trump why he continues to attack him when he's passed away now self months ago. take a look at that exchange. we'll do some analysis on the other side. >> mr. president, why are you attacking senator john mccain seven months after his death. >> very unhappy that he didn't repeal and replace obamacare as you know. he campaigned on repealing and replacing obamacare for years. and then he got to a vote and he said thumbs down. and our country would have saved a trillion dollars. we would have had great health care. i think that's disgraceful. i was never a fan of john mccain and i never will be. >> reporter: i also tried to follow up with that by saying is it not beneath the dignity of the office to take aim at a senator who is passed away. at that point, we were all ushered out of the room. cindy mccain revealing she's gotten some bullying texts from people or i should say tweets
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from people in the wake of president trump attacking her late husband. and, of course, meghan mccain has been on defense for her father lashing out at the president saying he's obsessing over her father because he was a great man and adding that he will never be a great man referring to mr. trump. now, that comes as the president is escalating his feud with george conway, husband of kellyanne conway tweeting this today. george conway often referred to by mr. kellyanne conway is jealous of his wife's success and angry i didn't give him the job he desperately wanted. just take a look, a stone cold loser and husband from hell hoixt conway pushed back against that saying in fact it was the other way around, that he declined to be in contention for that job. she wasn't weighed in a whole lot on this except to distance herselves from some of george
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conway's most fiery accusations against the president, but put this into the broader context, steph, this is the second day that the president is sort of stepping on his own messaging. he's heading to himma, ohio today to talk jobs and the economy and yet this is what the focus is here today. yesterday he was meeting with the president of brazil and instead the topic became about senator john mccain and his grievances. >> why? >> eddie glaude, and knowal rothman, associate editor at commentator magazine. knowal is the author of "unjust, social justice and the unmaking of america." both are msnbc contributors. noah, put your republican hat on here. we've heard from senator isakson. i mentioned it earlier. we heard from mitt romney but lindsey graham, john mccain's best friend in government, maybe best friend in life. the only thing we heard from him is you cannot diminish john
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mccain's service to this country. i got that. but there are many republicans sitting in office that served with john mccain for decades. where are they? >> well, like lindsay, some of them are up in 2020 and they need this president to campaign on their baffle. >> who cares? >> they do. >> your integrity, your honor, your name is everything in this world. >> it should be. but you rationalize yourself into this position. what value is my integrity if i'm not in office? what service am i to my constituents if i lose? >> if you are in office and without integrity, then what are you? >> listen, you and i agree on this. this is the rationale they are convincing themselves that is more valuable. they don't agree with donald trump and think these attacks are abhorrent. but they will also think the guy coming up behind him who would primary me agrees with donald trump more than i do. >> eddie, jonathan allen writes for trump, strategy comes second to instinct. his instinct is to fight.
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an opponent is defenseless, it seems all the better. here's what i don't get. in most instances where the president goes off, i can track my way back to oh, this rush limbaugh likes that he does this or these people do. in this one, he's going after john mccain for whom? who is buying and going right on? >> i actually think it speaks to the psychology of trump. right now, he's flailing because there are certain things happening around him. there's the imminence of the mueller report. there's the southern district of new york. there are congressional hearings casting a huge shadow around him. there's the critique, the criticism around his response tons new zealand. i think what he's doing in the privacy of his own room or in the privacy of his own head is trying to account for how it began. he's not going to look to himself. >> why john mccainle? >> because john mccain delivered the report to the fbi.
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right? he delivered that report to the fbi. if he wants to put in play, why am i in this mess that i'm in. >> aha. >> this man who was supposed to be a supporter of the republican party and of me delivered that dossier, the steele dossier that set all of these bad things, i will never be a friend. remember he said i he supported replace and repeal. he gave a thumbs down vote not even talking about mccain's think around regular order. he said then there are other things that come into view. the steele dossier and trump. >> that's part of it, but it began way before the steele dossier before he was even probably a competitive candidate for the nomination, john mccain was the very first person that he attacked because john mccain and astute judge of character said this guy is a fraud. >> lindsey graham called him a kook. >> john mccain didn't abandon that position.
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lindsay did. >> i think the interesting thing about this is in the context of the tweet storm, something we talk about his mental health. the man is in a stone cold panic. and he's trying to account for the hell he's in. and john mccain is a wonderful little scapegoat, whipping boy. >> i want to share more of what the president saided about social media. he feels that he and other conservatives are being victimized. take a look. >> when you get the back scene, back office statements made by executives at the various companies and you see the level of in many cases hatred they had have for a certain group of people that happen to be in power, that happen to have won the election, you say that's really unfair. so something's happening with those groups of folks that are running facebook and google and twitter. and i do think we have to get to the bottom of it. >> here's what i don't get. if there's anybody he should be thanking it is those social
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media giants. it's the facebooks of the world where it is a freedom of speech open platform. does the president really want to go down this road? facebook doesn't have standards. if i want to write a complete nonsense article pushing narratives that aren't true, i can't put it on nbc tomorrow. but if i want to the write that nonsense article and put it under the website american moms who care about this i can doc that and put it on facebook and facebook is like a-ok steph rhule. what would the president be pretending to go after facebook? it's the greatest gift to the conspiracy theories. >> the movement that donald trump harnessed and i think is inculcating into conservatism alien to the philosophy is one that revels in its own victimization that perceives itself beset on all sides which are preventing them from realizing their success in life and their due. this is a philosophy i write
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about and it's a toxic one but effective at establishing a political coalition telling it you your lot in life is not your own making is a powerful notion. that's what he's tapping into here. ironically he's making the case one many of his colleagues would gis agree with for the regulation of facebook and content management of facebook out of washington. >> eddie, what do you make of the president's argument that the deck is stacked against him when it comes to social media? to me there's no greater thing -- i mean like the invention of facebook and google is the greatest gift to the president. >> i mean, he operates on the assumption, stephanie and here i'm going to sound really southern that the american people that we're all bao bao the fool, that he could say anything to us because it makes. >> do you know why he does that? because it works for him because we are. >> because it baffles me at times. it baffles me at times. i think noah is right in terms
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of the way the republican party exploits a grievance culture they themselves kind of present a posture that they are the victim in this encounter. i experienced this with regards to a certain kind of response to my criticisms of white supremacy that reverse racism is the issue. this is the disagreement we have. >> we disagree on the chicken and egg situation where it came from. >> definitely disagree on that. i think the issue here is donald trump again over and over again trying to mobilize fears for his own interests. stoking them to say that these folk are coming after you, they're coming after your man, they're denying us a platform to give us our voice. we've heard it before. that's why they attacked pbs and sesame street. this is the stuff we've encountered for a long time. donald trump is its most egregious expression. >> nobody should go after big
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bird. he can stoke fears. we're going to stoke a little love, respect and disagreement among people who care about one another. stunning new details around boeing's 737 max 8 jet. a close call one day before the lion air crash and a call to examine the max 8 after those fatal crashes. first, we mentioned it before, and mick cag and joe couldn't get enough of it, congressman devin nunes' $250 million lawsuit against twitter. stephen colbert was talking how ridiculous it is when twitter names are mentioned in legal documents. >> specifically nunes calls out two parody accounts which he says have repeatedly tweeted and retweeted abusive and hateful content the first being an account called @devin nunes mom. seeing how it looks when written in a formal lawsuit is more embarrassing because the suit
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simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. those two fatal 737 max 8 crashes in ethiopia and indonesia in the last five months. a new report about the lion air crash last october describing an
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off-duty pilot helping save the jet from the diving out of control during a previous flight that took place one day before it crashed into the java sea. this morning one of the nation's best known aviation experts is blasting the faa and boeing in a scathing new op-ed. captain sully sullenberger the hero of the miracle on the hudson landing ten years ago says the relationship is just too cozy. and now federal investigators are looking into that very relationship. the transportation secretary elaine choo requesting an audit into the certification of the boyne 737 max. tom costello is live at reagan national airport near d.c. i have to go to the bloomberg report first. the day before is the lion air crash, an off-duty pilot saved that will specific plane from a different crash. how on earth did the plane go up in the air the next day? >> reporter: well, that's a good
6:21 am
question. what we know was that this off duty pilot dead heading, in other words catching a ride in that plane and sitting in the cockpit, when things started going bad in the cockpit and they couldn't understand why the plane was headed for a nose down position towards the ocean, that off duty cockpit said we need to turn off mcas, the software program we've been talking about for weeks suspected of being at the heart of the indonesian crash and ethiopian crash. he helped them turn off mcas and the plane was fly ball again. the next day that same plane experienced we believe the same problem and the crew didn't know the how to bring that plane out of a nose dive. so the question now is, is that same problem also responsible for the ethiopian crash last week. as you know, the entire max fleet is grounded worldwide, boeing is talking about pushing through a software upgrade as soon as next week. but that alone will not get this plane back in the air. it has to be certified again by
6:22 am
the various authorities and we still don't know the specifically what caused the ethiopian crash. this is going to take a long time. >> now we've got to go to the scathing op-ed from a man i don't think i'm going out on a limb calling him an american hero. captain sully sullenberger. what's he saying? >> he is probably america's best known pilot right now. sully is saying listen, this relationship between boeing and the faa whereby congress is allowing the faa to delegate inspection and certification authority to boeing that that's inappropriate. how can the regulator be allowing the very company it's supposed to regulate, how can they allow them the authority to inspect and certify themselves. that is what's been happening for decades. in the case of the 737 max, they got even more latitude to do that. the reason is they don't have the manpower, they don't have the budget and the kind of technical expertise that the
6:23 am
boeing engineers have. so they've been relying on each other for this relationship. you cannot deny aviation in this country has never been safer. the question is now, whether this relationship between boeing and the faa has gotten too cozy. that's why the department of transportation has an inspector general looking into it. there is a criminal investigation involving a grand jury looking into the process to certify the max. so all of this now has come to a head as we have the entire global fleet grounded and no maxes are flying in the united states to reminded you southwest, american, united fly the max. right now all of them are grounded and when had he finally fly again or when they're allowed to fly again by the faa that, doesn't mean the rest of the world will go along with that decision. canada and the eu have already said we'll decide for ourselves. >> tom, really great reporting. we need it. we need those skies to be safe. coming up, a new explosive book dives into jared kushner and
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ivanka trump's role in the administration. the author claims they are essentially only out to better themselves, not the american people. stay with us. money, power politics next. but before we get to that, we've got to mention the fd approving the first drug to treat postpartum depression which affects roughly 40,000 women -- excuse me, 400,000 women a year. the drug is given intravenously in the first 48 hours after a woman gives birth. initial trials show near immediate relief for patients. there is one huge draw back. the drug will cost anywhere from $20,000 to $34,000. i've got a question. how come? question. how come everyone's got to listen to mom.
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welcome back. it is time for money, power, politics. a stunning new book shining the light on multiple conflicts of interest surrounding senior adviser to the president his son-in-law jared kushner and his wife, president trump's daughter ivanka. the book is titled "kushner, inc.," including explosive reporting about their roles in the trump administration. the white house as you can imagine is not very happy about
6:29 am
this new book. sarah sanders releasing this statement, it is sad but not surprising the immediate would spend time promoting a book based on shady anonymous sources and false information. the author on her own website list this had book in the category of fiction till recently changing it. her initial representation was accurate. i need to point out that was a clerical mistake on the part of the web designer. it was never a fiction book. but yes, the book's got a lot of controversy around it. so the author is here with me. vicky ward of kushner, inc. welcome. you've had a busy week. we have to start with the pushback. the white house is pushing back hard. jared's office is calling it a work of fiction. i know you spoke to 200 people. we are in a tricky anonymous sources place. there are anonymous source who are whistleblowers and sources who are marginlized gossip.
6:30 am
i thought oh, it's just fiction i want to go through points. in the book you say when jared met with a chinese insurance company, he did not notify senior transition officials like bannon, priebus or cohen. here's the thing that, dinner was november 16th, 2016. >> yes. >> on that date, gary cohn was an employee of goldman sachs. he hadn't even met with president trump or his team. he didn't know jared. why would jared kushner notify gary cohn who i spoke to and gary said this isn't true. >> no, it is true. >> i spoke to -- >> i understand what you're say. let me explain the chronology here. gary cohn didn't come into the transition till much later. what i say in the book is that when news of the anbang meeting,
6:31 am
no one knew about it till "the new york times" reported it around january 9th right before the inauguration. gary cohn, reince priebus and steve bannon were shocked when they read about it. and that is if you read the book very closely, that is what it actually says. i'm very aware that gary knew nothing about it in november 16th. but they were shocked. they had all gone into -- they were in transition going into a government with good faith with jared kushner. it's an example, stephanie, of lack of transparency. that's something really important. >> really important. if let's say jared while he was working for his family business was negotiating with anbank for months and months and then trump won, wouldn't it make sense for him to have dinner with a guy from anbang to say i'm out of this now passing the batten. >> but they weren't out of it. at the same time, he had the
6:32 am
chinese government officials come and meet not at trump tower. they conducted transition business with chinese government officials at the headquarters of kushner companies at the same time. i don't think anyone thinks that looks remotely okay. >> another point in the book you mention john kelly's transition to become chief of staff. and you say there were conversations over a weekend between kelly, the president, gary cohn about kelly taking the job but also about the president wanting jared and ivanka out. >> yes. >> again because i watched your interview with george stephanopoulos you said call gary. i did. gary wasn't even in washington. he said he didn't have any of those conversations. >> look at the wording. look at the wording. it says gary cohn was involved. >> so if gary said he didn't have the conversations was he involved telepathically? >> gary knew about the conversations. there were three people in the room. so you know, i don't want to
6:33 am
throw -- i'm not here to out sources who don't want to be outed. and gary is not the only person who knew that donald trump wanted his children to go back to new york. as well as john kelly, there are several other sources who have direct knowledge of the fact that donald trump said quite often not just then but he did say it just then, it came in waves. i say that in the book. it would be better for jared and ivanka if they were back in new york. >> all right. so let's get into the book. for me, these business conflicts of interest are huge. i want to talk about bfps ventures, brothers first, partners second. an acronym that was first discovered by somebody in the accounting department at at thrive which is josh. >> a kushner company. >> kushner companies. josh kushner said he doesn't
6:34 am
know what this is. then it pops up on a financial disclosure statement of jared's. what is it? >> it's a vehicle, a profit sharing vehicle whereby, this was how jared described it three years ago. he actually viewed it as an incentive to people he wanted to hire at kushner companies. he thought it made it seem. >> what is it? >> it's a profit sharing vehicle that splits. the brothers' profits 50%. >> josh and jared. >> josh and jared. so and charlie kushner, their father is said to have really liked the idea because obviously charlie kushner and his brother had a terrible fight over the money. so the idea that you know, josh and jared split their profits 50% would stop them fighting. > so take me to today. that's three years ago. >> yes. >> the ethics office was aok with bfps existing, this profit sharing partnership where these two brothers have a major
6:35 am
business together but josh actively manages it and jared just profits from it while he's in the white house. >> this is the question. josh kushner says very categorically i have this in the book, there is no current profit sharing arrangement between the brothers. yet, bfps is on jared's white house disclosure. furthermore, wrapped in it is cadre. >> can't josh be being cute on words in that maybe for the time being. >> yes. >> -- josh is holding the profits. >> i noticed that it was tense specific. it was a very short one sentence there is no profit sharing. >> for the team being josh could be holding on and when they leave office, hey, brother, i got a big check from you from what's inside bfps. >> the seven questions that i sent to jared kushner's lawyer.
6:36 am
>> did you ever send them directly to jared. >> i sent them to abbe lowell. they went directly to abbe lowell has he asked me to months before. six of them were about his business conflicts specifically cadre, mike facetelli, his business arrangements with his brother. six of them about conflicts. they would have taken him a minute. >> before he went to abbe lowell, did you try to directly contact jared or ivanka? >> i knew the way they brought in abbe lowell by then josh raffel, their pr guy who i had spoken to previously had left the white house. abby lowell was the new point person. i called and called. he didn't return my call. i got lowell because i asked him a question that said you seem to have a conflict, mr. lowell. he called me pretty quickly. >> i want to get into cadre.
6:37 am
it is a real estate portfolio founded by josh and jared. >> yes. >> mike fas telly, former goldman sachs partner majorly involved, lloyd blankfein invested in this. gold man. at one point, softbank who has got money from governments from the uae and saudi arabia wants to make a big investment. according to you fas telly says to josh your brother has to get out of this thing. a $50 million investment. we've got a conflict. jared says i'm not getting out. he doesn't have to it's a passive investment. >> the interesting question is does it pass muster with the white house? >> it does. he works there. >> there are lots of things that the ethics office appeared to have signed off on. jared didn't even put cadre down on his disclosure form. he was sort of pushed into it. he had wrapped it up in bfps. it was invisible.
6:38 am
so my question is, does it? and stephanie, if this is the bar mitzvah, is it so low that we're underground? >> then my last question is this. and this has gotten a lot of press that supposedly jared cancels white house logs. people are not allowed to know because of national security who comes in and out of the white house. here's where it doesn't make sense to me. if i'm jared and i want to have secret meetings with financiers, i wouldn't have them go to the white house. i would have them go to dinner at my house, at a restaurant. he had mbs at his house anyway. why would he have made private the logs? wouldn't he do those meetings privately? >> you're not jared. >> i'm saying if i was on another tv network, i wouldn't say come over to 30 rock and meet with me there. i would meet privately. >> somebody said to me the only person at the white house who had strange visitors was jared. there's as entitled mind-set. >> but you know what, we have to
6:39 am
be careful of gossip anonymous persons. what does strange mean? if i told you who came over to my house, i got some strange friends, too. >> not strange. look at it apollo, we know people giving loans to the kushner companies. we didn't know about it for a year precisely because the white house logs were closed. apollo and citigroup. there was an outcry rightly. john mccain i quote on the record in the book horrified. how can there be people in the white house get loans? it's not okay. >> i get it. vicky ward is, 666 fifth avenue, their building underwater gets bailed out by qataris and jared kushner is deeply involved in middle east peace talks, even rex tillerson says what's the deal. you got yourself quite a book on your hands. up next, a bipartisan show of force. not from our lawmakers but from veterans, two of america's largest vet groups on a mission to end the country's forever wars. you do not want to miss this
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6:44 am
battle to there day. many people don't even realize that. two of the nation's largest veterans organizations one conservative and one liberal, are teaming up to end america's forever wars. working together to revoke the authorizations of military force act or aumf passed in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. joining me now members of both organizations executive director for concerned veterans for america dan caldwell who bed in iraq with the united states marine corps and peter kaufman, former navy intelligence officer and vice chair of vote thank you both for your service and for joining me. we've got to get into this. walk us through why you're doing this and how you two came together? >> first of all, we're two organizations that are very active in the political space. we are diametrically opposed on 99% of issues. we are out there in force in congressional elections. we support candidates of
6:45 am
different parties and we disagree on most things. we disagree on how to serve combat wounded veterans but what we agree on is we want to stop creating combat wounded veterans and the way is the to end the forever wars. the umf was passed in the wake of 9/11. it's been in effect. it has been used by presidents of both parties to justify military conflicts in africa to fight against groups that didn't exist on 9/11. and all we're saying is, it's time for congress to step up, use their authority, they are a coequal branch of government. it's time they stepped up and exercised that authority to rein in the use of force that's been going on unchecked for 18 years. >> dan, rand paul who has been largely as opposed to these operations is quoted in the piece about what you're doing and he says this. i have talked to the president about 20 times. noting that mr. trump has been
6:46 am
publicly opposed to forever wars. but part of the problem is the people around him. what are you hearing from the white house? >> well, i think the president has the right instincts on this. he said in the state of the union great nations don't fight endless wars. he's correct. i think the difficulty has been operationalizing that vision he has for america's foreign policy. there's a lot of bureaucracy, a lot of issues that go into actually implementing this vision that he has of a more retrained foreign policy. i think that's one of the big issues that needs to be tackled and congress stepping up and asserting its role in this and saying look, there needs to to be more oversight of these warses. i would say that some of the president's advisers are not aligned with him on foreign policy. that's very clear. i think sometimes that can be a good thing. but if you have people actively impeding your foreign policy, what's not good and you should take a close look at that.
6:47 am
>> peter, what will your proposal mean for troops currently serving? >> what we're talking about is repealing the aumf. if you're currently in the military, it would take an act of congress to justify you going to a new country to fight a new war. and that's really what we're concerned about. it's to stop what has been happening for years where we have conflict upon conflict, men and women are being killed in combat zones by as part of operations that didn't exist when this was voted on 18 years ago. 90% of members of congress weren't even in congress after 9/11. they didn't even vote on there aumf. >> dan, are you going to do to make sure this remains an important issue in the next election? >> it's a very good question. as peter mentioned earlier, we have a lot of credibility we've built up over the years with our activists across the country, vote vets has a very large
6:48 am
activist base. we do, as well. we've invested a lot in political fights. we have a lot of leverage over members of congress. we're going to go to the members we work with and we're going to say look, this is an important issue. and if you don't follow through on actually reining in some of these wars we're going to hold you accountable in the 2020 election. based on the tens of millions of dollars that vote vets and concerned veterans for america has spent over the years in these elections, it's pretty clear when we say something, we're going to follow through on it. >> i have to ask you both because every american should be appreciative and should honor those who be our country. i have to get your reaction because i don't understand, peter, what is going on with the president's comments about john mccain? >> he obviously has a deep insecurity. and i want to stay bipartisan here. but the president. >> you can be human first actually. >> the president has a deep
6:49 am
insecurity. i think based off of his evading service in vietnam. he doned the draft. he got a medical deferment that will wealth away people got during vietnam and he sees an american hero, someone i have admired my entire life like john mccain and he denigrates him because he can't even understand that type of character. there's nothing in him that can even comprehend that level of character. >> i don't know. when we see an american hero, we should just say thanks. i thank you for your work and your service and for joining me. coming up, we're talking 2020. world leaders throwing their support behind the biggest democratic contender, joe biden as word is spreading among big named donors he's just about ready to throw his hat in the ring. plus the growing 0 chorus of democrats calling for an end to an the electoral college grows by one as the president weighs in on the proposal. ge grows by one as the president weighs in on the proposal liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner?
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6:54 am
in order to try to match the initial hauls of beto and bernie. he is in his 3wid to visit all ten of the state's counties. this morning he finally revealed the details of his astounding $6.1 million haul in the first 24 hours. >> more than 128,000 unique contributions made in the first 24 hours from every state in the country. $47 was the average contribution. all of it came from people. not a dime from lobbyists. >> wow. >> let's bring my panel in. >> we have to start with beto. what do you make of initial fundraising? >> i was initially skeptical if he was going make that figure. i thought it was driven primarily by his opposition. i thought also with bernie
6:55 am
sanders in the race and others that they would take some of that donor base. i was quite surprised by it. he has a fundraising machine. >> speaking of money joe biden is planning on relying on or going to big donors. it could be the one shifting a lot lot lot of dough. >> i'm not sure we can discount it is the result of a strong national list we developed because it doesn't -- it's not reflected in polling. there's a sort of a disproportionality there. i think they reflect poorly. i overestimate a little by. >> so world leaders urging biden
6:56 am
to run. i want to quote the article. in several conversations biden heard a repeated refrain. basically the world needs you. does that matter? those world leaders, they don't get to vote. >> no. it matters on one level but it doesn't really matter in the broad sense of things. it makes sense they would pine for someone because they feel the foundations are collapsing not only in their particular countries but in terms of the u.s. support with trump administration. but i think what's driving change in the country, this country right now is there's an assumption it hasn't worked for every day people. they call won't necessarily mean much at least for democratic base. >> let's imagine joe biden makes it to the general election.
6:57 am
what he brought to the ticket in 2008 was his foreign policy experience. that article said that joe biden was intimately involved in iraq and ukraine policy. they were disasters under barack obama. they withdrew and were compelled to reengage when an islamic malitia collapsed. there was an invasion in europe since 1945 under their watch. it is not something this guy wants to run on. >> you want to counter encyclopedia brown over here? >> i think they would be much more comfortable than a policy they have no idea what it is. >> trump will be running on a record of four years of engagement in world affairs. >> four years. >> okay. >> he is the president of the united states for the last four years. >> give me the content of that. >> who rips on his allies every chance he can get.
6:58 am
>> the president's conduct is most of the time. his conduct and his administration is pretty normal. a lot of us could pose this. we thought he would go after russia and engage russia as an ally. we have with drawn from diplomatic territory in this country. it is stuff barack obama and his administration -- >> so on december 23rd says let's make sure by carve -- >> you literally engage in military forces. that's the sort of the thing. >> if you like the knowledge -- >> look. -- >> what is his position with regards to nato, canada, britain. what is his position with regard to germany?
6:59 am
>> there's a sense in which the trump doctrine, the trump position is to destabilize in some ways. >> the president behaves in ways that are in congress from his administration. you to take the administration as a whole. the administration worked to strengthen the alliance to my sats faction. >> to your sats factifaction on behavior. we'll leave it there. we will continue this con ver saeg conversation. when nine-year-old practiced his taekwondo blindfolded. most of you like me were watching tv. this kid was practicing blindfolded. he was surprised to hear his mystery sparring partner call him by the nickname only his
7:00 am
father uses until he ripped his blindfold off after spending ten months serving our country in jordan and syria. his dad surprised his boy with an early homecoming. i have to go but man, i love that. that wraps up this hour. more news with my friend now. >> i watched that last night at home alone on my couch. >> i felt out of shape and sad. i'm sitting on my couch weeping. this morning the president is preoccupied apparently taking his attacking off twitter going after john mccain. the free press, you name it. maybe the preview of his reelection campaign heading to a


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