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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  March 20, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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my colleague kasie hunt takes over from here. >> thanks so much, chris. coming up on "andrea mitchell reports," the president enters a second round in his twitter battle with the husband of his senior adviser kellyanne conway, calling him "the husband from hell" after taking another opportunity to slam the late senator john mccain seven months after his death. >> i do think this is a new bizarre low. i will say, attacking someone who isn't here is a bizarre low. the next generation. a new younger crop of democrats make their case for change in 2020. >> my face is my message. a lot of this is simply the idea that we need generational change, that we knead more voices stepping up from a generation that has so much at stake in the decisions that are being made right now. >> coming up, former san antonio mayor and presidential candidate julian castro joins us. and sneak preview. why former federal prosecutors
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are saying the michael cohen document dump should worry the president and his inner circle. >> what it says is they're still investigating additional crimes or additional defendants. good day, i'm kasie hunt in washington. we're going to check in with andrea live in israel in just a few minutes. but we begin with president trump kicking off another morning in a war of words with kellyanne conway's husband. tweeting, quote, mr. kellyanne conway is very jealous of his wife's success. then adding, quote, i barely know him. but just take a look, a stone cold loser and husband from hell. george conway responding moments later with a rapid fire attack of nearly two dozen tweets and retweets. his message to mr. trump summed up this morning in this tweet. "you. are. nuts." this as we are finally starting to see some republican senators
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stand up to president trump after he made more derogatory remarks about deceased senator john mccain. joining me now, nheidi przybyla and jonathan capehart. heidi, i fail to see how any good can possibly come of this feud with the president of the united states. there were some reports that aides and advisers tried to talk him out of this. obviously they failed. what do we know? >> i'll put it in a way that is pretty crystal clear. what are we not talking about at this exact moment in time? the possibility of rom's report and the special counsel investigation and what that could mean for president trump. instead the president knows this is something that will be an object that folks will talk about. that's not to diminish the newsworthiness of it, right, because what had been a private matter between two people inside their own home, the president has now elevated onto sort of
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this very, very national and very public stage. forgive me, you'll hear the choppers overhead, marine one has just landed on the south lawn no too far from where i am which means at any moment the president may come out to head to ohio. this is a president who likes to be on the attack. this is a president who has been, based on my reporting, having conversations on this issue with allies, that george conway has continued to tweet about him and, you know, people wanted to be out there essentially defending kellyanne conway, the president wanted to punch back and so he is. the question, when you look at the thread line, the through line between what he said about kellyanne conway's husband, what he's saying now about the late john mccain, as meghan mccain is coming out and saying, hey, don't feel bad for my family, we have a lot of privileges, the white house should be focusing on other things, the president feels like going on the attack. something has agitated him and riled him up enough that he wants to be talking about this
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and he very much is. one other point, kasie, the president said something that a lot of people are picking up on, he's often referred to george conway as mrs. kellyanne conway, and people are asking why that's an insult, referring to a man by his wife's name. that's something people are picking up on as well. >> heidi, picking up on that point, why is it an insult to call somebody mr. kellyanne conway? there are opinions about whether someone wants to be mrs. husband's name. this attack is loaded. >> it's clearly trying to emasculate him in the eyes of his supporters who would view that as an ema maemasculation. the irony is if you look at how this came about, george conway did this in reaction to george conway diagnosing him on twitter
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with narcissistic personality disorder. he's giving us a demonstration of what george conway is trying to warn people about, which is that he doesn't have the self-control, the impulsie control to stop himself from attacking people like him, from attacking john mccain. george conway's message is that this is not strategic. >> he has no control. >> it's something that he has no control over. >> jon, i take hallie's point about trying to grab the headlines back, we see the president do this all the time. but in this case, this is undermining and hurting somebody who has been incredibly loyal to him, kellyanne conway, one of his longest lasting advisers, one of his staunchest defenders on tv. it doesn't make much sense to me. >> i've given up trying to make anything make sense. i think the president
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compartmentalizes. kellyanne conway, yes, she's married to george conway. but it's not kellyanne who's attacking him, it's george conway who is attacking him. the president feels, as we've seen time and time again when he goes after anyone, and george conway is a private citizen yet the president of the united states is attacking him, he is emasculating him, he is belittling him, and as hallie said, he is trying to distract from all the other things that are happening. but i think we've learned over the last two years, and it's amazing, the president hasn't quite figured this out, that we have learned how to walk and chew gum at the same time, that we can focus on his belittling, emasculating tweets, while also focusing in on all the other things he doesn't want us talking about. >> the mueller report being one of them. the target of his ire is a
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public citizen but of course deceased, we lost john mccain seven months ago. there are republicans finally stepping up and condemning this. mitt romney, senator from utah, tweeted last night, i can't understand why the president would once again disparage a man as exemplary as my friend john mccain. he calls him heroic, courageous, patriotic, et cetera. johnny isakson, republican senator from georgia, says he's going to give the president a whipping from the senate floor and says the mccain family deserves better, i don't care if he's the president of the united states, owns all the real estate in new york, or is building the greatest immigration system in the world, nothing is more important than the integrity of the country. heidi, why aren't all republicans coming out with statements like this? >> that's the question. we may be pointing to these exceptions right now, kasie, but let's remind people this has been going on for two years when he first attacked john mccain for getting captured and that he
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wasn't a real war hero. this i think is also a moment where we must reflect on history, because there have been many moments in history where we've wondered how could people just stand aside and not say something. we're living that in real time. what we're learning from this is once people do start to people up like they are now, it doesn't change things because they didn't all do it in the beginning. they didn't all hold hands and push back on this attack on people like john mccain, a war hero, from the very beginning. you're going to see these individuals make their statements and feel good about themselves, maybe suffer some political repercussions, maybe not. in the end it's not going to change the behavior and the bulk of the party and the party leadership is not going to join hands with them. >> and of course this is affecting the mccain family, who still here, cindy mccain, i can't even show you or read out loud what she tweeted yesterday, it was a comment from somebody in her twitter feed that was so vulgar and vile about herself and her daughter that we can't even show it to you.
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meghan mccain took this on with a little bit of humor this morning on "the view." take a look at how she's talking about this. >> i think if i had told my dad seven months after you're dead, you're going to be dominating the news and all over twitter, he would think it was hilarious that our president was so jealous of him that he was dominating the news cycle in death as well. attacking someone who isn't here is a bizarre low. >> jonathan capehart? >> well, look, i think meghan mccain is handling this very well. she's dealing with this with appropriate righteous indig in addition indignation. the president of the united states is attacking her father, a hero. she tweeted out, john mccain is living rent-free in your head. he cannot let go of any slight, no matter how small.
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he's still angry at senator mccain for the vote on repealing and replacing obamacare. he blamed senator mccain for the steele dossier making its way into public view. and instead of being a president who rises above it, who puts the office and the nation ahead of himself, instead we have a president for whom that job is all about him. that is the no whnot what this b is supposed to be about. >> this has been a theme for president trump since the beginning of his mccain. he talked about john mccain when he first started running in a way we all thought would sink his bid, obviously he did not. are people tired of this yet in the president's base of core supporters or does this not matter from a political perspective? >> no, i don't think there's a fatigue on it, kasie. i think there's a general acceptance of this is how it's going to be. to jonathan and heidi's points, people have learned over two years who this president is and what he does and his base
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understands that and his supporters understand that and his critics are starting to understand that as well, that he's not going to change. and that's just the facts of the matter, that's borne out but what we've seen in precedent. i will say that when it comes to the attacks on john mccain specifically, kasie, you probably remember this too back when we were covering the campaign, that was the last time the rnc came out, the republican establishment came out and issued this full-throated condemnation of then-candidate donald trump. but they've quickly i think learned, reince priebus and others in the leadership of the organization at the time, that that was not going to be an effective strategy for the gop and they didn't issue condemnations like that through the remainder of the campaign even when some of those attacks made national headlines, the president went after, for example, the khan family, a gold star family, after the billy bush "access hollywood" tape as well. the irony of all of this, as i was walking out here to have this conversation with you, the first lady was tweeting about
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what she has been working on this week which is her "be best" campaign to fight online bullying. this is something she had an interagency meeting about with top cabinet officials earlier in the week, this push she's been on to make sure people, kids especially, feel safe and comfortable in this online world, and we're juxtaposing those images with what we're hearing from the president this morning, it continues to be a striking contrast. >> striking indeed. hallie jackson, heidi przybyla, jonathan capehart, thank you for your insights today. democratic presidential candidate julian castro is former secretary of housing and urban development in the obama administration. great to have you on the program. >> good to be with you. >> let's pick up with this discussion we were just having about the president and his attacks on the deceased senator john mccain as well as george conway, the husband of kellyanne conway. what do you think these attacks say about the president?
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>> well, kasie, i mean, your viewers have seen this now for three years. and i guess almost four years if you include his campaign. it's just another distraction. and this president is a walking billboard of weakness and insecurity. and this is just another distraction. you know, when i travel around the country these days, what i hear from folks when i visit places like iowa, i hear from farmers how worried they are are about his erratic trade war with china. i hear from business owners in my own state, texas, about all the insecurity he's created. i hear from folks who can't afford the rent in any number of communities across the country. and every single minute that he spends insulting somebody on twitter or getting tied in knots over petty back and forths or
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playing golf, because this president has played more golf probably than the last three presidents combined, is a minute that he is not dedicating to making sure that folks can have good job opportunities in this country, that children can get a good education, that folks will have good health care, that they can afford the rent. i'm going to focus on those things that people truly care about and that are part and parcel in ensuring that folks have a good quality of life and they can achieve their dreams. in the meantime, i would ask people that continue to watch what this president has done, whether it's insulting john mccain seven months after his death or this fight with george conway, do you want another four years of this? >> so first of all, i'm not sure that i can fact check you in real time on that golf claim, as to whether it actually has been as much as the past three presidents. >> that in and of itself says a lot.
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>> fair enough. but you brought up of course the 2020 race by talking about whether we want four more years of this president. and you were quoted in a recent associated press article in response to being labeled the other texan, of course, talking about beto o'rourke, who recently jumped into the race, and you said, i'm the one from the other side of the tracks, i'm the one that didn't grow up as a frontrunner. do you feel beto o'rourke grew up as a frontrunner? >> no, im r, i'm saying for mys didn't grow up as a frontrunner. because people ask me, what do you think about not being one of the frontrunners right now? i've said that it's very early, that the voting in iowa starts in just under a year, and that i haven't grown up in life as a frontrunner. i can't think of a single time in my life when i was the frontrunner. the people who were born and grew up where i grew up, like a lot of folks in america, didn't grow up as a frontrunner.
9:16 am
i'm going to let beto or any of the other candidates speak for themselves. and at the end of the day, the voters are going to decide what they want in a president. but, you know, i've been asked what do i feel like about where i'm at in this race. i tell folks, you know, it doesn't faze me that 46 weeks before the iowa caucus, that i'm not a frontrunner right now. i'm going to do the hard work that it takes to reach the american people in every single state and talk to folks who don't feel like frontrunners themselves. i'm confident by the time the iowa caucus comes around, i will be a frontrunner. >> are you confident you'll make the stage for the first debate in june? >> oh, sure. we've seen support growing for my campaign, both in terms of the polling and in terms of fundraising. and i think that with the help of a lot of the american people out there, that i will be on that debate stage. i'm also confident when i'm on
9:17 am
that debate stage, that i'm going to do well. i'm one of the few candidates in this race that has executive experience. i have a track record of getting things done. i'm delivering a powerful, compelling message about what we need to do in the coming years to make sure that we're the smartest, the healthiest, the fairest and the most prosperous national on earnation on earth look forward to getting folks to compare the candidates. >> julian castro, thanks for being here, good to have you. coming up, waiting for a sign. new clues that some say show special counsel robert mueller's team is wrapping it up. the details next on "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. ♪ carla is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with
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as we wait for the special counsel's report on the russia probe, we're getting signs that work is still under way in the mueller investigation. yesterday more than 800 pages of warrants and court documents were released in the michael cohen case. many of those pages were heavily redacted, the judge writing, at this stage, wholesale disclosure of the materials would reveal the progress of the investigation. we're also waiting for the mueller team to unseal documents in response to "the washington
9:22 am
post." the special counsel's office is asking the judge to give them until april 1st to release the documents. joining me is barbara mcquade, former u.s. attorney and an msnbc contributor. barbara, i want to start with you. you wrote an opinion piece in "usa today," i love this headline because it feels like so much of what we're doing today, the breadcrumbs, you call it, why the cohen document dump should worry donald trump and others. what do you mean by that? what's your thesis on this? >> there are a few clues that appear in these 800 pages. one of them, as you mentioned, are the redactions. there are 18 1/2 pages of redactions after a heading that says the illegal campaign contribution scheme. the only reason to seal materials from the public disclosure is to protect the integrity of the investigation. so that means besides michael cohen, there are still matters that are being investigated there. when you think about that scheme involving checks paid to michael cohen in reimbursement for his payments for hush money, it's a
9:23 am
pretty small universe of people who are under investigation there. it could be president trump himself, could be donald trump jr., could be the trump organization. and i think that that is one of the things that speaks volumes out of those documents. >> paul, do you agree with barbara here? what are the tea leaves that you're reading as you try to get a sense of where things stand with this investigation? >> i do agree with barbara, kasie. she makes an excellent point. i would add, in the order that you just read, the judge uses what is a term of art in white collar criminal prosecution. he said "subjects." "subjects" is a word taken from the justice manual, the book that prosecutors use to guide them in their conduct. "subject" means an individual who has come within the scope of an ongoing investigation. because the judge uses the word "subject" and uses the plural, it's a tell, if you will, that there are multiple individuals who are still out there and they are both, both of those individuals, the object of the southern district of new york's
9:24 am
investigation. and as barbara pointed out in her excellent opinion page article, those individuals could be people who are often in the white house. >> very interesting. do you take anything away, paul, from the citation of the press of other work as the reason for why they can't produce these documents on paul manafort? >> i do, kasie. when i was a line federal prosecutor, when i was the u.s. attorney, the best writers in our shop were the appellate lawyers. that's their trade. that's how they do their work. that's why they're so very good at writing things. the two lawyers who are asking for additional time are the appellate lawyers on bob mueller's team. i think it's a fair assumption that those are the individuals who are going to have the pen, if you will, the individuals who will take a large part in drafting the report. it's a fair inference in my mind that those people need time to assist in the writing of this report. and i think that could mean that that report is coming soon. >> barbara, one of the other things we're keeping an eye on that i'm certainly paying attention to is, you know, how
9:25 am
capitol hill is both preparing for this report and for the potential fight to actually release it. but also how their own investigations are proceeding. and elijah cummings says in an opinion piece that they have sent 12 letters to the white house. the white house has refused to hand over any documents or produce any witnesses for interviews. and he writes, the white house has not turned over a single piece of paper to our committee or made a single official available. what duty does the white house have here? how does this fight potentially play out in court if they continue to stonewall the chairman? >> well, ordinarily information is supposed to be freely given unless there is some countervailing reason to hold it back. and there may be. for one, executive privilege is a legislatimate basis to hold i back under some circumstances. there are other reasons why information may be withheld, national security is one.
9:26 am
if chairman cummings wants to push the matter, normally informal negotiations take place to try to revolve tsolve the differences. if not they could push to find the white house in contempt of congress which is a one-year misdemeanor. they could demand an order from the courts to produce these things. that's what we saw in united states versus nixon where the supreme court ruled there was a duty to produce information. this is a congressional inquiry. if it comes to that and chairman cummings is willing to push it to the limit, we could see a fight in the courts over what documents need to be turned over and when. >> finally, paul, i'm interested, you worked with robert mueller. it turns out that as we all sit here and wait for this, his likeness has turned into a bit of a cottage industry online. there are earrings that you can buy with robert mueller's face on them.
9:27 am
there they are. that's quite a pair of earrings. there is a robert mueller prayer candle. do we have that? there it is, the robert mueller prayer candle. and one woman, alycia barnett, has named her chocolate labrador retriever "mueller," there he is, apparently in front of a photograph of mueller himself, because the dog seems strong, quiet, proud, and a bit mysterious. there's his tag. paul, knowing a little bit at least robert mueller, what do you think he would make of all of this? >> kasie, when i think the bob mueller, the word "whimsical" doesn't come to mind. >> fair point. >> he's a serious guy. i doubt very much given the pressing work that that team is involved in, he's paying much if any attention to this. but i do suspect, and maybe we should start taking bets, that there are other individuals who are going to start paying attention to this. maybe we can put a bet on when
9:28 am
the next tweet comes up on this piece of mueller memorabilia. >> thank you both very much. the president is currently taking questions from reporters on the south lawn as he prepares to depart for ohio. he says he has no idea when the mueller report is going to be released. we'll bring all of that to you coming up here. and be sure to tune in to "msnbc live" with katy tur this afternoon when former u.s. attorney preet bharara joins katy to talk about his new book, right here on msnbc. coming up, big boost. secretary of state mike pompeo in jerusalem to support israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who is embroiled in scandal to win reelection. andrea mitchell joins us from jerusalem, next. jerusalem, next.
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today secretary of state mike pompeo is in jerusalem meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. this as netanyahu, who is under the threat of indictment, is seeking a fifth term in an election being held next month. netanyahu has been stressing his strong relationship with president trump, with huge billboards of the two leaders
9:33 am
alongside israeli highways. the prime minister answering questions from our andrea mitchell moments ago. >> reporter: prime minister, do you feel that [ inaudible ] election period? >> i think i gave you all the free press you're going to get. >> reporter: a little more never hurts. >> that was nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent and of course the anchor of this very program, andrea mitchell, who is in jerusalem. andrea, lovely to see you, thank you so much. how has benjamin netanyahu been using this relationship with president trump so far in this election? >> he's been using him in billboards, in tv ads, in all kinds of ways. and then this high profile visit today with secretary pompeo talking about the strong relationship that president trump has done historic things from his perspective, which is moving the u.s. embassy to
9:34 am
jerusalem where we are right now, from tel aviv, basically recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel which has not been done by previous administrations, republican or democratic. it was very controversial with arab states because it basically shuts off a whole negotiating position for the palestinians who also have a claim to this city as their prospective capital if there ever was a palestinian state. that two-state solution also very much at issue. you may have seen that photo opportunity, i was pulled out by israeli security while he was answering. from secretary pompeo's perspective, i cornered him in warsaw. what happened was he was touring a museum and wandered in and said, am i doing an interview? his wife sarah talked him into doing the interview with me, but he went on to say he was not
9:35 am
going to talk to me again, he was joking, saying i was cornered him in warsaw and that was enough. but two strong israeli security guards dragged me out of the room, so that was it for that photo opportunity. by the way, just to put another point on it, he is coming for the apec meetiipac meeting, the pro-israel lobby, he will be seeing presumptuous ident trump weeks. right now he's fighting this indictment, but no one counts benjamin netanyahu out. he was thanking secretary pompeo for the strong position this administration has taken, canceling the iran nuclear deal and going on to take more aggressive actions which are being promised against iran. kasie? >> and andrea, when you all were in kuwait before heading to
9:36 am
israel, pompeo was asked in this brief news conference about how the state department talks about the west bank. i know you mentioned the city of jerusalem, but why is it significant that the u.s. doesn't seem to be referring to the west bank as occupied territory? >> well, it's always been referred to as occupied territory by the state department because it is disputed territory. the palestinians have a claim to it. and it is the territory that would become their state. if it's no longer occupied by israel, that does imply that it is israeli or could be israeli. we should point out this secretary of state, and the vice president before him when he was here a year ago in january, did not meet with any palestinians. there have been no meetings with palestinians that we know of, at least, and u.s. officials since this administration last december, december of 2017, i should say, moved the embassy. it was moved in sort of a small
9:37 am
way, but now it has been expanded. and secretary pompeo is going to be the first secretary of state to visit the new u.s. embassy building here in jerusalem. so there has been no meetings with the palestinians. they are protesting that move of the u.s. embassy. >> andrea mitchell, thank you so much, great to have you, great reporting as always. recognized by world leaders all over the globe. nbc news achieve white house correspondent hallie jackson joins us now because we have apparently been hearing from the president on the south lawn as he prepares to depart from ohio. i know we're waiting on tape of everything that is unfolding. but hallie, what have we learned? >> could be a minute for that tape, kasie, because the president is still going. we had a feeling he was in the mood to talk based on his many tweets this morning and it appears he is talking about everything from twitter to trade to george conway to that mueller report. and let me start there, the president telling reporters, let people see, essentially, people
9:38 am
should be able to see that report when it comes out. but he notes, it is up to the attorney general. he talked about how robert mueller wasn't elected, essentially, the president touting, again, his electoral win in the 2016 election. he, again, talked about those 13 angry democrats, this is an attack line we've heard from the president before, which is what he was referencing. and insisted there is no collusion, and forgive me for reading off my phone here, my colleagues peter alexander, kristen welker, are talking to the president right now and reporting back. those attacks on kellyanne conway's husband, the president calling conway the husband from hell, he says he doesn't know him. he says it's a tremendous disservice to a wife and family. so the president now on camera, speaking in very personal terms about one of his top aides, one of his chief defenders, and somebody who has been one of the president's most prominent critics. interestingly he also talked
9:39 am
about china. in a bit of news that i am sure will resonate on wall street, the president says he's not thinking about removing those tariffs from china. this had been a question, the president was considering meeting with president xi in those trade talks with the negotiating team, talking about those tariffs. he says the eu also has been as tough on the u.s., although there's not as much money involved when it comes to trade. interestingly, case kasie, he w asked about twitter, especially outlets like for example fox which we know the president watches, there's been a lot of discussion about this conspiracy theory or concern in some quarters that conservatives' voices will being silenced on social media like twitter. he talked about twitter, he says it's the way he can get out the word, because he says the media is dishonest, he talks about how he has more than 100 million followers. he ignored my colleague kristen welker when she asked several
9:40 am
times, aren't these twitter attacks beneath the dignity of the office. he did answer the question from peter alexander, what do parents tell their kids about his words on twitter? he said it's his way to get his message out. the president may be starting to wrap up questions now and in fact he is, which means we are within minutes of getting that tape playback to see for ourselves what the president had to say on the south lawn. >> hallie jackson, hang with us, please, we're also getting notes that he called george conway a whack job. so stay tuned for that. coming up, mutual admiration society. president trump falls for another far right nationalist leader. more on their budding relationship, next. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. reports"c with more power for more fun. mini was born to do the only thing we ever wanted to do. drive.
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9:45 am
anne gearan, we have learned from the notes that the pool sent out that he wouldn't mind if the public sees the entire mueller report, it sounds like. we're obviously going to hear for ourselves in just a minute. what's the significance of that in your view? >> it's actually something we've been trying to find out the answer to for a while, if the president says i have nothing to hide, there can't possibly be anything in this report because there's nothing to see here, then does he support its release. >> i'm going to put a pause on that because we have the tape of the president. let's watch. >> i have no idea. no collusion. no collusion. i have no idea when it's going to be released. it's interesting that a man gets appointed by a deputy, he writes a report, uh, you know, never figured that one out. man gets appointed by a deputy, he writes a report. i had the greatest electoral victory, one of them, in the history of our country. tremendous success.
9:46 am
tens of millions of voters. and now somebody's going to write a report who never got a vote. so we'll see what the report says. let's see if it's fair. i have no idea when it's going to be released. [ inaudible question ] in syria we're leaving 200 people there and 200 people in another place in syria closer to israel for a period of time. i brought this out for you because this is a map of -- everything in the red, this is on election night in 2016. everything red is isis. when i took it over, it was a mess. now on the bottom, that's the exact same. there is no red. in fact there's actually a tiny spot which will be gone by tonight. so that's isis, red, right there. and the bottom one is how it is
9:47 am
today. this just came out 20 minutes ago. so this is isis on election day, my election day. and this is isis now. so that's the way it goes. >> reporter: do you think the public has a right to see the mueller report? >> i don't mind. frankly, told the house, if you want, let them see it. again i say, a deputy, because of the fact that the attorney general didn't have the courage to do it himself, a deputy that's appointed appoints another man to write a report. i just won an election with 63 million votes or so, 63 million. i had 206-223 in the electoral college, saying to myself, wai
9:48 am
minute, i just won one of the greatest victories in the electoral college, even you will admit that, and now i have somebody writing a report that never got a report? it's called the mueller report. explain that because my voters don't get it and i don't get it. at the same time, let it come out, let people see it. that's up to the attorney general. we have a very good attorney general, he's a highly respected man. and we'll see what happens. but it's sort of interesting that a man out of the blue just writes a report. i got 306 electoral votes against 223. that's a tremendous victory. i got 63 million more. i got 63 million votes. and now somebody just writes a report. i think it's ridiculous. but i want to see the report. and you know who i want to see it? the tens of millions of people that love the fact that we have the greatest economy we've ever had. i'm going to ohio right now. they were going to close the plant. that's why they make the tanks.
9:49 am
it was going to be closed and i stopped them from closing it and now it's thriving and doing great. and the people of ohio, they like trump because i've done a great job in ohio. and i've done a great job all over the country. that's what the people want to hear. [ inaudible question ] i know nothing about it. i know that he's conflicted. and i know that his best friend is comey who is a bad cop. and i know that there are other things, obviously, you know, i had a business transaction with him that i've reported many times that you people don't talk about. i had a nasty business transaction with him, and other things. i know he put 13 highly conflicted and, you know, very angry, i call them angry democrats in. so, you know -- now, let's say whether or not it's legit. you know better than anybody there's no collusion.
9:50 am
there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. there was no nothing. but it's sort of an amazing thing that when you have a great victory, somebody comes in, does a report nowhere, tell me how that makes sense? who never got a vote, who the day before he was retained to become special counsel, i told him he wouldn't be working at the fbi. and then the following day they get him for this. i don't think so. i don't think people get it. with all that being said, i look forward to seeing the report. [ inaudible question ] >> no, we're not talking about removing them. we're talking about leaving them and for substantial period of time because we have to make sure that if we do the deal with china, that china lives by the deal because they've had a lot
9:51 am
of problems living by certain deals. and we have to make sure -- now, no president has ever done what i've done with china. china had free rein over our country taking out $5 billion every year. in the truest sense of the word, we rebuilt china. but we're getting along with china very well. president xi is a friend of mine. the deal is coming along nicely. we have our tonight representatives going there this weekend to further the deal. but, no, we're taking in billions and billions of dollars right now in tariff money, and for a period of time that will stay. [ inaudible question ] >> george conway, how does he fit the standard -- >> i don't know him. he's a whack job, there's no question about it, but i really don't know him. i think he's doing a tremendous disservice to a wonderful wife. kellyanne is a wonderful woman, and i call him mr. kellyanne.
9:52 am
the fact is that he's doing a tremendous disservice to a wife and family. she's a wonderful woman. [ inaudible question ] >> well, are you talking about the one that you just found out about having to do with cars? no recommendation. it's up for review. and the european union has been very tough on the united states for many years, but nobody talked about it. and so we're looking at something to combat it. not only do they charge our companies, you look, it was 1.6 million to google, just happened yesterday and a lot of other things, lot of litigation. but i say the european union has been as tough on the united states has china, just not as much money involved. we'll see what happens. we'll see whether or not they
9:53 am
negotiate a deal. if they negotiate a deal, a fair deal, that's a different story. [ inaudible question ] >> yeah, go ahead. [ inaudible question ] >> i think twitter is a way i get out a word when we have a corrupt media, and it is corrupt and it's fake. so twitter is a way that i can get out the word, because our media is so dishonest, a lot of it, the mainstream, a lot of it. they don't report the facts. they don't report, as an example, that i just showed you, they don't want to report this, so i figure i might as well show it. so whaten i do twitter statemen, i get out the word from a corrupt and fake media. i have on five sites -- please, please, please. on five sites, i have over 100
9:54 am
million people and that includes facebook and instagram and twitter and everything. and it's a way that i can get honesty out because there is tremendous dishonesty with respect to the fake news media. [ inaudible question ] >> well, we'll take a look at it. [ inaudible question ] >> i think our relationship right now is very good with pakistan. >> that was president trump on his way to ohio, answering
9:55 am
questions from reporters including our own kristen welker who is now on the north lawn of the white house. kristen, we could hear him pointedly ignoring your question a day after you asked him in the oval office about john mccain. what did you take away from what we just heard? >> i keep trying to get this question to president trump. today he clearly heard it. he clearly ignored me three separate times. the question, kasie, are his twitter attacks beneath the office that he holds? you heard him there pause, listen to me, walk away. in another instance you heard him say, please, please, when i asked him the question again. so, a little bit of a headline there. not willing to engage on that point. but our peter alexander asked him what his message is to kids about these twitter attacks. he did engage on that point. not really answering directly, but instead pivoting to a defense of his use of twitter, saying it's his way to speak to his supporters, the american public in the face of what he called a corrupt media.
9:56 am
no surprise, taking new aim at the media there. you also heard him again take new aim at george conway, so not stepping away from these attacks. kasie, there was also a bit of a headline when it came to the special counsel report by robert mueller. of course, we're all waiting for this report. we expect it to be released soon. the president saying, let the people see it. that is significant. really some of the strongest comments that he has made about making the mueller report public. now we anticipate that the white house will want to protect some of the information that is in it, claim executive privilege over it, but again, those were certainly news worthy comments as we await the mueller report. president trump now boarding air force one. as he departs for ohio, kasie, really overshadowing what is expected to be a day of policy, talking about jobs and the economy and that critical battle ground state. again, we are now focused on the president's personal grievances, kasie. >> indeed we are, kristin. you mention the mueller report. julia ainsley is outside the
9:57 am
justice department where we have been on alert the past couple of weeks waiting for this report to come out. julia, let's fact check this a little bit. he is kind of accusing robert mueller of out of the blue writing a report. he called comey a bad cop, said he had a bad business transaction with him. it's a good point that kristen raises about personal grievances because this did seem like an unprompted broadside from the president on the mueller report. it sort of adds to the sense that there is something about to come out. >> reporter: yeah, i mean, i think the fact this is an out of the blue report certainly needs to be fact checked. this was part of robert mueller's assignment when he got it from rod rosenstein, that he would be doing this investigation and would end with a report here to the justice department which is what we're all on high alert waiting here for, kasie. also when he is suddenly starting to slam comey's credibility, and rosenstein's
9:58 am
credibility, and robert mueller if i could, robert mueller might have been on the short list for fbi director. and he was not given that chance, and instead came here and somehow trump is trying to spin that as if he has something against him. i think nothing could be further from the truth. robert mueller, for anyone who knows him, has worked with him, does not hold personal grievances and i don't think wanted to take a second shot at having that job. he'd been fbi director a long period of time before that. he's trying to dee legitimatize rod rosenstein saying he was the deputy. he had the biggest purview over the investigation. it was his memo that led to the firing or at least justified the firing of jim comey and it's his next guidance, his next assignment was to hire robert mueller as special counsel. so dee legitimatizing him by saying he's only a deputy doesn't go very far. i do think kristen is right to point out this is big, he's saying let the people see it. although that might not be
9:59 am
enough. it's not really up to the president what we see. there is still going to be grand jury testimony that stays confidential, and anything that spins off into the numerous other cases we know spun off the mueller investigation. they're going to have to keep that quiet in order to allow the other investigations to go on. so until then we remain here at the justice department on pins and needles. >> on watch. julia ainsley, thank you. david drucker, a quick question to you. i think it is important to point out, obviously this is about the president's grievances around jeff sessions. rod rosenstein was appointed, voted on by the senate. there was a vote. >> you wonder with bill clinton with 379 electoral votes, what the heck ken starr was doing investigating him. presidents in our system are not above the law. i don't think the president has ever really internalized how the american justice system works, and so he's trying to in a sense coach the outcome and win the battle over the mueller report before it's ever released so that if it's at all problematic,
10:00 am
the voters he counts on won't believe it and he'll be in the position he wants to be from 2020. >> fair enough. that's going to do it for us on "andrea mitchell reports." "velshi & ruhle" with ali velshi and stephanie ruhle are up next. hi, guys. >> have a good afternoon, kasie. we'll sue you inee you in a lit. i'm ali velshi. >> i'm stephanie ruhle. let's get a little smarter. >> a pathway for medicare. make it available on the exchanges as a public option. let people buy in. if people like me are right, this is going to be not only more widespread coverage, but better and more cost-effective. >> i have a background of having been a lead and i think the voters are going to decide who will be the next commander in chief of the united states based on experience of leading. i was -- and i led at a local government level at state government, and now at federal government. i was the district attorney of


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