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tv   MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi  MSNBC  March 20, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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like all of the stuff not necessarily about donald trump. he is an interesting guy and i enjoyed that. >> he had a lot of information about cases in the news a few years ago including the time square bomber and the ways in which investigators talked to suspects. how they get them to confess, get information, torture doesn't work, but treating them like a human being -- >> torture is satisfying because it gets somebody to say something you think you want them to say, but if it is more than just trying to get an information, porture doesn't tend to be effective. good to see you. no collusion, tremendous success. no collusion, some of what president trump's stream of consciousness sounded like in
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front of the cameras today. before boarding air force one, the president continued a five day streak of extraordinary content. topics that continue to serve as red meat for his fwas. an investigation going on for two years, you would be forgiven if you have whiplash as you try to make sense of it all. >> no collusion, i have no idea when it will be released. it is interesting that a man appointed by a deputy, i had the greatest victory, one of the brea greatest in history. tens of millions of voters, i won one of the greatest elections of all time, even you will admit that, and now i have a report that every got a vote.
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it is called the mueller report, it's interesting that a man out of the blue just writes a report, i think it is interesting, you know who wanted to see it? tens of millions of people that love the fact that we have the greatest economy we ever had, no collusion, no obstruction, no nothing. when you have a great victory, someone comes in and does a report out of nowhere, how does that make sense? >> that is not what happened, it is not the greatest electoral victory in history, and the report didn't come out of nowhere but you already know that, out of the blue someone just writes a report in typically they don't collect votes because they don't run for
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off the. he is on friendly ground. he goes out to the friendly crowds and that is where he is. >> this might be an official visit, but it feels like a campaign rally. some of the workers here are clearly trump supporters, he likes to go places he will be well received, his whole theory in coming here is to focus on the economy and manufacturing. a lot of times the president steps on his own message. let's listen to what he had to say about mr. comey. >> i don't know him, she a whack job, no question about it. kellyanne is a wonderful woman. i call him mr. kellyanne. he is conflicted and i know that his best friend is comey.
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and i know that there are other things, obviously i had a business transaction with him that i reported many times that you don't talk about. but i had a nasty business transaction with him and other things. i know that he put 13 highly conflicted -- i call them angry democrats in, let's see whether or not it is legitimate. you know better than anybody there was no collusion, no obstruction, no nothing. >> so i know it is hard to tell, the president is all over the place, look they're excited about it here, but it clearly as the feel of a campaign. he will be working on some tanks, a powerful weapon, and when you do the math of how you
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will have economic growth, they will make 165 tanks here this year. they want to drive that up, but you compare that with general motors and the army, there is not enough to make up the gap that you need to have if you apt robust and vie brand economy. it is important where the president isn't going. he is not going to the general motors factory that was close. but i think he will feel the energy of this crowd and we'll see lounge he goes and what sort of points he makes and whether or not he mentions general motors. >> thank you very much, we'll check in with you through the course of this appearance. before the president spoke on the white house lawn today, kellyanne conway spoke about the feud between her husband and her boss, donald trump, she told politico that the president is free to respond when he is
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accused of having a mental illness. he left it alone for months out of respect for me, but when someone, a nonmedical professional accuses him of having a mental disorder, you think he should take that sitting down, you're not a psychiatrist and he's not respectfully. joining me, daniel lipman. what was the sense you got from kel kellyanne? >> it looks like she is siding with the president. she wants to be boil to him and keep her job, and she had to deal with messy questions about her relationship for the last couple months. it is funny that he was considered to work as solicitor
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general. he is not going to shut up even if it puts kellyanne in a tough spot. >> so he sage george conway is a stone cold loser. he is very jealous of his wife's success and angry that i, with her help, didn't give him the job he wanted. a stone cold loser and husband from held. george conway responded with a tweet that simply said you. are. nuts. did you get a chance to talk with kellyanne conway about the accusations she is making with her husband. that got really personal. >> she didn't want to engage that much. it was a pretty brief interview. she talked about how her job in the white house is not to respond to everything that her husband or boss says, it is o to focus on policy. she talked about how she is
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working on opioids, but you know she didn't want to get in a tit for tat. i asked her do you want the president to stop tweeting and she didn't want to engage on that. clearly she thinks this is more of a media story but clearly the president, it gets under his skin when he is accused of mental illness by the spouse of one of his top advisors, that just doesn't happen in american politics. >> it just gets weirder and weirder every day. >> daniel lipman. and the president's recent erratic behavior is causing some to wopder why. your bizarre sweets reveal your panic over the likelihood that the special council will soon further complicate your life putting your financial future in
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jeopardy. fortunately lady justice does not do nda's. it has speculated that the special county siel's he port with a stunning sorry, something that new york federal prosecutors and congress joining me now, wals us, host of msnbc's the beat. some of these have been adjudicated. there seems to be enough percolating around him. it is hard to know, is there more going on that you should worry about or less? >> if you're drurp worried about your exposure. they never it seems one of the
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indictments would seem that you're not the target here. it doesn't mean it is good news for the trump administration. i think you have talked about this, there have been more indictments shan any in american history. having said that i think that what mr. brennan, the form eer a corrector, and a colleague of ours, i think it asserts a lot. if there is evidence, i'm all ears to hear it, but i have not asserted from his statement that perhaps to people who share certain criticismed of the president, i think it goes further than the evidence. i don't think the cia or legal finding would be there.
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the indictments are bad and americans should care, let's not get ahead of where the findings are and make too many assumptions. >> and the chair of the in-house committee wants more findings. he say that's a committee will investigation whether or not donald trump or anyone around him is under the influence of foreign governments. >> this is really interesting, for the first time, i heard allen shif question whether or not he investigated enough. it is potentially the final transactions with russia, that chevy suspects, and he thinks his committee will do that. it is looking increasingly like that like there be not be a grand experience time. now they're saying that is not
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even the most important question here. is he excited in any way. after all, they lawned an investigation secondly committee is going to to go down that road. at the same time, again no public evidence connects the two things but that's what he wants to investigate. >> that's right, you got to talk about it, he was back in here talking to katie, he talked about a pattern of conduct that the president has displayed. let's listen to this and i will get your take on it. >> he wants people loil to him, not the constitution, not the country, not loyal to the principals of good journalism. it is just loyalty to him.
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they will make it all right for me. it is an od presumption and not founded on any facts, either. i think he is describing some very disturbing. it is a finding of criminal liability. for someone that ran on law enforcement and law and order, and talked so much about draining the swamp, was all that rhetoric and lies, they're tells us as this registered on a type of loyalty that has been, i mean since the founding, i'm talking
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about ben franklin, george washington, 1700s, nation of laws, and this cuts against and attacks all of that. i think that is an important thing, that we look at what these people on the inside are saying. there was another part that was interesting. we can show some of that. >> your old boss erik holder? >> committed. >> your old boss loretta lynch. >> your prez ses sor rudy giuliani, changed. >> robert mueller? >> i have a lot of words for him. hero. >> favorite bruce springsteen's zonk, "thunder road." >> you do that to me and i get stumped all of the time, and he had a line about poor people wanting to be rich and rich people wanting to be king, and the king not being happy until he controls it all.
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it is a spring steen applied to the law and the life. and in "the beat" we do a little bit of everything. i could ask your favorite zonk, but i bet you would like me to just thank you for your service and reporting. >> "nebraska." >> is that just because you're on nebraska avenue? >> it has always been. >> can't get enough of you two, thank you for your reporting. ken dilanian and ari melber. most of "the beat" at 6:00 p.m. eastern every day. judges questioning claims that president trump is violating the constitution by profiting from domestic and foreign officials who are staying at his washington ho tell. one of the people that filed the suit and drew that september schism. plus new details on beto o'rourke's fundraising haul in the first 24 hours after his
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a federal appeals court appeals to be skeptical of a lawsuit about donald trump profits from visitors to his washington hotel. three people heard a case brought to the attorney's general brought to you by
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washington dc. it bans federal office holders from receiving any gifts, payments, or other things of value from a foreign state or it's rulers, officers, or representatives. they are appealing a ruling that authorizes subpoenas to federal sessions. we're seeing one of the attorney's general in the lawsuit. attorney general racine, thank you for joining me again. one judge suggested that the president may be driving a business at other local hotels because of people that would be drawn to washington to protest trump policies and would not stay at his name sake hotel. another noted that the step back, forcing the president to give up financial interests, and
12:21 pm
would not remove the trump name from the business. and the thursday judge on the panel appeared concerned about the broad definition of emaluments. that is a lot. i will hand it to you to respond. >> the only question presented in the case, is whether or not the president of the united states is receiving money from foreign sovereigns or domestic states by continuing to have that business and by continuing to receive revenues from those sources. he is clearly violating the antidrupgs law. >> it reports that the judges ask the attorneys representative
12:22 pm
you what exactly you're looking for. what do you want the courts to do, what does it look like here? >> relief and remedy will be determined by a full factual development by the case. that's the way normal cases proceed. what we said is that we're seeking first a federal judge to declare in a declaratory jukt e juncture and we will fashion a remedy. it could include diverseture, it could be a real blind trust. >> do i want to make a point here because you sicited that h
12:23 pm
he moving himself from the daily management of the hotel is enough but it is clearly not. they say it is a vie police station of our constitution's law. >> and they do not have the ability to sue the president in his official capacity, what's your response to that? >> the judge found that the district of columbia and maryland had standing, and made a valid claim, and that the definition is anything of value, and that is certainly including money. >> good to talk to you. the attorney general of washington dc, thank you, sir. coming up next, beto o'rourke pulls in the most money in the first 24 hours of his h
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as the democratic presidential candidates visit key states, new details are emerging about one contender's fund raising effort. beto o'rourke in the first 24 hours after he announced his candidacy came from 120,000 donors, the average contribution
12:28 pm
was $48. in comparison, bernie sanders $5.9 million came from 226 came in $23 to $26 doe in this cases. details about beto o'rourke's fu fundraising comes after a swing through new jersey. garrett haake joins us now what is the latest? >> he is on his way north. especially as we get closer, he is learning more about his
12:29 pm
finances, we are also learning this came from 128,000 individual donors. a lot of this, the way that it worked, and now his presidential campaign was modelled on what bernie anders did and turn everyone into a doe nor. he is trying to make it as open as possible for who could be part of whatever he is building, here is what he described for how he keeps it going. >> i want to make sure that everyone understands that we're going to campaign for everyone. you can't be too progressive or too moderate, if we want to meet the challenges of an economy
12:30 pm
that failed to work for everyone, a open yoid crisis that will not be -- but the people in, that is also the thing that some of his critics don't like. it is hard to temperature what she for or against, but at this stage, this is what they feel like they have to do. build that list. >> garrett haake for us in plymouth, new hampshire. i want to go to matt bradley on comments that the president made today saying that isis will be gone by tonight, let's listen. >> i brought this out for you because this is a map of everything in the red.
12:31 pm
this was on election night in 2016. everything read is isis. on the bottom, that is the same, there is no red. it was a tyny spot that will be done by tonight. so that is isis, red right there, and the bottom one is how it is today. this is isis on election day, my election day, this is isis now. so that is the way it goes. >> and the other thing is we're in a war in the middle east that he was calling bush all of the time, get into the middle east, so now we're into that war for $7 trillion welcome thousands
12:32 pm
and thousands of people have been killed, millionings of peopleover all, and frankly we're straightenning it out now but it has been a disaster for our country. we spent tremendous wealth and tremendous lives in that war. and what do we have sne it is worse than it was 19 years ago. 19 years ago when we started, john mccain left it, i endorsed him, and i gave him the kind of funeral that he wanted, which as president i had to approve. i didn't care about this, i didn't get a thank you, that's okay. we sent him on the way but i wasn't a fan of john mccain. now we can say now we're all set, i don't think i have to answer that question, but the presds keeps, what do you think of mccain? not my kind of guy, but some people like him and i they is great. now let's get back and get on to
12:33 pm
the suggest of tanks and this economy. because you know what? >> the president pivoting to presidents at the economy, taking another dig at john mccain. let's talk about what president is talking about, he did say over two months ago that isis had been defeated, now he says tonight it will all be done. joining me flow eastern syria is math bradley, what is the president talking about this time? >> ali, sorry, i can't hear your question, the communication here is understandably, i hope, really quite difficult, but i want to let you know that i have been walking around here around the last old out of the islamic state, it is a couple hundred meters here, but this whole area
12:34 pm
has been devastated by fighting. they have not been able to tell us whether or not president trump is right. whether or not they will end that isis caliphate. we don't know because the fact is that this has gone on far longer than anyone thought it would. this latest offensive started on january 9th and we have been hearing week after week that it is about to fall in the coming days, expect that this bat he looks like be over have been were very soon. and it exceeded all expectations and that should not be so much of a surprise in a way the caliphate, this is the last days of this islamic state nap is a major problem for the women and
12:35 pm
children, some who are die hard believers, they live among them, they were used as human shields. we have been seeing some of them visibly injured, some crying out in pain, moving out through a corridor set up by the sdf, to try to get them to safety. now we have been talking to a lot of these fighters, they're the people who are the real heros in the ground. and i can tell you that some of the main barrier that's have been going on. it has concealed some of the fighters from some of the iz lackic state fighters, but also just now the holiday -- a kurdish and iranian holiday, and it happens today, and we have
12:36 pm
been baiting with some solve jers, celebrating not just the holiday that happens every year, but also the eminent defeat of the islamic state. but one of the things that makes the optics so interesting and so compelling are the female fighters that are mixed in with the sdf. they have been fighting a long sidemen, against this appa appallingly masogonistic state. they have been fight weeks and months and they're hoping that president trump is right and they can declare victory tonight, tomorrow, or the same.
12:37 pm
matt bradly for us in southeastern syria. president trump has been talking a lot about elections today. in 2016, they became the first to win popular college, and that put some of the democratic con senders, they are reviving the idea, mass senator said she wants to get rid of the college. beto o'rourke says there is a lot of wisdom in abolishing it. a california senator says she is open to the discussion. campaigning for the popular vote is easier and different than campaigning for the electoral college. it is like training for the 100 yard dash versus a marathon president the brilliance of the electoral college, you have to
12:38 pm
go to many states to win. with the popular vote, you could just to bigger states. now we know the electoral college is far better for the usa. when i first broke this down yesterday, some of you were up set that we only highlighted the pros of having an electoral college and you know that's not how it goes on this show if you have watched it before. when it comes to constitutional matters, my go to guy. a george washington university law professor who i would like to ask today to put your hat on in favor of the argument of those that believe the electoral college needs to be played. the former federal election
12:39 pm
commissioner they were essentially arguing for why the college should stay in place. >> most important that you build a broad based coalition. you can't win by just campaigning in mayor urban areas. or retreating to the big south, you have to get out there and compete in states across the country in a wide range of areas, and in a huge country like that that is a very important attribute. it also helps to isolate fraud, we're looking back to the 19th century elections where the winner did not win the popular vote. in those cases the democrats won the popular vote and they won it in massive fraud in deep south. they're suppressing black folks, but it didn't do them any good to commit that fraud because they couldn't win the northern
12:40 pm
states. >> some people say there are electoral college flyover states now. that is is not worth anyone spending time in those cases. >> absolutely, you just have to channel the late senator who just died last week and who came close to introducing a successful constitutional amendment. in 1969, 80% supported the elimination of the college. and the house voted overwhelmingly to pass a constitutional maemt. it was forwarded in the senate as southerners that wanted to protect their own interests and disenfranchise african-americans. and today it is similar to the one that they meant that is completely inconsistent with the principals to have the loser be elected president of the united states which now happened five times many american history.
12:41 pm
that there are indeed a concentration on just the swing states and the states with the largest population from california to texas to california are ignored. that it is not a good way of representing rural interests because there may be support for gun rights or reproductive rights throughout the country. it doesn't make sense to focus on a few geographic swing states, and what has defined our republic. so the elimination remains popular, but the amendment to eliminate it, it is namely the states with smaller populations. and that is why the best possibility of eliminating the college is the college which gives their electors to the winner of the popular vote. so far 12 states signed the impact and they represent 181 electoral votes, majority, to
12:42 pm
have the thing go into effect. right now they're not outside of that. >> thank you for helping us out to understand both sides of this argument. the president of the national constitution center all right, up next, a deal to the new england patriots owner and other men accused of soliciting prostitution. plus, i will be joined by case bosworth that brings to light the important issues of human trafficking and immigration. n trafficking and immigration. originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ ed. we have breaking news, there is investigations that patrick shanahan took actions to promote his former employer, boeing, and disparng their pet tors in violations of ethics rules. acting secretary shanahan said
12:47 pm
he supported an investigation into these allegations. the pentagon also saying that shanahan becomes ret view by the kpliet of citizens. he has at all times remained committed to filing. this includes any matters, to eliminate any perceived or conflict of interest issue with boeing, this comes as boeing faces intense scrutiny following two crashing of the 737 max 8 in five months. robert kraft was offered a plea deal for the charges against him for illegally paying for prostitution. he would have to admit to be found guilt.
12:48 pm
he was one of 25 people arrested last month as part of a sting operation. the state attorney for palm beech counbeach county says thi standard. owners are subject to the legal's person conduct policy. these come after a month's long human traffics investigation, kraft is not alleged to be involved in any human trafficking charges. they bring that often overlooked epidemic into the spotlight, however. they say it is a modern form of savory. a steady increase across the globe, and that 30% are children, 70% are girls. they sign a light on this.
12:49 pm
>> she a master manipulator. he looked for you. he serged farched for you. he made you believe that life would be better here, but it's not, is it? you work as a prostitution, they charge you for things like food, rent, and the right to control you. >> joining me now is kate bosworth, thank you for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> it is timely because these arrests in florida shone a light on what goes on here, and there is a shift in the way that police and investigators are looking at these cases, they realize that some of the par fit pa
12:50 pm
-- participants are no control over it. >> yes, some of e the time we have seen them criminalized. these are women and girls held against their will. this is really a you know, women who have been sold into sex trafficking, human trafficking. it's a forced labor. so if we can really look at that as a society and certainly with officials looking at it with a sense of humanity and empathy that way and understanding this isn't their choice. they're obviously in a situation they don't want to be in. and when arrests are made they can look at them like victims of a horrendous crime. >> by the way, it's a domestic problem. there are many victims of trafficking who don't cross a border and forced to do this in search of a better life or forced by addiction that gets them there. but an element of your film does discuss a degree of people who emigrate to the united states, brought to the united states, are promised a better life,
12:51 pm
subject to the pressures that are even different from a domestic victim of sex trafficking. >> yes, you know, predators of people who end up getting sold into sex trafficking are looking for people who are vulnerable, desperate, don't have another option to find a better life for themselves. our movie follows a girl from san diego to honduras who wants a better life. she comes from extreme poverty. a young boy notices her, identifies her and says i have an aunt in america. come with me, i can give you a better chance at life. she ends up taking him up on his offer and will risk whatever is to come you because she's in a place that's so destitute and so poor and dangerous. it's known as the slavery capital of the world so you can understand why someone would want to find a better life for
12:52 pm
themselves. he ends ubing a coyote, a man who identifies as someone to be sold into human trafficking and she finds herself unwillingly and unknowingly sold into sex trafficking in the united states. >> there's another element of this, the human trafficking and social justice institute conducted a recent study on the link between social media and sex trafficking. the director of the institute writes this about it -- the transition from messaging to meeting a trafficker in person is becoming less prevalent. as technology is playing a bigger role in tracking, this allows some trackers to exploit youth without meeting face to face. social media helps to mask traditional cues that alert individuals to a potentially dangerous person. that last part is really interesting to me because in training people to become victims of trafficking, you're there to look for clues but if the whole thing is happening digitally and online, those clues could be harder to find. >> we hear a lot about back page and the kind of dangers of that.
12:53 pm
obviously, there's a lot of positive things that can come from social media and the internet in terms of warnings and what to look for. obviously there's a real insidious side to it as well. that's probably going to be more difficult to combat in many ways. i suggest if you feel like you see someone who's in some kind of harm or you feel like you're in some kind of harm, i work with an association called cast l.a. they're an incredible organization that helps combat human trafficking and really helps survivors find a better life for themselves. look into that for sure if you feel like you're seeing something out of the ordinary or something suspicious. >> kate, thank you for being involved in this film. kate bosworth, executive producer and actress starring in the film which he sheds light on human trafficking and illegal immigration. we will be right back with this quick break. quick break. like now your doctor may be talking to you
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i want to just remind you of the role of the federal reserve. the federal reserve i often describe as a car that has brakes and a gas pedal but no steering wheel. it can't determine the direction of the economy but it can hit the brakes by increasing interest rates, making it more expensive to borrow money or hit the gas pedal by lowering rates and making it easier and cheaper to borrow money. you would understand how that might work in your own life. today the forever voted to hold interest rates steady, not
12:58 pm
increase them and not decrease them. not the gas or brakes. it's going to stick with a pause on rate changes and signals that the fed will not hike rates this year. the chairman, jerome powell, said the economy while steady still faces a number of risks due to domestic and global slowdown. now, let me show you what happened on the dow. we knew all dawe y we would hea from the federal reserve and we did at 2:30. they want interest rates low because it makes investing in stocks more attractive. when interest rates go up, money moves out of stocks into safer investments. so investors wanted to hear the news and they got the news. for about a half hour they were happy about it. but this is the state of the world. they got the message they want. the fed only talks about every six weeks and again we lose that sentiment. so we're not at session lows,
12:59 pm
that was 1,230. but the dow for no apparent reason is off about 125 points, half a percent. part of this is because we still don't know what's going on with china. and until we resolve what's going on with china, we're not resolving the rest of the international trade war. we do know that treasury secretary mnuchin and the trade representative are heading to china to continue trade negotiations but that's what the market thinks of it. that wraps up this hour for me. but i'm not done, i will be back at 10:00 p.m. eastern for "the last word." and joined hi julio s castro, running for president. you can find me on facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, even linkeden. thank you for watching. "deadline: white house" with nicolle wallace starts right now. hi, everyone, it's 4:00 in new york. donald trump's five-day insanity spree may very well be the shiny
1:00 pm
objects he would like us to chase instead of the looming belief in robert mueller's nearly two-year investigation into donald trump's campaign and russian interference in the 2016 election, all signs suggest mueller is nearly done and his report could go to the attorney general at any time. donald trump, who is embroiled in twitter wars against the late senator john mccain and the husband of senior aide today eagerly lobbed a last-minute smear against mueller. the former director of the fbi and vietnam war veteran -- >> i know he's conflicted and i know that his best friend is comey, who's a bad cop, and i know that there are other things, obviously, you know i had a business transaction with him that i have reported many times that you people don't talk about, but i had a nasty business transaction with him and other things. i know that he put 13 highly conflicted and very angry -- i call them angry


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