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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  March 21, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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put my cards on the table. it's bob marley i'm thinking of but it's mueller people are thinking of. we just saw him arrive at work and that's all we know. we'll see what happens. that's it from me. "hardball" starts right now. mccabe. let's play "hardball." ♪ good evening,i i'm chris matthews in washington. new weather, new events. people cry, and they wonder what is going on with this president. what causes him to ignore all decency, sanity and political sense and only hear the tapping on the window of john mccain trying to get in. just when you thought he could
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not get worse, the president release as vis vicious tirade. >> senator john mccain is dead. so why are you doing this? >> three days ago it came out that his main person gave to the fbi a fake news dossier. it was a fake and a fraud. they gave it to john mccain who gave it to the fbi for very evil purposes. i'm not a fan. he was horrible with what he did with repeal and replace and what he did to sick people who could have had great health care and i'm not a fan of john mccain and that's fine. >> the spirit of john mccain is living so close that president trump fears to roll over lest he run into the late senator.
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a live president cohabitating with the deceased robber. a mccabe nightmare with every breath of this disturbed nightmare. the president lumeanted that he was never thanked for giving him the kind of funeral he wanted. bridget, who has remained a private figure called on this president to be decent and respectful. tweeting, even if you were invited to my dad's funeral, you would have only wanted to be there for the credit and not condolences. you are a child in the moesz important role the world knows. people close to the president tell the "washington post" that his attacks might be about the looming report on orussian election interference from the special councils's office. and others said he has fewer advisors to restrain him from
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air his grievances. even aids who are used to his unc unconventional style have been left uncomfortable. it does not appear to be a great use of our time to talk about george conway or dead john mccain. why are we doing this? he called the president of kellyanne conway a total loser. george conway responded by posting a list of osymptoms of narcissistic disord oer. need for admiration and lack of empathy. he ended with this tweet. you are nuts. mark salter, a long-time aid to senator mccain picked up on the president's state of mind. >> i think you have to be genuinely bereft of a human being to talk ill of a dead man. the problem is trump.
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he has no oself-control and he's the most powerful man on the planet. and that's what all republican said for the sab of the party's future, for the sake of the country ought to be addressing. it's glaringly obvious this man's unfit for the office. >> former mayor of new orleans and author of in the shadows with statues. and what struck me as a very strong performance which i know you bested the president that night. you said i don't think my friends are the basis of politics. that is almost unimaginable. but usually they can walk past a guy they just debated and say hello to her. have a nice weekend. some civility amidst the fighting. this president makes it personal to the point he won't let a deceased rival go.
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it's still personal. explain and criticize. >> i would observe that steve kilis is my congressman. he lives not too far from me. we serve in the legislature together. we hardly agree on the time of day and we actually go to mardi gras parades together. you can be hard on the problem and soft on the people. there's a phrase in law, resipsresip res ipsa loqita. we cantermine what he's doing is wraun. if he was sit at the table with his daddy, you wouldn't let the guy be your coach. you would let the guy do anything. it seems so strange he wants to
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spend the nation's important time doing something so awful. you don't have to agree with him to understand the commitment he made to the can country. by focusing so much atens on this and on george conway, we're not focussed on many things. >> that's his problem. >> if you put that aside for a second, this is what we're not talking about. how to rebuild the roads and brinls a bri bridges and fibs the harb system so that regular americans can have an opportunity >> that's your argument. but it's not the problem of the president. i want you to tell me is he fit to be president? >> he's obviously not acting in a way the president of the united states should act. people can question what in the
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world is he daes >> is he correctible? >> no. >> in other words he's going to stay this way for the rest of his presidency? >> you've known a lot of presidents over your time. the majesty of the office will curb even the most difficult personality into humility. we now have a lot of days of experience with him. he's not going to change. he is authentically who he says he is and unfortunately that's not capable of running the office well and that just happens to be the case and i think if we wait for him to change and concentrate on his behavior, i thin we're going to be waiting a long time. don't hold your breath. >> joni ernst, is the latest republican to criticize the president's attacks on john mccain. after being pressed at a town
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hall today, she said john mccain is a dear friend of a mine so, no, i don't agree with him and he needs to stop. sources tell the "washington post" that the president takes particular pride in the fact that gop voters prefer him over mccain. saying he has bragged that republicans might cringe but not punish him oever the attacks. thank you so much for coming on tonight and i'm sorry you're not running in this race. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> i want to start with george on this. i think -- i don't think he's going to change. the aids are telling him say he shouldn't do this and he's obsessed almost like a edger allen poe figure. he thinks mccain is trying to get in.
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>> srit's like r -- and he's go to despair nl. it's a metabolic urge. i never see a story that says president trump's strategy on "x." or "y". he just doesn't do that. >> he's furniture. it seems to me there's something of snowwhite in this guy. mirror, mirror on the wall and he thinks he's hearing in the john mccain funeral and his moral superiority and the fact he went and just a week or two ago we got the word of how trump
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has a concierge doctor that got him out of the war. >> let's set aside that this is not just president trump wanting to talk about all sorts of things other than the mueller report. what the president is haunted by the john mccain funeral. i was on the phone the day with you john mccain was laid to rest. if you're a president sitting in the row, you're thinking this is what my funeral is going to look like. president trump had to be thinking that's not what my funeral is going to look like. the fact he's mentioning him is based on a lie. george papadopoulos was bragging to an australian diplomat. that person said hey, they have dirt on hillary clinton coming from russia and based on how he's attacking john mccain is based onb a lie.
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>> the national cathedral telling nbc the washington national cathedral was honored to host the funeral service for john mccain. no funeral at the cathedral requires the approval of the president or any other government oofficial. two days after senator mccain's death, family spokesman, rick davis, said this. >> the combined efforts of the trumped a m trump administration, secretary mattis and the military district washington are rel -- and we thank them for coming together quickly and playing together all the federal resources. >> i guess this was only on television, which the president watches relentlessly. i know you're a a baseball guy
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and i was thinking of yogi bearau's line if you don't go to other people's funerals, they won't go to yours. >> he's angry about fill in the blank. what was the first controversy of this president? the size at the inauguration. photographic evidence disproved his claims and it didn't matter. he stands in front of the wall of honor of people who have died in service of the cia and bragged. >> let's take a look. >> he's protective of me and that's what people should take from this is i'm not being asked to choose between my marriage and my job. the president has never made me feel that way.
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>> you have to do some soap opera explan ayes. why is the president going after george? why is george go after the president? you're nuts. that's very strong. i hear he's a very smart guy, by the way. george. >> he and other republicans thought of this administration and the campaign was a campaign. he's going to govern like a regular president. we all remember those conversations, right? >> hope springs eternal. >> he and so many others are tweeting and angry. kellyanne conway is stuck in the middle in the way no one would want to be. she has a job to do while her husband is attacking her boss. there are people who criticize her about the way she defends the administration. but she's not been picking fights the way her husband has.
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so it leaves you to shake your head. >> most of us grew up with the idea that once you become president the office does something to you and we never thought of harry truman as anything more than a kansas city paul. roosevelt once said his idea of being president was to be franklin roosevelt. the horror is president trump's idea of being president is being donald trump. that's the horror story we've unleashed here. >> the alcumists used to say we can turn led into gold. i think 270 electoral votes turned loud into a president. that's not how the chemistry works. >> thank you. come up, unraveling the mueller mysteries. the unanswered questions as washington waits for the report
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the president said the public should see the final report. how is that for a flip? a new poll shows that public agrees 87%. and who are these people that don't think it should be made public? attorney general william barr is not obligated to do so legally. was the president, through his business dealings or otherwise compromised by russia? anyone else, donald trump jr., prince, whoever? be charged. why did manafort share polling data with a russian intelligence operative. and why has the president attacked the investigation? let's take a look. >> regardless of recommendation i was going to fire comey knowing there was no good time to do it. and in fact when i decided to just do it, i said to myself, you know this russia thing with
4:20 pm
trump and russia is a made up story. >> i am disappointed in the attorney general. he should not have recused himself. i have president putin. he just said it's not russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be. >> look, comey is a leaker and a liar. >> so very simply michael cohen is liing. >> i never directed him to do anything wrong. whatever he did, he did on his own. he's a lawyer. >> the question was asked about pardons with respect to paul manafort. i think they asked would you? i said i'm not taking anything off the table. there should have never been a special counsel in my opinion. it's an illegal investigation. chuck rosenberg, former u.s. attorney and senior fbi official. and washington bureau chief. i'm go doing flip these cards and go to the bottom line. you're great at this.
4:21 pm
a motivational question. if he's innocent of the main charge of culose with the russians, advancing a russian conspiracy, also or possibly as well guilty of obstruction of justice for intimidating comey, the whole works, why did he do all that if he's innocent? why are you acting like you did it? >> one of the things we struggle with is to get into someone's mind. the more the president talks about all the things that he didn't do and others did to him and why this is a witch hunt and a hoax, the more it illuminates what we call consciousness of guilt. i know he talk as lot about how everything has turned on him and against him and it's all unfair. and to mooe us that's consciousness of guilt. >> is that what they meant by
4:22 pm
returning to the scene of the crime? >> you drive by the bank that you robbed over and over and over again to see if anyone's investigating the bank robbery. so the president -- >> like the guy who starts the fire goes back and watches the fire? >> right. his words, tweets, actions seems to be concerned about something. did he commit a crime? i don't know. >> if he's opposing all these vezs on pure kaungs tuesdayal grounds, like it's wrong to question a guy, there's so much prim primau facingy evidence that they were in regular dealing with russian figures close to the kremlin. >> absolutely. there's reams of evidence. the other psychological element here, whether or not trump actually conspired directly with the russians, he wants people to thin he won this election fair
4:23 pm
and square, just like he denied that hillary clinton won the popular vote. he wants to deny that he wanted their help and they helped him. there's also the sense of denial, extreme denial. that he might have only won the electoral vote because the russians put him over the edge. >> he's still fighting with hillary clinton in the way he's fighting with john mccain. >> we have to remember in this scandal, which i thin you can argue is the most kaungs kwenco presidential scandal in history, he basically helped the russians get away with the atab. while they were attacking the election, he kept saying it wasn't happening. evilen after he received briefings that it was. he wants to cover up the taint and this profound act of
4:24 pm
betrayal. he wants to us forget that he lied to the american public about dealing withpute andn russia and putin's own ooffice while campaigning in order to make hundreds of millions of dollars. there's so much he did that is wrong and we've gotten focussed on the criminal side of this, which he wants, because if he can't be indicted and he can argue the collusion case, he's already done so much though that if we weren't living in these tribalized time of politics, he would have been raked over the coals and the public would have rejected him for this. >> jerry ford, he pardoned nixon. everybody like me was saying ib want to know what happened. will we, in this report when it comes out, next wednesday, who knows when, will we get a sense of what happened with russia and
4:25 pm
trump? >> as you know watergate came out 40 years later. >> will -- >> here's the problem. you have stuff that will inevitably be in the report that you shouldn't see because it's classified or grand jury information. there's a way to handle classified information. there's a way to handle grand jury information. but if you have ongoing investigations and i imagine we do in the southern district of no new york and elsewhere, that should remain confidenseal. >> i was going to say the one thing that they did have is they didn't really have a report in watergate. they had a a road map to follow what the grand jury testimony and the evidence told them. and the same thing could happen here. you may not get a report from mueller but you may and we already do have from the litany,
4:26 pm
the variety of indictments and proscuss that have already taken place, there's a a pretty good road map already for congress to follow. the op-ed, james comey writes, even though i believe mr. trump is morally unfit to be president of the united states, i'm not rooting for mr. mueller to demonstrate that he is a criminal. i'm also not rooting for him to clear the president. i'm rooting for a can demonstration that world that the united states has a justice system that works because there are people who believe in it and rise above tribalism. i don't think he's that pis that he doesn't cay what happens. it would be nice to know weir rar country of law. >> there's the law and finding out what the heck happened. they're they're not the same thing.
4:27 pm
it's not his job to tlel. his job is to prosecute cases. i think we're hyping this. he only has to tell the attorney general what his prosecutorial decisions were. >> comey went beyond that with hillary clinton -- he went out and said i don't like her. i'm not indicting her. >> and he got reamed for that. the real issue is what you were talking about. whatever mueller presents to the attorney general, there's still an obligation for the public to know. mueller's report could literally be a dozen pages that tell us nothing new. it's not the end of the game here. >> i think it's important as a citizen and i think commentator, it would be nice to know what's going on in 2016.
4:28 pm
>> we know russia interfered in our election. we know the president and his campaign had interactions with the russians. we know the russians tried to directly help the campaign. the public needs know how far that went. how far up the chain so we can feel confident in our system of justice and our system of democracy. >> so we can put next to the 2016 election the little thing like barry bonds. what's her name? >> armstrong. >> and yeah, he got the election but. we got enough information from mueller to have that in the history books. >> unanimous analysis and opinion that we have an asterisk there. they can't tell us how many votes flipped, how many people changed their minds. they can tell us and have told us that the russians interfered
4:29 pm
in the election to benefit trump. >> would it say that trump helped him. >> well, he did help him by making it a political issue. >> and that's a fascinating open question that i hope mueller answers and i hope we get to read it. >> what do they want with that except to do the micromarketing of voters the stuff we know goes on today. hillary. thank you, caroline. what a beautiful name. my daughter's a caroline. also beautiful names. up next what are democrats looking for when it comes to candidate? sharon brown, who recently left, well, never really got in it. the introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger,
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welcome back to "hardball." with 319 days, there are over 100 presidential candidates in the field. not on that list, former vice president joe biden. biden's team is toads be discussing a a number of unconventional ideas. and one idea being debated by some of his advisors is announcing a vice presidential running mate out the gate with
4:34 pm
stacey abrams of georgia as that v.p. choice. and skepticism from one democrat in the house leadership. >> i thin it would be a mistake for joe biden to come out or any other candidate and announce a running mate right out of the gate. that's taking a lot for granted. >> i'm joined by sherry brown from ohio. what do you think of that talk of a ticket from the gate? >> i don't know. it's a huge number of candidates. i live jim cliburn and i trust his judgement. we were with him and his daughters in south carolina two or three weeks ago. we'll see how it all plays out. i assume joe biden gets in the race. i assume he dwiwill do some interesting things in this race. i think we'll have but i don't
4:35 pm
predict things very often but perhaps the most diverse ticket we've ever had. so we'll see. >> i listen constantly. you were thinking of getting into itb i think. what did you see in terms of the stressors on the party? the base? that that's african-americans mainly. who's turn is it? is it their turn? >> the voters in the primaries are going to decide. i think the winner in this, the person -- here's where i will make a prediction, the person who becomes a nominee will be the candidate, man or woman, has done the best job talking about the dignity of work, talking about honoring and respecting work, talking about the democratic party being the party of workers and come january 20th, 2021, whoever raises his
4:36 pm
or her right hand will include in that speech discussion of the dignity of work. it's not a slogan and it's how they will govern. i think which ever candidate does that the best, about dignity of work and how they will govern with those messages and through the eyes of workers is the next president. >> do you think it's odd heading to 2020 that three frontrunners in the democratic party that is dominated by women, that three top people running right now are bernie sanders, joe biden and beto right now in some of these numbers. i guess kamala harris is three. but is it still a door open for a white male? to put an all white male ticket together or is that out of the question? >> i think bernie and joe are
4:37 pm
leading because they're the best known. joe's been around for 45 years in politics and vice president eight of those. bernie was obviously the runner up candidate four years ago. and anybody getting in the race knows not necessarily those are the two to beat, but those are the two that are go toing to lead through the spring and summer until the candidates really mix it up and then we'll see who comes out. i don't thin that matters much what the polls say. >> i think democrats, whoever the candidate is has faced three vulnerabilities. one is open borders. yeah, i got the wall. i got something. they got nothing . the other is soelsism. and third is late-term abortion which a lot of people don't like the idea of late-term abortion. i think those three witnesses.
4:38 pm
it's possible trump can win with those three things going for him even as weak as he is. >> it's unlikely if democrats do this right. trump has betrayed workers, number one. he promised workers there would be jobs coming in. instead since he was elected, we've lost 4500 jobs in that plant and thousands more in the region in an area of half a million people. he's betrayed workers and all the promises he's made. he give as tax cut to the richest people in the country and they then want to raise the eligibility raise for medicare or go after social security, medicare, head start. all the values stand for. i run in a state that's increasingly conservative and more republican than sometimes i'd like it. i go to areas where they know i'm pro-choice.
4:39 pm
they knowi i've been for marriae equality but i get a lot of their votes because i talk about the dignity of work. i talk about their kid getting into sinclair and getting breaks in life. i talk about haealth care for their kids and parents. and you take the debate and you make the contrast between who we are and who trump is and what he stands for and we win no matter the background nose and all the white noise that he keepsperting out there. >> when i hear you i believe you. senator from ohio. remember a few years ago when a high ranking government official got into hot water for releasing her, her private email accounts. now the house oversight committee wants to know more about ivanka trump and jared kushner's now admitted use of private email accounts to
4:40 pm
conduct white house business. i think we're back in the problem area. that's up next. that's up next
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welcome back to "hardball." while trump supporters still shout lock her up over hillary clinton's use of a plirivate eml server while secretary of state. and jared kushner continues to use whatsapp. according to the presidential records act, officials are prohibited from using electronic messaging accounts.
4:44 pm
unless they forward it to their email. when asked how kushner preserves records of his conversation, his lawyer said he takes screen shots of those communications and forwards them to his official white house email account and confirmed that kushner had communications with people outside of the united states. while cnn reported last year that he talked to the notorious saudi prince using whatsapp. when asked if he's ever used to it discuss classified information, he said that's above my pay grade. he ever said that they were with officials or foreign leaders, but with some people. they have failed to produce many of the documents on federal records law and asked them to confirm by march 28th, whether
4:45 pm
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4:49 pm
cummings not only revealed that kushner use as private messaging app to do business but that ivanka trump continues to receive emails on her pursesinal email account. the "washington post" reported in november that ivanka used the personal email account to send hundreds of of emails just last year. and cummings said the committee has documents that the former deputy national security advisor used the personal email for their official business. there's reported at least seven members of trump's white house have used for their work. and heidi, national political correspondent. heidi, lock her up. i always thought that was the weirdest thing to get excited about. but the passion of the republican rallies, and that's
4:50 pm
what they are, against hillary clinton was she used a private server. >> i was there. there was not a place, kwl it was fein bs or north carolina whether there weren't men with signs yelling lock her up. the saturation coverage. the number one issue was hillary clinton's emails. so there's not a sole that can claim ignorance over the law and procedures in the white house. >> he constantly attacked her while she was secretary of state. >> it's unbelievable how hillary clinton got away with the email lie, the email scam, the email corruption. she should have been disqualified for running for president from the first batch of emails. we know hillary can't be trusted. we've learned that.
4:51 pm
you take a look at her email situation. can we trust her with our security? if that were a republican that what she did, they would have been in jail 12 months ago. i guarantee you we're going to be talking about those emails every moment of every day. >> what about the royal family's emails? jared and ivanka? >> if you're going to be a phoney, at least be sincere about it. >> what do you make of the fact that they did this after the experience of all the lock her up nonsense? >> it's kind of counterdeflection trump has. meaning i hope you don't find i should be locked up. she's a liar. meaning i'm the liar. and they do this all the time to deflect attention away from themselves. but this is pretty jaw dropping.
4:52 pm
>> i forget the name. apparently this whatsapp does is destroy itself. so there's no way to trace it. >> after all the vinvestigation and probes into hillary clinton, they found three with a class a and on this there may have been indeed more serious classified information traded here if the reporting was accurate that kushner was communicating, specifically with cnn's report of the saudi crown prince and other officials who apparently was using her ao lrl account. so there was very much a concern that there were actual state secrets and classified information that may have been exchanged.
4:53 pm
i say may because we don't have the information. and if you talk to the lawyer for kushner. i never said who he was trading messages with. friends and so the points stands that we don't have all the information and it appears that white house is not going to agree to give us the information. >> let's remember this is compounded by the fact that jared kushner tried four times to get a security clearance. we got someone kwhooz rr really entitled to a security clearance who is handling classified material with foreign leaders. >> he's talking about a grand plan to give land to saudi, and give to jordanian land. and he's nobody. who is he to go after this stuff. and his brother is going after teresa may.
4:54 pm
they're acting like they're running the world these people. >> the rules don't apply to them. >> their daddy never sent them to bed i guess. >> yes. >> up next my personal thanks to the man who will become the longest living president. becom longest living president you control your blood sugar
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justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your god. and that's "hardball" for now. or softball. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. tonight on "all in." >> threat come out. let people see it. >> as the world awatsz some word from robert mueller. >> the fact they don't respond to one single request begs the question why? >> disturbing new details about the president's top aid. >> she's so formal. >> concerns about how they handle classified information. >> the president had no involvement pertaining to my clearance or my husband's clearance. >> jared's done an outstanding job. >> the investigation into jared kushner and ivanka trump. >> it's always corruption.


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