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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  March 22, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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make sure everybody has health and everybody is safe. he did that for his own family. there is a rub there between what message has to come out in the public health arena. >> dr. dave campbell, thank you very much. we'll be following all day here on msnbc, whether or not the mueller report is going to be released, that's the big story of the morning. that does it for us, stephanie ruhle pi ruhle, picks up all those stories. >> this rmorning zeroing in speculation growth that the mueller report could dropped any moment. james comey of what he hopes to learn from the report. president trump continues. >> for two years we got to this nonsense, there is no collusion with russia. there is no obstruction. >> commander in tweets,
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president trump abruptly shifts middle east foreign policy on his twitter account announcing the united states will recognize israel sovereignty over the disputed golden height territory. a decision during widespread condemnation for allies around the world. >> chief howard schultz has been publicly looking for a presidential run in january. well, we got to find out where he is now. he's joining me on what he has learned over the last two months and if he's closer to mounting an independent run for the white house. >> we begin with president trump headed to mar-a-lago within the hour. maybe getting out of d.c. will help put some distance between himself and the mueller report. i have a fantastic team here to help us figure out where on earth we are going here. we are keeping a close eye on the white house and where president trump should be
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walking out, we'll wait to see if he'll answer questions. a new interview with the president aired on "fox business" earlier this morning. he was asked what he's expecting from the report. >> i have a department to write a report of me to make a determination on my presidency. people will not stand for it. with all of that being said for two years we have gone through this nonsense. there is no collusion with russia, you know that better than anybody. there is no obstruction, oh, wait, there is no collusion, that was a hoax. he obstructed in fighting against the hoax. >> quite sure people will stand for that. as we watch and wait for mueller's findings. james comey have written an opt-ed for the new york times, he's not hoping for any particular outcome. he writes this. i am rooting for a demonstration to the world and most of all to our president and his enables that the united states has a justice system that works.
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there are people who believe in it and who rise above personal interests and tribalism. completing the investigation would be a victory in of itself. of course, no matter what happens with the special counsel, democrats in the house are moving ahead with multiple investigations into the president and his associates. on thursday, the white house pushed back rejecting a request for documents pertaining to the president with trump's communications with guess who? vladimir putin. the white house council wrote that the constitution gives the president the sole authority to conduct foreign affairs. policy disagreements with the president's decisions on those matters do not create a legislative right to review the president's diplomatic communications with foreign leaders? what does it mean for jared and
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his whatsapp account? right now, rudy giuliani, remarks regarding the mueller report and special counsel. nbc's kristen welker is at the white house. it is interesting rudy giuliani as of late said i don't have much to say. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: he's speaking out. i spoke to him late last night. rudy giuliani saying at this point, they are not expecting anymore indictments once the mueller report is released. that's significant because it is one of the big questions that we all have. will there be any more indictments. of course rudy giuliani can't know that. again that's what the legal team is anticipating. mueller is seeking to answer that central question. did the trump campaign collude with russia? rudy giuliani says he met with president trump for about 20 minutes at the white house yesterday.
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the president's mood was fine and his outcome of all of this according to rudy giuliani, when it comes out, it comes out. rudy giuliani acknowledging that everyone is playing the waiting game. look, they are prepared to respond if and when it is determined that mueller turns over his report to the attorney general, william barr. what will the reaction be from the president's legal team? rudy giuliani telling me it is going to be restrained of the tone of whatever statements they put out will be similar to look, we'll reserved and commenting until we get to read the report. rudy giuliani added quoth "if there are something factually in at rate stated, we'll respond appropriately." kelly o'donell reported yesterday that the legal team prepared a counter report. they have not yet decide if they are going to put out that counter report. they are watching and waiting for rudy giuliani.
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they have not had any substance with the special counsel before christmas. i press the special counsel whether the president would sit down and there is a lot of speculation. look, the bottom line is they answered a number of mueller questions and they gave him all the information he was asking for in addition to the thousands of documents that was turned over, important to underscore that's rudy giuliani saying that. we watch and wait on this friday, steph. >> indeed we do, feels like baby watch. i have a great team here to break all of this down. greg broward, a former assistant director for the fbi. cynthia, msnbc legal analyst. and basil smikle, former director of the new york state democratic party. greg, to you first, what is your
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sense of whether or not there are indictment coming and put into perspective for us because the average person watching thinks it is all or nothing here. this report and it is over. when this report is only a portion of what's going on. >> good morning. the question of whether more indictments are coming is the big question, it is impossible for anyone on the outside to know. on one hands you have the fact that this investigation has been going on for a long time. there are many, many cooperating witnesses and apparently providing hours and hours of cooperating information and so that would normally suggest that additional indictments would be forthcoming. on the other hand, we now see that some key figures on the mueller team have left or announced their departure. that would suggest that maybe the investigation is wrapped up in terms of additional indictments and the report is forthcoming here quickly.
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it is impossible to know. >> cynthia. what happens to all those sealed indictments that are sitting in washington? what happens to the southern district of new york and what they are doing? >> eventually all those sealed indictments will be unsealed. we don't know if it is mueller's or a big drug conspiracy in d.c. we don't know that. there are a couple of big things that are not resolved. the stone indictment has a lot of hypotheticaints in it. it is almost for shadowing an indictment. we need stone to be prosecuted to see if he flips. the last big question mark is don jr., what is going to happen to him and why has he not been interviewed? a lot of unanswered questions would suggest to me either it is a bomb shell report with a lot of information or it is not time
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for the report. >> some are saying this thing is going to be a dud. it is amazing of people use of what's going to be in the report. to the best of my knowledge, we never heard of mueller's voices. >> it was a conspiracy indictment without a conspiracy charge. the language of that indictment tracks our ordinary conspiracy indictment. there are a couple of data points. if people would go back to august 2018 and read the george papadopoul papadopoulos' sentence memo. it says papadopoulos lied about his contacts with russians on dirt with hillary clinton and his own outreach on behalf of the campaign. that's collusion right there. and the final data point, you got roger stone talking about look, he's cooperating and colluding with a senior trump campaign official.
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that's more collusion. i think there is going to be blockbuster evidence in this report, perhaps contrary to what others think. >> and stay with me here, let's say it is roger stone and jerome corsy and papadopoulos. the president will be thrilled if it was those people. we have not mentioned jared kushner and ivanka. if roger stone and corsy went down, the republicans would take it as a swing. >> everything is to filtered through him and mandate to come down. i think it will be incredible to say all of his under links were involved in this and he does not know anything about it. >> matt, how do you think republicans are going to happened l thhandle this going forward especially many lawmakers quietly stood by
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the president don't have any ties. their hands are pretty much clean. >> i think a lot of democrats set a high bar for what's going to be in the report and i have seen in the last few months. they tried to tamp this down a little bit. anything sort of what you are talking about is a collusion. trump could say this is a win politically. all these committee and people investigating him. one of the most effective line of attack against house democrats last cycle was they would grind d.c. to a halt and there is no legislative agenda. >> would you compare that to mitch mcconnell blocking president obama for eight years, how would you compare that? >> president obama got legislative things through. if democrats are not going to have a proactive legislative agenda, that could backfire. this could be a choice in 2020.
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>> they can't walk and chew gum at the same time? >> so far they have not been shown to. >> i am sure we saw the house take action on gun legislation. the first time we have seen that in ten years. the president have been hosting infrastructure 17 times and nothing got done. we can't blame democrats for that. >> let's talk trade deals. that's something that can get done of all three house and senate and the president on the same side. there is little movement on the house on that. if democrats want to do this, look i get paid to follow these things and hard for me to keep track of all the investigations. it is easy for republicans to pile it up in one thing. if they harness right. >> basil, i want to see something else james comey says. he wants to let the public pass
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judgment on trump next fall. do you think democrats agree with that? >> i think democrats agree to that to a point. i have always been skeptical that the mueller report would not have anything that reach the legal or political bar for impeachment. that was always a concern. if we are asking for it and we don't get there and nancy pelosi for some extent is taking it off the table, if we don't reach that bar, what else are we going to ask the american public. we have 13 or 15 candidates right now. you will have a lot of people actually talking about whatever comes out of the this report and being able to hammer at the administration for all of its consistency and in ability to govern. we have to make the case that we can offer the american people a less chaotic and compromised presidency. with all of what's happening in the background, the southern district of new york is also investigating. a lot of these things are going to take on a life of their own
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that we don't need to come out and bang a way at it day after day. that robs the american people of an opportunity and talk about real policies for a change. >> we'll leave it there. we are following several breaking stories overseas right now including two u.s. service members killed in afghanistan. the u.s. tightening sanctions in north korea and reaction to president trump's tweet that it is time for the united states to recognize israel sovereignty over the golden heights. andrea mitchell is joining us live from israel. growing buzz around mike gravel of alaska and a possible 2020 run. last night on jimmy fallon. >> the race had barely started and it already gotten crazy. mike gravel is thinking of
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we are working to make things simple, easy and awesome. welcome back, i am stephanie ruhle. we need to get you caught up on what's going on around the world. first, the war in afghanistan, two u.s. service members were killed today as part of the u.s. coalition there. the u.s. death toll in the country to four so far this
6:19 am
year. tension seems to be rising with north korea as the trump administration announces its first sanction on the country after the failed summit that took place three weeks ago. two chinese shipping companies with close ties to the regime has been listed as sanction violator. the president is shifting a shift on u.s. policy on twitter, it is time for america to recognize the israel sovereignty over over the golan heights. >> you said it is time for the u.s. to recognize its sovereignty on the golan heights, why now? >> i have been thinking about doing it for a long time. it is a hard decision for presidents. >> it is not about benjamin netanyahu's reelection? >> no. i would not know about that. andrea mitchell is joining me
6:20 am
live from jerusalem. lay out the significance of this policy. >> reporter: it was completely unnecessary. the timing is very suspicious. there was no reason after all these years and decades to do it now of the israeli election. it is popular of not just benjamin netanyahu's base but broadly popular of this move with people on the left right and center and benjamin netanyahu's retired chief of staff endorsed it and says he's going to washington to speak to the israel jewish lobbying group and thank the president for his decision. there is that. if benjamin netanyahu is polling behind but this could help him catch up. the other significance is it puts the arab leaders who jared kushner, in the white house for hoping is going to endorse their peace plan which we have yet to
6:21 am
see. it puts them on the spot with their population and makes it difficult. now the u.s. in violation of u.n. sanction and international law is backing israel ability to have sovereignty over the disputed land after 52 years, it makes it hard for any arab leaders to endorse the u.s. peace plan. >> let's turn to north korea, there are senior officials who are saying they are maintaining economic measure by enforcing new sanctions. they also say it is not a major push to escalate pressure. i don't understand how both things can be true. sanctions, that's pressure. >> sanctions are pressure trying to close the loophole. there is so much cheating on what we have been reporting. shift to shift cheating with the north koreans reflagging and repainting shifts and getting
6:22 am
millions of dollars for illegal oil shipped in and coal shipped out keeping their economy afloat. the fact is the president and his advisers are saying yes, we are open to talks. we want to reopen talks. we did not just walk out on the deal that was shutting down diplomacy. there are ominous signs. we have been reporting on signs that north korea had been rebuilding and reconstituting some of its sites. that was one that kim had promised back in singapore back? june that he would be disma dismantling. they are amping up and they could be move to that stage which would set off a could wanter reaction from the u.s. we are in a holding pattern and the other thing that happened today is that north korea suddenly moved out, pulled out of talks that we are about to get underway with south korea on
6:23 am
their economic relationships. the north is acting very tough in response to the u.s. walk out. and unclear how they're going to get things back on track. >> unclear that's for sure. andrea, thank you so much. >> you bet. >> coming up, what ever happens to civility? we talk about it here and it is a key theme for the 2020 white house hopefuls especially for this former starbucks, howard schultz, he spent the last two months touring the country. we'll find out does this issue resonates with voters. i am going to speak to him live. an incredible display of unity. please take a look at this picture taken today in new zealand. members of the christchurch community formed a human chain surrounding the entire block around one of the two mosques that was attacked by a gunman one week ago today.
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we continue and you to track gun violence. according to the trace, there had been more than 11,000 gun incidents so far in 2019, 662 of them happened since monday. please consider these numbers, please.
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we have been talking a lot this week about civility in the wake of president trump's comment on former senator john mccain. this morning the president decided to double down on them. >> i am not a fan, he was horrible what he did with repeal and replace. what he did to the republican party and the nation and sick people that could have had great healthcare who was not good. i am not a fan with john mccain and that's fine. here is the thing. the president he does not believe those comments are even dev divisive. >> do you feel the responsibility to bring the nation together? >> i do. i am in a certain way bringing it together. a big portion in this nation has been united like it has never been before. >> it is amaze thing that the
6:29 am
president thinks that. >> my next guest thinks truth and dignity needs to make a thunderous come back. i am talking about howard schultz who's exploring a possible run, he joins me now in denver. welcome. it was the end of january when you announced this run and you have been traveling the country the last two months. tell me what you are seeing? is it a more united country? >> i have been on the road for seven weeks. i am in denver today. the crowds are getting larger and people are responding with great enthusiasm of what i am saying that the two-party system is broken. there is a great need for civility and honesty and a level of grace and dignity, not only in our politics but in our everyday life. people recognize there is a serious problem regarding to the
6:30 am
president. regarding of what you played and what he said about senator mccain, in my view it is disgusting for the president of the united states to say those kinds of things about an american hero who served seven years in a p.o.w. camp. he does set the tone for the character of the nation. no president in the history of the country who have done a worst job. we need a change. the american people is longing for a leadership that he can trust for a set of values and grace and truth. that's what i have been talking about. i will say one last thing. if the democrats win the white house in 2020, there is no evidence whatsoever that there will be any change in our politics. if a socialist democrat runs for president, president trump in my mind will get reelected. there is a better way and a
6:31 am
petter choice and it is resonating. there is a path to 270. this is real and this is a great opportunity to disrupt and transform our politics. >> over the last seven weeks, there are democrats who are not democratic socialists who have now entered the race. governor hickenlooper now has his hat in the ring. where do you see a potential path for you if there is a governor hickenlooper and beto o'rourke or joe biden.
6:32 am
>> i am not concerned of who the nominees will be. what i have been saying the last seven weeks over the last 40 years, i have a track record building global business that provided healthcare and ownership and free college tuition to every employee demonstrating the level of capitalism is humane. you can do both, you can make money and do great things for your people. it is part of our free enterprise system. what we do need is for business leaders to understand that we need to do more. this comes down to the kind of leadership necessary to transform our government. what i have been saying and what's resonating with people all over the country that people recognize the two parties are broken. there is revenge politics
6:33 am
everyday. i am warching what's happening city after city. the crowds are getting larger. i can sense that people are hungry for change and transformation. >> no doubt. what makes you think you can help get that done if you're inside politics. in your book you wrote selling the super sonics was a big regret. when you dealt with it, you realized it is so difficult to deal with government on a state level. if you take this message and idea on a national level. i think of when president obama won. he has a message of hope a, optimism and change. he walked in the door and mcconnell says nope, you are not getting anything done. why do you think if you sat in the oval office that you can change the system. >> let's examine that. if i run for president and
6:34 am
fortunate enough to win, i will go in with no enemy. >> and no friends. >> that's not true. i think that the mandate from the american people would be so powerful sending an independent person to the white house for the first time since george washington and willingness on my part to work with both sides to accept the fact that there are good ideas under republicans and democratic side and i am open for business. i want to embrace both sides. there is no evidence, almost a guarantee that we are going to continue this level of ideology and revenge politics and the country is on the clock. we need change and transformation. we need to reimagine the government but most importantly, we need to solve problems for the american people. we got to solve the national debt. we got to solve the healthcare crisis and climate change and reinvent k through 12. who's going to do this?
6:35 am
is president trump going to do this? what he's interested in is insig incitement and fear and hate. i am interested in love and grace and truth and bringing the american people together. what he says everyday is a falsehood. the man does not speak the truth. it is not reasonable for the american people to accept a president that brings such dishonor when the character and tonality of the american people is set by the president and not only here but abroad. i will bring honor and truth and grace and dignity not only back to the white house but back to the american people who are hungry and longing to come together. this is our time to do it. it is our time for change.
6:36 am
it is time for disruption and transformation. the american people are ready for it. howard, we'll take a quick break. i want you to stay with me. on the other side of the break, you mentioned what you did in business. you created conscious capitalism before anyone else. this week we heard from jamie dimon claiming that private business needs to do just that, step up and close the in equality gap. i want to talk to you on the other side how you if you are in the oval office, could there be more businesses to follow soon? stick around with me please. >> okay, thank you. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume, we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia.
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welcome back, i am speaking to former chairman and ceo of starbucks, howard schultz, who's exploring a possible run for the white house. i mentioned jaime dimon was talking about the bifurcated economy saying companies need to step up. you stepped up at starbucks and you created conscious capitalism. if you are in the white house, how would you possibly get companies to quote "do the right thing," is the answer regulation? >> i don't think the answer is regulation. you bring you such an important point. the last couple of months, capitalism has been billified. >> the part of it is the disparity between worker pay and ceo pay had never been greater,
6:41 am
the ha . >> i completely agree with that. let there are great companies and there is certainly bad actors. i would never given a 21% tax cut to corporate america without an incentive built into businesses to do more for their employees. i come from a place that has created a company in which our stock prices of 25,000 % since we went public for 2002. so i know what i am talking about. what i am seeing is the government should not mandate business, there should be a tax incentive built into provide the employees of the company, a level of education and retraining and maternity leave, gender pay and all these things that are humane and part of our
6:42 am
society. i think businesses and business leaders must recognize that they have much more to do that the rules of engagement for businesses and business success are changing. we need to change with it, especially when the government is going to be hamstringed to not be able to do much given the amount of recklessness both p party put on national debt. >> no one nails it in business like you but business and washington are not the same. you can't take what was done in business and apply it to washington. any former presidents will tell you that's the case. they grew so frustrated once they sat in the chair. the rules have not changed. >> i can be different because i have a 40-year track record. >> in business. >> but what we are talking about stephanie, we are not talking about business, we are talking about what is in the interest of the american people. we are also talking about
6:43 am
leadership. servant leadership. the next president of the united states must not only transform the way government works but must recognize that the inequality that exists in america must be narrowed in a way that it is not only bipartisan agreement of how to do that. we must bring in businesses and business leaders. what better person can you select than someone who had done this before and have credibility with business leaders across the country and demonstrating the fact that you can do both. you can create a financial performance at a high level and at the same time doing wealthier employees. the most important question is this, what kind of country do we want to live in? do we want to live in a country consistently that's led by two parties that's not interested in collaboration and compromise. do we want to live in the quia
6:44 am
where the president degrades everyday? >> the answer is no. >> i know we talked about this in the country don't care about politics. they want to live their best lives and take care of their families. gdp 3.1%, the president thinks we are living in the greatest economy ever. you and i know that's not the case. how do we make the economy stronger? >> that's a falsehood when this president uses the stock market for a proxy. 40% of the american people don't have $400 in case of an emergency. >> we need comprehensive tax reform and wealthy are paying more and everything we can to reimagine k through 12 education. we need to lower the premiums of healthcare since the affordable care act are up to two times. so these are complex problems that need to be solved that will not be solved under the current
6:45 am
administration and under republican democratic leadership. what i am saying and what's resonating is people recognize that these are significant problems. what you are saying are exactly right. the american people don't care about politics. they care about their everyday life. what i have seen around the country and every city is ordinary americans doing extraordinary things but there is a sadness and clouds hanging over the country because of their lack of faith of what's going on. we node eed to change that. what's going to change that is not wishing what's going to change. the significant reimagination of the government and a new kind of leader. if i choose to run for president and fortunate enough to win. what i can tell you and bring to the white house is a level of servant leadership, truth and honesty and dig anity and solve these problems that have been kicked to 10 or 20 years that needs to be solved in the interest of the american people to restore their faith in
6:46 am
government and leadership and restore the american dream. >> howard -- we got to move on. we are in rapid fire. israel, president trump is saying it is time for the u.s. to recognize israel sovereignty over the golan heights. do you support the president on this move? >> no, i don't. i will tell you why. as someone who's jewish and been to israel a number of times. the answer to this question is not what he did in the golan heights. the answer is we need a two-state solutions. the palestinians and israeli people are living in harmony. we are ways away from that. the long-term solution is that. not what the president of the united states is doing. it reminds me of a different way o of the unilateral decision that he made when he woke up one day deciding we should remove our
6:47 am
troops from syria and allowing iran to have a stronghold in the middle east. it is detrimental for our troops in the middle east. he does not understand the long-term strategic views of what's in our national interest. this is a real problem that's not getting discussed. what are we talking about? leadership, thoughtfulness and listening to your advisers and doing everything you possibly can to uplift the american people. the american people deserve better than this president and the revenge politics of the republicans and democrats. >> in doing so you got to deal with 100 senators and 435 members of the house. joe biden had done that before. his message is not that dissimilar to yours. if joe biden puts his hat in the ring, what would you do? >> i know vice president biden well. i don't know if he's going to en enter the race or not.
6:48 am
joe biden is a democrat, he's going to have the same problems that obama had before him and president trump is having now. this is a two-party system that's in business everyday, not to serve the american people but serve their own self interest. if i run for president and fortunate enough to win, i do not go into the oval office as a democrat or a republican but an independent that wants to work with both sides. that's the major difference and deeply committed to solving real structural problems that had been with us for decades that needs to be solved now. >> you have been on the road for seven weeks, are you any closer? will you be announcing a run? >> what i have said publicly. >> well, you are in public right now. >> i know -- late spring early summer, i will make a decision and stephanie, you will be the first people to know. >> all right, howard, i appreciate it, thank you for joining me this morning. howard shulgchultz.
6:49 am
>> thank you. >> that's a lot, but first, we are still waiting for the mueller report which could drop any moment. we are staked out as the department of justice as well as mueller's office. as soon as it happens, you will be the first to know. about 50% of people with evesevere asthma k? have too many cells called eosinophils in their lungs. eosinophils are a key cause of severe asthma.
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it is time for money, power politics. listen to this. there has been a huge amount of important talk about income inequally in the last week. jamie diamond even bringing attention to the imbalance when he says -- when he says the economy has been split with the poor left behind. a friend and professor pointed out want of the prominent examples with the college admissions scandal. it's a small part of an income inequality reaches oh tipping point. one of three correcting america schisms takes place. war, famine or revolution. scott joins me now.
6:54 am
he's a professor and author. scott, we have acknowledged this problem. we know this. we've been talking about it for at least eight years. rich a getting richer. poor are being left behind. how significant is it when a guy like jamie diamond is talking about it. you know the do the right thing idea unless you force a company's hand, they don't have to. it's not what their model is. >> yeah. people will always serve their own interests. jamie diamond and a lot of thoughtful people will talk about income inequality. they're not going to disarm unilater unilaterally. the government has a role. if we continue an environment with where we continue the upward spiral of the 1%, at some point it's human nature, and we've seen this throughout history. when you have 27 people worth
6:55 am
more than the entire wealth of the southern hemisphere, at some point the population of billions of people decides to figure out a way to double their income by either revolution or taking the wealthiest land away. to a certain extent, the top 1%'s call for addressing this issue is just self-preservation. our economy and societies are on the verge of what i would think of as sort of a soft revolution. whether it's the shaming of the parents or the immunities against big techs. >> the shaming of the parents and the pushback against big tech is just talk. you and i could say oh, my good. facebook has a huge problem. but they don't. their advertisers haven't walked away and the users haven't walked away. unless it hits the bottom line, they can turn off the news. >> 100%. in the case of big tech, we're seeing immunities.
6:56 am
germany decided they're liable. france is implementing a 3% tax. in the u.s. we need to tax large undoumts of the universities. harvard said they could double the size of the freshman class without sacrificing inequality. with their endowment, do it. despite the fact that applications to stanford trip tripled, they haven't expanded their enrollment. they are drunk on exclusively. they brag about how impossible it is to get into the school. >> that's how they get rewarded. a dean of admissions today is rewarded that way. that's how the system works. >> and we need a new way.
6:57 am
we need to think of ourselves as public servants. what we're doing as bragging is like -- >> we have to go to the president. >> i have no idea about the mueller report. i'm going to florida. we have a meeting with the caribbean leaders. that's at mar-a-lago. we have a lot of other meetings set up this weekend on trade. we have a talks with china and a lot of things happening. we'll be doing it from florida, and a lot of very important things are happening. [ inaudible question ] >> the democrats have very much proven to be anti-israel. there's no question about that. and it's a disgrace. i mean, i don't know what's
6:58 am
happened to them. but they are totally anti-israel. frankly, i think they're anti-jewish. [ inaudible question ] >> we'll be strong on the border. the number is enormous. the people we captured, people we've apprehended, but we're going to take kcare of it. we're being very, very tough at the border. [ inaudible question ] >> just a continuation of the same witch hunt. they know it. and behind closed doors, they laugh at it. it's just a continuation of the same nonsense. everybody knows. they ought to go to work, get infrastructure done and get a lot of other things done instead of wasting everybody's time. [ inaudible question ]
6:59 am
>> i can't hear you. i know nothing about it. i've never heard that. i've never heard about it. [ inaudible question ] >> we'll see what happens. it's going to be very interesting. there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. everybody knows it. it's all a big hoax. i call it the witch hunt. it's all a big hoax. we'll see what happens. i know that the attorney general highly respected. ultimately will make a decision. >> it won't be. if it is, it will only play to our advantage. >> it's all a witch hunt. we've heard the president say that before. joining me now, hallie jackson. hallie, president had a lot to say there, huh?
7:00 am
>> he did. we'll talk about it over the next hour. thank you, and thank you all for joining us. you heard the president talking about impeachment, the house investigations against him, the mueller report, reiterating that unfounded attack that he says democrats are anti-jewish. lots to does. let me start with geoff bennett at the white house. one of many members of your team on this. you were on the south lawn with the president. not surprising he called it a witch hunt on the day when all of washington is on mueller watch. >> right. i asked the president if he expected the attorney general to receive the mueller report today. he said he has no idea. you heard him repeat the chorus of no collusion. a couple things account for the president's position on all of this having spoken with some people close to the president. one, he believe this is mueller report, whenever it is turned over will exonerate him. he believes he has it right on the merits. he also knows that there's this notion of this doj notion that


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