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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  March 22, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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campaign. we're going to have to leave it there. thank you for joining us on our special coverage tonight. that is tonight's last word. "the 11th hour" with brian williams starts now. as early as this weekend, tonight, we take on the flood of questions now, including what it means for the 45th president, watching it all from florida. what does it mean for the other investigation now that this one is over. all of it, as the 11th hour gets underway on this friday night. good evening, from our nbc news
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quarterback in new york, day 792 of the trump administration, at of 5:00 pim, the mueller investigation is over. that is when official word arrived that special counsel mueller transferred his report to bill barr, mueller for his part is not recommending further indictments, the justice department said that the attorney general is reading through the report. it is up to him to decide how much of this anticipated respect will become public. we know that mueller and rod rosenstein will be assisting him going through the report. we learned that about the house and senate jurisdiction, informing them he had received
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mueller's report. quote, i am reviewing the report, and anticipate i may be in a position to advise you as soon as this weekend. so far, there hasn't been much reaction on the mueller report. the president is spending the weekend at his resort in florida. here is a quick recap of what mueller accomplished in his nearly two-year long
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investigation. he has secured guilty pleas for seven individuals, including the president's former attorney, and his national security advisor, paul manafort, and 27 indicted, dozens of russians, 37 indictments in all. without delay, bringing in a lead-off panel with attorney ne nele, he happens to be a veteran of the justice department, drafted the special counsel regs under which mueller was appoi appointed, he will be our newest legal analyst. and most importantly, host of deadline white house, each day on this network, and robert costa, reporter are if the
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washington post. welcome to you all. neil, the lawyer, and journalist, . >> neil, do you agree with that assessment? >> yes, 100%. today, the end of the beginning of the investigation, not the beginning of the end. so, there is a lot that is left. the way to think about this, think about mueller with the relay race. his baton is limited to russia. in the course of his investigation, he learns about campaign violence, all of those things, he is now passing that on to other people. the prosecutors in new york, the state attorney general of new york, as well as members of
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congress, and committees, investigating a variety of things, what happens today is the close of one chapter of a much larger story. >> it seems based on the reading today, you are the expert, what could bog this down, is the attorney general going through this, and trying to decide, not to expose sources, andth months and secrets, trying to decide who can be made public, and to whom, or prescrubbed versions with experts, to speed this process? >> sure, sometimes that happens, nobody will deny the fact, if there is sources and methods in other vrgzs, classified material, that is not something the american public should see. federal government is good to
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accomplish that purpose. if barr says i am not turning over the mueller report to congress and the american people. the questions of this question go to the central questions of our democracy, and whether or not our most the inner circle of trump were played with people who were lying, inner circle outside of the campaign. like his national i think that would be a real crime -- almost a crime against the american people. >> you have been through this 675 day long looking glass. what stands out at you as we look back through it is rearview
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mirror tonight. >> as it ends, i can't stop thinking about how it gegan. the nine-day period that lead to mueller's apoignment. we learned when that firing whaunt what we thought it was. there is so much, it wasn't perhaps an effort to obstruct. and the counter investigation into the president. what mueller absorbed, between the firing of jim comey, and the
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it wasn't if the president was oblg -- as a matter of correcting the record that is coming out. he did prove there was contact, and carolinaation between the chairman, and a, who was donald trump loyal to. if he is working on behalf of the russians. it would make sense there there any more. i think the questions are about the increase of what it will be the most sensitive part of that investigation. on the national security front,
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maybe it is most important. >> we have seen headlines on fox news, doj; no additional mueller indictments, correct, neil pointed out what their could be. what are you hearing from republicans around the president? >> there may be a celebration in florida tonight. call after call, in top sources, an air of apprehension. uncertainty of what is coming next. there may not be indictments on the horizon. house democrats have supena power. what about possible obstruction of justice. the president loves to say, no
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coclusion, republicans people fell verable about what obstruction of justice as it moves forward. >> what dochbald trump said about the dismissal of mr. comey. >> i was going to fire comey, there is no good time to do it. >> in the letter, you said you accepted the recommend egg. >> i was going to fire regardless. >> he is highly respected. i was going to fire comey. knowing there was no good time to do it. i said to myself, you know, this russia thing with trump and russia is a made up story, an
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excuse by the democrats for losing an election that he should hathey should have won. >> if he had the opportunity to be interviewed one-on-one. >> we don't know the report. we know, as costa said, republicans are apprehensive about what the report is going to say about trump. that tape is a perfect illustration. the die-hard republicans know this is a president that bends the truth at every turn, and no respect for the rule of law. we worked for two different presidents, obama, and george w.
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bush. it is unfathomable to have their they inspired us to be better. it is not true about this i think there will be attempts to suppress it. >> talking to mayor juliana, he was chuckling, waiting for the mueller report. waiting for a baby to prepare to go after each and every point this report. the in tweet after tweet, statement after tweet.
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that is the beginning so, too, are the political battles. >> that goes to the base, and everybody stays in the republican bubbles. >> very strong words and when the president was bill clinton. those to see all of those men someone who bemoans the death of the republic party. neither does this white house. we do know that president
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attempted to obstruck, the chuck ros rosenberg, donald trump went to the rose garden. such a investigation. that is my understanding, that is not an exonnereration. there are open questions, if there is exposure around witness caring. >> is it possible that mueller could come to the few things th that is a something asdin to, in this area, i thought it best
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adjusticated by congress. >> that is the way our system works. mueller move proved natrump lied to the 2016 election, saying i have no business dealers with russia. that is not a crime. but, it is something that is a when you have aemgzs like that. >> counsel, it is possible, it remains they see a held or two, they refers to the southern
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sdnlth of can drop what they want and what they have anya state prosecutors, which have congress, a branch of government. when you get to the southern district of new york, or virginia. those are federal prosecutors. it is hard to say, don't investigate further. >> the news hit at the end of nicontrol wallace's broadcast, and at the very start of chuck
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we watched it unfold live. cnn had breaking news koenk. how the move we will talk about it on the other side. >> the mueller report has been delivered to the attorney general, william barr, why don't know what, if it 8 be a matter of hours, days, weeks, months, we don't know. >> mueller lost all of his momentum. when you invite everybody for 5:00, and comes at 7. >> they care about the breakets for the ncaa, spring vacation
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and what is on nelt 36. >> i learned at the beginning of my career in politics, never to treat volters like they are -- they don't care any of the we have to be careful not to lay over too much politics. we should give voters credit. he could have unwhitingly acting like a it changes how that i have for wanting to know the
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answer to those questions. >> what they did know, the doj knows from it brings pride to my eyes to hear someone say that that is our now, we are hearing that this report is comprehensive. it means different things to different hooncht equally fitting for the seasons -- the world and between and including
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politics, for niwhat are the facts. with the president's conduct. ? everyone wants to know the truth and the facts. if you are a reporter or saturday, am who the context. >> a can you believe continue to show disthey expect nothing none
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of them are prepared to h. day n day out, this will overall the congressional front. it will change the rest of 29 friendship, and the president, the report is 6 hours, 21 minutes old. to nicole wallace, robert costa, we appreciate you starting off the broadcast for us tonight we have more on itingly and the .
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my name is tanya, i work in the network operations center for comcast. we are working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> now that mueller investigation is over, the investigation will shift to the open investigations as we have been talking about, and to congress. the first priority on the hill is to make sure that report is released to the public, as evidenced by the flurry of phone calls, there are house and sena senate, the chairs of two committees hinted tonight at what is next. >> the attorney general committed to make as much public
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as what is consistent, if he is true to that it is the entire thing. some of that evidence may go to the compromise of the president, and people around him. that poses a threat to the national security. >> the mueller report is crimes committed. our mandate is to man tain the rule of law. examing use of power and obstruction of just. >> there are active vgdss in the southern district of new york. and the common wlelth of virginia. former cia and former chief council, joyce vance, 25 years as a federal prosecutor.
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this is a big day for law. what was the biggest moment or revelation, do any of you have a lingering question. councillor, joyce, you go first. >> the most significant thing we learned came in attorney general barr's letter in the first pargraph, the thifrt first thing, there was no request to indict or to subpoena a president that was denied. that was important for the attorney general to say. with that said, there is an enormous this is unlike any
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other special council case, all over the country and on the hill. more questions left to ask than have been answered. >> jeremy barb, same question. >> there is a report. there is detail in bob mueller's findings, presented that to the attorney general. it is up to the attorney general to i think it will be a constitutional crisis if the attorney general, a presidential appointe tries to shield the findings from congress and the american people. >> frank, same question. >> the mystery is not yet solved. no more indictments, the mystery that remains, the gap in our knowledge, where we go from here, with loose ends that have
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not wrapped up. >> we will start a different vain, mueller in various forms, found a way, over the last 677 days of covering this, he found a way of telling a story as it roll much of what we know is thanks to the court papers that came out. we are poking around in the dark, without having seen anything. >> there is conjucture today running amuck. the phrase. speaking indictments, we heard the story told in a season on ned has what
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i would call speaking declanations, why he didn't ask to indict. i found all of this stuff, i think he is compromised. here is all of it. the proper of it is to begin impeachment. to move forward of think of how much they have in this investigation? is it possible they this was better handled by congress, here is what we found? >> i think it will be unlikely
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that he will tell congress explain why he didn't think the evidence warranted a criminal -- potential perjury charges, we may then he developed a great help me underscore this report. this could be mont umtal. and those who look back on the broadcast. on a friday we got the report. and marvel at how little we knew.
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how a presidential candidate, allowed itself to be under the political leverage of an adversary. that whether or not of course, the broader question is, what forei foreign -- >> robert mueller owns a baseball cap and a valid license, and drove a car to work this week. julia sat at the booth in a
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raurn, that was vacated we know is there any other work they may have to that desires for mueller before he gets out the door. >> i still believe that because it started as a counter and could you say intelligence committee a briefing.
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i am going to the hill for a briefing on the countering intelligence in terms of those who don't think of the field office. is that the most -- they have the look into the we have seep a couple of neurs who issue d thee
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is a lot left there. >> was anyone cleared? this is done, this clears me. do people whose names we have been discussing have reason to worry? >> i think they do. nobody was cleared, the hand offs were to other offices, we entered the bra the abruce of power are that is not something
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that bob mule with all of the discussion tonight, it is the security threats that gave mueller his initial charge. that and more when we come back.
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a full and thorough investigation of the russian government's intention to sbeefr with the election, the investigation has netted 37 indictments, including russian companies and intel officers, seven pleaded guilty, 16 trump associates have had contact with
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russians along the way. back with us. jeremy barb, joy -- bash. joyce. >> are we better off, for the fact that mueller's folks, the feds, were digging into it, we have the indictments, now, the trol and bot farms know we are on to them? >> i think so, the indictments from the intelligence officers sent a shot across the bow. and constitutionally troubling, usually, in a national security investigation, you would brief the president. what do you do when you suspect
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that president himself is, wedon't have a play book for when it is the president. he will have to evaluate the how do you teal in a constitutional crisis that we have before us as a nation. >> you may have made the point of the evening. the discussion we have had, your assumption that your fellow professionals in the intel community put heads down and did the job trained to do, even orders haven't come from the top? >> that's right. truth to power, their tradition and training, called out russian interference, as the president refused to.
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>> frank, how long ground in your screw, have we lost in what that another country reached into our country, and to a degree, how much have we lost in a daily fight against him? >> the dev fig of intelligence that most people use is inactionable information as jeremy said, that is great information. >> it doesn't until it is actioned. the question is, if you have all the great findings, what are we doing about it? there are reports that russian bots are on social media, trying
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to get us thinking in a certain direction toward the 20, 20 election. what are we doing to secure up our next election, until we have a chief executive to say, this could not happen again, we are in a national security risk. >> with this new vo cab laerl, it was the speaking indictments. turns out we opened the door, they came in. an extraordinary part of the story we should all read. >> the narrative story, it is an important one.
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the real problem, i think jeremy and frank hit the nail on the head. we know that russia tried to interfere with this ehaven't it has taken no steps to sure up the safety of our electionings. protobacco from further russian how should, in your view, americans think of kroez two proper names? >> agents of the russian there are points where they went to
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the campaign, and ask they met with paul manafort. and served between the trump we moved into the new face, no laws e erp -- bringing wiki leaks or any motion of justice. >> i was a part of early
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discussions i can tell you you. they are still working. there is something going on in advantage with wiki leaks, maybe indicted. trying him to e-mails with a deliberate intend. did they understand. they were they were going to damage the question is how to to get back here for justice. >> i watched 12 to 14 hours of
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news coverage just today. when we woke up this morning, the most important alive is at the risk of sounding silly, and patrieic. the an theage in 20/20, we will all when we vote in the elegislation
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sometimes, it is a quote, to decide who to end the much oblinchlged for your head on this night. helps us put things in perspective. here to help
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. >> donald trump has been president for 792 days, the number we start the broadcast with. robert mueller has been on the job for 675 of them. this last week, maybe the last of its kind now that the result is 50 tweets in two days, over one an hour, on going feud,
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trump called him a whack job, and then some. he blamed him for the steel doss your, complaining he was never thanks for approving mccain's's funeral. he said democrats are antijewish, this may be the kind of week we are so, on a night like this, wooey are pleased with have john mechum with us.
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the soul of america, battle for our better angels. are we living a moment of true consequence within a moment of true consequence? >> yes. my mind immediately went to jun, november 25 hth, we diverted the money. >> a genuine money. what we down know. we don't know what it will look like. what is in this report, the
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shape. if he hasn't get them. he will spring it into a he will say that the it didn't happen. >> so, to me, the most i know this. this, i do know. reading something that will it will be have significant imkags going forward. >> talking about his people.
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not of the collective. the stewart of all of us. he used a france in the la-- >> will there be a maga pitch the 49 mrs is louder and more motivated. to me, in an interesting way, it is the most fateinates, will are whatum want to know direct or
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muller. i think it will be joyce was saying this. i think that it is a stress. are republicans, the apparent that gets a lion's area for a victory in the cold war. ultimately, regan and bush were essential there. started by truman. a governing coalition, projecting power against the
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soviet union. and standing against totalitarianism. they have to recover that trahe said, the problem with the liberals, what they think they know what isn't so. i think it is -- >> 20 seconds. remembers were the -- >> at the end of the day, they jumped in front of the train. there is 20% of the country that
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does make up their mind based on facts. i think it is on those folks, who are not. that is our broadcast, thank you for being here with us. have a good frpt weekend. good night from the nbc studios here in new york.
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he's committed to transparency as possible. since be appointed, mueller has achieved a remarkable record. 13 russians indicted for influence. 12 russian military officers indicted for that seminal moment, the hacking of democrats and distributing the stolen material and uncovered an extraordinary ring of criminality surrounding the president of the united states. his national security advisor pleaded guilty.ti a campaign foreign policy aid


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