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tv   Deadline White House  MSNBC  March 23, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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when his report comes to you, will you share it with us as much as possible. >> consistent with regulations and the law, yes. >> under the current regulations the special counsel report is confidential. the report that goes public would be a report by the attorney general. good evening. after two years for waiting for profresher mueller to drop the report, we're waiting on a new waiting game, waiting on attorney general barr to release a summary of findings to congress, findings that could be released as earlier as this weekend, but a senior doj official says he will not be released that summary to congress today. trump supporters are already celebrating the fact that mueller isn't recommending any further indictments. imagine living in a world where a special counsel investigation has already led to criminal
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charges against 34 people including six of the president's former campaign and business associates and thinking, whew, we dodged a bullet. he was playing golf. he's feeling great. his kids were not indicted including his son-in-law. that's counted as good news. david corn, "mother jones," washington bureau chief. malcolm nance, msnbc con contributor and sara. thank you. david david cay johnson, they're giddy with excitement. i field it bizarre to live in a world where nearly three dozen administrative officials or people related to the campaign
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including a bunch of russians are related to the administration and they say, this is great because the kids weren't indicted. >> this is why i say this is great because donald creates his own reality. if we don't see the full report, we should say, mr. president, why don't you release the full reportle? if it exonerates you, if it vindicates you, you should show the full report. >> and the reald is, david corn, william barr can release this report. we don't know what it's going to say. we don't know if he's leaving out all the bad news and telling donald trump what we want to hear. >> the first thing we need to be told as the public is what type of report this is. is it a simple prosecution memo, this is what robert mueller looked at, or does it contain more information? does it go into the issue of obstruction of justice and why
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the president wasn't indicted because of the just tifft department guideline against doing that? does it go to other indictments ta tell us more about interactions with the trump world while russia was attacking a u.s. election. we need to evaluate that. i can't for the life of me come up with one good reason why they can't tell us how long the report is, what type it is, and then decide whether there's a political battle to be had if barr sits on it, and that would be up to congress. we've got to learn a few more things about this report before you make it to be all and end all because we already know about the scandal. we know there are other investigations coming. the world of trump/russia scandal doesn't begin and end with this report. >> and also, sara kenzie, we know trump demands loyalty.
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for all we know william barr is operating under an oath to the president. the challenge i'm having is having confidence that whatever his report -- it's not the mueller report it. ooh is the barr report, and now we're supposed to trust whatever he writes is true. >> yeah. i don't think you should trust it. i don't think we should have blind trust in anything or blanket distrust in anything, but we should know trump appoints people who are going to be loyal. the loyalty is not to the united states. it's not to the constitution or american people. it is truly to trump, his money, his family, personal interest. the broad scope of it implicates him. we had people in the campaign,
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manafort, stone, others who were indicted, so they need somebody who has a record of, you know, exonerating the gop, which barr does. he exonerated people from iran-contra. so barr's ideal unfortunately for this role. >> i think that's why there's distrust. there was something they didn't anticipate. it neuterizes them. half of it's done because half are in the part but the other half have been unfailingly loyal. how do you have confidence this won't be a positive spin coming out of donald trump's hand picked attorney general. >> well, it was joe scarborough last year who wrote a really good, brilliant op-ed, that i think will stand the test of
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time when he said that the congress -- the constitution and the founders when they were drafting the constitution, they realized that at some point there would be someone who would attempt to emulate king george and try to rule as a tyrant. what they never thought was that the legislative branch of government, one of the two, would go over to that tyrant and act as a rubber stamp for them, eventually creating a soviet pow over the united states. the information that's going to come out of this report when we see the report, and i'm confident we're going to see most of the report unless it's grand jury information or it's related to a very sensitive intelligence collection. but for the most part we're going to see that information, and the democrats are going to be in a real dilemma. they don't want to use impeachment and this may show that they're going to have to
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impeach donald trump. >> wait a minute. why do you believe we're going to see it. >> i believe we're going to see it because the pressure is too big. i've said this 100 times today. everyone repeat after me. serious most serious scandal in the history of the united states. was the president of the united states an agent of the enemy of the united states. look. this could technically eclipse benedict arnold who at least did it for money, you know. but we're talking a president here in control of the country under the sway of a foreign power. so one way or the other, we're going to want to know the answer to that. >> david kay johnston, this is the reporting we're getting about the white house or the president's thoughts regarding what's in the report. again, we don't know what's all in the report. we don't know. maybe he was told what was in the report. we have no idea. they say they haven't been briefed.
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we're just trusting them on that. trump has told his inner circle that if the report is underwelling he will use twitter and interviews to gloat over the findings about the globe's cost and depict the entire investigation as an attempt to object to his agenda. they're just telegraphing the game here. they believe fox news is a state-run media. they're already using this report. they theoretically don't know what's in it for their campaign. >> well, donald wins so long as people don't get to see the nuance including what's in the report, including what mueller didn't pursue because he didn't feel it fell within the narrow mandate that he has. they should not be held back from investigating. they should be pursuing this with all the vigor they can muster.
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>> this is what he said. let's listen. >> are there any ties between mr. trump, you, or your campaign, and putin and his regime? >> no, there are not. it's absurd. there's no basis to it. >> to be clear, mr. trump has no financial relationships with any russian oligarchs. >> if that's what he said, that's what i said. that's obviously what our position is. >> that's not true. >> freeze that frame because there you have a form of collusion. paul manafort had a business relationship throughout the campaign, was talking to constantine co-limb nick and russian intelligence before that point and after that point. he was at the trump tower with russian emissaries. he knew the campaign was engaging in contacts with russia
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as russia was attacking. yet he goes out there and donald trump jr. did the exact same thing the exact same week. we had nothing to do with russia. donald trump said that while negotiating a $100 million deal and colluding with michael cohen to get help with that. forget about mueller for a second. we already know they're lying about interactions with a foreign adversary and covering up for it. malcolm's right. benedict arnold couldn't have dreamt of doing such an extensive power coverup and that should be enough for outrage, for congressional investigations, and for us to pound our fists every day and say we don't need crimes. >> you know what, sarah
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kendzior, he didn't have any of that. if it was nixon, he might not have resigned if he had it. >> that's certainly true. we have that as a crisis point. but, you know, the amount of evidence and the public domain is so vast, and one thing i would really encourage people to do is to look at trump's own words, look at donald trump jr.'s own words, paul manafort's own words. they have confessed to their crimes. they commit crimes with audacity, with brazenness because they know they can get away with them. seriously, make up your own mind. don't just embrace a media perspective. look at their words, look at their actions, think critically and think is this good for the country? are they behaving in a way that our tax dollars are supposed to be paying for them to behave. and i think you know what the answer is. >> or listen to george conway
3:12 pm
who's the husband of kellyanne conway. that whole dynamic is weird. no one knows why he's doing that. this might have been this morning. in our lifetime, there's never been a president who has been so singularly unfit for the presidency or indeed any public office. that's remarkable enough, but what's even more remarkable is that almost every day trump has something new to drive home the point. >> donald trump has done it. he's relying on it. he's relying on the republican party to have this complete, you know, david ka resch-style cultism where nothing he says is wrong. i'm going to leave this with john brennan at the end, former director of the cia.
3:13 pm
when he testified, in his experience -- he should know. he has some -- he found that many americans who committed treason did so unwittingly and then started conducting acts that then amounts to treachery or amounted to a betrayal of the nation. that report could spell out that the president of the united states and his cordry all carried out acts that would be crimes if the president was in dietable, but leave it to that document to show that he could have carried out everything shy of treason. >> i think the bad guys might have got malcolm. david, david, and malcolm will be back later in the show. it'sing. he's a tough guy. he cannd hale it. thank you very much. coming up, we'll tell you why the family of trump may not be out of the woods just yet. (mom) is that for me?
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the mueller investigation sounds like it's coming to an end. you said before nothing concerns you. >> no. >> some of the president's former aides have not been charged and some say the walls are closing in. sitting here knowing that it is almost over, are you concerned about anyone in your life that you love? >> no. >> being involved? >> there's nothing there, yet it's created weeks and weeks and months of headlines. so, no, i have zero concern.
3:18 pm
>> i've been saying it for a while. put it all out there. put it all out there. how about don't redact anything. >> although it could be at least another 24 hours minimal before we find out exactly what attorney general william barr will share with congress about the mueller report, one thing is for sure tonight, these five people you see on the screen right now will not be indicted by the special counsel. however, does that mean they'll never be indicted at all? joining me now -- midwin charles. we've got the prosecution and the defense and the defense. this is going to be great. my legal eagles. there's a picture i want to show you guys that's interesting to me. emmet flood, you may not know his name, folks in television land. he was the white house counsel. he's now dealing with the mueller probe spotted. there he is chatting with his
3:19 pm
white house attorney emmet flood at mar-a-lago about an hour ago just before the president sat down to dinner with his family. it's interesting. my quiet is this. he's loyal to donald trump. do we believe at no times have they spoken, that william barr is keeping it close to the vest? he's not supposed to tell. >> i find it highly unlikely. one thing we've gotten from donald trump is loyalty. it's huge to him. he always talks about people being loyal to him. and we know from the michael cohen testimony that cohen talked about how loyalty was important to donald trump. so the idea that william barr would not have shared with him what was in this report is highly unlikely, particularly given -- i think a lot of people thought perhaps during his
3:20 pm
confirmation hearings that this is perhaps going to be someone as unbiased as possible, he's going to do the right thing. but then we saw when he was in the oval office with the president. >> the praise and worship. >> idolatry. it was so embarrassing. now, i think, after we all saw that, we all understand, you know what? perhaps we were wrong. >> it's not legal for him to tell. >> here's the thng. let me just be the contrarian. i worked for general barr. i don't agree with him. i don't agree with that memo. i don't agree with the way he got the job. he is an institutionalist. i do not believe his loyalty is so blind he would break the doj rules. i don't think he's nearly the evil person that he's been made out to be. i do think he has a respect for the law and the justice department. now, he at some point can share
3:21 pm
this with the president. i would prefer he doesn't share it right away. it seems weird to me that the subject of the investigation gets the see it before the congress. that doesn't make sense to me. >> but nothing makes sense. >> i'm not on the conspiracy theory ball game when it comes to him. mueller is the straightest guy you've every met. one of his closest friends is barr. they're old friends. mueller trusts him. i trust mueller. i don't think we should go too far on this barr is an evil person. i don't believe that. >> we don't know what kind of person he is. it comes down to whether or not we still trust our institutions because the faith in the institutions is the way it's supposed to work. the supreme court is supposed to be nonbiased and nonpolitical. it's all going away. >> he doesn't have to be evil. he just has to be loyal is what we're saying, and we don't know where his loyalties lie. >> we don't know. >> here's what i know.
3:22 pm
the man was confirmed on february 14th. the investigations are going on for 22 months. he was confirmed february 14th and now the investigation is over? that seems odd to me. we know the president's main problem with jeff sessions who was doing everything else that the president wants is that jeff sessions was allowing the investigation to continue. now he gets his own guy in there and it's apparently over with no indictments. >> and with an election looming and donald trump saying how he's going to use it. we'll table it for a moment. >> we'll know based on how long william barr will keep his job. anyone who has not pledged loyalty or gone the way president wanted has been fired. >> he has a different independence than sessions because of the way sessions was fired, pressured, and abused. he's his own island.
3:23 pm
>> how is this? i turned out to be the big barr defender. i mean what happened on this show? >> i'm just saying. >> she can hold her own. i'm not going to totally be against her. let's talk about the kids. we've got to talk about the trump children. the thing we're hearing the most angst about, at least that we know because we don't know what's in the report, the nonindictments of anyone else named trump or kushner, what do we make of it? >> not indictments and not interviewed. >> which is odd. >> but what i make of that is the story is still developing. usually if someone is not interviewed, perhaps they're still a target, perhaps they're still being looked at. you still have multiple investigations happening. you have the southern district of new york, attorney general, manhattan d.a. there are so many others looking
3:24 pm
into the institution of the trump children. it's highly likely they could be indicted, the inauguration committee. there are so many things they were involved in, a and they talked about it. i think as a family -- that's why when you play the clip of ivanka, moscow, i don't know, i'm not concerned, these were the principles of the trump organization. they played a pivotal role in the company, a pivotal role during the campaign. the idea they would try to disassociate themselves from all the things that were happening is unreasonable and unlikely. >> let's play two things. first, ivanka trump. this is regarding the trump tower because we know that one of the things was he was no longer trying to build the trump tower in moscow, when he was. and here's his daughter who's very much involved in the organization's trump tower project. >> moscow project. >> the trump tower project. i learned a lot more about it
3:25 pm
watching the news. >> you did have a role in this. what was it? >> literally almost nothing. >> almost nothing. >> and then -- and now let's play michael cohen and his take on that. remember, michael cohen has already pleaded out. he's headed out, has no incentive to prevaricate. here he is. >> who were the family members that you believed on the moscow item p project? >> donald trump jr. and ivanka trump. >> do you recall how many briefings there might have been? >> approximately ten in total. >> only one of those people is telling the truth. >> yes. >> is it weird that it's one of the two? >> the guy convicted of perjury? >> he's a little more believable. >> look. if i'm the trump children, i'm having a party tonight. they won the white privilege bury gaga.
3:26 pm
there's not a person who had been investigated for 22 months or a family that they didn't find anything. they'd pop me for sharing netflix password with my wife. >> you did that? that's not allowed. >> there's going to be an investigation. there's a lot of ways to get at the children. in this particular case these grown adult children who were part of what appears to be the collusion or the conspiracy with russia, the point people in that, these people have escaped scot-free with no indictments and there's going to be nothing in that mueller report that is -- it is unlikely there's going to be anything in that mueller report that's going to satisfy me in terms of why these people weren't even brought in under oath for questioning. >> let me say one thing about that. these children may very well be -- >> we've got to find another word for children.
3:27 pm
>> adults. these rich privileged adults. >> children sound adorable. >> they're not selling girl scout cookies. these rich adults. >> offspring. >> these rich offspring are probably -- certainly don junior is, are targets in new york. as we know, once they're targets, mueller can't subpoena them. the lawyer is going to say, he's going to take the fifth. now the ethical rules of the didn't of justice are that you may not bring him in and put him in the grand jury. you may not do that. it is unethical. we do not do person walks into the didn't of justice t grand jury. it isn't done. so as aggravating as it is, he's in a box. >> they can't call them to the grand jury. >> and they take five that and they take the fifth. >> interesting. they could have. there's a norm that we don't. i think this is the other problem that we have with trying to catch trump and his family.
3:28 pm
they are rule breakers, and we keep trying to catch them by playing by the rules. >> but we have to, didn't of justice, play by the rules because we're better. we cannot give that up. that's true for every defendant. every defendant. i know you're feeling it right now. i get it. don't get me started about the game of clue. you're rocking the wartime afro. i get it. i understand. but whose side. everybody take a deep cleansing breath. chill out. we don't know what's in the report. it's entirely likely they're still targets and they may be indicted by all these investigations. there are over a dozen investigations goc on with respect to the trump organization, the trump inauguration committee. there are so many different pieces here. i think this is just the beginning of the end. >> all right. well, ellie and cindy are going to join us later.
3:29 pm
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so what would you do if the attorney general held the fate of your presidency in his hands? would you talk to your lawyer? would you spend tomb with your family, or would you do what donald trump did today, go golfing with not other than right wing provocateur and once popular rapper kid rock who's wearing flag pants, flag pants. of course he's wearing flag pants. coming up, congresswoman priscilla joins me on the mueller report to be released to you, the public. released to you, the public. fact is, there are over ninety-six hundred roads named 'park' in the u.s. it's america's most popular street name.
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and the quit rate is twice as high for them. here's a hack: make sure there's bandwidth for everyone. the more you know. i don't think he's legitimate. i said it at the end of the election, and i still believe that today. >> this that he's not a legitim president. >> not a legitimate president. >> strong words from john lewis. >> everything in this report and its work product should be released to congress. >> we deserve the contents of the report. >> the whole report right away is what we'll be demanding. >> the president himself has called without qualification for the report to be made public. there is no reason on god's
3:38 pm
green earth why attorney general barr should do any less. >> joining me now is washington congresswoman premiere rah. congresswoman, thank you so much for being here. >> absolutely. great to see you, joy. >> great to see you. i'm going to read you nancy pelosi's colleague letter that was released today. we're insisting everything be unclassified so members can speak freely and not confined to what the doj chooses to release publicly. congress, i'm presuming that democrats want the whole report unclassified and unredacted. do you think you will get it? >> well, i think that's what we'll have to demand. we can't let this go. we've all been troubled by the attorney general's let wrer he was going to look and determine what he was going to give us,
3:39 pm
give us top lines. that's sim will i not enough. and, frankly, joy, the republicans have undercut any arguments they wanted to make because they spent the last two year years with the emails and what devin nunez did. >> let me play just really quickly the chairman of the committee you serve on the commission, jerry nadler, and what he said on friday. take a listen. >> if the justice department dust release the whole report or tries to keep it secret, we'll subpoena parts of the report and reserve the right to call mueller to testify before the committee or to subpoena him. >> congresswoman, would you like to see robert mueller testify
3:40 pm
publicly what he found. >> i would like to hear from mueller himself. obviously he spent 22 months. he came up with 34 public indictments including six of trump's top campaign officials. i don't think you can believe that the person that was the head of the campaign knew nothing about the fact that his top lieutenants were in the midst of criminal activities, really committed criminal activities proven through bob mueller, but there's a lot more than what he put out there. he farmed some of these cases to the southern district, other places. every single trump organization is under investigation right now and i think at the core of this, we have somebody in the white house who seems to surround himself with crooks and liars and he makes it difficult to believe he wasn't part of it. i want to say probably chairman nadler said this as well, joy. we on the judiciary committee
3:41 pm
have always known we have a much broader charge than what bob mueller does and people who say bobmueller's report is everything, it's been sold around the obstruction of justice. corruption, abuse of power. these are the things we're in the midst of investigating because for two years republicans refused to let us look at any of that. so we have a lot of work to. do this is just the beginning as i heard one of your guests say earlier. this is just the beginning. it certainly nowhere near the end. >> i think this ooh is a great point to make and thank you for making it. i'm old enough to know when bill clinton was impeached for lying about the sexual affair he was having. you now have people who were impeachment managers at the time like lindsey graham saying essentially there's nothing the president could do for which they would entertain
3:42 pm
impeachment. do you think anni impeachment hearing would give us information we may not get from the mueller report? >> well, i think this is a critical point to make because when you talk about bill clinton, for example, i think it's important for the public to remember that was a private sexual act he was impeached for. this is a whole series of criminal activities that directly impact the election and the public, our democracy, our constitution, and our charge on judiciary is to look at some of the things that mueller never looked at. you know, a lot of the business deals, conflicts of interest, emollie emollients clause. there are differing opinions put forward. that investigation has to continue and that ultimately is what would lead to, if we --
3:43 pm
depending on what we find there, would lead to impeachment hearings. i will say that everyone wants go to the end of the conversation, which is he going to be impeached or not? we need to do our investigation because the gathering of these documents, the gathering of these facts and the laying out of it to the public is what is critical to the moment. we can't jump the gun. we've got to jump through the process. we'll subpoena it. we'll get witnesses in front of us that will tell us exactly what they told bob mueller and hopefully, you know, we will get this information, but we absolutely could have bar before, us have mueller before us, and it is our right and obligation to do so as the judiciary committee. >> congresswoman pramila j jayapal, thank you. >> thank you. coming up, final thoughts on
3:44 pm
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all right. welcome back to our continuing coverage of the mueller report. david cay johnston, the two davidsson. malcolm is back in the box. final thoughts, malcolm. you're pretty confident we're going to see this report. i think a lot of people don't share your confidence, but i have to ask you, could it be that some of the intelligence professionals that have worked on the work product of this report could come forth and leak aspects of it that might not come out in bob barr's summary? >> no. the intelligence professionals won't be leaking parts of this report, but you can be pretty sure every member of congress is
3:49 pm
going to leak whatever they know about this report. >> yeah, yeah. >> i mean if there's going to be a cover-up on this thing, then you're going the see patriots inside the house and perhaps in the justice department deciding that it's too serious, that the american public needs to know this. one quick aside here, joy, you might be amused by the fact that rate now parts from our videos this morning are already being pushed by the far right and the far left to say that democrats are making up their own facts because we're having a reasonable discussion about whether we should know what's inside the report. so the game is on. >> yeah, absolutely. cynthia, you've been the voice of reason. >> let me just start. we're going to see this report if i have to buy suction cups and go up the side. glen kirchner said he'd help me. eli is going to help me.
3:50 pm
>> i see an nc hit show. >> i'm already going to watch the show. cynthia, let's go to the positive here. let's say the report comes out with redactions for the grand jury investigation. >> it doesn't to be done. i'm sure it will be done. it won't be done in the beginning, but we can go to a federal judge who can say this is going to be an exception to the requirement. for the sections on the -- >> explain what that is. >> what happens is when mueller writes this report, i'm not prosecuting person a for the following seven reasons. we don't usually release that because that's just not what we do. but in cases of important public interest, the civil rights division in the ferguson case, in the mlk case, there are other exceptions. they have released that information in the public interest, and they can do it again. so when barr says the rules are i can't do that, that isn't
3:51 pm
true, and their rules anyway and he can change them. we can get the material. we're obviously not getting get sources and methods, but there's a lot that can be released if he chooses to do so. >> if we get this information where robert mueller says this was not necessarily criminal, however, he lays out a case, much like you did in your book and malcolm and david in their books, of this is what happened in the country. what then political do you anticipate is done with that? >> to begin with, i don't think he's going to give us everything. i don't think he'll tell us everything. there'll still be questions there. we don't know how deep this report's going to go, but there's a lot to know about things in the trump organization, other interactions with russia, why trump loves putin so much. there's stuff that really wasn't on his brief and the public needs to know. it wasn't his job to tell us. what happens at this point is, if we don't have full answers,
3:52 pm
which is what i would anticipate, it then falls to congress. unfortunately it's a partisan effort now. the house democrats, mainly, and it will become part of thtribal political conflicts. and the biggest, most consequential scandal, that is bad and sad for the country. >> that is part of what is challenging. even if this were to go to an impeachment, it's all going to go along party lines. it's not going to be about the greater issues of was the monuments clause violated, was he elected with the help of foreign power. that is not what it's decided on. >> right. which is why i think when you think about what's really happened here, what really is going to happen here, nobody is coming to save us. i've ban democrat all my life.
3:53 pm
and we always are waiting for obama to come or clinton to come or captain marvel to come or somebody to come and, like, nobody's coming. >> captain marvel might come. >> if we are going to do something about this, we have to save ourselves. that's what obama tried to tell us. if you want to see the report, go down to the justice department and demand to see the report. if you want trump to be out of office and you want him to pay the penalty for his misdeeds, you need to show up in november. we need you now. and so i think for a long time democrats especially with the mueller in particular have been acting like mueller's going to come in on a white who are and that's not going to happen. >> we are the ones we've been waiting for. >> that's right. >> having covered donald trump for so long, give us the two mind-sets of what you can anticipate donald trump being like if, in fact, he is somehow let off the hook by this report and not indicted by the southern district and he's re-elected?
3:54 pm
>> the nightmare for donald is he gets told there are not going to be indictments elsewhere about your family, but you're not cleared. and it has troubling information about your conduct. that's going to be the disaster for him. >> we're having trouble with your mic. we're going to have somebody come over and get your mic fixed. david, is then the message that's sent to the next president, i think is part of the concern, right? >> trump has been destroying one norm after another as he's engaged in demagoguery and acted as if he's an autocrat. if he gets away with helping the russians attack the united states, put aside all the greed and graft and corruption that there's evidence of, had gets the original sin of his presidency, it's very troubling for what comes next. >> absolutely. david? >> at some point donald is almost certainly going to claim
3:55 pm
he was vindicated. and the answer to that and the question you should raise is show us everything in this report. >> right. >> you as president have the authority. you can override the justice department. i don't have to pay attention to grand jury secrecy rules. you're the president, you can declassify the whole report. show us you are vindicated. if you won't, why should we believe you for two seconds. secondly, the investigations, the oversight investigations need to continue. it doesn't matter which party is in charge. congress' job is to oversee the executive whose job is to do what congress has told the president to do. >> in the end, malcolm nance, what donald trump wants the most is legitimacy. he wants to be seen at legitimate. you heard the great john lewis say he didn't see him as a legitimate president. that's what trump wants. >> yeah. but you know what? donald trump is legitimate. he's a legitimate tyrant. he's a legitimate dictator in waiting. it's a legitimate autocrat. i was thinking about this a
3:56 pm
moment ago. i'm from philadelphia. i was raised in the history of the american revolution. if he starts housing soldiers in our homes, he will have fulfilled all of the intolerable acts of king george iii. >> get your history books out. david k. johnston, cynthia, daichb corn, malcolm nance with the final word. up next, ari melber continues our special coverage of the mueller report. thanks, guys. coverage of the mueller report. thanks, guys that we just hit the motherlode of soft-serve ice cream? i got cones, anybody wants one! oh, yeah! get ya some! no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. ed! ed! we struck sprinkles! [cheers] believe it. geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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hi, everyone. i'm ari melber live from washington with a very big show. we are more than 24 hours away from when special counsel bob mueller first submitted his formal report to the justice department, ending his russia probe. william barr and rod rosenstein at the doj working today. and had idea is they would be releasing as soon as this weekend a set of principle conclusions from at least who was indicted and not indicted in the mueller probe. so everyone now expecting to see those findings as soon as tomorrow. could be the same time the public would get them as members of congress. and some here on team trump are already starting to say they get to celebrate, pointed to the fact that we believe mueller has not recommended other indictments. but president trump says this is far fro


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