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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  March 24, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> we all have a right to see what is in the report, the entire report. not a sanitized copy or version of the report. i believe our leadership will insist that we see the entire report. it will be made available to the american people. >> good morning. welcome to "a.m. joy." the two-year wait on russiangate is over. all eyes are on donald trump's attorney general william barr expected to report to congress on mueller's principle findings today. both democrats and republicans have called upon william barr to make the report public with house speaker nancy pelosi leading the charge. speaker pelosi said she'll reject the idea of a highly classified briefing on the mueller findings which she warned could be used to keep mueller's conclusions to the public and she would insist that the mueller report be made public in its entirety.
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as the rest of the country waits for word on the contents of the report. the man at the center of it is, donald trump, is silent on the investigation that's consumed his entire presidency from day one. trump has been at the mar-a-lago resort all weekend dining with political allies like lindsey graham. trump returned to twitter after two days without mention of the mueller report. as aides reportedly urge him to resist commenting until more details of the report become known. tim o'brien, executive editor of bloomberg opinion. jonathan cape hart of the washington post. jiel winebanks and curt bardella. there's been a fair amount of positive speculation about what's in the report by donald trump allies. the silence from trump himself has suggested to some maybe the people closest to him are saying
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maybe they need to wait to see what's in it. >> a week ago he tweeted something like 50 times over the course of the weekend. he tends to tweet when he feels he is in a corner and there is news rolling towards him. the fact he's quiet would suggest there is a wait and see approach to this in his camp. the other thing that might be going on is bill barr or others in the administration suggested he may remain quiet which he's not someone who tends to take the advice. >> right. >> once we know what's in the report -- which we don't yet -- you can expect to see him weigh in. >> jill, ben wittis, we love to go right to ben to get his take on what's going on. his take is that we don't know what we don't know. from the nonindictments, all we can really speculate on is that either mueller has decided he couldn't prove anything that
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would be criminal or he's decided he didn't choose to keep whatever he found that might be criminal within his own jurisdiction. so that might be a reason why some people are saying to be cautious. there are still 16 other investigations going on out there. >> there is another alternative which is he decided to follow the rule of the department of justice which is not law, just policy that the president can't be indicted. that could explain why there is no indictment of the president. it doesn't explain why there is no indictment of the children or other colleagues for the obstruction or for the conspiracy of russia. we'll have to wait and see whether he says there wasn't evidence or there was evidence but it couldn't be used for one reason or another. either it involved national
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security that would be putting at risk if the evidence was used, or it could be that there isn't evidence. unfortunately we are going to have to be patient. it's not over yet though. there are surely state crimes that the states will be looking at or that the southern district of new york or other u.s. attorneys will be looking at. it's definitely not over yet. >> indeed, it isn't. let me play jerry nadler, chairman of the house judiciary committee on "meet the press" earlier today. talking about a question of indicting a sitting president. listen. >> i also know that the department of justice believes that it cannot under any circumstances indict a sitting president no matter what the evidence for anything. that means they believe they cannot hold a sitting president accountable. the only other institution that can is congress. congress must get all the information and the evidence that the department of justice may have in order to exercise
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our function of being able to hold the president accountable. if we can't do that, then the president effectively is above the law. >> you worked as staff in the house oversight government reform committee which was hitting hard the democratic president at the time. now what you are seeing is democrats demanding the full report. some republicans also saying they want the full report. but the man who heads the senate judiciary committee, the counterpart to jerry nadler in the senate, lindsey graham. here he was hanging out at mar-a-lago with donald trump. that's a picture from the democratic coalition obtained of him. he gave a speech. he gave a funny speech and talked to the guests there. there is a question of the oversight on the senate side and whether it is so colored with
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donald trump support that it becomes difficult to see how it plays out. what do you make of that? >> i almost expect the senate republicans to try to advance their narrative about investigating hillary clinton and barack obama again. they'll blow past the mueller report to move to the targets to distract away. from democrats in the house, you will see the last midterm election was so important. they do have the tools. if they decide not to turn over the underlying documents they can subpoena it. if the president wants to exert executive authority and try to shield disclosure to congress they can sue for it, just as the republicans did. they sue the justice department in court for documents the president didn't want to share to congress. the judge who ruled during the case for congress, same judge who sentenced roger stone and paul manafort. >> right on cue, as if you knew
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marco rubio said what you said this morning on "meet the press." let's play marco rubio talking about he wants to see the report come out for different reasons. >> what was the underlying criminal predicate for the entire investigation? let's see the fisa applications? this was an extraordinary use of government surveillance power. we have legal reasons why you wouldn't use it. what was the underlying predicate for the applications? let's see all of that. let's put that out there so we can pass judgment about how it was conducted or the predicate for the investigation was conducted during the obama years? >> jonathan capehart, we are seeing what the talking point will be on the other side. get the report out so we can investigate the obama administration. >> yeah. if you look at the front page of the new york post, just below the banner of the name of the
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paper is saying now it's time for the fbi to investigate. we are moving now as we have been talking about from the legal realm fully into the political realm. it's imperative that chairman nadler has been saying for weeks now that congress pursue its oversight responsibility. the check and balance responsibility. if it doesn't, if congress doesn't hold the president accountable, doesn't investigate. doesn't keep going even though mueller is finished technically. then the president will be above the law. the republicans can do what they want. lindsey graham can basically do in real life what republicans imagine happened in the tarmac meeting between loretta lynch, then attorney general, and
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former president bill clinton. they can do what they want. as long as congress stays focused on holding the president accountable, but also seeking the truth and not being waylayed by what republicans and conservatives are trying to do, then we'll all be better for it. >> you saw what senator marco rubio said. you can expect to hear versions of that coming out of a lot of republicans. there has been reporting yesterday. i believe it was in the washington post that donald trump was telling friends before the report dropped he was going to use it as a talking point in his re-election campaign and say it was a witch hunt and used the nonindictments as proof of that. steve bannon is out this morning telling people that the trump team will weapon niez the report for their own use. >> they are going to create alternative facts, to quote kellyanne conway here. to focus on the steel dossier as being the birth of the
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investigation. we know from the fap it wasn't the case. the fbi was looking at russian involvement in the investigation long before they got hands on the steel dossier. it was paid by the clinton camp. it was set in motion by opposition research. financed by the clinton campaign. it's not true. law enforcement officials put out a clear timeline on how this thing was born. republicans were playing with fire here. robert mueller is an institutionalist to the you are the co. he chose not to force the president by subpoena or other methods to sit down for an interview or testify. i think he believes the process if it is going to move into anything that involves an indictment of the president properly belongs to the congress. there is a potential still that there is a lot of information in the report that will be very difficult for trump to respond
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to. republicans getting out in front will say, fine. the american people should know what's in this thing. >> having been in the world, how will this play out? despite the dangers that exist out there. again, no one knows what's in the report. how might we expect the trump supporting right to play it out? >> the clip from senator marco rubio, they'll focus on investigating the investigators and use it to distract from the content and substance of the mueller report. what they are doing is a dangerous game. they don't know like we do what's in the report. they are setting up a defense without knowing what they have to defend which is a terrible position politically and substantively to be in. they are setting themselves up for failure. the a.g. says i will verbally
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brief you or give you a top sheet. there will be a different fight over whether it should be made public. 90% of the american people say the report should be made public. even the majority of republicans believe it should be made public. >> it is difficult to argue that the report exonerates the president. the report should remain secret. that's a tough argument. >> it is a tough argument. reasonable people would be able to say what's he hiding? what's he afraid of? what's so damning in the report that we can't see it? it has to be made public. the president has to be made accountable. what we have seen as the indictments have rolled out and guilty pleas and arrests that we have seen over almost two years in those indictments what we have seen is special counsel
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mueller has put all the good stuff in the indictments and especially the footnotes. so the key in the report is going to be in the prose and in the footnotes of whatever it is he came up with. i can't remember if it was him or curt. but it will be difficult potentially, depending on what's in the report for the president and his administration to walk away from things if special counsel mueller is crystal clear in the memo saying we can't indict a sitting president, this should be in congress. but here are all these really gloss, u gross, horrible, ugly things he did that run counter to what he should have done as a candidate for the president of the united states or as a sitting president of the united states. >> jill, in addition to that, mueller was charged with talking about what happened to the 2016
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election. is he, just from your experience, also charged with putting forward in his view what might be an impeachable offense that's not criminal like obstruction of justice, whether or not it is criminally provable collusion which is not technically a crime on the books, violating the emoluments clause, pay for play. basically people checking into his hotels, swiping a card, abuse of power, attacking the media which isn't a crime but it is a violation of the first amendment. attacking the investigations t campaign finance laws, corruption, pardons, influencing the 2016 election. is that something we might expect to be explained in the mueller report? >> i don't think we can expect it to be explained in the public mueller report. like what we did during watergate. it is appropriate to pass the information along to the appropriate authority which in our case would be the house
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which has to do an investigation to determine whether those same facts that don't constitute crimes but do constitute impeachable offenses should be in fact gated and whether there are law that is don't exist now that should exist. all mueller could do is look at existing laws and whether they had been violated. there may be some things that are so awful, so corrupt, so inconsistent with democracy that laws need to be passed. that's congress's job along withholding the president accountable. i think that's what has to happen. it is appropriate to move to -- i think jonathan said it. we are moving from a legal investigation to a political one. that's the appropriate thing. in watergate i believe we could
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and nothing barred it. but leon jaworsky thought the better approach was to allow the information to go to congress so they could take political action. >> great perspective from all of you. thank you very much. jill, what's your pin? >> follow the money. now that mueller is done, that's what will happen. >> all right. we love the pins. tim and jonathan will join us later. jill and her pin and curt, thank you very much. coming up, the kids are not all right. all right. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase. [zara larsson - "wow"] ♪ ♪ baby i'm not even in a gown ♪ and the only thing u have to say is wow ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪
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let me be very clear. i did not collude with russia, nor do i know of anyone else in the campaign who did so. i had no improper contacts. i have not relied on russian funds for my businesses. >> presidential son-in-law jared kushner offered his version of no collusion in 2017. now almost two years later it appears he and the rest of the family will not be indicted by the special counsel. does that mean they are off the hook? tim o'brien is back with me. joining me now, cynthia oxney and paul butler, federal prosecutors and msnbc legal analysts. cynthia, one of the challenges people had with the outcome yesterday was this nonindictment
7:21 am
decision. the decision not to indict donald trump, donald trump, jr., ivanka trump, jared kushner, the people who have been players in the muellergate situation. ben wittis wrote on friday that some of the things we know that there is a report, some kind of report as barr describes it quoting the relevant regulation, confidential report describing the prosecution or decisions he reached about the document we know little. barr said he's reviewing the document and may be in a position to advise congress of the conclusions as soon as this weekend. can you explain it in plain english for us? >> first of all, there is a basic form at justice for these decisions. these are the facts. this is the relevant law we looked at. this is who we looked at. these are the defenses and this is the conclusion.
7:22 am
>> right. >> if mueller did that it's probably 400, 500 pages, i would guess. >> right. >> so when it comes to the president, the president had to have been declined because of the memo. the question is did mueller decline because of the memo or did he just decide there isn't enough evidence? that's what we need to know right away. >> that would be in the memo. >> that's the most important thing. there is no reason for the president to think because there is no indictments i'm out of the woods. it doesn't mean that at all. when it comes to the kids there are a couple of options. they went through the process and declined. the other is those are fooarmed out. there is a sigh of relief. i hate to call them kids. they are grown adults. but for the people you mentioned, there is a sigh of relief. it could be a sigh of relief. we won't know until we get the
7:23 am
report. >> to the point of the investigations, we know the southern district of new york has its own investigation going. the new york attorney general has its own purview and its own interest. the u.s. attorney for the eastern district of virginia, the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia. the mueller investigation is over. does that mean the trump family including jared kushner are ou s of the woods legally? >> not at all. in the southern district investigation the federal prosecutors have named criminal conspiracy to violate the federal election laws with michael cohen, donald trump, sr., donald trump, jr., and alan weisselberg. the only person explicitly named in the indictment is michael cohen. it's clear who the others are. michael cohen brought receipts including a check with donald
7:24 am
trump, jr.'s name on it. so donald trump, jr., is far out of the woods. the other instances with regard to donald trump, jr.'s testimony before the house intelligence committee. joy, i think there is compelling evidence according to the democrats who heard his testimony that he lied. i was a prosecutor, a public corruption prosecutor for the department of justice. i could get a jury to -- if donald trump, jr., said the conversations about trump tower moscow ended in january 2016, that's a lie. if donald trump, jr., said the meeting with the russian lawyer was about adoptions, that's a lie. i don't know why mueller didn't bring that charge. joy, if you deputized me to go back to the department of justice, i could prosecute and win that case. >> wow. strong words. tim o'brien, we know certain facts are on the table. the trump tower meeting which
7:25 am
people thought would be a lynchpin of the mueller report. we know donald jr., was at the meeting. so was paul manafort who has not been cooperative though he was supposed to be. jared kushner was there. they were all at the meeting. that's a piece of the puzzle. there is the trump tower moscow which ivanka trump claimed she knew nothing -- barely anything about. michael cohen said the two people he briefed were don, jr., and ivanka. they were briefed. he said they were briefed about ten different times. then as far as jared kushner, one of the pieces of information from cnbc in november 2017. he's reportedly one of the people who pushed to fire jim comey. he's involved in the thing that potentially leads to obstruction of justice. they are all involved in some way in the various scandals that mueller was investigating. >> you know, when you speak to trump tower moscow, the possibility of a transaction there gets to the core of
7:26 am
financial quid pro quos. felix sater was also involved in the discussions. he'll testify this week before congress. bob mueller's original mandate when he got appointed special counsel was to look at obstruction or collusion. anything attendant to that. he chose to keep it narrowly focused. we won't know until we see the report on collusion and obstruction. the financial components of this, he chose to farm out to places like the southern district. we talked about it in the past. i have always felt the southern district investigation was potentially much more directly threatening to the president and his family than the mueller investigation. that's why i think we have a wait and see out of all of the financial transactions. jared's efforts to try and refinance the trump tower moscow dealings. they go to why there has to be a
7:27 am
reason for why donald trump has continually aided and abetted russia and putin beyond simply the election itself. >> don't you think the question is was there this deal? you help us lift the sanctions which makes putin money. in return, we give you -- >> and policy. >> right. that's all about -- >> we'll line your wallet. >> that's about making putin money. in return, you can get your moscow tower and make $300 million or whatever. he'll throw in to help with the election. that's the umbrella we need to know is it true or not. >> it wouldn't be long before the election. trump first started having money from eastern europe in the 2000s pour into things he was working on. some of the relationships predated the election. i think the american public needs to know whether the united states was bought and sold by foreign interests. >> to give you the last word, how aggressive might a
7:28 am
prosecutor -- you said you would be really aggressive. how might the sensitivity of prosecuting the family of the sitting president while he's still president, how aggressive might the prosecutors besides robert mueller be willing to be? >> robert mueller was a cautious and conservative prosecutor. he only brought cases that were slam dunks which is why he's been able to get convictions against every one except roger stone who hasn't had his day in court. does the quality of evidence exist against the president's children? the refrain is you only go after the king if you can bring him down. that may apply to his children as well. >> fascinating discussion. >> coming in the 2020 candidates weigh in on the mueller report. s
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as the 2020 election heats up the candidates are speaking
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out. elizabeth warren was out in new hampshire focused on the opioid crisis and will be there again today. also campaigning in new hampshire is amy klobuchar who discussed health care and gun laws. the hottest topic on the campaign trail now is the mueller report of course. we'll tell you how the candidates are responding when we come back. candidates are responding when we come back ♪ with venus, you're in charge of how your skin feels. so, when the world expects you to follow the rules, write your own. ♪ because no one gets an opinion on how you live your life, why you shave, or how you show your skin. my skin. my way. ♪
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i believe it should be released and barr can support the integrity of the government. >> it should be released. >> the report needs to be made public. >> as everyone collectively awaits the release of the mueller report presidential candidates show no signs of slowing down. they were out in force, all in agreement that the mueller report must be delivered to both congress and the public. but julian castro made a striking comment yesterday. >> do you believe the president of the united states should be indictab indictable. >> i do. especially if the crimes were committed before he was elected as president. >> back with me, jonathan capehart "the washington post" and tiffany cross of the beat d.c. and john aribosas, host of the podcast "unpresidented." let's start with beto. he had an interesting answer on
7:38 am
the question of impeachment. before we get into the indictment. the two parts don't kind of go together. the first thing he said is whether or not in his view donald trump sought to obstruct justice. let's listen. >> it is beyond the shadow of a doubt once in office the president of the united states sought to obstruct justice first by firing the principle investigator into what happened in the 2016 election. and then in the light of day, tweeting at his attorney general to stop the russia investigation. >> so at the end -- these are saturday in south carolina. i will go to you, john. welcome to the show, by the way. on the question of whether or not impeachment should be on the table. we know obstruction of justice was a count of impeachment against bill clinton and it would have been a count of impeachment against nixon had it gone that far. here's what beto o'rourke said about impeachment. listen. >> you want to make sure we
7:39 am
carefully guard and jealously hold these institutions of democracy. and employ this mek simple of impeachment as an absolute last resort. ultimately this will be decided at the ballot box in 2020 by you, by me, by all of us in this country. getting this country on the right track. >> do the two messages work with the democratic base in deciding who will be the nominee. >> probably not. they work with nancy pelosi's messaging which i tend to agree with when we said this week or last week. impeachment would be a final nuclear option. many people said that. she would be saying we need solid evidence that screams in the nostrils of the gods that we have to do this. beto said the same thing but maybe nancy pelosi can get away with it.
7:40 am
the candidates will be beholden to the base. i don't think the base will be happy with it. no. >> let's go to kamala harris. the next person is a prosecutor. beto o'rourke is not. but kamala harris is. here is what her take was on the current attorney general ought to do next. >> i notice you didn't mention mueller today. why didn't you? >> the bottom line is we have to see the report. there is no question the american people not only have an interest but a need to see everything that's in the report. i believe barr needs to come before congress and testify and we should have available to us the underlying evidence that supports whatever is in the report. >> evaluate that answer from the point of view of her messaging, tiffany. >> i think kamala harris is best positioned in the field of candidates to make her case. she's a formidable prosecutor.
7:41 am
when you have seen her in action in the judiciary committee hearings, she's amazing. on the campaign trail she won't have people interrupting her or disrupting her line of questioning. she can definitely make a case and go after what we do know. she didn't mention it there. it was wise of her. look, we are all just speculating. none of us know what's in the mueller report. there is plenty there. what we know is the president continuously lied to the american people about his financial ties with russia. he clearly was trying to build moscow's tower there. he had a $50 million reason to lay praise on this foreign adversary. kamala harris could present the case to the american people. i don't know if it will sway anybody. when you look at trump supporters or mythical swing voters that i don't think exist, those people are solidly in the camp. we have seen that's a layer of ignorance that shouldn't be penetrated. when you look at the republicans and think about the slate,
7:42 am
people in congress have some action they could take. when you look on the republican side, say you did try to impeach the president. we have seen the republican party stand by while the president has been an apologist for white supremacy. they haven't even stood up for their friend john mccain when he was insulted. the military was silent. i'm not sure impeachment will sway anybody. certainly with senator harris, she could present a case in a compelling way. an argument that will resonate with voters. it won't gain her new voters or sway anybody on the right side. i'm not sure what they get out of making that the central focus of the campaign. it should be addressed on the trail. >> they'll address it because in addition to the points tiffany made both kamala harris and amy klobuchar would be in a position to interrogate william barr. if he came before the senate it would be before the committee they sit on which is the best
7:43 am
friend in the senate. there is a lot of interesting politics just around that committee. but amy klobuchar is the other female prosecutor that's running for president on the democratic side. let's listen to what she said about the question of whether or not a sitting president could be indicted. here was her answer. >> you're a former prosecutor. do you think that a sitting president can be indicted? >> i means the based on one supreme court case involving the nixon tapes. i think for now, we are just waiting to see what the report is. this is on the house, if they want to do something on impeachment. that's on them. our job in the senate, if you have noticed the senators haven't weighed in on that. because we are supposed to be the jury. >> that was kasie hunt interviewing amy klobuchar. that's a strong point, jonathan. if impeachment were to happen,
7:44 am
two of the people running for president on the democratic side would be on the jury in theory. >> right. people have to understand impeachment is a one-two process. it's not a one process meaning you impeach him and then everything is over. no, the house of representatives brings articles of impeachment. if they pass they go to the senate. that's where a trial happens. that's why senators amy klobuchar, harris, gillibrand and warren, all the senators running are going to be part of the overall jury. so that's why you see the caution on the trail, particularly from senator harris who i thought gave the best response that, you know, the best thing for democrats is to focus on the facts and leave aside the speculation. i think beto o'rourke is right in saying impeachment should be the absolute last resort, that
7:45 am
the evidence has to be absolutely overwhelming for the house to say, you know, this is something we can no longer ignore. my final point, this idea that a sitting president cannot be indicted is the result of a memo from the office of legal counsel. it is not a law. it is not a statute. that's why you have seen people from speaker nancy pelosi on down saying that they do believe a sitting president can be indicted, could be indicted, should be indicted if there is evidence. maybe this is one of the things jill winebanks talked about at the top of the show that ultimately congress will have to decide whether the memo should become law or put into statute that a sitting president can and should be indicted if there is evidence to warrant it. >> can i say to jonathan's point, i agree that the evidence has to be overwhelming for them
7:46 am
to move on impeachment. here's the thing. the evidence is overwhelming. i don't think there will be anything on the republican side to step up and get an overwhelming majority except for impeachment to move forward. >> we have to wait to see what the mueller report -- my point is we have to see what's in the mueller report before everyone starts pulling the impeachment rip cord here. >> i agree. >> public support, too. >> i'm not disagreeing. >> exactly. my bigger point is i think there is a false hope from the american people that i have made on the show before. people who don't consume the minutia of this like we do and there is a hope that the mueller report was going to come out and you would see donald trump carted off the white house line in a wife beater eating his kfc chicken and everyone would cheer. it's deeper. this will extend beyond 2020 with the charges. >> the increase in support for
7:47 am
the idea of impeachment is now up to 42% as of this month. john, i will give you the last word. pete buttigieg said we need a full account of what will happen. is he in a freer position to campaign regarding this? >> he's in a freer position, but jonathan's point was correct. we have to make the case for impeachment first. then talk about impeachment. putting the impeachment cart before the horse scares the hell out of people. politically, i want what's going to actually hold this man accountable. that's proving our case first. >> we are out of time. my panel will be back next hour. here's a programming note. tonight at 5:00 p.m. on politics nation, reverend al sharpton talks to 2020 contender pete buttigieg who is getting a lot of buzz. coming up, one of donald trump's biggest fans spends time in russia.
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
. . i don't think the president is sitting there behind the desk to make up lies. the president is trying to do the best that he can. . >> reverend franklin graham is not a supporter for donald trump, he got something in
7:52 am
common with him, russia. graham says vice president pence signed off on his trip which included a meeting with a putin's associate who has been sanctioned in his role in ukraine. graham calling the meeting an honor. joining me now casey machel. >> thank you for having me. >> explain to us what was graham doing in moscow? >> that's an excellent question. if he responded to my question, i may have a better answer for you. we do know he was there this month. he decided to be a good idea to have a sit-down meeting an individual who's close to vladimir putin for years. and he's currently the speaker of the russian parliament, in sanctions by the u.s. for the last five years. mr. graham had a meeting to
7:53 am
discuss strengthen ties of the american congress and parliament. >> obviously franklin was not a member of congress. according to him, his trip was sanctioned by vice president pence. >> that's exactly right. we don't know any members was aware that he was there. he had a booster in the white house. he called vice president pence ahead of time and said vice president pence was more than happy to have graham over. >> do we know any follow-up conversations with pence and graham after the meeting? >> we do not know. why were they aware and why did they say it was a good idea to have a sit-down. this is the highest profile meeting sit-down.
7:54 am
the most prominent vanevangelic. i am not sure what they are hoping to get out of it but certainly not good. >> as far back as last year of this growing affinity of the white evangelical right and russia which some leaders on the right see a defender of the west, western values as being anti-lbgt rights and to have openness and liberalism. that's part of what you are seeing is the religious right in the country sees an affinity to russia. >> this is the latest extension and the latest ex clscalation. this is a relationship we see developed over the past five or six or seven years after
7:55 am
vladimir putin returned for presidency. he took traditional values against the so-called legal values of the west and we see that appeal, too. successionists here in the u.s. in places like texas and california to other far right figures, white nationalists and folks in the nra. it is partly partial with that. we'll learn what was in there at some point in your future. russia interference and influence in the u.s. pertains to 2016 were far broader than the trump campaign than what we see in the final mueller report and extended to individuals like graham and movement like the one he represents among the religious rights here in the u.s. and it continues. >> so you mention it was similar. >> absolutely. >> casey michel, please come back. >> if you hear back from franklin graham, let us know.
7:56 am
>> i will let you know. thank you very much. >> more "am joy" after the break. [zara larsson - "wow"] ♪ ♪ baby i'm not even in a gown ♪ and the only thing u have to say is wow ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ ♪ and you never felt this type of emotion ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ how'd i get this yard? behind pete's great looking yard, is his secret weapon... the scotts turf builder program. it's the best way to get the yard you want all year long, guaranteed. all it takes is 4 feedings,
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7:59 am
happy no collusion day. >> the conspiracy theory is dead and buried and there was no collusion or conspiracy and no obstruction, nothing. the witch hunt is over. >> what was the moment when bob mueller was like -- oh man, we don't have anything.
8:00 am
what if this report says, actually guys, you spent 675 days yelling of nonsense which some of us said from the beginning. >> welcome back to "am joy." everyone is awaiting for the mueller probe and wondering how much of the report we'll be allowed to see. fox news, the hosts start spiking the football declaring victory for donald trump without having seen the report either. the fox news hosts taking their cues from team trump which was reportedly taking solid from the fact that mueller wrapped up his support without any indictment. for trump tv, that's all he needed in order to declare that trump is vitamndicated by mr. mueller. what we do know is an investigation touching everything in donald trump's world spanning from new york to los angeles continues.mueller's
8:01 am
been striking charging 34 people and seven guilty pleas and one conviction. despite several of those indicted convicted working for or advising his campaign. are they celebrating too early. joining me now, post of the economist on sirius sm and tiffany cross, managing editor of the beat d.c. >> no collusion day on fox, saying they did not read the mueller report, total victory for donald trump even the final report proves more nuance. the network knows its roles is
8:02 am
to declare total victory for donald trump. as viewers may not even notice if it ends up closer. >> it is remarkable what we are seeing. >> it is not done on a cubic zirconia. >> if donald trump was literally arrested, fox news would declare victory. they don't live in the real world. they live in a the pro-trump world. >> you said you heard him on your radio show. >> mueller, we never thought he was going to get donald trump so to speak. we are. we want to do that. we want to send a big message to the country that bigotry racist
8:03 am
and donald trump and corruption has no place here. let them do their cart wheels on fox. we don't know what they're going to say, a little bit disappointment of donald trump jr. i think the progressives side were excited and still going forward and a little bit out of a few people but with focus. >> let's talk about the people who don't have all the win in their cells. let's play who's really excited of the thing they mostly hate of the mueller report on fox news last night. >> out of the mueller investigation, we did not get a single indictment on collusion of russia. that was the under lining issues. i don't think the president supporters should uncork the campaign. i think there will be negative things of the president. this is a biassed group of people that only looked at president trump and did not look at the true collusion. doct
8:04 am
dr. gorka and i talked about it. >> dr. dorka is a fascinating example for them to pick. we have photos of him kicked out of this white house because of his association with hungarian-nazi groups. this is a political bomb shell. the process of the piece of the puzzle is sent to progress and handed to the attorney general. that's why democrats have been playing it close and talking about how there is transparency and have this report come out to congress and to the public. you hear nancy pelosi say things like until it is all done, we are not going to be talking about impeachment. it gives the opportunity to look at everything in details and greater context on the fact that there had been 39 indictment arrests so far. the republican side is trying to
8:05 am
cover for donald trump and start burying the report before it becomes public. they want this to be a report that this moment in time to be the definitive moment in time that the report was handed in and everything was said and done. a lot of this is going to trickle out. the fact that it is not leaked in bits and pieces from a trump appointee in general is very telling. they are concerned of what the context is in there. we have to wait for the seven district of new york. we should buckle up. >> it is imperative to mr. gorka. it was as pin from his dad. we make sure that's on the record. john, let's play jesse waters who's also on fox news last night discussing the mueller report and we'll let you handle that one. >> there is a lot of potential
8:06 am
felonies that happened and abusive of power from the obama administration. are they going to get away with it because it looks like potentially they might. >> it feels like this is the way it is going. that's what they're going to do. they're going to try to use whatever in this report for a nuance of talking point headed into the election which is indict someone in the obama administration or investigate them. >> we all knew that anyway. last night at mar-a-lago, they started cheering lock her up again about hillary. it is not a surprise that fox news and the republicans and trump himself are going to make the next election a about hillary and b about lies about exonerating trump. there are two important points we got to remember here. it is election night 2018 all over again. we are freaking out before we actual lily know the results. mueller could have found that trump did everything wrong and
8:07 am
trump deserves to be in jail and ripped in office, he can't indict him. i am not sure that's the results, it could be the results, we don't know. the second important point is you don't need to have a crime to have trump committed acts that deserves impeachment. look at that trump tower meeting is what pisses me off the most. i met with a russian who came to my office who wanted to meet with me on the hill, i was so freaked out, i called the diplomatic security, the soviet came to my office. he's kgb, you are not to talk to guy. when papadopoulos toll hd him o the russians, he did not even call the fbi. they can be removed from office even if it is not per se crimes.
8:08 am
>> one of the challenges here in the real world that if somebody have said this is treason, you would not expect them to say oh yeah trump is going to weaponize this report. if he believes these things were treasonist a and thought well, is something to be done about that. the report on it could be wea n weaponizing the re-election. >> it makes my head explode when i see these clips from fox news. it is so dangerous, joy of wh, t they are doing and saying. for the people that's tuning into you now, these are intellectu intellectual people. the people that have watching fox news, this is their gospel and what they consider a r reputable outlet. it is a scary thing when you look at what's being happened
8:09 am
and said. the president has threaten the american people saying he has bikers and the people guns on his side. you have fox news as being a chamber for this. the republican congress spent more time investigating benghazi and hillary clinton than they did with 9/11. you have them dismissing a foreign adversary who tried to attack our democracy and they're saying no collusion, i would encourage people to look at jerome corsy's tape. he was coordinating with wikileaks and the russians. it is collusion. it is frustrating when i hear this echo chamber of ignorants at fox news. the people who are victims of it are somehow maintaining themselves in this president's camp. i just don't get it. you have to allow to keep from
8:10 am
crying but it is infuriating that these people have the loudest microphone now. we can't treat it like it is normal or another day in trump land. this is ridiculous. it feels like a "saturday night live" sketch sometimes. we have to bring some intellect back. >> part of the challenge here, of course, is that you do have one side that thoroughly believes in the norms and government and the rules. and another side that just wants victory. what we are seeing now is not your nixon era republican party. what the republicans seem to be looking at, we can win this, we can keep power and we have fox news. meanwhile the new york times reports that as if it is odd that the democrats barely mentioning the mueller report. five of the four democrats
8:11 am
running are united states senators. as amy klobachar pointed out, they would be the jury. for them the go out there and start stumbling on the mueller report. if impeachment happens, they'll be the jury. they know that. >> i agree with tiffany where there are times i expect jesse waters aiming his mind from "saturday night live." no one is watching fox news thought donald trump colluded with russia. russia are you listening to the trump tower meeting. wikileaks are going to dump some e-mails. evidence means nothing. here is another thing. according to the poll weeks ago, 64% of americans think donald trump is a criminal. they believe he committed crimes before coming to office.
8:12 am
richard nixon -- two-thirds of america believes that donald trump are crooks. democratic kand dacandidates are right move. you don't need to make the case two years in how bad the guy is. he's today of any modern day president at 53%. jimmy carter at 39% and he lost reelection. i think democrats should make the case. you know why you should not vote for donald trump, sexest and racist and bigot. >> i agree with democrats, don't waste your time, let mueller report do its job. be responsible. we know 2018, that was a referendum. we made it clear. don't vote. we are saying no to trump and what he's about. >> do you agree with that? the reality is these democrats
8:13 am
have to make an affirmative case for themselves. a lot of them are the potential jury. i mean it is what it is. >> i am less worried of the jury factor than i am. democrats have to be careful and as dean just said, they got to present a positive case. they don't want to be antitrump and having said that as you started the segment talking about fox news, they're going to rewrite this issue over the next year and a half. if we are not constantly talking about trump and not reminding people of all the crimes and all the unethical and all the things he has done in the campaign and administration, i fear they may start to forget that they start to rewrite the narrative for us. at one point, everyone needs to make at the campaign. part of the reason to remind them about trump is to say the drama needs to end. no more drama.
8:14 am
but any of the candidates and any of them. they're all going to be less dro drama than donald trump. did we have that pete buttigieg? the other issue here is the whole world is watching this whole process played out. i wonder if there is a risk that as they see the united states descended to two realities, earth one and earth two with a powerful earth two that can create a separate narrative that a good third of the country can live in. how has the rest of the world been looking at us as somebody cannot seem to extricate ourselves. >> you see in the developing world in parts of africa and asia that corruption has always been an issue of the people in
8:15 am
power and how do you make sure that system of government are delivering things like healthcare to the people and livable income. this is a broader challenge that the world is looking to the united states to solve and unfortunately not for them but for the united states to solve for itself. >> we have that buttegieg sound. >> you know who you are. . i got it. here it is. >> i did see the american people deserve to know. i don't think a lot of time should past before findings made know. it is a cloud over in our country. the highest office of the land, this clouded and surrounded by all these accusations and guilty pleas and indictments. we need a full account if we are going to move on. >> it sounds reasoning for the panel. he's called mr. rogers. >> it is a good mr. rogers.
8:16 am
>> he's amazing. we love mr. rogers. he's one of the best people ever lived. >> thank you very much, john, welcome to the show. we'll have to have you back. tiffany and dean will be back. it is time for your moment of maxine. first, another moment of mayor pete. >> that's one of the reasons i am not worried about it. i am from indiana and i am gay. i am literally the rocket fire. i think i will be all right. be. alice loves the smell of gain so much, she wished it came in a fabric softener too. [throat clears] say hello to your fairy godmother, alice. oh and look they got gain scent beads and dryer sheets too!
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8:20 am
. do you believe donald trump should be impeached? >> well, i think they will come. i don't think he's a legitimate. i still believe that today. >> that he's not a legitimate president? >> yes, he's not a legitimate president. as the country waits to see what attorney william barr will reveal today of the content of the report. congre congressional democrats are keeping the pressure on. barr makes mueller report public immediately and joining me now a moment of maxine waters.
8:21 am
thank you for being here congresswoman. >> you are so welcome and delighted to be here always. >> thank you very much. let's start with what william barr, the current attorney general has said. >> i remained committed to as much transparency as possible. i will keep you informed. that was his letter to congress. is that enough? >> not good enough. we want full disclosure. the american people deserve to know what our special counsel have discovered in this investigation over 22 months. we don't want to hear anything about barr using his discretion to decide what we should see or what we should know and that, we want the full report. we deserve it and keep the pressure onto say to him that he want transparency. we want to know exactly what's in that report and we want all of the under lining documents to
8:22 am
go along with it. >> and if mr. attorney general barr does not -- do you believe the report and mr. barr should be subpoenaed? >> i do believe that. we have to come to that decision, the five of us who are chair in committees that have oversight responsibilities and we are all cooperating with each other, really would like to have full disclosure, we want the real report, however, i certainly agree and i think they will to if he does not release it that it should be subpoenaed. >> you have donald trump supporters including nikki haley out there tweeting presuming that the president had been exonerated by the report and in nikki haley's case saying everyone is completed and everyone should move on. do you see colleagues on the
8:23 am
other side of the isle declaring this whole thing at an end and wanting no further inquiry. i know the house had something like 80 subpoenas still out. >> absolutely. i want to tell you that this president has a way of trying to get into people's heads a. he has been saying no collusion, no collusion over and over again for a long time. he's going try to conclude that this report is proven that there is no collusion and you have a lot of his sycophants who'll take the nod from him and they'll say the same thing. we can't allow them to get away with this. he does this all the time. this is not the end of anything. well, it is to end the report and the investigation by mueller but those of us who share these committees have a responsibility to continue with our oversight because there are so much that
8:24 am
needs to be taken alo look at. it is not the end of everything. >> yes, there are a lot of folks on the other side believes that democrats want this report to impeach donald trump. you said for quite some time he should be impeached. you want the report so you can use it for a pretext of impeachment. this president has defined himself and he has committed not only obstruction of justice right before our very eyes but he has said and done things that lead you to the conclusion that there has been collusion, lead us to the point where we understand that there has been collusion. >> and so let's put up a few potential impeach offenses that we discuss on the show and you discuss them on the show and often. there is the potential of obstruction of justice.
8:25 am
we don't know if that was in the mueller report at all, collusion of a foreign power and use of power and investigation and etc. there is a whole long list of these things that are concerning to the majority of the american people. among those things, if one of those or were to be in the mueller report to you would be the most would cause you to believe the most that there should be an impeachment for this president, what would it be? what is the one thing that he has done? >> there are specific things like manafort given to kilimnik polling data. why would he be given polling data to the election? why would he be literally talking about well, first of all, we have all of these contacts that we have documented with those members of the group of people who are around this president having met or talk
8:26 am
with russians and they lied about it. why would they do that? if you take a look at the lies and the meetings that took place at trump tower. when you take a look at the polling data that has been given to russians, when you talkke a look at the fact that flynn called someone in russia and told him you know the sanctions were going to be lifted and they can go on with their big energy project. there is so much that's there that shows collusion. as far as i am concerned and obstruction of justice. i believe that we are well pass the time when we should consider impeachment of this president. >> you know on the other side of that argument. you have jim comey, ahead of the fbi, his firing and donald trump's admission of why he fired him to our own lester holt, he's fired because of russia. comey came out with an opt-ed,
8:27 am
he hopes donald trump is not removed from office because in his view a significant of this part of the country will view this as a coup. >> i can't talk about not impeaching the president because those who do not like it or consider it some kind of a you know way that we are saying that we did not like the fact that he did not get elected and he got elected and hillary clinton did not get elected. we can't consider that. we must consider the information that's before us. we must see what's in this report and we must almost understand what information is in this report that would lead us to do further investigations and further work in our committees. >> congresswoman maxine waters, it is great to see you. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you very much. i am looking forward to next week and waiting for the report. this is important and we want
8:28 am
the whole thing >> all right, thank you very much. >> you are welcome. >> republicans hit the sunday show despite the 50-yard line. that's next. - [woman] with my shark, i deep clean messes like this. this and even this. but i don't have to clean this, because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair, while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans, now cleans itself. so recently my son's band was signed by a record label. a record deal? unbelievable. whenever we're about to get on a stage for a huge audience, i always give my dad like a facetime kinda moment. you see the crowd, you see the emotion. you know, he has that experience for the first time with me, and that's really important to me. i created a rockstar. (both laughing) (vo) there for you when it matters most.
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sorry, is that too loud?oud. coming up the spin is in. more "am joy" is next. [zara larsson - "wow"] ♪ ♪ baby i'm not even in a gown ♪ and the only thing u have to say is wow ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ ♪ and you never felt this type of emotion ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪
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8:35 am
one of the other concerns, the fact that president trump may be compromised because he was pursuing that trump tower/moscow during the campaign and not telling the truth about it. he's still pursuing it today? >> they don't think this mueller report is the bomb shell they anticipated to be.
8:36 am
so now they're launching all kinds of investigations. they're bringing cohen and that does not work. that hearing is a flop and they go to chairman nadler and 81 different letters out there, this is how the democrats are going to operate. we just got to be use to it. jim jordan is among the republicans trying to spin the report a victory for donald trump even though they have no idea in the report. >> let's play another one of president trump's formal rival, someone he insulted on a regular bas bases. ted cruz. >> the extreme left have so much anger directed to the president that we'll see the democrats moving forward with impeachment. what their focus is politics and they need to set aside the rage and anger. i disagree from barack obama on
8:37 am
a host of issues but i did not believe he should be impeached. the extremism that we are seeing in the democratic party, their focus is obsessively trying to destroy the president. that's not good for the american people >> you did not believe barack obama should be impeached? for what? >> let me let you talk about it dean. >> you need crimes to impeach someone. it is remarkable to see ted cruz at one point seemed to have some principles. he goes onto the point where he's sucking up to get reelected. >> didn't he insult his wife? >> to her face and her looks. it does not matter. here is the truth of what ted cruz said. there are democrats who hate donald trump. it is not that we hate donald trump because he's a human being
8:38 am
and we don't like his hair, it is because we love america so much. we see the threats this man poses and respect for our americans and the idea of corruption. again, a poll just two weeks ago, 65% of americans of donald trump committed crimes before he came into office. the man in the white house, two-thirds is a crook. we don't hate him because he's donald trump. the playboy who cheated his wife. he's corrupt and demonized muslims and lack and latinos. that's why we hate him. >> meanwhile, you have an actual process that's taken place which is called oversight which republicans were for when the president slapped this on obama for which they feel it is a political horror. here is the intelligence chair of the house intelligence chair, adam schiff on this week on abc
8:39 am
talking about this report and the democratic reaction to it. >> let's see what the report has to say, if they are so confidence that the report is going to exonerate them, they should fight to make that report public but i suspect that we'fi those words of transparency to prove hollow. >> adam schiff is saying okay, fine, if you guys say the report axo axexonerates trump then why wou they not want to release it. >> jim jordan is ridiculous. >> chairman schiff is exactly right. you hear from democrats broadly, let's see what this report says and then we'll draw our conclusions. the fact that jim jordan and senator ted cruz are out there trying to say this is all
8:40 am
political and this is what the democrats do, again, it is ridiculous. i agree with chairman schiff, if republicans think this is oh so political, let's see the report, if they think the report exonerates the president then they should say let's see this report but i can't remember who said this and on which show but on this network that for the last 675 days, we have seen numerous indictments and guilty pleas and numerous jailings and other things that have been spread out over the last almost two years. if i wonder what the republicans would have said if mueller had not done all of those things until friday. what would their stories be then? how would they try to spin it? the only way they're able to sit on television and say with a straight face that this exonerates the president is because of the drip from the
8:41 am
mueller investigation have come over two years and not dropped like a nuclear bomb on the white house on friday. >> that's a different point. let's go to -- the things that sort of played out over the course of time as jonathan has said, because it was not all done at once, republicans are able to stretch out and the negativity kind of defuse ad an mixed in of all the scandal. in a sense does it work to the republicans' advantage? there is no one specific neutron bomb that says ah-ha and there is nothing that overtly says there is this crime of conspiracy that mueller had put a stamp on? >> i think it gives republicans an out that they don't deserve. ted cruz and jim jordan who have confused their roles as members of the united states congress as
8:42 am
campaign surrogates for this crooked president. when you see people in the face of racism and blatant obstruction of justice continue to standby this man who insulted them directly, that's not a political party, it is a cult. it still produced solid facts and evidence that people deserve to look at and snknow. absolutely if they are feeling so gully about the report, they make it public and stop defending somebody who when we look at the facts that are laid out, when we see the coplea dea these are things that are beyond the next election and next generation. i think when you have all of these political talking heads consistently giving this president an out and giving him cushion around things that are blatantly questionable.
8:43 am
okay, fine, you were willing to give a pass on racism. that's not a surprise for most people walking through life in brown skin. you are giving a pass of infidelity of christianity view that you claim to hold, fine. if you claim to be a patriot and love this country and yet you are apologizing to this president and allowing him to destroy our democracy. that's where i have to call the parkland students and call bs. >> that's a bigger picture dean. let me put that, i don't know if we have a ton of time. let's play chairman nadler from "meet the press" today. >> i also know that the department of justice believes that it can not under circumstances indicting a sitting president for anything. that means they believe that they can't hold a sitting president accountable and accordingly, the only other
8:44 am
institutions that can is congress. congress must get all the information and evidence that the department of justice may have in order to exercise our function of being able to hold the person accountable. we don't do that. if we can't do that the president is effectively above the law. >> essentially he's in the branch that controls whether or not we'll see the fruits of the american taxpayers very expensive labor by mueller and where herbalessentially because this rule of doj, he's kind of above the law if he gets reel t reelected. it is a way that he can remain above the law. that's what tiffany is coming from and a lot of folks are saying we can't have a king. >> we can have a king, it is two
8:45 am
memos. i have written about it and i think it is absolutely wrong, the rational for it is wrong. the southern district of new york is still investigating donald trump. i was hoping for a test case because of the exact same department test regulations say he could apply for an exception. in the world that we live in, not indicting donald trump is a mistake. that's the only way to hold him accountable. i think alienaultimately, the h and the constitution did not intended to go. we should impeach him. your job is to impeach the president. indict him. impeachment simply indicted. i think impeachment is what the next step has to be. >> dean is closing us out. dean and tiffany and jonathan is all sticking around. you know why? up next this awesome panel is
8:46 am
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[laughter] ♪ ♪
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"i'm okay." ♪ ♪ all right, you know what time it is, it is time to find out who won the week? back with me, dean and tiffany and jonathan.
8:50 am
>> who won the week? >> it is not a who, it is a what. the what is the rule of law. i think the rule of law won the week. on friday, mueller handed over his report to the attorney general and i say the rule of law won the week because the wek because throughout this entire process, we seen people indicted. we seen people go to jail. we seen people found guilty. we've seen attorneys, general sessions, whitaker and barr all be a part of this process. rod rosenstein. none of those attorneys did anything to impede the process of this investigation and lastly, robert mueller, the person who all of us in washington thought was hanging by a string for all these 37 five days thinking that he was going to be fired by the president of the united states at any moment never was. and so that's why i think the rule of law won the week. >> okay. well, you know, we'll see. it's still unfolding.
8:51 am
i think robert mueller acquitted himself with tremendous dignity throughout this process. he might be the most trusted man in america, other than the men on the panel but i'll go to the lady on the panel. ms. tiffany cross, who won the week? >> who can compete with the rule of law? i think i can do you one better. so my who won the week are nfl players who are interning on capitol hill this semester for a time. i won the week because i don't pay attention to sports so the fact i'm going to list athletes is impressive. the first guy is, i have to look, michael thomas. he is -- [ laughter ] >> he is with the new york giants. he's interning in congresswoman sheila jackson lee's office for the second time. he said he's excited about it. it give him insight how government works and you have austin carr with the new orleans saints and kansas city chiefs ryan hunter. i get three points for those
8:52 am
three. but they are all interning and this is part of an ex tern ship program with the nfl and you got a guy by the name of joe briggs, the lee yeah san between them. we haven't seen more than this moment now where sports and politics have enter seintersect. we know the comments the president made about kneeling nfl players. i'm proud of people that become part of a system to disrupt it and change it and shape it in a way that's more i canbconclusiv >> we love they won't just shut up and play. you have three points for them but the lack of conviction for what mitt romney calls sport. >> fair. >> i'm coming here to the table. dean, can you top both the rule of law and nfl players interning on capitol hill. who won the week? >> just being on this amazing
8:53 am
panel. >> no sucking up to the other panelists. no. >> i can't do this. >> won't work. >> the prime minister of new zealand who stood with the muslim community and gave a master class on what it's like to show empathy and denounce white sup prremacist. she hugged and enbraced the muslim community. i wish we could do that outside of the white house. call to prayer. she also talked about muslims as human beings while donald trump last week not one tweet mentioning i stand with the muslims and she denounced white s s and changing the laws to man assault weapons. >> and not just champion them but it happened. >> in the short time of the future, she went empathy,
8:54 am
compassi compassion, denouncing, hatred, bigotry and changing policy and donald trump does the opposite. he emboldens the hate and bigotry. >> she was my honorable mention this week. i was gapping to make her who won the week because i think she became the leader of the free world this week. i've been tweeting about her all week. the video of her walking through the muslim community and hugging people and hugging moms and kids and consoling people and taking her time to speak with individuals and talk about their pain and then just how she got her done on making that assault weapons ban happen in ten days after that horrific massacre of 50 people in two mosques. show spoke to empathy. she spoke to humanity. i got to say, this lady is so impressive. i wish we could have her as our leader. she is amazing. i never heard of her before all of this happened but wow, wow, wow. #leadership. she's an incredible leader. her country is very, very lucky
8:55 am
and yet, and yet. >> so i didn't win. >> you don't win. >> once or twice. no, you know what? it's a good honorable mention. all of you are actually quite strong but this week i picked elizabeth warren. >> owe. >> i'll tell you why. elizabeth warren did a thing we haven't seen in a long time. we don't talk enough about poverty and presidential candidates are expected to go to the same places. she went to the mississippi delta and addressed issues of poverty and housing with people who are not in a swing state, not the voters everyone wants to run to in iowa, new hampshire, et cetera. she went to the miss misdeissip delta and talked about what was real and impactful. people need to go to rural communities and talk and ask for votes. the people in the mississippi delta are as important as the folks in iowa and new hampshire and south carolina. she's running the most substantive campaign i've seen in a long time. it's all issues and substance. anybody care to weigh in on my
8:56 am
victory here? [ laughter ] >> i actually agree with that, joy. can i sneak in on the heels of elizabeth warren. i want to sneak in andrew gillum. >> yes, 1 million voters registering in florida. dean, tiffany, thank you-all very much. more "am joy" after the break. i made it in at :56. t :56. ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums tums chewy bites with gas relief but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown
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thanks so much for watching. "a.m. joy" will be back next week. up next, alex witt. >> we wait together. >> we wait and see when we'll get details. the top nuggets from the mueller investigation. >> happy to wait with you. >> thank you very much. my friend. good to watch you the last couple hours. good day to you. it is high noon right now in the east, 9:00 out west. waiting game. what is the mueller report is a mystery but it's sparking fire right now. >> we know there was collusion. >> not a single person was indicted for colluding with the russians. >> there is significant evidence of collusion. >> there is not any finding of collusion whatsoever. >> one of the big questions, will the president get a sneak peak and might his lawyers try to stall parts of the report from going public? on the 2020 trail the kick off for


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