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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 25, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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good morning, everyone. it is monday, march 25th. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside alex witt. the president and his allies are celebrating robert mueller's report on russia's interference into the 2016 election. mueller found no evidence of a conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia and reached no conclusion on whether the president obstructed justice. barr writes while this report done conclupd the president committed a crime it also does not ex exonerrate him.
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barr wrote rod rosenstein and i have concluded the evidence developed during the special counsel's investigation is not sufficient to establish the president committed an obstruction of justice offense. an official tells nbc news barr did not consult mueller about i had summary. the special counsel's office said we're not commenting. >> president trump reacted to the release of mueller's finding claiming complete and total exoneration. >> after a long look, after a long investigation, after so many people have been so badly hurt, after not looking at the other side, where a lot of bad
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things happened, a lot of horrible things happened, a lot of very bad things happened for our country, it was just announced there was no collusion with russia. the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard. there was no collusion with russia. there was no obstruction and none whatsoever and it was a complete and total exoneration. it's a shame that our country had to go through this. to be honest, it's a shame that your president has had to go through this for, before i even got elected it began. and it began illegally, and hopefully somebody will look at the other side. this was an illegal take down that failed. and hopefully somebody is going to be looking at the other side.
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so it's clete exon-- complete exoneation. coming up on morn joe jay sekulow will be a guest. sarah huckabee sanders echoed what the president had to say yesterday writing in a statement the special counsel did not find any collusion and did not find any obstruction. attorney general barr and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein further determined there was no obstruction. the findings of the department of justice is a total and complete exoneration of the president. george conway tweeted quote, you misspelled while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime it also does not exonerate him. please fix. thanks. >> five days ago president trump called for the full report to be released. >> it's interesting that a man
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gets appointed by a deputy, he writes a report. you know, never figured that one out. my voters don't get it. i don't get it. at the same time let it come out. let people see it. that's up to the attorney general. i look forward to seeing the report. >> the president said the decision would be left in the hands of attorney general william barr who told the senate in january whether he could release mueller's report. >> under the current regulations the special counsel report is confidential. and a report that goes public would be a report by attorney general. >> robert mueller's decision that there will no more indictments is being celebrated by jerome corsi. an author and an associate of roger stone was offered a plea deal as part of the mueller probe which would have required him toed a to when charges of lying to investigators and obstruction of justice before congressional or grand jury
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proceedings. he refused to signed that deal and yesterday railed against the special counsel's investigation. >> i'm very pleased, of course, i'm not indicted. i feel vindicated because i refused to accept what i considered to be a fraudulent plea deal. i gave them my laptops, computers. i helped quantico download my emails with double verification. worked with them on the phone. i wanted to cooperate. but from day one they treat you like a criminal. this plea deal, they were bullying me. i would not stand before a judge and god and say i committed a crime i didn't. i did not give them false information that i knew to be false on material subjects in order to deceive them. i tried to tell them truth. these thugs offered me a fraudulent plea deal. >> corsi added i never gave
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mueller testimony to be false on a material matter because i intended to deceive them. i gave 40 hours of voluntary testimony, always intending to tell the truth admitting my memory of emails and conversations from 2016 of not good. that mueller did not indict me proves they wanted me to plead guilty to someone mueller could not prove was a lie. >> joining us here on site, danny cevallos approximately also with us from washington, d.c., daniel littman. great to have both of you with us. let me start with you danny. you wrote a little bit about some of the findings that barr concluded in his summary. what was the big takeaway for you? >> the big takeaway was the obstruction conclusion. it eclipsed for me the russia collusion investigation conclusion. because the obstruction investigation does not exonerate
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the president and raises more questions than it answers. here's what i mean. the attorney general concludes that there was no obstruction but he almost is forced to do so because mueller declined to make a conclusion. mueller simply amassed facts and left them for attorney general barr to make those conclusions. attorney general barr said i never reached tissue of whether or not a president can be indicted. but what he doesn't say is a somewhat related issue. can the president obstruct justice? it's an issue that ag barr makes. he wrote a 19 page monpage memo. >> the extent to which he'll now release information is what, do you think? what kind of pressure will he have to do that? how much does he have to release
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because it's my understanding he doesn't have to release much more? >> the regulations require a bare bone summary. he doesn't have to release anything else. i don't believe we'll ever see the original mueller report as it was submitted because of several reasons. number one the regulars require it to be confidential. number two and three it contains information that is grand jury material, or classified material. those are things that have to be safeguarded. >> those things could be redacted but you know democrats are going to go after that, correct? don't you think those in congress, they are going to try to subpoena this information, if not barr himself. >> there's an end run around that. congress can start subpoenaing people involved with the investigation, like mueller. like a. g. barr and other folks in mueller's team. there's other way to get that information. congress is weighing that now. even if there was no conclusion
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of obstruction, the obstruction is still relevant to a possible impeachment. keep in mind, that the existence of a crime is neither a necessary nor sufficient grounds for impeachment. >> so daniel, this teases up perfectly to you which is about the politics of all this and where things go from here depending on who you ask. we heard from some members of congress, some on the campaign trail but mostly yesterday representative jerry nadler here in new york giving an impromptu press conference. break down for us the politics of what we heard yesterday and where we go from here. >> well, it's a big victory for the president and his re-election campaign. although we should keep in mind that democrats didn't want to make the robert mueller investigation their top campaign issue. this is not something that has resonated with voters as much as they would have liked. they are happy to talk about other topics of trump's
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personality, their agenda for the country, and i don't -- trump's fundraising -- they are fundraising off of this mueller report. so that's not the outcome that democrats wanted. they want to focus on third agenda for the american people and pelosi already said impeachment was off the table and she's probably happy she said that back then. >> daniel, though, is that even going matter what the democrats want to do and the issues they want to focus on, because you know this president will carry this through like a mantra through 2020. i mean he's going to talk about how all this was done to him, it wasn't fair. he's going to keep this front and center, don't you think? >> he definitely is. it's a real question about whether he can win over moderate or independent voters that he's lost with the entire chaos of the last couple of years. so he may want to talk about no collusion every day for the rest
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of his presidency, but, you know, i don't know how that will play where most americans care about their jobs, their health care, you know the state of the economy, not, you know, trump just bragging, i won against robert mueller. how does that affect their lives? >> sis there any concern or ris, are you hearing any democrats express possibly calling members of the investigation up to capitol hill, subpoenaing documents, pushing forward with more investigations along these lines? could that potentially backfire against democrats? are you hearing some rumblings that let's leave it at this and let's move on to other areas where we have strength? >> i don't think democrats want to make this front and center for the entire next year and a half. they have other investigations that they are happy to look at that are unrelated to robert
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mueller. the real questions about jared kushner's security clearance, whether he's entitled to that, that's a legitimate public policy questions. republicans would be wise to focus on what the public cares about and not dredge up everything mueller did. and how ag barr was able to decide within 48 hours and rod rosenstein that there was no obstruction. >> of course against that backdrop you still have the investigation the southern district of new york, state attorney general's office of new york. thank you both. we'll talk to you both in a little bit. a new poll appears president trump's approval rate is holding steady. 46% of americans approve of the job that the president is doing. 51% disapprove. the reading is relatively unchanged from fox's poll last month and conducted before the
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mueller's probes conclusions were made. president trump is face head winds when it comes to issues. 50% of those approve what he's doing with the economy. 42% disapprove. taxes, 42% think trump is doing a good job, 48% do not. on immigration 41 approve the work the president is doing, 54% are not. on health care, 37% think trump is doing a good work, 52% do not. still ahead much more on reaction to attorney general william barr's sum myra. >> kirsten gillebrand officially kicks off her white house campaign by taking on president trump. those stories and a check on weather when we come right back. .
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outside of the trump international hotel and tower here in new york city where she pulled notice punches directly taking on president trump in her speech. >> president trump is tearing apart the moral fabric of this country. he demonizes the vulnerable and he punches down. he puts his name in bold on every bulling. he does this because he wants you to believe he's strong. he is not. our president is a coward. >> kirsten gillebrand outlined a progressive agenda that includes medicare for all, free job training, a national paid leave program and addressing institutional racism. the two term senator joins the crowded democratic field which includes kamala harris, elizabeth warren and cory booker. >> 20 democratic presidential hopeful and south bend, indiana
2:18 am
mayor pete buttigieg weighed in on the news that robert mueller hand over his report on russia and trump. he said the party should turn its focus towards the upcoming election. >> the party ought to be focused on the conditions that made this presidency possible in the first place. a figure like this should not come within cheating distance of the oval office and so if we're pinning all of our hopes on these procedural matters and not paying attention for why people voted for somebody they dislike we're missing the point. it may well be the case that the only appropriate response is impeachment but to me the most decisive way to put an end to trumpism is at the blass box. >> let's check on the weather and see what's happening outside. >> give us some good news. >> sunday was a pretty nice day across the country. some strong storms in texas. we have reports of large hail in the region.
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enough to come down a quarter size and occasionally golf ball size hail. we're still tracking some storms out there this morning. we're watching this line of storms in area of northeast texas. went through shreveport overnight. these storms are over areas of central and northern mississippi. later today we do have a chance of seeing these storms firing back up getting a little stronger. 4.5 million people at slight risk of severe weather. birmingham, montgomery, jackson, a good chunk here of central portions of alabama and even a little portion of georgia. if you're flying out of atlanta today, late in the day, especially any flights around 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. that's when they could be delayed or cancelled because of those thunderstorms. main threat is large hail with storms. here's the timing. light rain out there early this morning. areas of southern illinois, indiana, through the ohio valley. this afternoon light rain through the appalachians. areas of virginia, washington, d.c., richmond included on and off light rain. carry that umbrella with you.
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storms in the southeast later on today. the forecast overall a little chilly northern new england. 61 in d.c. today. recovering from those storms nicely this afternoon with 73 in dallas. sneak peek at tomorrow shows you a pretty nice day. that storm leaves us and a nice day from the great lakes to the ohio valley. not a lot of huge headlines. no big huge storms. we do have a little increased risk of flooding in the middle of the country. >> what's it like in washington, d.c. right now? give us a quick temperature check. >> stormy, clearing. still ahead a cruise ship with more than 1,000 passengers on board -- this is a scary story. a lot of the passengers you can see there, furniture moving, kind of a scary moment. we'll have the dramatic rescue video coming up. >> capital d drama there. wow. drama there wow. ng, so we know how to cover almost anything. even rooftop parking.
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♪ ♪ cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now. in florida dozens of school county child care offices an law enforcement officials gathered with parents, teachers for an emergency meeting after a second parkland survivor died by suicide. the sophomore died saturday night. it comes within a week of the suicide of another former student to have been diagnosed by post traumatic stress after
2:24 am
her best friend was killed in last year's massacre. it claimed 17 lives. the emergency chief is calling for the state to dispatch more mother-in-law health resources to the community. local leaders are asking all parent to have serious discussions with their parent. nonprofits plan to dispatch therapy groups that will offer free services. now to this is unbelievable. hundreds of passengers surviving a traumatic rescue operation after viking sky experienced engine failure in the stormy waters off the coast of norway. the ship which was wearing 1400 people sent out a may day signal. it was drifting towards land in the norwegian sea. passengers on board posted these videos. waves reached up to 26 feet. had furniture sliding around. pianos. it was nuts. this vessel with panels
2:25 am
collapsing. can you imagine? one by one these passengers were rescued from the ship. they were airlifted to a nearby village along that coast. stormy conditions in the area, they stuck around all day yesterday. with three out of four engines up and running that ship got towed towards land and calmer waters. >> president trump is nominating former campaign adviser stephen moore to steve on the board of governors. he'll fill one of two vacancies. his nomination is likely to face steep opposition from democrats. co-author of trump's tax plan during the campaign moore champions the president's economic policy and urged the president to fire federal chair jerome powell calling his decisions a financial mistake. moore's comments mirrors trump
2:26 am
who blamed powell for hurting the my. powell declined to comment on the president's criticism but defends the fed's nonpartisan decision-making. businessmen and former republican candidate herman cane is under consideration. much more on reaction to robert mueller's findings. top democrats say it raises more questions than answers while top republicans are taking a victory lap. >> u.s. back forces in syria say isis has been defeated. it has reportedly fallen. we'll have those details coming up next. i'm 53.
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i'm my alongside alex witt. it's the bottom of the hour. >> in the wake of the release of mueller's russia report over the weekend democratic congressional leaders, house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer he demanding the full mueller report and underlying documents be turned over to congress saying in a statement attorney general barr's letter raises many questions as it answers. it doesn't exonerate the president on a charge as serious as obstruction of justice demonstrates how are you accident it is the full report and underlying documentation be made public without further delay. given mr. barr's record of bias, he's not a neutral observer and not in a position to make objective determinations about the report. most obviously for the president to say he's completely
2:31 am
exonerated misconstrues mr. mueller's word. the chairman of the senate judiciary committee relakted this way. i have just received top line findings from attorney general barr. good day for the rule of law. great day for president trump and his team. no collusion and no obstruction. the cloud hanging over president trump has been removed by this part. graham spent sunday in florida golfing with the president. mick mulvaney and trey gowdy. during a weekend in which graham called for a new investigation into hillary clinton during a gop fundraiser at the president's mar-a-lago club, leading to chants of lock her up. james comey tweeted so many questions when the report summary came out. graham tweeted could not agree more see you soon saying senate testimony could be coming. >> a key republican lawmaker is weighing in on whether mueller's report will be released
2:32 am
publicly. he said democrats demanding the release of the entire report will be disappointed by attorney general william barr. >> i know that the democrats are saying we want everything but the law doesn't provide for that. in fact it says the opposite. and i very much doubt that bill barr will turn over classified material or material subject to executive privilege or most importantly grand jury testimonies that bob mueller has received that did not result in charges against anyone. >> the length of the mueller investigation hardly stacks up to others of the modern-day presidency. it ran 675 days. compared to 2420 for iran/contra. 2978 for whitewater. we're getting numbers on the special counsel's resources and his work. mueller used 19 lawyers, 40 fbi agents, intelligence analysts.
2:33 am
2800 subpoenas were issued. 500 search warrants were executed. about 500 witnesses were interviewed. just shows you how remarkable over the span of those two hours not a single leak. >> absolutely. joining us again here on set danny cevallos also with us from washington daniel lippman. so, danny, when it comes to charges of obstruction of justice, i know we got some hurdles facing both sides, certainly but address that as well as john ratcliff's claim saying that the law does not provide for attorney general barr to release this information. i'm curious does the law specifically say he can't release it or can he under his personal advisement? >> the law says mueller's initial report shall be confidential. then the attorney general, in his discretion, if it's in the public interest, can release it.
2:34 am
the only thing he's required to do is give the summary to congress that we saw yesterday. beyond that, however, that's just a floor. the attorney general has the power to release more if he deems it in the public interest. so, the law requires very little. so if the attorney general is following only the letter of the law then you could look at it as a restriction. that's really not what the law is. it's a minimum. the attorney general could release more. >> so at this point, i want to pick up that point. what power does congress have to use or tools it has to use to get as much of that report public as possible? do they have things that could override the attorney general's desire not make certain parts of that report public? >> the easiest and most direct work around this is to subpoena people directly to testify in congress. that would including attorney general barr. would include mueller. even people from his team, which
2:35 am
might even yield more information. i mean everyone on the mueller team is on the same page. and i would expect if mueller testified, it would be incredibly boring. i don't mean that to be glib. he's a by the book guy. he'll read from the four corners of i had report and we're not going to see anything, any ad libbing beyond that. we might see those folks subpoenaed. >> it bears repaegt, the president was not completely exonerated on the issue of obstruction of justice. collusion we should not even say any more. that is clear. he's good on that. where does this go then? if republicans are trying to defend the president from having these charges pursued again him, even an investigation and how hard will that be to do when the democrats have an ability to continue probing into this? >> i wrote a column about this yesterday. what is barr saying without explicitly saying in his letter and one of the things may be,
2:36 am
look. we did not conclude there was obstruction. i use the principles of federal prosecution which say even if you have probable cause, 51% to believe that a crime has been committed u.s. attorneys are not supposed to prosecute they are supposed to investigate further. that's just a threshold determination. i may be saying look there may have been probable cause of obstruction but i decline to prosecute. may have been there wasn't enough evidence. maybe it may have been the president can't obstruct justice. anything in the abuse of power, abuse of official power category gets him to the realm of impeachment, even if it is not a crime. >> daniel, the president yesterday tweeting out keep america great, part of his, you know, tweet storm, i guess, about the fact he's been exonerated. you see it on the screen. this obviously a political victory for him and he's going to ride this to 2020?
2:37 am
>> that's totally correct, because he views this as a witch-hunt that didn't yield anything although we should remember that it yielded half a dozen of his top aides over the years who have been charged or pled guilty or are awaiting trial like roger stone's top political mind. a lot of people are wondering why didn't he focus more on trying to flip stone and seeing what he knew instead of wrapping up the investigation early. but this is definitely something that they can yu as-- use as a weapon. >> can i ask you, daniel, what will happen with robert mueller. this guy we've been saying every single day for how many months now? what happens to him? does he just disappear or likely he'll be making an appearian somewhere on capitol hill publicly if you get what i mean. >> i think it's likely that
2:38 am
he'll get hauled up to congress. democrats are mad he didn't demand an interview with trump. it will be kind of interesting for barr and mueller on capitol hill together because barr would get asked real questions about you had 48 hours to investigate collusion and on a weekend how were you able to, on obstruction how were you able to make that determination. mueller is getting lots of offers to write books and if he wants to do private practice he can make millions of dollars and do more corporate investigations. i think he probably want as vacation right now. >> not to mention some have been questioning how investigation did not include the interviews of donald trump jr., jared kushner, ivanka trump, some that were in the inner circle of the president. thank you both very much. still ahead one democratic
2:39 am
group looks to lock down key swing voters ahead of the 2020 election. a look at its new ad using real americans and president trump's own policies to accomplish that. >> bill karins is back with another check on the forecast for us. other check on the forec for us with fidelity wealth management you get straightforward advice,
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so, give that just saw a puppy look and whatever that look is. look like you with fewer lines. own your look with the one and only botox® cosmetic. a democratic super p.a.c. is out with a new digital ad pitting every day americans against president trump's policies. watch this. >> my only special interest is you, the american people. [ bleep ] ♪ >> trump's trade war is costing me. >> the president has put my kids one medical emergency away from bankruptcy. >> this is the best it's ever been. the top 1% got their tax cut but we didn't. >> i'm struggling to keep my business afloat. >> our business is going mexico. working people got to fight back. >> the ad is sponsored by
2:43 am
priorities usa and part of a $100 million campaign being rolled out in four key swing states. interesting. also interesting the weather. i wore a jacket and parka today. why didn't you tell me, bill karins, i didn't need it. what? >> ayman mohyeldin needs it at 90. you're okay at the 50s. >> still cold. >> let me give an update on rivers. we got more rainfall in the flood zone. missouri river and mississippi river. these are flood gauges, sensors on the rivers. right now 243 of them are showing us that it's flooding. we're in. flood stage. this is the mississippi river snakes up this way. this is the missouri river right here. we shifted northward. more snow melt in the dakotas and areas of minnesota. that's where some of the flooding is. the worst of it is on the big sioux river. today they are getting crests. damage success done. with more snow melting in the
2:44 am
days ahead our spring outlook is still showing significant chances of flooding especially in north dakota, minnesota, portions of wisconsin and iowa. this is the spring floodout look. moderate to major flood threat continues for the next several months. we need to avoid huge rain storms. for today the rain that was in the midwest yesterday has shifted down the southeast. later on this afternoon chance for isolated strong storms. jackson to birmingham, atlanta. large hail is the biggest threat. as we go throughout the week ahead, one thing we're watching is on the west coast we have a significant storm that's going come in. it looks like it will come in wednesday. by friday it's over the middle of the country. we have to wait and see how that plays out. that's the next rain athlete to that area that's having significant flooding. still ahead president trump declares isis' is 100% defeated
2:45 am
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and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. so with a single tweet the president created a host of confusion regarding his policy. on friday the commander-in-chief tweeted quote, it was announced today by the u.s. treasury that
2:48 am
additional large scale sanctions would be added to those existing sanctions on north korea. i today have ordered the withdrawal of those additional sanctions. however here it is. the treasury taking no such action on friday. this led many to believe what the president was referring to is sanctions that the treasury announced on thursday against two chinese shipping countries. that theory was not disputed by sarah huckabee sanders who said president trump likes chairman kim and doesn't think these sanctions will be necessary. an explanation came late friday night after a lot of the back and forth. when usa official and a person familiar with the situation both told nbc news that trump's tweet was, in fact, about a planned roll out of major new sanctions package on pyongyang not the one announced against the chinese shipping companies. the government had yet to announce those ones. it was still under consideration. not even made public. the president tweeted again them. in other words, the president
2:49 am
tweeted he was killing a sanctions plan the public did not know about until he announced he wasn't acting on this. north korea withdrew from a new liaison office from south korea. it was viewed as a first step of establishing diplomatic steps. not good. let's turn now to the middle east. that's whereforeses announced on saturday they are delarge the total elimination and 100% territorial defeat of isis in syria. this news comes more than three months after the president took to twitter to declare the terror beaten badly and defeated. since then he said isis would be defeated within 24 hours although those timelines came and went without any up. date. he ordered an immediate withdrawal of the 2,000
2:50 am
stereotypes which led to james mattis' resignation. trump later told congress he agrees 100% in keeping troops in syria and recent reporting indicates more than 1,000 u.s. troops could remain many as a troops can remain there. that does not mean that isis is no longer a threat, despite losing territory isis has started regrouping in iraq and the ideology remains potent in the middle east in addition to gaining influence now in africa. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's visit to washington being cut short before it begins. he was set to meet with the president later on today. however, he is instead headed back to israel after his meeting with the president today after a rocket hit a house in tel aviv. this came days after the president is now recognizing the
2:51 am
territory over the golan heights. this comes less than a month after the attorney general announced he intends to indict the prime minister on a host of corruption, bribery and fraud charges and ahead of the elections on april 9th. >> and now the president renewed the attacks of democrat support of jews on friday, although not planning to at the end the aipac conference itself, he hit them for planning to skip the event. >> the democrats have very much proven to be anti-israel. that's no question about that. it's a disgrace. i mean, i don't know what's happened to them. but they are totally anti-israel. frankly, i think they're anti-jewish. >> trump's continued criticism stoked outrage among the jewish democratic council of america who tweeted out in part, stop lying about democrats and israel. jews should not be treated as political pawns. all right. coming up, we have a look at the
2:52 am
one big thing and coming up on "morning joe" the country comes to terms of the release of robert mueller's russia probe report. much more on the key findings of the two-year investigation as president trump claims vindication and leaders spar over makes the report available to all americans. as you might expect, "morning joe" is going to get reaction from president trump's lawyer, jay sekulow, house judiciary military jayapal. >> and plus a breakdown of the report from ari melber and from robert costa and david ignatius and peter baker and michael schmidt. a very busy morning coming up on "morning joe." >> yeah. ea it takes to deal with shave irritation. so, we re-imagined the razor with the new gillette skinguard. it has a unique guard between the blades. that's designed to reduce irritation during the shave.
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♪ and you never felt this type of emotion ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ all right. joining us now from washington, d.c. with a look at axios a.m., political report alexis mckaman for the one big thing.
2:56 am
i wonder what it is about. >> what have we been talking about all weekend? the summary from bill barr of mueller's report has a new phase for the president which is eyeing even vince. he feels vindicated about this witch-hunt because of the release of the report. and you know all of this matters because it's a huge political victory for president trump that there were no indictments or collusion indictments which he has been talking about forever and ever and this signals what we can expect from him in the next 18 months as he's sharpening the message, not only calling it a witch-hunt but he has the evidence to back up those claims which will also help sort of factor into this vengeful phase he's entering into. >> does it stand to reason he could shoot himself in the foot if he spends too much time just seeking revenge, right, talking about all this and not getting to the issues. i mean, that's what we have been talking about how it is what it
2:57 am
is. is there any evidence to suggest that, you know, republicans -- they're over it. they don't want to hear this anymore. >> there's evidence to suggest around the country that the voters don't want to hear it. people feel overwhelmed by it. a communications aide for president trump's re-election campaign said they're going to frame this as a choice of a good economy and a socialized economy under the democrats so i think in addition to president trump talking about the mueller report his team around him is going to get him to talk about other things as he's headed into the 2020 re-election. as we all know, he talks about whatever he wants to talk about and he loves to talk about how he's innocent, how he's vindicated. >> he's been wronged. >> how he has been a victim of robert mueller's investigation. we can expect him to talk about that ad nauseam, but the interesting contrast is how democrats will not talk about it as much after the initial shock of the report and the investigation being over. >> speaking of 2020, i know you
2:58 am
have some new reporting on some of the issues democrats have been trying to put forward that haven't taken any traction with the voters in at least one key state. >> i was just in wisconsin talking to a group of swing voters. folks who voted for obama and then switched to trump in 2016. those who voted for mitt romney and switched to hillary clinton in 2016. and the fascinating thing know was that not a single one of the swing voters in appleton, wisconsin, had heard of the green new deal and over half of them had never even heard the phrase medicare for all until they walked into the room that night to participate in our focus group. and this is a big deal because it's two of the democrats' biggest policy platforms and it's not breaking through in the key battleground state they need to win the white house in 2020. >> all about messaging. >> for sure. >> thank you. we appreciate that. and we're going to all be reading axios a.m. in a little while.
2:59 am
you can sign up for the newsletter at the website. that does it for us this morning. i'm ayman mohyeldin with alex witt. "morning joe" starts right now. the doj has sent us a brief letter. >> the special counsel con -- considered whether they coordinated with the russians. they did not find it. >> it was a complete and tote exoneration. >> what the president said is not true as it relates to the obstruction of justice. >> the report leaves unresolved if the president's actions or intent could be viewed as obstruction. >> there was no evidence at all and i don't know how much clearer that could be. >> robert mueller's investigation didn't say one way or the other whether the president obstructed justice. >> there was no collusion with russia. the most ridiculous thing ever ever heard. >> it's quite clear no collusion of any kind. >> the mueller report must be made public.
3:00 am
>> there was no conspiracy, no coordination with the russian government. the other piece was obstruction and there it is just not as clear. >> make that report public. >> almost 5,000 search warrants, 45 agents detailed to this 19 attorneys. >> there was no collusion with russia. there was no obstruction. >> i thought it was a cop-out. for him to say that there was not enough evidence to indict, but it's not an exoneration. the job of the prosecutors is to decide, yes or no. >> it leaves a lot of unanswered questions. mueller's decision to defer to the department of justice. >> if there was no collusion why did donald trump, why did mike pence, why did jeff sessions, why did the president's first national security adviser, why did they all lie about contacts with russians? >> to be honest, it's a shame that your president has had


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