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tv   MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi  MSNBC  March 27, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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and i hope that came through. there was a lot of damages, and rebuilding that needed to be done, a lot of people died, it was devastating, and it has a little bit of a personal vendetta issue. >> u have a great afternoon. >> safety is the core, that is what the acting administrator says the mission and the top priority is as he begins his testimony. she expected to face tough questioning. two bowing 737 max 8 jets have crashed in the last sixth months. it's not just the faa, elaine
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chow also feyed questiaced quese decision to wait three days birdie grounding the air grafts. >> march 10th, 11th, and 12th, there was no factual basis upon which to ground the planes, even as they were making decisions about the 737. the faa did not feel we had any finish that would ground them. how do you unground the plane if you don't have a factual basis. >> all bowing are grounded except in special circumstances. and one plane was forced to make an emergency landing in orlando.
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joining me now from a bowing field in seattle is tom costello who covers aviation for us. they reportedly briefed about 200 pilots on the fixes for the 737 max jet that's have now been grounded for two weeks, what do you know this? >> that is right, 200 pilots came here to get a briefing about the software update that is needn't address the mcast software. it is an antistall software system that seems to have misfired for a couple reasons, here are the fixes, from now on boeing says the software upgrade means that anti-stall software will rely on to external
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sensors, not one. if those sensors disagree, they will alert the pilots that your sensors don't agree so maybe you want to override it. that would put the plane into a nose down position if it fears the plane will stall, and it can be overridden by the pylilotpil. if they pull up on the note when the nose is going down, it will surrender. those are three built poinllet . the pilots out there, a max pilot can get the training necessary in 30 minutes on a computer program, and they want to do it on an ie pad program. let me just show you behind me, we have a whole tar pack out
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there of planes, their painted in the colors of their airlines and they're waiting to be delivers but as you mentioned the worldwide fleet right now is grounds. >> let me ask you about the emergency landing in orlando. >> absolutely right, that southwest max, it was being ferried, no passengers on board going from orlando to california for a maintenance facility, but they had an engine issue. they turned around and landed safely in orlando. you're right tlair in the neighborhood of two dozen emergency landles every day, for maybe a medical issue or --
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>> most are a medical issue on board, a warning light in the cockpit, it is an i bun dance of caution and most of them end up being nonevents. >> pilots are training for what to do if be bad light comes on. >> and let me point out they can fly on one engine if they had to. chaired by ted cruz, the committee will hear from the chair of the ntsb, congress will be looking at the faa approval of the max 8 planes safety stall
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system which could be a possible cause of the crash earlier this month, there are also questions around the faa's prepared testimony practice. they plan to revamp their oversight of airplane construction this sum. jeff bennet is joining us now, what are we expecting to be brought up in this hearing? >> this is the first of many congressional hearings into these two overseas deadly air crashes, so the senators today want answers to two big questions. first, how does this self certification process work. how does bowing oversee their own design changes, and how the company and the faa responded to these actions. they this after governments all around the world dhoes do so. we heard from elaine choi, and
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think said she is looking for an independent kpee to look into all of this. so he says this about this self certification process. he says i know our oversight needs to evolve. he said it is the applicants responsibility to make sure that an aircraft con forces to the faa regulations and perform the appropriate inspections and tests nest to establish that an aircraft design complies. it is important to show that the overall design meets safety standards. look, one area of inquiry is the outside influence in the federal government. it is the country's largest
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exporter. last year they spent $15 million on lobbiylobbying. the year before that they spent $16 million on lobbying. and according to data compiling for the center of responsive politics, he reeceived $61,000, and m.aria cantwell got $56,000 and it doesn't stop there because there has been a close relationship between boeing and presidents in the past. ainl elwell himself worked for the lobbying arm of boeing, is that closeness, is the uninte unintended consequences of that
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bha puts the person people at risk. >> jeff, thank you for covering this on capitol hill. contributing head tor at flying magazine, thank you for being with us. you have been with us throughout this discussion. we heard from elaine choi that said they have to have a reason for it because you don't have a reason for ungrounding the plane, and on those first two days they didn't feel they had a valid reason to ground the planes, with the benefit of hindsight, you and i were talking about this, the world was grounding these plala theset is the right thing to do? >> i have a hard time arguing
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with her, we're still in a current field investigation with that accident, and there is a probable cause that hasz to come out. but a probable cause of what puts an payroll into an accident, there is usually numerous as pneumoninumerous fae nor it, but with regards to grounding it at that particular time, there was not enough factual data to say hey, we have to ground our domestic airplanes because some of them have a different system. they had some of those sarguards that boeing is going to make sure is on every plane at this point. >> i wonder if these things could have been handled better
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by the faa, they told me what you just said. people may have to breathe easier about it. i saw from otherwise rational people, everyone is grounding these planes and not america. why are we not leading, or following. >> the faa in this particular circumstance, it is an ongoing investigation so anyone party to it has to focus their media attention through the folks that -- the spokesman for the accident information, they keep some of thaes close to their vest. >> les, good to see you as aels, thank you, contributing editor at flying magazine.
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>> president trump thinks the green new deal could be a winning path for him in 2020. he told congress not to kill it too much because he wants to run against it in 2020. 57 senators voted against it, 43 democrats voted present. democrats say they will not let the issue of client change fade away, they announced they're forming a special committee on climate change. brian sha trkschatz is joining the president doesn't want to kill it because he wants to
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campaign against something to combat climate change because he thinks it will help him win. >> yeah, they're sort of out smarting themselves. they are very impressed with themselves, but we're right in climb chance and we're in a politically powerful position because independents and democrats want climate change and young people especially are energized to do something about this planetary crisis. young people were marching on the streets leading the movement and we need to follow their lead and take care of the future, but i do think it is weird that all of these guys are making fun of climate action while the midwest is experiencing these floods, california had the worst wildfires in history, coastal states are being inundated. this is serious business and
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this there is unfortunately only one party taking it it seergszly. >>. >> there is validity in challenging what is specific about this deal. you put these forward and then you open it up to scrutiny. doug jones said we need to act to combat climate change. while i don't think the green new deal is it because it is too broad and it goes too far. >> i see where that is coming from, young people are saying "what do you mean goes too far." the head of the epa said this is not a problem because it is not serious from for 50 to 75 years, but to a lot of people, many of whom are not watching this show right now they're saying what's wrong with you old farts? >> i don't want to criticize
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doug jones, but supreme a variety of deals, the purpose of this select skmee to start to lay a predicate for action if and when a minority leader becomes the minority leader and then question do something important on climate. from my standpoint, america has to lead on global problems, sometimes americans can take a back seat or be a coparer in, but when it comes to global leadership and a global problem, it has to be the united states congress, the united states presidency that takes presidency and that is why we're talking about this all of the way through 2020. >> john hickenlooper say if it
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becomes si higher taxes, we have lost our chance. >> i agree with what governor hickenlooper says. we had a meeting with our chamber of commerce, our round table, and we moved 5% clean energy to 25% to 28% clean energy. unemployment is going down, not up, and we have set a statutory goal of 100% clean energy, so the idea that you have to pick between environmental growth and protection is a very old idea. even the last vestiges of it is in the house and chamber of commerce. >> as always, senator brine
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of up of farming monopoly is appointing trust busters to review and reverse guidelines on an anti-competitive vertical mergers, she also talks about a national right to repair law for farmers to fix their own equipment. and all of this comes less than a month after she announced plans to break up big tech monopolies, she has no shordage of policy, something that should help her stand out in an increasingly crowded field, voters respond to specific proposals less than charisma or familiarity. her challenge is attracting the attention of democratic voters like beto o'rourke has. and laura, it is early on, i
12:26 pm
think it is fair to say that beto o'rourke getting a certain top of coverage because he does certain things, warren gets coverage because she does things like talk about policy and policy prescriptives. >> i agree, i think there is one thing you just said which was that she needs to get the attention of democratic voters, what i think is important to think about is who is getting the attention of the media, beto o'rourke has had vanity fair profiles and other places, for his ka riz ma, his special something that he is really appealing, that he is a great candidate to watch, and that's on us in the media to decide that is what we want to talk about and what we think is
12:27 pm
porge important to vote on. democratic voters took back the house in 2018 because of feelings about domestic policy, we saw in our last major election that policy really matters to people. and it is a question of does policy matter to us in the media. >> it's music to my ears that you say that. you did write, did you write this? no. natasha -- all right, there we go, she wrote it, no one on the democratic side got the wall to wall coverage that beto o'rourke has received. some women face an inherent enriched sexism from voters.
12:28 pm
there is a prod feeling or broad attitudes in society that under pin it all. we have a shared set of assumptions about what we think a leader looks like in america. studies have shown that the qualities that make men and women feel positively towards a candidate cut against women and tend to favor men that voters do associate sort of self confidence and ambition as strong qualities in a male leader, but when families do that it is counts against them. so when we look at a crowded field of candidates and they're trying to distinguish themselves within beto o'rourke can jump on a counter to beat his chest, but
12:29 pm
elizabeth warren will not look at good looking like an arrogant and ambitious candidate in the same way, so when we talk about how they present themselves, and us in the media talking about how we're covering this field that is different from any other field we have seen before. there is many qualified win running and what questions do we ask them, what assumptions are we making, how are we thinking about policy as well. beto o'rourke is as legitimate of a candidate as anyone else and i'm interested in hearing what he has to say and not just how he looks. >> yes, and this is just a decision of our coverage and whether or not it will resonate with voters, thank you again,
12:30 pm
laura. all right right now members of britain's parliaments are voting on a brexit deal. we're going to go to london after the break, but first 2020 democratic candidate senator bernie sanders is on his way to breaking another fundraising record. in a letter to supporters, he says he received more than 713,000 contributions to his campaign and he is asking supporters to help him make history by reaching 1 million by the end of the week. ake history by reaching 1 million by the end of the week. can someone turn on the ac?! no? oh right... ...'cause there isn't any. here- (vo) automatically sort your expenses and save over 40 hours a month. without you, we wouldn't have electricity. our hobby would be going to bed early. (vo) you earned it, we're here to make sure you get it. (danny) it's time to get yours! (vo) quickbooks. backing you.
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teresa may is making a big offer to hope that her deal will be accepted. she said he have step down if the deal is passed. earlier this week they twice failed to approve the agreement. they are voting on eight motions leaving the yur mean union on april 12th, a new deal remaining part of the single market, and
12:35 pm
four european nations that are not part of the eu and making sure they include a commitment to the customs agreement with the eu. also pursuing the agreement which is what is used to get the uk out of the e yurks if it is not approved. they're pretty much voting on everything except whether or not to paint parliament another color. my guests joining me now to talk about this, kelly let me start with you. this is just a strange situation if is strange by the way for britain, but it is really strangs for everybody else. they're basically trying a number of spreexpicturexspir --l
12:36 pm
votes to see if there is enough support for anything. >> there is no majority support for a second referendum, and the only thing they can agree on is that they don't apt no deal brexit. so what they're doing tonight is filling out a one-sheet piece of paper with all of those options you lined up and they have all of the options, none of it is legally minding, it is to just gauge the mood of parliament, what the prime minister might be able to get through parliament. the other side is that teresa may doesn't have to abide by any of this, they may pass one of these options, and teresa may could say we'll, that's great
12:37 pm
for you but i'm ignoring you and i will push on for more voting for my deal. so yeah, this is sort of to gauge the temperature of the parliamentarians. it is not legally binding pl meanwhile tick tock it is coming closer. they need to turn it into law. >> this is like governing like you're pulling up to a drive through with a car full of kids and they're all kwuling out orders. it is not like there is anyone logical to take her place, it's not like there is any movement that is logically going to prevail. this is a mess. it feels like can we start this over again? >> yeah, unfortunately we can't start it over again.
12:38 pm
what is interesting is the voting today in the commons, voting with pencils and paper like a high school election is a reminder of what a bad idea the original referendum was. having a question, a simple yes or no, do you want to leave the european union, without the terms, the costs, who will agree to it? and now nearly three years later, and we're still argumenting in parliament. and i'm one of those deal that's think she should have resigned in 2017 when she called an election to try to get support. she should have resigned then. it was defeated by the biggest margin in parliamentary history. it was defeated again recently,
12:39 pm
and the former chancellor called her a dead woman walking. now she realized to use her own unpopularity to help her saying vote if i more deal and i will go away. boris johnson came out for the deal today, her big opponent saying i'm supporting the deal probably because he wants her job. >> some britains say this is economically bad for britain, in the long term it could be fine if they do something and leave. here is the more important question. for the united kingdom, it could lead to far greater problems. the idea of a northern ireland that is part of the uk. a scottish independence referendum. this could actually, if it doesn't go well, end up with a dissolution of the united kingdom. >> it is a real risk. there is four components.
12:40 pm
two of those components, two of those constituent partings voted to leave the european union. interestingly enough, scotland tried to be independent before. but if they find themselves in this kind of, you know, britain outside of the eu suffering economically, they may want to go their way again. in the eu it is a matter of life and death. it is troubles they had for several decades. and now you have an issue of what is the main problem with her deal, it is to do with the irish border, bringing back a hard border. >> senior contributor, host of the deconstructed podcast, we will continue to follow the story with you both, thank you. coming up, facebook announces it is now banning white nationalism and white separatism, what lead to that decision and why it is such a big deal, you're watching msnbc.
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and you can cancel most bookings up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. so you can make your next trip... monumental! read reviews check hotel prices book things to do tripadvisor under pressure from civil rights groups, facebook will now ban white nationalism and white separatism, treating them the same as white supremacy.
12:45 pm
we will be talking about that in a few moments, it is a very, very important issue. first i want to hear about the education cuts. betsy de vos wants to cut billions of dollars from the federal education budget. she was on the hill on tuesday explaining why. overall she asking for $7 billion less in funding, she got an ear full of push back from democrats, but they're not the only ones criticizing her request. her cuts were called sho short-sited. these cuts are about 12% of the overall budget if eliminates a $2 billion grant program for teacher professional development replacing it with a voucher program, one of almost 30 programs that are slated for
12:46 pm
elimination including programs that asis native alaskans, hawaiians, as well as a gifted and talented program. she also seeks to end several federal aide programs including lone forgiveness for people that work in the public sector and cutting funding in half for work study programs popular at many colleges. much of what the secretary proposes cutting are programs that help minority students, kids from poor communities, and families trying to afford the cost of college. but something that she wants to ad back, a $5 billion tax credit to help students attend private schools which she calls an opportunity for education freedom that is despite the $1 billion lost because of charter schools that never opened.
12:47 pm
it is far from guaranteed she will get the cuts she requested. and the administration had some of these cuts previously tonight have congress reject them. that's one issue. now let's talk about the teacher pay gap, the budget battle on capitol hill comes as the pay gene between teachers and other professions have been trouble for decades. in 2017, american teachers made about $350 less per week than other similar college graduates, that may not sound like much, but that was a lot like having $18,000 less compared to the other jobs of graduates with similar education and demographics. add to that disparity, a survey founs that
12:48 pm
found that 94% of teachers pay out of their pockets for classroom expenses. with 7% of teachers saying they spend $1,000 or more of their own money. teachers consistently rate higher on public esteem poles coming in second to the military surpassing medical doctors and scientists, kamala harris outlined a plan weentrecently t that. the state's would be required to maintain that investment and increase it to compensate for inflation, something that has not happened in many cases with teacher salaries. in addition to the funding, kamala harris has unspecified additional investments for schools in underfunded areas. part of this is a multibillion
12:49 pm
dollar investment to elevate the profession. she says half of this will go to black colleges and universities or other institutions serving minority students. she plans to pay for the plan with an estate increase in the top 1% of taxpayers and ending tax loopholes that let the very wealthiest avoid paying their fair share. joining me on this is randy w e winegarden. thank you for being with us. i want to ask you we have talked for a long time about teachers and what they earn, do you think what kamala harris is proposing is a good idea? >> yes, i do, but you know i think that what you just did before, and i'm in puerto rico,
12:50 pm
where frankly there are schools with roofs not repaired, mold everywhere, so when you hear her basically say let's dismantle the basically say let's dismantle the funding for kids that really need it and then at the same time have invest hugely in private schools, what she's trying to do is put her finger on the scale to actually dismantle public education and try to force parents to actually use private schools. but what you're seeing is the -- you're seeing the 20 years of underinvestment in education. you're seeing 25 states still spend less on public education than before the recession. 41 spend less on higher education. teachers are taking more and more out of their pocket and getting paid less and less compared to similarly paid professionals.
12:51 pm
i think what kamala harris is, unlike what betsy devos does, she basically said let's try to solve this problem and let's try to figure out a specific way of solving it so every state sees raises for teachers and that you use it to supplement, not sub plant bargaining, but you focus on the underserved areas. i like her proposal about hbcus and residencies. and here is is saying let's support teachers, get them the training they need, and support they need and have the exact opposite with betsy devos. cut all of these programs, summer school, after school, all programs. >> let's talk about what states have typically responsible for. states are potential for maintenance and operation of the public schools, establishing and selecting curriculum, teaching methods and the federal
12:52 pm
government is responsible for ensuring equal access to public education, providing funding and support to facilitate that access. safeguarding the rights of teachers and students constitutionally. teacher pay tends to be a state and local jurisdiction. is it sill sofically to think about having the federal government solve a problem and you and i have been talking about for 20 years that states need to stop understudying the public education? >> states do need to stop that. unfortunately it's unfortunately it's taking describes in unfortunate spaces but the economy and politics are rigged against what working people want in a bunch of these states, including west virginia and oklahoma and arizona. you saw what just happened in l.a. but the point is you're not going to make up the difference that we need to make up with
12:53 pm
state dollars in one or two years. you know i negotiated with michael bloomberg a 43% pay increase over six years in new york when we had the funding. you're not going to see that kind of 23%, 25% increase we need when at the same time we have a shortage of over 100,000 teachers a year. so what she's proposing is, frankly, no different than what lyndon johnson proposed. with the war on poverty, what nixon and other republicans proposed with i.d.e.a., when there's a real issue, the federal government steps in to help solve that issue and then you actually make sure that states control education. >> randi, thank you for your time and thank you as always the work you continue to do, the president of the american federation of teachers. we will be right back after this break with more on the changes coming to facebook. o facebook
12:54 pm
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under pressure from civil rights groups, facebook will now ban white nationalism and white separatism from its platform, teaching them the same as white supremacy, which may not make a difference to you but apparently a distinction that was important to facebook. the policy will apply to both facebook and instagram and take place next week. ben collins has been cover rg this forever. ben, is this good the move they're making? >> this is great news if you want less hate on platform.
12:58 pm
this is the exact kind of step that was taken with isis on google a few years ago, people vulnerable to isis messages would get basically pop-ups that said, actually, this is what happens if you join this group for real, not what they're trying to tell you. >> the way the algorithms work, pew go down some rabbit hole, it will give you more stuff. >> it's more direct on facebook. the best analogy is say you walk into a book store and say i want to learn about white supremacy. previously until this week they would hand you "mine come of" and you're on your way. now here's other examples like world war ii. instead of just throwing you directly into the deep end. >> they're partnering with an organization called life after hate, which was former white supremacists. >> example. their big thing was no judgment. they will tell you how they went down the same, exact rabbit hole
12:59 pm
and how they got radicalized personally. that works with deradicalizing isis people as well. it's the end game. this is not like some sort of censorship campaign. >> i heard you say this before, it didn't work with isis, so you think it could work? >> it took years for it to work with isis but, look, we're training -- now these groups are treating white extremism like every other type of extremism. we're in good shape. this is the kind of path we need to go down. >> very good. thank you for your coverage, beg connen con collins. thank you for watching. "deadline: white house" with nicolle wallace starts right now. hi, everyone, it's 4:00 in new york. and today there are cracks in the frenzied spin from the white house around the barr summary in the as yet unreleased mueller report as the president tracks
1:00 pm
down axes in need of grinding, consensus is building around why robert mueller refused to exonerate the president in the obstruction of justice. james conway writing in today's "the washington post," the report does not exonerate the president? that's a stunning thing for a prosecutor to say. mueller didn't have to say that. indeed making that very point, the president's outside counsel, rudy giuliani, called the statement a, quote, cheap shot. but mueller isn't prone to cheap shots. he plays by the rules every step of the way. if his report doesn't exonerate the president, there must be something pretty damning in it about him, even if it may not suffice to prove a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. former u.s. attorney steve if raria puts a finer point on it -- >> it's clear robert mueller found substantial evidence of obstruction and other facts that might mitigate the standards he


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