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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 28, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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she will likely get a sentencing date tomorrow. if they ask for more time yet again, it means she is still providing yet more information that they are using in ongoing investigations because, yes, it turns out there are ongoing investigations. but, again, that hearing > with complete democrats are looking at legal options to make sure a full account becomes public. this comes as president trump pardoning some people convicted during the investigation. plus the president is vowing to have a health plan far better than obamacare. so far republicans have no plan at all. the customs and border protection chief is expressing alarm about the growing number of migrants seeking asylum at
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the border. warning a breaking point has arrived. good morning. everybody. it is thursday, march 28th. i'm yasmin vossoughian. we'll start with president trump speaking to fox news for an uninterrupted 44 minutes in primetime last night, railing against special counsel bob mueller's team. president obama,. hillary clinton and loretta lynch among many, many others. his complaints trump did not rule out granting multiple pardons to former aides and allies convicted in the 22 month investigation overseen by his own justice department. take a listen. >> would you consider, sir, a pardon, look at general flynn, for example, or, you know, papadopoulos who had to spend 12 days in jail. is that something you would consider at some point? >> as i told you, many, many
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people were hurt, incredibly hurt by this scam. when you mentioned general flynn, he was a man who had an incredible record in the military. you see what happened to him. the fbi said he wasn't lying as i understand it. and the mueller group said he was lying. it's a very sad thing. i don't want to talk about pardons now but it's so sad on so many levels. >> president trump predicted the outcome of the investigation would turn americans against house democrats in 2020. >> we're not off by much. i think we'll retake the house. they've seen what we've done and the confusion. all we want to do is investigate and now the investigation is turning out to be something that's -- exonerated of
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collusion with russia. but over 50%, 56 to be exact feel he was not exonerated since collusion could not be proven. that's according to a poll conduct on monday and tuesday. 57% want congress to hold hearings and investigate the report's findings while 43 say to take no action and to end the investigations. it's worth noting 42% told the same pollster earlier this year that they already believe trump had not clued. also a combined 68% say the report makes no difference in how they are going to vote in 2020. 7% say it makes them more likely to back the president and 6% say they are less likely to do so. key house democrats are
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exploring legal options if the justice department fails to provide a full accounting of the special counsel investigation. according to three lawmakers involved in the discussions, those openings include issuing a subpoena to robert mueller, possibly bypassing attorney general william barr. jerry nadler says that he spoke to attorney general barr by phone and that barr would not commit to releasing the full unredacted report along with the underlying documents and evidence. nadler said he was very disturbed by that. and by the fact that barr will apparently miss house democrats april 2nd deadline to hand over the information. here's more from the chairman. >> i asked him about the length and brooed of the mueller report. he told me it was a very substantial report, a very substantial report. one, that in my judgment, a four page summary cannot begin to do justice to. >> how many pages was the report?
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when you say very substantial do you mean hundreds of pages? >> i can't say that but it's very substantial. >> and you know how many pages it is? >> yes. it is very substantial. >> fox news is saying 7 pages. is that accurate? >> i can't comment. >> why can't you say? why is that confidential >> because i was told and i wasn't told that i could release that information. but it was very substantial. >> is very substantial less than 1,000? >> oh, i would this so. >> it is more than 500? >> can't quite get the number there. so a new cnn poll conducted after barr released his summary found six in ten americans want congress to hold hearings to investigate the findings while 43% want congress to take no action and end all investigations. there's new reporting on don jr.'s misleading information related to the trump tower meeting with the russian lawyer. the "new york times" says it was first the report on the meeting citing a statement from don jr.
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it was about russian adoptions. emails later reveal don jr. took the meeting hoping to death damaging information on hillary clinton but claims it never panned out. "the washington post" later reported it was president donald trump who dictated the false statement about adoptions while on air force one. now a former spokesman for trump's legal team is talking about the alleged effort to cover up the meeting's true purpose. here he is discussing when hope hicks called him. >> i pointed out that the statement was inaccurate and that there were documents, that i understood that there were documents that would prove that hope hicks replied to me when i, when i said look there are, you know, there are documents. she said well nobody's ever going to see those documents which, you know, made my throat dry up immediately. and i just -- at that point i just said mr. president we can't talk about this any more. you got to talk to your lawyers. and for me it was just the fact
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that she was even, a, that you would say something like that in the presence of the president of the united states. that you would not be aware that that could be construd as obstruction. right? the threat to withhold documents? like what does that mean that no one's ever going to see them? >> so while speaking with mueller's investigators, he says he was told hope hicks off terrified special counsel's office a different story. he said he told them his account is the accurate one. we should point out that hicks reportedly acknowledged to lawmakers behind closed doors last year she sometimes told white lies on the president's behalf. we have some new poll numbers. nbc survey monkey online poll conducted before the release of the four page summary finds 45% of americans approve of president trump's job performance. 53% disapprove, including 42% who strongly disapprove. meanwhile, 62 puerto rico of
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americans say the country is going in the wrong direction. 35% say the right direction. and on the 2020 presidential election, just 34% say they would vote for president trump today. 29 say they would vote for any democrat. an additional 17% say they would prefer the democratic nominee depending on who it is, 15% don't know who they would vote for. 4% would choose a third-party candidate. as for who people think will win the 2020 election? 43% say donald trump, 43% say a democrat. president trump is pushing for the elimination of obamacare. >> obamacare is a disaster. so we're going to -- i said it yesterday and i mean it 100%.
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i understand health care now especially very well, a lot of people don't understand it. we are going to be the republicans, the party of great health care. if the supreme court rules that obamacare is out, we will have a plan that's far better than obamacare. >> despite the president's promise to deliver on health care, republicans do not have a replacement plan right now. republican senators and gop aides told politico not to expect a sweeping new republican plan in the months ahead and said aside from the narrower policy issues, party leadership will focus on their long standing message that obamacare has quote failed and that democrats medicare for all proposals pose a threat to the current system. mark short the chief of staff to vice president mike pence said a plan will eventually be offered but no details. >> what's the plan the white house will have to replace it so that 20 million americans are
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not suddenly without health insurance. >> you should rest assured that 20 million americans will certainly not be without health insurance. there will be plenty of time for us to come forward with more detail. i think you'll see health and human services secretary do that in the coming months. >> msnbc news confirmed some of the president's top advisors were not on board when the trump administration considered to ask the courts to invalidate obamacare. mike pence, alex azar, bill barr and pat cipollone had some concerns. one source said vice president backed the move but raised questions about the political plan moving forward. the lawyers expressed concerns about the viability of the legal argument. now according to another official ultimately the president chose and everybody coalesced around the plan. the commissioner of u.s. customs and border protection
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says the unprecedented surge of migrants seeking asylum at the southern border has pushed the agency at its breaking point. border security officials made an urgent appeal to lawmakers asking for more resources and authorities while warning the agency is facing an unprecedented humanitarian and security crisis along the border. he said facilities are seeing massive overcrowding as they expect 55,000 families including 40,000 children to be detained just this month. meanwhile agents in the el paso area have become overwhelmed as border patrol station are at 300% to 400% capacity. earlier this month on capitol hill the commissioner warned congress about the situation developing on the southwest border calling for lawmakers to take immediate action to address this broken framework. jussie smollett, the actor, his attorney says the two
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brothers who claims that jussie smollett staged a hate crime against himself in january are absolutely lying. in an interview yesterday jussie smollett's attorney said the "elm pyre" actor fired one of the brother as his personal trainer and the two discussed training and nutrition hours before the attack. lawyers said jussie smollett said he didn't know who attacked him until after police identified them. cook county state attorney kim foxx defended her charges to drop charges against jussie smollett. she believed the outcome is what prosecutors could expect for a defendant with a nonviolent background. she responded to criticism about her involvement in the case she regretted engaging with jussie smollett's relative and wouldn't have got eninvolved if jussie smollett had become a suspect. a man behind the deadly car attack in charlottesville,
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virginia has avoided the death penalty. he drove into a crowd of anti-racism counter protesters during the chaotic unite the right rally back in august of 2017. as part of the deal, prosecutors dropped the 30th charge which carried a possible death sentence. he was found guilty on all counts back in december. each of the 29 counts fields pled guilty to carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. the victim's mother said she was happy with the deal. no point in killing him. it would not bring back they are. his sentencing is scheduled for july 3rd. still ahead the latest on brexit negotiations. a last ditch effort to pass her plan. theresa may is offering to step down. we'll go live to london for the very latest. >> later president trump
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welcome back. we're learning more about the trump administration's interior ties with saudi arabia. the u.s. energy department has approved six secret authorizations for u.s. companies to sell nuclear power technology and assistance to the kingdom according to the "daily beast". the "daily beast" cited two sources with knowledge of the approval. now according to this document the company is requesting that the government keep the approvals withheld from public release. the trump administration has been reportedly quietly pursuing a major deal for nuclear cooperation and the sharing of u.s. nuclear power technology with saudi arabia since early in the administration. the u.s. is reportedly competing with several other nations, including russia. okay. heading across the pond where two separate events yesterday showed how badly the brexit situation is going. last night theresa may told members of her conservative party she's prepared to resign,
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but only if parliament votes in favor of the brexit deal she struck with the european union. it's being viewed as a last ditch effort to pass the agreement which has been overwhelmingly rejected twice by parliament by historic margins. it comes just days after the eu agreed to delay brexit until late may on the condition the deal is approved by lawmakers this week which appears unlikely. parliament also took control of the brexit process from the prime minister for one day yesterday, but did not have that resolved. fears of a nonbinding vote lawmakers rejected eight alternative brexit plans. thanks so much for joining on this. this is pretty astounding stuff. very surprising now that the prime minister would basically volunteer to resign if they passed it. what would happen if they cannot
2:19 am
agree. how could things move forward? >> well, the confusion continues here. she's trying to get her deal approved for the third time now and she's saying to members of parliament as you pointed out, she will make the ultimate sacrifice. that's on the cover of every major newspaper this morning. now her offer has been supported by some members of the party who haven't been allied with her in the past but not going to be easy this time around. major obstacles remain. northern ireland, her party who she relies heavily for support wouldn't back the deal because of the irish backstop, essentially an insurance policy design to avoid the return of border checkpoints between northern ireland and the republic of ireland if a future trade deal is not agreed. theresa may told mps she would resign as of the 22 of may with a new brexit deal.
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but there's a caveat. a different ball game if the deal was passed. only certainty remains uncertainty. >> a lot of uncertainty for quite some time. i want to turn now to weather. bill karins? >> i've been talking about this flood event possible this upcoming weekend. going through the different areas in the midwest. it looks like it won't be anything worse than what we've seen in the last two weeks. but we'll see water levels going back up. here's the rainfall already this morning. on top of indianapolis and now start sliding here into portions of western ohio. right now we're dry where we have the worst of the flooding out of the mississippi and missouri river but that will change. we'll still get one to two inches of rainfall out of this from kansas city to columbia. then the mississippi river picking up another two inches of rain. the water levels would stay up
2:21 am
higher for a little bit longer. also give you a soaking friday throughout much of the ohio valley. let's take you into your weekend outlook. here's friday. showing you where the rain is there from st. louis to kansas city to ohio, cleveland. rain arriving in areas of pennsylvania and southern tier of new york. we had a snowstorm for you in areas of wyoming. back side of this storm is chilly. on saturday we take this storm still lingering in the ohio valley. some thunderstorms and rain down through areas of arkansas. we'll get a warm day along the east coast. then as we go through sunday that's when the rain will cool us off in areas of the east coast. middle of the country is quiet. chillier behind that storm system. most people will have one nice day. when we come back later baseball season forecast. opening day. >> i'm glad you bring that up because baseball is back, everybody. opening day is finally here. 30 teams takes to the diamond
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tailored recommendations, tax-efficient investing strategies, and a dedicated advisor to help you grow and protect your wealth. fidelity wealth management. welcome back. time for sports we begin the nba. the pacers have held their season together all year long but now starting to fall apart. after trailing by more than ten at the start of the third the thunder they go on a 24-0 run in the quarter. that's a long run.
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paul george game i had 31 points against his former team. russell westbrook posted his 29th triple. to memphis where the warriors take sole position of first place in the western conference after last night's victory over the grizzlies. steph curry had 28 point. golden state beats memphis 118-103. baseball die-hard. it's your day. major league baseball season begins. the action starts with two games this afternoon as the orioles visit yankee stadium. they are the favorites after their first 100 win season last year. the mets visit the nation's capital to face bryce harper alert nationals in a game featuring two of the best pitchers in baseball. so, yeah, baseball fans rejoice. also the sweet 16 tonight.
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tips off gonzaga will play florida state. >> i think barnicle is rejoicing with his daily muffin over there. >> i'm surprised he's here. >> first pitch isn't until this afternoon. it's new year's day. >> it's you, willie and i and everybody else is against us. >> barnicle stopped talking to me after i said that. still ahead james comey speaks to nbc news in his first interview since robert mueller wrapped up his investigation. what comey said surprised him about the special counsel's finding. a proposal to cut special olympics. what education secretary betsy devos says in defense of that decision. we're back in a moment. cision we're back in a moment and a dedicated advisor to help you grow and protect your wealth. fidelity wealth management.
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian. it's the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. james comey is speaking out following the conclusion of special counsel bob mueller's russian investigation. in an exclusive interview with nbc news lester holt comey says the principle findings of the probe shows president trump's unrelenting criticism of the fbi were lies. comey is raising questions about the end results of the investigation. >> do you ask yourself why mueller did not subpoena president trump to try to get to the heart of this intent question on obstruction. >> yes, i do. i don't know the answer to that.
2:31 am
the same question about how the attorney general could resolve the question, which he says in his letter turns upon the president's intent without the president having been asked what his intent is. >> let's unpack it here. mr. mueller decides not to make a judgment on that particular issue. does that alone surprise you >> it does. the purpose of the special counsel is to make sure that the politicals, in this case the attorney general, doesn't make the ultimate call on whether the subject of the investigation, the president of the united states should be held criminally liable for activities that were one investigation. the idea that a special counsel wouldn't reach the question and hand it to the political leadership doesn't make sense. i don't prejudge it, it doesn't make sense on its face. i don't think the ag said that was the justification. he cited it as a fact orand that's not been my experience as a prosecutor for decades.
2:32 am
every day in this country people are prosecuted for obstructing justice, to avoid sbarsment, threats to their families where there isn't an underlying crime they committed. you wouldn't want it any other way because if you had to always prove the underlying crime you would create incentives to obstruct because people get away with both if they successfully stop an investigation. >> with bob mueller's probe into the interference the 2016 election wraps up. they want to know if fbi's count counter intelligence probe has concluded. adam schiff begun negotiations with the intelligence agencies to get an answer to one of the many unknowns about the mueller probe currently hidden behind the vale of attorney general william barr's summary. he said at this point we didn't know if any of the counter intelligence findings were part
2:33 am
of the report. we need to find whatever was found or where that inquiry is still ongoing. as president trump trade and tariff war is having a serious effect on the american economy some senate republicans are pleading with the president to choose a different path. politico learned that a series of private meetings and discussions in the past few months a group of senate republicans has pressed trump not impose a new round of tariffs on foreign automakers which the administration has long been considering on claims of national security. those senators have reportedly pushed back when trump who once labelled himself quote paris man brings up existing duties he has imposed on steel and aluminum which the president argues gets the attention of trading partners including china and is a useful negotiating tool. earlier this week a major new study revealed tariffs reduced incomes at a rate of $1.8
2:34 am
billion each month. u.s. businesses and consumers saw substantial increases in the price of imported goods since the additional costs from trump's tariffs were passed on to u.s. consumers. not paid by foreign companies as the president has claimed. the trump administration is defending its proposal to cut funding for the special olympics after receiving criticism from both sides of the aisle. education secretary betsy devos defended the president's 20 budget plan to cut spending to the organization writing in a statement yesterday quote, the special olympics is not a federal program. ate private organization. i love it's work and privately supported its mission. there's dozens of worthy nonprofits that support disabilities that don't get a dime. given our current budget realities the federal government cannot fund every worthy program particularly ones that enjoy robust support from private donations.
2:35 am
two republicans, roy blunt and tom cole have both said separately that the organization will retain its funding despite trump's plan. let's talk more about this. joining us from hill niles and msnbc political contributor rick tyler. my voice is going here. it is early. forgive me. rick i'll start with you on this one. there are clearly some serious issues and let's start with the special olympics. seriously some issues with regard to the budget with congress right now. what kind of message is the administration sending by nixing funding for the special olympics? >> sending a message that we don't want to support people who can compete in the special olympics. i have a step-sister who is a champion in the special olympics and been competing for the better part of a decade. and we're not going to fund that organization that integrates
2:36 am
special needs kids and young adults but we are going to fund the wall because, a useless wall. we'll spend billions of dlor on a useless wall and not spend any amount of money to keep the special olympics going. >> niles, i want to turn now to the white house oversight on obamacare. that's what's been capturing the headlines as of late. first of all, what are you hearing about the concerns with regard to top cabinet members who sort of, had concerns with the administration in the take down of this program? and do you think that ignoring their thoughts could actually backfire on the president? >> absolutely could backfire. the concerns do spread beyond cabinet officials. i was writing on this issue for a piece that will appear this morning and a couple of very strong trump loyalists i was speaking to were saying that they regard this as a mistake,
2:37 am
this point of making health care an issue, going into a presidential campaign. they see it as giving a gift to democrats. they think the president was coming off a good weekend with the mueller report. instead now there's this suggestion that you're going to fight an election campaign on taking health care away from people. about 20 million people are covered by obamacare at the moment. so you're going to take that away. the potential is you would lose other popular protection from that program and even republicans who have problems with obamacare on a policy level think that that is politically a very foolish move. giving a gift to your opponent. >> we heard from mark shore talking about this possible plan that the republicans have to replace obamacare. so that 20 million people do not lose their health care. what is the pathway republicans have when it comes to these 20
2:38 am
million americans at risk? >> i haven't seen a plan. i would like to see a plan. i might be able to support a plan if i knew what it was. taking away obamacare without a replacement is over throwing the libyan government without a replacement. the result is chaos. if you have people in cancer treatments right now, this is a life threatening decision. if you takeaway their insurance and allows insurance companies to cancel their insurance, you literally put their lives at risk. and president trump, i don't know what he's thinking here. i don't know that mitch mcconnell, i know leader mccarthy spoke out against this. the republicans got their head into it in the last election. in the last election one of the primary focus was health care. we have president trump out there saying we're going preserve pre-existing conditions but overthrow obamacare. well obamacare essentially worked on two parts. it was pre-existing conditions and compulsory participation in
2:39 am
the insurance programs. one of those is eliminated. so now we have the other which is pre-existing conditions and, again as i say if you throw people who are in cancer treatment or are diagnosed with a chronic disease that needs serious treatment these are life threatening decisions. i look forward to a plan that will keep those people insured. >> conversations like this are always baffling to me because i feel health care shouldn't be political. . it involves people's livelihood b-their well being, about their health. and it's just incredible to me to hear that republicans don't necessarily have a plan to replace obamacare. rick, do you feel this is about the president just want icoming the high of bob mueller's memo. >> it's the equivalent of president did a beautiful swan
2:40 am
dive coming out of the mueller report and went to the high dive and did a belly flop. politically it makes no sense. look, i don't think -- i don't know what will happen. it's in the court's decision. but, i hope that the republicans have a plan. they didn't seem to have one. there are better ways to do health care which i would advocate. we're not there. we don't eliminate one health care system and not have a replacement ready to go. this is an enormously complex issue. it does deal with people's lives. >> thank you so much. we'll see you again in. just a bit on "morning joe". still ahead one democratic 2020 hopeful becomes the first of the pack to disclose their tax returns. president trump honors the life and service of one of this country's fallen heroes. those stories and. another check on your forecast with bill karins. on your forecat with bill karins
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welcome back. new york senator kirsten gillebrand released her 2018 tax returns on wednesday, becoming the first in the pack of 20 presidential candidates to do so. her filing shows she and her husband reported an adjusted gross income of more than $214,000 which includes her $167,000 senate paycheck and $50,000 for a book deal. the senator paid about $29,000 in federal income tacks which amounts to an effective tax rate of 13.6%. senator kirsten gillebrand called on fellow 2020 candidates to release their own tax returns. president trump presented his eighth medal of honor to the family of a fallen iraq war hero. travis atkins gave his life protecting fellow soldiers from a suicide bomb attack back in 2007. officials say the 31-year-old's
2:45 am
selfless act saved the lives of three soldiers. >> in his final moments on earth, travis did not run. he didn't know what it was to run. he did not hesitate. he rose to the highest calling. he laid down his life to save the lives of i had fellow warriors. >> atkins was on his second tufr duty and was promoted to staff sergeant one move before his death. he was awarded the distinguished service cross which was upgraded to medal of honor. his parents and son accepted the nation tease highest military honor on his behalf. let's turn to bill karins for another check on your weekend forecast and beyond. >> we'll get that baseball forecast. first i want to let you know if you're heading out the door, indianapolis to st. louis raining outside. that rain will slide into ohio as we go throughout this morning. this is what we've been waiting
2:46 am
for. warm up in areas evident of the rockies. compared to this time yesterday st. louis is 19 degrees warmer. walking out the door feels much more like spring instead of winter. same for chicago, detroit and pittsburgh. eventually that warmth will slide to the east. it will take a little bit longer. spring feel is with us in areas of ohio valley. areas of north texas. about 87 degrees today in amarillo. nashville beautiful, 75. even areas of the northeast instead of being in the mid-40s we'll sneak you into the low 50s. on. friday richmond gets up to 75 degrees. we begin to school it off in the plains behind our storm system. warm day as we go to the east will be on saturday. new york city 73. raleigh 75. sunday we're going to get wet weather on the east coast that's why it will be cooler. today, opening day for major league baseball. we'll have some nice weather. sometimes you get snow on opening day. not bad at all at arkansas
2:47 am
stadium. 53 degrees. 60 degrees for the nats. toronto 44. they can close the dome. milwaukee 53. other games to the south, florida looks pretty good and atlanta-philly 57. got some pretty nice opening day weather. it can be cruel this time of the year for major league baseball. so far, so good. still ahead agriculture giant monsanto is dealt a multi-million dollar legal blow involving one popular lawn care product. some of this century's big companies ban together in a bid for cleaner weather. [zara larsson - "wow"] ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪
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welcome back. some of the top companies are banding together. let talk through this. which companies are involved and what is their plan here? >> good morning. welfare refo well, some far google, general motors and other corporate giants are creating a new trade group the renewable energy buyers alliance, a group designed to help other companies take advantage of new deal structures that will allow them to directly support clean power projects. as it stands, it's difficult for some companies who lack the expertise to directly participate in these renewable deals. this new alliance is going to
2:51 am
leverage the expertise of some of these corporate giants like google, facebook and disney and help ease the path to buying clean energy for other companies. and their ambition is to empower tens of thousands of companies to buy renewable energy from where we stand today, which is just about 5,000 companies doing so. >> in other business news, monsanto is back in the spotlight after a u.s. court ordered beyer, bought monsanto last year who pay $80 million who cleared the weed killer roundup caused his cancers and this were charged with paying damages to the tune of tens of millions. still bayer denies wrong doing,
2:52 am
they are appealing the verdict and adds this has no bearing on future cases. >> thank you so much, julianna. good seeing you. coming up, axios's nick johnson has a look at "1 big thing." and more planned by house leaders to get access to house findings, including potentially subpoenaing mueller and why amy klobuchar says releasing the full report is needed. and another crack at replaces obamacare. "morning joe" is just moments away. severe asthma have too many cells called eosinophils in their lungs. eosinophils are a key cause of severe asthma. fasenra is designed to target and remove these cells.
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2:56 am
talk about axios' "1 big thing" today. >> it's nasa's moon shot whipla whiplash. we're going back to the moon. mike pence announced that america has a mission of returning to the moon, which is a big gamble on the united states' prestige and credibility to see if we can replicate getting astronauts back to the moon. there's a lot of questions surrounding that, technology and means. but a lot of the things needed to do that, like a giant new rocket ship and a moon lander, none of those things are developed, they are many years away. it would cost many millions of dollars to do that. the president's budget released this week had a cut to nasa's funding.
2:57 am
it's unclear if there will be a lot of efforts to follow up this big, bold, new announcement. >> if there's a cut, how do they expect to do this? >> that's the point. i think this is a big caveat on all these things is very often presidents make these sort of very bold pronouncements, which is the whiplash that nasa goes through. you may not remember bush as bold claim that the united states would return to the moon and then go back to mars. that wasn't follow up by funding and the program was cancelled by the obama administration because of that. >> let's talk about this new pushback on the trump administration's push to get obamacare struck down with no plan in place to replace it. what are you hearing about this? >> this was a new thing that president trump is pushing for obamacare replacement. the d.o.j. has changed their position saying they want a full repeal of the law. republicans are not happy. kevin mccarthy called the
2:58 am
president and said this is a bad idea. they're thinking back to the mid term elections where health care was a big issue and republicans got hammered and they're saying that the president stepped all over the good news by muddying the waters by talking about health care. and senators says health care is what he was phonifocusing on, e over the objection of the republicans. >> and elizabeth warren has a new big policy proposal coming out. >> most of us are talking about big rallies, she's taking up the role of the modern era trust buster saying a lot of these big industry consolidations need to be broken up. the most recent one is agriculture, saying they need to
2:59 am
be rolled back and end of foreign ownership of farmland. she says a lot of the economic inequality is because of the consolidation of these big companies. she's called for the breakup of big tech companies like google, amazon and facebook. and on a 2016 speech, she mentioned this. >> you, too, can sign up for the newsletter. that does it for us on this thursday morning. i'm yasmin vossoughian. "morning joe" starts right now. the one constant throughout the years has been baseball. america has rolled by like an army of steam rollers, erased like a black board, erased and
3:00 am
built again, but baseball is a mark of team. this field is game, it's a part of our past, ray. it reminds us of all that once was good and it could be again. oh, it will come be ray. it will most definitely come. >> it's magic. it's magic, mike barnicle. that's a movie, that's a movie that i don't even dare try to show mika because the whole way through, like bush '41 she'd be saying "i don't get it, i don't get it." but what a movie and what a day. it is opening day across america. >> you know, i had to fight back a little tear in my eye listening to that introduction. >> oh my lord. >> baseball is part of us.


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